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In response to popular demand and internet outrage over a naming contest gone sideways (again), Hi-Point has acquiesced and is now shipping the amazing YEET CANNON G1! Or is it G1 YEET CANNON? Whichever it is, it’s a temporary and limited solution until the brand officially adopts YC9 (Yeet Cannon 9mm) as the name of its upcoming gat. MKS Supply’s press release follows:

The G1 YEET CANNON™ Has Arrived

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, July, 2019 – You almost cannot make this stuff up – but they did!

It appears that a Hi-Point is the only firearm the social media folks like to burn, blow up, drive over, bend, throw, submerge, drop from great heights, and even shoot with other guns to see if it will keep running.

That’s because Hi-Point firearms are tough, reliable, accurate and affordable – and that is why you will not see big bucks factory guns get abused and treated like Hi-Points just for the fun of it. Yet the bullets fly out of Hi-Point barrels just as reliably, fast and accurately as they do from the pretty $800-$2,000+ gun safe queens (so don’t scratch them, for Heaven’s sake!).

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get down to business.

Hi-Point’s recent Name The Nine contest for its new 9mm pistol coming out later this year exploded the internet; more than 313,000 votes were cast on the Hi-Point website and more than 450,000 comments were made on other sites. The verdict? Hi-Point’s new 9mm pistol will be called the YC9 and it will be released late in 2019.

At the same time, the clamor rose loudly to also yeet up the long established and popular Model C9. To comply with the demand, limited numbers of the current Model C9 will be made with YEET CANNON G1 laser engraved on the slide. The laser engraved letters are big and bold; this is no gun for the shy! This additional work will add approximately $20 to the price of this limited edition engraved Model C9, bringing the MSRP to $179.

Yeet definitions are all over the place but the definition chosen to represent the Hi-Point pistols is the primary Urban Dictionary definition: To discard an item at high velocity. In this case, the “item” being discarded at high velocity is a bullet. YEET CANNON is trademarked by Hi-Point Firearms.

Exclusive Marketer
MKS Supply, LLC
8611-A North Dixie Drive,
Dayton OH 45414
(937) 454-0363

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    • Furries “yiff”. They might yeet when they yiff, but yiffing (in hell potentially) is what they’re all about.

      Hence the term “Yiff in Hell, furfags!”.

        • Well, admittedly a big part of the problem is that I had the images tab up when I googled it. If I had just gone to urban dictionary it would have been much better.

  1. …and if you aren’t up-to-speed with this whole YEET business and Yeet Cannon stuff and HK’s Social Media Girl being involved and Hi-Point and internet naming contests, etc etc etc, my strong advice is just to say “cool” and move on. Don’t worry about it. There are things a person just shouldn’t concern themselves with. Also…

    YEET! (throws laptop into trash and retires from blogging)

  2. I think ‘Ute Cannon’ makes more sense.
    And there are plenty of videos out there of people abusing Glocks & AKs!

    • Let’s be honest here, Dr. The ak’s abused in those vids were probably bought as cheaply as this hi point. And Glocks? Why wouldn’t you abuse them? They aren’t made of recycled meteorites and don’t fetch high prices.

  3. Not having a Hi-Point, I’m buying one just for the etching. Likely nobody will ever want it as a rarity, since no one will ever collect hi-points (like my AR 180 with the Armalite scope), but it’ll make a nice conversation piece at dirt cheap.

  4. Hilariously these things are the talk of Star Citizen. Released on the PTU for Alpha 3.5, they were considered initially to be a “game breaking” ship upgrade.

  5. My compliments to the guy that came up with the name, they will make millions, my thirteen-year-old and all his friends have the shirt

  6. One of the best shooting pistols i have, sorry if that pi**** some people of but it is what it is. Out shoots my Glock so much for getting what you pay for.

  7. My first 9mm was a Hi-Point. Ugly as hell, but it always goes bang, has low felt recoil, and she’s accurate.
    I’ve moved on to S&W, Canik, and others, but I still throw the C9 into the range bag every once in a while.

    • My first handgun of any kind was a C9 Hi-Point I bought used to see , GSG znd TIAI liked handguns and if they were as bad as the gun snobs said. It was a good gun and caused me to buy more handguns. I replaced the Hi-Point with a S&W that was lighter and prettier but no more reliable or accurate. I traded the Hi-Point for a Taurus to see if they were as bad as the gun snobs said. They were wrong again and over the years, the first Hi-Point has caused me to buy S&W, Ruger, Taurus, Phoenix HP-22, Heritage Rough Rider, Charter Arms, GSG as well as RIA. Shame on the lowly Hi-Point (I bought their rifle also).

    • I had a High-Point, it went bang every time until it went BANG! and parts left town in a hurry… That was a real YEET! Blessedly no one was injured, all fingers, eyeballs, and odds and ends accounted for. They really DO stand behind their products… Returned what was left and a few weeks later it came back to me looking all new, even had an extra mag in the box!! Did I ever shoot it again? I found I had a real thing for my Cougar 8000. All steel, lug-twist lock-up system, all the goodies including night sites. What would you do??

  8. If a better company did it, I’d buy one. But kudos to Hi-Point for at least trying. I’m just not that cool to care what is popular on the internet.

    • Curious as to what “a better company” means. I have two HP carbines, as well as ARs.
      When going to range, grab the HPs more often, More fun. Love the 10mm.
      I think I’m replying to a gun snob, so surely wasting finger time here.

  9. Since this will not make the CA roster, I’m going to have to buy two gen 1 Hi-Points and freehand ‘YEET CANNON’ with a dremel just to support such an awesome company.

    Had a 9mm 995 Carbine for an honest 20 years and it shot everything well. Even had the factory send me a new firing pin once (free) and later rebuild it completely after I damaged it (free, +2 free magazines!)

    Can’t say enough good about them.

  10. Kudos to Hi-point for listening to customers, even if it’s just for meme value/shits and giggles. I still can’t force myself to get over how hideous hi-points are in order to buy one though.

  11. Criminals use Hi Points. So I know they work. And law abiding poor people who have very little money use Hi Points to kill those same criminals.

    I like my JHP 45 Hi Point. I saw no reason to pay $600 to $800 or more for a 45 caliber hand gun. Those 20 round 45 and 9mm magazines from Red Ball are really nice too!

    Their rifle carbines all come with a threaded barrel now. And there is a bull pup conversation kit available as well!

  12. MY Low er Hipoint 380 was a jamomatic POS…there are alternatives.Most Taurus,a 1st gen Ruger LCP,a used S &W SD9 or even a SCCY beats it. Yeah I get this stupid chit…does Yeet rhyme with sheet?!?😄

  13. I dunno why, but this makes me think of the Dynamic Pie Concepts “Ultimate High Point” video and I just start laughing

  14. Would like to see one with Wayne LaPierre face laser etched on the slide. Then gift one to each member of the AOC squad

    • I’d like to gift one to LaPierre but it looks like he might not be able to receive one if things keep unfolding the way they are. One can only hope.

  15. Ima gonna yell YEET! as I throw this from a moving vehicle into a long, deep, and rocky gully. Sorry. No go for me.

  16. A friend of mine used to own a gun store in Albany, GA. He couldn’t keep Hi-Point pistols on the shelf. The problem was that they were all back in a few days with broken extractors. He quit carrying them. I wish I had a $100 dollar bill for every one of those pieces of shit I took off of a hood rat. If you get into a gun fight pray your adversary has a Hi-Point. Or. Tech 9.

  17. They just need to stop making this shit. If you can’t afford a descent, safe and functional
    firearm for protection maybe try a pawn shop or something. These things are unsafe, unreliable, and a joke. Thanks

  18. Girlfiend says to possum” I licked my HiPoint more then “Ivan” ( her pet name for gunm I got her) its easier to hide, and smaller but I can’t shoot it as well as that HiPoint.” Also an acquaintance of mine , prone to throwing fits, had a malfunctioing HiPoint, sometimes it would fire more often it would not. His solution to the problem was to hurl the firegunm to the ground, try to fire it, sometimes it actually went off and if it didn’t the individual would hurl it to the ground again. I interjected that perhaps I may be able to resolve the gunms malfunctioning. Which was fixed by reinstalling and expanding the metal tab in the right grip. After a involving myself further into HiPoint’s growing fan base, I’ve come to the conclusion these are some very reliable and accurate firegunms. And added plus is they make the tt33 clone look ugly, ugly seems to work

  19. The silly name distracts from the fact that this is not Hi-Point’s new pistol. It’s just the same old pistol trying to cash in on an internet naming game gone nutso. Can’t wait for the new boomstick? Well, we’ll give you the dumb ass name you internetties voted for laser engraved on one of our old models. Plus, we’ll charge you extra for it! WHAT A SMOKING DEAL!$!$!$!$!

    The new pistol has some features not previously seen on Hi-Points:

    I’m not a Hi-Point fan or owner, just don’t see the point of a story about their new gun and it’s naming contest that doesn’t say anything about the new gun.

  20. and upon seeing hipoints latest offering
    all the gunowners felt a great disturbance in the firearms world
    it was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

  21. Beyond words. If I didn’t have enough money for a defense firearm, I’d go to Goodwill and buy a
    baseball bat for $3 and take my chances there. Adults over the age of 21 probably shouldn’t be
    useing the yeet thing in a sentence…… Like, OMG like

  22. A lot of folks bust on Hi-Point for being cheap and ugly. But their presser isn’t joking. Hi-Point guns might be cheap and ugly, but they ARE reliable, and they’re accurate (enough), and there is absolutely a place in the market for what they sell. Poor people deserve to exercise their 2A rights too, in fact especially so since they often live in bad neighborhoods where they’re more likely than average to be robbed. Hi-Point fills that spot in the market and does it well. Plus they can get away with not taking themselves too seriously, unlike the bigger, more expensive marques that have a reputation to uphold.

    • If they can offer safe, reliable, and effective firearms at the price point that used to get you a Saturday night special…more power to them.

  23. I own 2 hi-point weapon both are the .45 one is the rifle and other is the pistol, both I’ve fired over 5,000 rounds still working great just like the day I paid for them now I wish they had belt or chain feed gun don’t need to be fully auto .

  24. What is it about the design of that thing and the price point they are aiming for that makes it so necessary to make it so terribly ugly? Surely it has to be a design/engineering decision that forces them to make something orders of magnitude uglier than anything else on the market.

  25. I own the C9, the 995, the .40 carbine and the .380 carbine. One thing they all do is go BANG anytime they are loaded and you pull the trigger. I also own some of the higher-priced weapons, but none perform any better than the Hi-Point.
    Complain all you want, but the purpose of a firearm is to fire…Hi-Point does that every time.


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