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Start with the first two points above by watching the Mr. Ed video and reading this from “Lautenberg’s [Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act” (S.34)] would give the Attorney General the authority to stop the sale of guns or bombs when a background check shows that the purchaser is a known or suspected terrorist, and the AG ‘reasonably believes’ that the person may use the weapon in connection with a plot against Americans.” Parenthetically, “(One problem: many people on terror watch lists are not in fact terrorists.)” What could possibly go wrong? See: above.

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  1. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why do you post this crap RF????? Please you make my blood pressure sky rocket STOP!!!!! Dont give these fascist air time STOP!!!! RF!!!!!!!!!!

    • and Feinstein just said in here lasted statement that its legal for people with high capacity rifles to hunt human beings..why in the 9 hells are these people still breathing.. we need to revolt and remove these socialist scumbags from power. kill em all let god sort em out…airborne rangers motto

      • And submarines. DARN! Foiled again. I’ll have to find my submarine on the black market, I guess.. NOTE TO SELF: see if Kazakhstan has any Russian nuclear subs left.

        • Why bother going that far? Just pick up a cartel coke sub off a Florida beach for free!

        • Flagged subs are perfectly legal, though they will get you scrutiny from those who ‘know better’.

          And ‘yellow cake’ is fine, as long as chocolate frosted…

        • Just go get a WWII surplus German sub. I’m sure that they’re grandfathered under these new laws.

        • Get together with some friends and stuff. Lash a couple of hundred barges to your sub and park it in the middle of Trash Island, use the Sub’s reactor for electricity, and Party On!

  2. I have a problem with the Gov’t being able to claim protection from “hate” in the legal sense as we know it – that it is NOT a minority group, an ethnicity, or religion, or a person of any kind. It is an organization that can and should be criticized, and therefore not only cannot claim protection from “hate”, it better damn well stand-up and take it on the chin.

  3. Got it…so being a tad worried a President saying he wants to ban lawfully purchased modern sporting rifles makes us all pyschopathic terrorists with the Turner Diaries in one hand and a Gadsden flag in the other? Nice to know we have the freedom of dissent in this country, and all it costs is them labeling us terrorists like that POS McVeigh.

    Gosh I bet Bill Ayers and Brett Kimberlin were framed by the Tea Party, 40 years before they even existed. Darn those crafty right wingers.

  4. What do Muslims get the benefit of political correctness post 9/11 where we can’t make them uncomfortable. A guy kills 13 people while shouting Allahu Akbar and, oh gosh, we can’t say he was Mulsim or a terrorist or God forbid a Muslim terrorist.

    But, some Americans want to form a militia and we don’t get the benefit of political correctness. Call us hicks, inbred, associate us with the KKK, it’s all cool. Don’t worry about us. For feck sake.

    • Wasn’t that nice how they showed all of the militias are KKK members? I am sure every single militia group listed are ALL racist groups with facts and citations to back it all up, right? Right??? I mean, sweeping generalizations seem to be the norm these days.

      • Well, you see, anyone who notices that Our Glorious Beloved Infallible Commissar is a Marxist and a danger to the Republic is a racist by definition.

  5. 2 departments come together against an act of aggression against the government. How about when the government is acting aggressive against its own people?

  6. The government has no one to blame for the rise of anti-government sentiment but itself. What do you expect people to do when you destroy their nation and rob them of rights?

    That act is the perfect slippery slope to tyranny.

    Step 1: Enact it
    Step 2: Put anyone you disagree with on the “terror watch list.”
    Step 3: Tyranny.

    • Negative. It goes like this:

      1) Underpants
      2) ???
      3) Profits

      That’s how you get things done in Washington…

        • They are, the only problem is they have the logic of Randy Marsh an Mr/Ms Garrison so we’re screwed.

  7. If they are accused of treason one would think that they would like a trial, or is just “suspected traitor” good enough for execution? Randy

  8. Said sarcastically in the video by Mr. Ed [the horses ass]: “…Lets forget what the American people want…” He was trying to intimate that all “American” people are in favor of taking away guns and relinquishing 2A Rights.

    Since when did the “American people” stop including those who exercise their 2A Constitutional Rights?

    If this MSM anti gun anti 2A extremist truly believed all the crap he spouts about the huge number of home grown terrorists the radical Southern Pvrty Law Ctr liars claim are in our midst, he’d tone down his vicious rhetoric out of concern about becoming a target. What a bigot.

    Most of Mr Ed’s rhetoric can be turned right back around to describe him and his anti gun extremist crowd.

    The problem we all acknowledge we have is to get the pro 2A message out and educate the public about the true facts and character of law abiding gun owners without being percieved as extremists like this a-hole Mr. Ed in the video.

  9. Ergherd, nert thers kerlaid agern. Look, Obama’s not Stalin, he’s not the Antichrist, either. That’s giving him too much credit and akin to slapping the above in the the face. It would be like calling Chuck Norris god. He’d be more like the reincarnated Nixon, denying his crooked ways and parading around like his ass is bulletproof. I ditched this stuff a long time ago because, like liberals, conservatives base their “facts” on bias, fears they have, things they want to do, etc. I urge you all, stop believing propaganda, put the Kool-Aid down. That’s what’s killing us. We need to put our differences aside and work together to fix this. It all happened aftet 9/11 that we stopped trusting one another.

  10. We can loosely categorize the action processes of our adversaries with the following strategies. Since the 2nd Amendment precludes an outright ban, the Disarment Lobby employs the following.

    “High-Cost Obstruction Method.” Sure, you can exercise your rights, but you’ll need a bank loan to pay for the permits and govt. fees.

    “Ex Post Facto List Method”. Create a category which bans gun ownership, then do their best to move everyone onto the list for the slightest infraction.

    “3-Feature Monte Method” . Take desirable models of firearms, and ban their cosmetic features so that only the determined will bother to own them.See Assault Weapons Ban.

    “Bureaucrat Obstruction Method”. By making an anonymous guy at a desk the approval agent, such a person is now empowered to affirm or deny the civil rights of applicants. See ”may issue CCW”.

  11. I’m sure RF & the rest of the Glenn Beck haters would love to have this sh!t head speak to all the “democrat gun owners” at the NRA convention. Totally embarrassed Ed “the d!ck head” ever lived in my great state of North Dakota…well he did live in Fargo which is technically Minnesota(liberal zombie land) to those of us west of Jamestown, ND.

  12. “We gotta do something, before its to late” We do, if you try to kill people or threaten the president you go to jail. By the way, SPLS says if you oppose gay marriage you are a hate groupe. I guess that means the whole Catholic Church.

  13. These people are playing with fire. Their same approach to those they disagree with can just as easily be turned on them if a small fraction of the country votes differently in a few years. If they want to play games with labels of terrorism and treason, they might soon find themselves on the receiving end of it.

  14. So OKC was a loan wolf incident. Uhm Kay…
    So Jews, Christians, Atheists, and Pagans banning together to learn survival skills, teach marksmanship, and express our concerns about our liberties being trampled makes us terrorists? My lord that is a stretch…
    I guess if if we choose to express an alternate opinion of our political views through civil discourse than we are racist, and hate groups? Really??
    I hate to say this, but when we had our rally in Sacramento in January, the cops that were watching us loved us. You know why? Because we don’t make problems. We had permits, we are civil, boisterous, and we even cleaned up the grounds so it looked better than we when got there. They worry more about the occupy idiots than us! We even had our insurance permit waved since they like us so much..
    Yeah Mr. Ed needs to go back to the barn where he belongs…

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