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Ah, Patrick Kennedy, scion of the Kennedy clan and former RI Congressman from my very own district. A man who had trouble shaking my hand outside Wholefoods because of the DTs. Or too many prescription meds. Or something drug-related; for which he entered rehab. Like many members of his extended family, Pat also has a little problem in the “taking responsibility” part of the being a human being program. Pat reckons society must shoulder the blame for Jared Lee Loughner’s heinous crime. Not that CNN’s clip reveals Kennedy’s sympathy for the devil. Here’s what CNN edited out . . .

“We failed as society because every time we see someone who’s — and we use the pejorative words ‘crazy,’ you know, ‘psycho,’ ‘nuts,’ we look the other way,” Kennedy said. “We say oh, well, we’re not going to help them.”

I’ve blogged the multiple failures to intervene that could have saved six lives. Even so, blaming society for Loughner’s attack is out. So far, the Arizona man has been held competent to stand trial. The blood of six people is on his hands, not ours.

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  1. Am I the only one that think that the Kennedy clan have started swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool? How in the HELL do you equate what Rep. Giffords is going through to what the monster that shot her is doing? That’s gotta be a stretch, even for a card-carrying Progressive.

    Hope MikeB weighs in on this one. I’d love to hear our resident Left-wing guy explain away THAT comment.

  2. I have to say it…. Patrick Kennedy is a moron.

    Or perhaps he, too, has suffered a “brain injury.”

    • Don’t insult morons. In the hierarchy of the terminally stupid, from low to hight there are idiots, imbeciles and morons. On that intelligence scale, Patrick’s is somewhere between an idiot and a box of hammers.

  3. Talk about brain injury. If brains were gunpowder, that schmuck Patrick Kennedy couldn’t blow his nose.

  4. That rambling confusion is very reminiscent of conversations with well-medicated customers from my bartender days. I tended to nod and smile at what seemed like appropriate intervals during these kinds of conversations-or more accurately- strange monologs.

  5. A man who had trouble shaking my hand outside Wholefoods …

    Excessive alcohol consumption is my guess. Just not at that particular moment. His handshake probably would’ve firmed right up after a double Grey Goose on ice. Or two.

  6. People who have way out thoughts like that are so sure and confident in their special place/lack of reality that there is no reasoning with them. It’s like one post last night where some confused kid actually thinks shooting outdoors without hearing protection is ok, because noise goes away. I wish my left ear knew that, it’s almost deaf from the military and harmless outdoor firing of the M16. So, if Kennedy wants to live in his world-so be it. Just don’t try changing my ways or preaching to me. He is a result of living outside the real world. That Iron Clad Boot of Reality will catch up to him one of these days.

  7. What do you expect from someone who has not been sober since he was 17. Now, he is marrying the first attractive woman he met after his after died– prior to Dad’s death he was under house lock down so he made up this agenda the summer before his father died and he is batting 5 out of 6:
    resign from Congress, find respectable position (Brown), start new foundation, find someone to marry, buy house, have children asap. Here he goes again but his time without the constant supervision he has been under for the past 4 years. This should really play out well. How mixed up can you be and to think he is still fooling all these people including the lovely Amy.

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