Gun Meme of the Day: That Darn Spellcheck Edition

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I’m sure Garand Thumb is thrilled.


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  1. If Dorothy had an M-1 rifle the Wicked Witch of the West would have been dealt with very quickly. Of course, it would have been a much shorter movie. Give Dorothy a set of jump wings and they could have done away with the balloon also.

    • Why? They’ll just keep on ruining their classic movies with live action remakes adjusted for “modern audiences”. I can’t wait to hear what a dumpster fire Snow Woke and the 7 They/Thems turns out to be.

  2. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang – ting! No more W W W, hell of a lot more range than a bucket of water!

    • Dad said the Jerrys would wait to hear the sound of the ‘ting’ and come flying out of hiding to try to ambush the GI doing the shooting.

      Well, until at least until the GIs decided it could work both ways.
      They would fire off a few rounds then toss a spare empty clip against something….

      • My father was in Europe following Patton around. I asked him about the clip ping thing and he said it was Hollywood BS. In a combat firefight, no one more than a couple yards away would hear the ping over shouts, scream and gunfire or artillery impacts.

        • Dad was in the 42nd Rainbow Division, as a mortar man.

          Early part of April ’45 around Würzburg, he was out poking around while his group of guys were taking a rest, and a German popped up and took a shot at him. Bullet impacted about 6″ below his left armpit and exited on the top of the left scapula. Missed any large vessels and most of the nerve bundles. Made hamburger of the tissue on top of the scapula though. The shot alerted the rest of the guys that the Germans were lying in wait, and prevented what could have been quite a few GIs getting killed.

          Dad was out of the war at that point, and the 42nd went on to liberate Dachau. He was actually grateful he didn’t have to see what it looked like.

          I have a picture of him standing with his GI buddies and a captured German flag a day or so before he got wounded.

          He spend the rest of the war recuperating.

          Got a bronze star out of it, and of course a purple heart.

        • Great story — love to hear about the WWII vets. Someday we should trade stories. Uncle was a B-24 pilot with Chennault’s 14th AF in China where he was killed. He and another crew member are resting at the National Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii.

        • BW,
          Since he passed away a few years ago, I can’t ask him.

          As he was deployed in Germany, and the 42nd Rainbow went on to liberate Dachau after he got wounded, I had a tendency to believe him…

  3. check out his video about the 8.6 blackout
    discreet dynamics has like a 280 grain all copper subsonic expanding bullet at 1000 fps out of a 1:3 twist barrel
    -yes 1:3-
    that goes all the way through three 18 inch ballistic gel blocks stacked back to back
    without even really slowing down at all
    its kinda mind blowing

  4. “I’m sure Garand Thumb is thrilled.”

    Mike has a sense of humor, he’d laugh… 🙂

  5. If hadn’t made that easterly turn it could have been bad. It was bad for Taylor County/Perry and points NE to include Valdosta, GA. I lost power for a couple of hours and have a mess in the yard, but nothing serious. Didn’t even have to start the generator. Top winds here about 40 mph. Friends in Tallahassee took a harder hit. My buddy in Crystal River has a real mess. He moved his off shore boat to his Ocala home, but the “river house” suffered substantial salt water tidal flooding on the downstairs level. Fortunately, it appears that Ian taught people that evacuation meant get the hell out of Dodge. I’ve only heard of two fatalities. People on the road during the storm. Based on my experience, I expect that may go up when first responders begin to search coastal communities, but I hope not.

    • In spring hill on the coast. Power still out since 0800. Huge mess from the surge. Wind wasn’t too bad but surge was 4 feet

        • Supposedly made the tidal surge worse. Worse than what, I dunno.

          We skated in Jacksonville. Good bit of wind, not much rain. Sun was out by 6PM. Never lost power. We had worse weather a couple of weeks ago during a summer Nor’easter. Bad news — the dead tree in my front yard is still standing. Guess I’ll have to pay someone to pull it down.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: ATF’s Forced Reset Trigger Rule/New Machinegun Definition —- ATF gets butt kicked again. Violated APA thus illegal (unconstitutional)

  7. The re-education camps of communism have been put in place …. voice an opinion the ‘establishment’ doesn’t like , ,get censored and sent to re-education camp.

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