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Seattle’s summer “block party” may only comprise only about three square blocks of the city now, but the cop-free CHAZ or CHOP or people’s autonomous zone — whatever — has experienced more than its share of gunfire over the weekend.

Two people were shot — one fatally — in the early hours of Saturday morning. According to the AP, responding officers were met by a “violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims,” which included responding EMT’s.

Chop warlord Raz Simone didn’t appreciate the EMTs’ reluctance to enter the CHOP and ted to the wounded (language warning):

Two men with gunshot wounds were taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. One of them died.

There was another shooting in the CHOP last night.

From the AP:

Police in Seattle say one person has been wounded in the second shooting in Seattle’s protest zone in less than 48 hours.

The shooting happened late Sunday night in the area near Seattle’s downtown area known as CHOP, for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.” Police tweeted that one person was at a hospital with a gunshot wound. A hospital spokesperson says the person was in serious condition.

According to the Seattle Times,

Dispatch logs place the emergency response at Harvard Avenue and East Pine Street, with the first reports at about 10:42 p.m., though it was unclear where exactly the shooting happened.

Seattle firefighters arrived at 10:46 p.m., two minutes after being dispatched, and went to a predesignated staging location near the perimeter of the protest zone, Fire Department spokesman David Cuerpo said. A couple of minutes later they were notified that the injured person had been taken away in a private car, Cuerpo said.

One Seattle city council member, Kshama Sawant, made the claim — apparently without any evidence — that the shootings were actually part of a “right-wing attack.”

The entire CHOP “experiment” doesn’t seem to be turning out to be the “summer of love” that Mayor Jenny Durkan claimed it would be. You have to wonder what other crimes are taking place there that are lower profile and haven’t made it into the news.

It’s almost as if the predictions of inevitable violence resulting from the creation of a law enforcement-free zone in the middle of a major American city — and the strategy of letting it all play out — were right on the nose.

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    • Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

      Alternately: Watch what you wish for. You might get it.

      The law of unintended consequences (or just rank stupidity)

  1. I don’t think anybody cares if they kill themselves but they’re probably out of food so maybe it would help ease tensions if the USA air drops Kool Aid and Pop Tarts into the autonomous zone…

    • There are thousands of people with homes and business there that DON’T want CHOP.

      Maybe have compassion for them. Maybe imagine what it would be like this happened in YOUR neighborhood.

      • Lots of people commenting would have shot the bastards if it happened in their neighborhood. The ONLY thing that has prevented decent people from doing that thus far is fear of prosecution.

      • I say we dust off and nuke the site from orbit….. It’s the only way to be sure.

        Besides… we need to remind people that any uprising “would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.”

        Eric Swalwell 2020

      • Central Seattle? One of the most liberal places in the country? They literally voted for this.

        • Yep. Elections have consequences.

          When people vote for a third-world female such as Kshama Sawant, you get what you have here: a piece of the third world in a modern American city. This third-world female regularly waddles her posterior down to CHAZ to do fundraising and recruitment. She is behind the “Socialist Alternative” movement there in Seattle.

          Dazzling urbanites in America seem to be increasingly infatuated with these third-world females, who are of course socialists/communist to their very bones. Anyone who votes for these poseurs and frauds from the third world deserves what they get: third world results.

      • As someone who lives in WA, I have zero compassion for any of the Seattle communists that voted Durkan and Sawant in office. They are getting what they voted for. Let that city die like it should.

    • “Merry Christmas?”
      I predict that there will be no Christmas this year.
      When Trump wins in November the left will loose what few brain cell they have left. Santa Claus will be called out for being a racist old fat white guy who enslaves little people. We will hear, BURN down the malls and all the Xmas trees, they are the symbols of capitalistic greed.

      Happy Hanukkah? Kwanzaa maybe?

      • Absolutely possible!!
        When they loose two in a row, the leftist liberal loonies (L-cubed) will not be able to function for several days. Then they will slowly come around to reality and wreck hell on all of society. They haven’t even dealt with the first loss yet…

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets more common. In a way I’m surprised they’re doing as well as they are.

  3. If the residents of the CHOP/CHAZ wouldn’t shoot fellow blacks, then perhaps black lives might matter in the utopia of CHOP/CHAZ.

        • Had a pony tail down to my butt for 15 years of my still ongoing professional career. When I did cut it the drive to do so was my wife. My employer did not care. All of us real anarchists (free market anarchists) do have jobs. It’s communists that think you don’t have to provide for yourself and they don’t actually want to eliminate the state let alone replace it with privately contracted services.

        • ^^^ Now this fucken guy needs to cut his hair. And that was way too much info from someone who carries enough gear for a 12 man team. That long of hair does not surprise me one bit. Even women with hair that long should fucking cut it.

    • That is, of course, what it turned out to be: black-on-black crime between two gang-bangers.

      Sorta inconvenient (again) for the CHAZ people and Kshama Sawant. Her claims about a “right wing” “white supremacist” are the results of her third-world sexual fantasies[*]. Even the local media is forcing her to walk back her idiotic babbling. But hey, she’s got a PhD in some useless subject from some even more useless American university, so she’s got “credentials.”

      [*] cf the PJ O’Rourke quip: “I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.”

      • Criminals will be attracted to a cop free zone like flies to fresh poop. It provides a safe haven to trade and to base their operations outside the zone. No containment is 100% secure.

        That criminal groups will have disputes with each other should be given. I’m surprised MS13 and the cartels haven’t made an appearance yet. Perhaps they are biding their time to see how this plays out.

  4. So, then…Marxists take over and push out all civil services, denounce authority and civil order, and then get angry when the infighting starts and the ousted LEOs/EMTs won’t come back. Warlord in charge of the circus hurls vulgar epithets. Yeah, makes sense.

    If you want your anarchy, you can keep your anarchy. All human life is precious, but if you want to play this stupid game, don’t cry when you win the stupid prizes.

  5. kasama sawant is a communist rabble rouser and a city council member,that alone should give any thinking human a good look as to where she-it is coming from. she ia a paid soros disrupter with no skin in the game. she lives outside the area and has police protection. this witch has done NOTHING BUT CAUSE TROUBLE FOR BLACKS AND PEOPLE OF COLOR IN SEATTLE.

      • We do both at my house, backed up with a big ass strawberry swirl cheesecake… Just run the smoker all day on the third 15 lb butt for 10/12 hours over Mesquite and Applewood with lots of water…. refrigerate overnight then just nuke as needed…. then start the Orville early in the morning and you are all set for the days (and nights) entertainment..

  6. Guntuber Yankee Marshal, who has been promoting Chaz/Chop as something wonderful, got assaulted for no reason as he was live streaming. Keep in mind, this was during the day. Start at 8 min in.

    • I stopped listening to him after watching only two or three of his vids a couple of years ago. His posts are mostly just rants.

      • Yankee Marshall is pretty much in league with leftard’s. Used to be on SootchOO que until he got booted off.(he has 100’s of gun channel’s featured). I would occasionally peruse his rant’s but I’d be damned if I actually typed TYM in…he’s gone full retard. Shame because he’s had good handgun info.

        • Funny stuff…this was when I lurked on TTAG. And Paul T. McCain was his usual azzhole self. He self-exiled and came back a few months ago.I rarely watched YouTube then. Gotta Smart TV now. I thought Robert Farago made this site better FWIW. TYM is a loose cannon troll as far as I know…

    • That was pretty uneventful…..I was hoping for him to REALLY get what he deserved …..

    • Lol He hasnt been “promoting” CHOP. He was showing what is actually happening there versus what we are shown on TV which is a legitimate endeavor. I watch his channel and I haven’t heard him approve or disapprove of what is happening. I’ve disagreed with him on some points and told him so and he’s responded in good faith. Even if he irks me sometimes he does put his money where his mouth is for 2a advocacy, donates guns to people that can’t afford them, and raises a lot of money for animal shelters; he should get some respect for that.

      • I haven’t watched every minute of all of his videos, but from the three or so I’ve seen, he can legitimately be described as a Chaz apologist.

    • He had his phone knocked out of his hand because he was wearing a patch that they mistook for a pro law enforcement patch. A black kid did it. The white guys were apologetic after they read the patch and realized it was about an animal rescue charity. The black kid refused to be a man and right the wrong.

      During the day it’s not all that bad in the CHOP as long as you don’t look like a cop lover or a corporate media member. However, at night is when tall the thugs come out and do drugs.

      • Yeah, the black kid did exactly what he has been conditioned to do. He saw a white guy with a badge, and he immediately attacked the person he’s been told is his oppressor. In other words, the black guy committed a hate crime. Reverse the races, and make Yankee some famous Youtuber “of color”, and this would be national news.

    • Oh no, someone is just reporting on what’s going on, the monster. You’re right, we should be like you morons and blindly believe the mainstream media. And as long as we don’t mind bearing false witness, everything you and the mainstream say is totes true. You can just see the massive destruct…. Wait, where’s the massive destruction? Are you just another group of mainstream lackeys? Oh yes, pointing out the lies totally means 100% supports something. And as long as I don’t watch anything, I won’t be able refute your lie.

    • I think it’s good for people to go in and actually try to show what’s going on

      As for YM, I used to watch him but he just got to be way too much for me. Too many rants that made me roll my eyes. Now I go to Paul Harrell for actual gun content. Dry but informative and only a couple of ‘drama’ videos.

      • Paul Harrell is a favorite. Yankee Marshall hates everyone…and I’m fine with buying guns for poor folks. I don’t care about animal shelters when he thinks taking over a neighborhood is hunky dory. He also stated(without evidence) that Kavanaugh was guilty because “he’s an ex-cop”. Duh…

  7. Unbelievable what is going on now days. I have seen in the news that a couple of biker groups are planning on arriving in Seattle on July 4th, Independence Day to do away with these idiots. They say that they are not going to harm anyone, just taking Seattle back for the city. I can imagine if just one idiot gets out of line and hurts one of the bikers, all bets are off. GO BIKERS!! I’m so glad we live way out in the country in another state. We don’t have to see this BS first hand.

    • We don’t have to see this BS first hand.

      Hell I’m stockin up on popcorn and beer hope the networks carry it wall to wall, especially if cops do a nationwide blue flu thing…..

      • The NYPD has a memo going around (unsigned of course) calling for a strike on July 4. Even though it is illegal for them to strike, the penalties for which includes fines and jail time.

        • “illegal to strike.” Haha! Who’s going to arrest them? No bail/no jail for non-violent offenses, anyway. So… have at it.

        • It’s not a strike, everyone is just sick.

          At this point being charged with striking is the less dangerous option. Actually doing your job can get you put on death row.

        • Even though it is illegal for them to strike

          What strike? Can’t put a man in jail for being sick… BLUE FLU is a very real disease caused by being fed bullshit by your leadership and being shit on by the people you are trying to help… There should be a nationwide “sick out” and what better day than the 4th of July.. My house is purge proofed and my guns are loaded, I say more power to them, hell, Fire and EMS should do a sympathetic call in as well, toss a BIG rock in the gear set…

    • It’s a lot more than just bikers…

      “We” are already there. Quietly. Tons of reports infiltrating their weakness.

    • It’s amazing how well that works. It took about two seconds to go from holding city police and mayors accountable, to Orange Man Bad!! It benefits democrats to make life miserable for everyone, because all they have to do is blame it on Trump. Their group think followers will just believe the same media that spent 3 years overselling the Russian conspiracy theory, only to completely lose interest when the real story took a 180 degree turn. I guess when your followers are that stupid, you never have to come up with a new playbook.

      • I find it utterly amazing that people have the gall to blame Trump for the conduct of local municipal police forces over which the federal government has little authority for problems that are alleged to have existed for generations in Democratic Party run cities.

  8. Witnesses following the “stop snitchin” mantra and tit-for-tat shootings are going make CHOAD really fun.

    Screw the people who live there. From what I’ve read despite being abused and victimized they still “stand with CHOAD” out of some deranged leftist non-reasoning. It would seem that self imposed guilt driven Stockholm syndrome is a core tenant of leftist ideology.

    • It’s hard for a smart person to admit that they were wrong let alone mislead. Imagine someone who was educated beyond their ability to admit that they wasted their prime educationally relevant years and went deeply into debt for the privilege of being swindled.

  9. Even though all activity is monitored closely by a bunch of trust fund dorm room guys it appears things are not peaceful and content in the communist country of Chaz, Chop, whatever. At their murder rate it won’t be long before the Chazranians are extinct. Only then can America sing Ding Dong the democRat Dung is Gone.

  10. ‘What if this happened in my neighborhood?’
    Glad you asked. It wouldn’t happen in a LOT of neighborhoods in this country. Good, law-abiding citizens would not put up with this shit for a second.
    This CHAZ(CHOP-whatever) exists only for the reason that it amuses the socialist idiots that run the corrupt state that is Seattle.

    • This. So blinded by hatred they just look for any excuse to make ANYONE who doesn’t side with them into the enemy, and racist. The worst part is the media feeding it to the rest of America. How easily manipulated the weak willed are.

    • The reason this is happening in Capital Hill is because the people of Capital Hill preach this stuff day in and day out, in between bragging about how nice it is and complaining about the gentrification that made it that way.

    • Sadly, I have to disagree with that. I can totally foresee a rash of public spaces taken over by activists here on the east coast. In small towns everywhere, even in strong 2A states like Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Most law abiding citizens will just give the areas a wide berth and wait for things to settle down. The vulnerable sites will be public parks and other non-residential spaces, where no-one will have to make fight or flight decisions. Even empty schools may become a target.

      I just can’t see an armed band of law abiding citizens storming the local library to liberate it from insane communist “protestors.” I mean I love books, and I love guns, but I don’t love the idea of going to jail for a very long time because I decided to intervene with force when the local authorities declined to do so.

      Who knows? I could be wrong but I doubt it.

  11. So far, the score is Mogadishu on Lake Michigan 15, Soweto on the Sound 3. It’s a rout!

    • They wait for the blue canaries to make sure it’s safe to go in first, but in this case the blue canaries have learned there’s no future in it for them if they do.

      • The police did go inside, but they were about 20 minutes late. Seems they had to gather up a dozen cops and riot shields before they would go in. By the time they got there one of the people shot was already taken to the hospital and the other appears to have died on the street. A bunch of druggies then started to yell at the cops like they have been programmed to do, which made the cops leave quickly instead of secure and investigate the scene. Thus the paramedics sat outside waiting for the crowds of druggies to calm down, but nope… So the crowd directly contributed to the death and the escape of the shooter.

        They had 24 hours to figure out a better response if another shooting were to happen. This time they immediately took the victim to the hospital instead of relying on the government. However, they still covered up the shooting. So, I guess they don’t care about black lives because they are allowing them to be shot and not arresting the shooter.


        • they immediately took the victim to the hospital instead of relying on the government.

          Have the cops removed and declare yourself an autonomous zone… That pretty much makes YOU the government, although the local outside authority is providing basic necessities (sanitation, trash pick-up, water, electricity) at no charge… Wonder who will pick up the tab for those services as well as the clean up that will follow when this thing collapses in on itself.. Oh yeah the TAXPAYERS, the same folks whose property and livelihood has been destroyed by these idiots while BLM funnels millions of dollars from private donors to Joe Biden and the progressive liberals….

  12. It’s time to go Medieval on their Ass’s. Simply set up a Siege zone on the area. Give those who wish to surrender the opportunity to do so. Then cut off utilities, cell service and food/water. It then becomes a waiting game. Not need to attack just hold the ground. They will either surrender or kill each other fighting for supplies. Either way It’s their choice. The collateral damage to innocent civilians can be dealt with. By providing housing and food assistance just like any disaster. Help businesses effected the same way. They want violence even though they have no idea what that would mean. They simple believe in their own minds it will make them look like victims. Since they’ve been raised and indoctrinated to believe they are victims.

    • Don’t forget to cut off the sewer and garbage collection. The summer stink of fermenting poop and rubbish will drive them out.

  13. These people are so dumb! It is a CHOP zone they are supposed to use machetes and axes not guns. Stupid Stupid people.

  14. Another Shooting In Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ Zone >>> No biggie at all…

    The kids/’chop punks’ of today were raised on Adderall, just meth with a polite name being a combination drug containing four salts of amphetamine, and Ritalin (meth-lphenidate). That’s why there are so many problems in society right now. The USA is toast and will soon be just another bankrupt banana republic as two generations of failed [drug] experiments are rising. Several of them post here on a regular basis and don’t know their a$$es from holes in the ground. I’ll be kind today and not name them.

    BLM? Not in CHICAGO …

    At least 100 people were shot, 14 fatally, in Chicago over Father’s Day Weekend 2020. At least 56 people had been shot in Chicago by Sunday morning of Father’s Day Weekend. Nine of those shooting victims died. Then before the weekend ended add another five to the tote board.

    A car pulled up on three men and the occupants opened fire. Two 34-year-old men and a 43-year-old man were shot, and the wounds of one of the 34-year-old men proved fatal. Another fatal shooting occurred when occupants of a car opened fire on a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old as they walked in an alley. Tough luck and too bad kid-wrong place wrong time… This just a sample as seven others were also shot down like dogs and killed.[by Sunday morning ]

    More than 30 were shot, two fatally, in Chicago last weekend and 35 were shot, five fatally, the weekend prior. Also 85 shot, 24 fatally, in Chicago during the last weekend of May 2020.

    • You left out the 3 year old shot in the back and killed while riding in the car with his gang banger father. (who was aware someone was out to get him and took his kid with him as a human shield).

  15. Sawant needs a lead injection! Enough of this BS already. Arrest the Mayor and send in the Guard. Better yet, send in the SEALs and take all the leaders out!

  16. Yeah, you have to watch out for those right-winged folks in CHAZ/CHOP starting trouble. By the way, do they let the RIGHT in there at all? Unlikely!

    • Yes, they do let the right wingers in. They let a fake preacher and a MAGA fan even though those two white men were there to incite violence for a propaganda video. Most of the men were trying to defend them from dumbasses and emotional women.

      The MAGA man was carrying the U.S. flag with him. A man eventually bought the flag off him for $50, so a black woman would stop trying to steal it.

      I wouldn’t say it’s safe for right wingers or non CHOP sanctioned people. I think they attacked a Japanese national when he tried to film inside CHOP. So, if you go there bring a full size handgun with the best ammo and aim for the head because they are wearing armor.

  17. If you own property in that area and/or abusiness in that areaa; The SUE the CITY for failing to protect your property and for failing to ALLOW you to operate your business UN-LOOTED. If ALL the property owners were to sue the city for MILLIONS of dollars I would be CHAZ/CHOP/STUPIDITY would be ended immediately.

    • Most of the businesses are closed down because of Trump and the governor. They have been shut down over the virus. Even if they weren’t shut down by the government, they are not open in early morning hours when the violence occurs. During the day things are much better and a different crowd shows up.

      Freaks come out at night…

  18. Notice all the main democrap states and cities with all the gun free zones have all the problems!!

  19. This news is very upsetting. Burning, Looting, and Murder is soooooo not right. But BLM (Burning, Looting, and Murder) is in charge in that area. This political action group is known for peaceful gatherings and occupations. I’m puzzled by the violence that seems to follow them. I’m sur it is just a passing fad. I’m also sure that Barack the Muslim would not tolerate this. Oh well back to my range time.

    • BLM is not for black people. It’s a front for white communists. Those communists are the ones that burn stuff down.

      The looting is done by random thieves who plan out their crimes and wait for a riot. The murders of cops are from boogaloo soldiers. The rest of the murders are just random thugs and gangsters doing what they do every weekend.

      The BLM activists were marching for the two shot on the day before when two more shootings happened at the CHOP.

      I wonder if it was the same guy from the first two shootings. We don’t know because the CHOP crew has been covering up the truth and allowing murderers to go unpunished. Maybe because the shooter is black?

  20. Time to shut off the water, turn out the lights. This has been allowed to go on for far too long now.

    • America is an experiment. The people that go there at night are responsible for themselves. They know what they are getting themselves into. They are adults. Let them live and die as the please. The government is doing just that.

      The fire department was ready to go save a shooting victim until they were given the address of the shooting and realized it’s inside CHOP. They literally stopped their trunk, reversed it back into the station and closed the garage doors.

      The “medics” from CHOP were shocked that people are not their slaves and won’t help if they don’t want to. Of course the female CHOP medic broke down in tears realizing she is responsible for herself and everyone in the CHOP. She was partly responsible for the outcome of that kid’s death. Now that white girl gets to see how the real world works. She wasn’t prepared physically and mentally for responding to such violence.

      I wonder how that female CHOP medic is feeling after another night of shootings and no leadership in a group of followers.

    • Why? As long as the bills are paid, let it ride. When they aren’t, the utilities can shut it down.

      I just suggest flying drones overhead. Not for policing- throw ads on the feed and maybe a subscription service. The state is gonna need the money.

  21. I believe this is technically the fourth shooting in a 24 hour period. That’s two shootings per night.

    None of the armed “security” was around and none of them caught the shooters. They are just as good as Chicago PD. I seen an armed white male by the name of “James Madison” attempting to cover up the shootings and (what appears to be) “Raz Simone” also complicit in the cover ups. These armed men are destroying evidence of the shootings to prevent the world from knowing the truth. They have tempered with evidence of a murder, which ultimately is going to let the killer/s get away with it.

    James is commanding a group of men as a leader of a so called security force. He wears a green mask and carries an AR. He is the main guy stopping people from entering the CHOP or recording the CHOP. Him and Raz appear to be the main thugs of CHOP at this point. They are essentially now an organized criminal gang. They need to be taken into custody along with their goons. They are behaving like the LAPD.

    I think the first shooting was done by a black male during a late night drug fest. There appears to be a many witnesses to the shooting, but so far the CHOP people are not ratting on the shooter and they appear to be deleting video evidence. But Raz is quick to blame the paramedics for not doing what is right for the 19 year old kid. It looks like Raz helped cover up the shootings, that’s not moral, so he has no standing as an honorable man doing the righteous thing. Raz has himself to blame for the black kid getting shot and his killer getting away with it and the other 2 shootings he is trying so hard to cover up.

    The security force appears to be more of a cover up goon squad. They are more concerned with keeping secrets and not allowing justice for victims within CHOP. People need to be prepared to shoot these men in the head if they attempt to commit an armed felony on a person. They are armed and dangerous.

    At night the CHOP fills up with druggies coming out to party. They know there is no cops there to arrest them for open drug use or underage drug use. Young men come out to mess with the women. Gangsters bring their guns. It becomes very unsafe with those gangsters and druggies around at night all bunched together. They know most of the people inside of CHOP are unarmed and the security is more concerned with keeping journalists and cops out by policing the borders of CHOP while armed.

    I think James and Raz are a danger to everyone. They might even be a little schizophrenic.

    • but so far the CHOP people are not ratting on the shooter and they appear to be deleting video evidence

      They’re saving it for the book/HULU/NETFLIX movie…..

    • More so when the gangsters and druggies are the same. Throw firearms into the mix and accidents are sure to happen.

  22. Everybody wants to party until their cuz gets shot and the ambulance doesn’t show up.

  23. Sounds like a fun time. Glad to see their little experiment in human nature suffers from, well, human nature. I’m sure they’ll work it all out…one body at a time.
    And, Little Miss Communist Council Idiot needs to move to the CHAZ so she can personally see about the right-wing thing. I mean, it seems safe. She should be good there offering a personal check of what’s going on.

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