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A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found gun buybacks are “ineffective at deterring gun crime.”

Researchers offered several reasons that gun buybacks could fail to reduce gun violence, including:

    • The gift cards aren’t priced high enough to incentivize donations
    • Most participants come from low-crime areas
    • The firearms exchanged “tend to be older and less well-functioning than the average firearm.”

[The Hampton Roads Black Caucus’ Joel] Jones admits gun buyback programs aren’t the ultimate answer to curbing gun violence, but he said events like Saturday’s will provide the chance to properly and safely dispose of unwanted firearms.

“Regardless of what the statistics say, we want to put some attention and show that we care enough and make time to do the program,” Jones said.

— Dan Kennedy in How effective are gun buybacks?

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  1. Yeah, and the fact that they “care” about victims of violent crime should make the pain go away. Now I get it!!

    • Now, Jim, do you REALLY expect the Leftist/fascists to THINK, and come up with actual, functional SOLUTIONS to problems??? Racist!!!

    • It’s all about symbolism with these folks. They want to make people believe that they CARE so much.

      I’m with you Jim, they need to do something effective instead of kneeling before the altar of PC and woke!

  2. The message of the left is not “I need to show you that I care” – it’s more like “You need to show us that you care.”


  3. How about we lock criminals, especially violent ones. That would show the victims that we care. That would show the community that we care. History has shown that it will also reduce crime.

    • Isn’t it funny how crime goes down when incarceration rates go up?

      Look up Thomas Sowell and the economics of crime.

        • Rider,

          ^^^^ This. ALL DAY, this ^^^. Actual question I received from one of my older son’s “Economics” professors (after I was inquiring about some things he was “teaching” my son), “Ludwig von Mises? Who is that?”. A college “Economics” “professor” actually asked me that question.

          I’ve read every word John Maynard Keynes wrote about “economics” (IF you consider JMK an actual economist, which I don’t). I don’t agree with him about ANYTHING, but I know what he wrote. Leftists/fascists don’t feel the need to educate themselves about “the other side”. (BTW, for what it’s worth? JMK did NOT say what most “modern” economists allege he said. Read his books. He’s wrong, and he’s a dumb@$$, but they misrepresent what he actually said/wrote.)

  4. You might as well say the same thing about all gun control. In fact, that’s the gun grabbers primary motivation. They know it doesn’t work. It’s just virtual signaling to get votes.

  5. The problem with virtue signaling, no matter how pointless, is it nudges idiots. It doesn’t ever make the action worthwhile or viable it just convinces a lot of morons that it is viable thereby making everyone’s lives more tedious for having to deal with the result of a lot of morons believing a fairy tale is real.

    Well, except the grifters lives. They’ll profit. See BLM, ShotSpotter, Violence Interrupters, etc…

  6. Typical Democrat group-think….

    “It won’t work…but, we have to make you think we care”.

    If we assume 500 million firearms in the USA and we further assume a buyback value of $1,000 per firearm that is only $500 billion dollars for the Left-brained people to feel safe…until they don’t…’cause knives, bats, rocks, fists, feet, vehicles, etc. Hot damn, that’s a LOT of Gov’t buybacks we’re gonna have to fund for “them” to feel safe(er)!

    I, for One, will NEVER surrender my fists and feet…

  7. So it’s all about how Jones and his ilk wish to be perceived, as opposed to actually helping anyone. The only surprise here is that he admitted it that bluntly.

  8. Ah, the “At Least They’re Trying” argument. I have heard that one used for everything from health care reform to college campus student life edicts.

    Unfortunately, much like “If it saves even one life”, it’s a terrible basis for any sort of effective policy. Feel good measures don’t solve problems.

    And if you disagree with me, you’re probably one of those weirdos who dips their french fries in mayonnaise.

  9. This psychopathology is endemic not just in “gun control” zealots, but is actually the motivating principle among Leftist/fascists in general. I cannot tell you how many times, after I’ve demonstrated based on facts and statistics that their utopian “solutions” to their imagined problems accomplish nothing, that a Leftist will say something like “Well at least we’re TRYING!!!”

    Typical Leftist/fascist – the appearance of caring outweighs actual accomplishment. The “Great Society” programs accomplished the near-complete destruction of the Black nuclear family. The “War on Drugs” accomplished the enrichment of the drug gangs and organized crime. The “War on COVID” destroyed the American (and world) economy. The “War on Guns” has actually had one noticeable, positive effect – gun owners, and people who are concerned about their personal safety, and don’t trust the police to keep them safe (as they shouldn’t), are buying guns in record numbers, and increasingly giving a middle finger salute to “common sense gun regulation”.

    Nice job, Leftist/fascists!!!! Thanks for the helping hand! When we get to the point where only Illannoy, the Left Coast, and the Acela corridor still maintain your fascist/racist efforts to infringe our rights . . . whattaya gonna do??? Whine, b****, complain, hold demonstrations, tell us we’re “encouraging violence”?? Yeah, good luck with that s***. We see you, Leftist/fascists, and we’re not buying your feel good, utopian bulls***.

      • Lamp Is Really Dull. I notice you can’t counter anything he’s said. Wy is that? You must be dacian, the Dunderhead’s young brother, or is that sister?

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          That’s not ‘dacian’, WEB III.

          That’s actually a person that was told to take his child vaxxine crap out of TTAG.

          Now, he stamps his little feet like a petulant 2-year-old who won’t get his own way.

          Really pathetic, but *loads* of FUN to mercilessly mock and insult. He’s like that inflatable clown punch-toy that no matter how often you punch it in the face, it just pops back up to be punched again!

          Right, PG Two, you brain-damaged fuckwit? 🙂

      • “You make several excellent points”, says the nameless, brainless, d***less troll . . . who then can’t even summon up a simulacrum of a half-assed playground insult to respond.

        You are not only too stupid to insult; you are too stupid to mock.

        Toddle off, idiot of a troll; your circle jerk awaits you.

    • to the Demented Lamp that went out in his head

      quote————–The “War on COVID” destroyed the American (and world) economy. T————–quote

      If the Far Right program of wearing on masks, no social distancing, and no vaccinations and shut down of businesses that were non-essential would have resulted in millions and millions of unnecessary deaths. But to Cretan’s like The Lamp that went out in his head “Losses can never be to high if it inconveniences us”

      • What drugs were you on when you wrote that “brilliant” riposte, dacian the stupid??? “Far Right program”????? Since when is St. Anthony Fauci the demented Fascist a “Far Right wing” spokesman???

        You aren’t even a fun troll anymore, dacian the stupid. I think it is a PTSD episode, triggered by the epic failure of you beloved senile moron serial-child-groper idiot, Xiao Bai-Din. Hurts to see all your unicorn-fart nonsense get overwhelmingly rejected by everyone with a room temperature IQ or above, dunnit, dacian, you pathetic nitwit???

        I’m privately taking bets as to whether, come November, you, MinorIQ and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll are going to spontaneously self-combust, exhaust yourselves to death with continued onanism, or just double your daily circle jerks. With one thing I can predict with ABSOLUTE certainty is that you will not do anything productive or useful.

        BTW, IF you have a functional brain cell, Google “respiratory viruses” and “endemic diseases”, and let me know if you learn anything. You won’t, but it will be fun to make you at least ATTEMPT to be something other than a pimple on the arse of the human race.

        Go micturate up a cable, dacian the stupid – if MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless, d***less troll can make room for you.

        • Let’s keep Lamp engaged, even though he’s tiresome. After all, every minute he spends writing nonsensical screeds on TTAG is a minute he can’t menace his estranged wife.

        • Wow, even lamer than your “normal” drive-by failed effort at a playground insult. You really aren’t very good at this, are you, d***less troll??

          Go back to your playground and practice a year or two, and you may finally achieve pathetic irrelevance. (Probably not, but it is cruel to remove hope from the hopeless – and you are the very definition of ‘hopeless’!).

      • Leftist hate science except political science. Numerous studies and reviews have shown none of those measures made any difference. Doing them was the equivalent to middle ages blood letting.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead, By CDC’s own admission a three ply face mask is only 26.5% effective in stopping COVID’s spread. Most masks are ONLY 2 ply at best and that means that the effectiveness drops to under 20%. Only KN95 or N95 masks have any real effect and then only 95%. Let me educate you. You see a virus is about 50 times smaller than bacteria. You know those face masks that a surgeon wears are ONLY designed to prevent the surgeon’s spittle from getting into the incision and are totally ineffective against a virus or bacteria.

        It is a fact that face masks are useless against COVID or any other disease.

        Social distancing is only marginally effective in that if someone coughs or sneezes, the projectile spittle travels well in excess of that “magical” six feet.

        The vaccine makers have found that the vaccines are only marginally effective as well. While they do provide some protection, you can still get COVID although the symptoms and effects are less than without. Then you have to take into account that the immunization only lasts about 4-6 months requiring boosters to keep the immunization up.

        Tell the truth, Lefty. Isn’t this all about controlling the populace. Or assuaging the population into a sense of “security?

      • “Losses can never be to high if it inconveniences us”

        Dacian. We are all going to die anyways. And it’s going to come a lot sooner than you think. For some reason, the left has made it their mission to better everyone’s safety through the loss of their own freedom. This is ironic, considering their forefathers literally died, sometimes painfully and gruesomely, so that they can have the freedom they didn’t have.

        So I don’t give a shit about your losses. Take whatever steps you would like to protect you. That’s called freedom. You get to protect you. Forcing everyone else to protect you, or reducing their freedoms so you can “feel” better about something, is not.

    • The typical fallacy of single stage thinking where the consequences of a solution can be worse than the original problem.

      • Are you talking gun control or ‘free’ mandatory experimental DNA altering vaccinations? Footnote: this is the third time I’ve ever used the words ‘gun control’ and each time my comment went in for moderation/re-education 🤔.

        • Rider,

          To your first question, my answer would be “yes”. To your observation, no one on this forum that I am aware of has had ANY success as parsing out the TTAG “moderation” system. My personal theory is that the “moderators” are pulling it out of their arses on the fly, depending on what they had for breakfast that day.

  10. Gunm buy backs?
    I’m confused, I did not know I purchased my gunms from my local sheriff’s office.
    Oh wait, now I see, I’m supposed to subconsciously think the privilege of owning firearmns were granted to me by the government and when ask I should return them.

    • In Canada, the True North Strong and Freeish, we don’t piss around: we’re buying THEM ALL back!!! In another year or two though, for Public Safety™ doncha know, so no rush…

      • Riderless/Shoot Off Canuck ROFLMAOBT! Freeish” Who is your Prime Minister who used fascist tactics to squelch protests against his draconian edicts? Pathetic!

        • My god, you really are an imbecile of the first order. Literally every single post you make displays your level of near illiteracy. There’s a saying beverly: “if I have to explain you wouldn’t understand”. As I suggested earlier, go buy a damn dictionary. Use it. Often. You may not find “freeish” in there (figure that one out on your own you incompetent fool) but all the other words longer than 5 letters you constantly toss out there will be. Go “edificate” yourself beverly, for your own pathetic sake if not for ours. (Damn, guess I got “owned” again… eh?). Moron.

        • Riderles/ShootOff Canuck. Seems here that the imbecile is you. Is there any such word as :”freeish”? I am sure you are unable to explain. That is part of your “stick”. You make up words like you make up your lies. No, I know I wouldn’t find “freeish” in there. As there is no such word here in America. It must be a word you Canucks have in your lexicon? Yeah, you are a moron, imbecile and a jerk off. Your arse is mine!

        • Yeah, it’s exactly as I said beverly: dig dig dig. Dig dig dig. Hard to believe a person can have such a poor grasp of their native language. Now: 6yrs or 10 as a cop beverly, which of those two undeniable claims on your part is the lie? Because one of those two, along with its author, most certainly is.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. ROFLMAOBT! Exactly as you say? All bow down to the great Riderless/ShootOff Canuck!

          Again, you are spreading lies. If you can’t prove your lie, then it might just be best for your sorry posterior to move on. Shtick, stick, things equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

          Again, Canuck, if you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters. You are just another Canuck sticking your nose into America’s business.

        • Wow. I’m actually starting to feel ashamed, it’s like slapping around a retarded 10yr old. Or maybe a 6yr old. You live alone, don’t you beverly?

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. You should be ashamed. But as you don’t have any common sense I doubt your shame is real. If I were a 10 yr old, slapping you around would be like slapping a 7 yr old.

          No, I don’t live alone. Unlike you I have a wife, while you have your horse and your boyfriend. When God passed out brains you thought he said trains and took the Express out of town. The conductor is still looking for you. You didn’t even pay for the ticket. It must be very difficult to educate a idiot with no brain.

          That is Mr Beverly or Sergeant to you, Canuck, If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

        • Let’s see, beverly sarge; trains n brains and other such ridiculous bouncy house sayings, the much repeated use of ROFLMOABT!!!, a complete inability to recognise sarcasm or distinguish context, repeatedly, multiple mispellings per post, the improper use of verbage (again, repeatedly), argues childishly with entities such as miner and dacian mostly by flinging poo at them and the fabrication of lies followed by infantile attempts at deflection of blame. All this from a guy who claims to be a mid 70yr old Vietnam Veteran, then an ex cop of a yet undetermined period of time followed by a quarter century of working as a guard in a penitentiary. I’m thinking you might very well be 10yrs of age there, beverly sarge. Respect? From me to you? Ain’t gonna happen princess. Now back to your Fischer Price keyboard in your Romper Room so you can tell us some more tall tails bev. Go on now, before mom calls you inside for pop tarts. Don’t worry sarge, you can “own me” again tomorrow, I’ll be around.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck As ridiculous as you think (sic) those “sayings” might be, they certainly do apply to you. You see the reason you see ROFLMAOBT so much in my posts to and about you, if because you provide me with my rec. As to my “verbiage” you might want to go take a remedial English course and learn how to use the English language. Yeah, ass wipe who has only served Tim Horton’s I’m a Vietnam Vet. You were and are too cowardly to have served. It would have meant giving of your self to your country instead of being a self serving lout. The time I have served as a police officer and as a Corrections Sergeant have already been determined. You are so amped up each day with your lies and such that you are unable to comprehend.

          Talking bout Fischer-Price, you might want to invest in your own Romper Room as you seem to love to throw your temper tantrums. At least I had a Mom, God rest her soul. I doubt anyone would want to claim you as a “son”. Now go back playing with your dolls or stuff animals. Do you really think your cap gun is real? . Is it true that Tim Horton’s fired you because you did not know the difference between a donut and a muffin?

          Again, it’s Mr Beverly or Sergeant to you, Canuck. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

  11. From the start it shows morons cannot buy-back something they did not sell. Another failed attempt by sneaky Gun Control zealots using the acts of criminals to demonize firearms. Bottom line…The Second Amendment is not for sale, trade or rent.

    • True that, however it is subject to so many infringements that the second amendment is now exclusively controlled by government.
      Ban this ban that. No gunms without bg check, no MG’s, no silencers, no sbr’s, no sawed off shotgunms, the list goes on. However you can pay the man and get a permit or license,,,,If.

      • And worst of all, we can no longer shoot possums within city limits (Oops, sorry!!).

        Seriously, when we accepted the CONCEPT that the gummint got to determine (via SCOTUS, POTUS, or our dick-beating idiots in Congress) when and how our inherent rights could be infringed, we put our own chains on, and said “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”.

        As I did in KKKalifornia for years, and will continue to do, they can make any goddamn stupid, unconstitutional law they want to. I will refuse to comply. “Mr. Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

        • Lol whatever Lamp. When TSHTF, you’ll be the first to surrender, comply and narc on those of us who are true patriots. Go back to your pretend caseload at your imaginry law firm, and let the adults take care of things, you 🤡!

        • Y’all Know Lamp Is Just Another Tough Talkin’ Coward With Severe Mental Issies! Speaking of cowards, I have never found a Leftist yet with the intestinal fortitude to go fight for the freedom they claim to “love”. You Leftists are the first to run when the going gets tough.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          “Mental issies”???? Is THAT your problem??? We’ve all been trying to figure out why you are such a pathetic moron of a brainless troll, and you may have just given us the clue! Well, except for the whole “mental” part – you clearly lack an functioning cerebrum. But, keep trying! A planaria’s reach should exceed it’s grasp, else what’s a Heaven for??

  12. If you or someone you care about has firearms and ammunition they need to dispose of, kindly contact firearm enthusiast like myself or your neighborhood FFL. We are all passionate about getting these icky guns out of your home so you can feel safe again. Most of us won’t even charge you anything for the service.

    • Cooter,

      Seriously, I’ll happily pay them 15% below current shelf price for any ammo they want to sell!! Firearms are subject to inspection and negotiation.

  13. There is absolutely nothing about the thing referred to as a ‘gun buy back’ that indicates that anyone anywhere cares about anything other than elected leaders trying to take constitutional rights away from people through lies.

  14. It puts things in much better perspective to use the proper spelling:

    Communisty Activist

    Communisty Organizer

    Communisty Service

    All reflect the common theme: hatred of individual liberty and its inseparability from individual responsibility.

    • How I vote is none of their business. Cant stop them from taking pictures of my home.
      But wheres the intimidation come into play, Were they threatened with violence or was the presence of an armed citizen the intimidating factor?

    • You can’t get more far right than the SS/antifa. You claimed to be a member of that .org herr dacian the nazi.

      And I’m still waiting for that citation for Texas executing a 6yo boy for stealing a loaf of bread.

      • Wait, so now you claim that ANTIFA is ‘far right’? Wow, you’re dumb even by white nationalist standards.

        • Fool. Educate yourself. The left no longer exists. It was bought and paid for by corporate billionaires. It now operates as a fascist system. SS/antifa even wears uniforms that closely resemble the old SS units. And their tactics are identical.

          The left went so far left they’ve popped up on the far right.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          “Antifa” is the single most fascist, authoritarian bunch of d***beating @$$holes in the country. They make the KKK look like a bunch of Progressive p***ies – but, then, you might know that, if you weren’t a fascist idiot, yourself.

          Since you are??? Continue with your d***beating, idiot. IF you are ultimately successful, it will be the greatest accomplishment of your useless life.

        • Educate Yourself, Fool! I don’t see where anyone said that ANTIFA is “far right’ as you allege.

          Now let me educate you. Fascism and Nazism are NOT far right as you Leftists allege. They are in fact far left.

          Google the name Giovanni Gentile and you will find that he ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto and was a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Gentile was an Italian Socialist. Fascism and Nazism have their roots in socialism. If you recall, Fascists and Nazis were bed fellows of the Communists until Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Russia. Then all of a sudden you Lefties started claiming that Nazis and Fascists were “far right”.

          That is so typical of you Leftists. Label anything or anyone who opposed or opposes you as “far right”.

          How about that racist label you Lefties like to throw around. Do you know who the worst racists were? How about Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood? Wilson was a so called “progressive” who believed that the Black man should be “Kept in his place”. Sanger founded Planned Parenthood based on Eugenics.

          Now who are the racists?

      • “You can’t get more far right..”
        It’s nice that you have fully embraced Spanglish jwm.

        Mas jwm? Muy bien!

        “The left no longer exists… (they) went so far left they’ve popped up on the far right.”
        Hmmm, perhaps you should lay off calling others “fools” jwm. Yeah?

        • Monsieur, I beg to differ. What the Leftists have called “far right” is only a result of Adolf attacking the Soviet Union. Before that Leftists considered Fascists and Nazis to be their buddies and allies. Actually, Fascism and Nazism have their roots in Socialism.

    • dacian the Dunderhead. Let me see. If I recall correctly, it was you Leftist BLM and ANTIFA thugs who rioted and burned American cities during the summer of 2020.

      • Walter,

        Nah, not even – dacian is too much of a p***y to actually get out and take a chance on getting his @$$ kicked. He watched on TV, and cheered the “brave” BurnLootMurder/Antifa fascists riot, and yelled, “Yeah, me too!!!”. He’s a half-@$$ed parlor pink, and a complete d***less buffoon. He’d be a clown, except he can’t master the makeup, and keeps tripping over those big shoes.

        • Lamp, I would not be a bit surprised if dacian the Dunderhead was part of the ANTIFA and BLM thugs who rioted.

        • Walter,

          Nah, like I said, WAAAAYYY too much of a p***y, dacian the stupid would burst into tears if actually confronted. MAYBE he could participate in a BurnLootMurder/Antifa riot, for a little while – if he first looted the local CVS and stole their supply of Depends. Otherwise, the brown stains would give him away.

      • Beverly states: “if I recall correctly…”. Wow. That’s a real head turner coming from the guy who says he was a cop for 6yrs then thru the medium of media magic (cause it sure couldn’t be from fat fingering his keyboard) he states a couple days later that he was a cop for 10yrs. Curious, that… makes a guy really wonder about his other claims, like being a Vietnam Veteran, etc. How bout it, sarge, wanna clear that up for us? Or let me guess: I’m the big fat liar… right beverly? And don’t forget to string a bunch of capital bouncy house laugh letters together in your sure to be juvenile reply… old timer.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. That’s right, Canuck. Could anything turn your stiff neck, Subject of the Queen? Again, you lie like a rug. I said I was a police officer for ten (10) years. You keep coming up with the lie claiming I said six (6).

          That’s correct, Subject of the Queen, I was a US Marine in Nam. I’ll bet the only thing you ever served was Tim Horton’s. And again, that’s Sergeant to you, Subject of the Queen. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

        • But beverly, that’s just not accurate now, is it? You, in your own post by your own hand, at first stated 6yrs as a cop. There’s no point in denying it or pretending that I’m the liar, it was there for all the world to see. Then mere days later you stated 10yrs as a cop. One of those, maybe even both, by definition must necessarily be a lie. This means that you, beverly, must, also by definition and necessarily, be a liar. Which, necessarily, calls into question everything you say. It’s really that simple. I’m glad to see you’ve taken my advice on using a dictionary though bev, as evidenced by your recent change to using “educate” instead of “edification”. It’s a small step but a good beginning. Keep up the good work there… sarge.

        • Riverless/ShootOff Canuck. You are lying again. Or is that still? I never made any such post claiming only 6 yrs service as a police officer. I am not pretending. You are a LIAR; it’s apparently in your DNA apparently and then once you are caught lying you just keep repeating the lie. Sounds kind of narcissistic to me. That’s why I have suggested you seek a mental health professional. Psst! Just a hint, I don’t use the term “cop”. I always said POLICE OFFICER. )sigh). I would feel sorry for you but narcissistic tendencies can be treated but you have to want to be helped. Clearly you do not.
          It seems though your education has been sorely neglected. Is this an indication of Canuck’s educational system?

          As I have pointed out to your think pea sized brain, You can call me Mr Beverly, or Sergeant. Sarge is a term used for co-workers, bit Neanderthals from British Columbia. Seems you have a lot of steps to go before you become capable to being educated.

        • But you most certainly did make that claim, beverly. It’s why I even bother addressing an obvious clown such as yourself: because you are a liar… sarge.

    • I never dealt intimidated. I just went and did it. I see no legitimate reason for any legit voter to be. But if they are then it’s all on the voter.

    • Don’t care. At all. After a year of cities burning because one cop “maybe” killed a drug addict and horrible criminal, I don’t want to hear about intimidation. At all. MSN can FO.

      • The Left knows that intimidation works. That’s why they spent most of 2020 BurnLootMurdering their way through American cities. Can’t wait to see what they do in 2024.

        • The only real reason to let intimidation keep someone from the polls is for not being legal.

  15. darcydodo…You should go door to door and demand residents hand their firearms over to you and by all means order them to show support for Jim Crow Gun Control joe. Just in case things don’t go smoothly let us know the name of the closest trauma hospital so we can send you flowers and best wishes.

      • I’m sure that MinorIQ, rant7, dacian the stupid, and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll represent a significant portion of the membership of their local chapter of NAMBLA. To start their circle jerks, they exchange naked baby pictures.

        • Lol. Leave it to a contemptible pervert like Lamp to bring up a horrible organization like NAMBLA. What a waste of sperm and egg!!

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          Ooh, looks like I drew blood with that one!!! And, yes, you ARE a waste of sperm and egg. But, again, keep trying – you may someday achieve relevance. Unfortunately, you will never achieve rationality, adulthood, or a d***. Yes, this troll has no d***.

  16. I need to show that I care………to spend your tax dollars on a program that does not work, and you do not want, so my base of voters will reelect me.

    • And that differs from any OTHER Dimocrat/Leftist/”Progressive”/fascist program HOW, exactly??? Only issues around a Leftist “program” are (i) does it allow me to virtue-signal?, (ii) can I pat myself on the back, despite the epic failure of this program?, and (iii) when it crashes and burns, without discernable results (other than pissing away a bunch of taxpayer $), can I screw my face up and yell, “But at least we TRIED!”???

      They value “good intentions” over actual accomplishment, virtue-signaling over results, Leftist/fascism over freedom, and power over anything. If they knew how stupidly transparent their games are, they would be embarrassed. Unfortunately, the Leftist/fascists are incapable of embarrassment.

  17. Can we please be honest? Is that possible? If you watch the video as I did the “activist” being interviewed is openly wearing his sidearm. And he’s wearing and NAAGA t-shirt.

    If a person wearing an NRA t-shirt. Or a JPFO t-shirt or they were wearing a Pink Pistols t-shirt. If these individuals we’re supporting a gun buyback program. I would say that, that individual is not a supporter of the Second Amendment. And I would suggest that the parent organization investigate this person thoroughly, and then expel them.

    This guy is a possible example of what used to be called a “fifth columnist”. A mole, a spy, a traitor, an Informer. Someone who was working on the end side, to sabotage the efforts of a second amendment Civil Rights Organization.

    He is just another example of a black person who wants their gun. But doesn’t want anyone else to have a gun in the black community.

  18. “[fill in the blank] May Not Work, But They Show That We Care”

    This is the mind of a leftist in a nutshell. Making real progress and helping people is never the goal. It’s about helping themselves.

    “…blacks are trophies or mascots, and must therefore be put on display…The actual well-being of the mascot is not the point.” -Thomas Sowell

    • The video was a Far Right racist rant denigrating blacks. It was false in much of its comment. its comments about urban renewal was a bold face lie. Urban renewal did not put up housing unites for rich white people. That is a racist lie and laughable. What urban renewal did was buy up unsafe housing that was owned mostly by white slum landlords charging outrageous rent and providing unsafe places for people to live in. That was replaced by new construction often owned by the state or city and at affordable rent rates.

      The video also lied about Liberal Whites protesting the unnecessary killing of innocent black people by calling the blacks killed either as all being criminals or being killed not by police but only being killed by other blacks. All smoke and mirrors, distortions of reality and of course blatant racism and lies. Notice the picture of George Floyd and insinuating he was killed because he was a dangerous criminal not a helpless man handcuffed and slowly tortured to death by a white racist sadistic cop.

      Nice try Dud brain but your racism was blatantly manifested yet again.

      • The gentrification he’s speaking about raised the value of the property which DID drive people out because they could no longer afford to live there. George Floyd was most certainly a mascot for the Left. He was the symbol used for all of the virtue signaling pushed by dems and BLM. And what came of it? Death, destruction, and higher crime rates that aren’t going away anytime soon. It made BLM higher ups wealthy. It raised money for Democrat politicians. Pelosi and company got to feel virtuous when they knelt with their kente cloth, and that’s all that matters. If they were actually trying to improve the lives they were virtue signalling over, then they failed miserably, just like they’ve been doing for decades.

        • quote————–Dude March 21, 2022 At 14:09
          The gentrification he’s speaking about raised the value of the property which DID drive people out because they could no longer afford to live there———quote

          A bold face blatant lie. In my own area urban renewal DID NOT raise property values at all because these are depressed area’s in the rough end of town. Upper class people would not live there if you gave the the property for free to build on and that is fact.

          quote————–George Floyd was most certainly a mascot for the Left. He was the symbol used for all of the virtue signaling pushed by dems and BLM.———–quote

          Another blatant racist lie. The only symbol George Floyd represented and made horrifically apparent was the wholesale broad daylight torture and murder of minorities by rouge cops who were seldom brought to trial for murder and convicted. For once justice actually did take place and it shocked America into realizing and demanding that cops need to be held accountable when they commit murder.

        • Maybe on your planet there are two classes. Most people who buy into “renewed” slums are pretentious middle-class millennial hipsters who not only savor the good deals, but think their enlightened example will make life better for the working people around them.

        • “seldom brought to trial for murder and convicted”

          You’re a riot. So they torched communities, looted stores, vandalized properties, assaulted and murdered people just in case they didn’t get the outcome they wanted of a cop on trial at some point in the future? Here we are two years later, and the people they were supposed to be helping are now worse off. That’s an objective fact. And we wonder how people are so easily manipulated.

        • Look up Sowell’s video on why poor people pay more for worse food.

          It’s called economics and risk.

        • quote————–Dude March 21, 2022 At 14:09
          The gentrification he’s speaking about raised the value of the property which DID drive people out because they could no longer afford to live there———quote

          A bold face blatant lie. In my own area urban renewal DID NOT raise property values at all because these are depressed area’s in the rough end of town. Upper class people would not live there if you gave the the property for free to build on and that is fact.

          Well. That depends. If enough of them bought up all the property, then it would no longer be the “rough end” of town. Then they might move in there. In other words, what you said was speculation.

          quote————–George Floyd was most certainly a mascot for the Left. He was the symbol used for all of the virtue signaling pushed by dems and BLM.———–quote

          Another blatant racist lie. The only symbol George Floyd represented and made horrifically apparent was the wholesale broad daylight torture and murder of minorities by rouge cops who were seldom brought to trial for murder and convicted. For once justice actually did take place and it shocked America into realizing and demanding that cops need to be held accountable when they commit murder.

          Floyd was definitely a mascot. Now the left is practically worshiping Floyd’s a**:

          And now, a hero. He got a gold casket. Murals, everywhere. Statues too! He’s a mascot for the left. Don’t delude yourself. They put his fentanyl popping, home burglarizing, pregnant woman assaulting face, on a pedestal. Their pedestal.

          Lastly. Floyd was not murdered. The trial was made public and broadcasted and I saw it. Normally, I put a lot of faith in a jury, and claim, they know more than what I know. In this case, they don’t. This jury was a gaggle of tards. So tarded, in fact, that they issued a guilty verdict for mutually exclusive charges. Also, there was a BLM activist on the jury. It was garbage. The only thing “surprising” about it, was the verdict, because “beyond a reasonable doubt” wasn’t there. There WAS a reasonable doubt. Floyd was complaining of not being able to breathe long before he was in the car. Long before they even laid him down. Not to mention the lethal dose (for a normal person not for him) of fentanyl in his system. The bottom line was, he was an unhealthy drug addict going into cardiac arrest. Was chauvin an a** that kept his knee on his neck longer than necessary? Yes. Did it kill him? A reasonable doubt exists. Thus they shouldn’t have convicted Chauvin on it. Don’t believe me? Do the knee-neck challenge. You’ll find you won’t be dying in 8 minutes:

      • Got-DAYUM that racist @$$hole, Thomas Sowell!! dacian the stupid, you remain too stupid to insult, and too idiotic to parody. You are a pathetic excuse for anything. You haven’t had an original thought in your entire, useless life, and your mother is ashamed of you.

        Go pound salt in your @$$.

      • Thats the stupidest shit in a long time. Floyd killed himself with a drug overdose. The original autopsy showed this conclusively.

  19. The big liberal disconnect is equating caring with accomplishing something. You can have all the gun buy backs , marches and socials to end the violence you want and none of it will do a thing about violence.
    I’m a retired Police Detective and will tell you what stops the violence,”Incarcerating or planting criminals”. There have been numerous studies that show under 10% of a given population commit over 90% of the violent crime and removing them from society reduces crime. But liberals would rather make the situation worse and feel good about them selves.

    • Youn are saying the same thing I have for decades. Ask any beat cop about crime in his patrol area. If he or she is honest, they will tell you they deal with the same 10% of the residents 85 to 90% of the time. Even in high crime, low income, inner city slum neighborhoods, it’s about 10% of those living there that cause most of the problems. But, as always, it’s the cops fault. Or societies fault. Or the white man’s fault. or the racist government’s fault. Or the gun’s fault. But never is it the criminal’s fault.
      Simple and effective solution would be to drop the majority of non violent, and minor property or financial crimes off the books as felony level crimes. As they used to be in past decades. Misdemeanors handled at the local city/county jail level. Use a weapon or realistic threat of violence to commit a crime and you go away for 5 or 10 years. Actually injure someone with a weapon in the commission of a crime and you go for a longer period. Kill someone other than a few self defense situations and you either go away for life, or you lose your life. Just please, lets stop the feel good warm fuzzy crap that has zero chance of actually solving the problem or helping anyone.

    • ” under 10% of a given population commit over 90% of the violent crime ”

      Basically true, but there’s a funny twist to that. If we succeed in removing the 10% we can identify, then another 10% will emerge to fill the void. It seems that 10% is something of a universal constant.

      • UpInArms,

        Probably a great deal of truth to that, but let’s try some experimental results, shall we??? If we can eliminate our current 10%, I’ll take my chances on the next bunch. I figure the difference between the average gangbanger neighborhood thug and dacian the stupid is about 20 IQ points (in favor of the thug), and the gangbanger actually has a d***. I am much more sanguine about the ease with which we could eliminate a gang of dacian thugs – hell, they’d probably eliminate themselves. Darwin would do our policing for us.

  20. “Community Activist: Gun Buybacks May Not Work, But They Show That We Care”

    It shows you’re stupid and vain.


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