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LA residents line up to buy, yes, guns. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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As we mentioned yesterday, firearm sales — in particular handguns — in California and nationally shattered all records over the past year. Furthermore, a huge portion of these purchases were made by first-time gun buyers, the majority of whom were female and/or minorities.

Shocked as so many blue state residents were to find that, despite what the politicians have been telling them, one cannot simply buy a gun online or walk into a gun store and walk out with a gun that same day. Quarantine, riots, uncertainty, reduced policing, and general unrest pushed many to take their household safety into their own hands. And rightfully so.

All of which led to the aforementioned shock. We saw reports flooding in from liberal states and cities around the country, all playing the same general tune: “what do you mean it’ll take me 45 days to complete the registration and certification process?!? I need a gun now! I thought this was my Second Amendment right?”

Perhaps this is why Hell has frozen over and a gun control bill actually failed to pass the California Assembly. Only days after the San Jose rail yard shooting, mind you.

From the AP:

The California Assembly on Thursday failed to pass a bill that would have raised taxes on handguns and ammunition.

The bill by Assemblyman Marc Levine, a Democrat from San Rafael, would have imposed a 10% tax on the sales price of handguns and an 11% tax on the sales price of rifles, precursor parts and ammunition.

The tax would have applied to retailers, not consumers. But a legislative analysis of the bill said retailers could have passed that cost along to buyers. 

Really? They had to do an “analysis” to determine that retailers “could have” passed along the tax to buyers? What color is the sky in your world, there, CA Assembly?

Despite requiring only 54 votes to pass and Democrats controlling 59 votes, the bill still failed.

Here’s hoping that last year was a major wakeup call for all of these first-time gun buyers and, perhaps, attempted gun buyers who were thwarted by the labyrinthian and expensive hurdles to gun ownership in many areas. Here’s hoping that this is a sign of things to come.


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    • Now that they are apparently awake, maybe they’ll investigate WHO is responsible for passing all of those roadblocks to their constitutional rights and vote accordingly. Oh, nevermind, apparently I just woke up… it was all just a dream.

      • Actually, I’d bet there were probably a couple CA legislators who tried to buy guns and found themselves being turned away and having to get in a long line. Would be good to know.

        In SOP since, say, 1950 or so, at local, state or federal level, it’s not often these so-called public servants have to live with the laws they produce.

        • They’re typically rich enough to pay others to do the work for them.
          Security, shopping, child care, lawn and yard work.
          You get the idea.

          The “defund the cops” might’ve been a bridge too far, pricking their safety bubble to a degree where realization set in that they weren’t immune from the Frankenstein they created.

        • Yeah, Ed, but if you send some peon to buy a gun for you, both of you are looking at serious prison time. Your chosen servant may require extra pay.

      • +1 Edward Kenway, That insanity has cast much needed light into just how far they’ll go in pursuit of raw selfish power. To burn it all down… A bridge too far indeed. Carry on and God Bless!!!

    • Not only that but it was a tax hike too. Two things Democrats love the most in one bill, taxes and gun control, and they couldn’t get it passed. Hmm.

  1. one very small flicker of a spark of the brain that is left in a very few california law makers..

  2. I would have never guessed that any gun bill in CA would have failed to pass. Maybe we have finally reached a leveling off point, especially with the assault weapons bill being overturned by a judge in CA.

    • Trump appointed a lot of conservative judges…maybe that is starting to bear fruit….

  3. It’s only because liberals finally realize guns are useful tools to have in their self-generated high-crime cities.

  4. A conservative is a liberal that watched Burn Loot Murder destroy cities across the entire country last year.

  5. Makes me wonder…..why did they even let this come up for a vote since they knew it would not pass? There is something more to the story. This defeat is highly visible, yet, they allowed the vote.

    While I am glad the bill burned, I am suspicious; the DemoCommies have proven they have no respect for law, the Constitution, the electorate, or God. When they allow a loss, it makes me think “bolt the doors, arm the women and children, load all the mags, and post night-time sentries.”

  6. Nothing in the OP even hints at an explanation for why the bill failed. Blind conjecture is apt to explain nothing.

    This bill would have raised the cost of guns by 10/11%. So what? Either you are a CA resident who could NOT afford to buy a gun anyway; or, you can afford the gun even WITH the additional tax. This bill, in a state such as CA, would have had no impact on the gun control debate among voters there.

    Those who could afford to buy a gun could still buy those guns. This wasn’t a bill offering a (false) promise to either:
    1. keep the wrong kinds of guns out of the hands of those who SHOULD have them; or,
    2. keep any kind of gun out of the hands of those who should NOT have them.
    The gun-“control” virtue-signaling in this bill was as weak as it could be.

    This was to be a tax increase. Californian politicians are under a lot of criticism for the tax burden among many other issues. There wasn’t going to be any UP-side to passing any tax increase; not even on guns.

    So, where’s the beef? Was it simply an accident that a few Democrats didn’t show up to vote? Or, are some Democrat legislators hearing a message from their constituents that they are feeling insecure and are thinking about buying guns now?

    • “…are some Democrat legislators… feeling insecure and are thinking about buying guns now?

      My comments above exactly. Be nice to know if this is the case but I’d bet none would openly admit it.

    • The funds from this tax was to have gone to fund “gun safety”. That is what they said; however, text of the bill leaked where that was crossed off and the monies were to go to a “general fund”.

      I guess the people who would have administered “gun safety” did not like this and voted against it until they can re-introduce it next time with the “correct text” included.

      My $0.02.

    • After a couple of years for it to become “settled law”, they can just adjust the rate to 20,000%, and try to pass that on to the customer!

  7. I thought California legislators were required to pass laws increasing taxes or legalizing any sort of perversion. Would this tax have been a tax on the value added by the other previous taxes?

    • I am not sure that this bll is dead yet, as it was granted reconsideration. But time is short for it to pass. If it does, in addition to the federal taxes assessed on the wholesale cost (which is 10 or 11%), California buyers have to pony up $25 every five years to get a “firearms safety certificate,” $37.15 for the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) fee, state sales tax of 7.25%, local sales taxes if applicable (which in LA raises the sales tax to 10%), and then this additional 10 or 11% tax. I assume the additional tax applies to the retail price, which means that the effective sales tax rate at retail would be 17.25% to 21%, plus DROS, plus the dealer transfer fee (usually $25 for an in store sale). For a hypothetical first time buyer of a handgun in Los Angeles, the cost of a $500 handgun would be ($500 + $100 sales tax + $25 FSC + $25 transfer fee + $37.15 DROS= $687.15. Buy that same gun off the internet, the transfer fee shoots up to $75 plus the shipping cost of $25-$35.

  8. Democrats failed to pass a bill that further restricted guns AND increased taxes?

    Somebody has some dirt on somebody or is maneuvering for some petty power position or some other cartoonish third world politicking. There’s no way any rational reasoning is at play in CA.

  9. When a tactic doesn’t work, double down on it (inference of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”). The legislature will bring this back, again and again until the opposition tires of it.

    If I were to play games like Leftists, I would split the bill into smaller pieces. The legislation should include a requirement that original sellers of guns and ammunition must prove they didn’t pass on the tax.

    • How in the world is it possible to prove you didn’t pass on the tax? *Unenforceable*!

      • “How in the world is it possible to prove you didn’t pass on the tax? *Unenforceable*!”

        That’s why it would be an elegant law.

        One must first understand that administrative law is very, very different from what is generally understood as criminal and/or civil law.

        Administrative law is a compendium of law related to government agencies. Short story? When an agency accuses a target of violating administrative law, the accused must prove innocence. Indeed, there is a separate court system for administrative law.

        When an agency regulation (law) is implemented, the affected group is obligated to comply. If compliance is not possible, one must cease activities covered by whichever administrative law (regulation). The government is not obligated to assist a covered entity to become compliant.

  10. Anytime two bit politicians see an increase in consumer activity whether it’s shopping online or at a store they think taxes. God forbid you purchase something without paying a tax. Rest assured our Gun Broker buying slowed because of tax. When you pay for shipping and cc fees plus your FFL what was a good selling price turns into a ripoff like telephone taxes and fees.
    I suspect what happened in CA was partially the result of defenseless consumers angry about what it costs to live in tax hungry democRat ran CA.

    • You already pay sales tax. Isn’t that just a tax on a tax? I suspect they want the FFLs to pay this tax is that this issue of a tax on a tax, doesn’t come up (or at least they think they have a loophole to exploit).

  11. Retailers “MIGHT” pass on costs?, thats almost as bright as the Dem politico who postulated Criminals might not follow laws

  12. This is how we win. Through war. Culture war or actual violent war. Legal and legislative efforts alone will fail. If something is popular, it stays legal.

  13. tfw youre an elected democrat and you want to stay in office and deep down you know that the election was in fact stolen from trump

    i e if biden really truly won 81 million votes…democrats wouldnt vote against any gun control bill anywhere

    especially california

    the pendulum is finally swinging the other way on the 2nd and 14th amendments for a change

    • Weather forecast is for extreme heat today. Must mean the election was stolen.

      • “Weather forecast is for extreme heat today. Must mean the election was stolen.”

        So great when the truth breaks through !!

    • “the election was in fact stolen from trump“

      Says the 495 traitorous pieces of shit who attacked our Capitol and are now facing federal charges for their crimes.

    • “The pendulum is finally swinging the other way on the 2nd and 14th amendments for a change.”
      I would hope that you’re right, but I think you’re having illusions. A leopard cannot change its spots. Same goes for lib-retards too.

  14. SPITS OUT COKE ALL OVER THE ROOM….cali did not pass a tax let alone a gun ban type law?????

  15. The truth is that Trump won 410 electoral votes and Zhou Biden only 128. This means Trump actually carried Commiefornia! Judge Benítez also found the “assault weapons ban” there unconstitutional.

    Things are looking up.

    Watch Arizona’s audit results. Just the beginning.

      • The people in AZ are having a very difficult time gathering all the evidence to be used against them and burning it. DUH!

      • they’re going to do their best to drag this out to the 2022 elections…at the very least…besides, it really pisses-off the why not….

    • Once Trump moves back into the Oval in August, the truth will begin arriving in spades. To be used for digging.

  16. Wait just a damn second, Obama said it’s easier for a teen to buy a Glock than a computer or book. Are these juice-lips just now figuring out just how full of crap the guy and the rest of the gun grabbers are?


  17. I.H.A.Q. has the means and motive to protest against this. But he won’t, because he’s a yellow bellied coward.

  18. “however, its possible retailers would have passed this cost on to consumers”

    My God democrats are dangerously close to stumbling into basic economics. I await with baited breath to see if they put that round peg they just picked in the circle slot or go back right bag to tryin’ a slam that square peg in there again.

    • “My God democrats are dangerously close to stumbling into basic economics.”

      I know way too many college degree holders who firmly believe corporate taxes must be paid out of profits….and are not deductible as expenses; ergo, raising corporate taxes results in less profit.

      • Sam, let’s add another layer of doofusness. Those same degreed folk are likely planning to finance their retirement years by cashing in retirement plans that are largely built on–wait for it–corporate profits.

        • “…retirement plans that are largely built on–wait for it–corporate profits.”

          Oh no, not at all. Those retirement plans are built solely on employee contributions, kept in a safe, in a vault, in a volcano.

  19. The cause of the riots were different. But the year 1968 and the year 2020 both caused Americans in general to become more conservative.

    But the anti Freedom crowd does not give up easily. If California residents want more freedom? They’re going to have to get out of their homes and, get off their butts and work for it. No one is coming to save them, from themselves.

    But I will not be holding my breath waiting to see empty holster protests at gay pride parades during pride month.

    The proud atheist and proud non-voter Joe Rogan just left the state. And moved to Texas. Where he will not help that state to stay free either.

    • I just hope we can keep hem from CALIFORNICATING Texas. Scarier than the Cartels is the number of Californians with U-Hauls.

  20. Yep. Here’s hoping. My dad used to say, “You can wish in one hand and s##t in the other, and all you’ll end up with is a handful of s##t.”

    A nice fat, juicy frog just might make it safely to the opposite shore by hitching a ride on an alligator’s snout. But the only way that’ll ever happen is if the alligator’s just not hungry at the time, and even then his jaws will probably have to be taped shut as well.

    The default position of virtually every Democrat in public office, almost all of the time, is to support and advance the party’s platform, no matter what. And we all know what that is when it comes to the topic of gun control. The ONLY way to secure our freedoms on this and many other matters regarding our constitutional freedoms, is to vote these people out of office to where they no longer hold majorities, and KEEP them there!

    Will that EVER happen in California, New York, and other liberal strongholds? Here’s hoping…

  21. James Farmer
    Klamath Falls Herald and News: Sunday, October 22,2017/Letters To The Editor
    ‘Gun violence’ a term that means nothing
    With total contempt I read Daniel Hernandez’s Oct. 8 elitist anti-gun “LBJ/KGB” style commentary: “For gun reform, thoughts and prayers don’t work-laws do.”
    The distorted term “gun violence” was pontificated six times! Comrade V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky would have called this writer a “useful idiot.” With the recent horrific Oct. 1 massacre of 59 innocent bystanders in Las Vegas, by a deranged and depraved sociopath, the anti-gun elite in both house of Congress in Washington, D.C. (mostly deluded Democrats, but including too a remnant of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) have already predictably pontificated the parroted term “gun violence.” They love dancing in the blood of the dead murder victims, and thus are exploiting this horror to advance their “class warfare” political agenda.
    There is no such thing as “gun violence.” This is a focus-group-driven buzzword and socialist anti-gun cliche talking point to create an imaginary demonic villain as the main anti-Second Amendment propaganda tool. While there exist evil, godless, depraved individuals who perpetrate lawless criminal violence with guns, there are numerous others who perpetrate the same without them. And, since the morally and intellectually dishonest parroted term “gun violence” is a catchword/cliche, the title suggests an unattainable goal.
    People have been robbing and killing other people, using the weapons of the day, since the dawn of history, which identifies the real issue: controlling criminal impulses in humans, not the otherwise legal instruments they use to commit crimes. Anyone who doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge this isn’t thinking, and are into a denial syndrome. Our liberty cannot depend upon what anybody “feels.”
    Without going on further I endorse reading the online commentary: “The Last Civil Rights Struggle? Discrimination and prejudice are still encouraged, gun owners have taken it long enough,” by Alan Korwin.
    James A. Farmer, Merrill Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County) Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • Well written and well reasoned.
      You missed the basic point.
      Gun control has nothing to do with criminals, terrorism, or school shootings.
      Gun control is solely to disarm the citizens so they can be oppressed and unable to fight back.
      Using reason and logic is useless when combating the gun banners.
      They are committed to oppressing the citizens so they can do horrible things.
      Our only response should be not 1 inch, no compromise

  22. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Might this actually be a sigh of times to come, starting RDN, or is it simply an anomaly? It’s been years sine I hung my hat in California, so I can only guess, while looking on in amazement

  23. Today on Fox news is shows this huge black man walking up to a Hispanic lady pumping gas at a service station and he beats the stuffings out of her.. I guess for no reason. Of course, being California, they will give him very low bail, even with the video evidence.

    Maybe California needs to go full Texas with Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground laws!!!

  24. Californian here.
    We all bought guns because of the white nationalist/white supremacist threat.
    Plenty were sold after January 6, too.
    If you think we are afraid when people of color march for their rights, you don’t know California. There’s only a small minority of that kind of unAmerican slime here who would withhold the promise of America to any person.
    Yes. California leads the Nation in many respects, one of which is the arming of those who protect and defend the Constitution…and Democracy, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
    There will be no fascism or theocracy in the USA as long as there is a California.

  25. “walk into a gun store and walk out with a gun that same day.”
    You can in a Free State.
    Takes no more than 10 minutes if your State carry permit substitutes for the NICS check.
    Mine does.

  26. well whaddaya know the mental midgets on the left coast finally met a gun control/Tax bill they didn’t want…. must Not have raised enough money for the reparations Bill ( in a State that Never had slavery ) or maybe it made it harder for Criminals to get guns ? or mebbe they realized hey wait what? we defunded who ? ohh shit i need to watch my own back Now

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