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[Vice President Kamala] Harris, who has embraced a more combative role as President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign kicks into gear, took a swipe at Republicans who have blocked Democrats’ proposed gun safety laws, saying such changes are no threat to Americans’ constitutional gun rights.

“There are some people who are just trying to sell a false choice … that you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment, or you want to take everyone’s guns away,” she said.

The “very people who refuse to engage in a meaningful debate and discussion on this, who refuse to pass reasonable laws are the same ones who talk about accountability all the time,” she said at a Chicago event organized by Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun violence organizations. “The hypocrisy of that.”

— Bianca Flowers in Gun laws or second amendment is a ‘false choice,’ Harris says in Chicago

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  1. She’s as big a lying hoe as miner49er. There are 20 thousand or so ‘reasonable’ gun laws already on the books.

    She’s a fascist from a slave owning family and she talks about rights. What a load.

    • That’s right giggles…Let’s all forgive and forget and coexist with Gun Control the one remaining agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

      And giggles, why don’t you just go ahead and ask some nazis and the kkk to join you for dinner at the Whitehouse?

    • “She’s a fascist from a slave owning family“

      As do you…

      “As explained by the Atlantic (here), “the overwhelming majority of African Americans have white male ancestors, largely because of white male slave owners who raped Black female slaves.”

      This dark historical fact undermines the point this claim tries to make – that having a white slave-owner in her ancestry makes Harris or any African American less Black.“


      • “Missing context. The claims that Kamala Harris is a “cop” and that her “family owned slaves in Jamaica” are both missing essential context.”

        What context? Harris was the DA in SF, and she’s a descendent of slave owners.

        “She’s a fascist from a slave owning family.”

        Magic 8-ball says “Most definitely.”

        “She’s as big a lying hoe as miner49er.”

        Magic 8-ball says “No shit.”

        • Only a racist would suggest a descendent of a slave raped by a white master is a member of that white master’s family.

          In fact, Thomas Jefferson’s white descendants fought for decades to prevent his children by Sally Hemmings from being counted within the family.

          The sad fact is, when it comes to Americans of African descent, there’s often a rapist white master in the woodpile.

          And the most despicable part of this history, these white masters would enslave their own children, selling them at a profit to be worked and oppressed by other racist white slave owners:

          “Jefferson was not the only wealthy Virginia planter at the time, however, to produce children with his female slaves, he was just the most famous to do so.
          A rather common phenomenon among the planter elite class of Colonial America was this occurrence of interracial slave children. These children, fathered by the master of the land with female slaves, were subject to a centuries old legal doctrine first articulated in Virginia law in 1662. Partus sequitur ventrem (“that which is born follows the womb”) was adopted by the Virginia legislature from Roman civil law mandating all children born of slave mothers would inherit her condition and become slaves themselves. Children of a white, free mother and a black father were exempt from this rule. This doctrine exempted the biological father from any and all paternal duties, and enlisted these slave children as his property. For many slave-owning colonial men, partus sequitur ventrem served as an easy and rather quick way to augment the total number of owned enslaved persons – as purchasing a slave from auction could be quite expensive, fathering children with a female slave already in your possession was a money-saving alternative.”


          Setting aside their armed insurrection and treason against the United States of America, the southern white racist’s enslavement and oppression of their own children confirms the moral bankruptcy and sickness of the Confederate cause.

          Those white slave owners actually in fact, sacrificed their own children to their One True God, Mammon.

        • And yet that ‘victim’ kamala is now veep and shilling for fascism and the suppression of civil rights.

          Maybe it’s the white rapist in her, miner?

        • MINOR Miner49er. So frickin’ What? Thomas Jefferson and the relatives you refer to died over 200 yrs ago. Is this you playing the race card, by trying to drag up old issues which for most of us do not exist?
          Time to grow up and come into the more modern world.
          Don’t ya think?

      • And the people of today have to be punished and atone for the actions of long dead non related others?

        There’s the s0cial justice of your kind.

      • MINOR Miner49er. Personally I don’t give a rat’s behind if she is Black, or Purple. She is like you, a Leftist Fascist.

  2. If vp harris et al would merely accept the 2nd Amendment as it is written, they would/should realize that there is no need for any “meaningful debate and discussion” or need for “reasonable laws”. And as far as accountability is concerned, it is they who refuse to hold criminals accountable while push to defund the police. vp harris et al have things assbackwards.

    • hush…First you need to learn the difference between an inner tube and a common tire valve stem before you attempt to berate me on showing people how to make Trigger Plugs for Glock, etc. What may be trivial and of no value to you and your ilk is of value to others wanting a solution to a AD problem that often circles back to the incompetent rhetoric that comes from aholes like you.

      • Who you calling an a hole bitch? I ain’t never said anything about you and in fact have defended you relative to racism and genocide. On this thread I have made no mention of inner tubes or tire valves. Before tubeless tires they had inner tubes and those inner tubes did have valve stems. You would be wise to take a breath and consider who your real friends are around here. I will gladly take a stand with the “ilk” of which you often speak.

        • Rusty,

          A “get an actual education, and grow some IQ points” would do her more good. It’s hard to get angry, if you are aware of how f**king stupid you sound.

      • If you know Debbie and are a friend or family member, this isn’t a joke. Please get her help.

        • “this isn’t a joke. Please get her help”

          And now comforting to know that she’s armed with multiple AR15s and has the capability to employ them with deadly efficiency.

          Sleep well America, there’s a million more just like her!

        • She’s not what is destroying America. Or at least attempting too. It’s the fascist foot soldiers like miner and dacian.

        • MINOR Miner49er. So now we are still attacking the “AR-15” but not the person? Tell me, oh great one, when did an AR-15 ever shoot itself?
          And when did we ever try taking away your rights which are guaranteed under the Constitution. Incidentally, those rights don’t come from a government.

    • disarm the populace,…neuter the cops,…indoctrinate the kids…all part of their broader agenda

  3. The same people who let violent criminals walk free want to throw you in jail for a cosmetic feature on one of your guns. The hypocrisy of that.

    • @Gov

      They believe that cosmetic features add to the optics of the situation…

      Besides, is it really hypocrisy if you’re protecting your voting base whilst stifling your opposition?


  4. Well, sure. As long as some faceless bureaucrat gives you permission or takes that away from you whenever they want. Piss off, Kamala.

  5. “The United States has by far the highest rate of gun deaths among rich countries, and gun deaths became the top cause of death for children and teens in 2020.”

    Two lies in one sentence. Nice job, Reuters.

    “Makayla Jordan, a 19-year-old member of Students Demand Action, said mass shootings are just one part of the country’s “everyday” gun violence epidemic. The danger of being shot on the way to school was higher than that of in-school shootings for many Black children, she said.”

    Gee, I wonder who’s shooting the black kids on their way to school? There oughta be a law against that — oh, wait …

    • Obviously it’s white, racist, ultra-maga transphobes lurking in alleyways just waiting for children with bundles of books over their shoulders on their way to school.

      The same types who took out that champion of the people Jussie.

  6. Accountability is necessary in the exercise of our rights. An article I read just this morning said “Illinois has a gun violence problem.” Yeah, it’s called Chicago. Release criminals, allow them to walk pending trial, and then blame guns for the violence? Accountability indeed.

    • Well they just named a new Chief of Po-leece in Chiraq. Care & compassion prominently mentioned in the drivel announcing it. Nothing about the uptike in “gun crime”. Or the perps perpetuating it. Oh yeah there’s a big criminal violence in formerly “safe” areas like the Gold Coast & the near north side. You know-where them rich white boys live. Are the Dims trying to get us to accept Kamaltoe as presidon’t?

      • MSM has clearly received their orders to throw idiot Uncle Joey OBiden under the bus. The progs running the demtard party have not quite figured out what to do with this moron they installed as VP.

    • She supposedly once said she had slept with a Brazilian.
      How many is a Brazilian?
      She also said she had never kissed a parrot but maybe a Cockatoo!

        • Yeah, Hush, but it won’t cure ‘aspiration pneumonia’. Squirrel has a legit beef; Hush damn near made me blow my orange juice out of my nose.

        • Accidentally reposted my prior.

          What i INTENDED to say, was, in response to no name, “what, Kamel-toe blows parrots, too??”

        • I’m thinkin’ the gal could suck start a nuclear power plant. Well, maybe not, since nuclear power plants (the cleanest source of energy there is), is apparently “EEEEVVIILLLLL!!!!!” to the watermelons.

        • “nuclear power plants (the cleanest source of energy there is)“

          Not planning on visiting Fukushima anytime soon? Don’t worry, Fukushima is coming to you, the cesium is already in the US tuna catch off California.

          What’s that you say, the US points are a lot better and never have a leak?
          Here’s one summary from the NRC, admitting there are leaks but telling everyone no problem here:

There are 61 nuclear power plant sites in the United States that are currently operating. Records indicate 43 of these sites at one time or another have had leaks or spills that involved tritium concentrations greater than or equal to 20,000 pCi/L. Six sites are currently reporting tritium, from a leak or spill, in excess of 20,000 pCi/L. Although many sites have had leaks or spills involving tritium, no site is currently detecting tritium in the offsite environment, or in drinking water, in excess of 20,000 pCi/L. Tritium rapidly disperses and dissipates in the environment, and as a result, tritium from leaks and spills is typically not detected outside the facility boundary.“


          Well, that’s certainly comforting, there’s no way the government or Big Energy Corporations would ever lie to folks, right?

        • “nuclear power plants (the cleanest source of energy there is)“

          Magic 8-ball says “True.”

          “Fukushima is coming to you, the cesium is already in the US tuna catch off California.”

          Liar69er, trace amounts of radiation were detected in Pacific fish after the Fukushima tsunami — 11 years ago. It didn’t present a significant health risk to the fish or to the humans who consumed it.

          For public health, the levels of radiation are very low and far below levels that are considered cause for concern. …

          137Cs and 134Cs were already present in the environment before the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster due to nuclear testing in the 1950s and 1960s, nuclear fuel reprocessing in the 1980s, and the Chernobyl accident in 1986. … https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/west-coast/science-data/fukushima-radiation-us-west-coast-tuna

          “What’s that you say, the US points are a lot better and never have a leak?”

          Liar69er, making up quotes from fictitious participants in the discussion demonstrates the weakness of your arguments and the dishonesty in your statements.

  7. “The “very people who refuse to engage in a meaningful debate and discussion on this, who refuse to pass reasonable laws are the same ones who talk about accountability all the time,””


    Let’s sit down and craft a real gun safety law. This law will have the public schools play a key role in educating children on how not to get hurt, or inadvertently hurt others.

    The youngest kids learn not touch guns they might happen to find and the older ones will learn safe gun handling and target shooting.

    What? You don’t want kids to live? You want dead kids? Well, you are the scum that thinks killing the unborn is just fine, so at least you’re consistent… 🙁

    • Basics of a Public School Gun Safety Program:

      1. Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

      2. Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

      3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.

      4. Know your target and what lies beyond it.

      5. Communists are not people, they are a threat to the human species and should be destroyed on sight.

  8. ROFLMAO @ Kamala “Knees or Headboard/” Harris talking about someone being held accountable… A DC in DC she is

  9. It doesn’t mean anything.

    She is just talking jibberish in a room full of anti-American gun control confiscators. It might be a bit disconcerting coming from a vice president but everything she says is like that. Basicly, nothing changes and this is just pointless to get worked up about. Harris is a clueless moron.

    • IMO – dems are playing rope-a-dope. Convict Joe, and a dynamic Kamala will appear. No more word salad.

      Don’t know if she will repatriate Chesimard, but bet it is a major fantasy. Boudin and whatisname are out, look for arrest to be made on the Shakur killing.

      Repeat, just IMO.

      • XZX,

        ” . . . a dynamic Kamala will appear. No more word salad.”

        Ummm, I’m sorry, ‘splain to me how that stupid b-word has been hiding that light for (as a former KKKalifornian, who has had to experience her babbling idiocy for DECADES) literally 30+ years???

        That stupid bint has never uttered a coherent sentence in her entire life.

        No, categorically, there IS NO “magic Kamala” waiting in the wings. She is, objectively, dumb as a box of rocks. Sorry, that particular conspiracy theory just defies ALL historical precedent.

        • “She is, objectively, dumb as a box of rocks“

          Yet, somehow, she is Vice President of the United States of America and you are some Rando ranting on your keyboard in your mom’s basement.

        • @Miner
          She is VP only because she is a black female. No other reason. If there is another reason it’s prostitution.

        • MINOR Miner49er. Is is just wonderful how you support Kameltoe who slept her way to the top, but continually attack Donald Trump’s alleged infidelity?
          Don’t you think that is just a tad hypocritical?

  10. Kamel Toe is an idiot, and even the Dem/left/progressives should understand that by now. She makes Senile Joe look like he’s in top form! Every time she opens her mouth, sh!t spews out that small children know is sh!t. I’d kinda like to see her scores on all the various tests she has taken in her life. Her IQ can’t be 90. Whatever her IQ is, she destroys it with her bubble headed vacuity. That press secretary, Jean-Pierre, is the only other high profile public figure who looks even stupider than Kamel Toe.

    I challenge anyone to find a single meaningful thing she has said or done, since refusing to free California prisoners after the courts ordered her to do so.

    What’s that? Crickets?

    • “I challenge anyone to find a single meaningful thing she has said or done“

      Well, she did win the popular vote and was inaugurated as the Vice President of the United States of America.

  11. “The “very people who refuse to engage in a meaningful debate and discussion on this…””

    When was ANY time a gun-hater EVER engaged a 2A-Rights person in a meaningful debate and discussion?

    We’ll wait.

    • Only if the debate is limited to what restrictions theh want you to accept. Start questioning whether any of them would do any good and they get upset that you’re justifying school shootings.

    • Their idea of a debate or conversation is THEY talk, and the other side shuts up, listens, and obeys.

    • As soon as the 2A person dares to respond in defense of gun-owners the “debate” will devolve into a full blown screaming/shouting session…

  12. This ludicrous statement by Kameltoe is so ridiculously stupid, it defies comprehension. It is another example of DEMONcRAT duplicity and hypocrisy.

  13. Kamala is just continuing the agenda laid out since 1937. She thinks that we don’t remember people like Josh Sugarman of the old “Handgun Control” now Brady saying, “all we want RIGHT NOW (emphasis mine) are reasonable laws controlling access to handguns.” Not happening. The 2nd revolution is nearer each day.

  14. “The “very people who refuse to engage in a meaningful debate and discussion on this, who refuse to pass reasonable laws are the same ones who talk about accountability all the time,” ”
    Fuck you, you bitch…

  15. Joe’s lying hoe gonna lie.

    It’s like saying you support the first amendment but also want to censor speech and strictly regulate the news media with “common sense” censorship laws -but still support the first amendment…

    Joe’s Hoe’s gotta go! FJB

  16. False choice? Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.
    Heels Up Harris just needs to go the way of the Dodo.

  17. In reality the majority of U.S. Citizens do indeed want more gun control because they are fed up with being gunned down at shopping malls or having their children massacred at school. It is only the power of the NRA who gets millions from the firearms industry and from far right fanatics that keeps sane guns laws from being past.

    In the U.S. anyone can buy a second hand gun with no questions asked. If this is not pure insanity I do not know what would be!!!

    Only in the U.S. can you own a firearm and not keep it under lock and key so that anyone who wants your gun can simply wait until you leave home and then kick in your door and walk off with often hundreds of guns. And lets not forget the 1,300 children each year who get killed from unattended guns lying around the house.

    • Liar. Nobody but the wealthy, fascist elites want more gun control.

      NRA? Who’s that? Millions? How much do your ultra right masters like bloomberg, gates, soros have? Billions.

      Pure insanity? Look in a mirror.

      If half of what you said was true guns would have been banned years ago. Try again, swastika boy.

      • Ya’ll need to remember that Dacian is from an alternate reality and yearns to re-create his here in this timeline. That’s why I never respond to him directly. It’s pointless.

        • Dacian sees desolation and calls it peace. He sees the killing fields of Cambodia and calls it an inspiration.

          He wants to exceed the personal toll of Vasily Blokhin, Stalin’s personal executioner, Stalin and Mao combined in total numbers, and Pol Pot in percentage of population.

    • “In reality the majority of U.S. Citizens do indeed want more gun control …”

      No, asshole — the majority of us want criminal control.

      “If this is not pure insanity I do not know what would be!!!”

      Look in the mirror.

      “…anyone who wants your gun can simply wait until you leave home and then kick in your door and walk off with often hundreds of guns.”

      That’s a crime. You know who commits crimes? Criminals.

      You know why? Because criminals don’t obey laws. There are already thousands of laws on the books concerning property crimes — should we pass some more since the ones that we have aren’t working?

      Do you recall Rita Mae Brown’s definition of insanity?

    • You’re an idiot AND a liar, Dacy Doo-Doo Head. You cannot find credible citations to support your claim. Ohhhhh, yes, I know you can find citations, but you’ll be citing other morons, like yourself. Kamala, Biden, Hochul, Feinstein, and all the hags and scarecrows from Everytown and Gun Violence Archives. But, you won’t find a single CREDIBLE citation.

      Eat some more doo-doo (that’s how you got your name) and die, please.

    • In the U.S. anyone can buy a second hand gun with no questions asked

      NEWSFLASH: You can buy a secondhand gun (in some cases still new in the box) almost ANYWHERE on the fucking planet with no questions asked… So, exactly what LAW do you propose (other than total confiscation of ALL firearms including military and cops) that will end the practice of black-market gun dealing? The very definition of a criminal is someone with complete disdain for “LAWS” so, how is ANOTHER law going stop a criminal from stealing a gun (a crime) and selling that gun to another criminal (which is also a crime) who then goes out and kills someone (another crime) or commits an armed robbery (yep, that’s also a crime) if there are no consequences because a bunch of progressive left wing “prosecutors” and Mayors have decided that many of those perpetrators are members of an oppressed and disadvantaged class… Go ahead and pass all the “LAWS” you want, all you will be doing is making more criminals out of otherwise patriotic, law abiding citizens…

    • MADDMAXX August 14, 2023 At 14:27
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      In reality the majority of U.S. Citizens do indeed want more gun control

      What was that number? Wasn’t it like 71%, that sounds impressive until you find that the survey was only 800 people in Blue cities (mostly Everytown” members)… No one ever called me to ask my opinion..

      OOOOOOHHHHH, does “EVERYTOWN” strike a nerve amongst the fascist elites? Moderation is TOTALLY unwarranted for this post, just keep stoking the coals…

    • Only the FASCIST/MARXIST MSM who peddles this “CLAIM” wants “GUN CONTROL”!!!

      After all you are part of the FASCIST/MARXIST “Thought police” and will gladly turn in your family and relatives who refuse to follow your MARXIST/COMMUNIST orders!!!

    • It is only the power of the NRA who gets millions from the firearms industry and from far right fanatics that keeps sane guns laws from being past.

      NRA: the most powerful 1.6% of the population in the US?…

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, The reason most people “want more gun control” is because you Leftists have instilled people with FEAR. That’s right FEAR. Fear of guns. And unfortunately, we who know the truth, have not countered what you people are “preaching”. I will not succumb to that propaganda blitz you are a part of .
      You tell us how America is being killed off by guns. WRONG! Guns have never killed anyone, but people have. Why not do something about the people?

  18. Commonsense gun control is not a talking point. It’s commonsense. We have seen what could be unburdened by what has been. Let us not burden ourselves any longer from the burden of gun violence. Our movements have made history throughout history. That’s why we’re here today. Because we have the ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been and then to make the possible actually happen.

      • jwm, it only makes sense if you are not thinking. None of these proposals would do anything to stop “gun violence”. Since when can a gun do anything without a human ?

    • Considering that polling actually shows that the public wants more gun control that they openly admit they don’t believe will do anything… well, welcome to clown world.

      • Strych9, the ONLY reason that “the public wants more gun control” is because the media is misleading them about the REAL cause of “gun violence”.

        • Probably true, also irrelevant to public sentiment unless the propaganda driving that public sentiment is countered by propaganda based in fact.

          And since no one is actually countering the things driving public perception, the argument about where that perception comes from is a moot point.

          The perception is the perception and, allowed to run in that direction, POTG will be on the defensive for several more decades. If that defensive posture is compromised by the general cultural war that the Right has only recently discovered being run against them for 75 years, and still has little idea how to fight, then the SCOTUS will be packed into a rubber stamp the next time the D’s win big and the 2A will, itself, become a moot point from a legal perspective.

          We are, quite frankly, fighting a losing war. If we are not willing to address the root reasons of why we’re losing and then do something intelligent about them, then the result is preordained and not in our favor.

        • strych9, We are losing, but only because we are not fighting with the right weapon. That weapon is the TRUTH. We have to keep countering the anti-gun radicals propaganda and pick apart the fraudulent stats they present. Such as their including suicide in the “gun violence” stats. Such as calling it “gun violence”? How can a gun be violent.

    • @K”sagbtagh”H

      Good try! Not disjointed enough to be a real Harris quote…yours actually made a kind of sense, hers never do. I tried running a real Kamala quote through ChatGPT…confused the hell out of the program.

    • KAmeltoe, I have some very bad news for you and your Leftist anti-gun control freaks. The fact is you people have a phobia about firearms. You don’t understand how they work, so you are scared of them.
      It seems that all of your “common sense gun control laws and proposals” are aimed at the wrong people. That’s right; the wrong people. Legal gun owners don’t commit the “gun violence” you so vehemently protest. It’s the criminal element. It’s the mentally ill who you refuse to do anything about.
      For some reason, which defies logic, you people seem to think that with more guns in the possession of law abiding citizens WHO DON’T COMMIT ANY CRIMES, that you can stifle the “gun violence.” Let me ask, has a gun ever been convicted of a crime of violence? In order for “gun violence” a people, has to be holding the gun and pointing it at someone?
      Then you Lefties propose “microstamping”. If you knew anything about metallurgy, you would know that mechanical parts wear over time. You would know how easy it is the replace a firing pin on which you want to put this “microstamp”. The number you want to put in the head of the firing pin would wear down and become illeglable in a realatively short amount of time. You see as the firing pin fires repeatedly, that number would be worn out like a old sock. I guess you never thought of that?
      “Safe gun storage”? There are already laws on the books covering this. It’s called “Reckless Endangerment.”
      “Universal Background checks”? First the FBI’s NICS system is inaccurate at best. Many jurisdictions don’t even bother to send in the dispositions of many criminal cases. As to the mentally ill, unless there is a SPECIFIC court order committing a person to a mental health facility it CANNOT be listed in NICS.
      And that is just a few of your so called “common sense” proposals.
      Why don’t you Leftists wake up and realize the problem is not firearms, but people?

  19. “Veep: You Can Be for Gun Control and Support the Second Amendment at the Same Time”

    No, you can’t, not the (falsely termed) ‘gun control’ the democrats are pushing.

  20. Look, you can totally bang a married guy as part of your plan to be a low IQ ladder climber and not be a homewrecker or a harlot.

    You totally can. Some people are just trying to sell a false choice that you’re either in favor of marital fidelity or you just want to sleep around.

    *wipes chin*

  21. Damn, didja have to put that BIG ass photo of Kamaltoe up there? Glad I didn’t eat just before I opened this… Not necessary, I’m pretty sure everyone knows what that cackling bitch look like…

    • Where have I seen that photo before?? Oh yeah, it’s in the Illustrated Urban Dictionary, under ” cum-dumpster “.

  22. Kamala Harris and the Democrats want to talk about “hypocrisy”?
    They’re the ones who claim that Democrats are the party that defends all civil rights (especially imaginary rights that aren’t even in the Constitution), and in the same sentence — in the same breath — that they defended imaginary rights as sacrosanct, will say that we need strict gun CONTROL rather than gun rights. They don’t seem to realize the hypocrisy of it, don’t realize that because gun rights (unlike the imaginary rights the Democrats champion) are civil rights and enumerated Constitutional rights! The Constitution says nothing about the imaginary rights that Democrats view as sacrosanct, but it quite plainly says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Period.

  23. “Some people are just trying to sell a false choice that you’re either in favor of marital fidelity or you just want to sleep around.“

    Certainly not triple adulterer Donald Trump.

    If America was ruled under biblical law, Donald Trump would’ve been stoned to death three times already.

    “Trump believes in God, but hasn’t sought forgiveness
    By Eugene Scott, CNN
    Updated 9:35 PM EDT, Sat July 18, 2015

    Trump said that while he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness, he does participate in Holy Communion.“


    Under the belief structure of Christianity as understood by most folks, as Donald Trump has never asked God for forgiveness, he’s headed straight to Hell when he dies.

    Turns out the Trump Train is the Hellbound Train…

    1 Corinthians 5:11
    “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”

    • Liar69er, why on Erf would anyone listen to you expound on Christianity by cherry-picking random verses from the Bible and trying to apply them to non-analogous situations?

      Don’t you know it’s rude to denigrate another’s religion by lying about it?

      • He, she or it, so hard to tell these days, will one day stand before Almighty God to answer for the sins of life. I sincerely hope that they repent and ask Him for forgiveness before death. Once life is over the fate is sealed.

      • S/he/it so fucking easy to wind up, especially on the religious front.

        Sorry about that, it’s my bad.

    • Wow, miner. TDS derailed your mental choo-choo. You hold big .gov as your religion and here you are reading from the bible.

      Won’t that get you stoned by your fascist buddies?

    • Yet when you reach the pearly gates and they refuse to open for you and as you are being dragged to HELL, you will be begging and crying, saying “BUT I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS”!!!!

    • If this country were ruled by biblical law then Harris wouldn’t be allowed to hold any political office what so ever.

    • MINORs Miner49er. Donald Trump’s alleged infidelities are issues for him and his wife and GOD!
      Here in the US we do not consider Adultery to be a crime any more. That went out in the 1970’s.
      Now if you want to talk about morality, how about your hero, Obuma the Phony sleeping with men? Or is that no an issue with you?

    • Depending on where you die. in some cities, the dead vote has a larger turnout that the living vote. The dead overwhelmingly vote D.

      The R and I need to figure what to offer the dead.

      • Hell, even the deceased hard “R”s vote D in most blue cities… In fact, many of them actually change their party affiliation immediately after the funeral…

    • As long as you live a clean life and adhere to conservative principles, never voting democrat/woke/communist or bowing to the LGBTQXT+YZABC morons you’ll be assured of coming back as a patriot.

  24. There is no point to gun control but to disarm the law abiding citizens before an authoritarian power grab.
    There is no law that can or ever will prevent those with evil or criminal intent from arming themselves and finding a way to give themselves an advantage over their intended or potential victims.
    Complain about shootings/murders/violent crimes all you want. Murder has been illegal for a very long time. Yet we read, hear about or see it every day.
    Restrictions, bans, license schemes, or whatever else the disarmament crowd demands are fools errands at best and self destructive at worst.
    The only real solutions to crime are first, getting those who are committing those crimes off the streets and removed from civil society. The second, and honestly, the most important part, is education, followed by employment and ethics.
    And I mean real education. Reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, civics, and honest history.
    Given actual education along with teaching critical thinking, logic and reason, and a solid ethical mindset, and people will have little reason to turn to criminal behaviors to support themselves. Along with a very clear understanding that you will be held accountable for your actions and that choices and decisions do hold consequences. Good or bad.
    The hardware has never been the problem for the simple reason it has always been the human hand and mind behind the firearm that directs it’s use or misuse.

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