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Hats off to the Des Moines mom who stopped the abduction of her child without firing a shot from her concealed carry piece. The story could have ended very differently, but in the end, the would be child abductors were arrested without any new orifices or blood loss and the mother got her kid back unmolested.

It all went down Thursday when a couple tried to grab a young boy, claiming they were his parents. When the true mom confronted the pair, the male half grabbed the kid and tried to flee.

That’s when mom pulled her gun and explained the facts of life to the would-be abductors, telling them, “Let go of my kid.” At that point, they abandoned the attempted abduction and fled.

Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them to affect an arrest.

The Des Moines Register has the dramatic story . . .

Shay Lindberg, manager of the Hubbell Tower Apartments, was armed when Laurie Potter, 56, and Michael Ross, 43, allegedly tried to take the child Jan. 5.

According to an incident report, the incident occurred at 904 Walnut St. in downtown Des Moines, where the skywalk passes through the Hubbell Tower Apartments building. Potter and Ross are charged with felony child stealing.

Lindberg did not know Potter and Ross, who are homeless, according to a report. She was in her office getting ready to leave when she saw Potter and Ross walking back and forth in front of her door. Potter was waving at her son.

Thinking they just wanted to apply for a job, Lindberg decided to leave.

That’s when Potter started telling Lindberg to give her back her son and crouched down to the child, saying she was his real mother, according to the report. Potter said the boy’s real father was Thor, then grabbed the child by the arm and started to run away, the report said.

Again, hats off to mom for exercising admirable restraint.

Police also praised the woman. From WHO . . .

Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department says this is one example of a lawfully-possessed gun doing something well. “It certainly looks like the big turning point here, the pivotal piece to keeping her child safe was the fact that she was lawfully-armed with a handgun, and she produced it and told them ‘let go of my kid.’”

Candidly, as the advanced aged father of a pair of four-year-old twins, grabbing one of my kids and trying to run away with would likely meet with a judicious yet generous application of ballistic therapy — without, of course, endangering my child — if they failed to stop when commanded.


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  1. Good job for Mom.

    I can’t say what I would have done because it could easily have gone either way. The guy could be in a refrigerator looking out of a Ziploc or be in jail.

    Many times getting arrested as opposed to going lethal is a preferable as the general public doesn’t enjoy the layers of protection and immunity that a certified police officer does.

    Of course there are times when the perp is going to be as dead as fried chicken no matter who is squeezing off shots.

  2. Based upon numbers from 2022, this is not an uncommon type of occurrence. Children are preyed upon every day across the country.

    In 2022, law abiding armed citizens:

    * Stopped, ~12,000 violent attacks by adult criminals ‘in public spaces’ against children under the age of 14.​

    * Stopped ~28,000 attempted kidnappings by violent pedophile offenders.​

      • They come from the research my wife does for her contracts.

        She’s a free lance journalist, but when not doing journalism she takes contracts for research for various government entities and research organizations like Pew and Rand etc… . She recently finished one for the government, NIH, these are some of the things the research reveals. The information comes from a collective of police report’s and state records from all 50 states and various government records and substantiated media reports.

        She does this contract every year, along with two others she works with. Every year she turns in the research, and what the government does with it from there is what ever they do with it.

        Most of the perpetrators don’t get caught, arrested, and convicted. So the data doesn’t show up in official stats because they are based on those caught, arrested, and convicted. The overall caught, arrested, and convicted for the U.S. is less than 8%.

        That’s the reason you can’t find it in an internet search.

        • OK, wait a second here:

          Your wife is a journalist who has first hand knowledge of this.
          She knows exactly how to gather this data.
          She hasn’t published anything anywhere and is activitly cooperating with an apparent government coverup.

          I don’t believe this is true for a second, but if it is, your wife is a terrible person.

  3. Twins are a hoot!

    Have a matched set of daughters who have been making me laugh (or cry) for 40’ish years.

    John, you have so many interesting times ahead of you…good luck.

    Back to the story: good for Mama Pitbull!

  4. “Never mess with a she-bear.”
    Highest kudos to mama. Obviously situation aware, knew how and when to draw, give a strong verbal command, and knew not to fire unless it escalated.
    Stay calm, and carry on.

  5. Glad she was wise enough to exercise restraint even though she could have applied ballistic intervention; better that her kid didn’t have to witness dirt bag begin his return to ambient.

    • When my son’s were little they both extremely cute especially my eldest who was mistaken for a girl constantly. I wasn’t armed with lethal force but at my peak of size & strength. And mommy had taught self-defense and could kill an a-hole with what was in her purse. We were in downtown Chicago getting our BS property tax lowered circa 1996with the kid’s in our van. A protest erupted nearby & we got out of downtown Chiraq. We stopped in a nearby park and a panhandler(in a fake wheelchair)got up & nearly breached the open door. I came within a second of bashing his head in with a baseball bat I kept handy. His “buddy” nearby begged me not to kill him. As did he. There’s sick son’s of B’s out there. Do what you have to do!

  6. I remember hearing about abductions all through the 80’s. These things could have been stopped quite often by armed parents that cared enough to actually BE armed.


  8. Ummm…. the correct term is “unhoused” and it’s up to all of us to provide them with a house.

    I suppose they are also “unchilded” and it’s up to us to provide them with a child.

    That woman is a bigot for throwing around her “childed” privilege.

    • It is my belief that it got its official start in the late sixties but even before that things were being tried. Some say it was WW2. The process got a jump charge with 9-11 and was put into overdrive with Covid. But we have multiple generations that have gone too far to be saved at this point. AOC is a great example of this ugliness. Drug induced lunacy abound.

      We see a widening of the gap between one side and the other as each reaches extremes. At some point it will reach a head.

      • Who’s really to blame?? I can’t say or I’ll be booted from the forum. Suffice it to say I live in a rural area and only go out to run errands. When I do venture into towns and cities, I see legions of drug addled homeless zombies. I go early enough in the day so I don’t run into a particular demographic and its crime-filled antics. I’m old, so I won’t have to put up with the collapse much longer, but I really feel sorry for my children and their children. I don’t tell them this, but I think they’re f*ed.

        • Certain demographic, city,out at night.
          Could be talking about druggies, bums, the unemployed

          Only you went to “black people”, Darlene.

        • @Darlene Waters

          “So, you blame every bad thing on the existence of black people, then?”

          Ahhh HA!

          He never said a word about Black people. He said “a particular demographic” and that could be any ‘particular demographic’. Yet you jump in with Black people.

          Ya know who else that appears in the TTAG comment sections also jumps in with such blatant confirmation bias and attributing things that were never said – in the exact same word cadence and phrasing structure you have used? Our resident closet racist liberal anti-gun freak Miner49er, that’s who.

      • “We see a widening of the gap between one side and the other”

        Yes, the wealthy and the multinational corporations have indeed manipulated our political and economic systems to pull wealth out of the vast majority of Americans who work day by day for their wages.

        “Wage stagnation for the vast majority was not created by abstract economic trends. Rather, wages were suppressed by policy choices made on behalf of those with the most income, wealth, and power. In the past few decades, the American economy generated lots of income and wealth that would have allowed substantial living standards gains for every family. The same is true looking forward: Overall income and wealth will continue to grow. The key economic policy question is whether we will adopt policies that enable everyone to participate in a shared prosperity, or whether the growth of income and wealth will continue to accrue excessively and disproportionately to the best-off 1 percent.”

        “the exact same word cadence“

        I am glad to hear that you see the bogeyman behind every blade of grass.

        Be afraid, be very afraid…

  9. It would be a happier ending if the perps had been ventilated. As things stand, they’ll be free to attempt another kidnapping soon enough. With proper ventilation, the mother could have saved one or more future victims.

  10. Abducting a young boy? hmmm.
    Perhaps they abductors just wanted to take the child to a durag qqueen parade. Yeah that’s it, no harm done.
    Throw the Mom in jail.

      • What the blazzzzzes are you doing here Ms. Waters???? Are you Dacian’s sister or something? Did he go to the head and you too his place @ the keyboard?

      • Let’s suppose the vagrant couple got away and did it again, this time killing the kid. Would you still say she should not have detained the felons, even with deadly force, if necessary?

  11. Hell has officially frozen over – The DM fng Register published (or at least online) a progun story. (DMR has at least 5-yrs history left of the NYTimes).

  12. Sorry, John, but your “ballistic therapy” would be an execution, and the fact that you fantasize about executing people indicates that you’re disturbed and should not be armed with a deadly weapon in public, and the fact that you tell yourself that you could discharge a firearm at the person who has your kid without endangering your kid indicates that you are delusional, which is another reason why you should not be armed with a deadly weapon in public.

    • WHUT awr yoo tawkin baout?
      The Mum would have been fully justified in firing on these two serious threats to the lives/safety of her children. It would NOT have been an execution” unless you mean to indicate an execution of justice. These two dirtbags were a realm prsentm immanent, serious threat of death and/or serious harm to those two children.
      She DID by the use of firm control over the situation, get these two perverts removed (at least for a litle while) removed from the public sphere AND removed her two treasures from imminent harm. Mamma Bear done just fine.

      • Learn words. The writer used “ballistic therapy” as a euphemism for execution.
        Learn to read. There was one child.
        Learn to comprehend. I wasn’t criticizing the woman. I was criticizing John, the author of the article.
        Why are you here?

    • Typical anti-gun sentiment. Always reading into things to place meanings that aren’t really there – “ballistic therapy” wasn’t a euphemism for a statement of fact of actual execution, John would not have fired with his kids in the line of fire. You apparently don’t understand the gun community or the use of force rules very well.

      Its a statement of frustration for how we are forced into that decision making because overall the government is not doing anything significant about crime and that also abduction of a child is a horrible thing we want to stop. If you don’t want to stop the abduction of a child, if you aren’t frustrated the government isn’t doing anything significant about crime – there is something seriously wrong with you.

      However, for mom here, and as always, the situation dictates the need and you obviously do not understand the nuances of that but mom did. Her child was in the line of fire and her actions were enough to repeal the bad guys. She acted properly in her defensive gun use as most ordinary citizen law abiding gun carriers would have – which is why, ordinary citizen law abiding gun carriers, out of all the legal justified defensive situations annually in the thousands daily across the country, overall only actually pull the trigger less than 5% of the time and then only if its absolutely necessary, because overall we strive to act properly and do it correctly under the most stressful and horrifying of situations of saving our lives or the life of another. Sure, sometimes mistakes or errors in judgment are made in the use of firearms by the ordinary law abiding citizen but they are overall far less than say, for example, the police or a person texting and driving or a criminal makes.

      We may not always express it in your simple minded checklist manner to satisfy your confirmation bias way of thinking. Its a much broader thing than your narrow confirmation biased view allows and obviously you do not understand that.

      Why are you here?

      • “… overall the government is not doing anything significant about crime”

        Sure it is: prosecutors who are invariably Democrats are sending violent criminals back onto the streets so they can repeat their offenses. Whatever their motives, what they are in fact doing is making crime, especially violent crime, worse.

    • @Darlene Waters

      “and the fact that you fantasize about executing people indicates that you’re disturbed and should not be armed with a deadly weapon in public, and the fact that you tell yourself that you could discharge a firearm at the person who has your kid without endangering your kid indicates that you are delusional, which is another reason why you should not be armed with a deadly weapon in public.”

      He wasn’t doing any such thing.

      The fact that you attribute such falsely, the fact that you are so confirmation biased, the fact that you missed the whole idea which I posted about in another post reply to you, indicates:

      1. You live in a fantasy world in your own mind.

      2. You are narrow minded and confirmation biased.

      3. You are dangerously delusional and mentally ill.

      4. You don’t really understand this subject matter.

      5. You are probably really Miner49er trying to troll yet again.

      Thinking in incorrectly and/or falsely attributed semantics, falsely accusing/attributing, making up ‘definitions’ and then trying to attribute them as if fact, thinking you know what others are thinking are all hallmark attributes of the simple minded linear ’emotional knee jerk’ thinking of anti-gun ignorance and is dangerously delusional mental illness.

    • Here’s the program…Touch mine and you won’t do it again because I’ll shoot you dead and cut your f-n hands off.

    • affect vs effect – two of the most commonly confused words in the English language.

      “affect”: When used as a verb, as it is here in the article, it means to act on or change someone or something.

      Affect can also be a noun. But its use as a noun is limited and more rare. For example, its use as a noun is primarily found in psychology where its use as a noun refers to an observable emotional response.

      ’Effect’ is primarily a noun used for a change that results when something is done or happens or a particular feeling or mood is created by something.

      Effect can be a verb but its use as such correctly is rare and its used in a general sense. As a verb ‘effect’ generally means to cause to come into being or accomplish.

      Its not a general sense being portrayed, ‘arrest’ is an actual action and not general so ‘effect’ would not have been correct and ‘arrest’ does ‘act on or change someone or something’ as its, in this case, acting on the police being led to the perpetrators the end result of which is the perpetrators were ‘affected’ and not ‘effected’ by their arrest which is the test to determine the correct usage of either. If ‘it’ (the thing/entity acted on) end result was ‘affected’ then ‘affect’ is proper – If ‘it’ (the thing/entity acted on) end result was ‘effected’ then ‘effect’ is proper.

      The end ‘effect’ of being led to the criminals was the arrest. To do that the arrest had to be ‘affected’. ‘affect’ comes before ‘effect’ as for an ‘effect’ to take place the ‘it’ needs to be ‘affected’. ‘affect’ causes an ‘effect’

      The sentence was … “Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them to affect an arrest.”

      Learn context and English.

      The use of ‘affect’ is correct.

      • “Learn context and English.”

        Actually, you effect an arrest by taking the perp into custody. You can also affect an arrest by doing it wrong and then watching a judge throw it out.

        • “Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them to affect an arrest.”

          “affect”: When used as a verb, as it is here in the article, it means to act on…

          They acted on being led to the perpetrators, that act was the arrest. Its “affect an arrest” – the effect of which was being taken into custody.

          “…affect an arrest.” is used properly here in its context.

        • “affect vs effect – two of the most commonly confused words in the English language“

          40oz, it can be puzzling, perhaps you could ask a police officer friend to explain the term to you.

        • just because police use it doesn’t mean they are using it correctly. Its a common mistake and people learn it that way. When used as a verb ‘to act’ like it is in the sentence its ‘affect’ and not ‘effect’.

          I know context and English is hard for you Miner49er

        • Only if “to affect an arrest” points to the guard as being the actor and not the police. The phrase, placed in a sentence, would normally point to the nearest actor, being the police. Too awkward. Simpler is better. I think you are ascribing a level of linguistic acrobatics to Boch that isn’t warranted. Change it to “effect” and it flows better. Do a search for the phrases “effect an arrest” and “affect an arrest” and see what comes up. Or just ask Boch. The arrest was effected, or accomplished, either indirectly by the guard via the police, or directly by the police.

      • “Affect” as a verb means to alter something; “effect” as a verb means to accomplish something. Thus:

        To “affect an arrest” would be to change how the arrest was carried out.
        To “effect an arrest” would be to achieve an arrest.


          Affect, when used as a verb, means “to act on or change someone or something.”

          “Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them to affect an arrest.”

          Per the sentence used – the police did ‘act on’ being led to the perpetrators, that ‘act’ was an arrest.

          When used as a verb ‘to act’ like it is in the sentence its ‘affect’ and not ‘effect’.

          ‘effect’ is a noun, not a verb except in rare cases. For example, as a verb it means, in a general sense, “to cause to come into being” or “accomplish”. There is no general sense in the sentence with “… led police to them to affect an arrest.” – its a definite action.

          The sentence structure and definite and not general sense calls for a verb with ‘to’ as in ‘to them to affect an arrest’ – “to them to” do an act (action) as the result of being led “to them”.

          If ‘effect’ was used as the verb here the sentence would be, for example… “Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them the effect of which was an arrest.”

          If ‘effect’ were used it would have needed to be qualified as an action (a verb) before the result “to cause to come into being” or “accomplish” – but it also has to be supported and qualified in a verb-relationship with an action prior the ‘effect’ if not used as a ‘verb’ having been qualified. The sentence is written such that ‘effect’ as a verb would not be proper here because the sentence is not written to qualify it as an action to “cause to come into being” or “accomplish” or in a verb-relationship because ‘effect’ can not come before action (e.g. the ‘which’ being used in my example qualifies the ‘effect’ as an action thus a verb, it basically says ‘the result was’ or ‘result is’).

          An example of ‘effect’ as a verb-relationship in the sense that’s being talked about would be “police approached the suspect and effected an arrest” or “police approached the suspect to effect an arrest” and in that type of case ‘effect’ would be proper as its qualified in its verb-relationship by ‘approached’ and that’s the sense police use when they use ‘effect’ – basically, they approach the suspect and ‘effect’ an arrest (‘effect’ being the result of the approach – a verb-relationship formed by ‘approach’ – an action and effect of that action). ‘effect’ would be qualified for use in that case. Such a verb-relationship or verb qualification for use of ‘effect’ does not exist in the article sentence.

          ‘affect’ is used properly in the sentence.

        • to further clarify and also…

          use of ‘effect’ here would need to be qualified with an action immediately prior use of ‘effect’ and connected in a verb-relationship.

          For example…

          “Fortunately a security guard followed the pair and led police to them the effect of which was an arrest.”

          But the sentence uses ‘to’ used as merely a direction in its context and grammatically – as in “to them to affect an arrest.” – so there is no action immediately prior that would qualify ‘effect’ as ‘effect’ is always after an ‘action’ (or indicated as a result or after an action, e.g. “effect of which was an arrest” or “police approached the suspect and effected an arrest”) but the action here has been disconnected by use of ‘to’ to change the intent of the action of ‘led police to them to a ‘direction’ (the second ‘to’ as in ‘to affect…”) and the next action ‘arrest’ comes after so its not prior if ‘effect’ were used.

          ‘affect’ is used properly in the sentence.

    • We are deeply thankful for your generous donation of grammatical expertise.
      You must be wise beyond your decades.
      We shall surely take your advice into consideration when making our decisions.
      Bless your heart.

  13. I’ve often thoiugh what it is that really bothers me about US Gun ownership and now I’ve sort of got a kind of answer. not the only andwer of course but ANANSWER. And It’s all down to oue very own PRINCE’ ARRY’ from ‘Meg’s ‘n Arry inc’
    The whole purpoes h behind Megs ‘n Arry Inc is to make money as quickly as possible. Now OU ARRY -[has proudly told us the the KILLED 25 TALEBAN wiv his really big gun from the seafety of an APACHE GUNSHIP . This has not gone down well in the UK OR indeed the Army in which he served. He has succeeded in putting himself up as a target for any one looking for a SCORE , put the future of the Invicta Games [of which he was nothing more than a bloody figurehead anyway] atbrisk and has forced the UK Army to issue denials that vit tolerated this kind of behaviour. But in the USA it’s very different when you have snipers identifying themselves and getting slotted for their troubles. the public lapping it up.
    ‘Arries bragging ‘cos’ in the final analysis it is bragging can oibnnly be about money. Disgraceful.
    But back to th opening point – It’s the SHEER GLEE with which incidents of shootings such as the one mentioned in the opening comment are greeted and the follow up comments. Whatever these ‘perps’ are they are STILL human beings and their deaths, any such deaths should not be a casue of celbration irregardless of the circumstance . Fortunately in this case the MOTHER involved will not have two deaths on her concience and the perps will be treated as the law allows.If you don’t like the law then there is the BALLOT BOX with which you can change the LEGISLATURE more to your liklng

    • Albert:
      “…seafety (sic) of an APACHE GUNSHIP.”
      I guess you don’t understand how dangerous an Apache Gunship can be in actual combat. I haven’t had the experience myself, but my son’s father-in-law was the only guy to walk away from shot-down wrecks of those things TWICE in Vietnam. They are not bullet-proof.

  14. @Albert L J Hall January

    “Now OU ARRY -[has proudly told us the the KILLED 25 TALEBAN wiv his really big gun from the seafety of an APACHE GUNSHIP . This has not gone down well in the UK OR indeed the Army in which he served. He has succeeded in putting himself up as a target for any one looking for a SCORE ”

    Blah blah blah

    News Flash: Country and Army sends person off to war to kill the enemy, person kills enemy and Country and Army upset the person mentions it. Albert L J Hall declares it the answer he has been searching for.

    Are you people in the U.K. all this delusional or what?

    the rest of your nonsense is also just nonsense and you haven’t a clue.

  15. Albert/Darlene/meener-minor whatever ( all of the same cloth) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Just more Dimacraps word vomit… You people miss out on sooooo much!. Are you dim’s a part of anything??? When/If the dust settles, and I am still alive, I just pray that TRUTH comes out about all the lies, manipulations, vax’z and power-grabs are uncovered for the WOKE to see. If dead I won’t care. I will be free of this warped existance and be home with God. I have ‘pulled back” so far from anything considered ‘Normal’/mainstream/social contact that I feel a peace I didn’t know I was yearning for. I work, I shoot, My shooting buddies are of the same mind, I am gaining alot from their (and your) knowledge and experiance .You people have been a find and as I have said to you all (over and over) I am grateful to be a PoTG . Whatever is slated for our future I am ready for the challenge. My father always said “Go out with a bang” Make some noize!” Have a Blast!” (truer words were never spoken…I just didn’t realise how profetic those words would be). He wasn’t the easiest man to have as a father (understatement–should have been ALL CAPs!) `But he believed in Family, God and Gunms (He’d say Gun’s Possum but that spelling has been adopted into my venaculer, Thank you bud. But anyone that fought through/in the CBI: China,Burma, India, and was in a company that was overrun and almost completely wiped out! (7 survivors), was almost killed by a pack mule falling from a cliff! (he said that incident really shook him….as opposed to hundreds/thousands of enemy screaming their little lungs out bayonets fixed was no big thing?) before he was 19 had to be a little different in raising a family… I am grateful to be old(er)I am fortunate that I don’t have any offspring to worry about, this time around Life was tough, a series of challenges and set backs. He also said ” Life isn’t gonna be easy” (ALL CAP’s again?) Now THAT was an understatement!!!! This country has fallen. But WE have been in dire straights before and have overcome. Sound like my ‘Obituary’ a little bit huh? maybe it is. So, as some of you have said Buy more Ammo. Keep your powder dry, and as I always say now:”don’t take any shit! ” I got that from Billy Joel ! ( that is my personal mantra) The only way to win in this is by LIVING and I am having a BLAST now Rub it in their faces they won’t get to you! !😁😁😁😁😁😁🍕🍔🍟🥓🍦🍉🥑🥕🥒🌶🌶🌶🌶 I am so happy that GUNMs were/are a part of my life since I was a little tike. There is no greater pleasure than shooting a Gunm. I ‘rented’ a full auto M4 yesterday and blew thru a bunch of mags!!!! I think I drooled ! and I don’t care if I did!!!! I received my “package” of hardware that if you read some of my posts I talked about here and the guy’s were sooooooo happy for me I let them shoot them till I ran thru my new supply of ammo even my emergency ammo! and I didn’t care. The fit and finish of the Davidson Ruger AR is beyond beautiful! I bought my first mag’s for it w/ the little ammo windows in them and that was such a kick! There is always more ammo (hopefully), but the look on their faces was priceless! Even the shotgun (bullpup) was ‘allowded’ ( no jams or miss-fires in either piece. which is normally Verboten! @ my range. I love people who are Happy with your successes! Supportive when you hit a wall, and aren’t jealous with your victories!. Gun people are the REAL DEAL!!!!!!.

    Thanks again PoTG’s for all the advice and suggestions on purchases. We had a winter storm threatening today and I was outside on my back porch cleaning my hardware (my sister doesn’t like the smell of Hoppe’s in our house!) and once again I didn’t care! She said I looked sooooo happy cleaning those Gunms..I am. Have a great day People and (sorry) again for sayin’ “Don’t take any S**T!!!!! I just hope when I go to Elephant Butte lake I don’t have another tragic boating accident like I had with my last arsenal, I lost All my Gunms last time (snicker) … 😆

    A PoTG till the bacon strips!!!!!!!


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