It Is Here: The Long-Awaited Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm Pistol

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Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon

Back in January of 2019 Hi Point Firearms announced a new 9mm and had a now-infamous naming contest on social media for the pistol. In the grand tradition of Boaty McBoatface, that resulted in an overwhelming vote to name the new gun the Yeet Cannon, or YC9…much to Hi-Point’s chagrin.

The Yeet Cannon option made it into the first round of voting which Hi Point announced, but when round two of voting went up the ‘Yeet Cannon’ was missing from the options. Sure, Hi Point’s contest rules said that they reserved the right to disapprove any name, but the internet wasn’t having any of that and a vicious, and sometimes hysterical meme war ensued. To Hi Point’s credit, they decided to give the internet what it said it wanted and the YC9 Yeet Cannon was eventually born. Well sort of.

The gun was initially due to be released later that same year, but like fine wine, one can’t rush the creative process and delays occurred. To assuage the savage beast that is the online community, err customers, in July of 2019 Hi Point released a limited edition of their existing 9mm pistol, the single-stack C9 with Yeet Cannon G1 boldly emblazoned on it’s slide.

Still, time marched on and people wondered when we’d see the new gun. Just like Michelangelo, when asked when  the Yeet Cannon would finally arrive, Hi-Point replied…when it is finished.


Now, at long last, in the summer of 2023, the YC9 Yeet Cannon has arrived.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a Yeet Cannon? That’s not an unreasonable question if you aren’t an internet gamer, or don’t have kids who are. According to the prestigious and authoritative Urban Dictionary, font of knowledge on all wacky internet terms, phrases, and abbreviations, the name “Yeet Cannon” has come to mean:

… a common term for describing a large bore firearm with little in the way of a practical function or common use (I.E. concealed carry or hunting), other than to be amusing and/or enjoyable to use. However this definition can also be applied to a firearm of a smaller caliber as long as the firearm is somewhat impractical to use and/or accessorized in a excessive and/or ridiculous manner (I.E. An AR pistol with a drum magazine and a ballsack foregrip).

It’s a mystery that Hi-Point initially balked at applying that name to a new pistol that they’d worked hard on for years.

I had a chance to check out the very first 3D-printed YC-9 prototypes at SHOT Show in what must have been January of 2019, and then fully functioning yet not-quite-perfected models in subsequent years. They looked about ready to go at SHOT Show 2023, but I was told they were still doing some last minute magazine tweaks and they weren’t going to release it until the engineers were satisfied with it. As it should be.

Now, it’s here.

Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm Pistol

The YC-9 is a departure from previous generations of Hi-Point pistols due to a number of its features. It was going to be the first Hi-Point that features a mounting plate for optical sights, a Picatinny rail on the frame for mounting a light or laser, a threaded barrel, and a grip-mounted safety. It also features newly textured grips and a GLOCK-style replaceable front sight.

Most of these features actually ended up beating the YC9 and were released as upgrades to Hi Point’s 10mm, .45 ACP and .40 S&W pistols in recent years. In fact I had a chance to work with the JXP 10 here at The Truth About Guns earlier this year.

Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm Pistol

Possibly the biggest change in the YC9 over other Hi-Point pistols is the addition of a double stack magazine. All previous Hi-Point pistols and carbines have used single-stack mags. The YC9 uses a proprietary magazine that holds 10 rounds and transitions from a double stack to a single stack. Ten rounds still isn’t a lot of of rounds in today’s market but it’s the most you can have in most ban states, and better than the previous eight-round capacity of the C9. Maybe it will open the door to higher capacity extended mags in the future.

From handling the prototypes and getting to see some of the new features on the JXP 10, I have to say the YC9 should be a fun pistol and one that offers a lot of features for the money. It’s an optics- and suppressor-ready 9mm pistol for only $229. It’s still a little heavy and chunky — it’s a Hi-Point after all — but it feels pretty good in the hand and I can see folks having a field day with it mounting all sorts of suppressors, muzzle devices and optics that far exceed the cost of the gun itself.

Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm pistol

Hi-Point haters are still going to hate no matter what Hi-Point puts out, but I suspect the company won’t be able to keep the YC9 in stock. A lot of YC9s will sell for the novelty factor initially, but the features and price point will likely make it a staple of their line for folks looking for an affordable, reliable handgun with modern features for years to come.

Take a look at the press release for more:

MKS Supply, The exclusive distributor of Hi Point Firearms, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun. This eagerly awaited addition to the Hi-Point lineup combines superior performance, the new “Yeet Cannon” design, and enhanced versatility to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Hi-Point YC9 stands for “Yeet Cannon” and was named by the supporters of Hi-Point Firearms during a contest they called “The peoples pistol- name our nine”. The YC9 comes out as HI Point’s top-tier 9mm handgun, equipped with a threaded barrel that enhances its adaptability for various accessories. The 1/2-28 threads on the 4.12″ barrel length allows users to effortlessly attach suppressors, compensators, and other muzzle devices, elevating the shooting experience to new heights and offering customers more options. Other features include a Glock style replaceable front sight, new stylized grips, backstrap safety, reversible backstrap for a more customized fit, a new styled slide for a better look, adaptable for mounting a red dot plate and a proprietary double to single stack magazine.

Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm Pistol

The new YC9 will come in a all black version with and without the threaded barrel and a model with “YEET CANNON” boldly engraved on the slide.

Key Specifications:
· Caliber: 9mm (YC9)
· Barrel length: 4.12″ (1/2-28 THREADS)
· Overall length: 7.6″
· Overall height: 5.8″
· Overall width: 1.4″
· Weight (unloaded): 34.2 oz
· Rifling: 3 LH twists
· Magazine capacity: 10 rounds

The YC9 features a precision-crafted barrel with 3 LH twists, optimizing bullet stabilization and enhancing accuracy. This rifling technology allows for consistent performance, shot after shot, providing shooters with confidence in their aim and improving overall shooting proficiency. The weight of the unloaded handgun is 34.2 ounces, which helps to reduce felt recoil and a more accurate shot. Additionally, the Hi-Point YC9 boasts a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and is plus P rated so the user can shoot both FMJ ammo as well as self-defense ammunition.

Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon 9mm Pistol

“As a brand committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we are delighted to introduce the Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun,” said Kara Boesenberg, EVP for MKS Supply. “This firearm incorporates many extra features, our goal is to set a new standard of understanding when it comes to affordable firearms. Furthermore, we believe in providing handguns for any American who wishes to protect their family, despite their income level. We are confident that the YC9 will exceed the expectations of both our loyal customers and firearm enthusiasts worldwide.”

The Hi-Point YC9 9mm Handgun is the latest addition to MKS Supply’s distinguished lineup of firearms. It exemplifies the company’s dedication to producing high-quality, reliable firearms designed to meet the needs of diverse shooting communities.

MSRP starting at $229!

For more information about the Hi-Point YC9 and other products from MKS Supply, please visit

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  1. Threaded, a rail, and a replaceable front sight upgradeable to tritium.

    The aptly-named “Yeet Cannon” is *screaming* for a 30-round stick mag for plenty of rounds on-hand for that *critical* late-night drive-by.

    They are gonna sell a fuck-ton of those things, and good on ’em.

    (I just might have to pick one up for when I get a 9mm can. Add a thermal wrap for the can to make an improvised forward grip… 😉 )

    • “They are gonna sell a fuck-ton of those things, and good on ’em.”

      I’m not so sure. Their new (and weird, and probably hard to get for the foreseeable future) “doublestack” mags only deliver micro P365 capacity, same as 9mm 1911 singlestack mags have offered for decades. After 4+ years of “getting things right”, the one live-fire review I saw showed numerous reliability issues.

      For $60 less one can get a locked-breech, size-proportionate (for 10rds) / actually concealable SCCY CPX.

      I guess they suit the small niche of someone who sprung for a suppressor and tax stamp, but wants the cheapest possible fixed-barrel pistol (although the reviewer found suppressed shooting very gassy).

      IMHO Hi-Point would have been better off making a receiver, modified slide and FCG that would mate with one of the many proven, plentiful 9mm doublestack mags and the grip frames that accept them.

    • I picked up a psa dagger glock 19 clone with threaded barrel and rmr cut slide for $250 and yes, it takes glock mags

  2. Alas I can’t “legally” buy this in ILLANNOY. Even in Chiraq the bangers have “graduated” to better cheap gats. I would get a 10mm just for chits n giggles. And a 10mm HiPoint carbine🙄

    • Never understood how one company could make so many products that are just plain homely.
      Wouldn’t they by now have copied some of the other manufacturers?

      • Yes, it’s not (as some have unconvincingly argued) utilitarian “form follows function” at all. That’s a Glock.

        Hi Point makes a deliberate effort (especially on their carbines) to find as many ways to uglify their products / make them as different from elegant or even normal as possible.

    • I agree. It does continue the High Point penchant for really, really ugly sidearms. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in the eyesight of this beholder, UGLY is the only term I can apply to this misbegotten piece of junk. It doesn’t even qualify for the sobriquet “N. T. Saturday Night Special”

  3. Something that I have never understood about Hi-Point firearms is why their barrels’ bore axes seem to be unnecessarily high. That seems just as silly as a factory mounted spoiler on a Yugo automobile.

    Aside from their high bore axes, all reports are that they are super reliable firearms–and the manufacturer provides outstanding after-sales service and repair.

    • Super reliable?!? There’s a myriad # of Youtube videos disagreeing with your assessment US. I had one that was a jamomatic. Sold for a profit🙂From everything I’ve heard their owner’s are salt of the earth good folks but there’s better alternatives if yer strapped for cash🙄

      • former water walker,

        I do not profess to be a Hi-Point expert and was simply relaying what I have heard. Your reporting that some of their firearms do not cycle reliably is the first such report that I have heard. Thank you for the information.

      • I had one once that wasn’t very reliable (magazine issue I think). I bought it used for $90 and sold it back to the same gun shop for $60. It fun to try.

        I also had a .40 carbine (newer style) once upon a time. It was $200 used from the same store. It was totally reliable.

      • Chris,

        I intentionally typed “axes” which is the plural form of the word “axis” since I was referring to that specific characteristic of all of their various models. (Note that I typed the apostrophe after the letter “s” in the word “barrels” to indicate plural possessive–thus I would need to use the plural form of the word following it.)

  4. Several of my shooting buddies have various model Hi-Points (mostly for $#its and giggles)…they all work. Heavy, clunky, awkwardly balanced with awful triggers…BUT, they work!

    …and they are CHEAP!

    My favorite LGS has the 10mm for $179.00…still thinking about getting one just for the heck of it.

    • While it sucks seeing HiPoint prices starting with a 200 inflation catches up to everything and if you need a pistol that goes boom now for cheap it is probably one of the best options if you are living close on the Ramsey plan.

      • For the price, it is hard to beat the Taurus G3C. They aren’t much more expensive than the Hi-Point

    • Saw a news report years ago. Somewhere in Alaska a single dad woke up to a bear breaking into his house. He protected his life and his kids by killing the bear.

      During the news report the dad showed the gun he used. A HiPoint.

        • I’d be curious as to what load he was using. I know that if I lived in bear country I would not want 9mm or .45 acp. Something that ends in ‘Magnum.’

          Classic case of he used what he had.

  5. I may have to get one just to balance out my safe – need to have the ugly gun to supply diversity with all the sexy ones.

  6. Can’t say that I care much for Hi Points, mainly due to that clamshell-style two-half frame connected by exposed industrial fasteners.

    Maybe that’s part of its charm, aside from its butt-ugliness. But that’s me.

  7. We used to be able to buy HiPoints here in CA. I don’t know if that is true now. But if I’m ever in a fun store and I see one new I will buy it. Just for shits and giggles.

  8. If they took Glock mags I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Looks like a fun cheap little 9 but the weird 10-round mags?…pass.

  9. Combination ghetto blaster, door stop, bludgeon and wheel chock. Just in time for Christmas.

    “At least it’s not a Cobra”.

  10. Hi Points fill a niche, and they get someone into the Shooting Sports for under 2 bills.
    Someone on another site mentioned that it would be a lot easier to surrender a $200 HI Point after a Defensive Gun Use than an $800 Gun. He might have a valid point there.

    • As long as the cheap gun goes bang when it’s supposed too, otherwise it might just be (self-defense) evidence in your killers murder trial…

    • Nah, bangers prefer better guns like, for instance, your Sig/Browning/1911/FN/Beretta/S&W/Colt etc.

  11. Long awaited, by whom? Oh, thugs in Chicago, I suppose. I wouldn’t give one of those to my least favorite friend…

    • Well I would !! The perfect way to tell someone ” You’re my least favorite friend ” without actually saying ” You’re my least favorite friend “

  12. Picked up a .45ACP hi-point as a toss in the pack, back up in an emergency pistol. Bad balance and clunky, heavy design aside, I’ve had only a couple FTF jambs with it in the couple hundred rounds I’ve run through it. Some of the polymer coated so called defensive ammo I got ahold of during the early scamdemic ammo shortages. Since I usually run standard GI ball ammo or soft nose slugs, it hasn’t failed to feed or jammed up since.
    Bought the cheapest 45 I could find to keep for the go bag as a back up in case of emergency, for some reason my usual side arm is not working/available weapon. Likely going to unload it or gift it to one of the kids as a range toy. Replace it with 1 of the Turkish 1911’s that take standard 1911 magazines and fit a standard holster. While not as nice as a 2thousand dollar semi custom 1911, the Turks are puting out some reasonable well made reasonably priced working weapons. Just bought a Tisa 1911 a couple months ago and so far it has held up and functioned perfectly well. Could have a better polish and finish, but not bad for the under 4 bills price.

  13. Have an HP .380 and 9mm pistol.
    Both very accurate. 9mm sometimes FTF but that started after arthritis hit the wrists. Think I’m limp-wristing.
    .380 never fails. Ever.
    Have had the 9mm carbine for 7+ years now. Lost count of rounds through it. After break-in of only about 50 rounds it never fails.
    Somehow, when I’m shooting them and they hit where I point, I don’t really consider their looks.

  14. I want one. I have a HP C9 with the fake carbon fiber grips. Heavy and ugly, yes. But it goes bang. 6 years of abuse as a farm truck gun and it has never FTF/FTE. I did clean it very well when new and alway used good quality ammo. My days of $1K+ pistols are over. Beautiful Loser, you just don’t need it all.

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