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Kamala Harris Credit: mpi04/MediaPunch/IPX
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Joe Biden apparently woke up from his nap this afternoon and remembered that he hadn’t yet named a vice presidential running mate yet. With the Democrat national convention starting on Monday (which Joe won’t be leaving his basement to attend) he just announced that his running mate in the November election will be California Senator Kamala Harris.

Harris doesn’t bring much in the way of electoral appeal to the table. Despite early front-runner status conferred on her by many in the media, her uninspiring campaign flamed out with few mourning the loss.

Being a California Senator, though, she brings solid anti-gun rights credentials to the table to compliment Biden’s regulatory and confiscatory instincts where firearms are concerned.

In fact, the usual smorgasbord of Second Amendment infringements — including an “assault weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, a national “red flag” law, among others — aren’t enough for Harris. During her campaign, she showed as much contempt for the First Amendment as she has for the Second, advocating the confiscation of firearms for those who express unpopular political opinions.

As Reason Magazine noted, Harris favors . . .

…legislation that would authorize federal courts to issue gun confiscation orders against people who express opinions that may indicate an intent to commit a hate crime. These “domestic terrorism prevention orders” would “temporarily restrict a person’s access to guns if they exhibit clear evidence of dangerousness,” including “violent racist threats or anti-immigrant manifestos.”

Harris’ plan to “disarm violent hate” is pretty vague, so it’s hard to say whether it would be consistent with the First Amendment. If the bill she imagines would merely create a federal “red flag” law focused on a subset of people deemed a threat to others, that would be bad enough, since these laws generally give short shrift to due process. But her description of the problem she is trying to address suggests that constitutionally protected speech might by itself be enough to suspend someone’s Second Amendment rights.

What might once have seemed to be disqualifyingly radical positions on free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are now standard policy planks for any ambitious Democrat politician worth his or her salt.

joe biden mask
Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

No one actually expected old Joe to choose anyone with opinions on gun rights that were any more moderate than the wildly rights-infringing positions he’s already advocated. And in adding Harris to the ticket, he won’t have disappointed anyone at Everytown, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign or Giffords.

Harris is just more of the same as far and gun control advocacy goes, only in a younger, more energetic, more coherent package. One that presses all of the right identity buttons that are demanded by the Democrat powers that be these days.

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      • These guys are not commies, they just want to be dictators and will take the power how they can. By declaring all other people equal, just makes them and their cronies the bosses. Call it what you want, they want total control over the masses. They want to pull our teeth and take any fight left out of the public. They are(rightfully)scared of an armed citizenry and are so paranoid, that they will do what it takes to force all to comply.
        The Antifa and the rest of the fighters are just a loose screw in the gears and will be removed when they attain power. Erasing history keeps these useful idiots fighting for their side, never believing what can/will happen in the future.

    • Someone who realizes they really don’t have a chance of winning in November must be calling the shots. Or someone in charge of rigging the elections…..

      Harris does nothing for the electoral college. She doesn’t sway a swing state. She doesn’t appeal to moderates. MAYBE she appeals to center of the road feminists? Most likely, she is owed a favor, and this settles the debt.

      I have been ever so slightly concerned that The dems actually had a plan. I’m less concerned now….

        • She is Indian and Jamaican , not even a real black. I guess that doesn’t make a difference as long as she isn’t white. What an evil woman.

      • There was huge pressure on the DNC to chose not just a woman, but a black woman, in order to buy back the votes Joe keeps losing. A white candidate potentially could cost hundreds of thousands of black votes nationwide. Further, she is the least radical of the remaining candidates, which will not appeal to the most progressive elements of the party, but they are not as visible a voting block and the selection should have less effect overall than TDS.

        • “There was huge pressure on the DNC to chose not just a woman, but a black woman, in order to buy back the votes Joe keeps losing”

          Well, isn’t it true as a prosecutor, she had a very big problem with prosecuting corrupt cops?

          BLM is going to have difficulties generating real enthusiasm for that ticket, it seems to me. She *screams* establishment when they want an arsonist to manipulate…

        • Harris’s record as a prosecutor in California is capital-letters U-G-L-Y.

          Maybe she can get away with it on the “it’s okay when we do it” technicality, but she’s had a career made for attack ads (and that doesn’t even include her stint as Willie Brown’s pet slut). And nauseating to just about everyone — SJWs, old-school liberals, and conservatives alike. It’s quite an accomplishment, really.

      • Yes. This confirms what I’ve been thinking. The powers that be realized they can’t beat Trump this time so they have put sacrificial goats up to oppose him.

        • This ⬆️ Its like the Democrats don’t even want to try and win. Perhaps the only 2 worse people than Hillary. Maybe next election the will run Feinstein and Pelosi.

        • Do not underestimate a committed opponent. Much of the left would take a Cuomo 2024 campaign seriously.

        • “This ⬆️ Its like the Democrats don’t even want to try and win.”

          I’m increasingly concerned Trump hasn’t shifted fully into campaign mode yet.

          I’m wondering if 3 years in, he’s realizing he doesn’t want the job as bad as he did in 2015-2016. He had something to prove then.

          Where is aggressive Trump?

      • I think you underestimate the amount of hate toward Trump. He isn’t even unanimously supported by all conservatives and you can bet a lot of folks are going to vote for Biden even though they know he is a clown. The MSM have been brainwashing millions of Americans for years and it will work. Most people are unable or unwilling to make their own opinions nowadays, they just repeat stuffs they heard here and there without even verifying. Trump has disappointed a lot of his supporters. Biden/Harris will be our next nightmare. The good news is, it doesn’t even make that big of a difference, even with Trump we are getting screwed a bit more every day, might as well get screwed quicker we will get used to it.

        • “I think you underestimate the amount of hate toward Trump.”

          ^ This.

          The Leftists have done an outstanding job of keeping the fires of Trump hatred burning hot. The year or so after Trump won, I was rather smug in my prediction that the Leftist tactic of fueling hate toward him would backfire on them. My reasoning was sound, it’s damn difficult to maintain an extended state of rage. *Wrong* They have done it.

          Psychologically, humans are wired to use rage in short bursts, it’s a very effective survival mechanism. Keeping it going for an extended period of time is very difficult, and when it happens, it has bad effects both physically and emotionally. It ‘programs’ people to not be rational. That’s not a healthy way to live your life.

          Where it’s bad for us is, angry people show up and vote. It’s a stronger emotion than liking someone, and that drives voter turnout. Against us.

          And then consider the effort the Leftists use to artificially increase votes. They’ve had three years to plot using any means possible to rig the votes. We can’t just outright dismiss that, since they truly believe what they are doing as being the ‘morally-correct’ (in as much as the very few morals they have) thing to do. Feelings of righteousness are mighty powerful things to believe in.

          We are living in interesting times. ‘Interesting’, as in the proverbially Chinese way…

      • But Willie Brown is the Queen maker. But seriously, Brown remains the most influential behind the scenes Democrat in the State. He is also the most reasonable.

      • It’s definitely been obvious to all but the oblivious for a long time. *shakes head* Biden isn’t his own man, & it very much reminds me of the puppet Stalin made of Lenin.

        Picking a veep running mate who in a controlled but hyperbolic rage called him a racist during the debates. The only query is whether ol’ Slo-Mo-Joe even remembered it 15 minutes later. All aboard the crazy train…

  1. lol at all the “drumpfs a fascist!” morons who now have an actual fascist on their ticket.
    -anti 1st
    -anti 2nd
    -pro police state
    -pro for profit prisons
    -pro war on drugs

    • Yeah I’m sure we’ll have a slew of McChrystal trolls here shortly, who will all claim:

      “I’m a lifelong conservative voting for Biden/Harris”


      “I’m a libertarian and I support Biden/Harris.”


      “I’m as pro gun as it gets but we have to get rid of Trump so we can focus on 2024”


      “I support the second Amendment, BUT…”

      They’ll all claim Harris is now magically some kind of fuckin hero.

      • The I’m a Libertarian and support … is believable since Libertarians support the Democrats’ anti-police, pro-criminal agenda. The Libertarian Party supported Prop 47 because it decriminalized all their hobby horses and gave drug addicts an income stream by decriminalizing petty theft.

        • Yeah, and all you card carrying Republicrats are fascist Nazi bastards. See how easy it is to mislabel people? You clearly have a hard on for libertarians and you should see a therapist about it.

          The simple idea of libertarianism is that people should stay out of each others business. I don’t want anyone telling me what I can and can’t do regarding guns. I should extend the same courtesy to other people on every other topic. As long as you aren’t harming someone else or their property you should be able to do as you please.

          That’s not a radical left position. That’s FREEDOM.

      • a lot of people don’t hate Trump…they’re just tired of the guy and his attendant circus…but in picking this broad they’re starting to make him look good again…or at least tolerable….

    • You’ve nailed it. I rarely discuss politics outside of 2A issues here, but Harris ought to give people across the political spectrum pause. She has shown a zeal for using the power of the state to punish those she disagrees with, and sees no conflict in using that same power to cover up corruption in her own house.

    • You are getting confused with Republicans again. The war on whatever is a hallmark of the Republican party, especially the war on drugs.

        • He is a McCyrstalite trying keep you home if not switched to Biden. It is a standard PSYOP technique to undermine your faith in your side. Ignore him.

      • Oh c’mon.
        It’s the ultimate Shyamalon twist.
        Spend 4 years screaming that a man with several NAACP awards is racist and fascist then vote for an old pro-segregation white man who feared his kids would grow up in a race jungle and a crooked militant cop from a family of slave owners.

        This has to be peak clown world.

  2. Democrats know Joe won’t last 4 years in office. Kamala will be groomed as the next president to be if Joe is elected.

    • Harris is the actual candidate. Joe will be removed via the 25th Amendment within the first month. Bill Whittle has looked at the Party rules and thinks Joe will be replaced as the candidate by Labor Day. I am skeptical but he could be right.

      • Whittle makes a lot of sense, but he cannot mean removing Biden as a candidate by this coming labor Day. Biden cannot be removed prior to Biden actually taking office; so I have to assume he means next labor Day, not this one. I think that if that happens (assuming a Biden victory) that a lot of Democrats will perceive this as nothing less than a coup.

        If Biden loses, well then, we may see an attempt at a different kind of coup.

        • No, he means replaced as a candidate. According to Whittle, the DNC bylaws allow them to replace a candidate who is no longer fit or dies before the election. Whittle believes Biden’s sole purpose was to stop Sanders. Once he is nominated he becomes expendable. As I said, possible but not likely.

        • I think td is right. Biden was picked solely to keep Sanders off the ticket. At the time, I think the dems knew they had no chance in november, so good oportunity to give old joe his “shot” without using up a valid 2024 candidate. Since then, covid has changed everything, and they think they have a shot. With all thats happening in these major cities, they may hope she can pull some of the law and order votes and step in when joe starts pooping his pants.

        • As much as I would like to take credit it’s Whittle’s theory, not mine. I go with the 25th Amendment in February. Harris was always the DNC choice but she was a failure in the primaries.

      • Poor Joe will “catch” the virus just after the election.
        Chicago had a candidate who was kept alive for the primary, in 2006. (He had a severe stroke a week before.) We knew this because none of his doctors went on TV and said “He’s recovering just fine”. The family said he was doing fine. His son then filled his place.

      • “Joe will be removed via the 25th Amendment within the first month ”

        Nope. That would mean Harris could only be elected POTUS once. They’ll wait until Jokin’ Joe is halfway + 1 day through his term, and he will magically expire from a massive stroke (he’s already had one — not massive, but that doesn’t matter). Harris will finish out Joe’s term and still be eligible to run twice. In effect, it makes ten years in the White House possible. And that’s about as depressing as it gets.

        • Nope. He is incompetent and if they let him stay in office he could wreck their future. He goes within a month.

        • ” Nope. He is incompetent and if they let him stay in office he could wreck their future. He goes within a month ”

          And throw away those extra years? No way. Joe won’t be calling the shots anyway, so letting him pretend to be POTUS doesn’t cost the Democrats anything. It doesn’t make sense to kill him off too soon. Let him play for 2 years, and then 10 years of Harris. My worst nightmare.

        • The future is uncertain and there is no guarentee of even a second term let alone 10 years. Two years of senile Joe might guarentee a defeat in 2024. Besides, the Squad wing is already showing their displeasure. It is highly likely that there would because chalkenge in 2024 from the left. Harris would have to take over control almost immediately to head that off.

        • My guess is Creepy Joe will last 12-18 months before something happens. Even the Democrats don’t want to be that obvious.

      • I have given the dems until March 31st to enact the 25th amendment and send Joe out to pasture while the even more radical leftists make a hard left and start us down a steep hill with no brakes.

      • Really, try to google once in a while, she has to drop before they can put in a new vice for Nancy to take the helm.

        • When Side Piece takes over who do you think becomes CO?
          Google that.
          Hint, we’ll have 2 San Fran lunatics in charge.

  3. They have lost national elections running on gun control in the past and now that they openly support Marxism while supporting the anarchist rioters and looters it will not go well for them. Their only hope is to screw up the election with the mail in ballot fiasco and go to the supreme court to decide who won. Just look at the supreme court and wonder.

    • Ed Schrade,

      … now that [Democrats] openly support Marxism while supporting the anarchist rioters and looters it will not go well for them.

      Normally, I would agree with you. The truth of the matter is that most Democrats hate Trump so completely that they will literally vote for Marxism, anarchy, rioting, and looting if that is what it takes to get Trump out of office.

      The real question is what people in the middle will do. I have no idea.

  4. I am relieved it was not M. Obama, Oprah, or any of the other Marxists…

    Time to destroy this ones credibility.

  5. And the DOW promptly shed 350 points upon the news.

    It’s 2008 all over again…..better hunker down…..no guns, jobs or money will be the new norm in a few months.

    • DOW is only down 104…And IF you follow the markets at all, it’s up and down, sometimes on a daily basis, recently it goes/stays up all week, then usually on Friday, profit taking happens, everyone is looking for a payday…screws it up for the rest of us who are in it for the long haul…truth be told, I’m up yr-to-date…

    • “It’s 2008 all over again…..better hunker down…..no guns, jobs or money will be the new norm in a few months.”

      I think you may be right.

      Just like 2008, the economy is in shambles after four years of a republican president’s mismanagement.

      Just like 2008, the unemployment is up and gross domestic product is down and the stock market is unstable, having suffered record losses.

      Just like 2008, we made no advances in gun rights. In fact, we’ve lost rights under the Republican administration and the Republican Senate failed to advance any firearms rights legislation whatsoever.

      And now you think the answer to securing our Second Amendment rights is to reelect this guy:

      “I like taking guns away early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”
      Trump also said some of his fellow Republicans were “petrified” of the NRA, called on lawmakers to produce a “comprehensive” gun bill, and squelched prospects for a GOP-backed concealed carry proposal as part of a broader gun package.”

      “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.
      “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.”


      Is that what you mean when you talk about Trump derangement syndrome?

        • According to President trumps administration, it really wasn’t all that much going on in March. There was that coronavirus but Trump had that well under control by the beginning of March so I’m sure it wasn’t part of a problem, right?

          “March 7: “No, I’m not concerned at all. No, we’ve done a great job with it.” — Trump, when asked by reporters if he was concerned about the arrival of the coronavirus in the Washington, D.C., area.

          March 9: “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!” — Trump in a tweet.

          March 10: “And we’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.” — Trump after meeting with Republican senators.”

          I also see that in March, Trump went golfing twice in West Palm Beach so it couldn’t of been that serious.

  6. Here is Kamala Harris when she was San Francisco District Attorney speaking about the Heller decision back in 2008 with then mayor Gavin Newsom. I will let the video speak for itself about her on views gun control.

  7. Wow, a pres candidate that will be asleep on the way to the election, and a veep who slept her way everywhere she’s been… I gotta go get more popcorn !!!

    • Maybe she slept with a porn star and then paid them to be quiet with campaign funds?
      With a side of Adultry/philandering

      • You need to get with the program.

        She’s a disgusting whore who uses her position to cover up her adulterous affairs, because she’s a black female.

        But when President Trump pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to porn stars and playboy centerfold to cover up their sexual affairs, he’s a great leader sent by God himself, whose character and integrity is exceeded only by his patriotism. Because he’s a white man.

        Hilarious, Jerry Falwell Junior, just like his dad, fooled you as well. It seems the conservative religious right has no idea what true integrity and character is, the double standard prevails.

  8. Wonder if she slept her way to the top again like she did before in CA? That really was all she had going for her! People dying in her district, high crime she didn’t care about, diseases running rampant. People on Treasure Island dying from environmental poisoning she wouldn’t respond to.

  9. Joe chose Harris but the Democrats still have not officially chosen Joe. Still time for them to pull out a dark horse Michelle- Hillary ticket

  10. Good. I look forward to her trying to explain the number of black children and parents she had arrested for truancy. Also all the police patrol ride a longs she participated in. Reason Magazine called her a “cop who wants to be president”.

    • Seriously, you are calling her a whore, regarding rumors and innuendo, that you have no knowledge of.

      That’s a big problem, right?

      But when President Donald Trump’s personal attorney testifies that Trump paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to porn actresses and playmate centerfolds to drag his little feller through their stinking snatches, he is sent from God himself and is the chosen one.

      It is frankly amazing.

      It is also a sad statement on the lack of moral integrity of the conservative movement, “Ye shall know them by the company they keep“.

        • I don’t know the man and I don’t believe he has testified under oath to any of these allegations.

          On the other hand, trumps personal attorney for 10 years, Michael Cohen, testified under oath on the stand about his illegal activities and payoffs.

          Come on, admit it, you are a hypocrite who has two standards, one for your favorite white guy who hates the same people you hate, and one for women and people of color.

  11. Willy Brown approved! Say I wonder what RF is thinkin’ after his “most attractive attorney general” could be presi-DONT?!? Is he excited? Anyone know? She’s got one helluva lot of flaws…

    • Willie published a piece in the SF Chronicle advising her to turn down the job and instead go for the position as Attorney General. He made a pretty good argument too.

    • Yea, I was just thinking Willie Brown can vouch for her competence. LOL “Heels up” Harris comes from a slave owning family, has interesting dynamics with her father regarding marijuana (https://heavy.com/news/2019/02/donald-harris-kamala-father-dad-jamaican/), and will do anything to pump her prosecution numbers up. Fantastic optics on that! I wonder if the 25th Amendment will be pulled on Biden making her the President and Pelosi VP. Wow, what a thought!

      • So she’s racist and would she or her family owe reparations.

        It would appear she is part of the problem .

      • Your attempts to discredit Harris’s family roots is insanely hilarious.

        First, you attempt to vilify her as having ‘slaveowners in her family’.

        Yes, one of her ancestors was indeed raped by a slave owner named Hamilton Brown, a white man who raped underage black girls for entertainment.

        And your vague attempts to slander her father are hilarious, the stereotype of white men being frightened by black men’s success is borne out by your juvenile attempts at slander.

        The fact is, Kamala Harris‘s father is a more intelligent and accomplished man than 99.9% of those who post on this list.

        Kamala’s dad is an emeritus professor of economics at a prestigious university – Stanford.

        “According to his Stanford biography, Donald Harris, at Stanford, “was a leader in developing the new program in Alternative Approaches to Economic Analysis as a field of graduate study. For many years he also taught the popular undergraduate course in Theory of Capitalist Development.”

        His research explored the “analytical conception of the process of capital accumulation and its implications for a theory of growth of the economy, with the aim of providing thereby an explanation of the intrinsic character of growth as a process of uneven development. From this standpoint, he has sought to critically assess the inherited traditions of economic analysis as well as contemporary contributions, while engaging in related empirical and historical studies of various countries’ experience.”

        Harris has presented his research findings throughout the world. “He has travelled widely, doing research, consulting, or giving seminars and invited lectures, in the Caribbean and in Canada, England, Holland, France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand,” the Stanford bio says.“

        • AND, both he and his son asked Kamala to shut up and quit telling lies about the family for political gain.

    • Yes, one of her ancestors was raped by a white slave owner named Hamilton Brown, who enjoyed raping underage slave girls.

      Just like Thomas Jefferson engaged in sex with underage slave girls, it’s not pretty but it’s real.

      Many Black people have white ancestry, it was a common practice for white slaveowners to rape young black slave girls.

      And then they would sell their own children into slavery, how disgusting, to sell a child you fathered into a life of slavery and abuse, sick.

      Are you not aware of this, or are you just being disingenuous to support your narrative?

      You need professional help regarding your perspective on society.

  12. It looks like a Biden/Harris ticket directed by Obama, Bernie and AOC in a progressive wave. Keep your guns oiled and your powder dry. They know they have to take away guns before they can begin the re-education and purging.

  13. Forever known as Willie Brown’s side piece. A fine example of feminism for slacker chicks to aspire. If Joe pulls out a win she’ll be president by next May. Then we’ll see it really hit the fan.

    • She was only realistic choice after it was revealed that her first alternate spoke at Gus Hall’s funeral. If Joe still had half his mind he would have picked Tulsi Gabbard. There are a lot of Republicans who fell in love with her despite being as far left as the Squad. Given that nobody expects Joe to last very long in office Gabbard as VP would have been a sure winner.

      • If Tulsi would have strongly embraced the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment then yes, alot of other things about her ideas could/might have been overlooked.

      • The establishment hates Tulsi because Hillary hates Tulsi. It wouldn’t work. You’re looking at this as if these candidates are serious people. If Joe were serious, then we would know what he stood for since he’s been in office for decades. His goal isn’t to solve problems or help people. His goal is to become president. Get that notch in the belt. Add to his legacy. He’s had his eye on the prize since he became a senator. He’s proven that he’s willing to do or say anything just to get there. It’s pathetic.

        • The establishment also hates Hillary because she lost to Trump. Like the Kennedy’s the party establishment no longer cares for the Clintons.

        • Yeah they finally acknowledged that Bill was probably a sexual predator only after the Clintons were no longer useful politically. But there was a concerted effort to blackout Tulsi in the media. After everyone started dropping out of the primaries, the media actually talked about how bad it was that there weren’t any women or POC in the race, and Tulsi was like guys I’m over here. They completely ignored her. Tulsi said Clinton allies were behind it.

  14. I’m really sorta sad that my “scramble” theory gets stronger every day.

    But then, Ralph’s right about this. The last person to know Joe Biden’s running mate very likely is Joe Biden.

    • The headlines after that debate was that Harris owned Gabbard.
      From my POV, Harris proved that she was a Party First (Dem) before The People.
      Gabbard owned Harris.

  15. Joe Braindead picks a running mate who’s qualification to attain public office,is that of being Willie Brown’s willing willie warmer, there is another name for that….

    • Normally I try to be pretty serious about political analysis but this being 2020 and this whole thing being a clown show I’m just going to say that Biden’s basement is now a “slut cave” and that the following video basically explains this whole situation within the DNC.

      In fact, this probably makes more sense than the real conversations going on within the Party.

    • If she makes it to the White House she can appeal to conservatives by saying she did it the old fashion way. /sarc.

  16. well we have a senile old man and a woman that cannot stand him and was a crooked DA as VP hey what could go wrong

  17. And just like that gun and ammo sales will continue towards their highest peak ever! The next panic run will be on 80%’ers.

    • “The next panic run will be on 80%’ers.”

      What do you mean, the ‘next panic run’?

      Try finding an 80 percent lower (if you even can) for less than 100 bucks.

      The ammo run has been happening for a few months now. Try and find 9mm for under 40 cents a round.

      I’m very happy that when I bought my supply, it was 23 cents a round per, and free pickup 20 miles from me. If Biden wins, I can see 9mm going for 75 cents per round, if not higher if they control both lower houses…

  18. Seems to me, the Dems are trying to throw the election.

    Why? They, and their MSM lackeys, are making more money with Trump in Office.

    They know full and well that Basement Joe is not a viable candidate. So why not pick a VP who has no chance in winning? Another 4 years of money pouring in.
    Thing is, these idiots think they can actually control the chaos of another Trump win. I think they would rather see the whole country burn down in flames or even risk CW2.0. Likely, they are so disconnected with the country outside the Beltway, they dont even see it.

    • “Seems to me, the Dems are trying to throw the election.”

      I’m throwing the BS flag on that one.

      Why? RBG isn’t long for this world, and the Leftists must replace her with one of their own, if they need to pack the SCOTUS. If Trumps picks the replacement, we have a solid shot of making serious progress for gun rights.

      No way would they jeopardize potentially gutting the 2A for at least a generation…

  19. So is Biden actually alive? Or is it more like “Weekend at Biden’s”? Prop him up long enough to insert the candidate the party wants… then he’s found dead in his basement after an apparent covid face mask malfunction.

  20. Harris is the worst gun-grabber however she will not bring much to help Biden. Not that it was his choice he is a puppet. However with that being said Harris is our worst nightmare. I predict Trump will win or our nightmare will become a reality. She is a very vindictive women and many black voters are aware of her hypocrisy. Get out and vote and drag everyone to the polls or get your mail-in votes mailed.

  21. I have to admit that I’m surprised at Pedo Joe’s choice. Kamala is certainly radical enough. I’m sure Lebron james is drooling over the prospect of a BLM/NBA merger. That said her appeal may be less than say an Oprah or a Michelle. I would have thought that someone in the vein of Beto O’Rourke would have cemented a Biden win. Oh well, stranger things have happened.

  22. Joe was supposed to block the far left ideology of Bernie because the Democratic Party said that was a bridge to far. Yet that Party has been pushing a further left ideology that Bernie would have had wet dreams over. Now that the power brokers have chosen Harris, there is a reason for it. She would be the first black female POTUS when Joe quietly passes on to the next life or when he commits suicide after finding HRCs emails. Harris can be manipulated by the brokers, she is vain with many skeletons in the closet.

    The power brokers are betting on this ticket. Don’t let off the gas because you think they cannot win. Remember they will do all they can to count the votes and to call the race for Harris/ Biden early on election night. They have a plan, they are capable of pulling it off if we allow it.

    • “]The power brokers are betting on this ticket. Don’t let off the gas because you think they cannot win.”0

      Imo an absolute brilliant comment. When I first heard the news I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought initially that Trump had finally got a break. However after reading your post I realize that the timing of “his” choice is geared toward the anger in many black people and the fear that is in many white people. Joe represents that fear and I think white Americans will do anything to avoid more Seattle’s. Vigilance is more important then ever. Thanks for th e post.

  23. I don’t know about black women. But I can tell you that black men will not be voting for her. Except for the Simps. They will vote for her. Trump still has a great deal of black male support. And that terrifies the democrats.

    Because of the democrat party’s support for the riots, I can see many democrats just staying home and not voting at all.

  24. Harris is a great strategic choice. Besides helping to bring the swing state of CA over to the Democrat side, her experience as a top law enforcement officer resonates with the “defund the police” movement. Her strict enforcement of CA drug laws, despite using those same drugs in the past, impresses the legalization lobby. Her family history of being slaves emboldens the reparations and BLM segments. With such brilliant political maneuvering, be prepared to welcome Harris as Pres 47 next year.

  25. So, they picked a self-righteous, opportunistic authoritarian, life-long political climber, justified by shrill tokenism.

    How’d that work out for them the last time?

    • You’re missing the point Bierce. She was chosen to calm the rioting BLM and ANTIFA crowd and to promote the defunding of police departments. This will bring “peace” to the country which is a ticket many Fudds will buy into. The average white person is so fearful of the virus and protests that anything, including an absolute corrupt politician will be better than Trump. Our leftist media will ensure that she remains untainted throughout the election process. Forget Pedo Joe, a “black” female extremist/ leftist will be our next president. Feels like a complete gun ban is just around the corner.

  26. Kamala Harris/Kumonna Herass is an adulterous slag who slept her way to Sacramento as Willie Brown’s mistress. when you said “. . . sucking up to the Leftist candidates . . ” Word has it that is exactly what she did with Willie Brown to get/give head – to get a head. She must have the suction power to vacuum chrome from bumpers. Now as just a continuation of ‘working’ her way to the top, she’s much closer to getting there now, she can be on call to work with/work over Barack and Joe, and of course Michelle too.

    Going forward Kum-ala and Michelle are going to work closely together as Michelle is, no doubt, going to come in be her VP as soon as Biden is forced out [this will be very soon and it may take place even before the election]. October surprise …

    Kamala is and always was BARACK’S girl and hoe on the side; these leftys are real swingers. Obama made the comment that Biden had ‘nailed’ the VP choice. In part a Freudian slip perhaps, but they’ll all be ‘nailing’ his VP pick soon enough.

    Kamala & Michelle soon to be POTUS & VP. The USA will be the laughing stock and basket case, just another banana republic, of the world.

    Harris is not an African American. Her mother is from India and her father is Jamaican. Her Jamaican Ancestors were slave traders and made their fortune selling african slaves.

    I’d say she’s got some “splaining” to do and some “reparations” to be paying to the ancestors of the slaves her ancestors sold into slavery. Not to mention all the african americans she put in prison for minor drug offenses while she was “laughing it up & smoking a bone.”

    Add to that she conceals her indian heritege. Her mother is an Iyengar… a tamil bhramin… most forward caste look whiter than white. Tamil Brahmins are Tamil-speaking Brahmins, primarily living in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Brahmins are divided into three groups — Iyers, Iyengars and Gurukkal. Iyers form the majority of the Tamil Brahmin population and are Smarthas, while Iyengars are Vaishnavas and Gurukkals are Saivas.

    Not sure it matters if Blacks owned Blacks! Just saying that Harris is not Black! Slavery was but a moment in time where most of the wealthy in all the nations of the world owned slaves. Some still do! China uses slaves today!

    She’s also married to a very rich, white Jewish attorney. She has as much in common with inner city African Americans as Trump does. Maybe even less.

    She accepted two commission appointments (carrying a six figure salary for little work) from the married man she was waving her legs around with.

    While she was the California AG, her inept department sent every firearms instructor in the State an “oops” letter admitting they had “accidentally” leaked personal information to an unnamed third party, and that firearms instructors should contact the DMV to be sure their identities hadn’t been stolen. They never did inform who that 3rd party was. It was a journalism outlet. Kamala was doxing firearms instructors.

  27. California’s Kamala Harris, the dirtiest of dirty blue city prosecutors before she slept her way into politics and then bit and clawed her way into the Senate, is shrieking about President Trump’s unity message on the death of George Floyd:

    .@realDonaldTrump, keep George Floyd’s name out of your mouth until you can say Black Lives Matter.pic.twitter.com/YJ6wPw0Hto
    — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) June 5, 2020

    Which coming from her, is disgusting in the extreme.

    More important, let’s take a look at Harris’s record, starting with the litany cited by former presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at last August’s Democratic presidential nominating debate.

    Threw 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations, while giggling and laughing on Charlamagne Tha God’s radio show that she partook in the weed quite a bit herself.

    Blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row, until courts forced her to do it.

    Kept people in prison beyond their terms in order to use their cheap labor to fight California wildfires.
    That knocked Harris from her pedestal, and pretty well put paid to any presidential hopes, even among Democrats.

    But there was more than just Tulsi’s list – here’s probably the dirtiest example from her blue-city record:

    She covered for dirty prosecutors, caught in the act of falsifying evidence, and carried out prosecutions with full knowledge of the fake evidence, hurling it as a weapon against some poor soul who had no idea that Harris’s dishonest thumb was on the scale of justice at the time.

    This is a foul, dirty prosecutor, both in her position as district attorney of San Francisco, and later in her position as attorney general of California.

    The bad cop who crushed the neck of George Floyd was able to flourish in the Minneapolis police system, despite 18 complaints against him over 15 years, precisely because there were blue city prosecutors willing to cover for him. They must have operated as Harris did – corrupt, dirty, and willing to cover for the establishment. Dirty prosecutors like Harris are why dirty cops like Derek Chauvin were able to operate with impunity in their blue city bubble, until they killed.

    For Harris to be yelling this is the epitome of hypocrisy, given her record of dishonesty and corruption. To be yelling about Trump with a record like that – when she ought to be in jail right next to the dirty cop who killed Floyd – is incredible. It’s probably a bid to draw attention from her own bad record in these one-party blue-city justice systems. During Harris’s presidential election campaign, she said she wanted to be the ‘prosecutor president.’ BARACK OBAMA is calling the shots, clearly, and Kamala will be the skank puppet there for show running Obama’s third term along with Michelle Obama, or Oprah, as her VP. BLM? You’re going to know it.

    There’s little doubt that as Harris employs the prison lingo and seeks to pander to black voters (who know very well that her black-accented speech cadence is as fake as Hillary Clinton’s).

    Wikipedia Editors Sanitize the Page of Potential Biden VP Kamala Harris

    breitbart /tech/2020/07/07/wikipedia-editors-sanitize-the-page-of-potential-biden-vp-kamala-harris/

    An article reported that a Wikipedia editor was scrubbing the page of former Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). The piece mentioned changes such as removing a past campaign finance scandal and Harris’ record as a hard-line prosecutor. Changes not mentioned include removals of the alleged role nepotism played in her early political career and significant favorable additions about Harris.

    Other Wikipedia editors worked to undo the changes made to the Harris page, although many details remain missing. On Twitter, the Wikipedia editor responsible for most removals was identified as Bao Nguyen, a former volunteer organizer for the Harris campaign. Similarly, editors previously created pages for fellow Presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang without disclosing their connections to them.

    An article by Aida Chavez notes that in 2016, editors had been heavily involved in contributing to the article on Tim Kaine prior to him being announced as Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential pick. As a result, a user on Reddit created a script to monitor for activity about prospective VP picks for Biden and noticed significant editing of the page for Kamala Harris. Other Reddit users identified a single editor by the username “Bnguyen1114” as the primary party responsible for the activity.

    Chavez delved into the editor’s activity on the Harris page and how he removed content potentially unfavorable to Harris. Among the edits noted was the removal of a paragraph regarding her defense of Orange County prosecutors implicated in widespread misconduct, which Nguyen claimed was removed for “proof-reading”. Nguyen also removed details about a campaign finance violation involving Harris’ campaign for District Attorney, removing most criticism of defenses Harris gave for the violation.

    Nguyen also removed details about a campaign finance violation involving Harris’ campaign for District Attorney, removing most criticism of defenses Harris gave for the violation. A quote from Harris stating “it is progressive to be soft on crime” was also removed by Nguyen.

    Not mentioned were other removals of unflattering material by Nguyen. These included details about Harris benefiting in her early political career from a relationship with future San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, then the Speaker of the California Assembly, who she dated.

    Also excluded were the substantial salaries she earned at positions to which Brown appointed her and a quote from Brown’s mayoral campaign manager about how the relationship benefited Harris. Another editor subsequently removed all mention of Brown, claiming “sexist” framing. Mention of Brown’s appointments was later restored, though only noting them and briefly stating she and Brown were in a relationship at the time.

    One other detail removed involved how Harris handled an investigation into the death of Mitrice Richardson, a black woman who, after being detained by the Malibu sheriff’s department for not paying her bill at a diner, was released in the middle of the night without a car or phone and was later found dead in a canyon. Harris eventually closed an investigation she had opened into the death under pressure from the public, stating there was insufficient evidence for criminal charges. Mention of the Richardson case is still absent from the article.

    Many edits Nguyen made to the article on Harris also added positive material. This included significantly expanding content about her securing of mortgage settlements with the major banks, citing her own memoir for some details, and addition of material lauding her questioning of Attorney General Bill Barr during his nomination, uncritically repeating her claims Barr refused to answer her for fear of perjury.

    Nearly all the content in both instances remains in the article. Much of the extensive positive expansion by Nguyen was reversed by administrator Michel Aaij, or “Drmies” on Wikipedia, calling it “grossly excessive and excessively detailed” and poorly-sourced. Following Aaij’s reversal, Nguyen began cutting extensively from the article instead.

    Editors have attempted to reverse a number of changes Nguyen made to the article, though have so far rejected completely undoing his removals, arguing every change should be vetted carefully. This has not necessarily fixed the issues with Nguyen’s removals. While a brief mention of the campaign finance scandal when Harris ran for District Attorney has been expanded, where the material prior to being removed noted her many attempts to excuse, defend, or downplay, the campaign finance violation, the article now only states Harris accepted “full blame” for the violation.

    Nguyen has denied being “employed” by the Harris campaign, he stated that he has volunteered for Democratic campaigns and met Harris. Such volunteer work could be construed as a “conflict of interest” on Wikipedia, which editors are expected to disclose on articles they edit.

    Such editing by editors with conflicts of interest, including paid, is a common problem on Wikipedia even when going against policies and, in cases of undisclosed paid editing, the site’s Terms of Use.
    However, Wikipedia’s greatest source of bias on political articles remains the site’s agenda-driven editors whose editing has become so slanted even the site’s own co-founder has accused Wikipedia of becoming too left-wing.

  28. Governor Palin was hotter. Even with five babies and seven grandbabies under her belt, Governor Palin is still hotter. Governor Palin is far superior on energy policy (thanks to hydraulic factoring technology, the Saudis are going bankrupt), gun rights, energy policy, tax policy, energy policy, spending restraint, energy policy, crime, energy policy, rioting, mortgage and banking policy (read ARCHITECTS OF RUIN by Peter Schweitzer. Governor Palin commissioned the research) and energy policy. Governor Palin kicked Joe Biden’s ass in the debates, and she looked hotter than hell while she’s was doing it.

  29. Their first 4 years will be focused on voiding The Constitution in it’s entirety. It’ll be a Socialist Republic, they will not be bound by any law but theirs. People do not understand, A Socialist Republic is a whole new government, they’ll do whatever they want. There will be no opposition allowed. Their terror squads are already in the streets in their own territories. We can expect more to come until everyone is in line. But, again, the first 4 years, setting up and consolidating power as a totalitarian hierarchy. “President/Vice Pres.” will do as they are told. Organized Crime will own the country at last.

  30. Armageddon is fast approaching choose the Devils side {those who destroy the USA and constitution} and the righteous side {those who do not,} Democrat party leaders are now the current domestic terrorists and should be relegated as such; maybe some hemp stretching may be required as a cure


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