Rondell Coleman
That's one dangerous looking character. (Boch screencap from KSDK/YouTube.)
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Online learning for our nation’s children has come with a lot of downsides, both for the kids and America’s parents. A recent case in Louisiana exposes one of the many drawbacks: an invasion of privacy. When a teacher saw a BB gun in a student’s bedroom during class, the educator called the police, claiming the 11-year-old boy brandished the gun on camera.

The situation spiraled out of control thanks to a conspicuous lack of common sense by government employees at all levels, people who should know better.

The police showed up at the student’s home. A deputy removed the BB gun and took it to the school. The school seized the gun. Cops arrested the fourth grader. The gun-phobic school district recommended the boy be expelled.

Now that saner state government leaders have reacted to the government overreach, prosecutors have dropped the charges and the boy has returned to the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

WDSU reports on the story:

In the month since WDSU Investigates broke the story of Jefferson Parish fourth grader Ka’Mauri Harrison being threatened with expulsion for moving a BB gun in his bedroom during an online class, a firestorm of changes have swept the state. The most significant change is The Ka’Mauri Harrison Act, which writes protections for virtual students into state law and requires school systems to create virtual school policies by Dec. 31. The bill was sent to Gov. John Bel Edwards desk this week without receiving a single vote of opposition.

Now one school system is reversing its decision to discipline a student in a similar situation. According to a school incident report reviewed by WDSU, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System reported 11-year-old Rondell Coleman to the Sheriff’s Department Sept. 18 when a gun was seen in his bedroom during a virtual class. The incident report said Rondell “was brandishing a gun on camera.” According to the report, the deputy went to the child’s home, was allowed inside and brought a BB gun back to the school. “It (the BB gun) was confiscated and Rondell was charged,” the report says.

Evette Coleman said her grandson was traumatized. “This is a BB gun,” Coleman said. “You’re going to come and read a kid rights because he has a BB gun?”

She said her daughter-in-law was also read her Miranda rights and was interrogated with her son.

“I don’t know if they’re confused that we’re not on campus,” Coleman said. “We’re in our home. We are in our private home.”

Rondell was recommended for expulsion and immediately moved to an alternative school. The alternative campus is a last resort school for students with significant discipline problems and repeat violations.

Here’s the video from KSDK.

Now, many People Of The Gun have had a lot more than just a BB guns in their bedroom at that age. But to arrest this kid for having a Daisy in his room?

That sounds like a policy Robert Francis O’Rourke or Kamala Harris would promote. Not something that the average sentient American would even consider, much less implement.


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  1. Wait, did I read that right?

    “The police showed up at the student’s home. A deputy removed the BB gun and took it to the school. The school seized the gun. Cops arrested the fourth grader.”

    The cops showed up, entered the private home, removed a fully legal BB gun from said home, transferred that private property to the school, and then the cops arrested the young 4th grader? And everyone involved went along with this??

    I expect this level of lunacy from schools, but this was in a private home. Which of the LEOs was in charge of this contact and made the decision to confiscate without probable cause and transfer possession of the toy to the school, who had absolutely no legal grounds whatsoever to have it?

    • What he said ⬆️. How does a school have any right to confiscate anything? Video classes don’t equate to school grounds. Horrible policing.

      • The deputy needs to be arrested for theft at a minimum, and probably armed robbery (since deputies are armed and a threat of force is implied by their actions). Also, the school official should be arrested for trafficking in stolen property.

        Honestly, firing a couple people at the school and the deputy, plus a formal written apology from both the school and sheriff department would probably suffice. Throw in a free bike for the kid as part of that apology.

        Note that this travesty happened in freaking Louisiana (part of real America), not a hellhole like NY, NJ, or CA.

        • Everybody seems to be missing the obvious, force the principal and the deputy to go together to this young man’s house and return his damn BB gun, with their apologies. Or be fired.

        • “Everybody seems to be missing the obvious, force the principal and the deputy to go together to this young man’s house and return his damn BB gun, with their apologies. Or be fired.”

          THIS, x 1,000,000! The humiliation of having to appologize is the ultimate response, especially when directed to a young kid. Yep, “adults” are wrong a lot.

    • What he said ⬆️. How does a school have any right to confiscate anything? Video classes don’t equate to school grounds. Horrible policing.

    • “Which of the LEOs was in charge of this contact and made the decision to confiscate without probable cause and transfer possession of the toy to the school, who had absolutely no legal grounds whatsoever to have it?”

      Has the personal property been returned yet?

    • Why the hell are these assclowns being “let in” the home. There’s your problem right there. Don’t have a warrant, get lost.

      • “Why the hell are these assclowns being “let in” the home. There’s your problem right there. Don’t have a warrant, get lost.”

        When possession of a firearm in a school is illegal, and that law extends into a home during online education sessions, then no warrant is needed: crime-in-progress.

          • “Problem is it doesn’t extend into the home dummy. Prove me wrong if you can…dummy.”

            This is the one and only response you deserve: I don’t tolerate children on this blog.

    • I’m with you. I read that and was wondering how any of that is legal. If it’s not illegal, why was it done, and if it is illegal, WTF does the school have to do with it?

    • The LEO should be arrested for bringing a “gun” onto school property. The Principal should be arrested for possessing a “gun” on school property. The young boy did neither of these violations….and they arrest only him!! The young man is black. I see a Racism charge on the horizon.

    • Yeah I’m also… befuddled by that.

      Everyone responsible for that SHOULD face a lawsuit. And theoretically, many could. But unfortunately because there’s little to no damages, it’s almost impossible to find a lawyer who will take such a case unless you’re willing to shell out a fat retainer first.

    • Uh what? There were no BB guns on school property until the cop brought it on school property. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of.

    • Whatever idiot directed the action by this cop should be horsewhipped. If the cop made this decision on his own, he should be horsewhipped, fired, have his drivers license revoked and declared mentally unfit to make decisions on his own.

  2. I hope the parents of both of these abused students sue the local school and law authorities for millions in compensation for violations of their civil rights and the trauma they suffered.

    • I concur with the point of suing the arrogant and ignorant school system and employees.

      Sadly, I suspect the community would end up paying for it and the specific people responsible/complicit would not be held fiscally responsible. Naming said people in a suit would be nice, but not sure if they hide behind the “it’s a policy, not a person’ excuse.

      • Show me the “policy” which directs sending armed goons to confiscate the toys of little boys within their own homes. I’ll bet you money there is no such policy, in which case why are you running off at the mouth about it?

    • Monetary judgements for something like this are tiny. The only real payouts are for severe (physical!) injuries or death. i.e. the ghetto lottery

  3. this whole thing is wrong on so many levels, but what business does the school have “confiscating” privately owned property that was never on school property to begin with? I smell a lawsuit coming on. Schools overreach all the time. A child/teen I work with posted some memes and stuff online, they were certainly of the racist persuasion and likely to be found offensive, but were not posted on a school computer, not using school resources, DURING THE SUMMER, and was not threatening in any way. Bad taste, yes, but bad taste in a 1A protected sort of way. This child was already earmarked by the local schools as a bad seed and before the school board for other issues. Although this was in no way related to previous issues and not in school’s domain (ie, the school policy itself clearly defined this was not a school discipline issue) the kid was brought before the asst. superintendent and after he [student] was reported to have been disrespectful to the administration was put back before the school board for consideration of suspension again.

    What a giant mess. The family doesn’t want to be a poster child for a 1A lawsuit/Rutherford issue considering the nature of the content the kid posted but if the student was walking down a street with some of these things printed on a sign the school would have never blinked, but since it was social media and “someone” complained it suddenly became their domain. I know the SROs in our local district patrol social media, that doesn’t bother me as they are looking for threats, bullying, and a few other things. If you’re stupid enough to put it out there in the open that’s on you. However this disturbed me greatly.

    • I’ve read that schools are now trying to claim “students homes are now school property” under the guise of online education. They’re trying to justify it, by claiming the presence of a camera in the home that’s connected to the school, now magically makes the privately owned home a government run facility.

      I highly doubt that will work out for them in court. At least not now. With 10-20 more years of leftist judges and court packing maybe.

    • The problem with them looking for online bullying, they never find it until AFTER the student went Columbine or committed suicide. And even then it’s like “Oh, we didn’t know” or “There was nothing we could do” and they pass the blame onto someone else.
      After the kid is dead, none of the students that were involved in the bullying ever seem to get any punishment either.

  4. “Government schools” is all need to know in this situation. Ka’Mauri Harrison is the victim here, victimized by a School District, a purported education professional, law enforcement and undoubtedly a teacher’s union. Until children and parents have funding go with the child (vouchers) episodes like this will be repeated.

    • The “Government” should NEVER have, been allowed to get into the education business. That should have been left up to non-government entities (i.e. churches, secular associations, home schooling, et cetera.). Now, government run “public” schools have a monopoly on education funded by forced taxation, and the ultra-liberal teachers’ unions have a stranglehold on what goes on in those “public” schools. Wake up people. Free education ain’t free.

      • Progressive liberals, ie democrats thinking you don’t have the right to own a bb gun or poccess it even in your own house, after all it’s our house now because we are teaching a class in it. This might be where the democrats are going to try and eventually take your house away from you, it’s the socialists thing to do. Watch Dr. Zchvago and you will see how it was done in Russia.

  5. A child’s bedroom is NOT a class room for the world to see and have access to. Designate a specific place in the home. This is an outgrowth of the consent of children having computers in their bedrooms. All this does is invite trouble. Not just pedophiles but obviously cops.

  6. Charges dropped…because people stood up and called BS. Our country may be morphing into our worst nightmare but it is still our country, right or wrong. We don’t have to live like this. Stand up and be the adult in the room.

    • You’re absolutely right. We don’t have to live this way. Someone (like the parents) needs to stand up and be the adults.

    • A third grader is eight years old and, most likely, has reached the age of reason. So, with proper parental supervision, possession of a BB gun by a third grader ought to be okay.

    • Removing Progtards.

      This was child abuse. Every educator and law enforcement officer who went along with this idiotic invasion of privacy and violation of rights needs to be fired.

      • “Removing Progtards.

        This was child abuse.”

        They would argue the parents are the abusers “For leaving a lethal weapon with a child.”

        I know, utter crap. That’s the division we are faced with in this nation. They have zero interest in seeing things our way, and we the same of them…

        • Was with you until the false moral equivalency bit. These people don’t need to be understood; they need to be crucified.

  7. How can we continue to support the police, when they do completely moronic unconstitutional things like this. How incredibly stupid.

    • Their alignment is “lawful stupid” where the law is enforced now matter how stupid or impractical the law is. And laws will be either very loosely interpreted, or made up on the spot, to suit the desired outcome of the situation.

  8. Wait, wait, wait… you’re not allowed to have a BB gun at school, so when a student had a BB gun at home, they sent the cops to seize it and bring it back to the school, where it is not allowed?

    This teacher and principal shouldn’t just be fired, they should be institutionalized.

    • If someone had stepped up to help this kid in the first place he would still have his gun, a clean record, and we would not be discussing this.

      • I would suggest that person should have been the LE individual, upon learning the gun reported was a toy, telling the reporting individual that and then dropping the case, going for a well-earned donut.

    • The cops seize the BB gun and turn it over to the school, so the kid can be charged with bringing the gun to school. Isn’t this tampering with evidence? Seems to me, the cops and the school district conspired to frame the kid.

  9. Those of the WDSU, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System and prosecutor should now be charged with the malicious prosecution they are guilty of in this case.

  10. Today’s schools are an extension of the Socialist government that has been indoctrinating our youth. We need to stand up against this now!
    Unless you want Biden in office.

    • Yes….exactly
      So what makes anyone think they can guns (BB or anything else) in view of their child’s classroom camera and NOT have trouble?

      • Lordy, you make my mind go all goofy. I immediately pictured sitting behind my kid to “monitor his learning”, while disassembling and cleaning my suppressed SBR during his classes and waiting for SHTF.

        • Lol
          It is whatever ya like

          The idea that it is better to avoid a fight does not mean one does not need to win if there is a fight. I find it odd that this is your reaction to a desire for better parenting. Responsible parents could have stopped all this before it ever started. But then responsible parents would never have let it go that far either. Not that the cops or the teacher were any better. Everyone in this is guilty except for maybe the kid.

  11. Looks like racist cops again. And school administrators.

    Gun control is racist at it’s roots.

    • This is not gun control. This is complete incompetence from every angle. But we all already know that the very sight of anything resembling a gun (even if it’s a pop tart in that general shape) sends huge numbers of people into panic attacks. Knowing all this requires certain decisions.

      • It is gun control at its finest. It’s pure mind control. Kids at government schools can’t have guns, they must not talk about guns, draw guns or even think about guns. Or gun shaped objects. Gun gestures are right out.

  12. Hope they increase their wealth at taxpayer expense with a lawsuit.

    Next, we need to see the person responsible for the call to police fired.

    Then, the administrative officer who sent 5-0 to the house should be fired.

    Need to remove that kind of stupid promptly, before it festers.

    • You left out the officer who responded to a clearly unconstitutional order, he should also be fired. Burger King needs a few good people at minimum wage.

  13. The lesson here is not the idiocy of confiscating a BB gun. It is the chilling fact that states allow schools to claim private property is and extension of the classroom, and all school rules and laws apply. Following this to its logical conclusion, government can inspect your home for violations of whatever political goals are being pushed: health, safety, proper reading material, Confederate statures, posters of Abraham Lincoln, acceptable clothing…whatever is in sight of the camera.
    Tyranny with a most capital “T”.

    • This an expansion of what has been going on for a while.

      Children posting on social media, that has nothing to do with the school, have been disciplined and in some cases suspended/expelled. The usual answer you get is the catch all that stated postings ‘disrupted the school’ and/or caused school safety issues’

      Now it seems that anything in view of the teachers camera is fair game and instantly part of the school.

      and that is a bad precedent.

      • Kids need to sit in front of a green screen. Then superimpose a Trump rally and trigger the teachers. Oh the fun to be had followed by profitable lawsuits.

        • Just hanging a bunch of trump signs would probably be sufficient. A green screen superimposition indicates a desire to broadcast that (political) message during class, which could be called disruptive. But if your house just has Trump stuff in every room? That’s just the decoration.

    • It’s all part of a pattern, really. And it has nothing to do with gun control or safety or whatever. The leftist schools have been working towards establishing themselves as the ultimate controlling influence in children’s lives. They tell what to think, who to like, who to despise etc., and stuff their heads full of the narratives that further their purposes, often contrary to the wishes and beliefs of the parents. Parents are, by and large, too busy or too preoccupied to pay attention to all this, so the lefties get away with it. But the goal of it all is to marginalize the parents and take control of the children.

      Covid threw a monkey wrench in all that. It removed the kids from the direct supervision of the school, returned them to the parents and disrupted the chain of influence. The counter-move is to reach in to the home, once again take control of the kids and marginalize the parents. Only now the parents are getting a front-row seat to the whole process, and they are not liking it one bit.

      • “Only now the parents are getting a front-row seat to the whole process, and they are not liking it one bit.”

        Around the tables at the local coffee house, the most frequent complaint is that distance “learning” is a PITA for the parents. They would rather the kids be away from home during the day.

  14. Hope some of the Pro 2@ groups and civil rights organizations go full Lawsuit over this! Where’s that MAGA kids lawyer! Lets see, The Cops NEED to be sued, The Police Department, The Township…Let’s NOT forget the Teacher: who obviously shouldn’t be teaching anything! The School, and its administration mgmt. staff , all into oblivion!!!
    With the MAGA kids lawyer, this kid won’t have to worry again! Ever!!!

  15. Want to see an end to stupid shit like this….elect Biden as the next President. Shotgun Joe will make kids shooting each others with water pistols a penitentiary sentence offense.

    The next thing we know, they will peruse magazines like Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Sports Afield, etc. for pictures of young people showing their first deer kill, and the guns they were shot with; so that they can take their guns away from them… the name of “safety”.

    Free Kyle

    Trump – Pence 2020

  16. Furthermore, My inner-Libertarian was screaming about such serious constitutional infringements! Before I fully jump on the “Blue lives matter” train…This $!#T has to stop ✋! Just Dumb@$!# government employees run a mock! Yeah! I know ANTIFA/BLM are Marxist Terrorists for the DNC/ PRC-CCP…But before we stand fully behind someone or some political group that is notorious a constitutional infringement and violations! We the People should be erecting better checks and balances to prevent parts of our government from becoming so paramilitary but they run roughshod over all of our rights! On a daily basis…Or shall I remind everyone about “RED FLAG/Extreme Risk Protection Orders! Gun Confiscation Police Commandos, Unlawful arrests, etc…” I think we all NEED to keep an open “Libertarian mindet”…Before we wind up with a “Patriot Act Part 2 ” and Lawful Gun And Weapons owners start “disappearing ” like a real 3rd world country!

  17. Almost any RETARD can be a public school teacher,,,
    Do away with public school teachers UNIONS, they hold the taxpayers hostage,
    Believe me , I love the union idea, … I myself was in the strongest union in the U S. For 40 yrs. I know what I’m talking about.
    Public employee’s outside of maybe the law enforcement, should not be able to unionize.
    Public schools are the worst. Just ask Oregone how their Pers thingy is working out. Taxpayers get screwed biggily.

  18. That there is a whole lot of stupid. Teacher, principal, cop, cops supervisor, prosecutor and the parents that let the cop in the house. No warrant, no entry. And our lawyers will be contacting all of you.

  19. I wonder if the teacher was white? The asst Super white? Was the police officer white? If they were all white, then what that young man learned is truly sad.

  20. IN.

    And people think I’m a little nuts that I put e-tape over the front camera on my phone. You know, it’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you. Damned if the bastards aren’t out to get us all.

  21. God I’m sure the teacher’s name was Miss Karen. To have not let that one go and for the school district to pursue is pretty unbelievable!

  22. These cases are why we have lawyers who sue for money. The state employees news to be personally sued for this shit.

  23. So ,now you see folks, Covid is not about your health. It’s about the population losing their freedom. The schools have always “inquired” about a student’s “home life” like it is their business or something. The schools closing down for Covid is a smoke screen so the “teacher” can SEE and LISTEN into the home ! In the past the teacher would ask the student about home life , but that wasn’t working ,not enough data came from The student. The same thing goes for the “work at home” adults. Your privacy is no more if you participate in this little covid scam. If you are going to participate ,your child must appear to the teacher to be doing his/her school work in a nondescript “cubicle”. Never in the “bedroom”. Don’t allow them to see or hear “home life” it’s non of their business ! Think people ! How would you spy if you could ? Huh ?

  24. Seems like the solution here, at least in the immediate is to reopen schools.

    Teachers don’t want to work bEcAusE cOvId?? Fire them.

    Unions get uppity? Bust them.

    Fat “high risk” people don’t like it? Tell them to go for a walk and drop the weight. Oh, and to fuck off. It’s not like they actually care about their health in the first place. If they did they wouldn’t be obese.

    Seems like this is winning bigly. Whiney useless teachers and their union gone and, one way or another, less obese people stressing the medical system and demanding outsized (pun intended) Medicare spending on themselves.

  25. What the hell kind of piece of shit cops would confiscate a BB GUN from a private residence AND THEN ARREST AN 8 YEAR OLD. For a goddamn toy gun. That they presumably knew was a toy gun since they’d just taken it. And cops wonder why even conservatives (who have historically had their backs) are beginning to view them with hostility

  26. If I was asked to arrest a child over a BB gun, in his own home, I would probably find a new department.

    Can nobody think for themselves anymore?

    What a load of garbage.

  27. I was only following orders is not an excuse to violate the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment by anyone who wears a badge.

    • Agreed
      I don’t see anyone involved in this as responsible people. This kid pays a price for the foolishness everyone else lives in.

      I am so very ready to move on. I’m tired of all this craziness.

      • I can’t help but agree. I’m finding myself more and more thinking “can we just get to the civil war the left keeps threatening, please?”.

  28. As a LEO I’m not understanding any of this. I’ll admit I’m not a street officer and haven’t been many years but this makes no sense.
    The school nor the parents decisions make sense either.
    The whole area must be brainwashed and unable to reach logic.
    “Oh you’ve got a BB gun, cool. Where do you shoot it? Wear safety glasses. Hey it’s gonna be better if he’s not messing with it during class as it’s a distraction”. Kids safe, school problem solved off to lunch and that’s even IF I was to go. A phone call FROM THE SCHOOL at most IMO. “Tell little Johnny to stop playing with the BB gun in class”. The end

    • ” A phone call FROM THE SCHOOL at most IMO. “Tell little Johnny to stop playing with the BB gun in class” ”

      When this story first broke it was reported that “little Johnny” wasn’t playing the BB gun. What I read was that he picked it up off the floor so his little brother wouldn’t trip over it. The claim that he was brandishing a firearm came from a hysterical teacher, but the early reporting indicates that was not the case. All of which just pushes this whole thing even further down the rabbit hole.

      The whole fiasco should have ended with the teacher telling the kid to pay attention to the class lesson.

    • Yes he does! Saying that young fella didn’t deserve this isn’t even in the stratosphere of being a strong enough statement. He deserves a new BB gun, a big shiny plastic receptacle full of BB’s, a shiny new pair of eye glasses, and a bunch of targets. I hope Santa is really good to him this year, wish I could help.

  29. This is such BS Rondell seems like a good kid I’m sure he doesnt deserve to be in alternative school. I went to alternative school they had kids from middle school in with high schoolers like myself at the time. It was seriously rough.

  30. When you let Big Brother into your home, …THIS! The control freaks cant help themselves, they must subjugate you.

  31. Using the term “”educator” here to describe this aparatchik indoctrination bureaucrat is overly generous and insulting to actual teachers.

  32. Cops — acting like morons since 1845. Way to go! Arresting 11 year old kids and invading Jewish homes to break up gatherings of more than ten people that Cuomo couldn’t manage to kill.

    Keep it up, cops, until we achieve true equality and everyone in America despises you regardless of their race, color, religion or national origin.

  33. Still need proof cops aren’t your friends? This should have ended with the cop refusing to take any action. Cops are not your friends. Maybe not ACAB, but close enough for government work.

  34. God, I am so happy I’m amongst friends here. This really, really, REALLY chaps my ass. The more I read about it the angrier I got. Fucking bastards, everyone involved in this. Absolutely disgusting behavior. These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  35. “According to the report, the deputy went to the child’s home, was allowed inside…”

    Nope. Don’t do that.

    For obvious reasons, I am not in the ‘never talk to the cops’ camp. There are good reasons to speak to police in some situations, many of which I’ve been involved in. But that conversation can take place on the front stoop. And if a cop tried to get in my house with something like this I would tell them that they can either have the school call me like a normal disciplinary function or wait until I retain a lawyer (and he’ll call them).

    As an adult, I feel confident in my ability to deal with police. A young child does not.

  36. Let’s step into the wayback machine. If the powers that be had turned a camera on my grade school bedroom they would have been freaked out. Shotguns. A rifle. A saber from the Spanish American war. I’m still trying to remember what type of bayonet I had on the wall. It was damn near as long as a saber.

    I remember a time in 8th grade when my mother got snoopy and looked under my mattress. 2 pistols that I had bought with my own money from a paper route and mowing lawns. A stash of money. And a nudie mag.

    I caught hell for the nudie mag. Nothing else was mentioned.

  37. I’m white. Now you know why many blacks and whites DO NOT respect the POLICE and PUBLIC SCHOOLS.
    There must be a low IQ level to be an administrator in Louisiana schools and a very low IQ for teachers in that state.

    • They all have to learn: Cooperate with police. Note down or record the interaction. Get a lawyer.

      I’m surprised the lawyers aren’t advertising for police/government civil rights violations cases.

  38. It looks like a constitutional lawyer’s dream case.

    Returm the kid’s BB gun and get him a $10,000 gift certificate for Gun Broker.

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