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Bird says police are thankful for the community support and “amazed” at the willingness of the four customers to protect others in the bank.

— From the Vancouver Sun in an article about four bank customers who tackled an armed, would-be robber in British Columbia. Should have been a DGU?


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  1. Are the that stupid in Canada! How do the powers to be think she is not going to shoot someone if she does not get the money. Or after she gets the money to eliminate witnesses!

    • It’s the standard line for us plebs.
      We’re always supposed to “give them what they want” and not resist.
      Meanwhile the cops, feds, SS and the private security of the worlds beautiful people are taught and teach to always resist and treat every engagement as an absolute life or death situation using any and all force available to make it out alive.

      Sort of how government offices and banks all get armed guard but your kids at their government education centers get cheap doors they have to hold shut themselves.

      • Thin. Boog. Line.

        But seriously, they are all militarized. Beyond control. I don’t agree that America is STILL a racist country – no more than any other country and certainly not “unequal” as far as “rights” go, but I do agree the agencies, police, and government itself actually, need defunded and dare I say – disarmed.

        You wanna play gun control? Fine, we’ll bite. You first. Until then I will resist and question all “authority”. Meh, who am I kidding, I’ll resist and fight for more freedom even after another civil war topples our current tyrannical states.

  2. Canaduh aaaaay?!? DGU? No one carries a gat. Even in Murica most banks frown on carrying a gat. Good on these Canucks…continue to amaze the lame stream media😏

    • Don’t care what my bank (or any other business) thinks, that is where the concealed bit comes in. I noticed that Regal Theaters, the only theater around here that was foolish enough to put up “no guns” signs is out of business.

      • My local theater had no signs. Sadly out of business. Now we(mostly my sons)have to go some 10 miles away in INDIANA. No signs therec either. I disarm only for the feds…

    • That’s where the term Concealed Carry gets it’s importance. I refuse to give up my Right and/or Ability to protect myself because some individual, business or government entity doesn’t like or fears the presence of citizens with the ability to defend themselves in the event of an act of aggression against them. This especially holds true when said premises can not or will provide that protection. I’ve been carrying longer than many of the people who post here have been alive and with luck will never need to present or use my firearm. I will not however have to live with the regret of not having it when that attack becomes a reality. I’m at the age and health condition where the threat of a long jail sentence is No Longer a deterrent to my choosing to be armed. As a matter of fact it has never been. Life is full of choices and consequences. making the choice you can LIVE with is better than the regret of knowing you are going to die because you chose to not have your firearm when you needed it.YMMV

    • HUH? I’ve been using the same bank over 25 years and I have never been there unarmed. Never anticipated a problem, never had one. Why would a bank care? I’d think a jewelry/diamond market would care more than any bank. And I am armed when I go there as well.

  3. Canadians are a bunch of pu$$ies, sheep being led to the slaughter. Once the commissars have succeeded in completely disarming them in the name of “safety,” the country will go full commie.

  4. My bank does not post any no gun signage. I asked one of the bank officers I know about it and he said if his employees are armed who want to be, why shouldn’t his loyal customers be armed?

    Bank shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.

    • They should advertise, if they are in my area I might change banks, at least check if my bank is the same.

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