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  1. Mayor Michael Bloomberg test’s out the new Grock 55 NYC Safe .50AE Handgun!!!!
    Grock has tentatively approved this handgun for all politicians who do not support the Second Amendment so that they may change their mind!!!!
    Film at 11:00!!!!

  2. Or…..The new Chicago PD/Political Personal Protection System from ……Dumbass Firearms Inc!!!!!
    Again..Film at 11:00!!!!

  3. The price in California one must later be prepared to possibly pay after earlier morally and legally using a gun in self-defense.

  4. Clyde didn’t quite seem to notice he had assembled his new glock wrong til a millisecond after he pulled the trigger.

  5. Something about this just doesn’t look right. Isn’t the hole supposed to be on the other end…. 😉

  6. . . . . . and in other news, internet blogger and general know-it-all MikeB(numbers) mistakenly re-assembled the Glock 19 9mm assault pistol he purchased for research purposes. Unfortunately for him, the barrel thingy that goes forward was misdirected. He leaves behind a wife who is much happier now with her new Porsche and young Italian boyfriend. A memorial fund has been established by the internet blog The Truth About Guns at a local bar where Happy Hour has been extended for another hour. . . . . .

  7. “Manual, schmanual.” What could go wrong? These things are made so that they only fit back together one way, right?

    Just wait, my new hand loads will blow your mind!

    (Now remember, keep your eyes on the front sight and smoothly press the trigger.)

    I guess this would be OK as long as the magazine was inserted backwards, too.

  8. Eerdman’s Handbook to Cryptozoology entry:

    “The cute snout of the Austrian Bumberbeest often wiggles in pleasure when held gently in social situations.”

  9. Wanna take bets on how long it takes for the mainstream media to use this picture in an article, video or something?

  10. Let’s see how long it takes for the mainstream media to use this picture in an article or video.

  11. The primary reason your local law enforcement agency should never purchase their equipment from the lowest bidder.

  12. California ‘safe’ pistols. So when you get robbed, you can just say “What else do I have to lose?”

  13. glock’s new open blowback system allows for decreased recoil so you won’t need any follow up shots…. Remember it’s a shoulder mounted pistol….

  14. (I know I only get one shot at this–especially today!, but here goes. )

    The State of Utah has announced that, due to budget constraints, all firing squad executions henceforth will be self-service. Thank you for your cooperation.

  15. “Now all I need is those cool sights that go on the side of the slide, so I can look like the movie gangbangers.”

  16. The “Libtard Liberator.“
    New from Yur-Cool Manglefacturing, LLC. ( A Limiting Libtard Company ).
    Conservatively designed and made to the highest standards from bought-back, recycled materials, this politically-correct, single-use, .9mm is the perfect hand tool for all New-Age Progressive Secularists, Statists and Collectivists with opposing thumbs.
    As the “The Ultimate Societal Defense Weapon for the coming Conservative Apocalypse,” the “Libtard Liberator” is factory loaded with a pre-microstamped cartridge and ready for immediate use.
    Lifetime, money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.
    See your local street-dealer for details, or log onto Ptth:\\progsects-promotions.duh. today.

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