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When the Ukraine war started, and the United States started increasing weapon and ammunition shipments, this meme started making the rounds on social media . . .

The United States military obviously wouldn’t send a New York-compliant AR-15 to an ally…or anyone else they supported. The lack of a number of useful features, like a flash hider, pistol grip, telescoping stock, and in some cases, the ability to change magazines, all would put someone in a war zone at a serious disadvantage.

But what would happen if someone in New York who owns one of these intentionally impaired rifles and wanted to send one to Ukraine? It turns out that someone did just that.

According to the New York Post, a group of local Yankee Republicans wanted to help with the war effort in Ukraine by donating some of their “weapons.”

A closer look (closer than when I made the above tweet) shows a variety of New York-compliant guns, which you couldn’t fault someone who lives in New York for owning. After all, they probably didn’t support the passage of the laws banning better, full-featured weapons. Nor did they probably vote for the representatives and governor who voted for and signed such laws.

Nobody wants to risk prison time, especially over guns they’re giving away, so the New Yorkers’ donated guns are mostly pump-action shotguns and bolt-action rifles, with a couple of notable exceptions.

There’s one lever-action rifle, which could be useful against Russians with a little practice. Such a gun would probably not be put in regular units, could help volunteers protecting a shelter or might even see some combat use. Bolt-action guns, especially the more powerful ones equipped with optics, could serve in a sniper or other long-range role, and will probably be used, too.

But there’s one lone AR-15 in the pictured pile if you zoom in on the image and take a closer look. It’s partially hidden behind other rifles, but it’s obvious that the buffer tube doesn’t have a stock attached to it. Instead, it’s one of the “featureless” stocks like the one in the meme. The end of the barrel is hidden behind another barrel, but it’s very likely to be featureless as well.

So some poor Ukrainian volunteer is going to be given what will probably be the strangest gun in the war zone: a New York-compliant “featureless” AR-15, just like the one in the meme.

How This Could Have Been More Helpful To Ukraine?

According to the New York Post article, the federally-approved shipment is going to be handled by KelTec, which is based out of Florida. The guns in the picture, along with some ammunition, will be shipped to Ukraine.

While it feels good to donate goods to a disaster or war zone to fend off invading Russians, this is yet another example of how, in practice, that’s just not terribly helpful.

In many cases, disaster zones get swamped with trailer loads of canned goods that are difficult for shelters and other supporting entities to turn into useful meals. So, instead of feeding people in need, canned goods frequently end up going to waste.

In this case, guns that aren’t terribly useful to Ukrainians, including a rusted shotgun with no barrel, apparently ended up in a shipment.

When something bad is going on in the world, it’s almost always true that sending money is the best way to help. That way, the entities leading response and recovery efforts can choose the gear that will best fit their needs. Proper fighting rifles with magazines that are compatible with rifles carried by other soldiers are generally what’s needed. Duck hunting guns? Those are only useful in some twisted Elmer Fudd fantasy war where “nobody needs an AR-15“.

If these Long Island residents really didn’t have any spare money to send, they could have sold their guns and sent the cash to Ukraine to purchase better weapons. Or, if they wanted to make sure the money was spent on firearms, they could have paid KelTec to send proper ARs from Florida. That might only mean sending an handful of rifles, but they’d be rifles Ukraine could actually use.

But these are people who probably have money. Sending just a few hundred bucks each on top of the money selling their Fudd guns could mean sending a dozen or more rifles and ammunition. Materiel that could mean a bad day for a few Russkies.

I get that sending one of your personal guns to a war zone may be satisfying, but if you really want to help people, it isn’t about you. It’s about the people you’re helping. If you live in a place like California or New York and really want to help the Ukrainians, send them something they’ll really use.

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  1. “The United States military obviously wouldn’t send a New York-compliant AR-15 to an ally…or anyone else they supported.”

    Well, we are sending them Keltec sub-2000 back back foldables. So why not?

    • A Kel-tec sub-2000 carbine is a lot better than nothing. The guns are capable of feeding out of different manufacturer magazines. They can be configured to use Glock extended 33 round magazines and in urban CQB would be a quick easily maneuverable firearm. Unless you’ve actually used one you shouldn’t disparage them. Given a choice between a NY compliant AR-15 or the Sub2K I would take the Sub2K any day of the week that ends with y. Besides think of it this way. Use the cheap gun to kill an enemy and then take their weapon.

      • I would still take the AR. 5.56/.223 is better than 9mm in a war any day. The magazine can be swapped for a regular one, even if it requires some work. I have seen AR pattern rifles in Ukraine pics and videos, so they should be able to find a mag. As long as the stock is stable what does it matter what it looks like? Just give that gun to a guy that it fits.

    • Yeah, why not? Any shootable rifle is better than nothing in guerilla warfare, and can be quite deadly in the hands of an experienced fighter. Castro’s Commie Cube Rebels somehow made full autos out of 30-30 rifles and other carbines? Bolt action Mosin Nagants held their own very well, from WWI To vee et NAM and did a lot of damage as sniper weapons. So that Leftist AR, especially in 308 would do quite well enough within the same application, especially with an optic? So what’s the point of this article having its ass up smoke over that?

      And After PewPewTin finishes his epic Scorched Earth ruination of Ukraine turning it into a hellish Dystopian Zombie landscape, All the raggedy looking survivors can saw off the stock and barrel of those 12 guage shitguns to look like Denzel and what he carried in that famous End Times movie and act all tacticool and badass for the paid reenactments with CNN Fake news teams?

    • The US isn’t sending the Sub-2000 rifles – Kel-Tec is. They had an order for $200,000 worth of them going to a Ukranian distributor, who then went dark. Kel-Tec decided to donate the rifles to the Ukrainian military anyway.

  2. How much money was it theBiden administration sent? Cant remember, 2.8 gazillion dollars or something like that.
    I’m keeping my gunms for when the price of bread goes up to $8 dollars a loaf, that wheats gotta come from somewhere, probably import it from Russia on account of the American farmers cant afford to buy fuel no more.
    Let’s Go Brandon

    • There’s some reports that the Ukraine decided to stock-pile most of the military hardware the US just send them in one depot… which the Russians immediately ass-plded with a hyper-sonic missile.

      The better part of 15 billion dollars… straight down the tubes.

      • The real question should be how much of that $15 billion is coming back to Biden and his dem cronies as kickbacks, you know, like all the other money that has been sent over there.

        • They probably only spent a small fraction on the hardware that was “destroyed” by the Russians. The vast majority of that money likely went to corrupt politicians in Ukraine and here. Kickbacks are why politicians are always so excited about “helping” people.

        • The defense industry needed another war since the Afghanistan money dried up. The pharma industry will be jonesing for another pandemic before long. The Democrat bots just keep switching back and forth, barely able to keep up with who they’re supposed to be shilling for today.

        • About 1.5 billion. To paraphrase an excert from one of the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop ‘10% for the big guy’

        • Not dollars, but equipment is being sent, so no worry about the cronies. Mostly Javelins, Stingers, armor, helmets and ammunition. I also assume there is a fair amount of artillery/cannon food.

        • “Not dollars, but equipment is being sent, so no worry about the cronies“

          Mark, don’t rain on their delusional parade, you are ruining their narrative.

        • “Not dollars, but equipment is being sent, so no worry about the cronies“

          Was the equipment donated? No, our dollars bought that equipment. It’s hilarious to watch dems shill for the defense industry. People are either willfully blind or ignorant if they think no lobbying is involved.

      • Well yeah, they did it in the Afghanistan pullout debacle, why not again Somewhere else? You don’t think they just want to stop with only disarming the American Civilians? Not too far down in their Totalitarian Deep State minds they really don’t want a large standing U.S. Army Infantry anymore if everything ‘goes’ their way, so why have all these old-fashioned rusted-out surplus laying around? After their future New World Order agenda is completed, and All major Countries are joined at the digital currency hips in unholy Marxist matrimony they will then just have one common world multi-National “policing” force–which was originally the whole purpose of the U.N. Blue Helmet forces experiment looking

        As demonstrated in Ukraine here, A large Infantry, even mechanized, IS, and Always will be a huge logistics problem in any large war. Plus you have to worry about ‘dissidents’ in your ranks. This Brandon regime was already concerned about that.

        But the bigger a common themed New World Order gets, the less individual nations need to maintain such a force, Mainly because alongside future political and territorial alignments and changes, the super-rapid advancemet of science and weaponry will eventually make all large scale intimate ground fighting among human soldiers obsolete. Any exceptions to this will be handled by scaled down compact Special Forces units and further up the evolution ladder of human violence will be the A.I. human replica robots. Which will eventually take care of just about all our ‘extended’ human propensities for psychotic warfare. If anybody here hasn’t seen this stuff yet, Check out Darpa and Advanced humanoid robots on youtube. You’ll be amazed.

        So why not let some of our current warfare inventory to be used up or disposed of to justify and facilitate the need to spend more on advanced new replacements? This administration certainly doesn’t give a fuck how much money they piss away long as their ‘agenda’ keeps chugging along. They don’t even have to worry about running out of paper to keep fiat printing presses going. If they can pull it off before the midterms, Brandon will try to make Cash illegal and initiate the new government controlled digital ‘Americoin’ so they can forever have all the Communist Utopia money they’ll ever need…

        • Good point on the grinding up of old obsolete inventory. Which war did they launch old Tomahawks like snowballs ‘cuz they lack strath? Canada sent stuff maybe 40 years old (M72). Germany cleaned out old East German anti tank junk and manpads. On the bright side kinda hope to see a nice Russian MRAP for cheap on eBay in a year.

        • “digital currency hips in unholy Marxist matrimony“

          And TTAG is doing their part to bring in the New World order by pushing digital cryptocurrency, good job comrades!

        • What, Vladimir Putin is lying about the hit?

          But Donald Trump said he had no reason not to believe Putin, why would you speak against Donald Trump, why do you hate freedom?

      • Sending our latest hardware into pissant wars is idiotic. Clinton sent stealth fighters into the Balkans and one was promptly shot down, nearly intact, and given to the Russians. The Russians have captured Javelin missile sets and now have a defensive fix against them….should have waited for a real war.

    • How much money was it theBiden administration sent? Cant remember, 2.8 gazillion dollars or something like that.
      I’m keeping my guns for when the price of bread goes up to $8 dollars a loaf, that wheats gotta come from somewhere, probably import it from Russia on account of the American farmers cant afford to buy fuel no more.
      Let’s Go Brandon

      • It’s difficult to keep up, but it goes something like this. We already give Ukraine hundreds of millions every year because…reasons. It’s best not to think about it too much. Biden was told to say we needed 7 billion for Ukraine aid, in addition to the money we already “sent.” Since the propaganda was working so well, Biden’s handlers told him to request 10 billion in the next spending package to be approved by Congress. Because money grows on trees, and they don’t care about inflation or debt, Congress said nah, we’ll approve 13.6 billion! No one will question it because democracy or something.

        THEN, in a speech which was totally NOT timed to take advantage of the already approved billions, Zelenskyy spoke to the U.S. one day after the 13.6 billion was approved. Because Zelenskyy was such a heroic, sympathetic figure, we had to….yes, give him MORE MONEY! So the very next day, “we” approved another 800 million because money grows on trees, and inflation and debt don’t matter!

        If fuel is getting too expensive, the Transportation Secretary recommends that you take the bus. Apparently, he’s never been outside of a large city in his entire life. That’s the type of person that is in charge of this country.

    • There is already talk of a food shortage. At least in some countries that rely on wheat form that region.

  3. I think sending food would be a better option for the United States to pursue. Perhaps first aid supplies and warm clothing as well.

    • “sending food would be a better option for the United States to pursue. Perhaps first aid supplies and warm clothing“

      It is interesting to see that you agree with Obama’s non-lethal aid packages to Ukraine.

  4. Personally, I think instead of weapons we should send our illustrious representatives over there…….ammo bearers, target holders, social workers, whatever they’re qualified for!

    • Dennis,

      If its going to be based on what they are qualified for, they will be sitting on their butts doing nothing.

      • If they stay planted on their asses long enough for the Russians to walk their artillery fire in, it’s all good.

      • The only thing they’re “qualified for” is ruining countries. If we want to take down Russia, then send them there.

        • The Russian government doesn’t want them either. Remember, they refused to let O’Hair stay.

  5. A NY compliant ar is probably good for parts. Forst thing theyvwould probably do is de commie it.

    Saw the barrels on those pump guns down and throw some 00 in them. If they are cqb they will work out fairly well.

    • Hard to tell, but if that barrel has a thread protector, an A2 birdcage is a five minute job. The Thordsen stock works just fine, although it can only be adjusted for length with spacers (another five minute job). Then again, a single bolt removal and you can install a pistol grip and a regular stock. If it has a MagLock or similar, a parts swap eliminates it. 10 round mags are direct swappable with 20s and 30s. So this is really not as bad as the article would make out.

      I have two Thordsen stocks for California compliance (the newer model), and they are very comfortable to shoot, quite similar in feel to a bolt action rifle. Instead of a “flash hider” I have a brake (which is legal), and the Thordsen stock eliminates the need for a MagLock. Which really demonstrates the silliness of California’s “features” ban: I can convert from a compliant rifle to an illegal assault weapon in less than half an hour–and back in the same amount of time.

      • NY requires the thread protector be ‘permanent’ so a lot of stores take that as welded. More typically we see thredless barrels.

    • Agree.

      And a lever-action rifle in pretty much any caliber–.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .30-30 Winchester–will be quite devastating to attackers at close range. Of course that lever-action rifle will even be devastating out to 150 yards if it is chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

      If my choice in an urban environment was between a pump-action shotgun and a lever-action rifle chambered in .30-30 Winchester, I would choose the lever-action rifle every time (assuming that I can get ammunition for it).

      • ‘…out to 150 yards if it is chambered in .30-30 Winchester.’

        Even shooting the older more pedestrian loads the .30-30 has more energy at 300 yards than a .223/5.56 and if you’re shooting open sights sighted in at 100 yards the trajectory at 300 yards would require a little over 2′ of elevation vs. a little over 1′ with the .223/5.56. Not a bad option well beyond 150 yards.

      • Uncommon, I, also have to agree, I like a 30-30. I bought an 18″ Marlin Texan a couple of years ago. It’s one of my favorite rifles. I need to get a set of ghost ring sights on it. Very handy to carry and a 150 grain soft point will thump most things I need to thump.

      • Thank goodness it’s not the covid blm/antifa, defunded police, causing the emu shortage anymore . No, it’s the war in u crane, that’s something that can be fixed.
        Putin really pissed me off when he quit Importing cheap Russian emu, that should have been a tip off something was up. I guess theBiden administration didn’t see the signs.
        damn russians
        Let’s Go Brandon

    • Well they decided no guns. They destroyed half of all their guns in early 2000s, over 720,000 pieces. Maybe fighting with no guns would teach a lesson

    • If I were the guy risking my life to run this inside Ukraine, I’d personally be f’ing pissed also. It’s a sick joke if this is a NY Republican’s idea of a “Well Regulated Militia”… the only thing worse would be what a NY Democrat would send…

  6. While not a front line weapon, a shotgun offers a substantial improvement over bare hands.
    Remember that in the OK Corral the only bad guy that went down with one shot was hit with a shotgun.

  7. Send money to Samaritans purse or some other trustworthy group that is over there giving aid.

    • CBN gets my dough. Or Orphans Promise. Samaritans Purse does a lot of good too. Not a big Red Cross supporter…

      • What’s the word on Red Cross? I just gave a bit of money. Hope you don’t tell me they have a 90% expense ratio.

        • Keep the spending local. It’s easier to see where the money’s going, and there are people all over this country that need help.

        • Richard Kudrna,

          I have heard a LOT of unflattering things about the Red Cross. You could do worse than the Red Cross. And you could do a LOT better.

          Regardless, I commend you for your charitable giving.

    • We had one in theory for command center defense and door breaching but never got touched beyond mobilization training.

  8. That is a pretty stupid looking something. Is it a rifle, or just an excuse to shoot someone? Bearear beware. I think. Sort of. I’m nervous. Could I have a FAL please?

    • With the pistol grip, bayonet lug, and any muzzle device removed absolutely. Alternatively we could lock the magazine in place to require disassembly to reload. Welcome to NY!

  9. Technically this proves the point that NY neutered AR-15’s are no longer “weapons of war” after all the features are removed. BUT the reality legislation goes after the AR-15 as a gun of mass destruction when 12ga. pump actions have significantly more power and any decent 308 has 500+ yrd effective range. This is proof with the AR nuetered the NY streets aren’t any safer, especially when hammers kill more than the AR’s anyway. Hurray for more restrictions without positive outcomes that stick around for decades. I’m happy to live in a non-commie state.

    • Since they have no chance of doing it the Albany route (too many elected Leftist Scum), lawsuits are the usual method.

      Flood the lawsuit pipeline with cases tailored to eventually be presented to the SCotUS for consideration of cert. …

      • So no effort to culture-flip downstate-NY?

        How would such a lawsuit win? SCOTUS could easily deny certiorari, and lower courts could easily say that laws demanding gimped features aren’t infringement of 2A.

        • Ultimately downstate is a resource sink until it gets unbearable enough that Deathwish is a positive family friendly documentary.

  10. Zelinski is once again threatening to start a nuclear war if negotiations fail.

    I can understand why the Bidens, Clintons, Romneys, the Obamas and other political families would object to Putin trashing their cash dispenser after Ukraine blatantly threatened to get nuclear weapons if NATO didn’t admit them as a member. However; if I was Russia, I’d invade. I’d also point out that Ukraine and Russia actually had such a cordial relationship prior to Secretary of State Clinton and Undersecretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland inciting the 2014 coup to overthrow a democratically elected President. The video of Victoria Nuland passing out cookies to demonstrators at the Euromaden was priceless. The audio of the intercepted phone call of Victoria Nuland dictating who would be the new Prime Minister of Ukraine and who would be in the cabinet was the smoking gun that provoked Russia’s response. After the ethnic Russian majorities in Crimea, Doonbas and Lahansk dared to declare independence, Ukraine has been waging an unrelenting civil war. For some reason, the artillery barrages against Russian civilians never made the news.

    • How is Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy going to start a nuclear war without nuclear warheads?

      • He means, they will fight, to the point that Russia (Putin) will get frustrated and order the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

        Once that Rubicon is crossed, all bets are off.

        That’s how WW3 could start… 🙁

        • Except that’s like saying “I’m gonna fight this robber” and then acting like you are ‘starting a gunfight’ if he shoots you

          which is to say: it’s really stupid to act like an invaded country is “threatening to start a nuclear war” because it is not rolling over

        • I’ve spoken with several Russian officers and the impression I got was that they were well trained / indoctrinated with a vision of preserving Russia and not a dictator. In other words, they will refuse the order from the madman and preserve Russia (and planet).

        • The problem is, Putin is kind of dictator that just tips the board game rather than lose.

          If he sees himself losing, he just might decide if he can’t win, then no one else can win. The nation of Russia is in a perilous position right now. The sanctions are working, their economy is in a shambles.

          A thought exercise for you –

          What if Putin holds a press conference and announces that if the world doesn’t stop the sanctions, he will nuke a city, and he carries that threat out ?

          Will the West retaliate and destroy a Russian city in return? That’s just going to lead to a tit-for-a-tat situation of trading strikes. All that while, radioactive fallout will increase incrementally.

          I can foresee the West caving in to that demand, for no other reason than to to stop the fallout over Europe.

          Putin now knows the West will cave to his demands. I hate to say it, but things are looking like Putin will be a real-life version the ‘Walking Dead’ Negan character, but with nukes.

          Literal nuclear blackmail, in action… 🙁

    • “Zelinski is once again threatening to start a nuclear war“

      Our resident Russian agent is spreading disinformation once again, thanks for the morning laugh!

  11. I was curious once and took my 20-gauge shot gun to a range with number 4 shot and shot a paper target about 10 or 15 feet away and blew a perfect 4–6-inch circular hole in it. So don’t knock some of the working firearms which can be used for civilian protection. Even a NY compliant ar15 can still put someone down entering your home. It’s better to have something than nothing especially if you are willing to die for your Country. Even one for one is not bad for the home team which out numbers the invaders.

    • dprato wins the Internet Pragmatism Award for the day!

      In a war of attrition (such as a 1:1 kill ratio which is incredibly doable) Russia will LOSE BADLY.

      Pro-tip: all you need to achieve a 1:1 kill ratio is pretty much ANY firearm and good tactics.

      • “Pro-tip: all you need to achieve a 1:1 kill ratio is pretty much ANY firearm and good tactics.”

        Yup, make every floor or corridor of a multi-story city building cost them at least one troop by a Ukrainian literally willing to die for his country.

        The troops doing the invading will have no urge to sacrifice themselves for a stupid building. Morale is a very real thing…

        • Agreed. A kid with a rocket launcher has a good chance of killing a vehicle before the others dust him. I think the latest Russian urban combat vehicle has an automatic engage and fire mode against signature. But Russia has not many of those. So yup, one kid maybe one vehicle, and at least a 1:1 kill. So if I was a Russian grunt I’d do everything to avoid advancing. Hence I think instead we will see Berlin advance style with setting big fires, artillery, and thermobaric on advance into rubble. Except no child soldiers will be alive in the rubble to pop up. I can see the death toll passing a million in two weeks time unless Ukraine can hold off Russia until they bleed out internally and the fix the Putin problem. They will know that at some point the West will step in. Maybe at 6,000,000 dead? But the west will come in, so Russia will get out before this. My belief anyway.

        • @RK
          “The west will step in.”..
          Cool, more American blood spilled defending another country for nothing.
          Save A Rubber Tree, buy Synthetic.

        • “I think the latest Russian urban combat vehicle has an automatic engage and fire mode against signature. But Russia has not many of those.”

          They are finding interesting things in disabled/destroyed Russian armor.

          One of them is cheap-shit Baofeng VHF-UHF walkie-talkies. The Russians are conducting battlefield communications with the absolutely cheapest 25-dollar junk radios.

          Another is that one of the reasons they have abandoned combat vehicles is that the tires are dry-rotted to the point they won’t hold air. The Russian military-industrial complex has always had problems with corruption, under Putin’s kleptocracy, it’s reaching new lows…

  12. I’m not actually sure I want to help the Ukrainians.

    The guys who stole the 2020 election and lied to us for the last 2 years to reduce us under absolute despotism are all behind Ukraine 150%. Ukraine is also the country that was paying Hunter Biden, and Romney’s kid and a couple of other legislators kids. The lamestream media that has been canceling anyone not on the left is also all behind Ukraine. Why on earth would I blindly support someone they all love?

    • The Crimson Pirate,

      We lack verifiable information to easily/authoritatively determine whether Ukraine or Russia are righteous victims.

      I can tell you this much: various videos appear to show Russia obliterating women and children who are NOT engaged in combat–that sure looks pretty condemning and indefensible.

  13. Elmer,
    maybe you should stick to chasing that rascally rabbit because you sound like a Russian stooge troll in all of your recent posts.

    • Really?

      Seems like he’s pretty reasonable. Then again, I don’t think of the Russians as an enemy although NATO has been trying it’s best with the help of US and European politicians.

    • Some of us can remember all the way back to 2014. If this goes nuclear, I’ll be needing all of my guns and ammo for American refugees who probably voted for Obama, Clinton and Biden. I’ve been lied to, cancelled and demonized by my own country for far to long to give a shit about patriotism.

      • Yep, and some of us understand that launching their Hypersonic missile is actually a message. Additionally, Kyiv was once the capital of ancient Russia and part of the USSR since 1921.
        NATO needs to stop parking weapons on Russia’s borders and maybe there would not be so many issues.

        • Really? How many weapons did Russia park on NATO’s doorstep before the Iron Curtain collapsed? Thousands of tanks, hundreds of aircraft, tens of thousands of troops. Meanwhile, other than Turkey on the other side of the Black Sea (and a store of nuclear weapons that are still there), NATO bordered satellite countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and East Germany. No doubt Putin doesn’t like it, but he is a hypocrite if he suggests that us being on the border is a threat but the USSR being on the border through satellite countries is not. So don’t spout this crap about “so many issues.” The real truth is that Putin has longed for the return of the USSR, and has taken the first opportunity to do something about it. It cannot be doubted that Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are on the list, as is Poland–and none of them want to return to servitude under the Russian fist.

          Do you want to talk about “stolen” elections? Do fifteen minutes of research on the manner in which Lukashenko managed to keep his seat as President of Belarus. It took serious Soviet style repression to stop the protests after he won in an unbelievable landslide with 90% in what had been a closely contested race.

        • Stolen elections: read up on Chechnya. Holy crap Putin went dark there. Blew up his own people to false flag Chechins. Ground Grosney into Berlin 1945.
          Then installed an open psychopath as leader. Life there is hell on earth. Looking at Chechnya makes fighting to the death an obvious choice.

        • Yet the US was upset that Chinese soldiers were in Canada…Maybe Russia could make a deal with Mexico to improve their economy, park some missiles there. I don’t have time this morning to properly address this and no I am not a fan of Putin’s. Just a realist that does not want this to escalate.

        • {Putin}

          “Ground Grosney into Berlin 1945.”

          Kyiv will look like Grosney or Aleppo after Putin is done with it…

  14. “The lack of a number of useful features, like a flash hider, pistol grip, telescoping stock“

    Just like John Moses Browning’s M1Garand…

    • I am a big fan of Garands.
      Not so good indoors etc but otherwise what a great rifle. The hard hitting round and the quick follow on shots. Sure the flash is 18” long but 8 rounds of 30-06 AP will completely mess up the driver and gunner’s optics on a stationary BRDM at say 150 yards. Hopefully before the gunner gets on you, etc. An AR is fine for the task as well but the Garand I think has an edge in some places. Also the “ping” is so satisfying.

    • J.M. Browning invented a lot of guns. Win models 1885, 1886, 1892, 1894, 1897, Browning A5, FN 1900, Colt 1903, 1908, 1911, woodsman, 1918BAR, 1917, 1919, M2 to name a few but not the M1 Garand. That was a Canadian who worked for Springfield Armory.

  15. Now that’s one embarrassing collection of inadequate boomsticks.

    If people want to send guns to Ukraine, that’s cool, just be smarter about it. Get with gun manufacturers who already do international sales. Work out a donation scheme and advertise it all over the internet. People donate money, gun manufacturers ship the number of guns that money buys, at cost or less.

    How about some politicians propose a bill to make all funds donated for Ukraine to get weapons will be a tax deduction? Or better still, a tax credit!

    Or, maybe that’s too much effort. Let’s just dig the junkers out of our gun safes, closets and piles of old busted and donate that.

    Let Freedom Ring! 🙂

  16. I do the same thing. When disaster strikes, I donate all my useless stuff. Old underwear, socks with holes in them, a blankie that was ripped down the center when my dog and I were playing tug-of-war. When the refrigerator quit working, I bought a new one, and donated the old one to people in Oklahoma City after a tornado. It’s great for tax writeoffs, and it makes me feel good to finally get rid of unwanted junk.

    • You sir or ma’am win the Internet for funniest comment of the day!

      I laughed out loud for quite a while. Thank you, I really needed that!

  17. If it were not for POTUS GW BUSH letting the clintoon/biden (yes biden) 1994 assault weapon ban sunset there would still be cosmetic alterations and 10 rd. mag limits across the board. For such Gun Control not to ever happen again Gun Control must be properly defined by its history. Otherwise the centuries old 2A continues to be scrutnized and attacked by sickos carrying on an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

    • Elmer, thanks for the link!

      I love the quote from DJT the link has at the top, total hilarity!

      “This movement we have started is only just the beginning!” DJT

      “Only just”, what great word salad, he uses all the best words!

      English as a second language can be so tough, she difficult is!

  18. I would argue that the pump-action shotguns could be quite useful in close quarters combat if Ukrainians can get shot shells for them. The real interesting question in that regard is whether or not to keep the long (I imagine 28-inch) barrels? A long barrel with full choke would send out reasonably tight patterns (for combat) to at least 50 yards, if not even 70 yards, although that long 28-inch barrel is not easy to maneuver around doorways and obstacles in urban combat environments. And a 28-inch barrel would send slugs accurately out to at least 70 yards with a cylinder choke.

    Of course any Ukrainian with two brain cells may decide to saw-off that 28-inch barrel down to 20 inches or so at which point it becomes a de-facto cylinder “choke”. (Of course there is no choke at all which patterns the same as installing a cylinder choke in the end of a threaded barrel.) A 20-gauge or 12-gauge shotgun with cylinder choke is obviously a devastating weapon at 25 yards and closer which is a common engagement distance in close-quarters combat.

    • Among the small arms requested by Ukraine were something like 400 shotguns. So they want them, just not a lot of them.

  19. “…send them something they’ll really use.”

    Excellent advice. The political situation appears to be a long running tangled web. As I noted prior, I’m donating to humanitarian relief efforts. When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

  20. A Fudd 870 duck gun, or an AR? Let me think. The AR has longer range when it works. The duck gun has shorter range, but it always works. That settles it! I’ll take a rifle that works!

  21. Some gun is better than no gun. Look at all the weird crap that has shown up in the sandbox over the years. As long as the mag detached (and was not one of those lame “bullet button” types) I would take that AR . . . it is not like many in Ukraine have a choice. Shotguns are totally legit if you are within range.

    As far as lever guns go, many have more kinetic energy than AR’s and even AK’s (ammo would certainly be an issue though). It is the Indian and not the arrow. A good aim and squeeze shooter usually beats a conscript with an AK in full auto. And .38 out of a .357 is darn quiet for a gun. Suppressed even more so. But suppressors are probably hard to come buy just as the preferred 300 Blk subs, with the guns to shoot them, are as well.

    Me thinks lots and lots of C4, semtex, etc. would be more effective than the latest rifles for the kind of warfare Ukraine is looking at. Throw in a handful of knowledgeable bomb makers and things get harder for the Russians.

    P.S. At least the optic could be used! Can anyone tell what kind it is?

    • Long ago I spoke to a Dutch Resistance fighter.
      They made “silencers” by placing a potato on the end of their weapon. Or, when shooting point blank, into a pillow.
      I never tested these methods but have no doubt they worked somewhat.
      Much is on the internet about oil filters as suppressors. Also drilling many small holes in the barrel to try to reduce pressure at bullet exit.
      But back to this war, it kinda feels like the Russians know they can’t subjugate the population so instead will depopulate the cities. Send millions refugees to the West, thermobaric the cities, (Holomodor II) then either leave or bring in masses of people from Russia to live in the empty housing.
      This is why I think it will be necessary for Ukraine to go on the offensive despite thus bringing a 1:1 kill ratio. They cannot allow encirclement of Kiev.

  22. How is it that the same people that argue that “feature” based laws are useless also act like a NY compliant gun is just some ‘city slicker’ range toy?

    Unless someone modifies one to not take detachable magazines (so as to be able to have other features) you’re nuts if you think it’s not a perfectly serviceable modern weapon. A pistol grip does not make a rifle deadly. An adjustable shoulder stock does not make a rifle deadly. A flash hider might help, but I’ll take a gun without one over no gun any day.

  23. Those New Yorkers must be some grade-A fudds. We all know that AR’s are not “weapons of war”! And moreover, sending AK’s might do more good since that part of the world consists mainly of rifles/carbines that shoot 7.62×39!

    A state-compliant “featureless” AR is simply an abomination.

  24. Damn. Another beggar complaining about the free stuff they are given. Must be pretty lucrative beggings to be able to pick what free stuff they want. Who do they think they are, flood victims? And why dont they just buy what they want, like they bought all those US politicians for decades?
    But, I get what he’s saying. I wouldn’t want to sully their armories with my substandard hardware. I’ll keep it for myself.

  25. It takes a special kind of stupid to have sent that very unsafe NY compliant AR to Ukraine.

    • About the same level of stupid that votes democrat when Coumo is the slightly above average option in quality?

  26. no point in having money in Ukraine, if there are no guns to buy there… I would rather a crappy gun than a hand full of paper money that I cannot spend.


  28. It’s real simple to make it a non featureless rifle again. I’m sure they have a few spare parts around there. Just need a stock, flash hider, grip and mag release. Did the same to mine when I left California.

  29. UKraine has no shortages of AK’s or ammo it would seem. What Ukraine need’s right now is MODERN A-T, AAA, drones and operators. If I had to arm and instruct a complete novice on smallarms use it’s the AK for me as it is for half the bloody world.
    Missiles are frightening for sure but they are only artillery after all and REALLY BLOODY EXPENSIVE The news today is the PUTIN is now using HYPERSONIC missiles to blitz ODESSA. But as I say they are only very, very expensive. The fact that they are hypers is pretty much irrelevant. A mult-imillion missile to blow up a house of even a dozen or moe houses is NOT sound economics. I do not know how big a warhead these things have but I’d bet it’s not a big as even a small bombing airraft can carry. They may well have ruined a number of Ukrainian cities BUT the fact is that they do NOT actually control a single one as yet When or if the Russians actually go into the cities that’s where the real fighting starts. It would seem tha Putin has NOT learnt the lessons of WW2 the Germas failed to break the moral of the UK, AND MOSCOW by bombing. Up to the use of the ATOMIC bomb the USA failed to break the moral of the Japanese by bombing even though CONVENTIONAL bombing oif Japan cause over 95% of the damage inflicted and both the USA and the UK failed to break the moral of the German people by bombing. I am no expert on these matters but it would seem to me that Russia has so far not really engaged Ukraine in the military sense and has not really ‘drawn’ them into battle. I’m not by any means advocating the destruction of Ukraines Cities but. It’s not over yet by any means not even nearly, Ukriane has done the right thing by organising THE greatest exodus non -combatants in good order and so clearing the decks. When a man is sure of the safety of his women, kids and old folk he can concentate on matters in hand. I think that PUTIN’s advisers told him exactly what he wanted to hear-that the UKrainians would welcome him with open arms- aand are now feeding him the line that all is going well. There comes a point though that casualty lists can no longer be hidden and soon mothers , fathers, sons, daugfhters, brothers and sisters will be asking where their menfolk are. It is telling is it not that Russina POWS are saying that they cannot return home and that they have already as POWS been listed a KIA.

    • It’s so weird this is happening now but I guess Putin lost his grasp of reality and wanted to recreate 1945.
      It seems to me the war is going badly for both sides and once Mariupol is cleansed of non combatants I fear Putin will grind it to dust and exterminate all life there with thermobaric and incendiary. If that happens then this will tell all that Ukraine will need to go on offense or will have no future. The death toll will be huge. But I think Russia would crack after 50,000 dead, and that can happen fast if you accept a 1:1 kill ratio. Hopefully Ukraine gets its own heavy thermobaric as these leave an area devoid of life. But meanwhile they need medium range weapons to go on offense. A few hits inside Russia would be great too.

    • “….The fact that they are hypers is pretty much irrelevant…..”

      That would be a NO. Hypersonic missiles can hit mach10 if design is right. Russia’s have been /still somewhat secret so who knows right now. Consider they are also Nuclear capable. So now you have a Mach10 Nuclear weapon that can take the US out before our missiles are out of the ground even if we use ‘launch on warning’ which we don’t do anymore. There is a reason NATO wants missiles close to the enemies. TOF, Time of Flight is a thing yanno.

      Can you say “First Strike Weapon”? …..and then what? Oh yeah, our revenge weapons, the Boomers hidden at sea. Brilliant! Now the whole world is dead. Even a NATO only-Russia exchange has been estimated at 34million dead…in the first two hours.

      F-ing Madness.

  30. God! I thought NJ was bad not allowing me a telescoping stock or a flash hider when I lived there. Sold mine at a profit when I left for Florida. I got to say that this NY thing is a travesty I just hope the SCOTUS case this nonsense.

  31. Can you imagine being kitted a Chinese Walmart Walkie talkie then seeing Putin in a $16000 coat?
    This article says Russia has a total of 9 of those Terminator urban fighting vehicles
    A usa expert explained that any Army vehicle guy knows you have to cycle the centralized tire inflation system regularly or the tires harden up then when you try activating at low temp the tires shred. Chinese tires shred anyway 😊 So thanks to corruption a whole bunch of nice vehicles are delivered to Ukraine needing only to be pulled out of the mud and new proper Michelin tires installed.

  32. Wow, Jennifer, you’re on our side? I don’t know where to begin. You shit on NY gun owners like a paid in full Democrat in Congress. You suggest we are “dumb” and you appear certain that everyone on Long Island (home to 3+ million residents) “has money”. Wow 🤷‍♂️🤦 (FYI, 95% of LI are hard working people trying to get by…kinda like the rest of America).
    Instead of insulting fellow gun owners who are at least making an effort why not acknowledge that given the shit gun environment we live in, we are make lemonade out of our anti gun political lemons?
    Nothing would make me happier than to bankroll a crate or 6 of brand spanking new S&W M&P 15’s. 200 mags, slings, suppressors and whatever else the decent people of Ukraine are in need of to drop the Russians slaughtering them.
    The guns going over may not be ideal. They may not be suited to line troops or folks likely to need certain features but these guns may well serve some folks distributing food or running medical supplies, maybe manning generators or water treatment stations, I dunno…I’m just a stupid NY’er.

    At a time when our community should be mutually supportive and cohesive in positive messaging you decided to sit us NY gun owners in a corner with with very visible dunce caps on our heads.
    Thanks for being a gun community supporter but I’d thank you to also to drop the condescending tone towards the millions of us stuck here in a state with abusively repressive gun laws and maybe, just maybe try a “thanks guys, the effort is appreciated”.

  33. Ukraine doesn’t have volunteers in it’s army, it’s trained soldiers who are issued state of the art tactical weapons for modern combat. And quite a few were already shipped ITAR compliant thru channels from makers here on contract or as DOD “lend lease” arms.

    Nope, the so called volunteers – who are mostly not fit, untrained, and incapable of combat – are being held away from combat zones doing scut work they are qualified to handle. A first aid course or having a deer hunting license doesn’t make you a medic or sniper, it does in fact endanger those they are around with their complete lack of tactical sense.

    Case in point, a group of “volunteers” make their way into Ukraine, text back home they made it with pics of the location, and within a timely window of response, are bombed by Russia. How could they know? The chumps didn’t turn off their GPS and left data in the pics, plus just logging into the foreign phone system with an out of nation phone number is a major tell at 40-50 somebodies aren’t local.

    Any of the gear they are taking with them – no guns or ammo is allowed – has been getting taken away and they are issued nothing in return. Not until they are sponsored by someone incountry, inducted, go thru basic and then complete the course will they be familiarized with local practices and conditions. Btw, you need to speak Ukrainian, English will just get you a punch in the face.

    Americans are not well liked in this war because America started the biolabs in 2005 under Obama and Lugar. Obama overthrew the legal Ukraine government and installed his handpicked corrupt politicians, and Biden has openly admitted to gutting the rule of law by demanding they stop an investigation into the corruption of his son’s appointment to a no show seat on a corporate board hauling in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – to give the Big Guy his cut. So did Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney. Ukraine is a family business for this corrupt administration who has been revealed to be using the 30 biolabs for pathogen research to make them specifically lethal to certain genetic markers – mostly White Russians. Along with that is NATO’s multiple training sites exporting cyber hacking to other countries, and now there are suspicions the Azov battalion was not only created by the CIA but also flown back here – members are now being identified in J6 pictures with Americans here and there.

    Anyway, volunteers don’t get to quit when they find they were lied to and the war isnt what they thought. Just like in DOD, you don’t walk away. Here you get arrested, courtmartialled and sentenced to confinement, reports there say you can be shot for desertion, or simply put in the front lines with no equipment or rifle, prodded forward at the end of barrel of your team leader. You Don’t Quit in Ukraine. And that is all after your barracks were bombed by your own dumbass text home, the warehouse across the street with $400 million in equipment destroyed by a hypersonic missile, and the Azov battalion committing war crimes by detaining civilians in their apartments while using them as human shields fighting the Russians.

    The idealistic notion we are somehow defending free Ukraine is hugely uninformed considering we were the ones who took their freedoms away for our own politicians corrupt money laundering. How much of the $16 billion we send there will just hop, skip, and jump back into our own Congress’ back pockets as they vote another billion here or there to fatten their personal accounts?

    It’s all coming out and the naive who believe the 6:00 news are once again getting run thru the meat grinder of truth.

  34. A shotgun with 000 buckshot would be quite effective at distance up to one city block. Much better than nothing if the Ruskies actually try to walk into the city.

  35. Will these firearms help the Ukrainian war effort? Probably not. Would any of them be my first choice for self defense or combat? Nope. Would any of them be better than nothing? Yes. Imagine gaslighting people for trying to contribute something.

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