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President Joe Biden speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 11, 2022, to announce a final version of his administration's ghost gun rule. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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By Lee Williams

The Biden-Harris administration’s war on guns is the most comprehensive and multi-faceted gun control scheme ever created.

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, who has admitted meeting with gun control groups regularly at the White House, likely drafted most of the plan.

Under Rice, the administration nimbly exploits any anti-gun gain, while quickly pivoting away from pushback from the media, the public or Congress.

By design, most of their gun control agenda skirts any oversight – legislative or constitutional – and is immune from other normal checks and balances.

With their weaponized foot soldiers in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives willing to carry out any order regardless of its constitutionality, the Biden-Harris administration has become one of the biggest threats to the Second Amendment since the Bill of Rights was first written.

Because it’s so vast and comprehensive, simply tracking all of the administration’s gun control initiatives has been difficult, which is why this reference guide was drafted. What follows is a partial list of the Biden-Harris administration’s gun control agenda. It will be updated as needed.

Campaign promises

Joe Biden made no secret of his anti-gun agenda while campaigning for office. The “Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic,” is still on his campaign website.

As part of his goal to “get weapons of war off our streets,” Biden promised to “ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

He further promised to regulate “assault weapons” under the National Firearms Act, and to “buy back” existing “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines already in civilian hands.

Biden angry second amendment

In order to reduce “stockpiling of weapons,” Biden promised to support legislation that would ration firearm purchases to one per month.

In addition, Biden promised to end private sales by requiring background checks on all firearm purchases. Biden also said he would end several “loopholes,” most of which do not exist, as well as creating more prohibited persons by using a list of people from the Social Security Administration who are “unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons.”

Biden targeted online sales too, claiming he would “end the online sales of firearms and ammunition,” as well as prohibiting online sales of parts kits for homemade firearms.

Biden bribed the states by promising “financial incentives” for those who created “red flag” laws.

As you can see, the administration is already making significant strides toward fulfilling Biden’s campaign promises.

Weaponizing the ATF

None of the Biden-Harris administration’s gun control plans would be possible without an army of federal agents willing to carry out any order regardless of whether they’re legal, constitutional or even moral.

Enter the ATF.

The ATF has a long and sordid history of being more than willing to buddy-up to the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, especially if they get something out of it. To that end, Biden did not disappoint.

This susceptibility to political pressure has led to massive failures by the agency. Some of those failures have cost hundreds of lives: Ruby Ridge, Waco and Fast and Furious to name a few.

Right out of the blocks, Biden gave the ATF a massive $1.7 billion raise, to “expand multi-jurisdictional gun trafficking strike forces with additional personnel, increase regulation of the firearms industry, enhance ATF’s National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, and modernize the National Tracing Center.”

This was the first hint of the administration’s plan to declare war on gun dealers.

Biden’s generosity did not stop with mere dollars. He needed a sycophant to run the ATF – someone he could count on to tighten the screws on gun rights – and there was no better screw-tightener than David Chipman.

Giffords David Chipman ATF
Giffords Law Center Senior Policy Advisor David Chipman (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Chipman was both an ATF careerist and a paid anti-gun activist working as a policy advisor for the Giffords. However, he was such a horrible little man – which became obvious during his Senate confirmation hearings – that his confirmation stalled, fizzled and was eventually withdrawn.

Biden’s second choice to run the ATF was nearly as bad as his first. Once Chipman was shown the door, he chose Steve Dettelbach, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for Ohio Attorney General in 2018. In this race he was endorsed by Biden, Barack Obama and Everytown for Gun Safety.

Biden and Dettelbach spoke the same language. When he ran for AG, Dettelbach campaigned on a platform that included “assault weapon” and standard-capacity magazine bans, universal background checks, “Red Flag” laws and much more.

Dettelbach was quickly confirmed, since it’s nearly impossible to reject two presidential nominees for the same position.

Steve Dettelbach
Steve Dettelbach (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

After receiving a massive infusion of cash and a new leader, the ATF was ready to repay the administration’s largesse, and they weren’t going to let pesky little things like the constitution get in their way.

ATF unleashed 

What the Biden-Harris administration did to the ATF was create a federal police force that’s immune from control and oversight. In other words, they’re untouchable. They answer to no one but their director, who answers solely to the White House.

ATF Special Agents began barnstorming across the country, conducting unconstitutional “knock-and-talks” – warrantless home inspections, which the agency laughingly referred to as “voluntary conversations.”

Several of these intrusions were caught on tape, thankfully, which alerted the public to what was really going on.

To justify their surprise home inspections, ATF agents claimed they were looking for aftermarket triggers, solvent traps or proof that multiple gun purchases were legitimate and not straw purchases.

There was no accountability to the public – a common theme with most ATF operations – since the agency’s spokespersons refused to comment about their agents’ actions.

While the ATF’s armed special agents were busy pounding on doors, its unarmed Industry Operations Investigators, or IOIs, proved they too were more than willing to bend or break a few federal laws.

One Arizona gun dealer caught an IOI from ATF’s Phoenix Field Office creating an illegal gun registry with her cellphone in his gun shop.

“People ask me why I waited to July to go public about this,” the gun dealer said at the time. “The public needs to know that the crazy stuff the government is accused of doing, they’re actually doing.”

War on gun dealers

In June of last year, Joe Biden announced a new zero-tolerance policy for “rogue gun dealers,” who he claimed were responsible for skyrocketing violent crime rates in major cities historically controlled by Democrats.

The violence wasn’t caused by weak prosecutors who refused to hold criminals accountable, or gangs or underfunded police departments or by any combination thereof. It was all the fault of “rogue gun dealers,” who Biden claimed willfully transfer firearms to prohibited persons, don’t conduct background checks and/or refuse to cooperate with the ATF.

ATF agents
(AP Photo/David Goldman)

To vet Biden’s rogue gun dealer theory, which nearly everyone knew was somewhat crazy, the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project immediately sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the ATF, seeking the following:

Copies of documents that show the number of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) and their state of residence, who have been prosecuted for willfully transferring a firearm to a prohibited person over the past three years (from June 23, 2018 to June 23, 2021.)

Copies of documents that show the number of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) and their state of residence, who have been prosecuted for ignoring and/or refusing to cooperate with a tracing request from the BATFE, over the past three years (from June 23, 2018 to June 23, 2021.)

(Note: We did not seek the names or other identifiers of any FFL.)

As of today, after 14 months of waiting, the ATF has not responded to SAF’s FOIA request, which is federal law. In other words, the ATF – a supposed law enforcement agency – is willing to violate federal law to cover for Biden.

Unfortunately, after a few months, we didn’t need a FOIA response to see the toll the administration’s zero-tolerance policy was taking on the nation’s Federal Firearm Licensees, or FFLs.

Eleven months after Biden declared war on gun dealers, FFL revocations had increased by a staggering 500%.

What were once mere paperwork errors that could be fixed with an eraser were now intentional or “willful” errors, which were fixed with an FFL revocation.

Hundreds of gun dealers lost their livelihood – good, honest people just trying to make a living.

To be clear, none of these dealers transferred a firearm to a prohibited person, failed to conduct a background check, refused to cooperate with the ATF or committed any of the other sins Biden used to define “rogue gun dealers.”

Rule-making misuse 

Unlike real law enforcement agencies, the ATF has the authority to write its own laws through its rule-making authority.

To be clear, the ATF can issue a rule or opinion and then change its mind, leaving the public scrambling to comply with the new law or face federal prosecution.

No example better illustrates ATF’s misuse of its rule-making authority than the pistol brace controversy.

As it stands right now, the agency is about to force millions of gun owners to register their pistol braces as short-barreled rifles, which will be regulated by the National Firearms Act. Those who do not comply could face up to 10 years in a federal prison.

Previously, the agency said pistol braces were fine – they did not to be regulated by the NFA – and millions of Americans purchased them. But now, after pressure from the White House, the ATF changed its mind and millions of American could be required to add their name to a federal firearm registry.

This is not the first time the ATF has issued conflicting new rules. The agency did the same about-face on aftermarket triggers.

Rare Breed triggers were initially approved for sale by the ATF, which now classifies them as a machine gun.

Owner Kevin Maxwell filed court documents back in August 2021 stating that the ATF made a mistake in its decision based on the definition of what constitutes a machine gun.

This is now a machine gun. (Courtesy Rare Breed)

In his complaint, Maxwell acknowledged that the ATF has the authority to enforce federal code, in this case the NFA.

However, Maxwell stated, the ATF “has no authority to change the Code or the Code’s definition of what constitutes a ‘machine gun.’”

Four experts, all former ATF, concluded that Maxwell’s trigger system does not meet the legal definition of a machine gun.

War on homemade firearms

Americans have been making firearms in their homes since before there was a United States of America. Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris administration wants this tradition to come to an end.

As a serial fabulist, Biden often repeats a host of discredited stories, but some of his most discredited lies appear whenever he talks about the Second Amendment – deer in Kevlar vests, fictitious prohibitions on the right to keep and bear arms, including cannons.

ghost gun 80% arms
(JWT for TTAG)

However, when Biden rails against homemade firearms, which he calls “ghost guns,” all of his furor is based upon a hoax created by the ATF.

“Last year alone, law enforcement reported approximately 20,000 suspected ghost guns to be – to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. That’s a tenfold increase in these ghost guns from 2016. Tenfold in five years,” Biden said in April. “These guns are weapons of choice for many criminals. We’re going to do everything we can to deprive them of that choice and, when we find them, put them in jail for a long, long time. Law enforcement is sounding the alarms. Our communities are paying the price. And we’re acting.”

The entire “ghost gun” drama was started by Carlos A. Canino, the former Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the ATF’s Los Angeles Field Division.

In 2020, anti-gun activists asked Canino about the prevalence of homemade firearms in California. An earlier study said 30% of the guns recovered by ATF in California were unserialized “ghost guns,” but Canino said the real numbers were actually much higher. “Forty-one percent, so almost half our cases we’re coming across are these ‘ghost guns,’” Canino said. That was all it took.

A story we published in April showed that not even the ATF could verify Canino’s claims, which became the basis for many of the administration’s “ghost gun” rants.

After the story was published, a staff member for a U.S. Congressman came forward. This whistleblower, who asked that their name be withheld from publication, revealed even more problems about the ATF’s “ghost gun” statistics.

The staff member asked the U.S. Justice Department for “ghost gun” data, since both the ATF and the Bureau of Justice Statistics fall under the DOJ’s purview.

“Because it is not currently a federal crime to own either a homemade firearm or a braced pistol, DOJ claims they do not have accurate/comprehensive databases to track their use in crimes. They compile information from state and local police units – but that information is only as good as what is reported,” the whistleblower said in an email.

Biden ghost guns
Props used in President Biden’s Rose Garden announcement of ATF “ghost gun” regulation. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

To be clear, the United States Department of Justice told a U.S. Congressman’s staff member that their “ghost gun” data is neither accurate nor comprehensive, and then just days later, the President of the United States issued an executive order stripping Americans of the Second Amendment rights based upon this inaccurate data.

The administrations new “ghost gun” rule went into effect last month. One gun-rights group fears the rule has already created an illegal gun registry.

War in the blue states

While Biden lacks the votes in Congress to pass a national “assault weapon” ban, there’s nothing stopping him from pressuring politically friendly governors in blue states to create their own bans.

After all, if more states pass restrictive anti-gun bills, it will be easier for the administration to push for similar legislation at the federal level.

The White House has contacted governors in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, California and Delaware.

Not surprisingly, the bills they have designed are similar in concept and some even use the same verbiage.

The “new” legislation usually includes 21+ age restrictions for firearm purchasers, implementation of “red flag” laws, and a ban on “assault weapon” and standard-capacity magazine bans.

Three such bills flew through Delaware’s General Assembly and were quickly signed into law by the state’s anti-gun governor.

John Carney
Delaware Gov. John Carney (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association immediately filed suit. One DSSA official said their members would be willing to “sell their houses” if needed, to pay for the litigation.


While this reference guide is by no means a comprehensive list of the administration’s entire gun control agenda, there is one thing that is not missing.

Nowhere in any of the Biden-Harris administration’s plans is there a single mention of how they intend to disarm criminals. Only law-abiding citizens are targeted for disarmament, not the bad guys.

That, friends, is all you need to know of their true intent.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. All these devious, unconstitutional tactics come from the evil minds of the previous gang of criminals! Everyone knows the current crew’s not smart enough to pound sand in a rat hole!!

    • I don’t think “the previous gang of criminals” (#45) was smart enough to come up with these ideas, either. Maybe you mean two administrations back, #44 (Obama)?

  2. Let’s be honest here. burden knows he’s not the rightful president. He’s afraid of pushback. He has already turned the doj loose on political opponents and has imprisoned folks for simply demonstrating against him.

    His next move will be to attempt to suspend the up coming elections. He is pushing, through his speechs to attempt to goad patriots into action. burden wants a hot war. He needs a hot war.

    After it is over we need a Nuremberg 2.0.

    • The general zeitgeist across the land is souring. Keep your eyes open on what may unfold as the inevitable “October surprise”, possibly red flags of a magnitude to usher in a chain of events that render the Midterms postponed or restructured.

      • Haz,

        1. A new US Post Office department dedicated to safe and secure ballot delivery.

        2. Federal agencies being ordered to register voters in every state.

        With this level of corruption and ABSOLUTELY NO LAW ENFORCEMENT that will investigate or challenge it, they may not need an October surprise to prevent or postpone the vote.

        I am exceedingly vexxed.

      • “Keep your eyes open”

        You mean for something like the federal government running election influence operations while unleashing the DOJ on prominent people who questioned the last election? Okay we’re there. Now what?

      • “a chain of events that render the Midterms postponed or restructured“

        Care to put your money where your mouth is by making a friendly wager upon your claim?

    • The “right” is afraid to take action. And what did they do when they were the majority party? Squat…cleaning gats today. As the stock market collapses.

      • “And what did they do when they were the majority party?”

        This crap again?

        For the (hopefully) last time, without 60 votes in the Senate, we can’t make laws… 🙁

      • When the right had power, they were only concerned with lowering taxes which they managed to get done. Then Paul Ryan announced his retirement and became a lame duck in order to stall the Trump (American voter) agenda until the dems could take over. They hate us. Paul Ryan told Trump not to worry. They would work on immigration, etc. after they got taxes done. What a slimy liar.

    • “burden knows he’s not the rightful president.”

      I beg to differ. He doesn’t know what day it is if it isn’t on the teleprompter. He just reads the words, signs his name, and takes his medicine.

    • JWM,

      What frightens me is that faith-filled patriots, wholesome family members, generous and charitable folk who try to make the world a better place, every day, will have to put their lives on the line in their own homes, on the streets of their own communities, to protect the USA from it’s own lawless government.

      Which law enforcement agency is going to prevent or investigate the election fraud that will occur the coming November? Which courts will hear the lawsuits?

      Without law enforcement,and without the courts, we are. on our own.

    • Obiden doesn’t know what day of the week this month is.

      Watch the POS Susan Rice (and her owners). She is the puppetmaster that had her hand up “Barak Obama” (nee Barry Soetoro’s) skirt.

    • “he’s not the rightful president“

      Hilarious, thanks for the boarding laugh!
      Your wishful thinking doesn’t make it a fact, when are you and Mike Lindell going to release the proof?

      “His next move will be to attempt to suspend the up coming elections“

      Now there’s a solid claim, care to place a wager to back up your convictions?

      Speaking of convictions, it looks like three more members of ‘Antifa’ have been found guilty of their attack upon the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress during our constitutionally mandated election certification process.

      “Three January 6, 2021, rioters involved in one of the most brutal assaults on police during the attack at the US Capitol were found guilty on Tuesday of several felonies following a bench trial before a federal judge.

      Patrick McCaughey was found guilty of nine counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, for an attack against Washington, DC, police officer Daniel Hodges.
      One of McCaughey’s codefendants, Tristan Stevens, was also found guilty on nine charges. The other, David Mehaffie, was found guilty of four charges.“

      I imagine you’re very proud of Trump appointed District Judge Trevor McFadden for finding these three BLM members guilty of serious charges regarding their assault upon Capitol police officers, Blue Lives Matter!

      Perhaps you can explain to me why Donald Trump promises to pardon these antifa and BLM members if he’s elected…

      • “Now there’s a solid claim, care to place a wager to back up your convictions?”

        Miner, you offered that bet to me regarding Biden and our border policies in 2020. I took you up on a bet. You owe me $20. You refuse to even admit you lost. You have a reputation as a dishonest person. Now man up and pay your debt.

        FAIR Border Snapshot for July 2022

        Since President Biden took office, nearly 4.9 million illegal aliens have crossed our borders.
        This includes the 3.9 million nationwide total reported by CBP – which includes a whopping 3.4 million at our Southwest border – as well as approximately 900,000 gotaways who have entered the country undetected per agency sources.

        • Dude, don’t try to distract by changing the subject, let’s see the evidence for the claimed fraudulent election victory by Joe Biden.

          I understand some of the evidence may be hard to collect because it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t usually stop Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, etc. from lying their asses off.

          Meanwhile, the fraudulent electoral college conspiracy investigation is continuing, I’m interested to see how many of the self-professed “fake electors” end up in prison.

        • Wow Miner! You’re a real piece of work. You accuse me of changing the subject, then you immediately change the subject! How does it feel to be such a disingenuous person? I didn’t change anything. I saw you trying to make another bet with someone and called you out. Now do your best impression of a man and pay your debt.

      • “Miner, you offered that bet to me regarding Biden and our border policies in 2020“

        You claimed Biden “opened our borders” no such thing occurred.

        “Terence Garrett, political science professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, stressed there are a lot of security measures and enforcement at the border.

        That includes nearly 20,000 Border Patrol agents according to Fiscal Year 2021 data. There’s also surveillance systems like Tethered AeroStat Radar Systems, he said. Blimps connected to the system have a 200-mile radius aircraft detection. There are also surveillance towers and hundreds of miles of fencing.

        “There’s no such thing as an open border. We don’t have an open border. That’s absurd,” Garrett said.

        From March 2020 to February 2022, 1.7 million expulsions have been carried out under Title 42, with 1.2 million of them occurring under the Biden administration, according to a Migration Policy Institute report on government data.“

        Dude, I understand Fox entertainment may have done their best to make you ‘feel’ there are any open borders, but that’s not the fact.

        The record shows that the borders are not open, President Biden has in fact expelled over 1.2 million illegal aliens.

        • You may as well quote the vice president. She just said in an interview she was confident the border was secure. She’s a liar just like you. You could tell even Chuck Todd knew it. How embarrassing. How does it feel to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and know you will just lie until the bitter end?

          Notice how she talked about passing new laws for a path to citizenship (for illegals). Now do you understand why they’re intentionally flooding our country with illegals? Of course you do liar. Compare the last two years of Trump with the first two of Biden. The numbers changed because they wanted it to change. Border and immigration policy was an immediate priority for the puppet administration, just like I said it would be. All you have to do is look at their actions. Now pay up or admit you lost, liar.

  3. Biden could have easily kept his promise of ending the gun violence epidemic by just pressuring states to keep criminals behind bars. It’s obvious he has no interest in the rule of law.

  4. The only things missing are sheets, torches, nooses, brown shirts, freezing train rides, concentration camps, gas chambers, etc…All the rot inherent with Gun Control.

  5. ‘THe wheels of god grind slow but they grind exceeding fine’ By continuously opposing sensible gun control measures which most of the gun owners of America must surely have sympathy with and co-operating the gun owners and the wider firearms industy are ensuring that ‘fine grind.. Sooner or later ‘gun control’s’ will become a matter of the ballot box and, as the tide turns against an INDUSTRY that put’s MARKETTING and PROFITS before lives, Politician with an eye on that ballot box will be falling over them selves to intrioduce gun control measures that will be far stricter than is nessessary. You have only yourselves to blame. IN a DEMOCRACY when enough people want something to happen rest assured it WILL HAPPEN. Constitutions can be changed if enough people will it -that’s why they are called AMENDMENTS

    • You should do a little internet research and find out what it takes to amend the US Constitution–and it ain’t no simple majority mob rule. In fact it is down right difficult. With at least half the country being pro-gun, let me suggest that it is in fact impossible to enact the kind of British gun control that you wish upon us.

    • The USA was founded as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!!

      Not a DEMOCRACY!!!!!

      Britain is not a “DEMOCRACY”!!!

      It is a MONARCHY!!!!

    • Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      I would ask you if you are stupid, but you made the fact of your stupidity manifest in that brainless, ungrammatical, misspelled, poorly-written spew of bile. Since we all KNOW you’re not a Brit, what IS your excuse for being unaware of the Second Amendment . . . or are you just outright lying????

      The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is NOT subject to idiots like you at the ballot box, you serial liar. Under your theory, a sufficient number of idiot voters (necessarily, racist “Progressives” and Dimocrats) could repeal the 13th Amendment. The individual, INHERENT rights of American citizens, SOME of which are protected against GOVERNMENT intrusion by the Constitution, are NOT subject to the ballot box, you frigging idiot.

      Now, go pound sand in your @$$, you lying clown.

    • First, none of your “sensible gun control measures” are sensible to begin with. Most of the gun owners of America show no sympathy for these “measures.” No, sooner or later ‘gun control’s” will not become a matter of the ballot box and, as the tide has already turned against your so called “sensible gun control measures” when they are exposed to the light of day. You see we have this ting called the CONSTITUION. yes it can be amended but it is not as simple as you think. the only politician with an eye on that ballot box will be falling over them selves to introduce gun control measures that will be far stricter than is necessary will be soundly defeated at the ballot box in most American towns and states The US is NOT a “DEMOCRACY”; it is a Constitutional Republic of which you Brits have little understanding. Constitutions can be changed if enough people will it – and the people here want to be able to keep and bear arms in spite of some anti-gun politicians like Sleepy Joe, his Hoe and Hochul the wannabe Governor of NYS.

    • “Now we’ve got all these problems?”

      The ‘Bruen’ SCotUS decision in our favor got them really, really, *REALLY* mad at us… 🙂

    • Yeah but that last guy was a big meanie. Now we have a kind and gentle, harmless old man who just wants everyone to unite. Well except for the half of the country who are extremists. They’re a threat.

      Now that I think about it, it’s kinda weird how he gave that big speech from what I assume was the gates of Hell, and talked about the need to fight for the soul of the nation. Hmm…

  6. On the plus side, when the Free States of America finally decide to tell the Government to GFT, these states citizens will be armed to the teeth, because everyone there will be there for one reason, FREEDOM! The Feds, under Mr. Potato Head are trying to start a war against law abiding citizens. What will they do when everyone has had enough.

    • Turn in their gunms so they dont go to jail.
      Its when the government trys to take away the gunms from the gangs.

  7. “In order to reduce “stockpiling of weapons,” Biden promised to support legislation that would ration firearm purchases to one per month.”

    I had to chuckle about this one. I don’t remember purchasing more than one gun in any single month but I still have a lot of guns.

    • I couldn’t afford a gunm a month.
      Hey thatd make a good song.
      On the first month of Christmas my true love gave to me

  8. CAn any of our Leftist Anti-Gun radicals cite one instance where gun control laws saved a life?

  9. Name 1 law or regulation, ban or restriction that has ever prevented a person with criminal intent from committing a crime?
    If there is a so called gun violence epidemic, the cure would be to find, arrest, prosecute, and imprison those who commit whatever crimes of violence.
    The last 2 points are simple enough. even if the anti gun nuts could get their fondest wish and all civilians held firearms could be removed, those who wish to do so will find ways to arm themselves. And if firearms were not available, other implements would be easily picked up and used. Edged weapons, blunt weapons/objects, various chemicals/incendiaries, hands, feet. whatever. Burned, beaten, stabbed, strangled, poisoned. The victim is just as dead.

  10. I find it comical at how these people who have nothing but evil intents to disarm America think that the over 150 million firearm owners are falling for their narrative and think for one moment any of this has to do with safety of American Citizens. If that were really the case, they would focus more on closing our borders to illegals, criminals and human and drug traffickers. They would also focus on how to get firearms out of the hands of known criminals and stop releasing them from jail or giving them light sentences or defunding the police.
    Additionally when more than 1 million people a month are buying firearms they certainly are not doing so because they intend to let the Government confiscate them or otherwise harass them. Then when they hear people use the words civil war or revolution they want to call them terrorist, but they of course break the laws daily and then expect us to respect them and the laws. Not going to happen. You lead by example not by hypocrisy.
    All Americans should resist and fight against this socialist nonsense and make it clear to all concerned that we are not rolling over and going to be intimidated. Use every means at your disposal to make life as miserable for them as they intend to make it for WE The People. There are far more of us than them and we can make life pretty miserable for them as well. Don’t give an inch and go down fighting if you value your Freedom. These people simply hate this Country and don’t believe otherwise.

  11. Is there Fed legislation somewhere that allows the ATF/FBI thugs to wear “POLICE”? They are NOT “POLICE”.

  12. Does anyone know if the ATF harasses alcohol and tobacco businesses and customers? How many people die, directly or indirectly, from alcohol and tobacco use?

  13. And for all those nervous nannies who just a few short months ago were all crying in their pablum because Joe Biden was banning the sale of Lake City 62 gr green tip, the prices are dropping, you should buy some. Natchez shooter supply has it for under $600/1000 rounds:

    “Winchester USA Lake City M855 Green Tip Rifle Ammunition 5.56mm 62gr FMJ 3060 fps 500/ct
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