Vice President Kamala Harris talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the balcony of the Eisenhower Executive Office building on the White House campus, Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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Canada’s Justin Trudeau has decided that he really didn’t need another mass protest of Canucks opposed to his government’s fascist edicts right now. Fresh off the drubbing he took as a result of his authoritarian response to truckers protesting his government edicts, Trudeau’s regime has backed off its deadline for complying with a mandatory “buyback of newly-banned “assault-style” firearms for at least 18 months.

Canada prime minister justin trudeau
(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

The previous deadline was coming up fast at the end of April. Now, the new “drop dead” date for surrendering the formerly legal guns or rendering them inoperable is Oct. 30, 2023.

The Trudeau government has struggled to get the bureaucracy and mechanics of the buyback in place, but they’re assuring their gun-grabbing constituency that all is well.

“The purpose of extending the amnesty period is to allow us to take the additional steps to launch the mandatory buyback program,” [Public Safety Minister Marco] Mendicino said, adding that he hopes it will be launched this spring, “if not as quickly as possible.”

The 18 additional months offers plenty of time for Trudeau’s party to suffer a drubbing in the next election and potentially to repeal his May 2020 edict banning certain scary-looking “assault-style” firearms.

News of the deadline extension came buried near the bottom of a press release from the Canadian government agency responsible for “buying back” guns the government never owned. This same agency that has spent $2.2 million on its mission so fare but doesn’t have a single gun to show for it.

Here’s the government’s announcement . . .

The Government also updated Canadians on the Amnesty Order that accompanied the May 1, 2020 assault-style firearms prohibition, which will receive an administrative extension until October 30, 2023. This will allow time to ensure that officials can finalize and fully implement a robust mandatory buyback program and allow firearms owners and businesses to take all reasonable steps to come into compliance with the law. 

Canadians’ response to outlawing firearms they purchased legally has been rather…anemic. To put it kindly. So far, Trudeau’s ban on “assault-style” firearms is going about as well as the Canucks’ disastrous campaign to register long guns.

Justin Trudeau canada
(Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press via AP)

The press release helpfully lists a number of government contacts for Canadians would like to offer their thoughts on the Prime Minister’s plan to confiscate their guns.


Alexander Cohen
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of Public Safety
[email protected]

Media Relations
Public Safety Canada
[email protected]

Chantalle Aubertin
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Justice

Media Relations
Department of Justice Canada
[email protected]

Remember to keep it classy.

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    • The Jethro fake ex-military man strikes again.

      I keep hearing of you and others insulting our beloved dear leader, Kamala Harris, and her assistant Joe Biden, with epithets like “kameltoe” and “Legs Raised Harris,” “Hand Wipe South Korea Harris,” “Cackamala Harris,” “Cackling Harris,” Kamalacackle”, and “Stick to emails Harris,” and it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Apologize. Now!

      And Harris’ explanation of the Ukrainian/Russian crisis was fine! There was nothing wrong with it! If anything, it improves her credibility as a leader!

    • I’m thinking rolls of asswipe with diff pics of the idiot manchild on each square would be the biggest selling item up here right now.

      • Why would I want a roll or TP with Alfred E. Newman’s face on it???

        OH, you meant that execrable tw** Trudeau? Or that senile idiot (who was an idiot BEFORE he was senile) Xiao Bai-Den??? Or his boss, Black Chicago Jesus?? No matter. They’re all useless pimples on the @$$ of humanity.

    • Do NOT talk bad about Trudeau. He is NOT the son of Castro. That’s not funny. If anything, he is one of the greatest leaders of all time. The Trudeau regime, with Pierre and now little Justin, and hopefully another little Trudeau after that (keep this going) are political geniuses that know how to get their fellow man to “vote” to take their fellow man’s freedoms away. It takes a political genius to convince the people themselves to reduce their own freedom, political power, and responsibility! That is simply genius! And it’s all for the “greater good,” “Common Sense” stuff, “Safety” and all the usual buzzwords, that are imperative to making the future, a brighter, more progressive, utopia of greatness.

  1. Scrolling from the bottom up, it looks like before, during and after shots of Trudeau experiencing his first BJ.

  2. The sinister prime minister justin t. has been seen in Black Face and wearing an Indian Headdress. When is that pompous pos going to get real and dress up as a Gun Control nazi or a sheet wearing member of the military wing of the Gun Control democRat Party better known as the kkk?

    Keep it classy? When have tyrants and their sick demands ever been, “classy.” Feel free to forward the above fitting and legitimate question to the listed canadian bureaucrats.

    • Yeah, kinda almost disappointing in a way. They better be careful now though, imagine how tough I’m gonna be after 18mo of practice wearing my shiny new steel plates. Prob just be more crippled up than I already is…

  3. Mandatory buy-back of something bought legally? Oh really? They can take their term “mandatory” and shove it. NOT FOR SALE FO&D

  4. No one should have to surrender firearms or anything else they purchased legally. All should be grandfathered and in this Country our 2nd Amendment rights should protect us against anything that is mandated. If people want to turn in firearms because they need the money that is up to them. For those of us who don’t want to then it should be grandfathered or “molon labe”, Come and Get It (at your own risk).

  5. Never ever throw away any gun parts. No matter the condition, they can always be cleaned up, glued back together, straightened, painted, morphed and put to some use of some sort.

    • Castreau & Kamaltoe please inform Beto how disarming armed folks doesn’t work out( except for Aussies). Or not…

  6. Canada was a subject country of the British Empire far longer than the 13 Colonies of what became the US. As well as not having to fight for their freedom. As such, they don’t have the same enumerated rights we enjoy here. As well as being much more indoctrinated into the mindset of following government orders or mandates. Just as a warning to the gun grabbers in this country, look at how poorly the gun bans and registration schemes are being received there. While Canada does not have the culture of guns we have always had, but a lesser version of such, every Canadian I have spoken to both in person, and online, has taken a rather unfavorable view on Trudeau’s orders. With the exception of a few people who have never lived outside of the major cities.
    If our own home grown fascist dictator want to be’s believe they can confiscate, or “Buy Back” our legally purchased, and owned firearms, they may be very unpleasantly surprised if they try such actions here. They may get the firearms bullets first. Or at least at a cost in lives of both those who own such weapons, and those tasked with confiscating them.

    • Oldmanimal, but we do have the same rights, not just of course as unalienable (other than by force) naturally inherent rights but from English Common Law which was very much the template for both our great countries legal systems. Much like your early talks regarding the incorporating of an actual written constitution, I have read from a few sources that the ownership of weapons at the time up here was considered such an obvious given that it didn’t require enumeration. How wrong they were and how fortunate for you guys that your guys were a wiser lot than our guys.

    • Nah, Rider, he’d probably actually ENJOY that. The worst POSSIBLE fate for Justin “Blackface” Castreaux would be to (i) have absolutely ZERO power over others, and (ii) to be ignored. That is the little creep’s worst nightmare. Let’s see he gets to enjoy it for the rest of his distinctly UNNATURAL life.

  7. sounds a lot like:
    “my doctor gave me six months to live
    i didnt pay my bill
    so he gave me another six months”

  8. Ain’t it bloody typical of Yanks. One the one hand you see Canada as some kind of Communist State because they have a working Social Government Funded Medical Program and now you see Canada as some kind of FASCIST State for implementing gun controls The BUY BACK amnesty has NOTHING to do with the Truckers Strike is backed by the vast majority of the Canadian electorate. The whole idea is not actually to ban outright the possessiion of fire armns wher just cause can be shown BUT to severely limit the number of ILLEGALLY HELD and unnessessarily held firearms in the population.
    In a past occupation in the UK ROYAL AIR FORCE I ran an Armoury at RAF Credenhill HEREFORD and we were depository for such an amenstry on behalf of the Local Constabulary. WE has literally hundreds of firearms handed in mostly ‘souveniers’ from wars around the globe going back to before the bloody BOER WAR and hundreds of round of ammunition of all kinds. Most of these weapons had not been fired since they came home in some poor buggers kit bag if indeed any had.
    Having six ranges on my charge we [probably also illegally] cleaned up the cleanable and shot a few. What was surprising to me was that some of the very very old ammunition still worked without a hitch. I got permission to de-militarise a few for collection purposes and these had to be signed off by a Specialist employed by the Police. A couple of my Armourers bought two or three as Wall Trophies.
    It just goes to show that even in a country with exceptionally Draconian Gun Control Laws there ARE still some out there hidden away in the attic, We had a whole ‘set’ of 6.25 [0.25″] Pistols handed in. These were found by builders renovating a barn in Herefordshire. They were packed and still greased-up, in an tinplate ‘ammo’ type sealed box,. They had no identification, marks serial numbers or makers name . They were accompanied by a second box containing several hundred rounds of ammo. Though not marked in any way they were obviously very well made and engineered. Eventually some guy came down from somewhere and collected them ‘as found’. My own feeling is that they were originally meant for one of the more shady fighting groups established in case of invasion, hidden away and some silly bugger forgot where he of she hid them.
    Meanwhile what happens in Canada is the business of Canada and nothing to do with the Gun Freaks of America.
    Take a look at how many ‘victims’ of gun crime there are in Canada compared to America.

    • Oh, isn’t that CUTE!!! Albert the (Fascist) Subject thinks you can’t be a “social democracy” (propaganda speak for “Leftist/fascist autocracy”), and not still p*** all over the rights of the peasants over which “the state” rules!! I’m beginning to agree with the theory that you are a sock puppet of dacian the stupid – except that you are semi-literate.

      Albert the Subject – we give zero s***s about your opinion. Haven’t since 1776. Have a nice day! Go return to your serial onanism (to a picture of the Queen).

    • Yes, Albert ‘Hand Licker’ Hall, please do take a look at those numbers and you will immediately see that if you remove just 2% of the Counties in the USA from the equation then the numbers parallel each other quite closely. But I wouldn’t expect a presumptuous assclown like yourself to dig any further than the leading headlines into a topic you loudly hold forth on in your ignorance. “Herefordshire”… I had some herefords years ago, a fitting place for a dumbed down individual such as you.

    • Albert Hall, To say that Canada is a “functioning socialist government” is subjective at best. Their socialized medicine program like yours in Great Britain is a mess. Delays on routine treatment are exorbitant. You see there is this capitalist axiom. “You get what you pay for.”

      Canada’s recent behavior toward people who were peacefully demonstrating against government intrusion is typical of the fascist response that you Lefties are famous for.
      Functioning? Using what criteria?


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