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  1. This story about Illinois reminds me; there is a large trenching project on the south side of town. Someone posted a banner with the words: ” We’re still looking for Jimmy”.

    • Unless you have a line on fifty year old cans of dog food.

      My mom went to see the trial when he was convicted in Chattanooga.

  2. It’s called a Hand Gunm👉.
    So banning gunms in Illnoise will stop the crime in Chicago?
    Wall in the city and divert the lake sounds more effective.
    Maybe that’s what that trench is for?

    • It’s less about winning or losing and more about causing what expensive and legal status jeopardizing mischief they can while they still can. Think of it as spiteful vandalism from an evicted tenant.

        • Mixed statement as the application will vary by state. If caught here in NY yes understatement but results may vary by jurisdiction. Up end if we actually continue the country as a constitutional republic it will get a lot harder to have guns stolen by the government. Yes big if

    • “ …with a NAIL GUN! 😎”

      He could ask this guy, he knows all about nail guns…

      “Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence on Truth Social in days after Mar-a-Lago search
      A man identified by two law enforcement sources as Ricky Shiffer also appeared to post Thursday about his failed effort to get into the FBI building.“

      • @Miner49er

        Since you are just digging up random things from the internet to make an inane point using an out of context application of what someone posted so you can once again screech “TRUMP!”, we can all play …

        A BLACK Lives Matter leader threatened to “burn the White House down” and put police “in f***ing graves” during a speech on Saturday night. >

        BLM leader: If change doesn’t happen, then ‘we will burn down this system’ >

        BLM leader threatens ‘riots, fire, bloodshed’ in NYC if Eric Adams gets tough on crime >

        Face facts: ‘Black Lives Matter’ is all about hate >

        Democrats won’t apologize for inciting violence >

        and ya know, thousands more…

        • But my one to several examples of a crazy person being crazy totally invalidates your overwhelming majority of actual evidence.

        • Hunter Biden asks judge to stop his 4-year-old daughter, who he had with a stripper, from taking his surname, say reports >

          “Hunter Biden asked a judge to stop his four-year-old daughter, who he had with an Arkansas stripper, from taking his surname, the New York Post reported.

          President Joe Biden’s son made the request to an Arkansas court on January 6, arguing that the name would rob the child of a “peaceful existence.”

          The child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, had asked Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer on December 27 to allow daughter Navy Joan Roberts to take Biden’s name, arguing that she would benefit as the name is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful,” the paper reported.”

        • This is the type of people Joe Biden and his son Hunter are, what the Biden’s are. Hunter has a child with this woman and now wants to ‘dis-avow’ the child denying the child what is rightfully hers, and he does it with the lame and false excuse of “that the name would rob the child of a ‘peaceful existence’ ” while he enjoys the fame and money and status and education and lifestyle and benefits and comfort that comes with the Biden name and he refuses to publicly acknowledge her and it took a court case to force him to do so and then he does it it in a manner as to slight her and deny her. And on top of that Joe and Jill will not even acknowledge actively the child as their grand daughter.

          All this by the Biden’s is intentionally inhumanly cruel and inflicting emotional and psychological, and financial, and quality of life, damage on a child. They inflict intentional damage without regard for the lives of others. This is a life long and career thing with all of them, its a way of life for them, its the Biden flavor of their intentional inhuman cruel damage they inflict that they thrive on and enjoy. Now Joe Biden is doing it to law abiding gun owners in the millions – inflicting the Biden flavor of intentional damage to remove/restrict/deny our inherent constitutional right to deny to us what is rightfully ours.

          Joe Biden, the Biden’s, are far more ‘criminal’ in nature by their acts of their flavor of cruelty than Trump ever was in anything he did.

          Miner49er – you want to cheer on Biden by demeaning Trump while ignoring the criminal nature of Biden, that’s up to you. But it does not speak well for your state of mental health or your intent, and not only that but your support and defense of the Biden’s enables their criminal nature to continue to exist and paints you as the same as them in nature – and this is an evil the world does not need. So now we know what type of person you really are Miner49er.

    • Do you mean the same ruthless dictator that stripped freedom from all the citizens and committed war crimes, during the civil war?.,.I’m sure he is looking up smiling…

      • 24/7…You must be a disgruntled member of the slanderous, libelous history rewriting actors guild. Stand up and take bow bozo…democRats and the like applaud you.

      • Who fired upon Fort Sumter? Who seceded from the Union before Lincoln was even sworn in?
        You poke a bear, you better expect to get bit.

  3. The response to any unconstitutional law is non compliance by the individuals impacted. It has worked in Blue States like NY, NJ and CT. NY and Ct tried to register AR15’s and an estimated 95 and 85 % of the owners did not. In NJ they tried to get owners of large capacity magazines to turn them into the police and 100% of the owners did not. In all three cases the State Supt of Police told their Governors they would only enforce those laws if a person was committing some other crime and they would not go door to door trying to either collect those items or try to enforce the law. There are far more of WE THE PEOPLE and most law enforcers are not eager to put their lives on the line enforcing illegal laws because they know they are not likely to survive ultimately in doing so. Non compliance and civil disobedience are the best tactics. Never let anyone in law enforcement into your home without a warrant. Period.

    • There are now 7 Illinois State Attorneys who are not going to prosecute any potential crimes under the new Illinois law until it has been thoroughly adjudicated in the court system. Which means likely years.

  4. I’ve been expecting this ever since the Bruen Decision, it was just a question of which State tried it first. I look at my notes I wrote, and Illinois is one of the top five I expected to try a ban post Bruen.

  5. This GOVERNOR Broke His “OATH” of Office! this itself IS A CRIME! what’s the punishment?
    All of these ATTACKS Upon OUR “Constitutional Rights” would never Happen if Our GOVERNMENTS Were In fact LEGITIMATE! – All points to the start of the Attacks On All CITIZENS & THEIR RIGHTS! > signed by PRESIDENT GRANT – “The Act of 1871″ !! this tells you everything! And More = from that point when Grant Was giving A Loan to Keep America going After the Civil War — Our REAL ” Republic of The Untied States” was Lost! along with OUR
    CONSTITUTION! The DC- Became the owner of U.K. / VATICAN / ROTHCHILD WORLD CENTRAL BANKS!- And this is when WE “ALL BECAME ENSLAVED TO THEM”- It will End Soon – IF IT WASN’T For JFK to begin a secret Internal investigation TEAM! And guess who was Asked by the Military Top Brass to help them? DONALD J. TRUMP! If not fot DJT, HRC would have our NATION IN CHAOS! RIOTS! DESTRUCTION! DEATH! …… GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY & DJT! Truth Bombs Are coming – drip – drip -drip – Soon the Big Flush of the evil within WILL BE DEFEATED!

  6. Illinois government knows these laws are unconstitutional. But the are hoping to get a few people to comply before a judge can step in and put the laws on hold pending further review. When it finally gets thrown out, the state will still have a list of people with these formally prohibited items. They will then go after those people. They will pass another unconstitutional law and get a few more people to obey it. Then the same process and they will end up with more people on their list. Not sure how to accomplish it, but there needs to be some way to penalize these politicians that pass the obviously unconstitutional laws other than voting them out of office but that will never happen.


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