Is There Anyone On The Anti-Gun Side Who’s Still Willing to Talk? Does It Matter Any More?

By MarkPA “Poor people own guns. The elite have bodyguards.”  So opines Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine. Progressive elites imagine that drumming the message of gun control will get out the vote of the traditionally captive constituents of the Democrat Party. Instead, they might be having precisely the opposite effect. Feelings about gun-control range widely […]

God Bless John Stossel

[flv][/flv] John Stossel. The very name elicits some interesting reactions, depending upon who’s talking. Libertarians love him, and count him as one of their own. Conservatives admire him, but occasionally find he rubs them the wrong way. Liberals loathe him, as his favorite sport seems to be shooting every sacred cow in their hallowed herd […]