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Comedian Dave Chappelle visited San Francisco last week to perform. “What the f—k happened to this place?” he asked, declaring that the whole city has morphed into its infamous Tenderloin district. “Y’all … need a Batman!”

It’s no joke.

Crime statistics posted by the San Francisco Police Department show that both property and violent crimes are on the rise. The most common crime by far is larceny theft, which the SFPD defines as the “unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another,” like shoplifting.

In San Francisco, as in many other American cities, footage of thieves brazenly helping themselves to merchandise in supermarkets, drugstores and other retail establishments now regularly appears online.

Some civic leaders have leaned into the lawlessness. Progressive prosecutors like former San Francisco district attorney George Gascón and his successor, the since–recalled Chesa Boudin, implemented policies under which misdemeanors would not be prosecuted, felonies would be downgraded to misdemeanors, and radical bail reforms would keep offenders on the streets.

San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston, a “Democratic Socialist,” is proposing legislation to prohibit retail security guards from simply unholstering a gun to protect property. He states it is “entirely unacceptable that our local law includes drawing a weapon to respond to protecting property… We need to make sure that our local law is crystal clear that a security guard cannot draw a weapon to protect property.”

section of San Francisco’s Police Code, enacted over 40 years ago, currently prohibits any “armed guard” from drawing or exhibiting “other than in a holster [,] any handgun except in lawful response to an actual and specific threat to person and/or property.”

The flashpoint prompting this new measure is the fatal shooting of Banko Brown, an alleged shoplifter, during an altercation with a drugstore security guard, after the guard stopped Brown from leaving the store with merchandise. It’s debatable whether Preston’s amendment would have any bearing on such situations. According to news reports, the guard stated that Brown had repeatedly threatened to stab him, although police didn’t find a knife on Brown.

San Francisco’s district attorney, Brooke Jenkins, has declined to file criminal charges against the guard after an investigation determined that he “acted in lawful self-defense when he fired his weapon at Brown.”

One obvious difficulty is it’s not always clear when and whether such confrontations will escalate to threatened or actual physical harm, especially when dealing with the mentally ill or those under the influence of street drugs.

A spokesperson for the Retail Industry Leaders Association says that aggressive and violent retail thefts are on the rise, as these crimes are intensifying exponentially: “It’s getting more brazen, it’s getting more violent, and … it’s caused in part by the lack of accountability that these criminal actors are being held to.”

The association’s report on the impact of “organized retail crime” (professional shoplifting and other theft in retail stores) reveals an “alarming spike” in violence. Over 86% of retail asset protection managers surveyed indicated that an organized retail criminal had verbally threatened bodily harm; nearly 76 percent reported that an organized retail criminal had actually physically assaulted an associate; nearly 76 percent indicated “that a criminal has threatened the use of a weapon,” and over 40 percent said that a weapon had actually been used to cause harm.

poll of San Francisco’s own small-business community this year revealed that despite crime being common, the major issue respondents identified wasn’t “shoplifting /retail crime” itself but “increased public safety concerns as a result of disruptive behavior.”

San Francisco homeless street
(AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

One owner commented that “the mental illness on the streets has hurt our ability to keep staff, we don’t get prompt response from police, and we are consistently boldly shoplifted which hurts morale.”

Supervisor Preston’s website hails him as “a longtime neighborhood advocate, defending small businesses,” yet legal “solutions” like his ignore the actual businesses being victimized in the epidemic of theft and other crimes and the ripple effect on the broader community. Why is it “entirely unacceptable” to allow a licensed guard to simply draw a weapon in response to the commission of a property crime, including serious felonies like auto theft, arson, or burglary?

San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston  (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Retailers and residents already have no expectation that criminals, including repeat offenders, will be charged and prosecuted. Even the limited, potential deterrent effect posed by the presence of an armed security guard is restricted under current law, because the onus is on the guard to show that drawing a gun was a “lawful response to an actual and specific threat.”

Not everyone is blinded by “progressive” notions of public safety. Tech entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale was incredulous, responding to Preston’s new law with, “SF leaders are basically openly inciting robbery. A security guard damn well can defend you and your property with a gun, in a free country. I’m worried for my friends and colleagues we left behind in this lawless city.” Twitter executive Elon Musk added, “If security guards can’t protect stores, offices, homes or themselves from violent criminals, who would remain in San Francisco?”

As the City by the Bay unravels into a vast open-air drug market, it’s not too far-fetched to predict that the next move from lawmakers will be a law that prohibits guards from drawing a weapon in any circumstances. After all, there’s more than one comedy act in town.

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  1. I wonder if that applies armored bank vehicles…. I mean it’s only paper right🤣🤣🤣

    • It is, after all, only property. And since felonies are reduced to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors are not prosecuted, armed robbery of an armored car of thousands of dollars, even millions, does not justify drawing of a firearm or the use of deadly force, right?

      • San Francisco will not have a police force. Probably within the next two or three years. The cop haters are going to get their wish. And the people who don’t support the police will get their wish. There will be no police in in the city of San Francisco very soon.

        “Why San Francisco Police Are Not Responding to Calls | Joel Aylworth”
        45 min long

    • be interesting to see what would happen if a mob went after an armored truck…the only gun I saw in London was on the hip of an armored car guard…

      • “be interesting to see what would happen if a mob went after an armored truck…”

        OK, let’s game this one out. A mob deploys something (hydraulic, perhaps?) that flips an armored truck on its side, helpless to move. The mob descends on the truck, surrounding it.

        The folks inside will push a button to push calling for help. Let’s call it 10 min. for armed law enforcement to arrive.

        What exactly can a mob do in 10 min. to enter the truck? Those things have gun ports inside for the guards to make it a very costly price to pay for that mob.

        What in 10 min can that mob do?

        • Are you or most semi sane persons going to put themselves at risk from a mob to protect other peoples money for chump change wages? Be honest about it.
          While I and many other veterans have had some training in improvised weapons etc. it isn’t all that hard to get the armored truck open. The truck disabled becomes a pill box. Those same firing ports can also be used from outside to inject pepper spray, or some more dangerous substance.
          If the truck is turned on it’s side as suggested above, approach from either the bottom or roof angles and be out of the line of fire.
          Thermite is not hard to make and will cut through the armor in short order. Likely to kill the guard as well.
          Biggest problem would be the Feds. Armored truck robberies are treated the same as bank robberies. The Feds never stop looking for you. Just shows where the true importance is from law enforcement and government. Steal from abusiness, even corporate stores, or kill someone and you might get away with it if you’re smart. Steal from the banksters or bureaucrats and you will be hunted forever.

        • Ten minutes? I think it’d take longer for a response. But that depends on a bunch of factors–known unknowns if you will. But I’d argue that a lot can happen if ‘someone’ has really planned this out.
          Smoke and fire–applied in strategic locations–can probably induce the occupants to willingly exit and surrender their cargo.

        • Just set off a diversion on the other side of town, small explosion a little fire, a lot of injuries… If you’re going down for robbing an armored car what’s a little arson, some illegal fireworks and bodily injuries… Probably plead down all the extraneous bullshit anyway…

  2. You reap what you sow. It is only a matter of time before the people leave, the stores leave or the police and guards leave. This is not a tenable situation.

    • How many small business relocated or shuttered because they couldn’t afford both the losses and the increased insurance premiums?

      Pr0gressives take note, and this includes lil’d and miner. Businesses have to BUY the stock they sell and the difference between the purchase and selling price has to pay for staff wages, rent, utilities, and other costs. The shop’s profit margin after these costs is at best single-digit percentages.

      This is called economics and accounting. Something l3ftists tend to fail at.

      • Nah, Southern,

        Their ideology and fantasies control over reality, dinchaknow? If they BELIEVE hard enough, it will happen – just ask them.

    • {People escape from the crime-ridden inner-city}

      “This is not a tenable situation.”

      You couldn’t possibly be more wrong. To a ‘progressive’, those are mere inconveniences to the ‘Elect’ (a phrase coined by John McWhorter, who votes democrat).

      The Elect aren’t impacted by the violent crime, living in their protected gated enclaves. They will proudly sit on their high horses and watch everything literally burn around them, breaking their own arms patting themselves on the back, smiling amongst themselves and congratulating each other as to how ‘progressive’ they are towing the party line… 🙁

  3. I hate to be dense, but isn’t it generally a crime in most states to use a firearm to protect property?

    • Not in the free world. Personal property rights being the foundation of Western value of freedom.

    • You have the right to use a firearm–or any other weapon–to defend your residence from a burglar, whether or not that burglar actually threatens harm, because an intent to harm is inferred. Even states that require a retreat when faced with an imminent threat of harm (if able to do so) generally do not require you to flee your home.

      I swear, these proposals are not only insane, they threaten anarchy.

    • NO!! In fact, in Florida the “Castle Doctrine” (gives you the right to use deadly force in protection of life and property) extends to your personal vehicle, in other words attempted carjacking COULD get you the room temperature award with no repercussions to the property owner…

    • Depends on how you define property. States are different, I don’t know California law. I do know this: in any state, if it’s an occupied house, and someone breaks into the house, that’s not seen as an attack on the house but an attack on the person or people inside. That’s the highest level of defensible property for most people. What about a business? What if you take one footstep out of your house or business? What about your front yard? What about your empty car in front of the house? What about a fancy diamond necklace? With 50 states you have lots of variables at play. Some states are more strict than others.

      Texas is the only state in America that allows the use of deadly force for defense against the taking of tangible, movable property. The classic example is Joe Horn, who shot and killed a robber stealing a TV – not his TV, but his neighbor’s. He wasn’t charged. That was 15 years ago. Could someone get away with that now? I don’t know. More recently, Kyle Carruth in Lubbock. I don’t know if that was a classic defense of property case, but he killed a guy who wouldn’t leave his front porch. He wasn’t charged. You can’t simply shoot someone in Texas automatically over defense of property, you need to clear a number of hurdles. But people definitely clear them. Or a grand jury ignores them. Sometimes we’ll never know. I live in Texas and it’s not worth it for me to risk a gunfight unless my life is in danger.

      The less value the property, the harder it is gonna be for you to defend your use of deadly force in any state. Juries don’t value things like they value lives.

      • Even CA permits deadly force to protect your primary residence. Believe it or not, CA’s history (since 1850) is most conservative, and the core of our defense/gun law was enacted many decades ago and favors the defending party. Nearly all the madness has happened within only the past fifteen or so years, and most of our gun control laws have been declared unconstitutional at one point or another. This frustrates the Dems here.

        A person in CA may use deadly force if an adversary attempts to destroy it. For example, if a group of “protesters” assembles on the street in front of my home (doesn’t even have to be my property…the public street still provides access for an attacker to get close enough) and one of them is holding a bottle with a rag hanging out of it, as soon as he presents a lighter, it can be reasonably assumed that his intent is to create a “destructive device” for the purpose of burning my home, and the law states that I may protect my home by any means necessary, up to and including deadly force.

        • Yeah, no state *outright* prohibits the use of deadly force inside the home. We haven’t gone full North Korea there yet. There are variables at play in that situation, depending on your state, plus it can get more tricky once you are outside the four walls of your house.

          I know from reading/listening to Andrew Branca extensively over the years that California, like you said, started off with solid gun rights. Sucks they make everything else about firearms ridiculous now.

      • This is why certain states allow criminals to steal from local stores. All this really does is destroy a community.

    • Is there a state in this country that does not have armed guards guarding property?

      I mean, if these kinds of things are illegal than I have to ask what the point is in any human living there?

    • didn’t see any evidence of use of a non-lethal weapon…baton, taser, pepper spray…aren’t they permitted to carry and use these?….

    • “…isn’t it generally a crime in most states to use a firearm to protect property?”

      Google the “Texas after dark rule”, and discover that in the rural areas in Texas, protecting private property with lethal force is legal.

      Hell, here in Florida, you are free to use lethal force against someone inside your home you didn’t invite is stealing from you…

    • no name,

      Read the other responses. Mostly, the issue of when you can legally employ deadly force is a state-by-state issue – and the states are all over the map on that.

      On the basic issue of use of deadly force, California law somewhat conflicts with actual practice, but, generally speaking, in KKKalifornia, you can ONLY employ deadly force when you reasonably consider yourself in danger or death or serious injury (and good luck with not getting prosecuted for even a righteous shoot!). Combine that with KKKalifornia’s “duty to retreat” doctrine, and you’re pretty much screwed. One of the MANY reasons I left that Leftist/fascist s***hole.

      Most states have some variation of a “reasonable apprehension” of harm standard. The really rational ones have adopted “Castle Doctrine” and “Stand Your Ground” laws. Fat chance that will happen in KKKalifornia.

  4. CA can do that but a disarmed armed guard isn’t going to be very effective at their job and is ultimately worthless.

    • I bet the criminal class is leaping for joy at the prospect of ‘flash mobs’ descending on businesses and cleaning them out… 🙁

      • You might be surprised what the criminal class thinks. Most of them feel the same as we do, they don’t want their stuff stolen, either.
        The criminal class does not support rapists, baby diddlers, and/or wife beaters(hard fist types).
        Sadly, possession of a baton in Ca can be a felony. You have to be trained in its use, licensed to use it, and I believe on the job at the time.
        We must remember that it was Republicans that made most of the anti gun laws before 2000. The “woke” Democrats are taking a stand against guns because they want total control.

      • rt66paul, You might be surprised to find out there are two or even three distinct groups within the “criminal class.” Thieves constitute one “class”, while there are psycos and sex offenders in the 2nd and third.
        Here in NY, it is also a crime although a misdemeanor to possess a “baton”. No licensing for batons or training.
        And for your final comeuppance, Republicans were not the ones who made the most “gun laws” before 2000.”

  5. Let me ask this again: Isn’t it generally a crime in most states to use a firearm to protect property?

    Not a house while you’re in it; not a car while you’re in it. I mean, your stuff.

    • I don’t know about other states, but definitely not in Texas, as explained above.

    • no name,

      No, not at all. Many states (not all, and maybe not even a majority) take the rational approach that someone who is trying to steal your property is willing to commit violence to do it (Gee, no s***, Sherlock!!).

      Some states (including KKKalifornia), even in cases of actual physical harm, require “proportionality of response” – meaning you can’t use more force than the assailant. So a 90 pound woman trying to fend off a 200 pound rapist tearing her clothes off can’t pull a gun and cap his sorry @$$, because – rape isn’t deadly force. Stupid, I know, but that is the law in KKKalifornia.

      If you live in a slave state (someone on this forum introduced me to that label, and I love it), the rational assumption is that, IF you employ “deadly force” (not limited to guns, by the way), no matter HOW righteous the use was, expect to be prosecuted. And in that case, the process IS the punishment – an average murder or manslaughter defense in Los Angeles used to cost a couple hundred thousand bucks, at least. If you win? Yeah, you get nothing back.

      The Leftist/fascists are big on both incrementalism and “layered defense” – “OK, you’ll force us to let people carry guns, but watch what happens if they EVER use them.” Just sayin’.

  6. This is exactly what the libertarians liberals and the leftist have wanted. They say there are too many people being locked up.
    Well they got what they wanted in San Francisco and other major cities that are run by democrats.

    Let this be a warning to anyone who follows what the 3 L’s advocate for. And that includes the drug legaliz@tion crowd. They support stealing so addicts can pay for their habit.

    • Um, basic cost of production for morphine – US$.21 (twenty-one cents) per day for even the sickest cancer patient.

      Legalized dope is cheap. Really cheap. That’s LEGALIZED, not fake legalized, as is practiced in places on the US.

      • If you don’t have the money to pay for your dope? You will steal to get the $$$ in order to pay your drug dealer.
        That is how the real world works.

        The only thing that drug leg@liz@tion crowd accomplished was to lower the price of drugs. For people who have no money in the 1st place.

        I left forgot the 2nd part. They made it legal for drug addicts to steal. When they raise the level of a misdemeanor up to. $950.

        The drug legaliz@tion crowd does not believe in the concept of private property rights.

        • Nobody pays “two bits” for anything… Most addicts habits run into the hundreds of dollars daily… Gonna need a fat checkbook…

        • @madmax

          Are you?being deliberately dense?

          Most of the traditional chemicals of concern are agricultural products and are cheaper to produce than beer. In a LEGAL environment.

        • So, who the FUCK is talking LEGAL environment, YOU were discussing a scumbag STEALING to buy DOPE, you can’t but Dope for “two bits” nobody gives a flying fuck about how much it costs to produce, THAT is not what it costs the poor dumbass on the street that sucks that shit into their lungs or shoves it into their veins, you can’t possibly be that naive or that stupid…

        • MAXX,

          ” . . . you can’t possibly be that naive or that stupid . . . ”

          Never underestimate the stupidity of Leftist/fascist. He(she) may very well be that stupid/naive.

        • He(she) may very well be that stupid/naive.

          The absolute reality of that possibility was evident in IT’s last statement, unfortunately I have no time for that level of stupid, it’s like trying to explain to dacian the many errors and obvious omissions in one of IT’s “edited” copy/paste rants… Let the fool prove my point in 3….2….1….

        • mad lamp

          damm yall write stupid shit. I take it your local 711 had a sale on your favorite fake beer?

          Or are you just here to make it like all gunowners look like dumbasses?

        • The government could give out free (or very low cost to the patient) Morphine to people that otherwise stayed out of trouble and it would save bushels of money, so that police could work on other things. Opiates have a physical dependency that will force an addict to do crazy things to get.
          Cocaine and meth are a little different, it isn’t physical until the addict is so torn up that it is obvious and will be caught soon.
          This is the point XZX was trying to make.
          This was done in the UK and then Maggie Thatcher came out about how immoral it was. There were no people selling Heroin or Morphine(UK supplied Heroin).
          This was the beginning of the war in Lebanon. There were 3 distinct factions channeling dope directly into the UK, the punks sold it on the streets, the old timers bought it and it got a whole new generation hooked.
          It appears that the UK is trying it again.

        • to rt66paul
          The Libertarians said the solution was to simply make drugs legal. Well what they didn’t tell people, was they wanted to enable drug use by making it legal to steal. So addicts would violate the property rights of everyone in order to pay for their drug habit.

          Now of course it’s a government solution the Libertarians want. Going back to government paid for drug rehab. Government operated injection centers. When Libertarians worked to make drugs legal and also help to enable the government to make drug abuse even worse.

          The drug legalization crowd are deceitful Liars.

        • to rt66paul

          My parents worked in drug rehab in the 1970s. I remember the methadone clinics back in those days. Trying to wean people off of heroin.
          The Libertarians said the solution was to simply make drugs legal. Well what they didn’t tell people, was they wanted to enable drug use by making it legal to steal. So addicts would violate the property rights of everyone in order to pay for their drug habit.

          Now of course it’s a government solution the Libertarians want. Going back to government paid for drug rehab. Government operated injection centers. When Libertarians worked to make drugs legal and also help to enable the government to make drug abuse even worse.

          The drug leg@liz@tion crowd are deceitful Liars.

        • The marijuana lies. Marijuana is now part of “big pharma”. And “big marijuana” is now a big lie.

          “The Dark Side of California’s Legalization of Marijuana | Heidi Swan”
          36 min long

        • rt66paul, Pure unadulterated BULL SHI*! Making drugs free or at a low cost degrades human beings. That “sir”, is a proven fact.
          Take a good hard long look at San Francisco?

  7. The one and only reason for the existence of government is to protect people fairly. How useless is a prosecutor who won’t prosecute? And a government that won’t fulfill its obligations?

    • Texican,

      Oh, they’re all busy prosecuting/investigating their political opponents. As far as the Leftist/fascists, the Deep State, government, and the MSM are concerned, that IS their job. Locking up violent criminals? Nah (unless they are right-wing, of course).

      • Locking up violent criminals? Nah (unless they are right-wing, of course).

        Not so much CRIMINALS as any white conservative leaning legal gun owner who dares to act in defense of him/herself or others…

        • MAXX,

          Oh, YEAH, them to (by choice, if possible), but “wrongthink” is much more to be pursued/harried than mere violent crime.

        • “wrongthink” is much more to be pursued/harried

          That will be the job of the next level AI… Scour the internet to search out those who speak out in disagreement with the powers that be and identify and silence them…

        • MAXX,that g

          Better watch yo’ @$$, boy! They can “monitor” me all they want (even though it is as unconstitutional as hell), but . . . if they want to play that game, sooner or later the rubber has to meet the road.

          One of my sons and I have a running argument – if there is an ATF “stack” outside your front door, which option would be more likely to kill/maim more of them with one shot? – your .47-70, or your .338 Lapua Magnum?

          I think I will hold off on a final determination until I get a chance to do some field-testing (wish I could throw a .50BMG into the mix, but I haven’t got the shekels for a decent rifle, let alone the ammo).

  8. Fuck you San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston. We don’t condone your shit in MS. Fuck around and find out!

  9. Those people ignoring the guard struggling with the criminal.
    Despite being feeble I could not live with myself to do nothing. At least do a foot strike at the ganglia so he can’t walk a while. I’m sure I’d be sued etc.
    For now, I will stay away from urban dystopias.

  10. For those that don’t know it this is coming to the City of Chicago. Go look up the brand new incoming mayor’s proposals. For dealing with the crime problem in Chiraq.

    You’ll be able to see the results in four years. When this guy gets re-elected. By the majority white s0ci@list pr0gressive voters.

    • The 3 L’s will create their utopia. They’re just like the soviets. Only better because they will make socialism/Communism “work”. They will show the world that it “actually works”.

      “Why California Is Passing Laws That Don’t Make Common Sense? | Melissa Melendez”
      video 33 min long

  11. Kinda hoping SF continues to self-destruct. Kinda wanting more liberal/progressive fantasy laws to hasten the decline. Kinda hoping the entire state falls into utter chaos, becoming a moonscape of abandoned and derelict properties of all kinds.

    But wait…..

    Before you pile-on, I would like to see SF and Californication a veritable desert on one condition: leftists, socialists, statists, despots, communists, and non-US citizens are prevented from migrating into the other US states and territories.

    • Sam,

      BUILD THE WALL!!! I know there are (a few) good people in KKKalifornia, but they should just GTFO – I did, and I had to move away from my kids, whom I love dearly. Won’t live in that s***hole state (SF is the worst example, but there are others (Berkeley and Oakland, Sacramento, and a few others), but SF is basically a concentrated dose of what KKKalifornia is turning into. The whole state will get there, soon, if the Dimocrats have their way (and in KKKalifornia, they most certainly will!).

      My plan is to wait until the whole place melts down, collapses, and then (assuming I live that long), go back and buy some property in a BEAUTIFUL state, dirt cheap. Probably not going to live that long, unfortunately. Meanwhile, I am living somewhere sane.

      Given recent events, I am pondering the wisdom of the whole “let it burn” philosophy. If they want stupid, let them find out what stupid gets them.

      • “My plan is to wait until the whole place melts down, collapses, and then (assuming I live that long), go back and buy some property in a BEAUTIFUL state, dirt cheap.”

        I’m hoping Californication becomes a forever uninhabitable wasteland; a place where no one wants to buy the dirt.

        • MADDMAXX May 23, 2023 At 07:18
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          leftists, soshullists, statists, despots, communists, and non-US citizens are prevented from migrating into the other US states and territories.

          Yeah, THAT’LL happen… NOT!! Only problem with your scenario is that should it ever happen the Feds will start throwing your Grandchildren’s tax revenue at it to try to save it…

          Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT the dreaded MODERATION!!! Fuck that…

        • Sam,

          Trust me, I stand behind NO ONE in my disdain for the s***hole that KKKalifornia has become, but . . .

          If the current Leftist/fascist government finally dies a well-deserved and long-overdue death, I would love to take you on a road trip to see what California really is – stunning mountains, redwood forests, incredible coast (both great beaches and breathtaking cliffs), a couple of gorgeous deserts, an amazing flood plain/valley (that was once the most productive-per-acre agricultural land in the world), and (I would argue) the best climate in the world.

          Nothing wrong with the state, it’s just the people who run it. As I’m fond of saying, “God blessed California – then he put a bunch of morons in charge”.

    • MAXX,

      Nah, he’d be released without bail . . . unless he beat up a Leftist/fascist.

      • unless he beat up a Leftist/fascist.

        Pretty much what Batman does… Anarchists, Marxist dictators…

  12. Then What’s the point of having the Guards with the guns then? Just get a stature with a mean face, it’s the same thing.

    • a dog might prove useful…these are provided to the guards who patrol the isolated fracking drilling sites…

    • the gun is there to protect people from being harmed by others…not protecting property, theoretically…although when it comes to cash in the register that is open to question…these stores need to change their model if they want to survive in this climate and stop letting people inside…free access allows them to come in and take what they want…..

  13. The idiotic people in gov’t want’s to protect the criminals, while businesses leave and crime goes higher, then they Complain about the more crime, lack of business, less funding and don’t have answers. the Real Problem is the VOTERS who Keep voting these idiotic people in. THEY are the ones that Continue the problems

  14. Pittsburgh has a black mayor, a gay soon to be appointed police chief and a Soros-backed candidate for the DA’s office…looks like they’re following the same path as other urban centers…homeless people all over, black kids shooting up the place and businesses leaving

  15. Why even write up and post articles/stories about the crime problems in San Fran, LA, DC, Chicago, Baltimore, etc??? We all know it’s bad and getting worse. Waste of time and bandwidth.

    Maybe if things start to turn around, or if the people start to take back their cities. Otherwise, anything goes for the criminal, no recourse for the would-be law abiding.

    We get it.

    • Can bandwidth ever be wasted? Is there a shortage of bandwidth that I haven’t heard about? If we run out of bandwidth, can we create more? Inquiring minds …

    • News flash-

      Local (Des Moines) ABC affiliate news chick just reported that shootings are DOWN in Des Moines so far this year as compared to 2022.

      GEE, maybe the gendarmes and courts here taking the bad guys off the streets makes a difference. Wouldn’t want that to get around…

      As per wasting bandwidth: don’t you read a lot of the posts around here and the internet?

  16. Vigilante groups will soon rise in these cities. That will be the beginning of SHTF.

    • A co worker spent time in Brazil back in about 2000. Their poverty had created a large number of street boys. The shop keepers got annoyed with the toilet problem. They made an association and paid the police to solve the problem. The police poured alcohol on them where they slept and burned them to death. The moral of the story is that yes, when things get bad people get dark.

    • Catboss,

      Paul Kersey, where are you when we need you?

      Sure, it’s easy to “go overboard” when things get dark, but . . . if the government won’t do it’s one, UNQUESTIONABLE Constitutional duty/obligation? What are the options? Move away from the insanity (and let them die in their own hole), or take up arms and exercise your INHERENT right to self-defense. Not seeing a “third way”.

    • consider the nature of the people who populate these cities…basically a bunch of pencil-neck geeks and queers….do they have the grit to assert their will and get personally involved?…that remains to be seen…

  17. Anyone who claims that this proposed law doesn’t give the criminals a free hand need to have their heads examined.

  18. Ahh yes… the birthplace of Whole Foods. And ironically – the first place to close down Whole Foods lmfao.

    I saw a video of some male Karen in LA who jumped out of his KIA because he saw a trash can on fire and the whole time he’s ranting and yelling at people around him to help and about caring for his community while on hold with 911 lmfao. He has a YT channel filled with that kind of crap.

    Newsflash: Lost cause in those areas. You will be over ran by a mob no matter how big your arsenal or level of care is. No sympathy for people who stay there willingly thinking they are the last line of defense or some shit. You are not some operative deep within enemy lines, you are an idiot too complacent to know when to retreat.

      • these stores need to charge a fee for entrance…basically a cover charge…which is then refundable on your first purchase…

  19. My gunm is like a monster, when ever it comes out of its holster it kills somthing.
    That’s why it stays in its holster unless a bigger monster scares it out.

    • Sure, as long as you have the funds on deposit to cover.

      (“I can’t be overdrawn — I still have some checks left!”)

    • Only under $950.00, AND you’ll have to convince them to let you take WITHOUT using a weapon…

  20. “If the current Leftist/fascist government finally dies a well-deserved and long-overdue death, I would love to take you on a road trip to see what California really is…”

    I would not shed a thought of a tear, if Californication was covered in a foot of ash from a suddenly active volcano.

    That said, I enjoyed my assignments to the state: Merced, Walnut Creek, San Diego, Long Beach, Victorville, Fairfield, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Benicia, El Segundo, Es Condido, L.A. San Francisco (“the City”), not so much. While mostly a pleasant experience, I was always glad to leave. With no employment to be concerned with, no reason to return.

    I have to agree….build a wall.

  21. I saw a British documentary about 20 years ago where they gave free heroin to “accredited addicts”. The two cases they picked I remember well. A woman who they took away her baby from due heroin use and the fact she earned money by having sex in alleyways. The male had near zero kidney function as his dealer mixed concrete into the heroin and this not only destroyed the vein he picked but also blocked his kidneys. The doctor said yes sure he’s dead in three weeks anyway. In interview “how do you get your dope money” response “I’m too sick to attack regular people and I can’t run so I push old ladies down and take their purses”. Cut to a map of where hips were broken and several women had died as a result and his apartment was in the map centre. Anyway he had no veins left so he smoked pure heroine given free. Doc says he will be dead in two weeks or less, now with pure heroine. Fast forward, the guy is looking almost human. Guy asks “ I don’t want as much, give me less”, the doctor was speechless “ a junkie wants less heroine?!?!?”. The guy says he’s bored, all he does is eat (buys food with welfare), and lies in bed stoned.He no longer killed old ladies. Doctor explains that heroine isn’t very toxic and tends to kill by OD or constipation. Street heroine is a mix of poisons. The prostitute cleaned up utterly and was given partial custody. So this may have been propaganda or maybe accredited addict programs can work if administered with common sense. In my personal opinion drugs should be administered to hopeless addicts inside a facility and never handed to them.

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