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  1. No caption, just a comment.

    Damn, I wish I had access to a range with that setup. Indoor range, which permits rifles, AND has shooting positions for standing, kneeling, and prone?

    Shut up and take my money!

    • GAT Guns in Elgin, IL is opening their new indoor rifle ranges in 2 weeks. Fourteen 75yd positions, fourteen 50yd positions. No idea what the caliber limits will be, but “high caliber” is what’s posted. Yes, in Illi-freakin-nois. Now, if only they can find ammo…

    • AG, the heartbreaking part about that range is it’s likely a high school range and team. There was a time, even into my yoot when public schools rolled like this.

  2. Does a forced-perspective ceiling alter our perceptions at a known-distance range? These eight ladies found out – the hard way…

  3. I bet the rapist will stay clear of us……………….if the bloomers don’t killem’, our new AR’s will.

  4. Represented by the ladies is a bar graph of the likelihood of the passage of a federal assault weapons ban. Time is the X-axis, the height of the ladies is the Y-axis with greater height indicating greater likelihood of passage, and the zero point of the X-axis is the Newtown tragedy.

    (The woman in the light sweater sitting on the far right of the picture is reviewing her life to see if she has followed any advice from Joe “Shoot twice in the air” Biden and may therefore end up in jail.)


  6. A time when there was so much ass to kick that we needed the housewives
    to kick some too. Now there is more ass than ever to kick but alas, we’re all

  7. “We like the traditional stance for head and center mass shots!” said the girls on the left.
    “We like the stabilty of the prone position for better accuracy!” said the girls on the right.
    “We like to remove his motivation!” said the two in the middle.

  8. “Even after rigorous training, some women were still unable to reliably fake menstruation, urinate on command or convince their rapist that they had an STD.

    Fortunately, they had other skills.”


  9. #1 lady is thinking “I’m sure glad I won the coin toss & didn’t have to spread my legs like #8, Randy

  10. Mildred (lane 3) to Mabel (lane 2): “I thought we were here to execute that rotten piano player that was here last week.”

  11. Burger Zone found that it’s burgers were more tender if the horses thought they were going out for a race.

  12. Ms. Diane Feinstein placed last at the 1897 Junior Women’s Indoor Nationals and vowed to make it her life’s work to stop others from enjoying the shooting sports.

  13. A visual representation of the 3 categories of penis envy by American women.
    From left to right: Extreme, moderate, and none whatsoever.

  14. The devolution of woman: standing . . . crouching . . . crawling on her belly like a reptile . . . Feinstein on a stool, trying (and failing) to read the Second Amendment.

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