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We’ve been seeing shark-jumping predictions and exasperated double facepalms at the latest and greatest zombie-themed offerings since before the SHOT show onslaught, and just like the braineaters themselves, they just keep coming. But at least most of the lurid green gear like pistol bayonets, biohazard holosights, cleaning kits and electric lime-handled pistols have an actual use – should the dead really rise from the grave in search of fresh, juicy human flesh, they’d at least be somewhat helpful in putting down the slow-moving menace. But as the above pic Tyler Kee snapped at Wally World shows, the Airsoft guys are jumping on the bandwagon now. And a 400 fps plastic BB would be about as useful in stopping a zombie’s shambling advance as an ashtray is on a jet ski. Can we stop now? Pretty please?

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  1. These products wouldn’t be out there if people weren’t buying them. Unfortunately, no amount of our pleading will overcome profit incentives.

  2. Many of my friends refer to me as the -original- “Zombie Apocalypse” guy because for roughly 35 years “When the Zombies come” has been my euphemism for disaster preparedness or looming social upheaval (as in the LA riots).

    To the absolute astonishment of my friends and associates, I have begun to actively disassociate myself from the whole “Zombie” thing at this point.

    It used to be a way for me to address some serious disaster prep issues with a bit of levity so as to avoid overwhelming the trainee with what can be a fairly intense topic. Now, it’s just a purely commercialized for profit fad.

    So I have no problem with others enjoying the “slime green” trend but as for me, I’m done.

  3. Personally, I don’t care for the Zombie craze products. Our economy and society are primarily consumer-debt driven, materialistic, shallow, and still somewhat free-market capitalist though the last part is changing. I wonder if there is some type of psychological substitute going on, in some people’s heads, using zombies as their replacement fantasy ‘human’ enemy since to call-out a live real group of people (based on race, religion, or ethnicity) being the ‘barbarians at the gate’ is not so PC in modern America.

  4. The zombie fad will not die after merely jumping the shark. Jumping the ZOMBIE shark will be necessary. We have yet to see that, sadly.

  5. I like the zombie ammo cans at least. Online they’re cheaper than normal plastic cans and even with shipping, it will cost less than paying $20/each in a local store for a cheap plastic ammo can.

  6. The zombie fad was in airsoft for a while before hitting the firearms market. AR-15 lowers engraved with zombie hunting goodness and zombie hunting games also.

  7. I’m sick of it as well.. was in a LGS and saw that there is zombie ammo as well, WTH?
    I’d hate to be the defendant that used this ammo in a justifiable shooting it just might turn the other way. IMHO it is just too macabre

  8. It is absolutely the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen and it is horribly embarrassing to anyone who takes the Second Amendment *seriously.*

    The only people who think this is cool, interesting or in any positive are total idiots.

  9. While im not going to buy any neon green stuff, I think I am on the other side of this zombie fad. It is an innocent excuse to take some stigma off of weapons. A lot of people want big knives and guns because they are cool, and that is a good enough reason so far as i believe. I don’t have a practical use for every bit of arm I have. Saying they are for zombies is just a tounge in cheek way of admitting you bought a machete just because you wanted one. It is also a safe way to acknowledge the effectiveness of a weapon in a non-realistically morbid kind of way, keeping things light, but getting the point across.

  10. I’ll be really REALLY glad to see it end. To me, it seemed like “Zombie” was a substitute word for what ever group, tribe or hoard of bad guys you might expect to have to defend against. I recall a couple of gun writers that used to refer to bad guys with the generic term “Goblins”. Maybe that will be the next fad? Gees, I hope not.

  11. I will be glad when this trend is over … that way zombies can go back to being a geek thing like they have always been, and you normal people will stop playing in our sand-box. 😛


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