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By Elizabeth McGugian

As election day draws closer, Americans should be well aware of the differences between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to their Second Amendment rights.

One of the most dangerous pillars of Biden’s gun control platform is a proposed ban and “voluntary” buyback scheme for modern sporting rifles (MSRs). Fresh data released by the FBI clearly demonstrates that there is no logic behind banning the most popular type of rifle in America today.

MSR to Market while Violent Crime Drops

According to the FBI’s 2019 Uniform Crime Report, both the numbers of violent crime and the rate dropped in 2019 compared to 2018. The total number of violent crimes was 3.8 percent below the 2010 level and, the violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants fell 9.3 percent from the 2010 estimate.

NSSF Adjusted NICS data and Crime TotalAt the same time, NSSF-adjusted data from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) suggests that firearms transactions overall rose by nearly 40 percent in the last ten years.

This continued drop in violent crime, while the number of MSRs in the U.S. has soared to more than 18 million in circulation today, is a clear indication that Biden’s proposed ban has nothing to do with reducing crime. It is simply a way to ensure Americans are not allowed to choose whether and how to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms.

The data shows that the number of homicides with any type of rifle was once again low, representing only three percent of homicides in 2019. This is the same proportion as was estimated in 2010 and is far below the 11 percent of homicides committed with knives or even the four percent committed with hands and feet.

With the high levels of civil unrest in 2020, there is a broad expectation that next year’s report will show higher crime data when it is released. However, it is crucial to note that the expected increase is not tied to the long-term trends of more gun owners and — less crime.

It’s critical that those who value their gun rights take note now because if gun owners fail to get out and vote, and are faced with a President Biden, this fact will be distorted to suit his gun control goals.



Elizabeth McGuigan is Director of Legislative and Policy Research at the National Shooting Sports Foundation. 



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  1. You mean Joe is a liar, the media tells me only Trump lies.

    Could I be this stupid? I guess I can, CamelToe/SleepyJoe 2020.

  2. C`mon, Man!……This MY plan to take those AR-14s.

    I’m sending Beto out to get ’em……they’re no good for hunting …..and a double barrel is better for home defense.

    – Joe “I live in my mind” Biden

  3. My 16 year old daughter (who can’t vote) asks me the other day, “Hey, Dad – we’re not voting for Butt-Hole Biden, are we?” I nearly buckled over laughing. It’s not easy raising daughters, but I felt like – for the first time in a LONG time – a good father.

  4. It never was,it’s a Leftist scam to remove the most effective means of self defense from Americans,as they have for the most part removed machine guns, un Constitutionally.

    If the Left is to ever realize their insane idea of utopia of subjugating the American people they have to remove Americans arms.

    • Exactly Spot on.

      As long as Americans are armed we have the ability and the option to say “NO!”

      This is what makes the US one of the few truly civilized nations.

    • It is difficult to execute people in front of the ditch if they fight back. But to Progressives, utopia will appear after the next massacre, and the next and the next and the next…

      • “But to Progressives, utopia will appear after the next is the massacre, and the next and the next and the next…”


  5. Again with the statistics. Emotion is rarely mitigated by facts, figures and data. Requires intestinal fortitude all too many people lack, or don’t want. It’s kinda like voting. Who is really persuaded their choice isn’t the right one?

  6. Don’t confuse creepy/sleepy Joe with the facts. That would only confuse him more. His mind is made up – if only he knew where he left it. 😁

  7. Just to amplify an important point, I would point out that the number and percentage of homicides committed with rifles of any type had been on a steep downward trend for decades. Back in the 1980s when the homicide rate was twice as high, about 10% of all homicides were committed with rifles. The same steep downward trend has occurred for shotguns as well.

  8. The Idiots voting for Biden Don’t care about whatever policies and directions he’s going. They are just pissed off at Trump and refuse to understand how it’ll change their future Voting for Biden. The trump campain has Failed to needle Biden/Harris on their longstanding issues they’ve been working on throughout their careers to inform the American people that the Democrats are not the party for them. Very suprised that the gun industry and many other organization haven’t stepped up to put ads out outlining the horrible future Biden/Harris has in store for everyone.

  9. Crappy chart.
    Make the left side axis in millions (why make the person think in thousands of thousands) and the text for those millions blue to match the blue bars.
    You don’t have units specified for the right side.
    Color the text of the right side orange to match the orange line
    Get some horizontal gridlines and scale one axis side so that there numbers at logical numbers at each grid line on both ends of the grid (i.e. if the left side is 20M with ten grids of 2M steps than set the scale on the right side to 1,000 so the steps come out to a nice 100)
    Get your “horizontal axis” crap off the x axis

    • “Crappy chart.”

      When the raw data will not change minds, the chart is irrelevant.

      My brother in law (BIL) was given the fatality numbers due to medical mistakes vs. firearm related deaths. BIL said you can’t compare the two because everyone in the country doesn’t get medical treatment, but everybody in the country is at risk of being shot by a crazed gun owner.

      • ” everyone in the country doesn’t get medical treatment ”

        They do if they get shot. Seems to me that cuts the chances of survival down to pretty slim.

  10. Dems/libs never let facts get in the way …..
    Developing and growing would be life on any other planet…here it is a parasite and eliminated on a whim 600,000 + times a year in the USA

  11. Hey Patriots,
    I read the title of the article and there is a distinct error in Biden’s thinking (again). As noted in an earlier comment, machine guns were banned in the 30’s because of the Outfits (Mafia) preference for the Thompsons. Remember Machine Gun Kelly. They really aren’t banned all together. Pay for machine gun permit, I believe $300, and you can own one with extensive background check included. I think it is a Class 3 permit. Biden’s desire to ban “assault weapons” means that our military will be stripped of their M16’s, SAW’s, M60’s and Browning 50’s. These are capable of fully automatic fire, thus making them “assault weapons”. The communist left always labels firearms by how they look, rather than how they or what they are used for. Vote for Trump on Nov. 3rd and pray for America. The battle has only begun. GS, US Army

    • “Biden’s desire to ban “assault weapons” means that our military will be stripped of their M16’s, SAW’s, M60’s and Browning 50’s.”

      Sorry, Gary, that’s incorrect.

      Biden wants the little people (us) to turn in our guns while the government and military keep each and every one of theirs.

      This is in their favor since once we don’t have weapons, they can easily defeat us when the go full Nazi.

      That’s what ‘gun safety’ is to them, keeping them safe from us when we decide a fundamental change in government is needed…

  12. Political views aside America can not afford Biden as our president. Trump can control his emotions, Biden proved to me during the debate he can not. As a world leader America does not need a stammering, stuttering, president who seems to be on the verge of breaking down in a flood of tears if confronted with adversaries. ,,,,,,,,, Pence looks like a spook hiding in the shadows waiting for Trump’s #9#9#9 orders, normally I do not vote for president, this time it’s Trump/Pence all the way

  13. Don’t worry about Biden. Worry about President HeelsUp and BP Sanders. There will be no end to the confiscating and locking up.

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