Security camera footage of Jacksonville Dollar General Store shooter Ryan Palmeter (courtesy Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)
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The jarring news of a racist attack against African Americans at a Dollar General Store in Jacksonville, Fla., is igniting calls for increased gun control legislation. The despicable attack on innocent lives deserves close examination. The firearm industry mourns this senseless loss of life.

Authorities are releasing some information as to the murderer and his twisted motivation. These initial answers, though, only raise more questions. The twenty-one-year-old murderer killed three people in his attack before taking his own life. Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters told media he legally purchased two firearms in recent months, passing background checks.

Sheriff Waters also told media the murderer had painted Nazi symbols on one of his firearms and authored several manifestos and a suicide note. The manifestos were delivered to the murderer’s parents, federal law enforcement and media shortly before the crimes. The Department of Justice is investigating the incident as a hate crime, as it evidently appears to be.

Jacksonville Dollar General racist shooting rifle nazi swastika
Courtesy Jacksonville Police Department

“Portions of these manifestos detailed the shooter’s disgusting ideology of hate,” Sheriff Waters explained in the press conference. “This shooting was racially motivated, and he hated black people.”

Baker Act

Sheriff Waters also told media that the murderer was subject to a Baker Act mental health evaluation in 2017. That “involuntary commitment” to a hospital under Florida’s Baker Act resulted in the murderer being held for a 72-hour mental examination following a domestic violence incident and threatening to commit suicide.

He was released without involuntary commitment. It is unclear why he was not held for further observation. As a result, he was not considered a “prohibited person” under federal law.

Ryan Palmeter rifle Jacksonville Dollar General
Courtesy Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Florida’s Baker Act is a law that allows any individual to petition for an involuntary commitment to provide emergency mental health services and temporary detention of those impaired by a mental illness and unable to determine their own treatment needs. The Florida law was enacted in 1972 and those subject to an involuntary commitment are considered likely to inflict harm on themselves or others.

The Baker Act requires law enforcement to seize any firearm or ammunition, along with concealed carry permits, that might be possessed by those subject to the order. The Baker Act has been invoked at least 2,500 times as of 2019 in Florida. The murderer, it appears, didn’t possess any firearms or ammunition at the time he was committed under the Baker Act.

Ryan Christopher Palmeter Jacksonville Dollar General shooting
Courtesy Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

In 2018, Florida enacted a “red flag” law. Had it been in place at the time the murderer was committed for observation under the Baker Act it might have prevented the murderer from obtaining or possessing firearms. By 2022, Florida’s “red flag” law has been used over 9,000 times. That law allows authorities to seize firearms temporarily and bars individuals from purchasing firearms while they’re subject to the emergency risk protection order.

What is clear is that this individual suffered some sort of mental health disorder with violent tendencies. The result is the tragic loss of innocent life. Sheriff Waters said the murderer’s parents did not own firearms. The murderer’s parents called law enforcement immediately after they were alerted by the murderer as to his intentions. There was at least one acquaintance who told media he believed the murderer was on medication but didn’t specify an illness.

NSSF Committed to Real Solutions

This tragedy is exactly why the firearm industry is focused on ensuring that all disqualifying records are submitted to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). NSSF has championed the FixNICS campaign since 2013 to ensure the background check system works as intended.

So far, the law has been changed in 16 states and in Congress when the FIX NICS Act, named for NSSF’s program, was passed and signed into law. That provided resources to states to submit all disqualifying data to the FBI’s NICS and compelled federal agencies to do the same.

NSSF further supports additional mental health resources being made available and supported Congressional efforts to do that in recent laws. NSSF partners with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide ranges and retailers the resources they need to recognize the signs of mental distress of suicidal ideations. These aren’t all the answers, but these are Real Solutions that make our communities safer.

More is certain to be learned as investigators examine evidence left behind by the murderer. What is known is that the murderer clearly was filled with hatred and the firearm retailers that sold him the firearms followed all the laws.

Sheriff Waters described the recovered manifestos as “quite frankly, the diary of a madman.”

“He was just completely irrational,” Sheriff Waters said. “But with irrational thoughts, he knew what he was doing. He was 100% lucid.”

Sheriff Waters also rejected the media’s assertion that firearms are specifically to blame for the horrendous crimes.

“The story’s always about guns. It’s the people that [are] bad,” Sheriff Waters said during a press conference. “This guy’s a bad guy. If I could take my gun off right now and lay it on this counter, nothing will happen. It’ll sit there. But as soon as a wicked person grabs ahold of that handgun and starts shooting people with it, there’s the problem. The problem is the individual.”


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. “What is clear is that this individual suffered some sort of mental health disorder with violent tendencies.”

    Like all mass shooters (which includes school shooters) do. 100% of them are mentally ill. Heck, even the politicians that put forth the SAFE act know they are mentally ill and they even say it (see video below, at 1:36).

    • … which makes their “motivation” irrelevant.

      Hey, Larry Keane — you been reading my posts? 🙂

    • “They” claim the shooter has no criminal record but I’m left wondering if he had been a “crime victim”, that might help explain his motivation. If he had been a “victim” of a crime committed by the segment of the population he targeted the authorities will never admit it and as we all know you can’t trust authorities especially those in Democrat-controlled areas to tell the truth …. about anything, they’ll lie incessantly to advance their agenda.

  2. Obviously centuries of racist residue from the democRat Party found its way into the head of another host. Bigotry can start anywhere perhaps originating from finger pointing bigots who create ways to say the N-word without saying the N-word, etc.

    I shop frequently at Dollar General. The aisles are tight and you are on your own in the most of the store. Should chaos happen I could tell the unarmed where to go and what to get quick in a Dollar General for a MacGyver weapon but I will not advise those who may not be qualified to know how to fashion a letal defense weapon.

    • You’d better be really, really quick —

      1:08 Suspect fires 11 rounds into a Kia in the parking lot, killing the first victim, Angela Michelle Carr, 52. Enters the store and kills second victim, 19-year-old Anolt “AJ” Laguerre Jr.

      1:09 Suspect follows witnesses out of store’s rear door and fires once.

      1:10 Victim Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 29, enters the store with his girlfriend.

      1:13 Suspect shoots Jerrald De’ShaunGalleon.

      1:13 Suspect chases witness through the store shooting her but does not strike her. Shoots out of door as she flees.

      Less than 5 minutes. And the first victim didn’t even have time to get out of her car before she was shot.

      • Aim and Geoff, thank you both for your concern. I told Possum earlier today that people are going to die. They always do. My son came over a couple of days ago. Generator and chainsaws are 10-8. Vehicles and gas containers are full. Weapons of choice are cleaned, lubed and loaded. After all, post Hurricane Michael a major gunfight broke out on my street. One bad guy dead, one in custody and my former co-workers uninjured. Massad Ayoob should write that one up for the Ayoob Files. It involved multiple officers, suspects, handguns, a rifle, a high speed pursuit and a second gunfight ten miles away. Anyway, if Idalia comes knocking this will be my third hurricane that I’ve endured. As well as all those I worked the aftermath of. What do they say out West, “I’m an old hand?” Seriously, pray for Florida. We’re going to need it.

        • Glad to hear, Gadsden.

          I caught the eyewall on 2 of the 3 hurricanes in late summer 2004, lost power on all 3 for various lengths of time, all total no power for 9 days. No A/C for 9 days in August 2004 really sucked. I have a 2400 watt generator now, so the food will be fine, and at least the lights and fans are good-to-go… 🙂

      • Is it true the perp went to a college to commit wholesale slaughter but was chased away by armed security, so went to the Dollar Store to commit retail murder instead?

        Another scion of the KKK’s master race. Could also be an antifa incel.

        • SC, that’s the buzz. He initially went to Edward Waters University, a historically black college, where he began to prepare for his criminal acts — but when a security guard drove up and exited his car to confront the perp, he hurriedly drove off, almost crashing into obstacles in the parking lot.

          He then went down the street to a nearby Dollar General where the spree took place. The New Town area, where both are located, is a majority-black section of Jacksonville.

    • You’re going to instruct people how to fashion ad hoc weapons during an active shooter situation. Do you know how ridiculous that is? Do you they will stand still an listen to you? You may as well try to herd houseflies! 😂

      • “You’re going to instruct people how to fashion ad hoc weapons during an active shooter situation.”

        In all fairness, getting clocked by a 16-ounce can of beans would break my concentration, potentially allowing someone to escape.

        (But I better have a whole pallet of them cans handy to keep his ass down until the cops show up…)

        • Geoff, as an aside. I think you’re on the SW coast of FL. If so, I hope you have the hatches battened down. Watch your six. The shtheads come out after.

        • Gadsden, you’re pretty close to the tip of the spear. You take care as well.

          We’ll get backhanded by the storm; shouldn’t be too bad here despite all the hype and hoopla on the TV news. I had to shut it off. I have a tree out front that I hope will be knocked down – save me from paying to remove it.

        • Gad, I’m in Lakeland, so should just be wind and wet.

          You on the other hand, are getting it right at you. Plenty of guns-n-ammo here should the natives get restless… 🙂

        • Geoff, tip of the spear? I’m an FSU fan. We plant a spear in the center of the field before every game.

        • And long-handled soup ladle to use as catapult, lol.

          More seriously, it is obvious there were witnesses that had a clear shot. Probably nothing to shoot, tho.

          How probable? First order approx – Assume 20% of the population has a concealed weapon – assume 12 people were witnesses, not counting the victims – the probability of nobody being armed is .8×10^12 = .07, or 7%.

          Take down to 6 witnesses, the probability of zero armed witnesses is 26%.

          Assume 10% of the general population is armed, the probability of zero in-place armed resisters becomes 28% (12 bystanders) and 53% (6 bystanders).

          Armed resistance reduces casualties, but antigun propaganda is very effective, is my thought.

        • xzx. How many of those present were prohibited by stupid laws from carrying? That’s the question I wonder about.

    • ‘Quick, grab a pack of plastic sporks on isle 2 and a jar of skin creme on isle 6 and a pack of paper clips on isle 3 and MacGyver up a fully automatic grenade launcher to take out the shooter.”

  3. It was reported that the shooter had been treated for mental health issues. According to his father: Palmeter had been getting psychiatric help and was on medication, but it looked like his son had stopped taking his medication because there was a full bottle that was filled on July 23 as told to the 911 operator. The father also said he called the Clay County sheriff’s office a few years ago when his son threatened to kill himself. If this is the case, he was clearly in violation of the perimeters of his 4473 form. Thus making his ownership of any firearms illegal. And once again the system failed, those it was meant to protect.

    • “Palmeter had been getting psychiatric help”

      As have others before they decided to kill random people. When are people going to start asking why all of this “help” these people are receiving is not doing anything to actually help? It’s funny how the gun always comes out of these situations as the culprit, but the health professionals and their treatment protocols come out smelling like a rose.

      • The person must want to be helped for treatment to be effective.

        You wouldn’t say that anyone undergoing psychiatric care should be denied the right to obtain a firearm — would you?

        • No. I’m not saying that. Most of these people are adults. They were voluntarily receiving “help” that did nothing to help. That isn’t saying that no one is ever helped. Sometimes these people are on meds that obviously didn’t help. That doesn’t mean that no one is ever helped by medications.

          My question is why does no one think to examine cases like this? My preliminary answer is that most people don’t care. They tend to blame whatever is convenient. That goes for both the political left and right. Think about plane crashes. We conduct a thorough investigation, looking into everything. Then we try to learn from any mistakes made. Why aren’t we doing that after every single one of these mass killings?

          I assume it would be a difficult thing to investigate due to privacy laws, etc. I don’t think a murderer deserves privacy, especially a dead murderer. I think once you begin peeling back the layers, people will find that health professionals are hiding behind privacy laws to protect themselves.

        • “No. I’m not saying that.”

          May people are taking the opportunity of this tragedy to say exactly that. I’m glad that you’re not one of them.

          “I assume it would be a difficult thing to investigate due to privacy laws, etc.”

          And the fact that the guy is dead. That makes it tougher.

          “I think once you begin peeling back the layers, people will find that health professionals are hiding behind privacy laws to protect themselves.”

          I disagree.

        • That’s the rub. People consult mental health professionals for a variety of reasons not related to violence. I believe some people consult mental health professionals for a problem with sleeping, weight loss; marital problems; problems with troubled children — the list goes on. Like everything else politicians touch, making mental health consultation a cause for commending a red flag confiscation to too broad a brush.

        • IF you assume Pshrinkology is real. About as valid a “science” as that of “climatologists” with their man caused warming and their CO2.

        • “Mental Health Professionals” now pretend that a man wanting to be a woman is healthy and normal. They are disqualified as experts.

    • As Hunter and now this guy have proven, the 4473 is in too many cases a total waste of time.

      And note to all the geniuses at NSSF: Read the damned amendment – “…shall not be infringed.” The NICS check and the entire NICS concept is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

      The solution is NOT allowing the government or anyone else to deny my rights, it is to exercise your own right to stop me if I am violating yours.

    • Very often the medication makes them feel that they don’t need the medication so they cease taking the medication.

      Which is why letting mental patients roam without 24/7 supervision doesn’t work and calls for more social workers are pointless unless those social workers can track down every patient and force pills down their throats daily. Sometimes two or three times daily.

  4. “If this is the case, he was clearly in violation of the perimeters of his 4473 form.”

    Nope. Keane is correct. Question H on the 4473 form asks:

    “Have you ever been adjudicated as a mental defective OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution?” Palmeter was neither.

    • All this “raciss” bs. This boy looked like an Incel loser living with mommy & daddy. Where’s the outrage in Chiraq with more than 10 armed robberies over the weekend?!? ALL committed by the usual suspects in neighborhood’s that were formerly somewhat “safe”(north side & the gold coast). Are they “hate crimes”? And the DOJ wants to charge a dead Incel with a hate crime🙄🙃😉

        • .. or was he rebriefed ? Wouldn’t that be Secret Service code for ” He shit his undies again. “

        • “The “president” was briefed!”

          Monica Lewinsky managed to ‘de-brief’ Clinton in the oval office… 🙂

        • You mean “they changed the president’s briefs” as his Depends leaked and he soiled his underwear again

      • If he’s found guilty of a “hate crime,” we can exhume his corpse and hang it from the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy in downtown Jax.

        It’s the law.

    • Wasn’t he committed for 72 hour observations? I believe that he was and it was a mandatory, involuntary 72 hours. While I am not a lawyer, I have probably spent more time at involuntary commitments than most on this list. In addition while an employee of the public defender’s office, a close relative was an attorney representing people appearing before a judge for involuntary commitment hearing and we often discussed his cases without naming names. What happens is that someone institutes a call to law enforcement. Officer shows up. The individual in question is having some kind of psychotic episode. The officer is entitled in CA to initiate an involuntary commitment for 72 hours. It is called a 5150 in CA. At the end of the 72 hours, if, in the treating doctor’s opinion the patient would greatly benefit from additional treatment and the patient desires to be released, there is a hearing before a superior court judge with the patient represented by two attorneys. You read that correctly two attorneys. One is a deputy public defender and the second attorney is the patient’s advocate to check up on the DPD to insure that he is exploring all avenue available to the patient. The test in CA is homicidal, suicidal or unable to care for oneself. That basically means able to find food and eat. It doesn’t include personal hygiene, doesn’t include hallucinations, doesn’t include a surly disposition. The list of what it doesn’t include is far longer than the single item that qualifies one for involuntary commitment on the basis of unable to care for oneself. That’s why one sees so many drugged out derelicts on the street. As long as they are reasonably nourished, they are good to go. As a result what happens in CA is the judge is compelled to release them if they don’t fit the very narrow parameters I mentioned above. Typically they are kicked loose right after the hearing with a bottle of meds and told to come back for a refill when the bottle is empty. Not wanting to take meds is a typical symptom of mental illness. They don’t like the effect the meds have on them. I can relate. I was under strict orders to take the pain med prescribed for me while undergoing PT post surgery. I hated the effect they had on me and actually was able to not focus on the pain so it didn’t bother me while not being molested by the PT technician. I was happy to drop the meds even though not totally pain free when the PT ended. It gave me a better understanding, perhaps, of the mentally ills’ aversion to taking their medication. Following various court rulings about involuntary commitment, various political entities, with CA leading the charge have abolished a very fine system of mental health facilities where the mentally ill were treated free of charge. Were there abuses in the system? Show me a system run by humans that doesn’t have abuses. But rather than trying to address the issues the various courts raised, the politicians abolished the only means that the mentally ill, who usually are too poor to be able to afford very expensive care. In addition, the most in need of such are are the most likely to reject such care. In my opinion, involuntary commitment is the only answer to our monster mental health problem. But working on laws that would provide such involuntary care is too much work for greedy politicians who prefer easy, on sentence solutions to a very complex problem.

      • When he was in middle school? How long does that scarlet letter last. When the progs won’t even lock up the hordes of Chiraq gangbanger/shooters.

  5. All civilized countries give a mental test before a person is granted permission to buy a deadly weapon.

    All civilized countries make it mandatory that anytime the police pick up a person for any disturbance mental or physical this data is entered into the police data bank and a person wanting to buy a weapon would automatically be flagged because the police are required to do a background check on anyone wanting to purchase a weapon.

    Far Right Racists commit more mass murders than any other group of people per the U.S. Government data. Meet the Press also stated the same last Sunday via their investigations of the Far Right Racist crowd.

    There is zero difference between the former WWII German Nazi Far Right and the Far Right of the U.S. today. Both were extreme Nationalists, Conservative, racist, and xenophobic. Same crowd just a different country in a different time period.

    • take the white hands of the murder guns, and measure the drop in gun violence and there will be a very moderate drop in numbers. Now, take the black hands off the murder guns, and watch the HUGE drop in gun violence. Go back to fantasy land dummy.

  6. It isn’t him that is responsible for his deliberate actions. The fault belongs to the firearm, the manufacturer, the distributor, the FFL, Rush Limbaugh, hate radio, the GOP, Ron DeSantis, Trump, climate change, Twitter (x), Hitler, Hopi Indians, a building in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Everyone who are responsible firearm owners. /s if someone hasn’t figured it out yet.

    • FP – if you had added in Cosmopolis WA your comment would have carried a LOT more weight 😉

      Seriously, one has to wonder who may or may not have ‘groomed’ this guy. Perhaps a deep dive into his personal contacts is in order. At least they are being more or less forthcoming with his delusional manifesto unlike the ‘person’ in TN.

  7. “Had it been in place at the time the murderer was committed for observation under the Baker Act it might have prevented the murderer from obtaining or possessing firearms.” – Prior incident was 2017 (when he was 15), and “red flag” law would have still prohibited from buying guns 6 years later as an adult??? They keep claiming that these laws “temporarily” take away the person’s guns.

  8. As I have said on a multitude of occasions, the Leftist anti-gun control freaks refuse to address the issues of criminals and the mentally ill. Criminals because they are part of their base. The mentally ill because they are covered under the HIPPA law which does not allow them to be included in NICS.

    • Each state has different laws. In CA, if a mental health professional suspects that a patient of his is a danger to others, he or she is required to report that to local law enforcement otherwise face prosecution. So far as I know, it has not been challenged in any court in CA and I suspect if it were in violation of HIPPA there would be a long line of attorneys salivating at the prospect of filing a class action (see article above about DC class action costing DC taxpayers a bundle) on behalf of all such persons who have had their rights violated under HIPPA.

      • Sorry OLD LEFTY, but you are ONLY part right. It seems that the mental health professional can ONLY report a patient if there is IMMENENT danger to the patient or another person. This is the basic REASON why it has never been challenged. No mental health professional will make such a report UNLESS there is IMMENENT DANGER. The ONLY OTHER TIME that a mental patient’s condition can be reported to NCIS is if the patient was CIVILLY Committed to a mental facility by a State or Federal Judge. Seems you don’t know what you don’t know. We have plenty of lawyers here who can tell you if I am correct or not. And by the way, HIPPA is a FEDERAL LAW.

  9. In 2018, Florida enacted a “red flag” law. Had it been in place at the time the murderer was committed for observation under the Baker Act it might have prevented the murderer from obtaining or possessing firearms. Okay, so now we’re supposed to like “red flag” laws?

  10. Whether voluntary, or court ordered, a psych eval is only a snapshot of a person’s mental state. And, yes it can help diagnose a possible problem, and could point towards a possible future issue, in no way does such an evaluation predict all possible future problems or breakdowns.
    Evidently the eval showed the kid was not dangerous at the time. Or, if it showed a possible danger to himself or others, no action was taken to follow up.
    Would there be an outcry and demand for more government control had the perp chosen another method/weapon? I doubt it. Would there be a call to get rid or somehow limit the rights of others had the perp chosen to drive an SUV or large vehicle through some neighborhood block party? Or dump a bucket full of gasoline inside the door of a predominately black club/lounge, toss in a lit road flare and jamb the exit doors?
    Next is the simple idea that hate is a learned response/emotion. Who did this dumbass hang with that taught him to hate people of other races? They would bear more responsibility than anyone else who happens to own or would like to own whatever firearm they choose.
    Last comment, Don’t restrict the rights of others because some fools can’t control themselves and their emotions and responses.

  11. It’s been a minute. I wish Debbie would elaborate on her on the spot self defense techniques.

    • Easy peasey. First stop is aisle 4 for a can of Pringles. Empty out the chips as you proceed to the far end of the aisle for a can or two of Classic Coke (NOT diet !).Two aisles further over, grab a couple of tennis balls and put in your pocket. Now, go towards the checkouts and grab a pack of Mentos, open it up and drop a couple in the can, followed by a tennis ball. When the gunman is in sight, open up a Coke and quickly pour it in the can, then aim at the perp. The ball will knock him off of his feet, while the volcano gush of foaming Coke drowns him.
      Like I said, Easy Peasey.

  12. While I agree that it is wrong to shoot someone for the color of thier skin, most shootings are wrong, no matter the reason. We do need to protect ourselves and we have to realize that most blacks that are shot by strangers are shot other blacks.
    I would be interested to find out the ratio of whites shot by black strangers to blacks shot by white strangers.

  13. So, regardless of the claims in the article above, the Jacksonville shooters manifestos have not been released, right?

    I could be wrong, but I’m sure one of you would be kind enough to post a link to the Jacksonville shooter’s manifestos so we could all peruse his text.

      • “TTAG apparently inserted a tweet that’s not part of the article. The manifesto has not yet been released”

        There’s nothing above to suggest that the tweet in question was not part of the original article.

        The information above, tweet or otherwise, claims the manifestos were released in hours and that’s not correct.

        So you’re saying TTAG apparently inserted a tweet with false information?

        Gee, I hope they post a correction…

        • “There’s nothing above to suggest that the tweet in question was not part of the original article.”

          Which is why I provided the link to the original article on NSSF so that everyone could look for themselves, Liar69er — it’s a hyperlink in blue highlighted text, how could you have missed it?

          Look closely — here it is again:

          Hint: in order to use the “innertubes,” you must move your mouse (look it up) to place the cursor (look it up) on the link and click (look it up).

          When you find the article, you’ll note that the tweet and the photos are not there.


        • Momer49er, you’ve spouted so much unsupported, univirable shit that not even you could keep up with it. People laugh at you. Isn’t that even a little humiliating?

        • Gadsen, In order to be humiliated, I would venture that you first have to have a conscience, which ShittDiggingIdiot doesn’t seem to posess..

        • So I guess the point that TTAG intentionally alters the content of the articles they post kind of went over your head. Do you support TTAG posting obviously incorrect information

          “Momer49er, you’ve spouted so much unsupported, univirable shit”

          So what is “univirable”?

          Is that anything like covfefe?

        • Liar69er, why don’t you take your complaint directly to the admins of the site? (I know why.)

          The rest of us don’t have any control over content.

          If you find the site contents objectionable, you can find another place to foul with your presence.

  14. Maybe she was talking about lighting a kite on fire and flying it into the perp. Dollar General kites are awesome.

  15. Theres probably also yo yos, slinky’s, that paddle with the ball attached by a rubber band. Jack in the box (if the perp is barefoot). All kinds of various and sundry things in a dollar store to bring a man down. She could quickly cut a frisbee into a boomerang for multiple hits.

    • AQ – if the perp is barefoot that is an obvious cause for tossing a bunch of Legos at him. How any folks have encountered them much to their dismay.

  16. Straws/blowguns. She could send her glock plug flying out of a spit straw. I’d load three spitballs and then finish him off with the glock plug

  17. Momer49er, you’ve spouted so much unsupported, univirable shit that not even you could keep up with it. People laugh at you. Isn’t that even a little humiliating?

  18. “Momer49er, you’ve spouted so much unsupported, univirable shit”

    So what is “univirable”?

    Is that anything like covfefe?

    By the way, you wouldn’t have 125mph winds blowing everybody’s house down in Florida if Donald Trump was still president, he would’ve just nuked the storm while it was still offshore.

    • …. as opposed to President PoopyPants, whom just lets uninvited guests from south of the US to enter unimpeded, Miner?

      • And, the hurricane will eventually leave, and while the damage it leaves is more visible, in the long run it will be less costly. You certainly are an ignorant ass, aren’t you?

    • “By the way, you wouldn’t have 125mph winds …”

      That’s low — even for you, Liar69er. Joking about a natural disaster that is causing death and destruction. Reprehensible and vile. (Look it up.)

    • MINOR49er, that comment is so stupid it defies common sense. Trump never said anything even close to like that.
      Now, do yourself a favor and just shut up!

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