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Moms Demand Action recently held a Firearms 101 Presentation in the great state of New Jersey. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society helpfully documented some interesting apparent law violations that the Moms’ firearms expert committed during the educational event.

It’s almost as if guest speaker Scott Pappalardo wants to go to prison for the rest of his life. Let me count the ways.

I love incarceration enough to have an unlawful “assault weapon” in the state of New York.

(Source: NJ2AS; used with permission)

And I’ll cut it down shorter than Clyde Barrow’s SBR BAR, for some federal time, too. For the children. 

(Source: NJ2AS; used with permission)

Because everyone wants an illegal short-barrel rifle; and I suspect he didn’t file the required paperwork in advance. But Clyde’s BAR was, at least, still fully functional, unlike Pappalardo’s newly-smithed weapon of war.

Alas, prison failed to embrace me, so I must prove my love again, this time in New Jersey. I love prison time so much, I’ll take three counts of possession of a high capacity magazine.

(Source: NJ2AS; used with permission)

And two illegal 80% lowers!

(Source: NJ2AS; used with permission)

Sweet prison, take me! I even brought an illegal “dagger or dirk.”

(Source: NJ2AS; used with permission)

Despite not being a famous NBC program host waving a high capacity magazine around in Washington, DC, Pappalardo’s passion for prison remains unrequited. Denying his best efforts at getting himself arrested, the ATF, New York State Police, and New Jersey have failed to indulge his lust for the lockup.

You might get the impression that the law isn’t intended for them. Besides, that’s different because shut up.

Perhaps our lovelorn loser has one more shot at prison romance, along with the MDA New Jersey organizers. If the Moms did any fundraising during their little How To Break ALL The Laws 101 get-together, they may have just made themselves criminally liable by qualifying as a firearms trafficking network.

For a full accounting of all the laws that were apparently broken in the making of the Moms Demand Action educational event, see the New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s full coverage here.


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  1. Sounds like the ATF needs to go earn their magnificent salaries. If they can find the time to bust a guy using phony evidence on creating a “SBR” in violation of their own guidelines, they can find the time to prosecute people who break the very laws they claim to support… on tape.

    • Absolutely right. ATF desperately needs to earn their salary with this kook. I hope he gets his “just desserts” behind bars for his crimes.

    • How cute. It’s almost like you think the ATF is an unbiased law enforcement agency and not a deep state bureaucracy.

      • Oh, you must have missed the heavy dose of sarcasm. Fortunately, we’ll be running the White House for at least the next 13 years, so it’s going to happen sooner or later.

    • Actually, he has no reason to fear arrest or prison. I recall a news reporter holding up a 30 round – on camera – in WDC where they are outlawed. The anti-gun bigots have no reason to fear because there are two standards on gun laws. If you are an anti-gun activist then you get a free pass. However, if you support our Second Amendment rights (which are God- given) then you will get the book thrown at you.

  2. Shows just how big a circus the Socialist Elite useful idiots really are.

    Federal Prosecution MUST follow.

  3. I guess we have found the MDA loophole;

    “Officer, this apparently illegal item is just for my demonstration at the Moms Demand Action get together.”

    Cop: “Oh, well, that’s Ok then. You may go.”

  4. I thought that Bonnie & Clyde were tearing ass around the Texas, Oklahoma, etc. before the NFA. Not that it mattered as Clyde was partial to stealing his weapons. Kinda like the thugs do today. Sooo; what’s the point of the dog and pony show. As an aside. Watch the Netflix movie The Highwaymen.

  5. We should be raising a stink about this to high heaven. These people need to be prosecuted under laws they advocate for.

    We need prosecutors on the record declining to prosecute them and anyone taken to court over similar charges needs to ask why they are being prosecuted when they declined to prosecute these people.

    Also, these people are right in a way. This guy CLEARLY made an SBR and he’s still walking around. They should DEMAND he go to jail in violation of laws they advocate for.

    • SBR? not quite. by cutting the barrel the way this idiot did, his AR will no longer function. more like it’s halfway to being demilled.

      • The law makes no distinction between a single shot SBR or a semiautomatic SBR.
        When he cut the barrel, regardless of what his ‘intention’ was, he unlawfully created an SBR, and should be charged, because you know full well he would demand any other gun owner be held accountable. And he should get the full ride.

      • Wrong. It will not be semi automatic anymore, but it’s not a single shot either. It will shoot just fine as a repeater, charged manually after each shot.
        Anyway you look at it, I doubt he paid for the stamp and waited for better part of a year before he cut the barrel.

  6. But they will throw other moms or soldiers in jail if they have a gun in their car or a hollow point cartridge rolling around. Double standards…

  7. If the Moms Demand Action group worked to make this happen, then they are guilty of a criminal conspiracy as well.

    Of course no prosecutor in New Jersey or New York will actually prosecute any of the participants because the participants are advancing the objectives of the ruling class. If pressed, they will claim that prosecutorial discretion allows them to leave the participants alone — which they want to do since prosecuting the participants would not advance justice.

    Funny how that works. When a favored entity breaks a fiat/victimless law, the ruling class refuses to prosecute them because it would not serve justice. When a disfavored entity breaks a fiat/victimless law, the ruling class goes after him/her with gusto because “no one is above the law”!

  8. The article calls NJ “The Great State of New Jersey”???

    The Usually UNBEARABLE State of New Jersey is more accurate.

  9. Bloomberg should have been prosecuted for trafficking guns back in the mid ‘00’s when he was mayor of NYC. He send his goons out to various states, including VA, WVA, OH, and others, with fake ID’s, to buy guns and transport them back to NYC. The BATFE declined to prosecute him, or any of his goons.
    When the Brady Campaign bought an FN Five-Seven, when they first became available for civilian purchase, from a dealer in VA, with the sole intent to take it to DC and turn it in to the DC CoP, the BATFE and the Metro police declined to prosecute.
    When a woman running for the VA state legislature cut the barrel of an AR she bought for her anti-gun publicity stunt, the BATFE and VA State Police declined to prosecute her.
    See a trend?

  10. What would be very cool is if somebody would call 911 on this guy with the very legit complaint of crimes in progress.

  11. Just in the interest of accuracy somebody better go back to weapons identification class. If that is a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) I am a bicycle. And again not saying for sure cause “we” weren’t there and did a weapons check, it is possible that none of the educational materials were operable. Just saying let’s not be guilty of what we accuse our adversaries of.

    • They were talking about Clyde Barrow’s BAR. Not this tard.

      As for assuming. The AR cutting stunt happened way back after one of the shootings. Sandy Hook I think? Basically he was virtue signalling about “I’m a responsible gun owner, so I’m gonna cut my AR in half to save the children.”
      In that sudden moment of wokeness, you seriously think he first went “Oh, but I gotta disable it first so I don’t make an SBR” If he even knew what “SBR” stood for, he would have cut it across the receiver. Or known that cutting the receiver into 3 parts is the only legal way to make a gun not a gun anymore. Anything less than that and it’s still an SBR.

      Not to mention the 30rd mags and 80% lowers are a pretty good indicator that he either doesn’t know the law or doesn’t care.

        • It’s my understanding that 80% lowers are already illegal in NJ. Their turban wearing AG has issued a decree and cease and desist orders to the companies. The place I bought my Polymer80 Glock clone won’t ship to NJ.

          As to Pappalardass being prosecuted, never gonna happen. Her broke the law for “a good and noble reason”. Hell even fierce 2A defender(and fellow lardass) Chris Christie would give him a handjob.

          Unlike last time, he didn’t break any Federal laws this time around.

  12. I demand NJ Moms leave us law abiding pro-2nd A citizens alone.
    Time to sue the NJ Moms for harassment while exercising a Constitutionally protected activity. This case will need to go to the SCotUS, where the legal team for NJ Moms should explain how they interpret the phrase “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.
    US gun owners should file a class action suit against NJ Moms, for harassment, slander, defemation, undue stress, and WHATEVER else can be thought up.
    These Moms need to be in prison.

  13. He will never see a pair of handcuffs because he is the one thing that LEOs and anti-gunners both love: A useful idiot. As long as he spouts the party line, they’ll let him break every gun law under the sun.

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