Slidefire bump fire stocks resume sales November 1
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Jeremiah Cottle, who invented and patented the device, which he calls a slide stock, ran his Moran, Texas-based company Slide Fire Solutions for eight years before the Las Vegas shooting.

“And then the government came after me,” Cottle said.

On Oct. 1, 2017, a gunman in Las Vegas killed 58 people at an outdoor concert and wounded hundreds. Fourteen of the shooter’s 22 semi-automatic rifles were equipped with bump stocks, allowing him to shoot so many concertgoers in a matter of minutes.

Four months later, a shooter killed 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Though the shooter didn’t use a bump stock, public outcry mounted, and then President Donald Trump called for a ban on the device. The ATF quickly complied, issuing its federal rule — the ban — in December 2018.

By then Slide Fire had shut down amid lawsuits over the Las Vegas massacre. RW Arms in Fort Worth took over selling off the remaining inventory.

Cottle has rebranded Slide Fire as the American Bump Stock Company and resumed sales on Feb. 17, this time via the website

Business has been slow so far.

He sees two main reasons: trouble processing credit card payments, and uncertainty over how long ownership will remain legal.

“People are afraid of what the government is going to do,” he said.

His bump stocks cost $249 right now, about 15% more than before the ban, due to higher material and labor costs.

Cargill plans to sell the devices at his store in Austin soon.

ATF can still enforce the ban outside Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, but the appeals court ruling protects buyers, sellers and owners in those three states.

“Essentially, the ATF is prevented from enforcing the rule for the time being in these three states,” Stevenson said.

— Emily Caldwell in Bump stocks sales resume in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi after ATF misses deadline to appeal reversal of ban

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  1. According to the US Supremes, State and local authorities can secure GREATER LIBERTY INTERESTS — RIGHTS, than secured by others.
    It works such that the GREATER RIGHTS supersede any lesser similar rights.
    The least restrictive rules.

  2. I have no use for a bumpstock however they should be legal under the Second Amendment.
    Well that is until our New Giverment decides We The People dont need the second Amendment either.
    How many rights in the bill of rights do we have left now?
    Certainly not 1-4, Shall Not Be Infringed , heres another infringement, so see no 2A.
    And Trump kinda blew it on the bumpstocks ban, but who else to vote for? Well here we go again. Does our votes really matter, I dont thin so Quicksdraw.
    Your vote matters, download the app at Google play store.

    • possumo…POTUS DJT did not kinda blew it on the Bump Stock rule. Who blew it at the time were knee jerk Gun Owning azzhats who were quick to hold hands with the type of politically inept Gun Talking morons on ar15.crap whose claim to fame is 35,000 incomplete sentence posts. The lynch mobs who permeated this forum and others with democRat level Trump Bashing failed to read the what-ifs had POTUS DJT handed the football off to congress. A congress with a laundry list that would not have provided any “out” for Bump Stocks or anything else on their list.

      The question for you or anyone who failed to read and understand the fine print which A. Gottleib did explain…

      At the time when doing nothing was not an option…What choice would you have made between Bump Stocks and a knee jerk congress on board with Gun Control? Don’t spin with maybe or maybe not or glass half full have empty, etc.

        • Trump wants your votes…but he could care less about your guns…remember he pushed red flag laws, as well….

      • Sorry … but you’re wrong. Gun-ignorant New Yorker POTUS DJT ran his big law-ignorant mouth and blew bumpstocks AND our 4A rights, specifically; red flag laws. This is undeniable. I do agree the selfish dumbasses equally as ignorant of the US legal process as DJT didn’t help matters by stating they either didn’t care because they didn’t own one, and/or didn’t think it was otherwise worth fighting (the Ruger syndrome, whom I also hope burns in Hell). Too bad it wasn’t such FUDD IDIOTS only that were affected but it hurt us all as it started the ball rolling down a slippery slope. DJT made the same stupid remark about suppressors. Interestingly he had made campaign promises about removing the SBR, SBS, and suppressors from the NFA entirely. These it seems were the only promises he didn’t keep.

      • No, you’re wrong on this one Debbie. You can support Trump and still admit that he didn’t have our back on this one.

      • The Dems didn’t have the votes to overrule a filibuster. McConnell didn’t need to even allow a vote on it. Had those two happened for some reason, they didn’t have enough votesto overturn a veto. This wasn’t a win for 2A because of Trump. He could have fought it. He could have made a case for them. He could have ignored it. Instead, he folded.

        Making a BATFE rule isn’t simpler to undo than a law. George HW Bush’s “assault weapon” import ban is still in effect. To overturn BATFE rules, a President just needs guts and a love for 2A, and Trump obviously wasn’t that person.

        • You’re assuming Republicans wouldn’t have voted for it. Recall this was following the largest mass shooting in our history. Remember Florida Republican behavior after the Parkland shooting? Florida’s then governor is now a US senator. Congress got together to override Trump’s veto of defense spending, so it isn’t like it couldn’t happen because it did happen. It’s best not to play with fire.

          I’m not defending him. It was a major blunder, but we may end up being better off, in the end, depending on the final court rulings. The people that were financially harmed need to be made whole.

          I know this is a gun blog, so there’s always bump stock talk, but the worst thing Trump did was agree to lock down for two weeks and spend us into oblivion. As usual, the gov could have done absolutely nothing, and we would have been much better off today. I called out that nonsense from the beginning, but it was otherwise mostly crickets around here.

      • “At the time when doing nothing was not an option…”

        There you have it. It was ok that they took away your rights. Not taking away your rights simply isn’t an option.

        All the while controlling the house,senate, and presidency.

  3. Good. It’s long pasted time the “gun community” start to support responsible MG ownership. And the Las Vegas massacre was committed with real machine guns.

    Was there a forensic ballistic report done on the shooters guns by the AFT??? I don’t think so.

    And where did the guns come from??? Since the gun grabbers care so much about having serial numbers on all guns. Did they come from Mexico???

  4. In the coming national divorce, or the possibility of have one. It would be good to have at least one full auto weapon in every american home.

    The more machine guns there are in the hands of the American citizenry. The more polite we will be to each other.

    • there are probably at least as many unregistered automatic weapons as registered ones out there…this goes back to the eighties when it was easy to do and a lot of people were doing it

      • I know that to be true. Every now and then a family member will turn in a machine gun to the police. When they’re relative gun owner passes away.

  5. All gun laws are unconstitutional. The AFT calling a piece of plastic outside of the fire control group a “machine gun” is absolutely ludicrous and the ATF hopped on Trump’s silly political response and lack of understanding to “ban” a piece of plastic. Even DJT makes bad choices. Personally, I have no use for such silly objects, but I reject the government’s right the outlaw anything regarding firearms, as that’s the cornerstone of the Constitution.

    • Im so happy he decided to resume sales. I’m hoping people continue to support his company.

      While a bump stock certainly doesn’t make a semi-automatic a machine gun..I’ve always seen bump stocks as symbolic of the desire to make America full auto again.

      I could be wrong, but didn’t someone do a test comparing bump stock fire to that of an actual machine gun?

      And that bump stock fire was almost as fast, or faster then the machine gun? Full automatics should just become available again in my opinion.

    • Yes the constitution. They’ve got to do some changes to The Constitution.
      Besides, what good is the constitution when the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional and the states just keep on making laws with no regards to the Supreme Court or the Constitution.

      • The Executive Branch (President) is in charge of law enforcement. The puppet acting as President has relinquished control to the woke leftist -AKA Communists. Absolute reason for impeachment, unfortunately the only person with any balls in D.C. was replaced by this usurper in a stolen election via massive fraud.

  6. Meh…don’t care. Nothing to do with my rights(or lack thereof)in ILLannoy. Or millions of brace boy’s🙄

  7. Didn’t Clyde Barrow steal his BARs from the national guard armory? Didn’t the allies give the free French disposable one use stamped pistols to kill a nazi with to steal his weapon? I bet I can steal automatic weapons too.

    • Yep and dozens of M-4 and M-16 automatic rifles get “lost” every year. Not to mention several thousand we gave the Taliban. Oh, and all the glock switches that appear to be freely available to the various inner-city gangs which never appear to get prosecuted.

  8. Being a precision shooter I have no use for these, but I will make a point here……if you are going to buy one, do it with cash and over the counter with no record.

  9. knowing what we now know about the fbi
    combined with all we were not allowed to know about las vegas
    are we still supposed to believe
    that las vegas was the work of just one lone crazy gunman
    and not the shadowy government operation
    that it looked like from every possible angle
    and btw
    as soon as theyre legal in wisconsin
    im putting a bumpstock on at least one of my 16 inch ar15s
    because the national divorce is coming
    and until the ugly part of that works itself out
    and id rather have one and not need it
    than need one and not have it

  10. Unfortunately, Judge Ezra (who dismissed the case and got severely bench slapped by the Fifth Circuit) has now made more than a bit of a muddle here.

    Case was remanded by the Fifth Circuit for entry of appropriate relief (be it an injunction, declaratory relief, damages, costs, etc., etc., which it had to do because Ezra just dismissed the case en toto). But the order Judge Ezra entered today (on his own volition, and before anyone could move for entry of particular relief), just said “judgment for plaintiff, close the case.” So he’s not done what the Fifth Circuit told him to do — look at the case and enter the appropriate relief.

    So is the ATF enjoined from enforcing the law? Not without entry of an injunction. What about declaratory relief (e.g., “the court declares that the ATF reg is void”)? Unless it is recited in the judgment, all relief not granted is typically deemed denied.

    I suspect that Cargill will file a motion asking the Court to enter / modify the final judgment, and take him up if he refuses. But it certainly looks to me like Judge Ezra is thumbing his nose at the Fifth Circuit.

  11. “Bump stocks sales resume in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi after ATF misses deadline to appeal reversal of ban”

    Looked at the link titled above; interesting, recommended reading.

    The enemy didn’t appear where expected. This is not a victory, but something that should be worrisome. Something’s amiss, when all goes well.

    • The linked article was obviously written by someone who doesn’t know jack about the legal system.

      The deadline that was “missed” was to the time to move to stay issuance of the mandate. But in this case it did not matter at all, especially since the time to file a cert petition hasn’t run, and thus nothing of any materiality was “missed.”

      A quick primer on this works. Let’s say I had a judgement against you for $4.2 million, but you filed an appeal and posted a supersedeas bond. (This hypo is taken from one of my cases.) The bond means I can’t start seizing your bank accounts while the appeal is pending. Court of appeals affirms. 45 days later, the mandate automatically issues, which means the appeal is over and I can immediately send the marshals out if you don’t pay up.

      But what if you want to appeal to SCOTUS and don’t want me to be allowed to start collecting on my judgment while that is pending? In that case, you move the court of appeals to stay issuance of the mandate. If the motion is granted, the district court’s judgment remains on ice while the SCOTUS appeal is pending.

      In the Cargill case, however, the underlying judgment went *against* the plaintiff and was reversed with instructions to enter a judgment for the plaintiff. As a result, the mandate issuing meant nothing — no judgment for the plaintiff has been entered that would need to be stayed pending SCOTUS ruling on the matter.

      On remand, had Judge Ezra entered, for example, a nationwide injunction or an award of damages, the feds could then ask for that to be stayed pending appeal. But that hypo hasn’t occurred.

  12. don’t like bumpstocks, don’t own one
    don’t like yt-stuff, stop using toilet paper
    don’t like America, get your ass out

  13. I had no desire to own a Bumpstock even before the Vegas shooting, and I’ve no desire for one now, but they never should have been banned. Especially after reading the ATF’s reasoning, which was totally unsupportable as the stock does not change how the trigger functions. It’s still just one bullet for each pull of the trigger. ATFs description was totally wrong and made no sense at all.
    At $3=9, I’d be more interested in a binary trigger.


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