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One of the long-running strategies of the anti-gun left and the Biden administration in particular, has been to erect barriers, rules, and requirements making the standard carry and use of firearms more difficult, more onerous, and more expensive for everyone who chooses to do so. One of those angles of attack has been to claim that the use of traditional lead-based ammunition is a clear and present danger to every species that flies, crawls or swims.

It doesn’t matter that there is no shortage of data backing up the contention that hunting with traditional ammo doesn’t threaten or harm animals in the wild. Like anything having to do with firearms or gun rights, it’s a never-ending battle to fend off the assaults of hoplophobes and hunting haters.

The House Appropriations Committee has managed to include language in the Interior Department’s appropriation bill protecting hunting and the use of traditional ammo on public lands. It’s not final yet, but it’s a significant step forward. Here’s the NSSF’s press release praising D.C. legislators for doing the right thing.

NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, praises the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee for standing with America’s hunters and blocking anti-hunting and antigun special interests seeking to ban the use of traditional ammunition on federally-managed public lands.

“The approved language on the Interior appropriation bill is a significant victory for which NSSF has been advocating on behalf of sportsmen and women. This bill, when finally approved, will block attempts by the Biden administration to kowtow to special-interest groups to limit access to hunting on public lands by forcing hunters to purchase more expensive and less-available alternative ammunition,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “The Biden administration, in concert with anti-hunting groups, has been forcing through federal rules to ban the use of traditional ammunition on federally-managed lands that are devoid of scientific evidence that it causes detrimental impacts to wildlife conservation. The people’s representatives in Congress have had enough of government bureaucracies and special interest groups running roughshod on the American public. NSSF is grateful to Chairman Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) for his principled stand for America’s original conservationists.”

The House Appropriations Committee approved language included FY24 Interior Department spending bill that includes a provision preventing the Biden administration from using funds to enforce bans on traditional lead ammunition and fishing tackle on federal lands or waters for hunting or fishing activities unless certain conditions are met. NSSF has been a leading critic of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) Proposed and Final Rules offering a bait-and-switch deal to outdoorsmen and women. USFWS published a Final Rule and proposed another, that opens more hunting and fishing opportunities but bans the use of traditional lead ammunition. However, those rules lack sound site-specific, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that traditional ammunition is detrimental to wildlife conservation.

NSSF continues to support the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act, S. 1185, legation introduced by U.S. Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and a similar bill, H.R. 615 by U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.), to make these protections for outdoorsmen and women hunting on federal public lands permanent.

The firearm and ammunition industry is the leading funder of wildlife conservation in America. The firearm and ammunition industry has paid over $16 billion, or $25 billion when adjusted for inflation, for wildlife conservation and habitat restoration since 1937, through the 10 and 11 percent Pittman-Robertson excise taxes paid by manufacturers. Last year, over $1.1 billion of the $1.6 billion apportioned to the states from USFWS was directly sourced to taxes paid by the firearm and ammunition industry.

Those funds have been responsible for the remarkable wildlife conservation successes in America, including whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain elk and waterfowl. Nongame wildlife also benefits from these conservation efforts, including the incredible recovery of the American bald eagle, which faced extinction in the 1970s but is now removed from both the Endangered and Threatened Species Lists.

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  1. Good, because the left’s attempts to limit ammo choices and availability never end, It’s all for clandestinely creating more “gun control” any way they can. Already they have created state laws that require tungsten shot for bird hunting. Rarely available and only about 10 times as expensive as lead. Oh BTW, Obama shut down the last surviving lead smelting plant in the country years ago. Any everyone wonders why ammo and components cost so much. The assaults on the 2nd Amendment never end.

    • Anything useful for hunting a wide variety of beasts even if they are wearing armor.

        • We shall see, would be interesting to see how quickly black market lead bullet and small shop swagging take off but the way the keep going after lead they may end up putting 855a1 80a1 and similar designs in all the other calibers into common civilian production and/or get ammunition laws in general struck down re arms under Bruen.

        • I completely understand the reasoning for using lead for bullets but much has changed. At this point the only real purpose is that it’s cheaper. Personally, I never cared about what the bullet is made of if it works good at getting the job done. Many of these manufacturers are selling boxes of 20 rounds for highdollar values (I’ve seen True Velocity for $80 a box). At that level, the cheaper cost for lead means nothing.

        • “At this point the only real purpose is that it’s cheaper. Personally, I never cared about what the bullet is made of if it works good at getting the job done.”

          Bullet performance is all about density, and lead fills that role just fine…

    • But they shoot back. Bambi doesn’t🙄BTW I am NOT a registered Republican. But I’ll never vote Dim…🙃

      • I hear that often and usually it means still a registered democRat and too lazy to change party affiliation even to Independent. No matter how a person votes if they are a registered democRat they count as a democRat. Hopefully not in your case.

  2. The NSSF gives zero shits about the 2A and would bargain away our rights and support redflag and safe storage laws again in an instant if it made them three extra bucks a year in sales. They don’t care about that right to carry laws or 99% of the poorer gun-owners whom aren’t floating their sales numbers at high water levels and focus mainly on the big-ticket Fudd buyers ringing their cash registers for them.

  3. In Shallow-Fornia we have allegedly lead-producing abandoned mine claims where I’ve always hunted. Birds pick up and swallow small stones for their gullet. Don’t ask me why.
    The Women Against Gun Violence and other lunatics claimed that the California Condors were ingesting lead and getting sick. These goose-stepping women successfully claimed that “Hunters must obviously be shooting and leaving game animals to rot (the bastards!) and the scavenger birds eat the bullets”!
    Nitwit politicians passed an ammo lead ban because of this ridiculous claim.
    State Law is now based on the most insane gossipper’s rantings.
    Whatever these harpies can make up becomes a new law.
    Time to leave if we are able…

    • Birds eat rocks that go into there graw to grind the food they eat up.
      I had some mud puppies (salamanders) in a fish tank and noticed they were eating rocks too. I thought they was stupid because they had lots to eat. Come to find out that’s how they regulated their buoyancy.

      • “Birds eat rocks that go into there graw to grind the food they eat up.”

        Yes, it’s critical for their digestion. Bird gullets are highly efficient, they need to be since they expend so much energy flying…

      • Possum, you izza Genius!
        I used to SCUBA Dive, and had to fuss with all manner of air vests and lead weights. Now I can just eat some rocks and go nekked!

        • “Now I can just eat some rocks and go nekked!”

          Or, ditch the rocks and just go nekkid.

          Preferably near a particular TTAG’er, that one needs some ‘special attention’… 😉

  4. Given AT&T has thousands of miles of old buried lead encased cables in every state in the country; If you took all the lead used in any commercially mass produced ammunition (hunting or otherwise) in the U.S. in the last 100 years and compared it to the amount of lead in the AT&T cables and could set those amounts side by side in one chunk each, comparably in visual size the ammo lead, for a surface view, would look about the size of a robbin’s egg and the AT&T lead would look the size of California & Washington (state) combined.

    • “…AT&T has thousands of miles of old buried lead encased cables in every state in the country;…”

      Buried lead cable sheathes are for all practical purposes, inert. When lead is exposed to the elements, it rapidly forms an oxide layer that ‘seals’ the lead away from the surrounding soil.

      Lead ammunition becomes a problem when predatory birds ingest lead from sources like shotgun pellets in other hunted birds. What happens is that bird gullets are *highly* acidic. That’s how they keep from getting sick when they eat days-old meat. That acidity destroys botulism and makes the lead pellets soluble in their intestines, poisoning them.

      The human gut is acidic as well, that’s what made lead paint chips such a problem, as they had a sweet taste to them. If you have ever vomited, that sharp taste is hydrochloric acid that your stomach produces to break down food…

      • Yeah Yeah, but that is the latest skumbag activist prog lawyer’s class action target. Deep pockets and all.

        The progs KNOW that lead b BAD and no study, evidence, or logic is going to overrule the commandment. Part of their religion (environment chapter).

  5. Traditional, that means a round lead ball.
    I was just wondering, was the Joe Biden to Jill fire two blast steel shot or lead? Well being Joe and the president and all I suppose it was depleted uranium imported from Iran.
    I just love my president.

  6. Gun Control democRats are content to say the 2A is about muskets and now not so much about musket balls…the hyprocrisy never ends.

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