Ohio Mike DeWine Gun Control
Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine (AP Photo/Kantele Franko)
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“We should all be sick and tired of picking up the newspaper and seeing the things that we see literally every single day — our fellow Ohioans injured or killed through senseless violence,” DeWine said on Oct. 6, noting at least 42 people had been shot in the past week and more than half died. He’s made similar points Tuesday after Tuesday.

So far, Republican leaders remain cool to DeWine’s pleas. House Speaker Bob Cupp, a Lima Republican, said last week there are concerns the legislation would impinge on gun owners’ constitutional rights. He said he doesn’t think there’s enough time left this session to give the issue the “great deal of study and balance” that it requires.

GOP Senate President Larry Obhof says he’s open to discussion, while noting the Legislature has already dealt with some aspects of the governor’s wish list. For example, a Senate-passed bill that would expand access to state psychiatric hospitals for the seriously mentally ill is now pending in the House.

Democrats, in the minority in both chambers, favor some of DeWine’s concepts but don’t have the numbers to help the measure pass. And some felt the governor didn’t go far enough, such as including a “red flag” law to restrict firearms for people perceived as threats.

– Andrew Welsh-Huggin in Ohio governor pleads for legislative action on gun violence

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  1. How about…
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      • That’s right knee jerk RINO put a sheet on and attempt to fix the problem with Jim Crow Gun Control. Like the lost in space gov. the perps do not give a rat’s behind about the Constitutional Rights of the law abiding. Without a second thought perps let bullets fly and two bit politicians let stupidity fly. Law abiding citizens minding their own business are caught between dumb perps and a gov. trying to make it look like he is “doing something.”

        The vast majority of gun owners have come to realize they are being played when some sneaky politician uses the acts of criminals as a “good and just reason for Gun Control.” There can never, ever be a good and just reason for Gun Control when Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. To go along with Gun Control you have to go along with what is a racist and nazi based agenda. It’s either you are in camp with racists and nazis and the horrors they represent or you are not in camp with racists and nazis and the horrors they represent. There is no gray area for Gun Control. That’s chiseled.

    • Also, he forgot Article 1; Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution “The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security; but standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and shall not be kept up; and the military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power”.

  2. Taking peoples guns away is not a answer. Thugs can get as many guns off the street to go ahead and shoot people. More people are killed with knives than guns but you are not trying to take their knives away! Gun free Cities are the highest gun crime cities. Chicago, New Orleans. Atlanta, Baltimore the list keeps going on. Guns is not the answer! Idiots are the answer!

  3. “He said he doesn’t think there’s enough time left this session to give the issue the “great deal of study and balance” that it requires.”

    Nothing to study. All laws related to weapons are unconstitutional.

    • In the dim controlled cities where else. Mostly Cleveland and the surrounding areas, south to Canton. Cincinnati also.

        • I’m about 30 miles from Cleveland in a dim controlled city but our police are still very active. We have been averaging about 1 shooting a day. Mostly black on black. Some gang/drug related, some domestic shit but a lot is random fuckery by teen to mid 20s blacks

        • If 2A no longer matters, perhaps we should look into prohibiting just certain demographics from possessing firearms.

        • If f-up is a demographic then I’m all for it. Doesn’t sound racist I think they come in all colors

      • Hmm, what do the three cities have in common? I live in east side suburb, about 30 miles out of Cleveland, we don’t have these shootings, I wonder why? Hmm, what’s different? All my neighbors are armed with various types and styles of guns, lived here for 30 plus years. I can’t say I can remember a specific shooting in my neighborhood, not that it hasn’t possibly happened. Hmm wonder what is different.

  4. I assume he wants to pump those numbers up to Chicago levels? Maybe NYC or Baltimore?

    It never ceases to amaze me how people will latch onto demonstrable failed ideas with open eyes.
    Evolution should have removed them. If I eat a mushroom and drop dead after vomiting and shitting blood for an hour the last thing you should do is also eat that mushroom but these clowns all line up and pop handfuls into their mouths for the sake of partisanship.

  5. Dewine has been a Gun Control advocate for over 15 years.
    In 2004, DeWine co-sponsored an amendment to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.
    He has repeatedly received an “F” rating from the National Rifle Association.[
    He was one of only two Republican Senators to vote against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which banned lawsuits against gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers for criminal misuse of their products.
    In the 2006 election cycle, DeWine was the first senatorial candidate to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and displayed that endorsement on his campaign webpage.
    In 2019, Governor DeWine proposed a Red Flag Law for Ohio that would allow courts to take a gun from a person if they are seen as a threat to others or themselves,

    • This is the reason I stopped supporting the Buckeye Firearms Association. They backed DeWine for governor, and when I questioned them about his gun control history they had the gall to say “he’s changed”. Now they won’t respond to my messages when I ask them about stuff like this. Completely killed their credibility so they no longer deserve my support.

      • No, he hasn’t changed – but what was the BFA supposed to do? Back Ted Strickland or do nothing and watch Ohio become another vassal state under Der Bloomberg? Without the vigilance of our advocacy groups Dewine would’ve turned even more leftward – besides, with the current make-up of the statehouse, there really isn’t much Lil Mike can do – he didn’t even put up a token struggle over changes to the regulation that kept the short shotguns like the Shockwave and Tac 14 out of Ohio. Fingers crossed that we have a better choice next time for governor – wouldn’t take much!

  6. On most issues Dewine is a typical “GooGoo” ( good government – euphemism for soft statist) policy wonk – not that that is a good thing but compared to the closet Socialists that the Ohio Democrats have run for governor he’s been the barely lesser than two evils. Except when it comes to guns – without the GOP legislature and Ohio’s rather vocal gun owner and sportsman advocacy groups we’d be a milder version of New Jersey. He’s done a decent job during the pandemic panic but, of course, being a Republican he’s not getting much credit – so off to gun control to show he’s “doing something” to make government work better. The statehouse seems to be securely in the hands of mostly rural based GOP pols who know they’d be out on their butts without gun owners – the lefty populations of the three Cs would dominate Ohio politics and we would be Mikey’s Isengard to Phil Murphy’s Mordor. Hopefully the Ohio GOP can come up with someone better next cycle or Ohio will slide even more leftward toward the coast and further away from our Midwest heritage.

    • That’s it we need a real candidate that isn’t a rino pos, dewiner was definitely the lesser of two assholes but had to hold my nose because he still stinks. Not as bad as kasich though

  7. I find this man underwhelming in all respects. A few of his fellow Republicans in the Statehouse are frothing at the mouth to make Dewine a thing of the past.

  8. Not an expert on GOP Ohio politics but damn they’re worse than ILLinoyed…kay-SICK and this clown😕ANYONE watch Tucker last night?!? Quite the expose on slow Joe and his rotten kid(and brother). It’s possible Biden could be “elected” and immediately indicted😏😏😏

    • One part of the plan to make Kameltoe the president. Then she picks one of the squad likely AOC as VP. The other plan is of course to either force him to resign due to health concerns or 25th Amendment his Ass.Either way Kameltoe and AOC will be running the show. Keep your Powder Dry.

    • It’s almost uncanny how the Democrats always turn out to be the living embodiment of every bad thing they accused their opponents of…and worse.

    • I wish they’d open up the comments on those posts.

      Probably a lot of people would just say F that (which is my gut reaction) and Kali Key would take a beating, but the Kali Key people do have a good product — even if it shouldn’t be necessary. I think they’re on our side, and if they can live up to their be-honest-about-it marketing copy, they’d come out of the conversation stronger, and we probably would too.

  9. No matter who wins this election, once it is over people of the gun need to take a lesson from blacks, gays, and potheads and stop obeying unconstitutional laws. We need to violate the NFA and the GCA and the unconstitutional state and local laws together as a group.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but, arent you the same people who want LESS police and weren’t you the same people said antifa and BLM were just ideas, and you probably believe in bail reform, right? Do your job and leave us alone!

    • They seem to think telling everyone what to do and how to do it is their job. They need to be put in their place and made to account for their unconstitutional actions.

  11. When the hangings start these tyrants will become silent & hide in a hole like Saddam & Osama…..b4 they met justice…

  12. A few ideas maybe worth exploring:
    * Make shooting at a human being (other than self-defense) a crime;
    * Make killing another human being a crime;
    * Make it illegal for convicted felons to possess firearms;

    Oh, wait. those are illegal? Man, that’s a head-turner for sure. More laws will for sure reduce crime – just need to get the criminals to read them so they are aware of their illegal activities.

  13. DesWine is one of the Alpha-Tyrants among governors in re Covid lockdowns et al. extreme oppression. He’s going after guns now, which is the only reason I swallowed hard and voted for him in the first place. Never again.

    Meanwhile–because of his Covid-related depredations and persecutions–he needs to be hauled hogtied to the middle of Broad and High in downtown Columbus, horse whipped, tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    But that’s just my fantasy (non-violent, of course). Not that I’m mad about anything…

  14. Question: with all the calls to defund the police, how do they plan to enforce such a gun control bill?

    Much like excessive and arbitrary covid lockdowns (which they failed miserably to enforce), having too many onerous and arbitrary laws can result in a “speakeasy” culture, where people just disregard the stupid laws en masse, and do what they want anyway (They can arrest ONE of us, but they cannot arrest ALL of us.)

    A speakeasy was a secret, hidden tavern or bar during Prohibition in the 1920s, where alcohol was illegally served to paying customers. Authorities were either unaware, corrupted by bribes, or would refuse to enforce the laws on general principle. Many mayors and police chiefs would themselves go to these speakeasies for drinks after work. After 10 years of such foolishness, congress finally came to their senses (for however brief a time), and repealed the stupid amendment that was Prohibition.

  15. just emailed his this……….
    Governor DeWine,
    As a republican living in Ohio I have struggled with many of your policies. I have often thought of you as a RINO. For example, being in medical for 25+ years, I know that your mandatory mask policy does not truly have the science to support that the masks are preventing COVID spread. Taking that choice away from us, should not be yours to mandate. The very patients with comorbidities which you are trying to protect are having their health compromised by being forced to re-inhale their expelled bacteria laden CO2 which compromises their immune systems, can lead to acidosis, hypoxia, etc., not to mention the fact that the virus particles are too small to be filtered by the masks in the first place.
    That said, I am now reading you are asking for Gun Control Legislation to sign. IF YOU DO THIS and further diminish the teeth of our second amendment rights, that will be the last straw! I am so sick and tired of weak republican leaders, like Gov. Kasich! IF you choice to re-run in 2022, you not only would have lost my vote, I will pledge my support to your opponent , campaign for them, donate to them and try to sway as many other voters away from you utilizing every method at my disposal. I will wage an anti-2a media blitz against you on social media, like you have never experienced. I strongly urge you to start behaving like a member of the party which you are suppose to represent and stop doing it in name only.

  16. Be sure to wear your mask while you remain disarmed, and let the criminal snuff out your life with the object of his choosing (knife, club, vehicle…..).
    Good job Dimtards, keep pushing EVERYONE to vote R.
    Trump/Pence 2020….. Train keep a’rollin’, all night long……..

  17. Mike demonstrated his leftist bonafides by the way he handled the CCP virus. This is not s surprise. Let’s make this near-sighted leftist a one term governor.

  18. Buy as many guns and ammo you can, these holier than thou 🖕💩🐀👜s belong in jail, for going against the constitution!

  19. Dear Mike Dewine,

    I write this with all seriousness, and the most contempt I have ever mustered for a person that I not only supported and voted for, but also campaigned heavily for; I support any plan to remove you from office immediately.

    You have turned our state in to a shambles; your knee jerk reactions to COVID are reckless, and have already caused irreversible damage to the majority of children via your fear mongering and the isolation that YOU have thrust them into; the financial peril YOU have subjected the masses to is unprecedented. Your behavior in this has been disgusting. At least have the dignity and honor to resign; to put it short, GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!!

    Attention Ohio State Representatives, please remove the Governor from office immediately.

    A life long Ohio citizen and Republican


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