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The anti-gun left doesn’t take defeat well and few setbacks have been as devastating to the cause of civilian disarmament in America as the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. That judicial earthquake, combined with the long march of permitless concealed carry across the nation — eleven states have enacted it since 2021 — has them on their heels. But as an op-ed in the New Yorker makes clear, at least some in the gun control industry hope think they may see an electoral silver lining through all of the gloom.

Amy Davidson Sorkin notes that there are “a number of factors that are converging to make this a particularly critical moment in the story of guns in America.” She’s fervently hoping the Bruen decision and its aftermath will work for the anti-gun left the same way some claim the Dobbs decision affected the 2022 midterms.

The result is a judicial and legislative free-for-all that is intersecting, disastrously, with the 2024 Presidential race.

Sorkin notes with abject horror the Fifth and Sixth Circuits’ rulings that bump stocks are not, in fact, machine guns and that banning them via regulatory fiat doesn’t hold constitutional water. Those two decisions, combined with the District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia recently striking down a ban on gun sales to adults under 21, has her virtually apoplectic. But wait, there’s more.

She isn’t any happier about the “reckless posturing” of governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis in signing permitless carry bills into law. She apparently sees no contradiction in the Court’s elevation — finally — of the Second Amendment to the status of a first-class civil right, and states issuing permission slips for the exercise of that right.

Sorkin, however, thinks there may be some light at the end of the long, dark Second Amendment tunnel. She’s putting her money on…polling data.

Yet there may be a parallel here to the right’s overreach on abortion since Roe v. Wade was overturned. There is widespread revulsion at mass violence and the toll that it takes, particularly on children. A Gallup poll a few months ago showed that, although most G.O.P. voters don’t want stricter gun laws, a majority don’t want looser ones, either. In a number of blue states, there are efforts under way to pass gun-safety laws that supporters hope will pass scrutiny under Bruen. On Tuesday, for instance, Wes Moore, the governor of Maryland, signed legislation restricting the places where people can bring guns—not to schools, hospitals, or polling stations. (The same day, the N.R.A. sued to block the law.)

The calculus here seems to be that, as with abortion, the middle won’t hold in support of gun rights. The thinking apparently goes that increased “gun violence,” thanks in large part to a re-think of what criminal justice means and “progressive” prosecutors deciding that actually prosecuting and jailing criminals is somehow inherently unjust, will cause moderates to tip the scales in support for more limits on gun rights. To do something about guns. Or something like that.

Set aside the fact that tens of millions of Americans from every demographic have decided that the current climate is exactly the right time to buy their first gun to ensure they can protect themselves and their families.

It’s downright adorable that Sorkin claims that the motivation of Governors like Maryland’s Wes Moore — and Kathy Hochul, Phil Murphy, J.B. Pritzker and a few others before him — is “gun safety” rather than a fit of pique, throwing up doomed obstacles to exercising gun rights in direct response to the Bruen ruling. They all know– and the courts are making it quite clear — that these laws are patently unconstitutional.

Thinking that Bruen and its aftermath will somehow push the electoral middle to the left on gun rights, with them voting for more limits on citizens’ ability to arm and defend themselves, is equal parts wishcasting and whistling past the graveyard of civilian disarmament dreams.

In the end, Sorkin can only survey the landscape and predict doom, destruction, and disaster.

The gun-law terrain has rarely been more unsettled. What makes the impending fight over gun safety, amid an election, all the more hazardous is Trumpism itself, with its incessant invocation of the prospect of political violence, and its message for America: if you want to make your way in this country, make sure that you have a gun.

It’s almost as if political violence is exactly what she’d most like to see.


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  1. It’s almost as if political violence is exactly what she’d most like to see.

    Oh they are desperately hoping this happens.

        • Explains the race relations problems we started seeing after Occupy Wall street leading up to the race war push lately.

        • I think we’ll be more likely to experience peace if they win, and fiery, but 90% peaceful riots, if they lose.

        • Dude’s right. Contrast Biden taking office vs. Trump taking office. Both sides of the divide are capable of it, but political violence is in the left’s DNA.

      • 400 million guns in this country….the left needs to acknowledge their role in all of rhis

    • “It’s almost as if political violence is exactly what she’d most like to see“

      If that was the case, she could just watch the January 6 footage to see a couple thousand right wing extremists committing political violence in the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress.

      • Liar49er, you forgot to mention how many Feds were instigating that violence.

        Besides, everyone knows that political violence is much more prevalent on the Left, by the Left. Well, everyone except you.

        • “everyone knows that political violence is much more prevalent on the Left“

          Sad. You make these sweeping statements without offering any evidence to support your assertion, all the while current events prove you wrong.

          “A 19-year-old Missouri man was identified as the driver of a U-Haul truck that crashed into Lafayette Square near the White House and faces charges of threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on the president or vice president, according to the Secret Service. NBC News’ Ryan Nobles reports on what we know about the driver and the Nazi flag seized at the scene.“

          Just another attack by the right wing fascists upon the duly elected President of the United States of America.

          I hope he enjoys his time in the federal penitentiary with the other seditious domestic enemies of America.

          Maybe Lauren Boebert’s cross-dressing boyfriend can him some of his pantyhose.

        • Sai Kandula Varshith rented a U-Haul truck and drove to the White House,” where he “exited the vehicle and began waving a flag with what authorities say appeared to be a swastika on it.”

          Is that an Indian name? Two weeks ago, it was a Mexican Nazi terrorist. Now I guess we have an Indian Nazi terrorist. Watch them conflate both with the “greatest threat facing the homeland” (white supremacy).

        • MINOR Miner49er. What is truly sad is your incessant denial of the Left being “peaceful”. That has to be the laugh of the year if not the decade. How quickly you forget how your ANTIFA and BLA Stormtroopers mount burings, riots, and even takeovers of part of US cities?
          Let me put it another way. You are a liar.

        • Besides, everyone knows that political violence is much more prevalent on the Left, by the Left. Well, everyone except you.

          “You make these sweeping statements without offering any evidence to support your assertion …”

          Lir69er, there’s no need to offer evidence of the obvious. Just because you deny it, doesn’t mean it’s untrue.

          ” … all the while current events prove you wrong. … Just another attack by the right wing fascists upon the duly elected President of the United States of America.”

          LOL!! “The brown face of white supremacy” — there’s such a shortage of white supremacists that you have to invent them from Hispanics and Pakistanis. Toss in a brandy-new flag that still has the creases from being taken out of its bag, and you bend over backwards so far to promote the falsehoods that you could kiss your own ass.

          “Maybe Lauren Boebert’s …”

          And there it is — the gratuitous ad hominem that has nothing to do with the subject. Liar69er, you need some new material.

        • Oh, hey, Liar69er, here’s a hot-off-the-press example of Leftist violence:

          Pro-Abortion NYC Prof Holds Machete to New York Post Reporter’s Neck, Chases Him Down the Street

          “Shellyne Rodriguez spewed the menacing remarks when The Post knocked on the door of her Bronx apartment Tuesday morning — a day after she made headlines for flipping out on pro-life students at Hunter College.

          “Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” the manic adjunct art professor shouted from behind her closed door just moments after veteran reporter Reuven Fenton identified himself.

          Seconds later, Rodriguez barged out and alarmingly put the blade to the reporter’s neck.

          The Post reporter and photographer immediately left the apartment building, but an armed Rodriguez quickly followed and accosted them outside.

          “If I see you on this block one more f–king time, you’re gonna …,” Rodriguez said, while still wielding the implement.

          The professor briefly chased The Post’s photographer down the street to his car before coming back to kick the reporter in the shins.

          Vince DiMiceli, a spokesman for Hunter College, told The Post Tuesday afternoon that Rodriguez had been fired.”

      • MajorLiar,

        COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now do the Tennessee morons holding up a LEGAL session of the Tennessee legislature, because they didn’t like a bill that they KNEW was going to pass.

        No liar worse then a partisan, propagandist liar, and most Leftist/fascists are – you being one of the worst.

        Don’t you have a shotgun to go suck-start, you lying cretin?

        • The Democrat legislators actually led and incited the Tennessee insurrection. No Republican legislators took part in the January 6 US Capitol selfie party. It’s interesting, and very telling, that the Democrat insurrection leaders were lauded as heroes, and got invites to national news programs. It’s almost like Democrats are hypocrites.

        • Dude,

          Yeah, almost. Perhaps we judge their two-faced, lying bulls*** too harshly, eh?

        • “Now do the Tennessee morons holding up a LEGAL session of the Tennessee legislature“

          How many police officers injured?
          How much property damage?

          “Democrat insurrection leaders“

          Nope, it’s not insurrection or sedition if no one is attempting to stop the constitutionally mandated certification of the national election, as the right wing seditionists did in Washington DC at the United States Capitol.

          The difference is obvious to any reasonable person, that’s why the right wing seditionists are being sent to prison for years

        • “Nope, it’s not insurrection or sedition if no one is attempting to stop the constitutionally mandated certification of the national election”

          So now you’re making up your own definitions? You’re not even trying anymore.

        • MINOR Miner49er, Again, you deftly forget the rioting and insurrection of your Leftist Fascist Stormtroopers of ANTIFA and the BLM that took over part of US cities during the summer of 2020? Not to mention that allegations made that some of your buddy Federal agents instigated some of the violence of J6th?

        • MINOR Miner49er. So what? Your buddies in the Tenn legislature disrupted the proceedings. They violated the rules of that House as well as the Penal law of that state.
          But it was in furtherance of your Leftist agenda, wasn’t it?

      • MINOR MIner49er, It seems you deftly left out the Federal agents that were interspersed with the demonstrators of Jan 6th. Now why is that? Could it be because it has been show that at least some of these Federal Agents were also instigators?
        HOW about your Fascist Stormtroopers of ANTIFA and BLM who rioted and took over parts of US cities during the summer of 2020? Seems damn few were ever prosecuted.

  2. In case anyone ever wondered how the Nazi’s, Commies, and various other lefty groups were able to convince a lot of people to believe in wild ass nonsense pay attention to the wordsmithing on the topic of “gun safety” post Bruin. The bending of definition will beat a contortionist in twister

    • Have you noticed lilD and 49er have given up trying to make a case that the National Socialists (Nazis) were somehow “right” wing.

      • Streisand effect, they kept arguing against it and people kept looking it up and letting them know. Kudos to anyone trolling them into that as well as the nameless trolls bringing more attention to how stats are collected/compiled.

        • Total government control of most aspects of society…….yeah lefty regardless of how we split hairs good to see you back your substitute was borderline retarded.

        • The Nazis Were Leftists, Deal With It

          “By these definitions the Nazis were firmly on the left. National Socialism was a collectivist authoritarian movement run by “social justice warriors.” That this brand of “justice” benefited only some based on immutable characteristics perfectly aligns with the modern brand. The Nazi ideal embraced identity politics based on the primacy of the people or “volk” and invoked state-based solutions for every possible problem. It was nation-based socialism — the nation being especially important to those who bled in the Great War.” —

        • The difference is no longer important. Corporate billionaires bought the left out after the failure of social-lism. All the folks that believe they are social-lists today are serving fascism.

        • MajorLiar,

          I am second to no one in my disdain for your faux-erudition, lack of knowledge or education, and blatant, lying partisanship. I call you an @$$clown, but the reality is that you give REAL @$$clowns a bad name.

          Encyclopedia Britannica???? Sure, whatever, dude.

          An actual STUDENT of history would understand that Hitler didn’t “nationalize” all German industries – because he got the same result by coercing them, regulating them, and in most cases, RECRUITING THEM, so they did his bidding (any of this starting to look familiar, quarter-wit????).

          Hitler, and his Nazi party, were full-on socialists – they had just advanced their tactics.

          And you’re a moron.

        • Sigh and now that I actually read your article it does nothing to differentiate Socialism from Fascism from Communism as all three tend to eliminate competition for power and progressively deteriorate living conditions for their subjects with an occasional name change revolution. Nice try but that was a damn thin article with no strong support for your assertions.

        • MINOR Miner49er, Wow! You and your Leftist cohorts sure do know how to pervert the truth. Seems you Britannica article neglects to show that it was Giovanni Gentile who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto which is considered the “bible of fascism”.

  3. These people are clowns. Fixated on guns and the “prospect of political violence” while ignoring the actual political violence that has occurred over the last few years. Who was it, does anyone recall, that kicked off the spate of “fiery but, mostly peaceful,” protests? Was that the Right or the Left? Was that the millions upon millions of moderate or conservative gun-owners that were burning down cities?

    Once again, they display their lack of mental fortitude when the claim that owning or (gasp) carrying a gun is violence but burning down a building is not (of course, with this ilk words are apparently violence). A handful of guys standing around holding (but not firing) firearms is a “threat” but an “autonomous zone” filled with drugs, theft and rape is “free expression.” Tell you what, Ms. Sorkin, I’ll keep my guns (that I have not, heretofore, shot anyone with) and you can keep your Molotov cocktails and your holier-than-thou attitude.

    • MajorLiar,

      Get back to me when they start a prosecution of the “Tennessee Three”, you lying @$$hole. Go f*** yourself.

  4. There’s no such thing as “reasonable” liberals.

    They’re the violent extremists and they want all of us dead.

    • That isn’t true. The loud activists and politicians aren’t one and the same with all Democrat voters. Many Democrat voters are just ignorant. I’ve talked to some. Even the ones who read the paper and watch the news (consuming propaganda) are comically misinformed. Most of the activists are ignorant as well, but they don’t care about the truth. They’re Team Democrat until the bitter end.

      That’s not to say some aren’t extremely bad. Despite the fact that the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the Trump campaign was launched based on Hillary Clinton-paid for opposition “research” (which turned out to be lies), the low IQ, ignorant, and/or evil Democrat thinks it was a legitimate investigation. President Obama and VP Biden were briefed by the CIA director that “Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians.” That was in July of 2016!!! They allowed the investigation, knowing it was bogus. Those criminals then allowed the noise to build until special prosecutor Mueller was assigned to finish the job they started. That’s 100x worse than Watergate. Obama, Biden, and Clinton used the power of the state to go after their political enemies. The loud Democrat activists look at that and yawn. There’s only one word to describe that: evil.

      • It’s mixed. I’ve talked to some Dem voters who, when you lay out all the facts on a topic, with video and source docs as appropriate, express dismay (“I didn’t know any of that!”) and seem to ponder. They might not change sides, certainly not immediately, but at least they seem to care about truth.

        Then, there are those who, if you can get them to hang with you, basically say, “yes…but still.” Next comes some form of “it’s OK when we do it because we are righteous.” Historically speaking, Bad Stuff seems to follow when large numbers of people have that attitude.

        • Yes. That was my point. I’ve had the same experience. There is a mix, including those with good intentions. I know good people who are Democrats. I still believe all modern Democrat voters can be described as one or more of the following: low IQ, ignorant, or evil.

      • “That’s 100x worse than Watergate“

        Laughable, where are the indictments?

        The only people going to prison were the Watergate conspirators and most of Donald Trump‘s campaign, organization and administration. Good times!

        • MajorLiar,

          Wow, real mystery that the ONLY people being prosecuted by the DOJ are the ones opposing Senile Joe’s junta, innit??? Because the corrupt FBI and the corrupt DOJ don’t prosecute OBVIOUS, PROVEN criminals (Hunter Biden, anyone? Hillary Clinton, anyone?
          Adam Schiff, anyone??), does not make them innocent of their crimes. But, then, you’re a lying liar who lies, so what do we expect.

        • Miner,
          If indictments are your threshold for right and wrong, then the fact that Trump wasn’t indicted or impeached for Russian collusion means those witch hunts you cheered on were illegitimate. I guess you better do some soul searching and apologizing. Or maybe, you’re just a disingenuous person who will say anything for “the team.” Which is it? Everyone knows the answer.

          If the DOJ, CIA, Obama, and Puppet administrations are corrupt, then how do you expect them to be held accountable? The top FBI brass committed crimes. They just weren’t prosecuted for it (except that one lawyer who lied for a warrant). It’s funny how history remembers Nixon and Watergate. No one ever talks about LBJ using the power of the state to spy on and go after his political rival, Barry Goldwater. Why is that? Even if you could somehow come up with the answer, no one expects you to care. You’ve proven that you don’t care about right or wrong. You only care about some imaginary scorecard for your “team” (who doesn’t care about you). It’s sad that people are actually like that.

        • Dude,

          Quit trying to reason with MajorLiar. In the first place, that babbling moron wouldn’t recognize reason if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle. In the second place, he isn’t arguing in good faith, he is simply putting out his Leftist/fascist propaganda.

          I tried (for a while) reasoning with this lying, Leftist/fascist s***bag, but he proved that he had no interest in either logic, or good faith argument. He is a lying propagandist, and has forfeited the right to any presumption of good faith.

          Ignore him, or mock and insult him mercilessly. Those are the options.

        • Are you a TTAG employee here just to stir up some sh_t? I mean come one, Watergate was literally a nothing compared to the actions of Hillary. The fact that Hillary and for that matter, most powerful democrats seem to endless get away with crimes that would put republicans in prison for decades is mind bending. If the DC courts were remotely capable of an impartial jury, and the Swamp was not just exactly that, Hillary and Biden both would be doing time along with a fair number of their adherents.

        • DC votes 95% Democrat. I wonder why Republicans wouldn’t get a fair trial. It’s like the NY Trump “rape” trial. Manhattan votes 85% Democrat. NY legislators made a law specifically so she could sue past the statute of limitations. Then she couldn’t even name the year it happened. The jury actually called her a liar because even they couldn’t bring themselves to label Trump a rapist. She lied about the rape, got a specific law passed just for this lawsuit, couldn’t say when it happened, but the immoral Democrats took a victory lap because a Trump-hating jury found him “liable” for sexual assault. They aren’t interested in justice. They only want to win.

          “Believe all women.” Ford changed the year around for her sexual assault claim until she got a lawyer. She still refused to give a specific date because then it could have been shot down. They couldn’t even prove she ever met Kavanaugh. She got caught committing perjury, but she was never indicted, therefore in the eyes of the low IQ, ignorant, or evil Democrat, she’s the good guy. They were fine with destroying the life of an innocent guy in pursuit of a political win. That’s all that matters to them.

        • MINOr Miner49er. You expect the Leftists of your wannabe administration to idict one of their own? Kinda like your support of the insurrectionists of the Tennessee legislature. If it furthers you agenda, anything goes.

        • @Kyle, if Miner49er isn’t on the TTAG payroll, they ought to consider it. Seems like about half the comments on a given page are devoted to something Miner49er posted.

      • Your quoted bold passage is total bullshit:

        “No results found for “Hillary Clinton has approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians.”.

        Trump and the Republicans held power for four years, and conducted multiple investigations, yet no indictments or charges against Hillary Clinton.

        The Mueller investigation lasted only two years, and sent multiple trump campaign and administration officials to prison for wrongdoing involving illicit contacts with Russian agents.

        The Durwood Investigation lasted 4 years and sent no one to prison.

        The proof is in the pudding.

        • Tell us you have no idea what you’re talking about without telling us you have no idea what you’re talking about. You mean MSNBC didn’t cover this? This is my shocked face. I figured out years ago that the news media acts as the gatekeeper to information. They study the source documents, and only tell you what they want you to know. In other words, they’re propagandists. As often as I’ve torn up your flimsy arguments over the past five years, you should have picked up on that by now. Do you not want to learn, or are you actually that slow? Are you evil or just dumb?

          Yes, the Obama Administration was briefed on the fact that the Russian collusion “threat” was a hoax cooked up by Hillary Clinton. President Obama and VP Future Puppet knew that, and allowed the investigation to proceed. That is 100x worse than Watergate. Read the history of Watergate. Now compare and contrast that with what Obama did. Obama and the Puppet are 100x worse than Nixon. You don’t hear that because the media is controlled by propagandists, and their audience is people like you. You want to be fed what you want to hear. You don’t care about the truth.

          Go to this link to view the source document yourself. Go to page 93 which is page 81 of the actual document. Read it for yourself. Then apologize.

        • “involving illicit contacts with Russian agents.”

          I still can’t tell if you’re low IQ, ignorant, or evil. You seem to be all of the above. You have no idea what you’re talking about. It isn’t illegal to talk to Russians. Presidential campaigns and administrations talk to all kinds of people from foreign countries. That’s part of the job. Show me someone going to prison because they talked to Russians.

        • Lying again, Liar49er?

          Miner49er May 19, 2023 At 14:33

          “Nice doublespeak, a criminal offense is a criminal offense, there is no such classification as a “process crime”, you’re just spouting bullshit.”

          Man with no name May 19, 2023 At 15:35
          “Even Wikipedia has a definition of “process crime” —

          In United States criminal procedure terminology, a process crime is an offense against the judicial process. These crimes include failure to appear, false statements, obstruction of justice, contempt of court and perjury.

          Process crimes are sometimes a basis for a “pretextual prosecution”, in which prosecutors bring process crime charges against a defendant in order to punish them for another crime for which a conviction is more difficult to obtain.

        • MINOR Miner49er. So what if no one when to prison as a result of the Durham Investigation? You don’t find that the FBI etc did nothing wrong? Try to read the Durham Report. It’s available on line for your perusal.

        • Not just the FBI. The CIA, President Obama, VP Future Puppet, Hillary Clinton, and all of their minions knew the truth from the very beginning. 50% of the country will never hear that, or they won’t believe their own lying eyes, like Miner. The weak-minded have been well-trained to only believe the leftist propaganda.

          The propagandists are hiding and obscuring the truth, just like they did in 2020 to help swing the election for the Puppet.

        • “Your quoted bold passage is total bullshit”

          Hey Miner, were you able to follow the link I provided and see that the quote was legitimate? How does it feel to find out the thing you’ve been cheering on for years was actually “total bullshit?” Are you going to change anything going forward, or are you perfectly fine with a tyrannical government that uses the power of the state to go after political enemies. You’re fine with it, aren’t you? If so, that would fall within the evil category. Are you okay with that?

        • I remember Miner falling for the Alpha Bank hoax back when it happened. He’ll believe anything they tell him as long as it aligns with what he wants to believe.

  5. It is amazing how many people in America truly believe it is perfectly acceptable for everyone (including elected leaders) to disregard established law.

    Democrats continue pushing things that are not legal then get upset when reminded of it.

  6. Problem is the Gun Owner whose silence allows Gun Control zealots to Define The Second Amendment for the public while barking like a mangy dog at Defining Gun Control according to its History Confirmed Roots in Racism and Genocide.

    The conditions are ripe for Gun Control to move forward like it did in WA, IL, CA, etc. Did Gun Owners, Gun orgs. or anyone stand to define Gun Control in those states? No and hell No.

    Obviously the Second Amendment is what Gun Control zealots want the public to believe. On the other hand Gun Control is not what the public preceives it to be. That
    should be clear when mobs of Gun Control history illiterates go around marching on state capitols begging for an agenda rooted in racism and genocide called Gun Control. Sounds sick because it is.

    • Still with the empty words no plan and preaching faulty history. Good luck with that and odd to find myself starting to see Cato’s point with you.

      • you and cato are one in the same…you really need to wear a propeller cap that says, “Don’t Slap Poop Spatters.”

        Instead of spinning and hiding behind children like the mealy mouth pervert you are you and your Gun Control lint licking ilk are welcomed to attempt to debunk The History of Gun Control anytime you wish…Hop to it.

        • LOL shove of you lazy thing prove your approach has any merit or path forward past your empty proselytizing. But we know you are worthless so go be useless somewhere else. And racisism is a mild byproduct at best. It has always been about power and control and you are as controlled by race as BLM so run along and do your masters bidding little miss controlled opposition.

        • Once again cato/void/turd whatever you prove yourself to be a gutless wonder. If you were not the gutless wonder you’ve proven yourself to be time after time you’d be busy debunking The History of Gun Control per my request.

          Again you are lost for words and the best you can do is spin and hide behind children…Like I said, gutless wonder and I mean, gutless wonder.

        • Noise and fury signifying nothing much like your magic words people should recite to keep away the gungrabbers. Come back when you have an argument more coherent than Dacian.

        • Every society in history had some sort of weapons control.

          Most societies in history were NOT multi-racial.

          Therefore, it may be hard to define one precise common cause for weapons control, BUT we can know for sure that it was NOT racism.

  7. “It’s almost as if political violence is exactly what she’d most like to see.”

    and she is seeing which is why more people are buying guns. The left wing prompted, promoted, facilitated, and endorsed BLM, ANTIFA, The militant Trans movement, and violent crime. its the political violence of the left wing she loves and wants.

  8. These are not advancements that have been made, we are taking ground back. If we can take back the Rights we had, then we are where we started.

    • Multi generational struggle was done to take them away now to see if we can beat their time.

  9. Maybe. Some would say Row did it for the pro-lifers.

    I’ve noticed people enjoy fighting harder when the battle is either an easy win or perceived as a lost cause. Quick to enjoy being on the winning team or free to never have to face up to the fruits of your labor.

    It’s those less glamorous, could go either way type battles people sit out. They’re too difficult and there are no guarantees.

  10. The calculus here seems to be that, as with abortion, the middle won’t hold in support of gun rights. The thinking apparently goes that increased “gun violence,” … will cause moderates to tip the scales in support for more limits on gun rights. To do something about guns. Or something like that.

    She could be right. The left successfully used the overturning of Roe as a bludgeon to batter their way out of a red wave last fall. The noise that they’re making over Bruen indicates they think it’s a winning issue, tantamount to taking away the rights of gun owners just as Roe “took away” their right to murder babies. And they’re all right with that.

    • They want to take away guns, for the children,
      but when abortion got returned to state control they lost their shit.
      They say gun control I answer with abortion control. They say women’s rights,, I say everyone’s rights. Really pisses some people off and I like that.

    • Oh BS. ProInfanticide or advocating for personal irresponsibility was/is not a winning issue.

      • abortion has its usefulness but not for birth control. personal irresponsibility is just …well irresponsible but the 2A is every citizens civil right.

        • Abortion has its usefulness? Only if I get to choose who gets aborted. And I’m talking post-partum abortion.

        • it does in cases of rape, incest, some medical issues but the post partum thing might be useful……..

    • no name,

      Well, i could have an interesting discussion with you about HOW MUCH of a factor Dobbs was, please do not overlook Mitch McConnell’s blatant treachery, and Ronna McDaniels’ absolute, blithering incompetence. There were MANY reasons why the “Red Wave” didn’t happen (including rampant election fraud).

      The rest of your comment? Thumbs up.

    • “the overturning of Roe as a bludgeon to batter their way out of a red wave last fall“

      Use whatever excuse you want, but the fact is the voting population of the United States rejected the Republicans during the midterms, in a stunning defeat.

      Much of it was related to the violent seditionist activity by the conservatives, another large portion was due to the Republicans unreasonable attempts to undermine democracy.

  11. A, It happened before the last election

    B, Dobbs returned an issue to the states, startling voters who had thought their pet cause was a lock. Bruen took an issue away from a state and helped push it back where the Founders intended – above dumbocracy.

  12. BREAKING – Pennsylvania State House Democrat controlled passes Red Flag Law and 3 other bills. Pennsylvania Senate Republicans are the only thing standing in the way !
    Next vote as soon as Wed. 5 / 24 / 2023.

    Bill # : HB 1018 – 731 – 714 – 338

    It is past time for Pa. GOP to go on offense and introduce permitless carry and other restorations , instead of only playing weak defense.

    • If republicans are a minority in the state senate they will need to do what republican senators are doing in Oregon. Don’t show up on the floor thus denying a quorum. That’s how it’s being blocked from passing here.

    • A state (of progs) that would elect a vegetable (Mr Potatohead) to the US Senate (and pretend to elect a faux President) is a lost cause.

    • PA has a democratic governor, a democratic house, and a left leaning supreme court…’s not a blue state…..not yet……




      Still unconstitutional, no matter what you “believe.”


      Some people mock themselves better than anyone else ever could.

    • gee whiz…. now the trolls are using the ‘NTexas’ name. almost ‘China broken English’ like this time but more illiterate.

      • Seems like the real NTexas to me. I think his caps lock and shift keys have been swapped.

        • no name,

          Nah, not swapped (then the letters that SHOULD be capitalized would be lower-case); somebody managed to permanently lock his “caps lock” key. Or he’s a moron who doesn’t know how to use a computer; take your pick.

        • He sneaked in a couple of lower-case Ts. But I believe that the proper choice here is “moron.”

        • no name,

          I had missed that (my bad). So he really is just a rude moron.

          You win (and we all lose, every time that idiot posts). NTexas is living, breathing proof that there are morons on BOTH sides of the gun debate.

  14. “their damned ‘Torah”

    “Satan’s chosen”

    Yes, Jesus was a member of gods “chosen people”

    And sadly, you as a gentile, are not.

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