State corrections officer CR Moore has a unique pocket dump. He has current trends covered with the carry optic on his SIG P320 and classics with his North American Arms .22 Magnum mini revolver.


    • I’m not sure about that Sig optic that appears awkwardly mounted, but a Trijicon RMR stays on for years on one battery. Also good idea to have co witness iron sights.

      • The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro has an auto-on setting.

        I’ve got both the Leuo and a Trij RMR. Both are great but to carry one for EDC requires either an over-eager imagination or a unique and specific situation. I’d guess the former with the two recent red dot EDCs.

  1. What is the ‘Hot Tamale’ in the upper left corner?

    A holster for the NAA-Mini?

    Points given for the NAA-mini…

  2. The sunglasses, the paracord on everything, the knife… somehow, if I were a corrections officer, I would try and AVOID broadcasting LE affiliation but this guy seems to want everyone to think “there goes someone in law enforcement.”

  3. Lol…optics for a concealed carry gun? That’s dumb, it’s the newest gun fad. Learn proper sight usage and you will not have to dish out 200-500.00 on an optic for your carry gun.

  4. I don’t get red dots on a pistol.
    Crimson Trace lasers are activated when you grip the gun.
    They add no bulk to the gun.
    A laser allows you to shoot (and hit!) without bringing the gun up to eye level.
    A laser allows shooting from unusual positions like from behind cover without exposing yourself.
    I have red dots on my rifles as I can’t see the laser past 50 feet in sunlight
    For a pistol 50 feet is plenty far
    Can anyone explain why you would choose a dot over grip activated laser?


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