SIG SAUER Announces the New KILO8K-ABS Rangefinder and KILO10K-ABA HD Rangefinding Binoculars

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From SIG SAUER . . .

The new KILO10K-ABS HD 10×42 mm laser rangefinding binocular and KILO8K-ABS 7×25 mm laser rangefinding monocular, both with BDX 2.0, are the latest in the new K series of KILO rangefinders.

The KILO10K-ABS HD has a maximum reflective range of 10,000 yards while the KILO8K-ABS has a maximum reflective range of 8,000 yards. Both include Applied Ballistics Elite (BDX Elite) along with onboard environmental sensors and a digital compass as well as support for BDX External (BDX-X) for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin device. In addition, they integrate with BaseMap to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured with the SIG SAUER BDX App.

The new Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting graphic display provides all relevant ballistic information such as range to target, elevation holdover, wind hold, energy on target and velocity at target distance.

SIG SAUER KILO8K Rangefinder

KILO8K is shipping now. KILO10K will be shipping in late November.

KILO8K Rangefinder MSRP = $1,949.99
KILO10K Binoculars MSRP = $2,599.99


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  1. I told my wife I need the new Sig KILO10K-ABS HD range finder.

    She asked me why.

    I told her I would use it to measure distances.

    She told me she would buy me a 100 foot tape measure and the rest of the money she would go shopping with.

    I have a feeling I’m not going to get the Sig KILO10K-ABS HD range finder any time soon.

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