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Stayce Robinson poses for a portrait in Decatur, Ga., with her AR-15. Robinson, 49, from Douglasville, Ga., is an entrepreneur and tax analyst for a software company. She also is among the ranks of the nation's black women who own a firearm. (AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)
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“I don’t think the government, police, or anybody will ever get a hold of the illegal guns,” said Janae Hammett, 37, Washington D.C. area resident. As we all know, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. If they’re able to respond at all. This has led to a massive increase in black women taking up arms and seeking (and providing) training in order to keep themselves and their communities safe.

From The Volokh Conspiracy over at (having been posted and reposted a couple times already, apparently):

Like many Black women in [the D.C. area] …, [Patrice Parker had] viewed guns for most of her life as the root of the violence that had wrecked countless lives in her community.

That changed, paradoxically, after her son was shot to death in a parking lot not far from her home. Exasperated with the police response and in despair over the sheer number of weapons on the streets, Parker decided there was only one way to protect what remained of her family. And that was to pick up a gun herself.

“I always felt like you needed to take the guns off the street. But the way things are now …. I don’t feel safe anymore,” she said. “You can’t trust nobody.”

Across America, Black women are taking up arms in unprecedented numbers…. Scarred—sometimes literally—by the firsthand consequences of gun violence and disenchanted with decades of urban gun-control policies that they regard as largely ineffective, some Black women in D.C. and other cities are embracing a view long espoused by Second Amendment activists: that only guns will make them safer….

As a child growing up in Southeast Washington during that era, Keeon Johnson learned to fear the weapons that routinely ended the lives of her neighbors.

“I wasn’t into guns at all,” Johnson said, “because we were told that guns were bad.”

Decades later, serving as the Democratic chairwoman of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Ward 8, Johnson began to wonder whether her faith in her party’s repeated promises of stricter gun control was misplaced…. [Eventually, s]he and her husband, Frenchie Johnson, … became NRA-certified instructors last year. Now they teach classes, catering specifically to Black people from D.C. and Prince George’s, out of their home in White Plains, Md….

One of their first students was Janae Hammett, 37, who had gone to elementary school with Johnson in D.C. and whose children’s father was shot to death in 2010. Given that history, Hammett said she was initially “on eggshells” around guns. But her comfort level increased the more she shot, and eventually she joined Johnson in forming the Second Amendment Sista Society, a club for Black women in the Washington region who are interested in guns.

Hammett said her transformation was driven, fundamentally, by desperation. Illegal guns, it seemed, were everywhere. If she couldn’t count on anyone else to protect her, why shouldn’t she legally own a gun to protect herself?

“I don’t think the government, police or anybody will ever get a hold of the illegal guns,” she said….

As a woman in a dangerous place, she had always feared she would be unable to defend her family. Her son’s killers were still out there. But with a gun, Parker felt less vulnerable, especially with the knowledge she had gained at the Choppa Community [a local gun range].

“They took the fear out of me,” she said.

Parker was waiting for the paperwork to come through on her concealed-carry license, and in the meantime she was trying to share her revelation with others….

The Second Amendment is for everyone.


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    • “…finally waking up in the truth of guns.”

      The truth of guns… the truth of guns…

      The Truth About Guns? I smell a business opportunity for a website with that name… 🙂

      • That website would be well advised to set up a Comments section that doesn’t hold or moderate every other post. 😉

        • But…the comments that are posted on this site do tend to quite a bit more liberally (small “l”) moderated than most other sites I’ve seen.

          Makes me wonder what they run across that is just too egregious even for them to approve.

          I get moderator holds from time to time but have never been rejected. I suspect it’s a bot that watches comments when the guys are out of the office.

        • Moderated about every third time (still don’t understand the soshullist thing but fuck is okay) but so far nothing deleted, and the post is up “kind of” quickly but sometimes the point is lost by then.

        • Agreed…Posted yesterday and it was moderated…Do not know if was allowed or not…yesterday is gone.

          On the other hand…The photo of the hapoy woman holding her AR really torques up Gun Control democRats and that’s a good thing.

    • That’s starting to change, and the momentum is starting to build.

      Even more so with the Spanish-speaking folks emigrating to this fine nation with the intent to become non-hyphenated Americans…

      • An important distinction needs to be made here. The people waking up are Latin Americans who are US citizens. The people they’re bringing here in droves are ready and willing to vote for the Puppet & Company if anyone would let them. That’s why they’re issuing ID’s, SS numbers, and trying to loosen voting restrictions. Recall that one of the first things Congress tried to do in 2021 was sneak in a provision that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be prosecuted for voting. Now why would they do that?

        That is the only demographic that has never majority voted for Republicans on a national level. We finally get to the point where it might be a 50-50 split or even a slight majority for Republicans, and what do they do? They import millions more in an effort to cancel it out. It isn’t time for a victory dance yet. The main priorities of this administration are to print money like crazy, destroy the domestic fossil fuels industry, and flood the country with illegal immigrants. They’ve been pushing for that since day one. There’s a reason for all things.

        *Also keep in mind that a national majority doesn’t matter in a presidential election. All that matters is the swing states. More Texas and Florida votes won’t matter if those states are already voting red.

        • “Recall that one of the first things Congress tried to do in 2021 was sneak in a provision that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be prosecuted for voting“

          Thanks for the rather entertaining amateurish disinformation attempt.
          Even Donald Trump knows you can’t trust Ted Cruz, his nickname for him was “Lyin’ Ted”.

          “Facts First: All of these Cruz claims are false. There is no basis for the claim that the bill is intended to register millions of undocumented immigrants to vote. The bill does propose an automatic voter registration system, but its text repeatedly makes clear that only US citizens would be eligible to be registered under the system. It is just not true that the bill would register anyone at all who interacts with the government or that the bill directs people to break the law to register noncitizens.

          What ‘automatic’ means and doesn’t mean

          Automatic voter registration does not mean that everyone living in a jurisdiction is automatically registered if they have any dealings with the government. Rather, it means that eligible citizens are proactively registered unless they opt out, rather than requiring them to opt in. More than a third of US states already have automatic voter registration, and there is no evidence that undocumented immigrants are being registered to vote in large numbers there.“

        • As you said Miner, “Thanks for the rather entertaining amateurish disinformation attempt.”

          Where did I say anything about registering them to vote? I specifically said they wouldn’t be prosecuted for voting.

        • MINOR Miner49er. Oh, come one now. We both know you Leftists are the greatest propagandists ever. Seems you have a problem with the truth. Your Leftist Congressional minions did make an attempt, feeble as it might be to give illegals the vote. They certainly did try in NYC where they were shot down by a State Supreme Court Justice with a set of balls who threw out that Leftist attempt to stuff the ballot box.
          Sorry, but I caught you lying again.

        • “Since enactment of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, federal law has prohibited noncitizens from voting in federal elections, punishing them by fines, imprisonment, inadmissibility and deportation.[3][4][5] Exempt from punishment is any noncitizen who, at the time of voting, had two natural or adoptive U.S. citizen parents, who began permanently living in the United States before turning 16 years old, and who reasonably believed that they were a citizen of the United States.[3] The federal law does not prohibit noncitizens from voting in state or local elections, but no state has allowed noncitizens to vote in state elections since Arkansas became the last state to outlaw noncitizen voting in 1926.“

          How interesting, our great grandfathers allowed non-citizens to vote in both state and federal elections:

          “Beginning in Wisconsin in 1848, the country witnessed a resurgence of voting by declarant immigrants. Michigan and Indiana soon enfranchised immigrants, followed in the 1850s by Kansas, Minnesota and Oregon. Politicians supported immigrant voting to gain electoral support from newcomers that was seen as necessary for statehood, as well as to attract European immigrants. These immigrants were on a path to citizenship, and the law granted them rights and responsibilities making them closer to citizens than foreigners.“

          And people being ‘People’, any non-citizen who has declared their intention to become a citizen, is a member of the militia and has all the enumerated Second Amendment rights as any citizen.

        • There is a major difference between those who go through the process to enter the country legally with the intention to become a citizen and the hordes of individuals storming our Southern border (and the millions already here) looking for all the free shit they can get while placing a financial burden on our Healthcare, Education and Welfare systems, but hey Legal/Illegal they’re all the same, right?

    • My thoughts exactly, but as Geoff says, they are waking up in droves and realizing they’re being used.

      • They’re being used as if they were a condom, and discarded immediately thereafter. (This is a perfect analogy).

    • Even AFTER they have died and then even if they are cremated, they STILL manage to cast at least one in-person and a couple of mail-in ballots.

      • “Even AFTER they have died and then even if they are cremated, they STILL manage to cast at least one in-person and a couple of mail-in ballots.“

        How true that is, it seems Republicans are all too willing to commit election fraud:

        “A man who once described a ballot being cast in his dead wife’s name as “sickening” and was cited by the Nevada Republican Party last November as evidence that massive voter fraud swayed the results of the 2020 presidential election has been charged by prosecutors with voter fraud.

        According to a lawsuit filed in the Las Vegas Justice Court this month, the man, Donald Kirk Hartle, voted his deceased wife Rosemarie Hartle’s ballot. At a November press conference, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Consevative Union, named Rosemarie Hartle as one example of the “hundreds of dead people” he said had voted in the election in Clark County. The Nevada Republican Party also cited Hartle’s interview with KLAS Channel 8 in their voter fraud allegations.

        Hartle told the TV station, which first reported the lawsuit, that his wife died at 52 from breast cancer in 2017 and that no ballot ever came to his house, despite a ballot for her being issued and received by the county.

        “That is pretty sickening to me to be honest with you,” Kirk told the TV station at the time.

        Hartle has been charged with two category D felonies, according to the criminal complaint. Both are punishable by a prison term of up to four years, as well as a fine of up to $5,000.“

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation
          You are truly a one trick pony; you will spend hours digging for ONE instance of a Republican transgression (OBTW: you missed four other Republicans prosecuted for the same thing… slipping?), yet you ignore the hundreds/thousands of attempts to cast ballots for DEAD Democrats and THEN you sit and wonder why no one takes you seriously.

          Just too many to list them all but I hope this will help the next time you feel the need to be “informative” about a subject

        • MADDMAXX August 2, 2022 At 12:17
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          Been THREE hours, CMON MAN../

        • Maddie, thank you for the links!

          Your first link, New York post, has an article about to dead voters in NYC. I wonder how that works out when one considers there are 5 million registered voters in NYC? That’s an error rate of .0000004%.

          “The Staten Island Republican Party, which is closely scrutinizing absentee ballots, flagged the two records to The Post and is referring the matter to the police and Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon’s office“

          Your second link for the AP seems to be invalid:

          “PAGE NOT FOUND
          Thank you for visiting The page you’re looking for has moved or no longer exists. Please use the search feature or the navigation menu to find the information you need.“

          Your third link (Newsweek) shows that an attempt to register dead voters was found before any ballots were ever mailed, much less cast. The system seems to be working:

          “Broward County Supervisor of Elections spokesperson Steven Vancore told Newsweek that no mail-in ballots were requested or cast under the fraudulent voter IDs. Almost all of the applications were flagged as suspicious and turned over to the Broward State Attorney’s office for investigation.“

          Your fourth link from ‘signal’ doesn’t really prove anything, do you understand what the word ‘alleged’ just actually means? Do you understand that only votes actually cast count towards the election?

          “EXCLUSIVE: 26,000 Dead People Still Registered to Vote in Michigan, Lawsuit Alleges
          Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / November 03, 2021“

          The ‘free beacon’ link is not helpful either, it also discusses registration and not actual cast votes. But regarding the votes it did find:

          “PILF further found that nearly 15,000 registrants were credited with voting after death in the 2016 and 2018 elections.“

          Considering 139 million people voted in the 2016 federal election, even if every one of these was a fraudulent vote 15,000 would be an error rate of .0001%.

          Sure, bad actors from every party have tried to commit voter and election fraud. But the numbers are far too small to produce any measurable effect on the outcome.

          Maddie, you might consider actually reading the links before you copy and paste them into a comment, it would save you embarrassment.

          In other news…

          “First Jan. 6 defendant convicted at trial receives longest sentence of 7 years
          Guy Reffitt was a recruiter for the Texas Three Percenters who was found guilty of coming armed to the riot, threatening his children and leading a mob that broke in to the U.S. Capitol

          By Spencer S. Hsu and Tom Jackman
          Updated August 1, 2022 at 3:57 p.m. EDT|Published August 1, 2022 at 9:45 a.m. EDT“

          “Guy Reffitt, a recruiter for the right-wing Three Percenters movement in Texas, was convicted March 8 of five felony offenses, including obstruction of Congress as it met to certify the 2020 election result, interfering with police and carrying a firearm to a riot, and threatening his teenage son“

          carrying a firearm
          carrying a firearm
          carrying a firearm


      • MINOR Miner49er you are damn right we comment on your illegal voter harvesting schemes.

    • And that scares the hell out of the political Left.

      Good. 🙂

      • Personally, I think it’s a wonderful development.

        But I’ll pretend to be scared if it makes you feel better

        • You can say whatever you want to. But the white Left is terrified of black people with guns. It is the white left that is responsible for the growth of gun control. And its white Republicans who bought Liberty to black people, and everyone else, creating constitutional carry states.

          And as I remember you were against constitutional carry coming to your state. That makes you a racist as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Good for her, though it’s a pity her revelation had to come after such a tragedy. No amount of Far Left utopian dreaming will change the darker side of human nature which consumes some in society, and disarming the public only disarms those who aren’t the problem anyway – criminals will just break new laws with the same enthusiasm they break all the others with, and the strong (along with the State) will just keep preying on the weak. A gun levels the playing field and makes successfully engaging even the weakest potential victim a much more dicey proposition. Being her own first responder empowers her far more than any ridiculous talk of “equity” and other nonsense. Train well, new fellow gun owner.

  2. There is nothing that a Leftist Scum ™ despises and hates more than someone who has suddenly realized that guns are nothing to be afraid of.

    Their whole house of cards begins to collapse when someone decides to take the personal safety of themselves and their family into their own hands.

    (I find myself attracted to women a bit on the plus size. Ms. Robinson is kinda hot… 🙂 )

  3. I’m happy to more ‘people’ arming themselves for their own self protection. The more women in general, the better. A persons race/color means nothing to me. One way or the other. What absolutely does matter is the vote they cast.

    Being a gun owner does NOT mean voting Republican. Being a member of the NRA doesn’t mean that either.

    Personally, I’d like to see LESS focus on race across the board. It’s unnecessary and conveys the wrong ideas. Regardless of subject.

    • Made for a useful distraction when attention was on the bank bailouts a decade+ ago though.

  4. Good for her and other women like her.
    Note, I am not a biologist, but I still know what a woman is.
    How she votes, that might be changing seeing some of the crazy that has been coming out of the far left that has taken over the Dem party.
    I have a Dem friend only due to his company being union, but thinks the Dem policies are WTF!

  5. walking south behind a gal wearing a skimpy halter and fishnet pants aaannd nothin’ else, all kinds of jiggle hangin’. so foolishly i start capturing some lo- fi 3g slider fone footage to share with my knuckle heads… never seen anything like it. voice from parked car (young gal), “excuse me, i don’t think you should be doing that.” not liking my response she continued, “well i’m gonna call the police then.”
    as if they’d be there in 45minutes if she reported shots fired. i guess the horn dogs would respond if she gave an avid description, in any case that’s apropo of the mindset of the incensed. i hope she has a gun, i doubt it.

  6. For all the alleged “female empowerment” over the past 60+ years I still speak to many women who readily admit to feeling vulnerable and afraid as if it was the natural condition of being a woman. Most of them balk at any suggestion they take steps to get a handle on that fear. They won’t take up training unless it’s of the “cardio” variety, they won’t pick up a weight for fear of becoming “bulky” and they really don’t want to hear about guns.

    Women really are imprisoning themselves and the way they readily hand over what little territory they may have to dudes in skirts isn’t helping.

    • Well my chocolate bunny is perfect. Too good for me,beautiful beyond belief(at 62)& she’s a good shot. Registered republican(I’m not) and loves JESUS too. Her mother had a shiny revolver and no problem with gunz too. Y’all white boyz get kinda goofy…this’ll probably get moderated.🙄

      • Naw, “white boyz” and “chocolate bunny” are okay, but If you added Soshullist to one of them then yes, you would be in moderation time out, just spent 4 1/2 hours there myself… Enjoy your upgrade, got one myself…

    • Fear of being othered by groupthink. Lot harder to go against the group for most women as being alone historically meant shorter life for women moreso than men. Probably the reason most social media does everything it can to limit and shutdown gun groups.

  7. I’m surrounded by neighbors with guns. No one lives in fear around here. No one calls the police when they hear gunfire unless they just moved here from some urban hellhole. I live in the county, so you hear people practicing often.

    “I don’t feel safe anymore”

    Go on. What changed after St. Floyd’s death? Who was responsible for that change? You’re almost there, but I don’t feel confident that you’ll figure it out.

  8. First it was “arming teachers.” Now it’s arming black women. Is this really a good idea?


    This is why we need to arm students. The only thing that can stop a bad teacher with a gun is a good student with a gun

    I started letting my son carry a knife to school when he was 10. When he got to high school, I gave him a S&W 43c .22lr j-frame. Once he got his driver’s license, I let him carry a p365. He prefers the 12-rd mag with a spare 15-rd. He knows the school is a non-permissive environment, so concealed means concealed. He worked out a strategy with an attorney for a plan if he gets caught by the school. I feel much better knowing my child has 28 rounds of +P Speer gold dot on him at his “diverse and vibrant” public school.

    In our house, we believe in freedom. We live it. In my state, someone can carry on their 18th birthday. Doesn’t it make sense to have them learn to do it at home? In a safe environment? If you trust your 16 year old to drive a 7000lb SUV, but not to carry- you are delusional and anti-gun.

    -stop calling people that believe in the drafters of the Bill of Rights (not the constitution, which replaced the very good Articles of Confederation) racists

    -stop calling me a democrat because I don’t support the gun control laws you want (restricting children from concealed carrying)

    -most teachers are fat LGBT+ groomers; arming them is dumb. They will shoot your white Christian son for “hate speech”

    -arm the children. If they are old enough to have babies, they are old enough to carry. If they are old enough to drive, they are old enough to carry.

    -if you do not support allowing children to carry, you are promoting gun control.

    -I am not a troll, I am just probably more right wing and more pro freedom than you if you don’t like what I’m saying. If I offend you, go move to Canada or California with your they/them life partner.

    • If you believe in freedom, truly believe, then you would encourage all, regardless of gender, race or religion to be armed. Questioning if arming black women is a good idea doesn’t show a great belief in freedom. Questioning the arming of American citizens is what dacian, miner, pelosi, soros, gates, bloomberg and that crowd do, Are you part of that crowd?

  9. What we see here ladies and gentlemen is a glaring example of the principle that, “Reality is a harsh mistress.” Many people who trusted government and law enforcement to somehow keep them safe all their lives are finally realizing that is a fantasy.

    My entire life I have lived in “nice” areas with incredibly low crime rates. I have actively avoided “stupid people/places/times”. And, through absolutely no fault of my own whatsoever, I have been the victim of or an immediate observer of no less than eight attacks where the defender was legally justified to use deadly force in defense of innocent life. Humans were responsible for six of those attacks and dogs were responsible for two of those attacks.

    Many of us have heard the maxim, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” The truth of the matter is that law enforcement is virtually NEVER there to save you from a violent attack. Saving you is up to you. Plan accordingly.

  10. Live in the heart of the liberal Bay Area CA. Gun stores and ranges here are swamped by POC. And a large change that has happened on the ranges are the women. Used to be a woman on the range was brought by her boyfriend or spouse. Now I see women alone or in groups with no men involved.

    Women gunning up. POC, ditto. It’s looking more and more like dacian is going to die a virgin.

    • We are now largely shut down re processing new unrestricted pistol permits (concealed carry with registration of all pistols you own on the card) per the governor’s tantrum at some counties processing hundreds (possibly thousands) of permit upgrades (need a permit similar to the above just no carrying outside of home/range/hunting) once they figured out the judge/sheriff’s opinion of the application was irrelevant. These will remain shut down until the new training requirements are defined and started up (have till April 1st 2023). Yet most county clerk’s are still swamped with the basic level pistol permit for new owners and additional purchases for current card holders. Most of the new basic permits are still women (going on 2 years now) and increasingly more hispanic and black as we go. We are going to run out of range space before we run out of gun owners.

      • Yes. We can use more range space here. It takes hours to drive to public land areas just to target shoot. When I make that trip it is to hunt.

        If the wild fires don’t run us out.

      • Now you see why Constitutional carry with zero permits is the way to go. Besides, when you get a “license to carry” you have basically informed all police that you own a gun and you may be treated differently whenever you are stopped while driving. Some will disarm you, as if you were a criminal, just because you got a “license to carry.” Now does that seem right? No.

        • Hilariously NY permits are largely county only in terms of who knows so when pulled over there is no notice to the officer. We are more in danger from journalists FOILing the records and posting searchable maps online of who has a permit. Welcome to NY enjoy your schizophrenia driven legal system.

    • I’ve noticed a big change in the staff at gun stores. More women behind the counter. And the gun store I purchase mostly from is owned by a woman. She is the sole owner. She was raised by a father who taught her everything about guns. She has been in business for over 20 years now.

  11. “[Acquiring proficiency with and owning firearms] took the fear out of me.” — Janae Hammett

    Firearm ownership reduces fear and dependence on government. And that, in a nutshell, is why Democrats oppose firearm ownership and the Second Amendment.

    Note: the less fear someone has, the harder it is to manipulate, deceive, and/or coerce them into compliance with your objectives, which happens to be the go-to modus operandi of the Democrat Party.

  12. An armed society is a much more polite society. I’m glad we a moving faster in that direction.
    It’s also a society were you will have much less government in your life.

    • That isn’t what I’m seeing. What I see is that the people of the United States own and possess more guns right now than ever before in this this country’s history while at the same time we have more government more directly involved in more lives than ever before.

      • I don’t expect that there will be a huge number of new Republican converts. There will be Converts. But I do expect that we will have once again in our society pro-gun Democrats. The new democrat gun owners will start to see that the pro-gun Republicans were correct. And I believe they will eventually force a change in these democrat-controlled cities.

        When the Democrat leadership ordered the police to stand down and let the cities be burned to the ground. And innocent people murdered where they stood. Those memories are going to be in the mind of the Democrat voters for a very long time to come.

        Right now most leader Democrats see the Second Amendment only for hunting. But the ordinary Democrat voter is now starting to see the Second Amendment for what it is. For Protecting yourself against criminals. And the founders of this country did not make a distinction between a government Criminal and an ordinary Criminal.

        They let loose criminals on the streets. When they emptied the jails. That is why crime is up. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left or all responsible for that.

  13. I’ve heard the idea that an armed society is more polite. I don’t think that is true by any means. A Christian society is a more polite society. The black and white hood culture has shown that armed thugs are by no means polite, but ready to shoot at a moments notice.

    A reasonable fear of dying and going to hell because of your wicked lifestyle used to be propagated in a Christian country as America once was. But we’ve now had almost 60 years of total indoctrination in public schools telling children there is no god, having removed prayer and the Bible from the classroom and increasing indoctrination into all antichrist philosophies. These include lies about history, science, government, life in general, people and basic human nature. Any crazy and evil thing you hear about today going in public schools is supported by communists, if not directly pushed by them, because it is antichrist. Christianity is the natural enemy of all things communist.

    • “A reasonable fear of dying and going to hell because of your wicked lifestyle“

      There is nothing reasonable about a belief in any particular deity.

      ‘Reasonable’ involves reason and evidence, not faith, described as “a belief in things unseen”.

      • As you flaunt your hatred of Christianity, just like your diverse, accepting, and inclusive brethren, it probably never occurs to you that you have faith that God doesn’t exist.

        • “As you flaunt your hatred of Christianity“

          No hatred of any particular Christian, just the negative actions that have been taken by so many ‘Christians’ or ‘Muslims’ or ‘Druids’ or what have you.

          “it probably never occurs to you that you have faith that God doesn’t exist.”

          Not at all, I don’t say there is no god, I just am not convinced that any God(s) exists because no one has presented any credible evidence.

          I don’t know if Bigfoot or alien abductions exist, I have seen very little credible evidence to support those particular beliefs.

          But there is more credible evidence for Bigfoot or alien abductions, there are actual living eyewitnesses who have testified as to their experiences.

        • just the negative actions that have been taken by so many ‘Christians’ or ‘Muslims’ or ‘Druids’ or what have you.

          A little light read for you Miner:

          You realize (of course you do since you ARE the alleged intellectual know-it-all) that “atheists” (including various communist regimes around the world) fall in as a close second to those dreaded Christians in mass murder racking up between 100 and 150 million deaths. Apparently, one does not need to be either a “theist” OR an “atheist” to be a crazed mass murderer. Apparently, people are people no matter what they do or do not believe

        • “…you have faith that God doesn’t exist.”

          And, he’d be hard-pressed to prove a universal negative.

        • Madeline, thanks for the link!

          Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, it just took me to their generic homepage.

          But I did find a nice quote from Christopher Hitchens:

          “Stalin was an atheist and Hitler probably wasn’t, but even if he was, the bottom line of the Stalin/Hitler debating point is very simple. Individual atheists may do evil things but they don’t do evil things in the name of atheism.”

          It wasn’t the atheists who came up with the concept of blood atonement, they never tortured or burnt at the stake scientists who questioned their religious dogma and the atheists have no holy book that commands them to kill unbelievers, unlike the Christians:

          Deuteronomy 13:6 – “If your brother, your mother’s son or your son or daughter, or the wife you cherish, or your friend who is as your own soul entice you secretly, saying, let us go and serve other gods … you shall surely kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death”

          I’m sure there’s a similar verse or three in the Quran as well.

        • Okay Minerva: I tried to at least give you the respect of not going to name calling but you just could not resist. Here is the article in its entirety, enjoy

          Atheism and violence.. How did atheists make the world’s most important massacres and wars?
          9/17/2021, 7:17:16 AM
          Belief in God or atheism is not a reason in itself for committing massacres, as much as the laws and the ideas and interpretations that follow them, and the behavior that follows them, are a motive to justify the killing of innocents.
          When dealing with the issue of atheism, there is a common mistake, as the writer Abdullah al-Andalusi explains, which is the belief that atheism is opposed to religion, but the truth is that atheism means belief in the non-existence of God, and its opposite is theism, i.e. belief in the existence of God.
          Accordingly, Al-Andalusi points out that belief in the existence of God or not believing in his existence alone does not lead to a change in behavior, but behavior changes negatively or positively with what follows these two ideas of cosmic visions, sayings and belief systems.
          Thus, the state of belief in the existence of God does not represent a direct cause for the existence of the cosmic vision, as these visions do not stem from the abstract idea of ​​God’s existence, but rather must be based on religion and the various laws subsequent to this belief. The same applies in the case of atheism, as the cosmic vision emanates from materialistic philosophies that exclude divine intervention in the universe and the determination of our destinies as human beings, such as communism, social Darwinism, fascism, and so on. Al-Andalusi confirms the above by saying: “There is no believer who is killed in the name of (the presence of God), but he is killed in the name of religion. Likewise, there is no atheist who is killed in the name of (the non-existence of God), but an atheist kills in the name of materialistic philosophies and cosmic visions that he believes in according to his atheism”[2] .
          The philosophical relationship between atheism and the crimes committed by its adherents was summed up by the American writer Dinesh D’Souza: “The crimes of atheism were generally committed through an arrogant ideology that sees man as the creator of values, not God. By using the latest technologies of science and technology, man seeks to displace God and create a secular paradise here on Of course, if there are some incompetent people, they must be eliminated in order to achieve this virtuous city (paradise), this is the price that atheist tyrants – and those who apologize to them – showed their willingness to pay, and here they confirm Fyodor Dostoevsky’s saying “if not There is a God, so everything is permissible” (3).

          History judges..atheism is not innocent

          In the same context, Navid Sheikh, professor of international relations and lecturer at the British University of Kiel, published an interesting study entitled (The Death Count: A Statistical Study of Political Violence in World Civilizations)[4] in which he reviewed all the wars that took place between states, including Civil wars, ethnic and collective massacres, and other violent events, whose death toll exceeded 10,000 in one event, to read these events that took place from the first year AD to the year 2008 AD.

          Sheikh was able to count 276 huge violent events during this large period of time, then he classified the world’s religions into 7 major religions and civilizations: atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hindus, Islamic, primitive, and Chinese. Putting according to his classification, each violent event in his civilization, with the number of dead in each civilization. The results of the study came in an interesting way, as the Christian civilization came to the fore as the largest cause of the harvest of human lives, and was immediately followed in the second place by the atheists civilization with a harvest of more than 100,000,000 dead, and the number of victims, according to the study’s estimates, may reach 150,000,000 dead! This is in complete contradiction to the propaganda of the non-stop atheistic peace paradise, which claims that it is a lofty message that came to save people from the violence of religions.

          The communist countries represented the harshest model that adopts atheism. The communists in Russia and then in neighboring countries embraced the solid historical materialist belief, and it became a general doctrine for the country and the people, and because of it terrible crimes were committed against human beings, in Russia, China, Cambodia and others.

          The “Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror and Repression”, which was published in 1997, was documented by a group of academics who decided to research the number of victims of anti-religious communist ideology.

          The first mass massacres in the modern era

          “I command you to burn everything that is flammable, and to put the sword on every neck.”

          (One of the generals of the French government during the Vendé massacre[5].)

          Many historians consider the Vendéen genocide of 1793 in France to be the first genocide in modern times. After the French Revolution, some sectors of the French people began to revolt against the new secular government, and the government met these rebellions with brutal and immediate repression. In 1793, some peasants in the Vendi region began demonstrating against the grinding economic situation, and the religious Catholics allied with them, so the “Enlightenment” government applied very brutal policies to them, as a result of which more than 6,000 prisoners were executed, most of them women, children and the elderly, and more than 3,000 women were drowned in Water, infants were trampled under the feet of horses, in addition to burning homes, homes and farms completely.

          By 1796 AD, the total number of dead, according to some statistics, reached about 500,000 people who had their heads burned, drowned, slaughtered, or run over under the feet of chariots and horses.

          Despite the lack of fame of this event, British history professor Alan Forrest says that “so far the West remembers these massacres as a struggle between peasants and Catholics on one side, and between Republicans and atheists on the other side” [6].

          Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning, killing these people was not in the name of atheism, but in the name of enlightenment, freedom and rationality[7].

          It is worth mentioning that in 2007, a number of French parliamentarians submitted a bill requiring the French Republic to recognize the crime of genocide in Vendée and take responsibility for those atrocities[8].

          So far, the French government still refuses to acknowledge this tragedy.

          Hitler and Darwinism

          “The support that I receive from Germany is the basis for which I hope that my theory will triumph in the end.”

          (Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species)

          When Charles Darwin published his book (The Origin of Species) in 1859 AD, it was immediately translated into German and was widely accepted by the German cultural community.

          Germany was at that time ready to receive the Daurian ideas because of the prevalence of three parallel intellectual trends: the first is Scientific materialism led by Ludwig Feuerbach and Karl Vogt, and the second is Dialectical Materialism and its most prominent pioneer Karl Marx, and the last is the Hegelian Right [9].

          These intellectual currents prepared the appropriate cultural ground for receiving Darwin’s evolutionary ideas, not in their scientific aspect, but in their social employment, which is based on the fact that humans and other mammals are the result of what he called natural selection, that is, the blind struggle in which the fittest survives, and the least fit dies as a result. .

          “In the not too distant future, the civilized races will exterminate and replace the savage races around the world.”

          (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Man)

          Just as politicians and material interests employed ideas for their endeavours without any moral consideration, so did Dorn’s ideas create a new generation of political leaders, social thinkers, and scientists, with what they saw as a biomaterial justification for German domination around the world, as history professor Richard Weckart notes: “Darwinism alone did not Nazism produces, but without it, neither Hitler nor his Nazi followers would have supported their brutal atrocities with sufficient scientific evidence to turn them into moral actions.”[10]

          The religious position of Adolf Hitler appears to be a mystery at first glance. On the one hand, Hitler stated in more than one speech that he was a devout Catholic, but on the other hand, he was a true believer in social Darwinism, a philosophy steeped in materialism as it is known.

          Hitler was not killed in the name of atheism, but he was not killed in the name of God as well. Rather, he was killed in the name of social Darwinism, which is a cosmic vision related to atheism, not to the existence of God, as it is a philosophy based on the negation of any role for God in the universe and therefore excludes the construction of any cosmic vision that considers that God has Interfering with the universe from near or far. He says, “The German doctrine of the brutality of natural selection based on fatal competitive struggle is the bible of German thinkers.” Thus, it appears that either belief in God or atheism is not a reason in itself for committing massacres, as much as they represent the laws and the ideas and interpretations that follow them, and the behavior that follows them as a motive to justify the killing of innocents.

        • “there are actual living eyewitnesses who have testified as to their experiences.”

          I have personally experienced a supernatural intervention. I know I’m not the only one.

        • “I have personally experienced a supernatural intervention”

          Dude, I don’t doubt your sincerity, I’m sure you believe you experienced a truly supernatural experience, beyond the material world.

          Unfortunately, there’s no way to demonstrate the difference between a true transcendental supernatural experience, and normal events of the human brain.

          It’s all about ‘agency detection’, we look for the agent controlling what we’re experiencing, and if we can’t find one we invent one.

        • I wasn’t trying to offer that as proof for you that God exists. I was just responding to your bigfoot comment.

        • I read your linked article.
          From the article:
          “Research suggests that a highly active right-brain hemisphere may cause someone to be particularly susceptible to improbable beliefs.”

          That made me wonder if they would “scientifically” explain away transgenderism, and tell them it was all in their head. I looked around on the site. Nope, they prefer to humor the trans and go along with the charade. This is my surprised face.

      • MINOR Miner49er. Just because you don’t believe in the wonders created by God, doesn’t mean we all have to wear blinders.

  14. To Miner49er: It is entirely reasonable to believe in a Creator with ability, understanding, and power and wisdom beyond any man. This world could not exist without such a Creator, nor would your or I.

    He had his prophets and others write a book which we know as the Bible. It is the most widely read and sold book in the world in nearly every language. Within that book God explains who he is and what he is like and how he sent his own Son to earth to bring his good news to men: a way they might escape hell and punishment for their bad deeds, which everyone has done. This is entirely reasonable and beyond. It is goodness and mercy toward his creation.

    Those who reject his goodness and mercy will surely not be allowed to dwell with him after this life, but be kept in an eternal prison, which very much resembles what man does to criminals in this life. Again, not unreasonable. He also left witnesses and continues to do miracles of salvation for millions who listen to him and confirms it by mighty deeds and changes of heart and forgiveness of their sins which they can feel and experience, along with his mighty love and peace and joy.

    Those who hate God reject all such reason, which is the height of unreasonable reaction.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

      “It is entirely reasonable to believe in a Creator with ability, understanding, and power and wisdom beyond any man“

      That’s quite the claim, and as you have made that claim, the burden of proof is upon you. What credible evidence do you have to support your claim?

      “This world could not exist without such a Creator, nor would your or I“

      Would you be kind enough to share the evidence that underpins your assertion?

      It’s not that I don’t believe in a god, it’s just I’m not convinced there is a God because I have seen no credible evidence.

      “He had his prophets and others write a book which we know as the Bible“

      Another extraordinary claim, how do you know ‘He’ wrote the Bible?

      “It is the most widely read and sold book in the world in nearly every language“

      Yes, the ever popular ‘argument from popularity’. And there are millions who are convinced Allah is the one true God, that is just as empty of an argument.

      Christians once claimed that the earth revolves around the sun, and killed and tortured those who believed differently.
      Just because a delusion is widely shared does not somehow give the idea validity.

      • Perhaps if you re-read your Bible your will see the support for my statement. Barring that, simple logic dictates that great intelligence is needed to create living beings who can procreate, along with all the vegetation and animals, etc. that are needed to sustain life for all living creatures and the atmosphere and other conditions necessary for life to be sustained and continue. God continues to support his creation, regardless of men who are blind to that reality.

        It is illogical and without scientific support that complex living beings or even simple life forms like bacteria can start by accident or chance. It is just not possible. Statistical probability bars that from consideration. Chance or “nature” has no will or intelligence to do anything, even though evolutionists “believe” they do. Their faith is by far the most inexplicable, as there is no reason or logic behind it. It is a blind faith indeed.

        Modern genetics has shown that greater genetic information can not come from lesser life forms. It is outside the possibility of reality, yet that is what evolutionists believe. I suspect you are one of them. Their religion is without explanation, except that people are already set in their minds against God and are quick to embrace godless explanations that are labeled falsely as science.

        • “It is illogical and without scientific support that complex living beings or even simple life forms like bacteria can start by accident or chance. It is just not possible.“

          I would be interested in understanding what credible evidence you have to support this statement.

          “Their faith is by far the most inexplicable, as there is no reason or logic behind it. It is a blind faith indeed“

          Evolutionarily biologists do not rely on any sort of faith, the conclusions and theories they develop are based entirely upon observation and evidence.

          If you would, I’d like to ask a question that I think the answer will prove illuminating.

          How old do you believe this earth is?

  15. black women for the last decade

    “Ohh the cops ACAB”
    “OHH the racist cops shoot my poor unarmed baby (who was armed with a pistol with a 45 rnd mag!)”
    “the cops are killing us!” (while doing or saying nothing about the BLACK gangs really doing all the shooting each night)

    “I always felt like you needed to take the guns off the street. But the way things are now …. I don’t feel safe anymore,” she said. “You can’t trust nobody.”

    well you did this to yourselves!!!!!!!!!
    lay in it and ROT for all I care!

    • Soooooo, would you like to share how you REALLY feel about this? Or are always this restrained? Cmon Man.

  16. I’m always happy to hear about other law abiding Americans becoming new POTG. Welcome to the club ladies!

  17. I am increasingly seeing more and more self-declared atheists. Saying they would much rather live in a Christian Society. Than an atheist one. I call that progress. We in the Christian Community are winning.
    Read the bible and learn about rightious gun use. And you can read about gun control in the bible as well.

    • At least Christianity provides a moral framework.

      China had a moral framework based on Confucianism but the CCP destroyed that framework in attempting to modernize the country. Without a morale framework, greed, graft, corruption, nepotism, and cronyism became rampant and is causing the country’s decline.

      • They don’t like anything being above the state. There’s a reason there are more atheists in eastern Germany than in western Germany.

  18. I hope that young lady understands her new tool may be taken away depending on how people vote. I proudly used my constitutional rights and went to the range today followed by casting my vote (while armed) what a country! FJB

  19. MSR,
    I was just playing around with some of my gunms and honestly I’d be more afraid of me if me was shootzing one of me’s bolt action riffles with some of the scopes they’ve got on them.
    Fudd on. — no that’s fish on by Primus possum, back on track..–
    30rnds in 5 sec or one shot that threads the needle at 525yrds.
    I’ve shot a few deer,with a few calibers, 5.56 is in no league with .243, or within 50 yards .44 mag , trajectory has 5.56 over 30-30, whapem not even close .
    I could go on, 270, 06, .260, 250savage(yeah buddy).
    The 5.6 ain’t nothing but a 222magnum, devolved expressly for varmints ( as my girlfiend would say,”So what do you call them cocksluckers running around at 4 in the morning, I WANT A VARMINT RIFLE, shes a good cook and teepee life is good so I guess she gets the Mini.
    Still, I wouldn’t want me shootzing at me with a scoped bolt action.
    Fudd on, 100lb Sturgeon on 20 lb test

  20. Moderation jail sucks, it’s kinda like the nuthouse, am I going to get out or not, ,,,,,it was cocksluckers wasn’t it.

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