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BCB International Ltd is a British company that makes non-lethal products for people facing lethal danger. For example, their “Blast Boxers” protect the private parts of soldiers facing a life-changing encounter with an IED. BCB also designed the little cannon above to stop Somali pirates from boarding commercial vessels—without all the legal and political messiness of blowing them to bits. The Buccaneer Launcher (a.k.a.,“Somali Stinger”) uses compressed air to fire projectiles at the bad guys. The range of potential projectiles includes smoke, a line to snag the pirates’ props, nets (a la Batman), ice and a “shell” packed with golf balls, which will travel up to 600 yards at up to 450mph. If that doesn’t work, captains can always deploy one of the company’s Kinetic Impact System cannons. Or, legally speaking, not.


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  1. Personally, I don’t believe non-lethal weapons are warranted. The pirates aren’t using non-lethal weapons. They will KILL their captives. Screw political correctness. They are PIRATES. Deadly pirates! IMO, there is only one good way to dispatch them. I think a deck-mounted .50-cal machine gun is a good start. Got to fire one of those once in the Navy (USS Independence). But, I was just shooting at garbage in the water and making “picket fences.”

  2. Oh, great. I can’t wait until the Navy replaces all its missiles with beanbag guns.

  3. According to Patrick Kennedy, we are responsible for the fact that there are pirates to begin with because we did not love them enough when they were babies and we exported our evil, violent culture to them. So no, we are not allowed to kill them. Kennedy is developing a round which will shower the pirates with love and kindness in the form of heart shaped candies and teddy bears. If they continue to attack after being hit with the Americanization Suppression System (ASS) round, then it is our fault and we should let them have whatever they want, as long as Kennedy feels better about himself afterward.

  4. whatever happened to the good old days when your could just string up a pirate for being a pirate?

    • True. Why doesn’t this thing just fire concertina wire and razor blades…

  5. Yes, let’s angry the deadly pirates by throwing golf balls at their heads. That’ll make sure you won’t have to endure the humiliation of being held for ransom.

  6. did anyone see the sons of guns anti pirate weapon? that sucker had ROCKETS to scare pirates not a wussy rope.

    • It would seem to me that the pirates might realize that the SoG anti-pirate thing was just there to try and scare them off and then get really pissed. That thing is like shooting a blank at a hungry bear thats charging you and hoping that it gets scared and runs away. That wussy rope could tie up the pirate boat’s engine long enough for a military helicopter or ship to arrive on scene and take care of the issue.

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