President Joe Biden speaks at an event with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, left, and Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-N.Y., to discuss gun violence strategies, at police headquarters, Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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In his much-hyped visit to New York City this past week to meet with new mayor Eric Adams just after the funerals of two police officers murdered in Harlem, President Biden vowed to go after the guns. As if the guns were spontaneously shooting themselves — the same way the Left told us that the crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., was attacked “by an SUV,” as if it had not been driven by a violent career criminal, Darrell Brooks.

Biden’s mantra is guns. He’d be better off acquainting himself with a different g-word: gangs. The surge in urban crime, very much including violent crime, has long been driven by gangs.

Biden doesn’t want to talk about gangs for the same reason “progressive prosecutors,” whose rise to big-city power is underwritten by hard-left funding streams, don’t want to prosecute them — they overflow with young African-American males. Other ethnic groups, too, of course, but gangs and what passes for their “culture” influence the black community like no other, to the point that progressives long ago gave up confronting it, then gave up ignoring it, and finally settled on mainstreaming it.

Consistent with that approach, Biden and his party, which controls the Big Apple and other major cities across the nation with an iron political fist, pretend that the real peril is not gangs but guns — unless, of course, the “gang” in question is a police department.

— Andrew McCarthy in Biden’s Crime-Fighting Message Is Stuck on the Wrong G-Word

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    • And unfortunately the Libertarians liberals and leftists have agreed with the Marxist. A hatred for the nuclear family. And they all disagreed with the Christians.

      When the Christians said a father is necessary in the home.

      They don’t believe a Father’s Love and discipline are necessary in the home. And they support replacing the fathers with a welfare check. And they support replacing his guns with the guns of a big city police department.

      A police department (government) that will also be disciplining the children. Instead of the father.

  1. This will be the problem…prosecuting the suspects for “gun crimes”.
    Many times the gun element goes away…plea deals and such.
    The suspects get probation/monitoring instead of jail/prison time so it looks better on their records later in life for prospective employers.
    Many times they get multiple passes…unless a death occurs…then the public wonders why they weren’t more severely punished for past crimes.
    Well-meaning…but probably misguided?
    Many of these suspects are POC.
    Prosecution will result in even more POC in jail/prison.
    Do Biden and Harris have the guts to do it?

    • Instead of yesterday’s democRat Party slave masters using Blacks to pick cotton today’s democRat Party slave masters use Black Americans to harvest votes.

      Media fearing RINOs in congress stood silent for years and allowed the democRat Party to hang “Racist” around the neck of the Party of Lincoln. And in the process centuries of racist rot inherent with Gun Control was swept under the rug. Later Gun Control emerged looking like sugar and spice and everything nice and today Gun Control hides its rot behind the busy body face of shannon watts et al. Make no mistake about it…History confirms Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide that is being funded today with bags of mini weenie mike bloomberg’s money and media fear mongering.

      Black America has been played big time by the democRat Party and the media and placid, silent RINOs. Combined they have helped to turn so many Black Americans into history illiterate buffoons like whoopi goldberg. The results overall of such ignorance by propaganda is anger and frustration that should be directed primarily towards the democRat Party is randomly distributed in the streets resulting in weekend bloodbaths in major cities across America.

      Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party. Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk can go pound sand.

  2. Eventually their alt reality dissonance will come full circle and the destruction of language and relativism of definitions will result in: (white supremacy most “lethal threat” to nation) + (crime is a construct of white supremacy) + (“organized groups” committing crimes) = crips/bloods/stones/surenos/etc… are white supremacists therefore white supremacy is the reason for the crime surge.

    Unless the folks at Merriam Webster decide to put their foot down this will be the natural result of the progressive deterioration of language.

    What I want to know is what of the actual white supremacists? Aryan Botherhood boasts upwards of 20,000 members. It’s safe to assume 15,000 of them are feds. Won’t somebody think of the poor 5,000 genuine white supremacists that will be forgotten once everyone else is labeled a white supremacists in the name of woke crime-fighting?

    • Shire-man,

      “Aryan Botherhood boasts upwards of 20,000 members. It’s safe to assume 15,000 of them are feds.”

      That would have been great satire if it were not accurate. Then again, it seems life has become satire thanks to all the lies, disinformation, propaganda, and political persecution.

      • Well, we’ve heard from LifeSavor. Now can we get the perspective of someone who *isn’t * a cowardly, hate filled seditionist?

        • Nameless, brainless troll,

          Big talk, for a p****-ass drive-by halfwit. Write an actual post sometime, and dazzle us with your brilliance . . . or not, because you’re incapable.

          Go visit the cable. You’re too stupid to insult.

        • Hey it’s Attorney at Law Lamp. You’re not really worth my time, dullard. Go stare at your imaginary degrees. Or jumó off a bridge. In any case, please don’t slap another woman around.

        • So, never could get your GED, could you.

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

          Not that I ever have, or would, but we KNOW you couldn’t slap a woman – no woman would ever let you get that close to her. You are a serial onanist, because that’s your only option. That and doing drive-by, witless, pretend insults on a blog you only inhabit to stir up shit.

          What a pointless life you lead, namless, brainless troll.

  3. How pitiful, seeing all those officers sitting there with face diapers.
    At the same time, VaChina Joe is likely wearing an ass diaper.

  4. Agreed. Much of the violence that has occurred in these cities are due to gang activity. That and encouragement of theft and other “petty” crimes by the DAs that literally created a revolving door from the slammer back into the streets to do it all over again. Shameful.

    • You are absolutely correct, except for the “elect” part. How about “stand by while a Political Front for Organized crime steals an election and installs a puppet”

  5. I’m going to try and make today a good day.
    That may be hard to do as I’m extremely pissed off and mad about everything.

  6. Yes, I am very excited about the coming crack down on gang violence.

    The department of justice is closing in on the most dangerous gang of all, the Tomotley Estate Crew.

    I’d say federal prison for most of them, but under the UCMJ at least one of them is facing the death penalty.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    • Well, MinorIQ, I see you’ve abandoned your ridiculous, ahistoric, illiterate “Constitutional interpretation” attempts – credit where credit is due; they were getting stupid.

      So now you’re on to Senile Joe and the JCS and their insane conspiracy theories. Let me know how that works out for you . . . if all those dastardly conservatives and libertarians don’t come after you, first. Because we know how many innocent Americans they off, every day.

      Minor, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, boy. Do better, if you’re capable.

      • That’s right Fake Attorney Lamp, CPA, knows the TRUTH lol. What a complete joke you are. Nobody takes you seriously. Well, except for your estranged soon to be ex wife that you used to slap around like the cowardly bitch you are lol. Dur gO ViSiT tHe CaBlE 🤡🤣🤡🤣🖕.

        • Aww, isn’t that cute!! Our nameless, brainless troll continues to attempt to recycle playground insults (from before he flunked out of high school) and pretend the relevance.

          Dullard, you haven’t come close to insulting me, yet. First of all, an intelligent human (which excludes you) is aware that insults are like alcohol – they affect you only if accepted. The opinion of a witless buffoon such as yourself matters not to me. I do enjoy slapping your sorry ass around, when you show up to do your drive-by idiocy.

          Still haven’t gotten that GED, have ya? Figured out Balaam’s off ass, yet??

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

  7. And ALL pols – STOP starching, pinning, and arranging the colors as a political prop. I not Senile Joes handlers place the POTUS flag in front of the American flag.

  8. Biden and the rest of the civilian disarmament crowd just don’t seem to catch on to the fact that firearms do not walk around and shoot people on their own. Whether it’s the latest and greatest wondergun on the market, or a smooth bore matchlock blunderbuss, it always comes back to the person behind the gun. That is the problem that must be dealt with.

    • Oh they no gunms dont walk around on their own.
      It’s not so much the gunms, it’s the fact that the second amendment is part of the constitution and our bill of rights.
      Little by little ‘We the People’ will have none.
      Which I’m beginning to think has already happened.

  9. > Other ethnic groups, too, of course, but gangs and what passes for their “culture” influence the black community like no other

    This is just straight-up racism. This is exactly the argument made by Stormfront.

    What the fuck is wrong with you? I know what the fuck is wrong with Andrew McCarthy, but why do you re-present it?

    • Cool story bro now kindly dig up the demographic data on who gets arrested for gang related violence and let me know how relevant the Italian, Russian, Irish, Ukrainian, and various Islamic crime syndicates are for the current street violence in NY I will wait for your sources that confirm this is a racist and false assertion.

      • The groups you mentioned tend to be the more traditional Mafia model, such as Whitey Bulger in Boston. They tend to not do extremely stupid things, like have public gunfights over shoes or getting dissed. They are also horrible people who victimize thousands — they just keep it on the DL.

        • Funny how that works, now excluding racist accusations what other groups engage in street crime in any level close to gangsters who happen to be black?

    • The reality is the black community is fundamentally dysfunctional. Only people blinded by ideology like you can’t see that, or just blame it on white people. You can acknowledge that reality and be useful, or you can cover your ears and scream “RACISM RACISM LALALALALALALA RACISM”

      • > the black community is fundamentally dysfunctional.

        But this is an fundamentally racist statement.

        You should just own it.

    • Ooh, you’re so ‘woke’, jsled,

      The demographic data are irrefutable. You can suggest “oppression” as an alternate explanation for an incontestible FACT, but . . . that whole race card thing doesn’t even convince most Leftist/fascists, anymore. How about grow up and smell the coffee, Mr. Woke??

        • Hi, nameless, brainless troll! Still harboring your pretensions of relevance and delusions of gender???? Still making feeble efforts to insult your intellectual superiors?? Still trying to pick fights with people far more intelligent than you??

          Must be a pretty pathetic life you lead. If you’d managed that GED, you might have been able to get a job digging ditches, and leave the adults alone.

          Go visit the cable, it need to be micturated up. You are too stupid to insult.

  10. Drugs have been made legal. Or the laws against them are simply not enforced. And crime has not gone away as people said that it would. In fact crime has gone up.

    Because the vast majority of people who use drugs are incapable holding down a job that will pay for their drugs. So they steal in order to pay for their drug habit.

    Now the drug legalization crowd can just make it legal to steal as long as you’re stealing to pay for your drug habit.

    And that was what proposition 47 in California was all about. Or else why in the world would the drug legalization crowd support raising the amount of money that qualifies as a misdemeanor to $950???

    More crime is what you get when you enable drug use. Using drugs and maintaining a job is nearly impossible. It is a fantasy that the drug legalization crowd tries to tell everyone is possible.

    If you can use your drugs and not bother anyone else then there isn’t a problem. That’s on you.

    But that never happens in the end. Which is why New York city, San Francisco, and Seattle are sh*t holes.

    Where we can legally shoot dead on site drug users and drug dealers, who rob, rape, steal, murder, break into or vandalize private property. Only then will crime be under control.

    And it doesn’t help when you complain that the jails are overcrowded and demand criminals be released.

    • interesting points. what do you mean by drugs? does that include cannabis, alcohol, and prescription drugs legally handed out by doctors to those who can afford to pay?

      • Caffeine, nicotine, sugar.
        The problem with substance abuse is not so much the drug of choice but why one would choose it.

        • “Caffeine, nicotine, sugar.”

          It needs to be asked. Why is nicotine a drug that people have robbed and murdered another person to get?
          Answer. Because nicotine is one of the most addictive things you can take. And people normally don’t kill to get sugar or caffeine.

          But I do know that addicts of those substance will shoplift to get them.

        • Nicotine is heavily taxed by some governments, which creates a profit motive if you can buy low, transport, and sell higher. NYC taxes are almost $6/pack. If you can make $50/carton, a truckload becomes serious money. The illicit profits lead to territorial conflict and gang violence. It’s the same reason moonshining continues today when alcohol is legal, but heavily taxed.

      • Retail store clerks have been robbed at gun and knife point. For the cigarettes in the store. The robbers were not interested in the cash drawer. They wanted the tobacco. Which is a legal drug substance. So it would seem that, some tobacco addicts, are incapable of holding down a job. That would pay for their tobacco habit.

        • Ordinary people used to be able to buy all the cigarettes they wanted. Nobody went broke for a nicotine habit or passed up cash for cigarettes until government started “helping” everyone by driving tobacco companies out of business and passing punitive taxes.

          Not that I’m pining for the days when everything smelled like cigarette smoke…just saying the answer may not be so simple.

      • The drug legalization crowd does not believe the addicts should have to face the consequences of their out-of-control drug addiction. One of those consequences is being shot dead by someone, who they were trying to rob, to pay for their drug habit.

  11. A drug addict will commit any crime to get their drug. And their drug use has made them incapable of holding down a job, that would pay for their drugs. So crime goes up.

    Star Trek Moments TNG – Episode. – 22. Symbiosis. video 1 min long.

  12. This is not unusual. The Left does not want to talk about the REAL cause of crime. Guess what, Lefties, it’s not guns.

    • I was wondering that if it would be possible to supply everyone with there wants and needs would there still be crime.
      I believe the answer would be yes. Some people get a rush from stealing and killing.

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