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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . .

Yesterday the California State Senate’s Committee on Public Safety voted to pass Governor Newsom’s tyrannical push to spread the California-style disarmament agenda across the nation.

That Newsom is willing to offer this route to impose his immoral policies on the entire nation is an ironic recognition that the tide of history has turned against him and a genuine admission that his failed policies cannot withstand court scrutiny.
Governor Newsom’s unabashed pursuit to stifle the rights of countless peace-loving Americans presents a stark awakening for those who stand against authoritarianism and undue state aggression.
Firearms Policy Coalition will continue to restore the rights of the People in court, just as it has done in its lawsuits challenging California’s handgun roster and discriminatory fee-shifting regime, New Jersey’s Bruen response bill, and Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban.
For all those across the nation who seek to liberate themselves from the grips of state violence, Firearms Policy Coalition extends its heartfelt appreciation for your support.
And to all tyrants, like Gavin Newsom and his legislative co-conspirators, that push these immoral and unjust policies, we say simply this: “Fuck you. No.”
Individuals who would like to join the FPC Grassroots Army and support important pro-rights lawsuits and programs like these can sign up at Individuals and organizations wanting to support charitable efforts in support of the restoration of Second Amendment and other natural rights can also make a tax-deductible donation to the FPC Action Foundation. For more on FPC’s lawsuits and other pro-Second Amendment initiatives, visit and follow FPC on InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube.

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  1. Newsome’s policies haven’t “failed”, he is simply putting out a rallying call. Win or lose on the convention, he/they win. Alinsky indicates doubling down on losses, until the public tires of opposition.

    Keep in mind, the movement to alter the Electoral College so that whoever win the popular presidential vote, gets all the EC votes; still alive and well. The EC ploy hasn’t failed, as in removed as a political contest.

    Opponents of defeating a move to repeal 2A are a skraggely bunch, always at war over puritanism of thought. The Leftists/communists will be of one mind; repeal.

    • Sadly, there are left wing liberal in this state that are pushing for that, as well. That is, to have all our votes go to the “popular” vote, regardless of who we vote for in this state. It truly is disgusting. I wish they would just move to some liberal hell hole where they would be more comfortable, rather than try to infect other states that never wanted them in the first place.

      • “Sadly, there are left wing liberal in this state that are pushing for that, as well. ”

        The Leftists want direct democracy in all elections (note: ranked voting can easily result in the least objectionable candidate being elected). Preventing direct democracy was the reason the government was established the way it was. Leftists already won the first battle: popular election of national senators.

    • There is no need for a Constitutional Convention. Simply steal elections, appoint leftist judges, use the DOJ to persecute and criminalize resistance, and fill the military with trahn-knee break- dancers. That is all it will take.

      Find your blade of grass.

      • “There is no need for a Constitutional Convention. Simply steal elections, appoint leftist judges, use the DOJ to persecute and criminalize resistance, and fill the military with trahn-knee break- dancers.”

        Yep; there’s that.

    • A Constitutional Convention isn’t required to stay on one topic- the whole document can be altered or abolished- While I don’t think we’re there yet it is coming sooner or later.
      Gru-some Newsome is a dangerous man indeed.
      Newsome’s entire policy agenda and STATE have failed- California in my lifetime has gone from a shining gem and the destination of many, to a crap-hole of poverty and deficit year after deficit year. Something needs to change alright, and California is in the forefront of that need for change! Say “NO” to Gru-some and his collapsing state.

      • “Newsome’s entire policy agenda and STATE have failed-…”

        Any societal issue that requires greater government intervention and extension of control is a victory for Leftists. If there are no issues to be dealt with, governments will create them; long history of government creating crises, then promising to “fix” the issues government created. Kinda like racism…when your purpose is to eliminate racism, you gotta find racism everywhere, all the time. Consider the “wars” on poverty and drugs; are/were they successful at ending/reducing either?

  2. He’s gonna need whole bunch of Red states to go along with his bullshit agenda, ain’t gonna happen…

    • That could be a part of the long term plan. The proposal is rejected and he preaches to his choir that it was those hillbilly red states not recognizing his magnificence.

      So he will keep exporting people to change those other states to be more like Kalifornia. Look at Colorado, Texas, Florida, and others.

      • Texas has a Constitution that does not allow the cities to rule. It will not change. They outlawed covid mandates

      • Florida has more registered Republicans than ever before… 5.25 million vs. 4.6 million Dems with 3.8 million Independents most of whom voted Republican in the last election, so it looks like another failure by Hairgell…

  3. well, what I think needs to be pointed out very loudly (and preferably in several court cases) is that if they need to amend the constitution to get these things, they must be unconstitutional without it.

    • “if they need to amend the constitution to get these things, they must be unconstitutional without it.”

      Might want to cogitate on that one, a bit longer.

      • Nope, that’s exactly what i was trying to say. Their AWBs, red flag laws, etc, are verging on being found unconstitutional, so the only way to keep them would be amend the constitution.

        • “that’s exactly what i was trying to say.”

          Doesn’t your statement imply that every amendment to the Constitution meets your standard; every amendment made something constitutional that wasn’t constitutional before the amendment?

      • Sam,

        So, from your perspective, how would you articulate the “limit” on what constitutional amendments are ‘inherently unconstitutional’, where is your support for that, and what is the process for resolving the inevitable litigation? Just askin’, for a friend.

        As long as the processes outlined in the Constitution are followed, an amendment – any amendement – is “constitutional”, in that it complies with the letter of the Constitution. If your point is, instead, that our Founders, and the political philosophy that informed both the DoI and the Constitution recognized that there are inherent human rights that supersede even the Constitution? I totally agree . . . but why not just say that?

        • “As long as the processes outlined in the Constitution are followed, an amendment – any amendement – is “constitutional”, in that it complies with the letter of the Constitution. ”

          Not arguing/discussing whether an amendment is “constitutional”. The claim was that if it takes an amendment to make something happen, then the “something” was unconstitutional prior to amending the constitution.

          That blanket charge implies that every amendment is the result of making what was previously unconstitutional now constitutional. That is what I cautioned needed more consideration.

          As noted elsewhere, the amendment process can “legally” eviscerate the Constitution as we knew/know it.

  4. They get a bonus out of this, so many people are on the fence in supporting a Constitutional Convention already, because they fear it could “run away” and lead to widespread elimination of our rights.

    The visibility of this push for an ANTI 2A Convention will kill a lot of support from those who were on the fence.’

    And that’s probably a “win” for their side.

    • “…so many people are on the fence in supporting a Constitutional Convention already, because they fear it could “run away” and lead to widespread elimination of our rights.”

      Our first “constitutional convention” is certainly an example of that.

      The current constitution can be amended to repeal every word of it.

      I keep waiting for a successful amendment to eliminate the Supreme Court. Challenging the legality/validity of such an amendment would be quite entertaining.

  5. 0 chance of any Amendment being added to the Constitution. The last attempt (ERA) failed miserably, even after a 7 year extension to the process. Newsome is just posturing for his attempt to run for President.

  6. 1. Make sure that the California voters don’t vote him back in as governor in the next election.
    2. Make sure the next governor spends money on fighting forest fires and not dumb gun laws.
    3. Make sure the next governor washes his hair frequently.

    • CA governor is a 4 year post Newsome runs again Newsome will be reelected… Hopefully they can come up with a serious candidate next time but with the “jungle Style ” open primary in CA it’s probably more likely to have two Dems going head to head…

    • “Make sure that the California voters don’t vote him back in as governor in the next election.”

      Nobody – and I mean nobody here in CA believes our elections are straight and honest. Recent laws passed by Dems have made the cheating (**cough cough ballot harvesting**) not only legal, but in-your-face-what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it cheating.

    I’m afraid that I don’t understand why Newsome would win again if he runs again. I realize that poor people used to vote for a Democrat because they think they would receive benefits from the government that help people who don’t work or support themselves, but California is now mostly populated by people who earn their own living and don’t want to support lazy freeloaders who want to be on welfare and food stamps. Besides, I don’t think the poor people make out that well when the Democrats are in office.

    • The people who voted him in before are still there. CA hasn’t suddenly gotten a majority that would vote against him, the democrats would have lost their rock-solid majority in the assembly before that might even happen… and it’s not. CA hasn’t stopped paying out their benefits in any significant way.

    • My bad, Newsome was just reelected last November and is currently already serving his second term… So, if he does not challenge Bribem he will be the Governor of California for another three years and five months (actually he’ll never be President so he’ll have to be happy with his Gov job.. Guess that makes this little question and answer moot… Last “Republican” Gov was RINO Arnold 2003-2011..

  8. 38 states have to approve an amendment for it to pass. Since 27 states have constitutional carry, that ain’t happening. Likewise, an amendment “clarifying” and solidifying the wording of the 2nd isn’t going to pass either. I’d love to see amendments on term limits, lobbying restrictions, and limits on lobbying by former members. Eliminating riders unrelated to the bill they are attached to would be helpful, along with a balanced budget. That’s the only way any of those happen, because Congress sure as hell ain’t gonna pass restrictions on their power and ability to get filthy rich at our expense.

      • Not for Congress. That is why we have a bunch of senior citizens long past their prime clinging to their seats.

        • “Not for Congress.”

          Yes, for Congress.

          And every other elected government position in the nation. There are virtually zero elected offices that do not have a term established. I.E. no one is elected to office, then never required to run for re-election.

          And, as noted ad nauseam, “term limits” do nothing to alter the equation. If the electorate selects a crummy (depending on one’s political stance) office holder who must run for election on a schedule, no matter the “term limits”, the same person, or look-a-like replacement, will continue along the path the so-called “term limits” are expected to stop.

          Whether a single person gets re-elected over and again, or a string of replicas are elected, nothing substantive happens.

          No amount of “term limits” can overcome the direction of choice selected by the voters. “Term limits” cannot mandate a different choice of direction.

          Only acceptance by voters of our “message” can effectively “term limit” a politician. The fact that “they” keep winning is a direct result of “us” being unpersuasive in our messaging. Re POGO, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    • “I’d love to see amendments on term limits,…”

      Doesn’t the Constitution already establish term limits?

      The idea of “term limits” is a bright and shiny object to distract from reality: people who elected the person to be term limited will simply elect a carbon copy. Term limits have no power to change the electorate.

      There is no effective difference between a person who keeps getting elected for what seems a lifetime, and a string of drones of the same politics of the person being limited: both will be paid by the taxpayers; net outflow will not change.

      • Term limits cannot fix stupid voters who keep re-electing the same fools. Or fix those who think that voting for someone with an “R” behind their name will somehow make right everything that is wrong with the country. Or fix crooked politicians who will simply find a way to stay in office, even if voters figure the truth out, try and put good people in (who know better than to try and stick around in the District of Criminals), only to find the system has been rigged against them.

    • The opportunity for “term limits” comes around every two years for the House and every 6 years for the Senate…

    • I believe better than term limits would be you only get paid the average wage of your constituents and are on your own for Healthcare/retirement!

  9. Such a Constitutional Convention is an idea which is going no where fast.
    The 2nd Amendment will NEVER be overturned.

      • possum, on what do you base your opinion that the 2nd can be overturned? Ratification of any “new” Constitution has the same requirement as an amendment.

        • Walter,

          With all due respect, why bother to fight the fight over an amendment (or a Constitutional Convention) that will NEVER be ratified? Just pack SCOTUS, overturn Heller and Bruen, and go on about the business of depriving law-abiding Americans of their rights. The Dims have NO INTENTION of trying to rely on passing an amendment to authorize either a repeal, or a major limitation, of the 2A. They only have to get enough seats in both houses, and a compliant idiot in the White House, to pack the Court. And that’s obviously the direction they are headed. The whole “Constitutional amendment” thing is red meat for their idiot base, and a smoke screen for the rest of us.

        • Lamp, “with all due respect”? Whenever someone says “with all due respect”, no respect is either meant or intended. That being said, it is IMPERATIVE that we continue to fight for all of our rights. We have to fight to continue to EDUCATE and INFORM people of what the Leftists are trying to do to takeaway or at best limit our Constitutional Rights. The Leftists will NEVER stop their assault on our Constitutional Rights as long as they have air to breath. This is NOT just about rights but the Left’s efforts to control and in turn impose their S O C I A L I S T ideology and agenda.
          It is OUR JOB as citizens to STOP this blatant infringement on our rights and our personal well being.
          I agree that the Constitutional Amendment is red meat for their base, but a smoke screen? The DEMONcRAT Leftists will assault us and our rights on each and every front they can to try to deflect, obfuscate and confuse the people.
          I’ve said it before and I will say it yet again, NOT ON MY WATCH!

  10. I’m not too worried about Gavin. He’s not popular in California, a state that has turned into a huge crap pile and even less popular throughout the rest of the country. What Gavin fails to comprehend, the rest of the country ISN’T California. The Come For Your Guns ideology has worked poorly and continues to be unpopular and perform poorly, despite the gun grabbing democrats and mainstream medias attempts.

    Horse Face Beto’s idiotic gun grab comment cost him dearly. The dems know the tide is turning against gun grabbing but they have nothing else to run on! Certainly not the failed policies of the current administration. They have to continue on and bash Trump and make guns an overblown issue while not putting criminals in jail and having low or no bail policies.

    How idiotic is that??

    • I’d say 62% of the vote is pretty significant, might be different if the other 12/13 million registered voters got off their ass and cast a ballot, I mean damn how hard can it be when they mail ballots to every address you’ve held for the last 20 years…

    • The political spectrum isn’t a line, it’s a circle. Go far enough right and you’ll lend up on the left, to start the cycle all over again.

      And remember, boys and girls — two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do.

  11. Newsom cries to sleep at night because no one does what he tells them to.
    But seriously, the fascist are ruling so act accordingly.

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