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“The use of guns is basically a male problem. In our societies, men subscribe to the old model of “warrior men” and to rural customs characterized by the use of force to solve problems. Movies keep alive the old macho model of masculinity. This backward tradition is reinforced by men’s feelings of impotence in a hypercompetitive society. If they also have sexual insecurities, guns can make them feel stronger, more potent; with a gun, they will not be ‘naked.'” – Antonio Bandeira in How Brazil Exploited Sexual Insecurity to Curb Guns [via]

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  1. Let’s try an experiment, Mr. Bandeira – go into the nearest Favela with all of your unarmed masculinity. Walk in on one side, and we’ll wait on the other side to see if you leave vertically or horizontally.

  2. Right, because my insecurity about my ability to perform in bed has exactly what to do with my wife using her firearm to stop a rapist that outweighs her by 100 pounds?

    • Somehow since marrying a petite lady my fury towards folk of this ilk has increased by orders of magnitude

  3. Another grabber from another country trying to tell the US how to live and act. FOAD Antonio.

  4. I getting really tired of people accusing me of trying to make up for inadequacies and a false sense of macho-ness by owning guns. In my experience, people who talk down about other groups in an intellectually superior tone are usually trying to compensate for their own inadequacies, i.e. the bully mentality.

    • “I getting really tired of people accusing me of trying to make up for inadequacies and a false sense of macho-ness by owning guns.”


      Apparently Mr. Bandeira wants all men to defend themselves from violent attackers with their fists only. I suppose that might be “good” macho-ness … and stupid macho-ness as well since it only takes one solid punch in a violent assault to cause permanent brain damage or death.

      I owe a violent attacker absolutely zero consideration and I refuse to risk permanent brain damage or death to myself to satisfy Mr. Bandeira’s world view.

  5. Oh Brazil curbed guns, huh? HAHA! Yeah perhaps for the law abiding. I’m pretty sure the criminal class is quite happy with that and hasn’t turned in a single gun.

    Just another douche who by definition can be only either a useful idiot or an anti-liberty monster. F*ck off and die and take your dumb blue rocky horror haircut with you.

  6. Of all the responses to the overused and insipid “Gun owners are compensating for their tiny willies” meme, my favorite has to be Robert Heinlein’s from his book Citizen of the Galaxy:

    “No no, she’s right,” said Zeb, patting the enormous pistol on his hip. “This is a penis substitute. After all, if I could kill a man at a range of thirty meters with my penis, I wouldn’t need to carry this thing around, now would I?”

    • Hey, moderator, so long as you’re reviewing it, you can go ahead and delete this double post.

  7. Of all the responses to the overused and insipid “Gun owners are compensating for their tiny willies” meme, my favorite has to be Robert Heinlein’s from his book Citizen of the Galaxy:

    “No no, she’s right,” said Zeb, patting the enormous pistol on his hip. “This is a p***s substitute. After all, if I could kill a man at a range of thirty meters with my p***s, I wouldn’t need to carry this thing around, now would I?”

    • It’s okay to spell penis. In fact, it’s silly to not do so. This sort of “sexuality” debate wouldn’t exist if we weren’t a culture so twisted about reality. Self-defense is another twisted reality. It can be watched on TV but some try to shame us for considering it a part of our personal reality.

      Right, left, liberal, conservative, progressive, fundamentalist; people of whatever stripe employ shame to control others. Whoever can twist our notions of sex or survival, has a pretty good handle for controlling us.

      • Well, it wouldn’t let me post it until I asterisked it out. Does that mean our autocensor is an idiot? Probably.

    • +1
      “Who is sicker? The person who thinks all guns are a penis. Or the person who wants to take everyone’s penis away?”
      – L. Neil Smith, “The Probability Broach

    • “Who is sicker? The person who thinks all guns are a penis. Or the person who wants to take everyone’s penis away?”
      L. Neil Smith “The Probability Broach”

    • Love the line (and I’m probably gonna use it in the future), but I’m pretty sure it’s not from that book. Citizen of the Galaxy was one of Heinlein’s “juveniles”, written in the fifties, and intended for teenage boys- I haven’t read it in years, but mentions of penises just wouldn’t have made it into the market.

      • Ah crap. Yeah, it was from Number of the Beast, which was set in the same universe. My bad. Still an awesome quote.

    • Hell! If I could kill a man at TEN meters with my willie, i wouldn’t need a side-arm, HAHAHAHA!!!

  8. Thanks, but we don’t need any subjects of petty tyrannies to tell us how to live. We have enough slave-minded morons in our own borders.

    I love these fools…I suppose having a fire extinguisher or preferring cars with airbags and seatbelts is me trying to be masculine.

    Let me outline the real problem: people who make accusations like this are the typical leftist: irrational, cowardly, devoid of personal responsibility, totally reliant on the nanny state, and deeply emotionally insecure. They’re threatened by any person who possesses confidence and self-reliance, and thus lashes out at them as being the “wrong” ones. So in a way, he’s right, the problem is indeed insecurity…just not from the people he believes.

  9. Wow! it is no surprise this appears in Bloomberg. Go back to Brazil and FOAD!

    Qoute from the article

    “Unlike the NRA, our gun lobby doesn’t produce fake research, so there was a contrast between our arguments, based on scientific knowledge, and the industry myths.”

    “One of our most successful media campaigns ironically associated sexual insecurity with the glorification of guns. Pretty and popular actresses said, “Good lovers don’t need a gun.” We deconstructed machismo, using the slogan “Choose Gun Free! It’s Your Weapon or Me!” Young people loved it.”

    And still, after all these efforts

    “Brazil has a gun culture, a gun industry and a gun problem — much like the U.S. In fact, more Brazilians than Americans died of gunfire in 2010.” (Brazil’s 2010 tally, 34,300 deaths)

    I feel sorry for the Brazilian men who eat up this poop! They, like here believe in the pussification of men to solve the problem. Once all men are wimps and weak all will be right with the world. They want slaves to the state and control of people.

    In the end, Brazil has the same problem we do in our inner city: crime, poverty, lack of education, currupt governments, lack of law enforcement, broken families, drugs and lack of opportunity to move away from poverty. Again, and still again all over the world self impossed intellectuals continue to focus on the wrong problems. A “political scientist” has NO clue in these matters and just because you have “scientist” in your title does not make you smart in everything. pathetic!

    • “Young people loved it.”

      That’s a good thing? Somehow, something being popular with young people doesn’t exactly suggest it’s the most logical. Maybe that’s just me.

        • It’s been said (by someone smarter than me) that to be young and conservative is to have no heart, but to be old and liberal is to have no brain.

    • This, to me, was the most insulting:

      “We decided to work with civil society, to build pressure to apply to parliament.”

      Oddly enough, Obamacare ended up saving our gun rights, to yet to be determined extent. The Democrats lost their grip of both houses in 2010, and if it wasn’t for that, Feinstein’s wet dream might have become reality…

  10. When I saw “Antonio Bandeira” my first thought was, “Great, another Hollywood celebrity saying stupid things about guns.”

    • Ah, but this man, he is not Antonio Banderas. This man is, how do you say? Ah, yes: douchebag.

    • I’ve had a few Tauri over the years. I have a blued 4″ Model 66 .357 that’s a fine revolver, and the 92/100 series is a good gun as well. Some of the newer models seem aesthetically dull to my way of thinking, and I can’t speak to their quality, but with only one exception, my Taurus experience has been generally positive.


  11. “It’s not what you don’t know that makes you dangerous, it’s what you think you know but are wrong about.” – Ronald Reagan

  12. Sexual insecurity? That is most amusing. So amusing, I think I’ll take it as a compliment! No, the simple truth is I like guns for precisely the same reason I like motorcycles, cars, knives, watches, stereos; and women like all the things they like (some of which happen to be the same things as the guys) – self-gratification. Pretty simple, really.

    • Yep!! +100 to you Derek! He is the one compensating. Wonder what he would do if I walked in his office and laid my 1911 on his desk alongside my above average sized member and asked him: ” now you got some ‘splaining to do!”

  13. “We also found that most men who handed in their guns had been influenced by women (mother, grandmother, lover). So we launched another movement, under the slogan “Mothers, Disarm your Sons!” These were specific actions to attenuate the devastating influence of the culture of violence disseminated though movies, TV and video games produced in your country.”

    Pay very close attention to this passage. Fortunately for us, the feminist lobby hasn’t gone full tilt in favor of gun control-yet. Should the Disarmament Lobby start motivating women through pop culture to oppose gun ownership, well have serious problems holding onto our rights. I can see a lot of emasculated gun owners selling their hardware to shut up cupcake ,mom, or the mother in law.

  14. For close to one second I was surprised by his comments then I came to my senses, it was published on

    What’s sad is so many people believe this rhetoric.

  15. So gun owners are wimps that are compensating for something?

    I don’t think so. Who’s the real wimp here–the man who’s realized he may need to defend himself with something that could take someone’s life away, or the man who’s decided that he doesn’t want that kind of responsibility (and believes nobody else should have it either)?

    Carrying a firearm is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Most gun owners realize this. It’s something that I’m still not sure about for myself. I don’t know if I could do it–and if I decide to carry, there’s always the chance that someday, I might have to draw that weapon on another person, and I might even have to pull the trigger. Until I’m sure that I could make that decision, I choose not to carry. But that is MY choice. If you want to, then do so with my blessing–and a prayer that you never have to use it.

  16. This is just like my experiences with alcoholics. Deep down they KNOW that what they are doing is wrong/irresponsible, but they can’t accept the guilt over that so they have to try and convince themselves that anyone who isn’t behaving like them must be wrong.

    In this case someone who is too lazy/cowardly to take on one of their basic responsibilities (protecting yourself and those you love) then resorts to a smear campaign to try and make themselves look/feel better. Talk about compensating for no, um, fortitude.

    (EDIT: Apparently JIMR posted while I was getting my thoughts together )

  17. Elitists have been trying to con men out of their masculinity for at least half a century now. Eunuchs are easier to manage. They’ll be highly offended, but I’ll keep my masculinity and my willingness to use violence when it is appropriate. Which means keeping my guns and every other weapon I may own.

    By the way, isn’t there probably something wrong with people who associate everything, and I mean everything, with sexuality? There is probably a clinical diagnosis for the condition.

  18. Violence is power in it’s most primal form. Everyone exerts power. Voting is exerting power. Persuasion is exerting power. However, violence…when other means of exerting power fail…doesn’t. Violence can solve some problems.

    Personally, I want the citizenry to have true power.

  19. To paraphrase Freud “sometimes a gun is just a gun”.

    As far as the sexual insecurities go, Freud was the first
    to theorize that projection was a form of psychological
    self-defense and coping mechanism that results in
    enforced self-delusions of mental stability.

    Sounds like Bandeira could use a prescription for viagra
    and a trip to the nearest red light district.

  20. Michael Crichton once said that Sigmund Freud was the greatest novelist of the twentieth century. Certainly, Freud was influencial. He framed the understanding of many, this Bandeira fellow, for example. Bandeira holds a Woody Allen version of masculinity–the wanna-be male who is under the thumb of his mother.

    Real men and real women who choose to own and carry firearms understand that doing so is a choice of responsibility and liberty.

  21. So, because I, a “girly-girl”, carry a gun to protect myself, I have a male problem. That’s actually pretty accurate. I have a problem with males who think they can force their way into my home, my car, or my personal space with the intent to do me or my loved ones harm. And uh, yeah, I do feel naked without my gun. So, Mr. BlueHair, what’s your point?

  22. lol …’they feel naked’. Well, if that’s the case I feel great because the only time I have been naked lately is when I get laid! Bring on the firearms! I’m 33 years old, strong as a ox, virile and ‘good to go at all times’ to quote my wife at a married couples meeting. What’s my head issue, Antonio? Confidence? An interest in guns? Jesus, do these people realize that not everyone in the world is as PC as they are to have their heads so for up their asses?

  23. Liberals seem to focus a lot on the male gentile area, don’t they? Makes me nervous to be around them.

  24. Freud was the first to postulate that psychological projection
    is a self-defense mechanism to cope with ones own
    insecurities. The results are self-enforced delusion an inward
    appearance of mental stability. It’s possible that Bandeira grew
    up with rather tight apron strings. But Bandeira also appears
    to be of the age where he is confronting his own “loss of
    masculinity”. He is projecting his feelings by lashing out at
    a common (though misplaced) symbol of masculinity and

    My prognosis is that Bandeira needs a prescription for viagra.

  25. What is really interesting is that they never accuse the police or a soldier of having a small package for carrying a gun.

    They are so removed from taking responsibility for thier own protection, it never even crosses thier minds of this rather bizarre double standard.

    These people are ultimately cowards, tearing down those who have chosen to be responsible for thier own and others protection.

    • So I was trying to compensate for sexual inadequacies at 12 years old when I was given my first hunting rifle as a gift from my grandfather and still own that rifle to this day? I was more interested in Nintendo then than girls.

      For some unknown reason, we are being told to accept violence perpetrated against us in order to somehow reduce violence. They must think it is some sort of “break the cycle” stupidity. Let me paraphrase his article:

      “If everyone would just stop trying to defend themselves, the whole world will become so much more peaceful and then criminals will magically just disappear from all of the goodwill being spread around. Oh look a skittles rainbow!”

      In my training, hand to hand fights can easily turn deadly and you can also be knocked out with one punch in the right spot. These fights are not like Hollywood portrays them and with more than one attacker you are not going to fare well. I would only fight hand to hand if it is my last or only resort. That is why even with knowing some BJJ I would still rather have a firearm. Allowing someone to easily cause harm to my family or myself is unacceptable.

  26. We also demonstrated that guns are good for attacking, but not for self-defense.

    If that is applicable to all humans, then why does the government still allow the State political machine to have them? Who is the State political machine going to “attack?”

    We mobilized organized elements of civil society committed to a culture of peace…”

    Brazil’s intentional homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants: 21.0
    United States’ intentional homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants: 4.2

    Unlike the NRA, our gun lobby doesn’t produce fake research…”

    Uh huh. See above.

    …men are attracted to guns in order to compensate for sexual inadequacy…”

    Gun-grabbers are compensating for penis envy and skills inadequacy, and can be identified with Lorena Bobbitt.

    The use of guns is basically a male problem…reinforced by men’s feelings of impotence in a hypercompetitive society.

    So, that’s how you describe police and soldiers in the pay of the State? Politicians feel “impotent” without an army or police force? No, you say? Hmmm.

    Political scientist. Comedienne. What’s the difference?

  27. I heard John Holmes was compensating too, he did a good job of working with his obvious “shortcommings”, Randy

    • Hell Yes!! Ask Linda Lovelace how well John Holmes “compensated” for his “short comings”!!!
      This guy is just plain stupid!

  28. from a comment made in reply to the linked article to Bloomberg’s story:

    “In fact, most of the reduction in homicides by guns, at least in Rio de Janeiro state, is attributable to stopping the police from killing citizens – from a current article: “The drop in violent crime is being attributed to the success of Rio’s UPP (Police Pacification Units) program, and fewer fatal armed encounters with police”

    — Aharon says: guys this is just more of the same Bloomberg propaganda ‘labeling’ the far-Left is infamous for doing. On other unrelated issues they are quick to label anyone who disagrees with their political values as Haters, Bigots, etc. My suggestion is to go read the Bloomberg ‘condensed and edited’ linked article.

  29. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn, that guy is funny. Project YOUR shortcomings on others much, old GEEZER??

  30. What is it with these chuckleheads and their fascination with our Johnsons? Nobody’s paid this much scholarly attention to my dingus since I was circumsized.

    I’m flattered that they would focus to much attention on my package, but I would suggest that these fools get jobs with the TSA so they can explore our merits first-hand. So to speak.

  31. There is a movement for gun rights in Brazil:

    That’s the site for the Campanha do Armamento, the Campaign for Armament, a play on the name of the Campaign for Disarmament, the main anti-gun movement in Brazil.

  32. My Brazilian wife is very much a fan of the 2nd and carries a Brazilian made Taurus everyday, I’m so proud of her.

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