Georgia Governor Brian Kemp
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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed into law HB 1018, the Second Amendment Privacy Act. This NSSF-supported law protects the privacy and sensitive financial information of people purchasing firearms and ammunition in the Peach State. With Georgia, there are now 14 states with laws that protect the Second Amendment financial privacy of their citizens.

The law prohibits financial institutions from requiring the use of a firearm code, also known as a Merchant Category Code (MCC), from being assigned to firearm and ammunition purchases at retail when using a credit card. The law also forbids discriminating against a firearm retailer as a result of the assigned or non-assignment of a firearm code and disclosing the protected financial information. Additionally, the law prohibits keeping or causing to be kept any list, record or registry of private firearm ownership.

“Governor Brian Kemp’s signature on the Second Amendment Privacy Act is yet another example of his firm commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Georgians. Citizens in Georgia won’t worry that ‘woke’ Wall Street banks, credit card companies and payment processors will collude with government entities to spy on their private finances to illegally place them on gun control watchlists,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President & General Counsel. “NSSF is grateful House Speaker Jon Burns, Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones, Representative Jason Ridley and state Senator Carden Summers for bringing this crucial legislation to become law. No American should fear being placed on a government watchlist simply for exercising their Constitutionally protected rights to keep and bear arms.”

Georgia joins a growing list of states that are standing against the invasion of financial privacy when exercising Second Amendment rights, including Tennessee, Iowa, Kentucky, Wyoming, Indiana, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Texas and West Virginia.

NSSF worked closely with Georgia legislators to protect private and legal firearm and ammunition purchases from political exploitation. The Second Amendment Privacy Act is designed to protect the privacy of lawful and private firearm and ammunition purchases from being abused for political purposes by corporate financial service providers and unlawful government search and seizure of legal and private financial transactions.

The U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) admitted to U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) in a letter that it violated the Fourth Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens that protect against illegal search and seizure when it collected the credit card purchase history from banks and credit card companies of individuals who purchased firearms and ammunition in the days surrounding Jan. 6, 2020. Treasury’s FinCEN had no cause, and sought the information without a warrant, to place these law-abiding citizens on a government watchlist only because they exercised their Second Amendment rights to lawfully purchase firearms and ammunition.

The idea of a firearm-retailer specific MCC was borne from anti-gun New York Times’ columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and Amalgamated Bank, which has been called “The Left’s Private Banker” and bankrolls the Democratic National Committee and several anti-gun politicians. Amalgamated Bank lobbied the Swiss-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the code’s creation. NSSF has called on Congress to investigate Amalgamated Bank’s role in manipulating the ISO standard setting process.

Sorkin admitted creating a firearm-retailer specific MCC would be a first step to creating a national firearm registry, which is forbidden by federal law.

Georgia joins a growing list of states that are standing against the invasion of financial privacy when exercising Second Amendment rights, including Tennessee, Iowa, Kentucky, Wyoming, Indiana, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Texas and West Virginia. These states passed laws protecting citizens’ Second Amendment privacy. Other states are considering similar legislation. U.S. Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) introduced S. 4075, the NSSF-supported Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act in the Senate. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) introduced H.R. 7450, with the same title in the U.S. House of Representatives. California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring the use of a firearm-retailer specific MCC and Colorado passed similar legislation that is awaiting Gov. Jared Polis’ consideration.


—Courtesy NSSF

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  1. I know Kemp isn’t the greatest second amendment supporter as a Republican. I get that.

    I guess folks could have just stayed home and not vote at all.
    Since it wouldn’t make any difference, right?
    I mean, it doesn’t matter who the governor is does it???

    “Why it’s Ok to not vote.” Catherine Mangu Ward. A great libertarian. Video 50 min long.

    • Primaries are the key, you know, that type of voting where Conservatives never do smart things?

        • fyi

          Statistics matter, anecdotes don’t and quite frankly I’m losing my patience entertaining “But [anecdote]” arguments. Herrera’s been discussing this for the better part of a year. He seems solid but we’ll find out.

          We’ll also find out if he can actually win. The fact that Gonzales got 90% of the way to avoiding a runoff is not exactly encouraging in terms of the district’s politics/pay-attention-level. The fact that he’s on the outs with a distinct minority of the GOP who inhabit the Right flank is also not great news at this point.

          And even if Herrera wins, OK, that gets rid of 1/126th of the people who voted against the 4A a few weeks ago. 0.7% of the way there. Woooooooooo Big W’s!

          This is why Conservatives’ only W’s are coming from being bailed out by SCOTUS.

          Well, that, and a lack of philosophical base, lack of study time on the opposition, lack of actual education, lack of ability to hold their own members to account, laziness in general, an overwhelming sense that being correct matters in the face of propaganda…. and a bunch of other places where they come up lacking.

          I know, I know, it’s those damn three L’s. It’s totally not the GOP falling on its face and never living up to promises. And it’s certainly not the GOP base being led around by the nose in between sessions of complaining about having to go to work.

          The NRA –> FPC should be instructive. Within the GOP though, damn is that going to be painful.

  2. While nosey Gun Control financial institutions are scrutinizing legitimate firearm purchases scammers are busy ripping people off…

  3. Lawfare is the actual “forever war”. There are no limits to what can be subjected to “lawfare”. The 2A defense orgs do not have the money to fight every gun control law, or lawsuits from the gun control mafia.

    • samyouare…And right you are grasshopper that is where it ends but it is also where Defining Gun Control by its History for a Gun Control history illiterate America begins. Unfortunately I do not see that happening with gun talking slackers and bigots however it is happening elsewhere…

    • Part of the reason why circuit splits are the goal as much as getting favorable precedents in relatively objective courts. Don’t have to fight every one once it applies over wider regions and the mismatch of minutiae in similar cases should remove a lot of wiggle room for corrupt lawmakers. Unless of course they say fuck it we are commie now or whatever they dress it up as in which case we see who is talk.

      • “Unless of course they say fuck it we are commie now or whatever they dress it up as in which case we see who is talk.”

        There won’t be any boogie, Lou. Maybe some scattered incidents, but not much else. But if I am wrong, the US will become a minor actor on the world stage, after (as predicted so very long ago).

        • I’m old enough to resist BATFECES and become a martyr to my family, but what does that get the rest of you? My murder by the ATF STASI will be page 30 news. How many remember the old man in Maryland? You know the one that got offed by the ATFHOLES and his dumb assed neice because she wanted to either protect him or she was a anti POS.

        • “My murder by the ATF STASI will be page 30 news.”

          That depends. How many Stasi did you take with you?

          Wipe out a tac team and you’re gonna be a star, even on MSNBC. Hell, you’ll probably be a household name with watchers of The View.

          Now that I’ve talked you out of this…

        • Don’t expect to see any large igloo. But waning recognized power and various infrastructure attacks by competing regional powers is on my list of nightmare fuel for shit to deal with in larger population areas with adverse weather issues. Technically past recall date but if it gets that bad it will be other problems.

          • “…my list of nightmare fuel…”

            Would you like me to give you an entire fuel depot, pre-lit and fully ablaze, for your nighttime *enjoyment* or would you rather I not do that?

    • Relying on 5 or 6 organizations to defend the 50 states and the thousands of counties, and cities in this country is a fool’s errand.

      You should be supporting your state 2A organizations. You need to become the “antibody” in your own state against this invasion.

      • “You should be supporting your state 2A organizations. You need to become the “antibody” in your own state against this invasion.”


      • NRA member,
        FPC member,
        SAF member,
        NAGR member,
        RMGO member right here in my home state of Colorado.
        Member in good standing by the way.
        I didn’t vote for cock sucking assholes that want to subjugate my rights.
        And yes Chris… My vote does matter.

        • “My vote does matter.”

          Actually, it is who counts the vote, and how they do it that matters.

    • True. But they also don’t need to have that much money if they’d smarten up.

      I only talk about this constantly.

  4. Cash. Go to your bank. Get $100 bills. Break them everywhere. The serial numbers may be linked to your withdrawal, but the small bills you got in change at the convenience store? Who knows where they came from? Then go buy your gun.

  5. Bbbbzzrrrrpp pipp bzzzzrp clik clik whrzzzz.
    Tank you, comagin.
    Credit cards.
    Gold is old, plastics fantastic, but cash is King.
    Why do people use credit cards?

      • It was more convenient to get in a car then saddle a horse now look where we are.
        Eventually it will be a cashless society and barter will be the only way to purchase something on the down low.
        Not good if you ask me.
        And I don’t believe that just because someone makes it against a State law that we still will not be scrutinized on what we are buying, and where we have been.
        No Sir, I don’t like it.

        • It will be.

          You think all the people paying cash remembered to leave their cell phone at home for acquiring said cash and then using it?

          Most didn’t and that data is for sale. .gov buys it all the time as an end-run around the 4A.

    • “Gold is old, plastics fantastic, but cash is King.”

      Each of which can be rendered illegal, with legislation. The supposed black market is not sufficient to keep one above subsistence level; eventually, the underground network must surface into the govt regulated economy.

      • It doesn’t actually require a law. The Gold Reserve Act (1934) was passed about a year after FDR confiscated gold via executive order 6102.

        His EO stood until 1964.

        • “His EO stood until 1964.”

          Indeed. Old Joe (a moniker that used to be only applied to Joe Stalin) has learned the value of EO/EA proclamations. One day, Old Joe’s puppeteers will find they can override the Second Amendment using nothing but EOs/EAs. Finally understanding they can do anything by EO/EA.

        • They already know they can do pretty much anything by EO, the trick is having a culture that will tolerate the specifics of the EO in question.

          At this point I think they’re still of the opinion that the casualties of LE personnel would be too high. As soon as that calculation changes, they’ll do whatever they like.

          Personally, I think they could order door-to-door confiscation right this moment and 99% of gun owners would allow it while complaining.

          But if you go with the *standard* numbers that’s still 1 million who resist and if you assume 1/4 are successful at dropping a jackboot, that’s 250K GSWed LE.

          That’s still too high. They need something that stokes anger in LE, not fear.

          99.9% compliance would probably get it done if the rollout was done right because the anger LE would direct towards the family of the gun owner and more importantly the next gun owner would increase the initial 99.9% to 99.99%+.

          IRL, why bother? A change in the currency will have 99.9999% compliance with Feinstein’s old statement of “turn ’em all in”. Most holdouts will be squeezed via family and once that squeeze is on, fam will rat out most of the rest.

          Whatever remains won’t be worth talking about.

          Actual criminals will be ignored in this regard and not just allowed but encouraged to practice their craft since they’re not social/political offenders.

          • I mostly find your comments to be informative, enlightening, and entertaining. However….

            I find being confronted with bald faced truth to be intolerable, and something up with which I will not put.

            Shoving truth in my face makes me unhappy, and maybe wet my pants (haven’t taken time to look).

  6. “Additionally, the law prohibits keeping or causing to be kept any list, record or registry of private firearm ownership.”

    So we can assume that the State will be executing a search warrant on all BATFE, DEA and FBI locations within the confines of Georgia immediately, right?

    • “This Is How Pro-Gun States Become Anti-Gun States!”

      If the US Constitution is insufficient to protect out natural, civil and human rights, mere legislation most assuredly cannot. An unending legislative tug-of-war resolves nothing. Fortunately the national birth rate is below replacement level. Maybe, one day, the Dimwitocrats will cease to produce new voters, and Republicrats will reign for awhile.

  7. The US Supreme Court is considering whether to hear the case of Bianchi v. Brown, which is a 2nd Amendment challenge to Maryland’s “assault weapon” ban.

  8. It happens all to frequently now, and you may be caught in the middle of it. Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses what your rights are if you happen to be stuck in the middle of a smash and grab robbery.

  9. BREAKING: Feds demand YouTube user info for people who watched one specific video on the platform.

  10. ALL Leftist States Kick Gavin & His 28th Amendment FIRMLY To The Curb… & It Is GLORIOUS. In tonight’s episode, we dive into the AMAZING outcome and failure of Gavin Newsome’s little 28th Amendment. It turns out, no one lifted a finger to help.

    • “In tonight’s episode, we dive into the AMAZING outcome and failure of Gavin Newsome’s little 28th Amendment. It turns out, no one lifted a finger to help.”

      Credit where credit is due: Newsome is the only gun-grabber attempting to “do it” correctly; Constitutional Amendment. Now we have both Left and Right having to wrestle with a Constitutional Convention, both sides believing they can control it.

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