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By Stefanie Dazio, Associated Press

Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen in Hollywood during an armed robbery, police said. The singer is offering a $500,000 reward.

The dog walker was shot once Wednesday night and is expected to survive his injuries, according to Los Angeles Police Capt. Jonathan Tippett, commanding officer of the department’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division. The man was walking three of Lady Gaga’s dogs at the time but one escaped. That dog has been recovered safely.

Tippett told The Associated Press that the dogs belong to pop star Lady Gaga. It’s not yet clear if the dog walker was targeted because of his celebrity client, the captain said.

Lady Gaga is offering the reward for the return of her dogs — whose names are Koji and Gustav — with no questions asked, according to her representative. An email address for tips, [email protected], has been set up. The singer is currently in Rome to film a movie.

Police were initially called to North Sierra Bonita Avenue, a street off the famed Sunset Boulevard, around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday following several 911 calls reporting a man screaming and the sound of a gunshot, said Capt. Steven Lurie, commanding officer of the department’s Hollywood Division.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was walking the dogs when a four-door sedan pulled over and two men tried to steal the animals, Tippett said.

The dog walker tried to fight them off and was shot by one of the men wielding a semiautomatic handgun during the struggle. It’s not yet known if both men were armed.

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    • The reward wasn’t for information about the shooting of an innocent human, it was for the return of the dogs, “no questions asked.” Hopefully the police will keep an eye on any exchange of dogs for money and ask some questions.
      If they get away with the $500k, this will likely encourage more celebrity canine kidnappings.

  1. I hope those poor things get rescued soon. Imagine having Alpo and LA tap water that’s not even fit for a dog!

    • The crooks obviously deserve arrest and prosecution, but I think it’s going a little far to presume we know what the dogs think of the situation. Would you want to live with Lady Gaga?

      My dogs happily drink from rain puddles and eat horse manure — I don’t think a little tap water and Alpo would be a problem.

      • Dogs love their owner whether you do or not. In my state stealing another persons dog is a felony. As well it should be. I hope they catch these POS dog stealers. They should get the same thing thy dished out IMO.

        • I think shooting people while commiting armed robbery is also frowned upon by the law.

          I bet the dog-nappers didn’t even know the dogs were “celebrity owned”. Certain dogs can be sold for a bundle. One of my coworkers breeds dogs like this and sells them for many thousands of dollars each.

          LA is apparently a bad place to live

        • I had my Pitsky stolen once. I knew who was responsible and was parked on them essentially. They didn’t like that and early in the morning I get some call that made zero sense about finding my dog and she alerted to where she was from, my shop 2 miles from my home. That was total BS. I’ve often thought that stealing a dog should be a felony. A lady pulled up in front of my yard once and tried to coax the same dog out of my front yard into her car.
          When I saw it and asked WTF she thinks shes doing, she said she thought the dog was lost. Well that was total crap. She was trying to steal my female Pitsky. There’s things you don’t mess with and a mans dog is one. It’s not beyond me to thump someones melon for that crap and I’ll sleep just dandy over doing it.

  2. Point of information here,
    Those bulldogs are worth big cheese,
    All bulleys are, perps must of known that.
    Not worth $500.000 , but when it comes to emotions & you got more money than God then $500.000 means nothing.
    & yes , I hope they get caught.

      • You missed a zero. He used the European ‘.’ instead of the American ‘,’ for the third placeholder.

        Then again, he also used “must of”, a phrase so nonsensical that it “should of” been an indicator to the author that they they were writing something stupid.

        • I counted the zeros, noted the grammar and considered that he was likely a fussy little foreigner;-) but it required extra typing to acknowledge. Dammit I typed more anyway:-\

        • Not “should of” but rather “should have” or “should’ve”.

          English as a second language can be confusing.

  3. And this is why cultural comparisons of the US and any other country are absolutely, 100%, BS.

    I’d love to watch one of the holier than thou europeans squirm when they try to explain that their population has people willing to kill someone to steal their dogs, they just don’t, because you know, no guns.

    I know it may seem a stretch, but remember this the next time someone cries about how “this sort of thing doesn’t happen elsewhere!”. Most of the rest of the developed world simply doesn’t have a population with these sort of tendencies, and instances like this prove it. It SHOULD serve to show that our problem isn’t guns, it’s people. Of course that’s the real stretch, getting leftists to believe guns aren’t alive.

    • Animal theft is common downunder with specialty breeds. My dog is a mongrel so she is fairly safe.

    • When they tell you “this stuff doesn’t happen”, they are lying. No guns? You know, I know, all of us know, the criminal just grabs whatever weapon is at hand.

      Here in America, we don’t have machete wielding jihadis executing teachers in the street because teacher said something “offensive” to the class. Lots of crazy schitz in Europe, that doesn’t happen here.

  4. My IDGAF Meter is sky-high for Lady Gaga, but I feel terrible for her dogs. I’ll bet it was a “White-Nationalist, Neo-Nazi, Right-Wing Extremist” who committed the crime.

    L.A. is a hot-bed for it. They terrorize the MS13, Blood, Crip, Mexican-Mafia, Latin-King, and 18th Street Gang Urban Advocacy Groups in horrid ways.

    I think Lady Gaga needs to contact one of them to best help her. The Police are just “Trumpsters” to begin with anyway.

    • LOL your’re taking up for murderous POS gangs like Bloods, Crips MS13 M-M, Latin Kings and 18th whatever? You’re a sick puppy.

      • My sarcasm flew over your head dude…….The only serious part of my original comment was my IDGAF (I Don’t Give A F***) Meter regarding Lady Gaga.

        I have no respect for the Posh-Pompous-Arrogant-Scumbag Hollywood Swine like her.

        • I’m sorry to inform you, but she’s a hillbilly girl from the mountains of West Virginia.

          Why are you troubled by successful, intelligent women who have earned millions of dollars through their talent and inspiration?

        • Lady Gaga *is* a pompous, arrogant Hollywood swine who no longer acknowledges that awkward Stefani Germanotta girl, who *was* born and raised in New York City, not West Virginia. (Note the proper contrast between present and future.)

        • I never claimed Stefani was born in West Virginia, but her hillbilly gal lineage is unquestionable:

          “Cindy’s mother and Gaga’s grandmother lives in Glen Dale, West Virginia, which has a population of 1,526 and is 10 miles south of Wheeling. It was settled by the Samuel Cockayne family in 1798.

          Cindy Bissett was born and grew up in Glen Dale along with older brother Paul and younger sister Cheryl Ann.

          After she married Joseph Germanotta, Cindy worked for Verizon. She often accompanies Gaga on tour. Gaga bought her mom and dad a Rolls Royce for their wedding anniversary.

          Lady Gaga said, “My grandmother was there with me for one of the hardest times in my life, and she’s been there for every other hard time since that one.

          “We have been through a lot together because my grandmother’s from West Virgin-i-a. She always told me not to give up. She always told me to be myself.

          “I would say ‘Grandma this business is so hard, nobody understands me, grandma.’ She’d say, ‘Oh honey, they will.’ “

          Grandma’s then spit out: “I’m gonna let you cry for a few more hours. And then after those few hours are up, you’re gonna stop crying, you’re gonna pick yourself up, you’re gonna go back to New York, and you’re gonna kick some ass.”

          You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl.

        • No but your fellow low lifes sure do luv to try and cancel them when they commit what your considers wrong think crimes little minor

    • Of course she doesn’t care about the hired help… I’ve heard she’s shallow… (shallow, shallow shallow, shall-lall-low)

      • I was just looking for some monetary contribution to the guy’s recovery. You know how much these gossip pieces love to kiss Hollywood ass, they would probably prop her up as a fucking saint if she paid his bills. Not one mention of it is fishy.

  5. Should have been a defensive gun use, but California so he should have handed over the dogs, phone, money, and been a good witness for the police when they finally showed up, right?

  6. I cannot stand people that think more of dam dogs than they do of people are more important than any dang dog

    • I think more of my dog than I do of a lot people I see. Joe Biden , Kamala Harris ,Pelosi, Shumer, Swalwell,Obama, Hillary are just a few. My dog has higher moral values than any of those scumbags.

    • The whole reward thing rankles – but, TBH, there are people I wouldn’t urinate on if they were on fire. In this case, though, it seems the woman OWES something to the man who tried to protect her property. If a guy takes a bullet for you, you do what you can to help him out.

  7. Humans love for dogs goes way back when they both run together as one pack.
    Humans love for dogs is like diarrhea, it runs in your jeans.

    • “Humans love for dogs is like diarrhea, it runs in your jeans.”

      Another hilarious entry for “Shit the Possum says”… 😉

  8. Throughout history, dogs are the only animals that have voluntarily, and on a regular basis risked their own safety for ours.

  9. I hope Lady Gaga said “No questions asked” with her fingers crossed, because I don’t think that decision is hers to make. This was felony assault with a deadly weapon. If she doesn’t share information about who comes forward to claim the reward with law enforcement, she is obstructing justice.

  10. While I care about dogs and the poor chap who was defending them…I could give a rats ass about lady gaga…She is too stupid to realize that her response encourages more of this sort of criminal behavior.

    • Possibly Drew/Dru/Droo…. he sure has a fascination with John Gant , the hall of fame pro bowling champ. Who knew he was good at baseball, too?

  11. Hey, no problem. The LA Soros bought DA, if the despicable drug addict is caught, will simply seek justice and let the murderer go free. Lady Gaga will be happy then that justice is served like most Hollywood types.

  12. Frenchies can be worth up to 10k depending on coloring, and some people apparently will pay even more. Not surprising someone would try steal them. Awful, but not surprising.

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