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Okay, okay, “snitches” is a little strong. I’m sure Maki is a good boy. He’s just doing what he was trained to do, which is to sniff out concealed firearms on customers in five Houston shopping malls.

“Concealed means concealed” unless, apparently, you’re patronizing the following Brookfield Properties’ malls: Baybrook, Deerbrook, First Colony, Willowbrook, and The Woodlands. Here in Texas, an establishment can post a 30.06 “no guns allowed” sign, violation of which is a Class A misdemeanor.

To enforce their policy, Brookfield Properties is employing Maki and his security guard handler, Paul Blart (not his real name), to sniff the shoppers (“pull a Biden”) and alert on any who may be armed with more than mom’s credit card, a keen fashion sense, and a taste for Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

From The Houston Chronicle:

When Brookfield’s firearm-sniffing dog goes on alert — Brookfield keeps the exact means of notification under wraps — a member of the mall’s security team will politely approach the customer and ask them if they have a gun on them, LaClave said. If the answer is yes, they’re asked to remove the weapon from the property.

[. . .] On at least one occasion since the program’s launch in March, the dog alerted falsely because the person had been at a shooting range earlier in the day, she said.

Yeah, bro, it’s Texas. I guarantee you that dog is browning his pants if he gets a whiff of me.

Seriously though, here’s the real problem (again from the same Houston Chronicle article):

“The measure is an effort to stave off shootings and make people feel safe coming to shop” . . .

“This is not the first time Brookfield has taken a proactive step to address the threat of gun violence” . . .

“In this environment, a firearm sniffing dog is a boon for customers’ sense of security” . . .

This is absurd. No mass shooter bursting into a mall all kitted up and blasting away is going to be found or stopped by Maki and Paul. Do these people seriously think that the deranged perpetrators of the sort of shootings wander around the mall doing some casual shopping first? That they’ll just agree to “remove the weapon from the property” should Maki ask them politely to do so? Perhaps the potential shooter isn’t the only deranged one here, eh?

As we saw in the Clackamas Mall and in dozens of other incidents, concealed carriers can and do stop mass shooting incidents (or would-be mass shootings) in their tracks and, concealed carrier or law enforcement, these shooters are nearly always stopped only at the point of a gun.

Do I “feel safe” knowing that these five malls in Houston are now defenseless victim zones in a state otherwise teeming with citizens who can protect themselves? Hell no. Way to paint a target on these malls by making them exactly like the other “gun free zones” where almost every single shooting of this sort in history has taken place.

Brookfield’s choice hasn’t “taken a proactive step to address the threat of gun violence” by disarming perfectly law-abiding people. It has done the polar opposite. It has created uniquely vulnerable environments in an area that is thankfully (though not for these malls) very short on those.


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  1. Well, sometimes the simplest things keep criminals away. I keep the monsters under my bed at bay by having a flashlight on the night stand. Those monsters know that if they come our from under the bed, I will immediately light ’em up !

    • Hush little baby, don’t say a word
      And never mind that noise you heard
      It’s just the beasts under your bed
      In your closet, in your head.

      • “Hush little baby, don’t say a word
        And never mind that noise you heard
        It’s just the beasts under your bed
        In your closet, in your head.”

        Zackly !!

        • Something’s wrong, shut the light, heavy thoughts tonight
          And they aren’t of Snow White
          Dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of dragon’s fire
          And of things that will bite, yeah

    • So, if enough people rub their pants with trace gunpowder and enter these malls with no weapons, causing good ‘ol Maki to give repeated false positives, the dog will quickly reach a failure percentage high enough to invalidate its use.

      • “So, if enough people rub their pants with trace gunpowder…”

        Would a mix of cayenne pepper and gunpowder produce an interesting result in sniffer dogs?

      • I was thinking it’d be funnier to somehow mix gunpowder with a cleaning agent the mall uses. Get the dog alerting on every floor, railing, elevator, etc.

        • You’ve been watching COOL HAND LUKE again, and not just for the car wash scene.

      • “…will quickly reach a failure percentage high enough to invalidate its use.”

        If only that actually happened in real life.

      • it’s private property…so they’re free to do this…and you’re free to leave and do your shopping someplace else…

      • “Another example of how messed up Texas is.”

        I take credit only for things that make me undeservedly admirable. Texas ain’t one of them.

  2. It’s amazing to note how gun control advocates (in this case gun free zone property owners) claim that some law or action they’ve taken will ensure the safety of others but never produce or are required to produce evidence of this claim.

    Show me some statistics. Some arrest reports. Some evidence that a gun free zone caused a mass shooter to go elsewhere to do their craziness. This applies to all other gun control laws.

    They say that they make people safer. Well if they do then they should be happy to show us how.

    • They know the evidence will show just the opposite as most mass shootings take place in gun free zones.

    • The Colorado movie theater shooter years ago famously drove past a number of closer theaters which didn’t prohibit firearms to visit the one that did prohibit them. Obviously he ignored that prohibition himself.

  3. I haven’t been to a mall in over ten years, or a theater, for that matter. The BLM elements ruin the experience.

    • Stay out of Target. Yesterday in Lancaster East Target we saw an employee wearing an official Target issued “Target supports BLM……..” shirt.

      • I do not shop at Target, but my daughter wanted to go to spend a gift card scene received. So, I made sure my large “God, Country, Trump” was on my Stetson, when we ambled about the store. Mostly, positive responses: “I like your hat”…”I like that button”…thumbs ups, smiles. A few who turned their heads quickly when I caught them staring at me. Good times.

  4. We have rights, and the owner of the property has rights. It’s irritating, BUT, if the owner of the property doesn’t want guns on his property, you’re free to go somewhere else rather than stuff it down his throat. In this case, the choice is probably made by a board of directors, but they’re still the owner’s representative. Regardless, voting with your wallet is probably a lot more effective.

    • OK owners have property rights, I agree. So can that owner exclude Black People, Gays, People dressed ethically, etc. I don’t think so. They can allow their employees to wear Rainbow shirts and masks, but fire those who wear Christian shirts or Trump shirts?

      The easiest way to solve this is to have a business license for secured facilities that allow the public inside, but provide heavy security and regular businesses who provide no armed security, etc.

      Today Corporate Tyranny is in many ways worse than government tyranny, expect when they work together.

    • Then the mall takes FULL responsibility for my safety. They will be sued if anyone in my family is ever hurt in a non state gov/federal gun free zone.

    • This is the same argument that Twitter and Facebook use. When a privately owned property becomes a de facto public area, the argument falls apart. By adopting that logic, we throw the Bill of Rights away.

      • When every mall does this, I will agree. Right now its on the consumer more than anyone else. The only real choice is to not use.

        If you use Facebook and Twitter, understand that they are not your friend. Certain malls are not either.

        Participate at your own risk.

    • And only a moron would assert that a property owners “rights” trump the US Constitution when his property is open to the public or employees.

  5. “In this environment, a firearm sniffing dog is a boon for customers’ sense of security” .

    No , it’ll make CCW holders shop elsewhere which the mall will notice in reduction of sales and revenue. So be it. I refuse to shop where CCW isn’t allowed.

    • Well, pardon, please, but I don’t believe it worth a damn. If I wished to go there I would go armed. Just how many of these puppies do we think are being fielded at each of 5 malls? In TX, what they can do to you when they discover you are armed is ask (direct) you to leave, the misdemeanor $200 fine is for trespassing, if you refuse to leave. So leave, come back the next day and go shopping again. Or go elsewhere. The TX law is very gun friendly, go about your business and don’t pay attention to these freaks. But please try to avoid putting your shopping bucks in their pockets whenever you can.

      • No it’s not some states the signs carry no weight of law. Texas as a whole is not very pro gun and I lived there a long time. If you are carrying a gun in Walmart and they sell alcohal that technically is a felony still. Find it ironic some of them sell guns amazed TABC has not started arresting people yet.

        • The Walmart alcohol thing is incorrect. Businesses have to derive 51% or more of their profits from alcohol sales. They also have to have the 51% signage in an easily observed location. Walmart probably makes a negligible amount of money on alcohol sales, they put it in the back of the store for a reason.

        • You’re mistaken. The establishment must derive 51% of its business in the sale of alcoholic beverages, and those beverages must be for consumption on the property. Even a liquor store doesn’t display the 51% sign, because the liquor is not sold for consumption in the store. I carry all the time, even if going into a liquor store. And it is legal to do so.

    • Probably is a boon for customers’ [misguided] sense of security. Those shoppers who’ve been scared by the media hype to fear a mass murder shooting every time they go to the mall are probably also gullible enough to think the gun-sniffing dog will keep them safe.

  6. “We have rights, and the owner of the property has rights.”

    Exactly. But wasn’t the theme of the article that the dogs are just mind pablum? That the security theater is completely ineffective as an actual deterrent? That the dogs have the same deterrent effect as GFZ signs everywhere?

  7. Well the good news is most Malls are dying out and I wish Brookfield the same fate. Why would I ever go to a gun free zone, ever. I’m sure the security guard handler is unarmed and will be the first victim if he comes across a real shooter. Likely he will stick to picking on well dressed, nice looking folks and avoid the gang bangers and others. What a joke.

    Likely, the “Magic Dog” is just a Bomb Dog, who is keying in on nitrates. Probably defeat him with a plastic baggie covered firearm, kept under coffee fresh coffee grounds for a few days, maybe with a cored apple too. Good luck picking up a scent after that. Really they should just hire these traffic cops that can smell a pinch of pot from 2 miles away, wrapped inside foil, inside a trunk, under the spare tire, these supermen are better than any dog. LOL.

    Personally, if you are open to the public, you should have zero right to disarm me, unless, you have armed guards, metal detectors and a compelling reason to do so. So unless the Brookfield company wants to have the same security as an airport, courthouse or federal building, they have zero moral right to ask me to place my life under their protection.

    I will guarantee they have a sign somewhere that says they aren’t responsible if you get injured or killed and that by entering their property, you agree, which is also BS.

    Texicans should just stay away from these places.

    • Although I oppose public accommodation laws, if the mall can’t legally discriminate against citizens because of race, ethnicity, sex, etc., they shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against law abiding gun owners either.

      • Hey, today men can simply “identify” as women and voila, right? I figure pretty soon we’ll be able to “identify” as black, or handicapped, all manner of other things, why not Law Enforcement? I mean, none of these laws apply to LE, right? No more need for permits, ignore signs, “HEY! I’m a black woman cop!” and your problems are over. Somebody says they’re not, begin pointing and screaming “racist” in your highest falsetto. You know that would work, don’t you?

    • {Sniffer-dogs}

      “Probably defeat him with a plastic baggie covered firearm, kept under coffee fresh coffee grounds for a few days, maybe with a cored apple too.”

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Old wive’s tales. Urban legend debunked.

      That won’t stop a sniffer-dog.

      They are that good…

      • I have it on good authority that simply double ziplock bagging and dryer sheets defeats the sniffer dog.

    • Hey Mauser6863, a question, do you go to your local post office to pick up your mail? if you do, you are entering in a gun-free zone there.

      • when I worked for the feds one of our assignments was to go to the post office when it opened and shoo away the homeless types…they objected to us carrying our weapon…so most of the guys just removed it from the holster and tucked it inside our jackets…out of sight…out of mind….

        • out of sight…out of mind….

          Exactly how I feel whenever I go into the Post Office or any other “Gun Free Zone” for that matter… Only place I have ever “parked my gun” is before entering a VA facility (but I did violate the no weapons on the property rule) and the County Court House since they have two cops and a metal detector at the entrance… (even made me remove a John Wayne, aka P38, can opener from my key ring once)… They have absolutely no sense of humor…

  8. I think the idea here is to prevent teen and twenty somethings from getting into a stupid fight over bullshit, only to see the guns come out.

    • Been awhile since I went to a mall. Scary places overrun with gang’s. You’d THINK these tards would want legal carry but no…duh.

    • GNS,

      Dunno. Sounds like mindless anti-gun symbolism. How much ground can that dog cover? He has five malls to sniff.

    • Teens and twentysomethings you need to worry about will shoot that dog dead first time they see it. And then start in on each other.

    • which happens a lot in malls…we just had one here…the mall’s security cameras were crap and getting an apprehension difficult because of this…but we got two of the three anyway….

  9. Well, I suppose if a cop can have a gunm and a dog. I can have a gunm and a polar bear?

  10. Maybe one day Amazon will have a drop down box asking if you’re armed when you’re online shopping. If you reply yes, then Amazon will immediately cancel the transaction, ala PayPal, and notify the local authorities. Though the scenario is absurd, this is where the liberal techno fascists are taking us.

    Gun control is people control. To hell with these malls and their parent company.

  11. Not once has a legal LTC holder ever ‘shot up a mall’. This is completely useless and wasteful – not to mention a violation of people’s rights.

    • This. Clean your guns, go shopping, refuse to leave, hire a lawyer, win in court. Never had a gun on you, never violated any private property rights, was harassed. You’d only be refusing to leave because you did nothing wrong and when they get police involved that’s when it becomes a well documented legal violation and would easily be a win win in court.

  12. Yet another reason not to go to a mall. It’s not like you can relax in them. Cujo and Kommie BarneyFife can have it.

  13. I sold all my shares in Brookfield some months ago. The Wuhan virus took its toll on the share price, but I dumped quickly enough to avoid a loss. Brookfield is heavily leveraged, but they have a reputation as good property managers. But, as most of you point out, above, they follow mindless prejudices when it comes to firearms.

  14. If that happens here I taking a gun oil rag in my pocket & sue for false arrest when they find no gun.

    • Or a loose round of ammo…

      • Or just throw some smokeless powder in your shoe. If the dog keeps alerting on your shoe, just take it off show that it’s now empty, and if the rent-a-thug is still there, shove it in his face and make him take a whiff.

  15. Personal experience has repeatedly demonstrated that the only places of mass shootings have been in a gun free zone or buildings. Anywhere the possibility of a patron or employee was armed rarely is a victim to gun violence.

  16. GNS,

    Dunno. Sounds like mindless anti-gun symbolism. How much ground can that dog cover? He has five malls to sniff.

    • one would assume they are selective…trying to eliminate potential trouble before it begins…sounds like more of a deterrent than anything else…time will tell if it works….

  17. I have been to Deerbrook Mall. There were no legal signs at the entrances. I saw a 30.06 sign in the food court, which isn’t any of entrances, which makes it invalid. Of course, the dude with the dog telling you to remove weapon from mall is valid.
    It would be quite an effort to cover all entrances to the mall, with some stores having entrances to the outside.

    • Why would a guy with a dog telling you to leave be “valid”, with no signs posted? Does he have some ID which proves that he OWNS the property? I’d have to laugh at him and walk away, just another nutcase.

      • Larry, you need to study up. So far you’re batting zero concerning TX LTC laws. No sign is required. You may enter an establishment with no sign, but if asked by a store employee to remove the gun from the premises, you shall comply, according to the law.

  18. And what happens if the person denies having a weapon/gun on their person? Call the police who then comes and executes a warrantless search? Do they request the potential perp leave the property? There is no mention of what happens when a person tells the dog and handler to pound sand!!

    • think that would be reason to call the cops…not worth the hassle…push for changes in the law if it bothers you that much…..

  19. So how does this stop mass murderers from busting through the doors? Because that seems to be the most consistent thing among these psychos.

    It won’t because its a security theatre. Last I checked conceal carriers don’t suddenly start shooting everyone. Whatever, its a blue city. Its not supposed to make sense, it just has to make you feel good.

    • “It won’t because its a security theatre.”

      That’s all it is. In order for this to be effective, they would have to check every person coming in at every single entrance. That would cause serious issues. They would have to scale up their operation, more people would stop coming to the mall, and individual stores wouldn’t be able to use their back doors. That would hurt their bottom line which is all they’re really worried about.

  20. The simplest solution to this kind of nonsense is to make any property owner who chooses to make their establishment a ‘gun-free zone’ (as is their right, and one I fully support) legally and financially liable for any injuries or loss of life in the event of a shooting, unless they provide adequate security (say 1 armed guard per 25 customers, up to the safe capacity of the building). As-is there’s literally no added liability for making a place a ‘gun-free zone’ so the virtue signalers have nothing stopping them except the potential loss of customers (people they consider undesirables anyway).

    A good civil suit would stop this dead in its tracks and given the multi-thousand person capacity of your average mall it would take a fricken battalion of rent-a-cops to cover the place; meaning the choice to go gun-free would be a very costly one.

  21. When a shooting occurs in one of these malls, can the dog and his handler be sued?

  22. If you want to stop or reduce the incidence of mall massacres hire ex soldiers with extensive combat experience and arm them with submachineguns that are visible.

    • remember seeing two gendarmes walk past at the airport in Brussels…one with an UZI slung over his shoulder…definitely gets your attention…”We ain’t in Kansas anymore”…….

  23. Go Woke, go broke, every Brookfield property, regardless of it’s use, just earned a boycott.

  24. The 3006 app can help and so can a watchful eye.

    They have the right. If they decide they are too good for my patronage then so be it. There are plenty of other places I can shop.

    All this really tells me is that these people don’t care if killers want to kill in these places. That dog won’t make it from the other side of the mall before six people are shot.

  25. ohhh there is SUCH and EASY way to mess up this “dog sniffing shit” all up

    visit the ‘mall’ with salt shakers filled with gunpowder and sprinkle that shit everywhere, coat your shoes before entry—heck do the whole family!

    Toss a handful at each doorway of the mall or right on the sidewalk before the entryways…that dog will hit on everything!

    sooner or later that dog will hit on that one attorney’s kid and might bite them and its done!

  26. That’s stupid. Here you can have guns in open carry and I would assume concealed(?) carry. If there was a law or sign saying no guns they took them down because of Seattle so yeah you can carry guns freely now thanks to BLM. People only tend to shoot people in the parking lot anyways so removing violence from the building to the parking lot is virtue signaling instead of actually protecting people.

  27. OK…at least they are enforcing their “gun free zone”…many/vast majority of other places do not…
    I say when they do not enforce it…and there is an incident…sue them…for not enforcing their own rules. Enough suits like that and “gun free zones” go away.
    Use the rules against them like they want to do to gun owners and gun companies.
    tit for tat

  28. OK. It’s the property owner’s right to stop people from lawfully carrying concealed. It is also our right not to shop at locations where concealed carry is forbidden which is exactly what I do.
    But don’t just not shop there, let the owners know in a nicely worded letter or on-line comment why you refuse to set foot in their establishment and plan to take your money elsewhere. Money talks. This is what gets their attention.

  29. I’m sincerely hoping this mall is bankrupt within a month. And people, you have the police to thank for all of this. They’re nothing more than the SS. With the condition of malls today, I can’t believe they would set up their own customers for a mass shooting like this.

  30. I live 24 minutes away from the Woodlands Mall. My 11 y/o daughter persuaded me to take her shopping today. I did not notice a 30.06 sign on the Macy’s entrance door, but I did see the large signs with no firearms allowed on the premises at the food court. I was concealing a P365 IWB. I just got home to unwind from that adventure (Clair’s) and I read this story. I appreciate knowing this information. Their are too many thugs at that mall to go unarmed. I did notice a hired Conroe police officer at the Apple store. When stores have to hire real police officers because of mall “security” not being effective enough than obviously their is a problem with the clientele that flocks to those pointless stores (except Oakley). If the handler of the dog does not possess TCOLE or is not commissioned than the fur baby handler has no authority to request an answer.

    • the problem is groups of teenagers and young adults…[usually black]…that’s who is really being targeted here…they just don’t want to admit it…..

  31. People love to feel safe.
    Right up to their massive hospice morphine drip.
    Spoiler alert: you’re still dying.

  32. Imagine if they put this much effort into busting cartels and gangs

  33. And what if one were to lie to this security guard? ‘Sorry, I went to the range earlier this morning. Actually,I still have these empty brass casings still in my pocket. Sorry.’

    • I was thinking something similar. Any TTAG readers who attend this mall and store should make sure to keep some spent brass in their pockets – give the dog false positives.

      For that matter, it’s not like the security guard is allowed to do a pat down (are they?) so I don’t see how they’d prove there was a CCW on you anyway.

  34. I am certainly not planning to give these guys any of my business and will decry their decision, but so many here continue to tout the strawman argument that “active shooters don’t obey gun rules.”

    Who says that the main concern of the property owners is an active shooter? Aren’t those considered to be relatively rare? I would assume that the idea here is to prevent ND’s, angry customers from escalating frustrations against other angry customers, and to avoid the financial liabilities of such circumstances. I would imagine those occurrences are far more common than active shooters.

    If we, as a group, intend to change hearts, minds, and laws about this subject then we need to start addressing the issues that actually concern them.

    • I would love to know how frequent what you’re describing is, and I suspect it about as common as actual mass shooters. CCW holders are the most courteous and law abiding group of citizens in the country. It boils down to the owners of that establishment being needlessly terrified of guns and gun owners. No amount of reason can break through the layers of emotion and allegiance to progressive dogma. The idea that they might be surrounded by gun owners carrying guns and NOT KNOW is what prompted them to hire a “gun sniffing” dog.

      • I agree with everything you said with exception of how often some knucklehead improperly misuses a firearm. (Not necessarily discharges it, but threatens with it.) It is rare, but not as infrequent as one might think as police officers respond to these incidents more often than active shooters. Unfortunately, getting TRUE statistics in this leftist controlled political/media world is nothing more than a pipe dream. But I agree that it IS rare and that these knuckleheads also do not tend to obey the rules or laws either. It’s a stupid policy aimed towards eliciting an emotional “relief” for people who don’t want to look at the real world.

        Quote – “ The idea that they might be surrounded by gun owners carrying guns and NOT KNOW is what prompted them to hire a “gun sniffing” dog.”

        That is an EXCELLENT point and defeats any “logical” argument that might be created to defend such policies. It proves your point that this is an emotional response to an infrequent problem.

    • “Who says that the main concern of the property owners is an active shooter?”

      Them. They’re explicitly mentioning mass shootings, bad guy with a gun, gun violence, etc.

    • addressing the issues that actually concern them.

      You mean like making a profit and keeping shareholders happy… You must understand that most of these “malls” are located in BLUE areas and they’ve bought in to the Left’s narrative that “guns are bad, M’kay”… Probably majority owned by some Chinese or Korean investment group… Fuk em…

      • Clearly, I am referring to the gun issues that concern them.

        Your point about these malls being leftist controlled is exactly my point. If we hope to begin changing the narrative, then we need to address the arguments being presented rather than attacking arguments based on what we incorrectly perceive them to be.

        The rationale presented and quoted by the original article is, “The measure is an effort to stave off shootings and make people feel safe coming to shop.”

        I do not see anywhere listed in this statement that this is an effort to deter mass shooter incidents. Likewise, if we continue to dismiss their concerns about guns offhandedly, then we should never hope to change the narrative and might as well continue to concede to the cancel culture and leftist politics that have taken over the country. It’s this dismissive attitude and strawman arguments that have allowed them to control the narrative.

    • Yes, people are going to do stupid things with guns. People do stupid things. Pelosi comes to mind. Are people going to go nuts at the sight of someone not wearing a mask? YES! Just like they are going to go nuts at the sight of a gun. There are documented cases of guns being drawn of parking spot arguments.

      The Democrats and the media have ramped up FEAR in the minds have a population that suffers from opiods and all kinds of other drugs with no desire to deal with the real criminals that everyone is so one edge that the least little thing sets people off. So few people seem to understand that Washington HAS failed to keep the peace and promote the general welfare. People have been made to believe its all Trumps fault. When I have been hearing about someone getting shot on the news everyday for my entire life. This is nothing new. Covid might have made things worse but it certainly did not create it. Neither did Trump.

      Using a dog this way is a knee-jerk reaction by people that cannot stand the fact that Americans own and carry guns. They truly believe that owning a gun makes a person a mentally unstable criminal that should be ridiculed and shunned. All while being perfectly happy giving free reign to ACTUAL mentally unstable criminals. This all might be preaching to the choir but there are readers of TTAG that never comment.

  35. I for one would love to know what the dog does when someone cropdusts the place with a can of ballistol.

  36. If my gun cannot go to a store neither can I people should just boycott these stores go to one that respects your rights

    • and that is the proper response…if they embarrass you a little bit take your business elsewhere….and tell them so….

  37. Boycott. vote with your shopping dollars and take them anywhere but these malls.

  38. I guess Im reloading ammo before each trip to the mall.

    Sorry sir spent all morning cleaning brass and reloading ammo in my garage . I’ll be sure to clean up better next time 😎😎😎😎

  39. A few dozen false alerts results would put a stop to that crap when everyone puts a class action law suite up their back side. A little gun oil or powder spill or residue from local gun enthusiasts and Walla. Sue em till they fall.

  40. How can The Fools Who Make Our Laws not understand that a “gun free zone” is an invitation to mass murder?

    Whatabunca Pollianas. Common sense escapes nearly all rule makers.

    Not nearly enough sand around for you fools to bury your addled heads in?

    Tell me, please? Is a guy running into a mall with a hockey mask, a rifle, and a dozen 30 round magazines going to care about a gun sniffing dog?


    —>>> He’ll shoot that dog if he runs across it.

    What a buncha f******s. Your gobernment at work.

    Ever heard of “unintended consequences?” Why does not every law ever proposed not have a study of such?

    F******s. All of them.

    This shite just bewilders me.


  41. I see an opportunity to have some fun here. Get a few dozen people to smell like gun powder and go to the mall. Make MULTIPLE false alarms and complain/ video them. Esp if we can get minority( black) people to do this we could end this.

    • Good point but I actually go there for one thing, cologne at Rue 21 because I will NOT pay ridiculous prices for the stuff. I could buy it on Amazon and it’s over twice as expensive as it is in the store.

    • kids still cluster in these places…get a few of the “wrong kind” and you may have a problem…

  42. Sucks to be them. The mall here has no firearms signs also, which I ignore. They don’t carry any force of law unless they have a gun oil sniffing dog or X-Ray vision and they ask me to leave and I tell them to FO&D, then things change. Other than that, they can kiss my ass because I AM NOT DISARMING!

  43. Do they have the legal authority to frisk customers? If not, I’d tell people to say, “no, and you and your mutt can both go to hell,” preferably on their way out the door. I wouldn’t patronize the joint in the first place.

  44. Want to take the dogs out of the equation. Take a small amount of GP into a bathroom and sprinkle it all over the floor. enough that it won’t be visibly noticed. Every person who enters and leaves will have it on their shoes. Which will bring the dogs down on them. It won’t take long and the doggies will be gone due to the false alarms and customer complaints.

  45. its houston…say no more:

    the last time houston elected a republican mayor was the year 1978

    houston is just another big city in america that is failing miserably only because it continues to elect more and more profoundly disordered people to government office

    see also: “the end stage of the blue city/blue state governance model”

  46. I can see it now. The first person that is going to get shot in a mass shooting event in one of these malls is Maki’s security guard handler. Followed quickly by poor Maki. Because crazy killers are crazy, not stupid.

    • obviously there is some risk in confronting people…I would pass on that job…..


  48. How will the new TX law on CCW affect this. September 1 is the effective date.

    Comments on “wear Gunpowder Cologne” aside, it’s apparent the dog is keying on a firearms odor which is commonly known. Goes to: Clean your gun thoroughly, mags included, and then use a lube which is a known cover scent. Like, Mobil 1 or ATF. Most auto trans fluids include a scent which identifies them to a mechanic, they stink pretty bad. If someone was ID’s because they had been to a range – and denied carrying – it then goes to how were they checked to prove it? Body searched?

    Story has some holes likely because full revelation of what is going on would compromise things. And, it’s a owner’s exercise, too. Avoid the dog and avoid detection. Malls have lots of entrances and exits, which goes to if a law abiding citizen with experience can see it’s a dog and pony show exercise, we can also see how to defeat it – and so can a clever perp, or, at least one prepped by his handlers to do the job effectively. Which is, by other experience people.

    “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” – Pogo.

    Keep in mind that gangs now send their best recruits thru Basic and Advanced Training to gain more skilled members who then train their own. And that advanced skills techs sometimes hire out to big money. What’s missing is the ethical training we enjoyed in society before we packed the Supreme Court with inexperienced political appointees and they “killed” God, removing any mention of him from our classrooms.

    And here we are.

  49. Gun fire in malls happens more frequently between young gangs of shoppers fighting among themselves than from mass murder and even a mass murderer would realize that not only are their cops in the place but they have a hound from hell that will be charging them and coming at them fast which is a very small target to try and hit.

    In conclusion the malls may have found a very good way to enforce their regulations of no guns in their malls. And if you do not like it they will say we do not care because they know most people in the malls do not carry guns and that is where the money is.

    • Most people don’t carry guns anyway. Being a mall has nothing to do with that. But as we have all seen since covid started…more people have more guns than ever before in American history so this might be changing.

      Malls have a choice and so do I.

  50. You would do well to avoid malls that ban guns. The Clackamas Mall is right across the parking lot from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office. However; they still took time to bring in their mobile command post so that they would have an excuse to cower in the parking lot while they waited for the shooting to stop.

  51. Lots of people saying just avoid this place. Sure, you can.

    But what happens in a school zone road you are traveling on? Do you avoid it?

    The more places we give them, the more they take. Make them pay. There are easy ways to go about this here. That dog isn’t trained to smell guns, he’s trained to smell things like CLP, gunpowder, and other smells associated with a firearm and it’s maintenance. So clean your guns, go shopping without a gun on you, and let the violation of civil rights ensue. Say nothing other than “lawyer”. Take it to court. Put this place out of business. Hell, sue them for so much you can buy them out.

  52. Anybody bother to fact check this? Seems kinda suspicious that the guards name is Paul Blart, AKA Mall Cop, as in the movie with Kevin James.

  53. Baybrook mall has “No firearms or illegal weapons” listed in the code of conduct section of their website but is also currently listed as “invalid” in the Texas3006 app. I’m not likely to be found there anyway but like so many other places, they are making it clear what they want and don’t want.

    They are not trying to disarm you. They ARE telling you that they don’t want you there. To which I say…fine.

    Deer brook mall has this on their site:

    “Frequently Asked Questions about our License Plate Readers Brookfield Properties Retail centers using Vigilant Technologies

    What is the Purpose?
    Frequently Asked Questions about our License Plate Readers Brookfield Properties Retail centers using Vigilant Technologies
    The mall utilizes License Plate Reader (LPR) technology for the purposes of enforcing our Parking Program and for Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement Investigations. LPR data is NOT used by the mall or third parties for marketing solicitations or target marketing.“

    There is more but I’m not pasting the whole thing. It’s found under LPR FAQ.

    I’ve never been there and am not likely to be.

  54. What happens if the dog alerts, they ask if I have a gun and I just say “No”?

    • They ask you to leave on a suspicion. Some of us know how this goes, others apparently would either create a nuisance and a problem, or simply just leave. The ones that know how this goes, would simply say “lawyer”.

  55. Time to carry a gun oil soaked rag and bullets in my pocket if I have to visit that mall

  56. If a rent-a-cop asks me if I have a gun on me, I’m going to tell him no. End of discussion.

    Concealed means concealed.

  57. Willowbrook Mall was a dangerous place to be 6 years ago. I can’t imagine what it is like now. Several years ago a female deputy sheriff was abducted and killed there. While I am glad to be out of the Houston area, unfortunately I am near the Austin area now. Granted I live outside a small town. I am still too close (40 miles) to the mess that is Austin.

  58. To enforce their policy, Brookfield Properties is employing Maki and his security guard handler, Paul Blart, to sniff the shoppers (“pull a Biden”) and alert on any who may be armed with more than mom’s credit card, a keen fashion sense, and a taste for Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a 2009 American comedy film starring Kevin James as the titular character Paul Blart.
    This sounds like a hoax that the mall is playing.

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