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Gun Control Debate Gets Traction as Candidates Aim for Votes

Are we even surprised?

The debate over gun rights has also seeped into the re-election campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), a former congresswoman from the Albany region who once aligned herself with supporters of Second Amendment protections for gun ownership.

While campaigning recently in Troy, Gillibrand lamented that “Congress has done nothing” to respond to gun violence and has balked at requiring universal background checks for gun purchases and at imposing a ban on bump stocks, despite a wave of mass shootings, including the one that led to four deaths in Jacksonville, Fla, last weekend.

Gillibrand’s opponent, Chele Farley, a New York City businesswoman, has criticized GIllibrand for having flip-flopped on gun rights since becoming New York’s junior senator.

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“Action! We need it now!”: Mother of Parkland Shooting Victim Turns Her Grief into a Fight for Change

Blaming an inanimate object rather than the person wielding it…

Feeling angrier, she said, than she had ever been in her life, she walked up to one of the TV reporters there and said she had something to say. A woman dismissed her, saying she wasn’t on the air at the time. Alhadeff said she “went down the line” until a CNN reporter gave her a microphone. Alhadeff said she “had no agenda, no idea what I was going to say. It just came out.”

It was a moment of raw outrage that went viral.

“A gunman, a crazy person just walks right into the school, knocks down the window of my child’s door and starts shooting — shooting her and killing her!” Alhadeff shouts in the video. “President Trump, you say, what can you do? You can stop the guns from getting into these children’s hands. You can put metal detectors at every entrance to the schools. … President Trump, please do something! Action! We need it now!”

Editorial: Schools are No Place for Guns

Same song, different day…

The National Education Association is opposed to arming teachers. Legislators are opposed to it. Even the $50 million STOP School Violence Act, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in March, explicitly forbids the money from being used to buy firearms.

So why is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos even entertaining the question? Because Texas officials asked if the money could be used to pay for a firearms program there. But she must answer with a resounding “No.”

At issue is a program known as the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants, which — unlike other federal education grants — do not clearly forbid weapons purchases. Texas asked the U.S. Department of Education for clarification on what those grants can be used for, and it’s a fair question. And DeVos should not be castigated for simply considering a legitimate question from a grant recipient.

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These 5 Guns Are the Most Deadly On the Planet

Words mean things, people…

One of the best handguns in the world wasn’t even available to recreational shooters for much of the Cold War. The CZ 75 handgun , introduced in 1975, borrowed a great deal from John Moses Browning’s late model pistol, the Browning Hi-Power, both externally and internally, but is not a copy, and features significant differences . The nine-millimeter pistol could carry up to sixteen rounds, making it one of the largest-capacity handguns of its day.

The bustling global arms trade has resulted in many excellent handguns in the last hundred years. Some of the best handguns are more than a hundred years old, while others have been in production for less than a decade. All are excellent weapons for defense, and in some cases offense; they are equally at home in a homeowner’s gun safe or carried as an officer’s sidearm. Here are five of the best handguns currently in service worldwide.

(This first appeared several months ago.)

Marie Harf: Military veterans enlist in the battle to fight gun violence in America – Let’s hear them out

“The weapons culture out of control” . . .

The new ad features retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, who experienced war firsthand during his over 37 years in Army.

In the first scene, Hertling opens a box on his desk containing 253 cards with the names and photos of soldiers under his command who were killed in combat. He ties the pain he felt on their deaths to the pain parents must feel losing a child to gun violence.

It is immediately clear then that this is a new kind of gun safety advocate.

This ad is one in a series of five narrated by retired military leaders. The Giffords group is planning veterans’ events around the country to foster discussion on the gun issue.

Paranormal activity man shoots ghost

Paranormal intruder: Connecticut man faces charges after shooting at ‘ghost’

Do paranormal investigators really think that bullets will stop a poltergeist? . . .

Christain Devaux of Tolland is due in court on Sept. 11 on charges including the illegal discharge of a firearm, making a false statement to police, second-degree reckless endangerment, misusing an emergency call, and disorderly conduct.

Police say Devaux put two bullet holes in his wall on July 26, initially reporting the incident as an attempted break in.

He later told police that he is a paranormal investigator and that he believes the intruder was actually a spirit.


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  1. “He later told police that he is a paranormal investigator and that he believes the intruder was actually a spirit.”

    Yeah, that or the meth kicked in.

    • When I watch that CNN vid, ALL I did was cringe….where was the DI that would have had that guy doing push-ups like a remake of “stripes” the movie!

      One Sergeant…..500 and 3 Sergeant! “KEEP GOING!”

  2. Gee my son is an army vet,hung out in the middle east and now works at DoD. And he’s a fudd. Maybe worse. If I think my 43 year old son is FOS how much more so a super fudd general. Guns for me and none for thee-peasant…why is Floriduh gal yelling at Trump?!? They intereacted with the Cruz punk dozens of times,bullied him and fed him drugs. Go yell somewhere else!

  3. “.. Alhadeff said she “had no agenda, no idea what I was going to say. It just came out.””

    She may not have had an agenda at that time but she certainly has one now. And she won the election and got a seat on the School Board so get used to her name, there are going to be lots and lots of anti-gun ideas coming out of South Florida in the near future.

  4. Isn’t Gillibrand the one that wants to do away with ICE? So only the illegal immigrants will be armed?

    • Illegal immigrant, isn’t that an oxymoron?

      If they’re illegal aliens, they aren’t part of the immigration and naturalization system.

    • Yes she is.She is also connected to the Nxivm sex cult, as well as the rapist NY AG Schneiderman and Clintons. God only knows what else she is into.

  5. While the armed cop was standing there for something like 20 minutes, I wonder if he saw two unarmed teachers run into the building, the shooter walk out the building and another department run past him to clear the building while the shooter went to Subway and McDonalds.

    Maybe guns do make people into Rambo when they get one in their hands. Wait… But the cop didn’t do anything like that. I guess it only works on kids. Although kids these days probably don’t even know who Rambo is.

  6. Passing more laws on top of thousands that are not enforced at this time, and may never be enforced because no-one knows they exist, will be the same as shouting down a pipe. All you are going to hear is your own voice echoing back at you.

    Government in the United States has been totally screwed over many decades by those having an ulterior motive – power over the people.

    The American people, have been taught to be self-centered. We all have been taught to care only about ourselves or the poor animals portrayed on the ASPC commercials. No ware do we hear the words of President JFK, Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

    Therein lies the problem with America today. People learn how to abuse any system that they think provides them something for nothing. They do not learn about our Constitution, government it has created for you and I, the people.

    The Constitution is the most perfect document of its type ever written. No interpretation is necessary because the words it contains are simple and direct with no connotations or misleading constructions. What it says it means just as it says them.

    The Supreme Court does not have the duty, or power to interpret the Constitution as they lead you to believe on their website. Their only duty is to know what the Constitution says and insure that cases brought before the court abide thereby to the letter. If the Constitution said apple taffies shall be red and have a green stick, then every instance when a case before the court deals with apple taffies of a different color the court has to be of the opinion that only red apple taffies with a green stick are permitted under the Constitution.

    Gun control has gotten way out of hand for political reasons. It gives the corrupt in Washington, D.C. a tool for sucking money out of the pockets of those sincerely concerned, and putting it in their own bank accounts and those of their cohorts.

    If you respond to all the request for campaign support that you receive, you are being scammed. Especially by candidates fro other states that don’t work for you.

    A well-regulated militia is necessary to a free state. We had one once and we, being as blind and self-centered as we have become, let the government take our militia (National Guard) from us and make it part of the standing Army, which, now pay attention, is illegal in peace time.

    Each and every state is to have, and fully support, its own militia. This militia is to be comprised of every male, who will volunteer to serve, between the ages of 17 and 44 is to be a member. Once local militia are formed under the guidance of a state commander, appointed by the governor of each state. Local officers are to be chosen by the members that they are to lead.

    The militia is to be provided with arms and training equal to that of the standing army, which, when those run amok in government decide to bring tyranny against the people, will be used against us. The militia of each state, and a combination thereof, must be capable of putting down all actions that the standing army may attempt.

    We the people do not have to obey any unconstitutional demands from government, but, we must be prepared for any consequences that may ensue, good or bad. Being organized such that we have the power and means to effectively resist any onslaught by those in central government is the reason for the second amendment.

    Someone wrote that in order to fully understand why the Framers included certain things in the Constitution we must know the history that lead them to include those things. In that vein, at the time of framing the Constitution, everyone kept the best arms he could acquire for hunting and protecting himself and his family. Gun ownership for self-defense was an understood at that time. The second amendment takes advantage of the fact that everyone was armed and ready to defend themselves from local threats, equipped them for service in a militia when the need should arise to put down an enemy, either foreign or domestic (England, British troops in America).

    If we wish to continue to be free and at liberty to live our lives as we choose, and within the laws of our country, having their authority in the Constitution, all of us must pull our heads out of the sand and pay attention. Government under the Constitution does not, and will not work as intended if the people are not concerned and involved in its conduct, always. We must encourage patriotism at every opportunity. We must have rallies where speakers enlighten citizens as to what is happening in the World and in Washington, D.C. and rally us all to act as a group to take action for or against.

    The people are powerless as individuals. As large groups we can influence change and require adherence to the Constitution as written and legally amended in accordance with Article V. of the Constitution. The only way changes/amendments can be made. For our protection from political agenda the Framers made the processes for amendment very difficult and most likely to fail to prevent short time changes for momentary reasons for the benefits of a few. All amendments must be for the good of all of the people.

    God Bless the Parkland Mom that stood up in opposition to blaming an inanimate item (which must be taken from the people in order for our country to be taken in another direction) is ridiculous and absurd. Please note the Party with which the junior Senator aligns herself.

    I could go on and on for out country, but, I probably bore you because I wrote more than one sentence. Another problem with Americans. Schools no longer teach students to read and understand what they have read.

    Another important point. Civics is no longer taught in schools, every year, year after year, in a way that fully explains how government works from parents to Central Government and demands that each student is fully aware of the importance of participation in management of the United States of America.

    Let’s start over, peacefully, by refusing to reelect anyone that is now a public servant in 2018. The only other choice we have is violence, bloody violence in a scale you cannot imagine.

    • May I suggest a touch of brevity and focus? An article-length comment is less likely to be read.

      Just my opinion and experience.

    • agree with every word you wrote Joseph. i fear the outcome will need to be of the worst as way too many seem to be asleep at the wheel and with their heads burried up their A***s not just in the sand. Sadly it is not just america or australia or indeed any 1 other country in the western nations but every single one of them going down the same path, some further along than others. Many will simply fall beneath the waters of socialism, some hopefully will rise above and throw it off

    • “…the poor animals portrayed on the ASPC commercials.”
      the first time i heard of this organization i was five years old and to this day it remains part of “they’ll find you yet, and when they do they’ll put you in the aspca, you mangy mutt!”
      the flipside was recorded backwards.

  7. “It is immediately clear then that this is a new kind of gun safety advocate.”

    Nope, there’s really nothing new about finding the occasional veteran who is in favor of civilian disarmament. Like the glorifying of oath breakers past, so to will the trotting out of this guy fall flat. The main difference here is that he’s old and that appeals to the types of people who think age = wisdom.

    Next, please.

      • At least this guy’s soldiers were (presumably) armed and had a chance to defend themselves.

        But he would deny that to me. Why? Maybe because I’m not under his command and he can’t control me, and that makes him nervous?

        Well, he should be nervous. History (and armed citizens) are not kind to traitors and quislings.

    • You are exactly right. I ran across more than a few (mostly all mediocre or worse soldiers too I might add that I wouldn’t follow across the street to get a soda) during my 25 years in the Army.

  8. Arguing that guns should be outlawed because of mass shooters is like arguing that seatbelts should be outlawed because they [sometimes] contribute to accident deaths.

    But the Left does it anyway.

  9. I’m irritated by the “top 5 deadliest guns” article. The basis of the article is absurd. “Top 5 deadliest snakes” makes sense but not with guns. Most every gun in USA has never been drawn in anger, nor pointed at a person. The gun itself is benign. Only the intent of the user (or their stupidity) has any bearing on a gun’s being “deadly”. Any gun is only as deadly as any knife in the kitchen drawer. This smacks of gun demonization.

  10. Barf’s opinion piece doesn’t allow comments. What a shocker.

    Here are my questions for Mr. Hertling: Of course it hurts that soldiers die in war! But how many people would have died if those soldiers had not been armed? How many of those deaths would have been victims of aggression that were otherwise stopped by those soldiers who put their lives on the line? How would disarming your soldiers have disarmed the enemy soldiers who obviously needed to be opposed with deadly force? How many of those enemies died at the hands of your own soldiers? Is the world a better place because those enemies died?

  11. Its interesting how most of the new small gun and training companies started by enlisted military people. Not officers. General officers working with anti civil rights groups are a betrayal of their oath to the constitution. It was General officers who lost the war in Vietnam.
    Read “Dereliction of Duty”, written by an active duty army captain.

    • BS – Vietnam was lost in the DC swamp. Demtards and the MSM. Decades later and the progs are still allowed to dictate fake history.

      The Army/Marines beat the snot out of the VC and regulars.

  12. Actually, the HK VP70 pistol had 18+1 of 9mm and it pre-dated the CZ75. Then the Steyr GB also had 18+1 of 9. I guess he did not do his homework.

  13. Given that the generals instituted rules that all soldiers shall be disarmed unless in combat, are we surprised that they have low opinion of civilian ownership of firearms when they do not trust their own troops?
    Moreover, why do none of these infomercials ever mention the fact that gun violence in America is at near historically low levels? And this despite the fact that our population has tremendously increased (increased levels of violence tend to accompany increases in population density) or the fact that the per capita number of firearms available has more than quadrupled?

      • You’ll recognize her from being John Keery’s spokeswoman at the Department of State. She also had a hand in the Iran nuclear deal negotiations….. But she’s part of Fox’s fair and balanced approach vs. MSNBC and CNN.

        • Indeed.

          Harf was spectacularly incoherent as spokesthing.

          I kinda believe Fox brought her on to pay her back for all that ?Admin said what? content from back then.

  14. Yeah, and everybody keeps telling me that our illustrious armed forces will protect our freedom, liberties, and the Constitution. Thank you for your service. Snicker.

  15. “…they are equally at home in a homeowner’s gun safe or carried as an officer’s sidearm.” – Obviously not a valid source of gun information with this clear bias against armed citizens.

  16. Perhaps if Ms. Alhadeff and the other Parkland parents had been as worked up about their school board and sheriff, their kids wouldn’t be dead. The Parkland shooting is the result of decisions the community made at the ballot box. It’s Broward County’s problem to fix, not Trump’s.

    Elections, as they say, have consequences. Parkland is what you get if you elect a school board and sheriff that value psychopaths and criminals more than the safety of students. The shooter should have been in jail long before he killed those children, but law enforcement and the school district worked in concert to ensure that never happened.

  17. If the leaders of our armed forces are not fighting to protect the Constituion and our freedoms…..what exactly are they doing?

  18. I get that Officer Krupki there is uncomfortable with citizens doing stuff without authorization.

    Citizens aren’t soldiers. He had great authority within the military, because that’s what it takes to hold space where people can do stuff without authorization.

  19. Ms. Alhadeff there is now in a position to do something about a crazy kid shooting up her school: Keep the crazy out. Give the students better options when crazy happens. Maybe don’t make so much crazy.

    Good for her.

    Much better than supplicating the god-king to magically declare that the world may not contain the evil things.

  20. “When it comes to preventing gun violence there is no other side.”

    Exactly correct General Hertling and all the more reason you should join the NRA and GOA.

  21. “While campaigning recently in Troy, Gillibrand lamented that “Congress has done nothing” to respond to gun violence and has balked at requiring universal background checks for gun purchases and at imposing a ban on bump stocks, despite a wave of mass shootings, including the one that led to four deaths in Jacksonville, Fla, last weekend.”

    Neither of which would have done anything to prevent the Jacksonville (not mass) shooting, which resulted in 2 murders and one perp suicide.

    Can you get even a single fact right?

  22. Sandy Hook happened while Obama was president (December, 2012).
    I don’t remember him doing anything about school safety in response.
    If Trump is unfeeling for doing nothing, why wasn’t Obama?
    Id Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    • But Obama shed tears on national TV (three years later). He showed how much he cared about doing something (when there was no risk to him).

      Can’t you see how much better that makes him?

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