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Victims of Gun Violence Aren’t Necessarily Experts

At least someone said it…

Two things bother me when we hear about more gun control:

The first is the very worn out cliche, “common sense gun law.” To me that can be defined as the term used by politicians who want to eliminate firearms from the civilian population. They say that’s not so. But they’ve been caught too many times stating otherwise. But they continue to say it because half of America believes them. For the believers, it’s a “feel good” thing. Even if it doesn’t work, well, we had to do something, right?

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Know a Woman Who Wants a Gun? This Illinois Man Will Give Her One for Free.

This one’s too good to pass up…

Robert Bertrand started Help 50 to give interested women a pump-action shotgun after a background check.

“Especially in Mt. Vernon, some areas are kind of rough. A lot of people are worried about burglars in the middle of the night,” Bertrand told the BND.

Bertrand, who says he’s “not a gun person,” partly modeled the program after a now-defunct program in Texas. He says those women interested in a free gun must pass a background check, must possess a valid Firearm Owners Identification and be someone he would trust with his own child, or what he calls “the babysitter test.”

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It doesn’t work that way, Wisconsin…
Police say on August 31, staff found the Ruger LCP .380 caliber handgun inside a donated cigar box. Police say a 6-round magazine and ammunition was also found. Police are unsure who dropped off the item at this time.

 It was Self-Defense: Richland Jury Finds Waffle-House Shooter Not Guilty

Breaking news this morning…

The encounter between two admittedly hot-headed strangers — one armed and one unarmed — lasted just 44 seconds and left Wayne Bell, 28, shot in the abdomen, dying within minutes outside the Waffle House restaurant in the 200 block of Stoneridge Drive, off Greystone Boulevard near Interstate 26.

The shooter, Eric Nixon, 36, was charged with murder, unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

The jury returned its verdict Tuesday night after deliberating more than three hours.

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Gun Control or Gun Rights?

Election season is upon us with all its accompanying joys…

As the nation grapples with mass shootings, gun policy could be a deciding factor in the competitive race between Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) and Democratic challenger state Sen. Jennifer T. Wexton in Northern Virginia.

Gabrielle Giffords, the former congresswoman severely injured in a 2011 shooting, last week kicked off her national campaign to elect Democrats with $1 million in cable television ads targeting Comstock. Her group chose the 10th District because Comstock is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country and her district is near the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax County.

“Shooting after shooting, Barbara Comstock has failed,” Giffords says straight to the camera in the ad. “She’s taken thousands from the NRA. We must do better.”

Giffords; Mark Kelly, her husband and a former astronaut; and Wexton met Sunday with gun-control advocates.

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“The Day I Have to Carry a Gun, I’m Done”

If you’re not trained and qualified to carry, we don’t want you to anyway…

In a survey conducted by Educators for Excellence, a teacher-led advocacy group, gun violence ranked as teachers’ No. 1 school safety concern. Arming teachers is among the recommendations offered by the Department of Education in an upcoming report, but it would be unpopular: the survey found that 65 percent of teachers are against carrying firearms to protect students from active shooters.

As educators settle into the 2018-19 school year, we asked nine teachers and administrators how they wrestle with one persistent truth about American gun violence: It can happen anywhere.

Their responses reflect their different backgrounds, experiences and student populations. One teacher from rural Kansas worries that her small town isn’t adequately prepared to respond to a school shooting. Another recalls fielding difficult questions from first-graders after an active shooter drill. Some told us about the classroom supplies they’ve transformed into tools of survival: a cement hall pass ready to be used as a bludgeon, a ball of yarn that can double as a tourniquet band. An educator in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, where violent crime is high, isn’t worried about a mass shooting: Gun violence is an ever-present threat for his students. All of the teachers said that their job isn’t just to help students learn, it’s also to keep them safe.

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5 Residents of New Mexico Compound Face Firearms Charges

So…they’re being charged with something

Leveille wrote in a journal that the boy died Dec. 24, according to court documents. The boy’s mother, who lives in Georgia and had reported him missing, had told authorities he suffered from serious medical problems.

An FBI agent reiterated accusations drawn from accounts by children that Leveille expected Abdul-ghani to be resurrected as Jesus and provide instruction to “get rid of” corrupt institutions that involve teachers, law enforcement and banks.

In court filings, the FBI said firearms were transported in a vehicle registered to Leveille during a portion of their journey from Georgia to New Mexico in late 2017, and guns were later stored under Leveille’s bed.

Taos-based District Attorney Donald Gallegos dropped initial charges of child abuse resulting in death against Leveille and Siraj Ibn Wahhaj last week, saying he was seeking more time to assemble and analyze evidence, and that he intended to seek grand jury indictments.


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  1. Dang I’ve never found a gat in a thrift store! I have however found 50 bucks in old bills behind a picture frame. And lots of other goodies…way to go FBI😄Good for something besides graft and corruption…

    • I found a box of mostly full box of 20 gauge bird shot in a box of mostly full clay pidgeons once. I don’t have a 20 gauge so I never shot them.

  2. It was Self-Defense: Richland Jury Finds Waffle-House Shooter Not Guilty

    I’m a bit curious why this shooter was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. It didn’t seem to specified why it was unlawful. Regardless of anything else this is a good object lesson of what not to do after a DGU.

    5 Residents of New Mexico Compound Face Firearms Charges

    You know I’ve been following this story for a while. And the one thing I have to say that the judge that gave those bastards no cost bail should be disbarred. It looked bad when she basically let them loose on their own recognizance with no bail, but when she defended herself by screech ‘Islamophobia’ it has become clear that she has a political motive in doing so.

    • I’m thinking that the ‘unlawful possession of a handgun’, along with the ‘possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime’ charges against the Waffle House shooter were just add on charges under the presumption of guilt of the murder charge. Forget that ‘murder’ is illegal, if you are in possession of a handgun while committing murder (with say, an ax) the possession of the handgun while committing a felony is also illegal. Once the murder charge is either dropped or the defendant is acquitted the other charges disappear, since there was nothing illegal about the possession if he wasn’t committing a felony while in possession.

      • That still just doesn’t really make sense to me. I can understand the charge of possession of a weapon during a crime, but it just doesn’t make sense to me that the defendant could also be charged with illegal possession of a weapon if the weapon wasn’t otherwise illegally possessed. I don’t see any mention that he was a prohibited person.

        But ultimately I do know how DAs like to stack crimes when they think they can really hammer someone they politically don’t like.

        • If he was a prohibited person you’d see a ‘possession by a prohibited person’ charge. So I’m petty sure it’s just ‘possession while committing a felony’, which evaporates into thin air when it’s deemed that no felony was committed. The prosecutors are mostly concerned with their win/loss record. If they think it’s an open and shut case they’ll pile on, but then if they drop the charges it doesn’t matter if it’s one charge or 30. Doesn’t make much sense to me either, until you accept that ‘justice’ takes a back seat to career/political advancement.

      • Well hell, so she is. I hadn’t heard that mentioned anywhere, but after doing a quick search I do see that is the case.

        Why the hell is it that DAs in California trip all themselves to protect an obvious threat to public safety but they’ll do everything they can do go after an otherwise peaceful citizen that’s in technical violation of they’re arcane gun regs?

    • After following a few links, I discovered that Mr. Nixon is a prohibited person. It is traditional (English common law) to drop PP charges in cases of self defense.

    • Northern New Mexico is very ‘Blue’. Somewhat corrupt etc. Judge was picked for her politics, not for her qualifications.

  3. FBI is probably starting to get a little more competent due to Obama era regulations and personal being weeded out. The new Trump policies and personnel have their work cut out for them.

  4. Teachers who don’t want to protect children don’t have to. There are plenty of teachers and school staff including janitors, who will volunteer to get trained and carry a gun.

    • There’s a lot to be said for having armed janitors. In most schools the teachers only have keys to their immediate work area and may not be very familiar with the overall school. Especially in the larger schools.

      Janitors have keys to everything and know the plant l;ike the back of their hands. And they couldn’t do worse than broward county at protecting the kids.

    • If these articles were honest it would read: “…65 percent of teachers are against THE OTHER 35% carrying firearms to protect students from active shooters.” Instead, all of these twisted articles leave the impression that they will be forced to be armed like cops or soldiers. A lot of people understand the truth and distrust the media, but most people are idiots and simply accept the crap they’re being fed.

      • EXACTLY. If they don’t want to carry weapons, they don’t have to. The problem is that they’re preventing everyone else from doing so. Basically, that statement says that 65 percent of teachers are against anyone protecting students from being murdered in the classroom.

        So it seems a majority of teachers would rather watch my child die than let anyone do anything to protect her.

        I want to know who these useless feckers are. I don’t want my kids anywhere near them. They need to be publicly shamed.

        • Well said.

          But in light of your comments regarding the man who died defending himself and his family at the gas station in Philadelphia, Miss, I feel compelled to ask, have you ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia ?

  5. “The Day I Have to Carry a Gun, I’m Done”

    I’m getting tired of this bullshit.

    No one, literally no one is suggesting that teachers or staff be forced to carry if they don’t want to. The suggestion is, very simply, that legal barriers be removed so that teachers and staff who want to carry and are trained to do so can carry IF AND WHEN THEY WISH TO. If that’s you then great! If that’s NOT you then equally great! It’s called a FREE COUNTRY.

    That freedom, in theory, gives us the ability to give a potential mass shooter pause due to the possibility of armed resistance unhindered by stupid laws that actually make things more dangerous.

    For you the dumbass teachers, other assholes promoting this notion of “forced” carry, and morons who have trouble with this issue in general I suggest you research the concept of “freedom”. Realize that freedom isn’t free and that it doesn’t give you the right to make decisions for others. If you find that difficult then there’s a soundtrack you can use to ease the burden of your studies: Buju Banton “Not an Easy Road”.

    If you’ve already got the vapors I’ve got the song right on tap for you here:

    • Strych, you haven’t been paying attention. I have advocated FOREVER that teachers should be required to have a carry license and to carry in order to work as a teacher. For all those who refuse, I say, good, MacDonalds needs workers too. Should we allow people to join the Army and refuse to touch nasty guns? It’s a job, comply with the requirements or find a job with different requirements. All teachers should be armed. School admin, groundskeepers and janitors as well. Next shooter should be converted to hamburger before he fires a second shot.

  6. (28:20)
    Kavanaugh states that even if it’s constitutionally wrong, precedent should only be ignored if he doesn’t like how it has effected the world. Note Flake explicitly states this question is how a Supreme Court judge should act.

    What were people babbling about how he had to say those things because it’s what an appeals court judge has to say?

  7. So the only thing that those radical New Mexico Muslims are being charged with is some silly firearms violation? Because, the fact that they were planning terrorist attacks, training kids to be school shooters, had killed one kid, and were starving the other kids, apparently doesn’t count worth shit. I really don’t understand why they haven’t been charged with terrorism, nor why someone hasn’t done the world a favor and killed them already.

    • Feds take a while to come up with charges they’re sure will stick. They really don’t like throwing stuff at the wall and hoping for the best. Remember zimmerman/trayvon? feds investigated that one for about 3 years before they said “nope, we’re not even gonna try”. All the fuss and drama over those years was a matter at the state level.
      I would guess that in a while, the feds will swoop.

    • “provide instruction to “get rid of” corrupt institutions that involve teachers, law enforcement and BANKS”

      There’s your answer. (Emphasis mine.) There’s a certain group that takes threats to themselves, but not other Americans, very seriously.

  8. Forcing teachers to be armed would solve two problems at once. The second being “The Day I Have to Carry a Gun, I’m Done”.

    Good riddance, hope the door slams you in the ass on the way out. Any teacher not willing to carry for the safety of their students doesn’t deserve to have the responsibility for their safety.

    • I still teach Tactical Combat Casualty Care to law enforcement and other civilian groups. My surprise at what people think will make an effective tourniquet never ends.

      Fortunately, I have a great tool for teaching. Pig’s thighs. I take a dead pig and run an IV line down next to its femoral, stich it back up, and then put a T shirt on the pig. I fill an IV bag with red pigment, and let the IV flow. The student simply has to put a tourniquet on the pig’s thigh and stop the bleeding. As I have to carry the pig, they aren’t that big. Always under 100lbs. So their thigh is about the size of a smaller adult male human. This is the best case scenario for a provider. The real world never gets that easy. This is setting the student up for success.

      Using a CAT, SOFT, or ratchet strap, trained personnel can consistently stop the bleed in under 30 seconds. Using a T-shirt and a stick or multiple pens, they can do it in under a minute, every time.
      No leather belt has ever been successful. No RATs tourniquet or bungee cord style has ever worked. No string, 50-50 cord, or other thin line has ever worked. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years now.

      Do note, however, that untrained personnel, or someone who’s never actually had to tighten a tourniquet enough to stop the flow, usually fail the first time. They almost always break the tourniquet, because they failed to remove any and all slack before tightening it. This doesn’t occur with a ratchet strap, but the ratchet strap destroys the skin and tissue underneath the buckle.

  9. The problem is proving that the defendants “were planning terrorist attacks, training kids to be school shooters, had killed one kid, and were starving the other kids” is not a fact, it is supposition. Everyone in this country, legally or illegally has the right to their day in court.
    I do not like these people at all, but we have “rule of law” in the US, that is for everyone. No shortcuts allowed.

    I feel that there are standards we need to keep for children and these children were kept in pretty bad conditions, but no worse than many of the dust bowl refugees children in the 30s.

    Until we set standards for childrens’ care in whatever state, it will take proof of the allegations to put these people in jail. Child welfare should have been out to the compound(?), the fact that they never were there shows that the state is too poor or uninterested in its minimum childcare standards.

    Here in Ca, children can be taken away from a parent who is a hoarder, so different states have different standards.

  10. Three things jump out about the waffle house shooting.
    1. He went home, hid the gun, changed clothes. Bad move. Don’t flee and hide evidence or that will be used against you.
    2. STFU. His boneheaded statements were played for the jury. Don’t complain you didn t finish your beer after shooting someone.
    3. Video saved his ass. Instead of running away he should have looked for bystanders with their phones out and made sure the police get the names and video.

    If there wasn’t a video the bullshitting from witnesses would have convicted him. They all said he was the aggressor. The video was the opposite of that.

  11. I call BS on the Giffords blurb, I haven’t heard her say anything intelligible since she was shot. Pretending she is the brains behind her fund-raising scam is just silly.


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