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“What I need you guys to do, though, is look around you and notice those men who get a little too angry if they lose, who react especially negatively if a woman disagrees with them—maybe you’ve even noticed bruises on their girlfriend or wife. If you feel strong enough, pull them aside and have a talk, man-to-man, about their behavior, especially if you know they have access to guns.

“If you don’t feel safe doing this, flag it up to someone and make others pay attention, too. These men don’t listen to women, so it’s up to you guys to talk them off the ledge, if possible, or at least try to prevent more men from going too far down that path by pointing out toxic masculinity whenever you see it go unchecked. Make being an entitled man-baby as unpopular as it can be.

“Of course, confronting bad behavior is just one small part of addressing a problem that is enormous and fairly global. The main difference in the U.S., when it comes to mass shootings, is that other countries don’t give their citizens such easy access to people-killing murder machines. Until we can get comprehensive education and deal with toxic masculinity head-on, and/or the U.S. gets some sensible gun control laws in place, I believe the only solution is for a law to be passed that only lets women buy and own guns. If that sounds too much like a Bojack Horseman episode, well, thanks.” – L.B. Zumpshon in We Need Man Control as Much as Gun Control to Stop Mass Shootings [via (link goes to a web archive of the article)].

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  1. Ah… the Mary Sue… because I haven’t had my fill of misandrist feminazi garbage yet this morning. If the author doesn’t like how the US treats the wamen, we should deport her ass to Saudi Arabia.

    • I enjoyed reading your comments to the ANTIFA douchebag… But, you quit too soon; you should’ve curbed him…

    • Yeah, I went from a frown to a grin when I saw the source. If you reach into a sewer, you know what your are likely to grab.

      • If they are going to take mens guns until we learn how to properly use them, then that mean we should take away drivers licenses from women because we all know they can’t drive? There! Take that! Knucklehead.

    • But…but…
      Haven’t we heard over and over and over again how dangerous it is for a woman to have a gun in the house because that (toxic masculinity) bastard she got herself hooked up with will just take it from her and shoot her with it?

  2. “that other countries don’t give their citizens such easy access to people-killing murder machines”. Well yes, other countries want to reserve that right for the State (the people-killing that is) as the State is so much better at it.

    • Nothing gets the job done better than a national police force with unlimited power answering only to the “Party”. That would be how socialist “progressives” imagine a government.

  3. What I need you women to do, is look around you and identify these women that feel the need to talk to grown men as if they are children, and let them them know that once they’ve made their point about something, move on, let it go, quit harping about it. If the guy made a mistake and acknowledges it, nothing more needs said. He will either fix it or he won’t.

    • “…look around you and identify these women that feel the need to talk to grown men as if they are children…”

      That. Right there.

      And if a man, heavens forfend, disagrees, then make up a name to denigrate men, as the assumption is that if you disagree you are a mysogynist, testosterone-filled wanker who must, of course, beat his domestic partner.

      Once again, why do I need to ‘talk’ if the starting position is ‘bad man’?

      No thanks.

  4. ‘people-killing murder machines’ – cars?

    Sounds like she’s saying we need ‘non-toxic masculinity’ to combat ‘toxic masculinity’.

    • Well, besides that pesky 2A, this would sensibly eliminate guns altogether, since it is completely obvious that wimmen should not be allowed guns until we cure PMS.

      • > completely obvious that wimmen should not be allowed guns until we cure PMS.

        Can you take your misogyny with you to the grave, please? Your understanding of women and humanity is garbage, and you insult every woman you know when you say shit like this.

        This is like a fucking child’s understanding of women.



        You’re probably like a 50-60 yo white dude, and in all these years on the planet you still haven’t *basically* learned anything about women? 51% of the population?

        God damn you’re just a piece of shit.

        • That man has valid point about PMS, I grew up with 5 sister and their many friends and their all bat shit crazy at one time of the month. Now I am married to an unstable nut job and soon to be divorced and if she hears something she doesn’t like (look out world). I have brother in law’s that have their balls in their wives hand bag because their wives are nut jobs. Toxic PMS syndrome you can keep it

        • And you are a paragon of virtue for defending this misandrous pile of drivel article? Got a mirror?

  5. Skipping the article and comments…

    The title alone gives me one thought.

    Aren’t we trying to keep guns OUT of the hands of the mentally unstable? Why on earth would I want to do the exact opposite and arm only the most unstable emotional roller coaster God ever made?


    • You only have to scroll down a few comments to find a clown advocating physical assault against people they don’t like. No wonder they want to disarm their victims. This is what happens when you let wamen and their soy boy rapist “allies” run amok.

    • > Why on earth would I want to do the exact opposite and arm only the most unstable emotional roller coaster God ever made?

      Are you describing the entire class of “women”, here?

  6. Life is hard for women here in the states. Maybe the author should go to a more enlightened country. Anywhere with Sharia.

  7. We already have a large population of males with proven antisocial, predatory tendencies who are forbidden by law to have guns. Many of these men are in relationships with women who are not thus prohibited. What we have observed is that these women routinely provide guns illegally to these men, knowing full well that they are dangerous and antisocial. So, we’re back to the problem that gun control only disarms the law-abiding, whether or not you dress it up with fashionable bigotry.

  8. toxic masculinity almost won the last presidential election. “the shiny red button. the candy- like button.”
    passed a tiny fraction of that crap on to my kids. they love the stories my siblings tell about the belt, the yardstick etc. the tales make us shake our heads and chuckle. no need to perpetuate it.
    one time nana got a purple eye. but the rifle never came out of the closet.

    • We need to also teach women to control their emotions and express themselves peacefully. There’s too much “a man should never hit a woman” coming from women who think it’s perfectly okay to hit a man.
      I may not hit a woman on a whim, but if a woman is trying to hit me, I’ll block it if it looks like it’s going to do any injury. If a female attacker presented a lethal threat, I would not care much about gender so much as I would care about self preservation. When my wife was still my girlfriend, she thought it would be okay to slap on the arms, etc when she was mad. I tolerated it. One day she decided she was going to swing at my face. She wound up with a large bruise on her forearm. I didn’t try to hit her, I just stopped an attack on my head without making any attack on her. She was very mad, but she also realized that I would not intentionally hurt her, but she should not try to hurt me either.
      It’s not sexist, or much of a stretch, to say that nature made it so that most women live “at the mercy” of most men. That’s just biology. My wife once asked me what happens if I use my guns to try to kill her. I told her that we both know I don’t need any weapon to hurt her. I taught her how to use guns, and the gun on the nightstand is there to stop me from hurting her just as much as it is stop intruders from hurting her. She knows she has my permission now to shoot me if I go bad in the future. In all honesty, that’s the only way she would have a chance to stop me.

  9. Saw a Yahoo! headline last week that said toxic masculinity was to blame for the illegal immigrants murder of the 20 something female jogger in Iowa. That was low, even for Yahoo. Toxic femininity, aka feminism, is one of the tools being used to emasculate men and weaken/destroy the traditional family unit.

    • I am Latino, raised in a Latino family that has records of living in the southwest well before it was USA. As a mix of old world Spanish (patriarchal) and new world native (also patriarchal), I can guarantee you that Latino culture is still very much patriarchal. If people want open borders, they need to recognize and understand exactly what is being imported. It’s not exactly a secret that old school machismo, infidelity, and treating women badly are known, and even celebrated parts of the culture.
      On top of that, the women of my family (and my white wife) themselves all still stress defined gender roles. In fact, they usually stress them more than I do. I think everything should be equal and we should divide tasks by strengths and preferences. Everybody else still seems to think the women should still serve the men. I lived on my own for a long while, and I learned how to cook/clean/care for myself at a very young age. I don’t “need” my wife to do anything for me. She’s the one who pushes that she’s responsible for cooking/cleaning/etc, but that may be mostly due to the fact that she has zero physical strength and leaves the heavy work, repair work, car work, yard work, etc to me because I’m able to do it while she isn’t.

      • The people importing all the illegals know exactly what they’re importing…that’s the whole point. Demolish European white culture.

    • Problem is that MGTOW is the desired result of this agenda. Divide the sexes, disrupt and destroy families….no one standing up the state. Communism 101.

        • Agree. These men have been socially engineered to think they are achieving some victory by choosing not to pursue good women(they still exist) and sound families….which is exactly what the global powers that be want.

  10. “We Need Man Control as Much as Gun Control to Stop Mass Shootings”

    So the problem isn’t the gun (or whatever), but the whack-job wielding it?

    Sounds like we need whack-job control.

  11. Masculinity is about power, controlled. I think what they mean to say is: Be a man. Control yourself.

    There. FIFY

    • What I took from that is that us normal (non-toxic masculinity) men need to man up and confront the psychos (toxic masculinity) and set them straight because we ladies can’t handle them. Feminism has gone full circle.

        • Yet she says ‘What I need you guys to do…’ and ‘These men don’t listen to women, so it’s up to you guys…’

          So ‘toxic masculinity’ can’t be defused with femininity and the feminists need us big hairy oafs to handle the situation for them.

  12. What about toxic feminism? What about PMS? All people have emotions that they have to learn to control.

    Teaching gun safety to all children at public school might just be a better idea. Once you stress responsibility to these snowflakes, they will go on about their video games and cheese puffs eating lives.

    Let’s be honest here, there are many nuts out there that do unsafe deeds with firearms. I do not want to be around when they do, just as I don’t go into a war zone neighborhood asking to be mugged.

    Maybe You tube is doing gun owners a favor by not hosting these unsafe episodes.

  13. “Toxic Masculinity” is myth. It’s made up from irresponsible, infantile minds. It’s not real.
    It’s impossible for a man to be too much of a man. It’s only possible for him to be less of a man, or for himself or others to be unable to recognize what a man is supposed to be.

  14. And while she’s at it, what is also needed is for men to all be forced to sit at the back of buses, stand in separate queues for things, sit on opposite sides in event centers, etc.
    Or she could just move to Saudi Arabia. They love toxic feminists there.

  15. So, if masculinity is toxic, then kids growing up in homes without fathers should turn out to be less violent and better adjusted. That’s how it works, right?

    • > So, if masculinity is toxic, then kids growing up in homes without fathers should turn out to be less violent and better adjusted. That’s how it works, right?

      The argument is not “masculinity is toxic”, though.

      • The argument is that toxic masculinity is a terrible problem and is exclusively due to male behavior — so the point still stands.

        The high prevalence of maladjusted, “toxic” men in communities where men are absent from family life says that the problem has as much to do with women as it does with men.

  16. The entire public school system is set up to treat boys as defective girls.

    The simple fact is that feminazi harridans masquerading as teachers are ill equipped to deal with boys. They destroy their lives by pushing them to suppress their natural behaviors in favor of conforming to their feminazi ideals of what children should be like. Then you have irresponsible cretins pretending that a single mother is qualified to raise children at all.

    You want someone to blame for the groundswell of non-functional adolescents in our society? Blame feminists who put their own desires above the well being of their children. Apparently, so long as you don’t have to act in a manner that would make a man willing to stay with you and help your raise your children, the wellbeing of those children doesn’t matter. Right?

    You want to fix the problem?
    Don’t have kids unless you’re married.
    Ban “no fault” divorces and award preferential custody to the father.
    Get rid of preferential treatment for female teachers and require 50% of any school staff to be men.

    • Pretty good start anyway. Problem is feminism is only one of the many tentacles of the monster that attacks humanity 24/7.

      • Public school treats any kid as defective if they stand up for themselves. They are teaching kids to be compliant and not to question.

        • They do that to parents, too.

          My son was injured on broken playground equipment the school couldn’t be arsed to repair, and my daughter was bullied by a paraprofessional school employee, and when we finally managed to corner the principal about it, my wife got trespassed from school grounds for a month for telling the principal to stuff the “I am god here” attitude where the sun don’t shine. (My favorite part of the school’s complaint was the part where she “handled a clipboard in a menacing manner.”)

          Anything that sticks up will be hammered down. That’s how female-dominated institutions work.

        • @ING

          That’s not just how female ran institutions work, that is simply how institutions work.

          All government promoted institutions work like that in particular.

  17. We could always reverse the last 100 years and make women property again. civilization seems to have been a little smoother back then.

    • Women haven’t been property since before the country was founded. Feminazi representations of voting rights history are about as accurate as their depictions of WWII.

      • Say what? BLACK women have certainly been property since this country was founded! Literally! And it could be said that all women have been, figuratively.

        • Except for the fact that there were women with voting rights in the original colonies. The voting restrictions had nothing to do with gender and everything to do with owning actual property.

  18. Sounds like what a woman would say… Mostly likely a woman without a husband.

    If a man isn’t being a man, e.g. abusing weak women, it’s already too late. His parents are failures. He probably was a mama’s boy. A grown man isn’t likely to be able to talk sense into him, he could beat some into him, but that could make things worse.

    Talking to an abusive male isn’t going to stop him abusing women because you are not there every minute he is around a woman. He could play along until you leave, then he might be even more abusive to her for getting him in trouble.

    What you need to do is not have a man-to-man talk, you have a man-to-female talk. You have to explain to the female how men work, the things they can/will do, why her love isn’t being reciprocated just manipulated, what men should really be and the like. In other words, you are informing her of all the reasons why she needs to leave the abusive “man” as quickly as possible and why she needs to buy a gun to make sure he doesn’t come back to harm/kill her for leaving. When she finally learns what she needs to know and moves on, she can find an actual man to take care of her, protect her and love her not manipulate her.

    A father should never scream at or hit his daughter. Discipline and accountability is fine. However, yelling and hitting conditions the girl for a future of getting involved with abusive males, as she thinks it’s normal because of her father’s example. Eventually she will get into a relationship with a man that abuses her and she will have a hard time leaving that relationship. If it becomes necessary to yell at or spank your daughter, let the females handle it. The boys are a very different story.

    Adults should be teaching children, before puberty, the natural roles men and women have. When they start to go through puberty, adults should teach kids how men and women are to interact and treat each other. When they get older, you walk them through how to have a relationship with the opposite sex.

    Best way for people to learn is through examples and first hand experience. Having a good mother and father will naturally teach kids how to behave as they grow up. Sometimes you might have to correct them through man-to-boy, woman-to-girl, man-to-girl and woman-to-boy talks.

    It might not even be possible for one gender/parent families to properly raise fully developed adults. Humans need at least one pair of male and female parental figures. In modern society people don’t even know or hang out with their neighbors; there is no tribe/village raising the children. You’d be lucky to have two good parents married. That’s the way the government/controllers likes it.

  19. “people-killing murder machines”

    Does she mean a vacuum aspiration abortion machine like the Olympus Berkeley VC-10 Vacuum Curettage?

    Because that’s the only one I can name off the top of my head.

  20. “These men don’t listen to women, so it’s up to you guys…”
    Is she kidding? These kinds of men are more violent towards other men than they are towards women! If a man confronts one of these thugs about their behavior, the thug will immediately pound the man’s face in, no questions asked. If a woman confronts them about their behavior, there’s a good chance they’ll listen (especially if she’s cute) rather than reacting violently.

    And why are there so many articles about “toxic masculinity,” but nothing about “toxic femininity”? From watching true murder documentaries on TV (shows that South Park called “murder porn”), it sure seems like there are as many women killing their husbands and boyfriends as the other way around. The women just use different methods (such as using poison, seducing a man to do the “wet work” for them, or paying a hit man to do the “wet work” for them!), but somehow these women are never said to have “toxic femininity” when they kill their husbands or partners.

    You’re just as dead if you’re poisoned as you are if you’re shot, but somehow “poison violence” isn’t as catchy a term as “gun violence”, at least among the left. We need to change that. Start labeling murder or suicide by means other than gun with the same terms, e.g. “poison violence” (whether murder or suicide), or “car violence” or [pushing/jumping off a] “cliff violence” or “bridge violence” (for people who jump off a bridge) or “baseball bat violence” or “golf club violence” or “fist violence” or “shoe violence” (for kicking), or “assault-boot violence” (for kicking with a black, scary-looking boot) until people finally realize how silly it is to blame inanimate objects!

    • I wonder how many adult male “suicides” with no previous history of mental illness are just their feminazi GF offing them for their stuff.

      • It’s more from men who spend 30 years working their asses off for their wife and kids, come home, and she’s banging someone else, then serves papers, takes his house, kids, and everything he’s ever owned and worked for. Goes to court, deals with the double standards of men not being good parents, can’t see his kids, and just snaps. Maybe, maybe not, he changes the life insurance and she gets another fat paycheck for being a worthless whore.

        • Wow. You’ve seen the divorce lottery play out before, haven’t you? Same here, too many times. The courts have a mission-to destroy families, and they perform it well.

        • This person is actually quite correct.

          Women do have severe preferential treatment in that regard. I’ve seen that exact thing play out more than once (though no subsequent suicide or homicide, but clear depression). I found out it was so common that i wrote one of my college english papers on it.

          Give it one 5 minute Google search, you’ll be overwhelmed.

  21. Okay, thanks Mary Sue. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read a book to try and regain the IQ points I lost just by reading your argument.

  22. What is toxic masculinity? Is all masculinity toxic, or just some of it? I wouldn’t call a dude who beats his wife or girlfriend masculine by any stretch. I would call him a bitch, and then I would slap him. I think most actual masculine men feel that way. Women should be armed, but not by force, but by choice. Same with men. If you want to masculinize women, fine. Put them on oil rigs in the ocean, put them on the back of garbage trucks, and stop separating male and female sports. If we’re all equal, start acting like it.

    • > What is toxic masculinity? Is all masculinity toxic, or just some of it? I wouldn’t call a dude who beats his wife or girlfriend masculine by any stretch.

      No, not all. The toxic parts are toxic. You’re starting to get it… just keep going with it, honestly.

  23. These are the same Leftists that use false claims of domestic violence to disarm a huge chunk of the men in this country. And thanks to Congress there is no way to get your rights restored and no politician will touch the issue with a ten foot pole.

  24. Toxic sweeping generalizations. The drivel-er (I almost said author, but that term is not deserved) wouldn’t dare make this kind of sweeping blanket demonization of any other gender/identity/ethnicity, of any sort. And I’ve been around one too may of these man-bashing ideology spewers who simultaneously want their cake and eat it too, expecting +and taking it for granted+ that the men that they bash be gentlemen, providers, protectors, do-ers of anything dangerous, strenuous, or dirty. Typically this drivel does not come from women who’ve really grappled with adversity, it comes from axe grinding neurotic sheltered dingbats who think acting downtrodden is a status symbol. Like the __ch who chewed me out for patriarchal oppression for the grave transgression of holding the door behind me, as I’d do for anyone, instead of letting it slam right as she got to it. Avoid them like the plague.

  25. And I also wish I had a dollar for every situation I’ve seen where women who had lots going for them looked blindly past lots of decent guys to go straight to, and stay with/ keep going back to guys who are shiftless, philanderers, or violent, or all of the above, either ’cause of some bad boy attraction or wanting a ‘fixer upper’ to rescue. If the pro women faction spent half the energy that they waste bashing men to instead promote to their fellow females: “#1 avoid dirtbags” “#2, if you find for any reason that you have not succeeded at #1, dump the dirtbag immediately and decisively at the earliest opportunity, and attain and sustain maximum achievable permanent distance” they’d start seeing improved results. And a dirtbag or two, finding themselves alone to new degrees, might at least try to be a bit less dirtbaggish

  26. Came here hoping to see rational arguments against a sexist suggestion that only women should be allowed to buy guns, and I have to say I’m disappointed.

    Almost nobody seems to know (or care) what toxic masculinity is, and most everyone seems to be defining feminism in the most sinister way possible. For a demographic constantly forced to confront logical fallacies, y’all sure do love your straw men.

    Don’t get me wrong, the misandrist quoted in this post is just that – a misandrist, pretending to be a feminist. And, yes, it’s true that many misandrists say they’re feminists to obfuscate their misandry. But the wholesale attack on an ideology that simply advocates women’s rights based on equality of the sexes is just obscene. I’m surprised that a group that continues to support the Republican party (just not those RINOs ’cause they’re not ‘real’ Republicans) has any cognitive dissonance to spare by refusing to differentiate between real and fake feminists.

    • “…an ideology that simply advocates women’s rights based on equality of the sexes is just obscene.”

      Feminism WAS an ideology that advocated for equal rights. Then they accomplished that, at least in the US. If they really cared about equality, they then would have taken the fight international. Instead, modern feminism is now, for most of it’s participants, an advocacy group for special privileges for women. For those pulling the strings and supplying major funding, it’s just another front group, a way to cause instability and discontent.

  27. What a bunch of P/C garbage. Is this the best you choose to run. It may be time to dump this site, it seems to only report this kind of alarmist bullshit lately. What next, “The sky is falling” from this chicken little website?

  28. On Toxic Masculinarity, would someone, anyone, even the user of ghost terminology be so kind as to define it, precisely that is. Thanks you so much.

  29. Well we already know trying to keep guns away from “toxic masculinity” doesn’t work so.. Make sure all women are trained up to militia fire team standards, Before they hit high school.
    Trained in blade work before they hot junior high And you got that covered.

  30. Well for starters my wife and both daughters have followed my lead in all getting guns and a CWP just as I did, only I got mine 14 years ago. They are all proud gun owners and all have carry permits now. Makes me sleep a lot better knowing they can all now protect themselves from the marauding hordes of AntiFa and Feminazi’s they are likely to run into eventually. This is just more brainwashing tactics by a very small but vocal segment of the Democrat party, the Socialist Left. Assisted by, the bought and paid for liberal media, and directed at the millennial generation. Because they’re the only ones that would swallow their liberal BS.

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