Image via Fontana, CA PD.
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Cops in Fontana, California made a discovery that played well for the sensationalistic mainstream media. They found a home-made indoor shooting range under the home of a reputed gang member. More alarming, cops also found one of America’s favorite rifles, an AR-15, inside along with a 100-round drum magazine.

Image courtesy Fontana PD

They found some other scary guns, too, along with a few thousand rounds of ammunition.  In Gov. Gavin Newsom’s gun-ban utopia of California, that’s a huge haul. In Texas, that’s just a beginner’s stash.

From the heavy breathing in the article, you’d think they’d discovered Al Capone’s secret underground shooting range.

Image courtesy Fontana PD

Of course, if it had been Al Capone’s shooting range, Geraldo would have been right there looking for another vault.

ABC News desperately tries to add a touch of sensationalism to the story . . .

An alleged gang hideaway in California hid more than just crime suspects — it included a hidden manhole cover that was lifted to reveal an AR-15 assault rifle, thousands of rounds of ammunition and an underground shooting range.

The Fontana Police Department’s gang unit raided the “residence of a known gang member” on Thursday night and found even more than they expected when they served the warrant. The house was outfitted with a secret shooting range — underground.

“While searching the house a man hole was located that led to an underground hiding area and an additional underground area that was being used as a shooting range,” the police department said in a Facebook post.

The police department also said it found the bounty of ammunition, assault rifle and a 100-round drum for the weapon.

In addition to the photos shared of the hideout, the Fontana police took the opportunity to taunt the suspects.

“Friendly message to anyone who wants to engage in illegal activity and be a member of a gang. We will never give up on keeping our community safe and free of violence,” police said. “We are the champions at Hide n Seek and no man hole will help you. If you hide we will find you.”

The department said the suspects were “booked without incident.”

It’s unclear who was arrested or what they’ve been charged with. No names were released by authorities.

So they found a shooting range under someone’s home. As if that never happens in real America.

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  1. From the first link: staff KABC logo
    Friday, February 8, 2019
    Police find underground shooting range, weapons cache at Fontana home

    TTAG rehashing old articles from 2019?

      • No problem by me, I somehow missed this AWESOME story when it came out. And now I really, really want my own underground shooting range.

    • Beat me to it. I immediately recognized the photos as I opened this page, and checked online to find the date of the incident, which I knew was a while ago.

      4 years ago, actually. Umm…

  2. Didn’t think that type of people were ambitious enough to do that. After all, it is work.
    How do the police know they are the champions of hide and seek? There could be many more we don’t know about simply because they did not find them.

  3. considering how often gang members are not arrested and most just get away with their crimes and the liberal ‘progressive’ DA’s not even bothering to prosecute them whats really odd is the police even bothered.

    • @RCC

      Learned something new from the Western Australia Police… .50 cal can blow up buildings!


      They consider 1,000 rounds of assorted ammunition to be a lot.

      It appears that peaceful, legitimate firearm owners in Western Australia are about to be run through the wringer…again…and again…ad infinitum.

      • We already are from that event in Queensland. The police nationally want vengeance wrapped up as justice. Even though the incident was done by people who were owning the guns illegally.

        If they think 1000 rounds is a lot, they would have a heart attack at what’s in my storage.

        The perp in WA supposedly had a .50-cal. Wouldn’t that register on seismic detectors if fired in a small underground room?

        • My first thought was…1,000 rounds, holy cow, that’s what’s in my range bag.

          Maybe bloody nose from the concussion. Double (triple?) hearing protection for sure?

          Weather is slowly warming up. Daytime highs running from -2C to 4C.

        • OG, we’ve had some stinking hot days lately. 37-40 across Sydney.

          Thank heavens for Air Conditioning and a tripod fan.

    • What the hell happened to the diggers since WWII? Apparently fully neutered by the eurowussies.

      • No. People keep forgetting that there’s a big difference between bearing militia-suitable arms as a private citizen vis-a-vis bearing arms when conscripted.

  4. “Bounty of ammunition” LoL

    And good point on hide-n-seek Gipper, I thought the same thing

  5. Did my little eyes spy Old Glory hanging there in the alleged gang hideaway?

    Clearly not a socialist-democrat’s “hideaway:

    • “Will they throw the book at them?”

      I was gonna make a wisecrack about books and a questionable ability to read, but I won’t…

      *snicker* 😉

  6. Well, they did possibly break some laws. I mean did they get the proper building permit for construction of the shooting range, then there was maybe the failure to get inspections prior to placing it in use. Perhaps inspections had to be pending the installation of the required ventilation and filtering/remediation system as Cali has laws preventing the emission of toxic fumes into the air.

  7. Doesn’t look like a real comfy “range”, although i didn’t watch the video. Looks more like a shooting nook. Or corner.

    Still I’d probably take it LoL

    • I have mused about buying an old house with a basement and converting part to a pistol range using a length of drainage culvert buried in the yard… 🙂

      • I shoot pellet pistols in my house or garage. Keeps your hand in without the hazards and expenses of a ‘real’ range.

        • I was pleasantly suprised by how many real guns have pellet/bb versions. Some of the trigger are even halfway decent.

  8. Maybe I’m out of the box here, but if gang-bangers are going to keep on shooting at each other (and I don’t see anything coming anytime soon that will stop that) I’m kind of thinking it might be a good idea if they get some range time in, and learn to shoot straight, so they don’t take out the little kid on the front porch down the street…

    • Also NGL, it’s a pretty badass setup lol. Absolutely zero support, but cool nonetheless.

    • Kids are more tender.
      Goatzhia Vealicious had her future cut short after taking a dogs advice and staying on the porch.

    • Unless the kid on the front porch is a relative of someone who said no to the gang’s extortion-racketeering in the neighborhood, or if the kid called the police when gangsters committed crimes on the premises. Then the kid might be intentionally targeted.

      “Who cares as long as they’re shooting each other?” is stupid.

  9. Not that it has anything to to do with anything, but I think 5 March 1836 has something to do with a guy named Colt and a new invention. I could be wrong, but I’m giving him a nod anyway.

  10. Fontana has always been a sketchy place, if you are looking for trouble, that is a great place to start. It has been nicknamed Fontucky as long as I remember.

  11. I am not a lawyer. However, it would appear that one is needed. In the case of Sasquatch vs the Fontana Police Department.

    Your honor, my client is the undisputed Hide-And-Seek champion. These so called “law enforcement professionals” unfairly and with ill-intent claimed the title in the press release dated from 2019…..

  12. Why would anyone serious about firearms have 1 of those jamb machine drum magazines? The only drum mag I’ve ever seen that wasn’t crap was the drum used on the Thompson SMG. The AR drums have been nothing but bulky crap. If they worked worth a damn the military would use them.
    A thousand rounds of ammunition is a nice start for an afternoon at the firing range. A couple rifles or handguns is not an arsenal. A semiautomatic rifle is not a machine gun.

  13. just the ingestion of all the toxic chemicals and the close confines the sound would have been deafening Everyone going down there would be contaminated and had hearing loss.

  14. Should have let Geraldo open the door….would have been empty. Sounds interesting. OH, the inhumanity of it all.
    Are the plans available on line??? Fume exhaust? Noise abatement? Surely, EPA approved??

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