Sen. Mark Warner: I Was Against An Assault Weapons Ban Before I Was For It

“(T)he features and tactical accessories that define assault weapons under this legislation were designed for a specific purpose — to give soldiers an advantage over the enemy, not to mow down students in school hallways. “We should acknowledge that while some will object to reasonable magazine-size limits, they would also force an active shooter to […]

Kavanaugh to Feinstein: I Don’t Get to Pick and Choose Supreme Court Precedents I Follow [VIDEO]

It won’t surprise you that the doyenne of civilian disarmament, Diane Feinstein, is none too happy about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s dissent in Heller 2 in which he wrote that the District of Columbia’s “assault weapons” ban and registration requirement are unconstitutional. As you’d expect, the senior Senator from California asked Judge Kavanaugh about his […]

Lawsuit Filed Challenging Boulder, CO’s Assault Weapons Ban

On Tuesday, the Boulder, Colorado city council unanimously passed an ordinance banning the possession and sale of of various firearms and accessories including so-called assault weapons. The brief for the ordinance cites several biased, partisan “studies” to attempt to justify the ordinance which likely violates Colorado’s preemption statute, not to mention state and federal constitutional protections. […]

The Long, Sordid History of “Assault Weapons”

After a psycho — there’s really no more accurate way to describe him — shot 40 people, killing 21 of them in San Ysidro, California McDonald’s in 1984, Assemblyman Art Agnos had this to say: “The only use for assault weapons is to shoot people,” Agnos told the Assembly Public Safety Committee in June 1985. […]