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This Group Teaches Kids to Love Guns and U.S. Taxpayers Foot the Bill

Interesting methodology…

The NRA and CMP are, in some sense, two sides of the same coin. One is hyper-political, the other shuns anything with a whiff of lobbying. One is funded entirely by corporate and civilian gifts, the other largely by government handouts. But both share an underlying goal and have staged joint marksmanship events for over a century.

“We’ve always known the NRA is out there carrying that Second Amendment torch, and we benefit by that,” says CMP spokesman Steve Cooper. “We’ve been good—I won’t say partners, but we’ve been good sponsors and advocates of the shooting sports over the years.”

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David Hogg Raises Money to Use Trump’s Words on Anti-Cruz Billboard in Texas

Wait, raises money? Would’ve sworn he’s already well-backed financially…

The fund raising page said, “President Donald Trump will be campaigning to help Sen. Ted Cruz win his re-election. A rally is being planned, according to Trump ‘at the biggest stadium in Texas.’ We are planning to display the presidents own words about Cruz from 2016 on a mobile billboard, to remind Texans of the truth.”

USA Latinx is zeroing in on specific Trump quotes. One says, “Why would the people of Texas support Ted Cruz when he has accomplished absolutely nothing for them” and another says, “He is another all talk, no action pol!” Again, these statements were made during a primary contest between the two men.

Hogg reached out to his Twitter followers to help raise funds for the billboard…

courtesy Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Uber Suspends Drive Who Allegedly Used Gun in Self-Defense

Well, Uber does have a “gun-free zone” policy…

On August 29 Breitbart News reported that Westlake was driving an Uber when a pickup veered toward him, then came to a stop in front of him, thereby forcing him to stop in the middle of a highway. Dashcam video then showed the pickup driver exit his vehicle and allegedly threaten the Uber driver while walking toward the Uber with something in his hand.

A shot rings out as the Uber driver fires one shot, killing the pickup driver.

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More Social Media Bias: Facebook Prevents Us from Advertising Fox News Stories About Our Work

Bias from the Book of Face? Say it isn’t so…

Facebook disapproved the ad for Friday’s NY Post op-ed, but it was for a different reason than the Fox News article. FB disliked the NY Post op-ed ad because it was viewed as having “political content,” possibly because it was an opinion piece rather than a news story. Our previous op-ed on gun control in the New York Times was quickly approved. It isn’t apparent to us why the NY Post op-ed should be viewed as a political ad while the op-ed in the NY Times should be approved.

We have experienced similar problems when we have tried to promote our Fox News opinion pieces. But we had no problem with op-eds in The Hill and New York Daily News.

courtesy Sacramento Bee

Calling 911 in Rural California?

I do believe I already used “when seconds count..” recently…

In Lake County, where the Mendocino Complex Fire is still burning, a resident calling for aid in its remote reaches might have to wait 90 minutes for a sheriff’s deputy to arrive, “and that’s on a good day,” said Sheriff Brian Martin.

Residents of Mono County, on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, sometimes must wait two hours for a deputy, said Mono Sheriff Ingrid Braun.

On the North Coast in Humboldt County, deputies’ response times can be as long as three hours. In the isolated mountainous areas of Madera County, the wait can stretch to four hours.

In multiple rural counties, not a single deputy actively patrols for certain periods of the day.

“There are deputies at home basically in bed that are subject to call-out if something is happening,” said Greg Van Patten, field services commander at the Mendocino department, where deputies do not patrol for four hours a night.

courtesy CNN/Nike

Nike Takes Sides, Tapping Colin Kaepernick for New ‘Just Do It’ Ad

We knew this was coming…

In backing Kaepernick, whom the company has sponsored since 2011, Nike (NKE) is making a high-stakes gamble that its customers support his protest, or at least that enough of them do. The company is also betting its brand can withstand criticism from conservative corners, including the White House.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the 2016 season. That year, he began kneeling during the national anthem to raise awareness about police brutality against African-Americans and other racial injustices. Dozens of other players also began joining Kaepernick, and he has grown into a symbol of dividing lines over race in America.

courtesy Crime Prevention Research Center

Why There’s So Much Inconsistency in School Shooting Data

Could it possibly be dishonesty and anti-gun rhetoric?

In April, the U.S. Department of Education released a report on the 2015-2016 school year, stating that “nearly 240 schools (0.2 percent of all schools) reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting.” However, the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety’s database lists only 29 school shootings for the same period.

When National Public Radio investigated the inconsistency, they found that 161 of the Department of Education’s 240 shootings either did not occur or could not be confirmed by the school districts involved. Similarly, the American Civil Liberties Union contacted each school that allegedly had a shooting and found that 138 of the reported shootings were errors.

So where does school shooting information come from? How could these counts be so far apart?

courtesy Fox News

Illegal Immigrant Used Pennsylvania Store Owner’s Gun Against Him

Illegal immigrant news of the day…

Chitwood said that Quintanilla is an illegal immigrant from Honduras who was deported by federal border patrol agents in March 2015. Federal immigration officials have been notified about the arrest, and the 24-year-old is being held at the Delaware County prison.

“Some bad guy, some thug who’s in here illegally, winds up shooting and almost killing you,” Chitwood said at a news conference.

Police arrested Quintanilla on Monday after officials put out his picture from surveillance video and charged him with attempted murder.


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    • The progs are all in on their delusion of some “Blue Wave” in Nov. Pulling in every twobit twit agitator on the program. They have some idea that Betoff O’Rourke is going to beat Ted Cruz for Senate. HAR

      • “The progs are all in on their delusion of some “Blue Wave” in Nov.”

        Don’t do like Hillary did and count chickens before they are hatched and measure for drapes in the Oval Office.

        It’s likely to be close. I’m cautiously optimistic we’ll at the least hang on by our fingernails, but the pollsters may have tweaked their models this time around…

    • I’m calling it now, Texas will be the next great southern state to fall to the Democrats within a decade. Virginia went completely blue due to progressives moving there for DC jobs and Texas will be next due to the mass exodus of progressives from California.

      Only real hope we have is that blue states like California will eventually be destroyed by Democrats and Republicans will get elected to fix it. Although I am not holding my breath for that situation to happen.

    • Hogg has plenty of free time, what with having been rejected for admission from all five colleges to which he applied. As for the money, I’m sure he’s still be bankrolled by the Soros and Bloomberg types of the liberal world, if not those guys themselves. This fundraising is probably bringing on only meager amounts, but is designed as window dressing to distract people from where the money is really coming.

    • He’s using other people’s money to make a name for himself. So really he’s wasting theirs. And every dollar they send his way is one less dollar they can use to help elect Democrats come Nov. So dig deep useful idiots, give ’til it hurts.

  1. Nike will LOSE. Kapernuts was offered a backup QB gig and turned it down. ESPN went ultra leftard and is falling falling and falling. Don’t pizzoff a yuge % of your customers! Hey I guess Cruz and Trump have made up. Ted was my 1st choice but I support Donnie now. Is Hoggboy getting extra scrawny?!? Too bad there’s no draft😄

  2. David Hogg needs laid. That’s probably 99% of his problems. According to Reddit the dude is an incel. Like the guy in Toronto who was an Incel David is not quite right. But instead of driving a van into people because he is part of the incel rebellion ol Hoggy is taking on what he feels is keeping him from getting laid. Or maybe in his past someone who had firearms was laid while he just suffered.
    Them blueballs can make your thinking get all screwed up you know.
    From Reddit about ol Hoggy

    Toronto attack by an incel.

        • Involuntary celibate?

          I don’t buy it. Maybe before, but likely not now.

          He’s a Leftist hero now, and I bet some Leftist skank gave him a taste as a ‘groupie’ kinda thing…

        • Geoff, I think the only females around Hogg now are of the same political mind he is.
          These women look at any romantic (or worse, any sexual) advances as an assault upon their person of the worst kind. Any romantic (or sexual) liaisons are simply out of the question.
          Maybe, when they grow up, such relationships will be possible, but not now.

  3. Kaepernick “sacrificed” everything for…nothing. Could have used his talent, worked hard, made even bigger piles of money then actually DONE something to help. Instead he got all “woke” (whatever the heck that means), let his on field production drop, didn’t adapt to the changes in the game so now he is an ex-NFL player. Will he use the wealth he gains from his Nike contract to do ANYTHING substantive? Probably not, he’s getting all the attention he wants doing…nothing while Nike’s customers pay his bills. Sure beats actually working for a living – and a lot less likely to end up with brain damage and bad knees!

    • Sneakers, NFL, etc don’t but both sides can’t help themselves. It ends up hurting gun rights in the end, too, because all this politicization ends up with the same story every cycle: republicans saying we will make sure your gun rights are protected, then doing nothing because they know the ‘gun vote’ isn’t going ANYWHERE due to the continued forced mating of gun rights and stupid social issues like this.

      • Thanks for the explaination. Initially, I was wondering the same thing. Nike now has an indirect connection with guns. Similar to the Under Armor issue, but on a much larger scale. Nike went far left on this one.

  4. The original point of the CMP was to ensure that the civilian population is familiar with the CURRENT military small arms. The NRA is actually directly responsible for them being legally unable to fulfill their mission. Instead of being able to surplus fun stuff, they’re left hoping they’ll get another stash of 70 year old M1 Garands in because Wayne LaPierre Laval and Chris Cox are [expletive deleted] that seek arbitrary government (so long as they’re the ones who decides the laws) over the rule of the people.

        • The NRA is a shadow .gov ruling America? Or is nanashi an operative of the bloomberg/soros type paid to sow dissent amongst gun owners.

          You be the judge Mr. and Mrs. America.

        • I never accused the NRA of being a shadow organization. I accused them of being the reason US citizens can’t have the modern small arms the CMP is supposed to teach them how to use. That’s absolutely true.

      • While we’re on the subject, the real Adrian Cronauer just died a month ago. I am observing a moment of silence for him, a real hero. One who had the cajones to buck the system, even though it cost him dearly. There are precious few of those around anymore. And now there’s one less.
        Adrian Cronauer, September 8, 1938 – July 18, 2018. Rest in peace.

      • The M1 Garand in .30-06 walks all over the M16/AR-15/M4 carbines in 5.56 (even with select-fire or full auto).

        A well-maintained M1 Garand has a longer range and is more powerful (but heavier).

      • The CMP was founded because civilians couldn’t use bolt actions, which the army had just made standard (Krag was officially supplemental, not main), as well as lever actions that had been in common use among civilians. It was always intended to train civilians on the contemporary military arms. We’ve fallen into the same problem thanks to Karl Fredrick and Wayne LaPierre: Civilians have no idea how to use full auto.

        • Our military rejected lever action rifles because they couldn’t be used effectively from the prone position.
          Your statement (“The CMP was founded because civilians couldn’t use bolt actions, which the army had just made standard (Krag was officially supplemental, not main), as well as lever actions that had been in common use among civilians” is contracted by itself. If the CMP was initiated to make civilians familiar with the guns in use by the military, and the lever action wasn’t used by the military but were in common use by civilians, why mention it?
          You ramble incoherently.

  5. “Uber when a pickup veered toward him, then came to a stop in front of him, thereby forcing him to stop in the middle of a highway…”

    Maybe, but there was plenty of room to simply swerve around him afterwards according to the video. Or, better yet, to run him over as he approached. Hey, there’s a question… would Uber have a problem with THAT? I wonder if it’s in their ‘rules.’

    Anyway, better to find a new side gig than be dead so as a result it could be worse.

    • Where I live, a guy caught a bullet in the neck trying to drive away from an armed carjacker. Running over him is deadly force just like shooting. I doubt Uber would have liked that, either.

    • He became a threat when he announced he had a gun and was going to use it. Before then, there’s not much to do other than wonder WTF the guy wants from you.

      At that point, you can:
      1. Drive past him and hope he doesn’t shoot you, then hope he doesn’t drive up behind you and PIT you before shooting you.
      2. Turn around or back up and hope he doesn’t shoot you, then hope he doesn’t drive up behind you and PIT you before shooting you.
      3. Shoot him first.

      Can you tell that I’m 100% in favor of the choice the driver made?

  6. ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.’ – Sounds like something you’d find on the wall at the Aloha Snackbar Suicide Bomber School.

  7. Apparently people are burning and destroying Nike shoes everywhere as a result of them siding with Kaepernick. A pity, as the products made before they sided with Kaepernick shouldn’t at all represent the company right now. Similarly, I have Levi Jeans that I’ll still wear. They weren’t always funding civilian disarmament, so I won’t be burning them. I just won’t wear them to the range. Also, burning shoes? I can only imagine the nasty chemicals that’s releasing into the air.

    That said, if I were going to destroy Nike shoes, I’d use them as shooting targets. Who needs self healing plastic, when you can use the shoes! They even float! So if you’re going to make a statement against Nike, don’t burn them. Shoot them! ^_^

    • Or, to really hurt Nike, give them away to a thrift shop or Salvation Army outlet. That way someone will buy them for a couple bucks instead of paying Nike and they’ve lost a sale. Hit ’em where it hurts, in their bottom line. The one and only place that corporations give a shit about.

  8. After reading “Calling 911 in rural California?” I am even more amazed at the idiocy of Californian governments desire to disarm their people. They are so bad off that the cops basically don’t even bother to arrest unless you are in the act of actually murdering someone. And why would they bother for a $13 an hour paycheck? When seconds count out there, the lone cop is 3+ hours away and waiting for backup before they head your way.

    “He’s going to be cut loose in three hours,” the veteran deputy said. “It would be a waste of my time, his time, the jail’s time.”

    Maybe they should just stop trying to put out those fires and let it all burn to the dirt.

    • Unpaid reserve deputies would be a solution for cash strapped rural counties. Unfortunately, state training requirements make it impractical for both the counties and the volunteers. The couple who are suing the county because they were attacked while performing a welfare check have only themselves to blame. Did they not consider the possibility of encountering a violent criminal? In their position, I would have told the sheriff, “I’ll be glad to help right after you issue me a badge that authorizes me to carry firearms for defense and covers me legally if I have to use them.”

    • IIRC, Lyft just ‘suspended’ him permanently.
      Uber told him he needed police paperwork to prove he didn’t do anything criminally wrong, when there was no allegation he did anything criminal in the first place.

      But, he always knew that he’d be done with Lyft and Uber if he ever had to defend himself. And he just finished police academy. And his sheriff admires him. I think he’ll be alright, especially since Lyft/Uber isn’t very profitable for the drivers in the first place.

  9. Something rather interesting in the article about the Uber DGU :

    ” Uber and Lyft both suspended Westlake from driving for their respective businesses. Uber sent a message to Westlake, saying, “Until you can send us paperwork clearing you, you’re account is on a suspension.” Lyft said, “You may have violated our policies while working under our app.”

    Huh. I would have expected them to just outright fire him for violating their ‘rules’.

    But they are specifically asking him for “paperwork clearing you”.

    Are they having second thoughts about firing him?

    Or are they going to tell him after he submits the ‘paperwork’ “Thank you for confirming you violated our rules, you’re fired!”?

  10. Levi’s is hopping on the anti gun bandwagon…. Another company eager to alienate their customer base. When do we say enough is enough? Perhaps we can create a database of businesses that align with our beliefs here, and patronize them accordingly. We can use TTAG as to gathering place, a place where we have actionable information, and go after what we stand for, supporting our words with our wallets.

  11. If you live in a rural area you need to ignore gun laws for city residents. Illegal yes but your life depends on it. The article bemoans the lack of money and naturally calls for fund more cops but in the countryside you’re on your own.
    Alternatively you could live in a state that is not so fucking stupid as to treat residents in the backwoods the same as machismos in the urban jungles.

  12. Saw a good quote online about Nike…”Just so Im clear: these factory workers( which are 80% female) are making Nike’s for 20 cents an hour and working 70 to 80 hours a week, so NIKE can profit enough to pay Colin Kaepernick millions to speak out against oppression and injustice?”

  13. 9.5 digit midget out. house for sale in ravenswood manor.
    mack in. too bad copernicus didn’t play long enough for the pass rusher to snap his dondi ass neck.

  14. Despite some people complaining about the NRA, I’m very grateful they and the CMP are working together to get “new blood” into the gun culture.

  15. The best hope for California is the rural counties. If, and its a really big if, they can revolt like the counties in Illinois are doing now.

    ps. I gave up watching the NFL awhile ago.

  16. Anyone else creeped out by Kapernick’s eyes in the Nike ad? Looks like a viper’s eyes. Cannot be by accident, whether photoshopped or by lighting.


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