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These guys weren't armed. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)
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The riot and incursion at the US Capitol building on January 6 has been portrayed in the media as a violent terrorist attack, an armed attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government by crazed insurrectionists.

However you characterize the debacle in Washington that day, a few hundred people clearly forced their way into the Capitol building. Some smashed their way in, others strolled through open doors as Capitol police looked on.

Oh, and that day’s events have been — SURPRISE! — used as justification for more gun control laws.

Hundreds have since been arrested and charged for their part in what took place at the Capitol on January 6. Earlier today, Jill Sanborn, the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, testified in front of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee.

In an exchange with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Sanborn disclosed that precisely zero firearms were found among the hundreds of people who made their way into the Capitol that day (1:08 on the following video).

Johnson: How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds during that day?

Sanborn: To my knowledge, we have not recovered any on that day from any other arrests at the scene at this point, but I don’t want to speak on behalf of Metro and Capitol police, but, to my knowledge, none.

Johnson: So nobody has been charged with an actual firearms weapon in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds?

Sanborn: Correct. The closest we came was the vehicle that had the molotov cocktails in it and when we did a search of that vehicle later on there was a weapon, but…

Johnson: How many shots were fired that we know of?

Sanborn: I believe the only shots that were fired were the ones that resulted in the death of the one lady.

That lady, Ashli Babbitt, was shot by a still-unidentified Capitol Police officer as she attempted to climb through the broken window of a door within the Capitol building.

Sanborn’s testimony raises some questions. If the events of that day were — as Democrats and the media are so anxious to portray them — a brazen attempt to overthrow the government, why wasn’t anyone in the crowd that invaded the Capitol carrying firearms? If your intent is to sack and occupy the seat of power of the world’s most powerful democracy, shouldn’t you be carrying guns when you do it?

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  1. But, but, but….

    The insurrectionists might have had weapons, and they might have wanted to overthrow the government if they might have had weapons. And because they might have had weapons, or might have wanted to have weapons….elected people were terrorized over what might happen. It was a genius plan: make people think you are a terrorist, even if you are not.

    • So this was a peaceful demonstration by law abiding folk?

      Elected people were not terrorized over what might happen. They were terrorized over what actually happened to them.

      An angry mob of delusional terrorists invaded their workplace, intent on overthrowing a just and fair election. The terrorists put up a gallows outside and I have no doubt that some of them would have gleefully strung up Pence and/or Pelosi and/or Harris if they had been able to get their hands on them.

      It does not matter that no weapons were found afterwards. What does matter is that all of these terrorist clowns are brought to justice.

        • When things don’t go your way, you can either accept reality or retreat into a fantasy. You enjoy your fantasy, and I will live in the real world.

      • “When things don’t go your way…”

        The real world? Did they skip 2020 in your world?

        How about 2015-16? “not my president”… Now you even have commercials by Samatha Bee saying how 2020 ruined women’s equality, companies saying “be less white” as part of EQUALITY training… do I really need to say more?

        It’s clear your “real world” is the utopian fantasy of inequality, racism, bigger government, subjugation, and monopolies. But stay home, stay safe… amirght?

        Fuck off idaho gender neutral. You and your woke bullshit can fuck right off. Why are you even here? You don’t own guns. You don’t carry guns. You don’t care about gun rights or politics. You literally showed up one day to bitch about masks and say dumb shit like “you can use it to advertise your side” about them… Just fuck off kid. Go back to reddit.

      • “…intent on overthrowing a just and fair election….”

        And Selfies, don’t forget the Selfies!!

      • Peaceful Protest? I think not. But neither was it a terrorist insurrection. It was mob violence … a riot if you will. Liberals should know exactly what a riot is as they brought them to us nightly during the summer months.

      • Wait a minute! If this had happened in Seattle they would have been welcomed by the government because they had a right to emphatically express their views. Violence happens all the time when unions on strike block businesses in a violent manner. The supreme court and the democrats in particular have supported this action in the past. Why is it no good in Washington, D.C.?

      • “Protesters Put Life-Size Donald Trump Doll in Guillotine Outside White House
        BY JAMES CROWLEY ON 8/28/20 AT 12:23 PM EDT”

        What’s that you were saying about terrorists intent on overthrowing elections?

    • Why would guns be found afterwards? Who would leave a gun behind? It’s a stupid idea, meaningless. There were few arrests during the coup attempt, of course the traitors took their concealed firearms with them when they finally got chased out.

      • I have concluded if you had at anytime had a mind of your own, it is now lost. Stop banging your head on concrete and double your dosage.

        • So no guns = more attempts to restrict guns?


        • Yeah, whatever…

          Now how about you explain why any guns would have been found after the fact? When there were no arrests until well after the coup attempt ended?

          Saying no guns were found is a misdirection. There was no reason for anyone to have abandoned, dropped accidentally, or tried to hide guns in the building. Why? Because the insurrectionists simply walked away.

          How is it you do not comprehend this simple fact?

      • It’s not the testimony that should be bothersome, it’s the incredibly small amount of photographic evidence of the event in progress.

        A firearm equipped insurrection it was not.

      • @ enuf
        If that was a coup attempt there would have been hundreds, possibly thousands dead. And it would have gotten worse from there.

      • Many were arrested during that riot. None of the arrestees had a firearm.
        Sure, some may have been packing and weren’t arrested. They also may have had hand grenades! Flame throwers! Lasers or phasers!
        If there had been a large number of armed people statistically some of the arrestees would have been armed.
        None of the arrestees were charged with carrying a weapon, despite DC having insanely strict gun control laws.

      • enuf…surely an azzhat like you must be related to mitt romney, anthony weiner and STD aoc.

        • So I guess I’m not allowed to reply to the comment above you… ” @enuff “Only 13 were arrested on that day. Of those, three were for firearm offenses”

          Not inside the capitol building or on capitol grounds.

          edit: The Coward and slob of a capitol police officer shot an unarmed woman . That’s the only gun and only kill , of that entire day.

      • stupid m f er….. There was no insurrection and the only traitors are the demcRAT party and all is liberal mouth breathers….
        you filthy s o bs ain’t seen an insurrection….f u cin s cum

      • You seriously believe the purpose of this agenda is “afterwards” and not during? This isn’t fucking Hitman, you don’t distract enforcers by placing a gun on the ground and then escaping into a wall locker for 30 seconds before the coast is clear…

      • Have checked under your bed and in your closet to see if scary orange man is waiting for you tonight?

      • Notice that the FBI spokesperson did not follow up by saying, ‘We saw guns but, were just not able to confiscate any.’
        Nope. No attempt to prove that it was an ‘armed assault’. None whatsoever.
        Just keep repeating the mantra.

    • They had sticks and poles and they threw things and and and…oh yeah, they had bear spray!

      Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

      • I actually saw an article by a certain pro democrat propaganda pusher, that mentioned how traumatized police were by the bear spray and how it could have killed police….

        Can’t even make this hypocrisy up if you tried… It’s like 2020 never even happened…

        • It’s hilarious since part of just about all LEO training is how to use peper spray which includes getting your own face sprayed.

    • 90% of ‘news reporting’ now-a-days is so loaded with spin and opinion that it’s little better than fiction anyway.

    • Two firearms arrest on your list but no indication that they were actually made at the Capitol.

    • Enuf:
      Two firearms arrests on your list but no indication that they were actually made at the Capitol.

  2. Of course there were guns among those traitors to the Republic and it is no surprise none were found afterwards, littering the hallways or forgotten on some legislator’s desk. Why would these Trumpists leave their property behind? It’s just silly to proclaim that no guns were found when the vast number of arrests were long after the fact, not during the attempted coup.

    Biden is not attempting to punish us. He is incompetently attempting to do something about crime and violence. As always, his side does not comprehend this problem and cooks up idiotic laws which utterly fail to achieve the intended goals.

    Similar to Republican incompetence at securing our Ports of Entry. They ignore where the methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl are entering the country and pour billions into making walls where the least of the problem exists.

    This is the way with our two major political parties. They pick an issue, create a purity tested platform and opinion researched narrative to follow. Next is to deny and abandon all facts and logic to pursue their magical solution like the Holy Grail.

    Meanwhile, criminals laugh at our gun laws that aim far away from them and Mexican narco cartels move billions of dollars of deadly addictive drugs through our Ports of Entry as walls go up miles away.

    • enuf,

      Biden is not attempting to punish us. He is incompetently attempting to do something about crime and violence.

      Um, the Democrat party vehemently disagrees with you. Virtually all of the actual power-brokers in the Democrat party have clearly communicated that they want to remove nearly all firearms from We The People.

      Perhaps the Democrat party would graciously allow us to keep break-action, single-shot rifles and shotguns after banning everything else. That is NOT my idea of liberty and that doesn’t work for me.

        • I think this from time to time. But then I see actual people IRL and realize that it’s entirely possible that this guy does believe everything he says and more.

          For example; Just yesterday at a grocery store my attention was attracted to a woman yelling in the self-checkout area. She was very angry that someone had gotten within 6′ of her thereby breaking her social distancing (physical distance but hey, whatever fOlLow dA sCienC3!) barrier. In reality it was more like 15′ but… whatever, that’s not the point here.

          What really got my attention is that this lady was wearing rainboots over a fly-fishing bib style set of waders with duct tape around the boots just below the knee to seal them to the waders. She was also wearing an expensive Gore-Tex raincoat, lab safety goggles, a mask and a medical face shield and had the hood up and cinched down around all of this. She was also wearing gloves like you’d use for washing dishes and had those duct taped down to seal them to the rain-coat.

          The overall picture was, well fucking hilarious. However, it got better when she completely flipped shit because she couldn’t operate the touchscreen at the self-checkout without removing one of her gloves that was duct-taped up around her forearm.

          So… in my mind it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he/she/it does actually believe the things they say.

          I mean, remember Joe R?

        • @strych9, that had to be so funny. LMAO, ,,how’d she get her duct taped gloves, oh ho, I can see it now, Off. I’m laughing, I bet the more she fought it the madder she got.

        • Eventually the person who worked there “supervising” the self-checkout area came over and interacted with the screen for her.

          She only had a few items. Still, the security guard and I had a good chuckle at her expense.

        • person who worked there “supervising” the self-checkout area came over and interacted with the screen for her.

          So did she bitch at the “helper”? or did she back away to get her 6 ft “Social Distancing”…

        • re: lady at checkout. she has been dressing that way for years, long before this flubug surfaced. gals like her can see the contamination on surfaces and suspended in air. and they “can smell the worms in your nose” (hat tip to glenn at the hollywood).

        • why i continue to consider a shoulder rig.

          Always use a shoulder rig when on the Harley.. Vest covers nicely and easy to get to..

        • “So did she bitch at the “helper”? or did she back away to get her 6 ft “Social Distancing”…”

          That’s actually a good point. She seemed to kinda forget about that part.

          I was more interested, or perhaps distracted, by the fact that she appeared to believe that her actions were, for lack of a better term, entirely normal behavior.

    • Enuf, I didn’t think your credibility could sink any lower but you have exceeded expectations. Not exactly the kind of over achievement I myself would aspire towards but hey what ever rocks your world.

      • Keep in mind that enuf actually thought Lincoln Project members were just concerned, moral Republicans with principles. They were really nothing but a bunch of scheming liars trying to make a buck. They never articulated a single conservative principle that they were fighting for (they’ve since come out of the closet as democrats). The group raked in millions because suckers like enuf sent them their money. Yes, enuf actually admitted to donating money to them. How embarrassing. A sucker’s born every minute.

    • It’s not even funny that fucking idiots like enuf, miner, and idaho boy even exist today. I would sincerely love to see them survive without government. Even for just a week, in a non hostile environment. It would be like a shittier version of “naked and afraid”.

  3. The congressional domestic enemies scattered like cockroaches and come to find out no one was armed other than their security who managed to kill a harmless woman.

    And who started this? That would be those who stole the election in the dark of night and those who refused to investigate.

    Rest assured if the rolls were reversed and it was democRats who witnessed simultaneously shut down vote counts in 5 states and they lost there would be investigation after investigation. The hypocrisy never ends with the Rat Party.

      • “The damn Dems have contested
        every election they lost since 1999“

        Hillary did not contest the 2016 presidential election.

        Hillary did not demand a recount of the 2016 election in any state.

        Face it, Trump is a sore loser.

        • She didn’t but several Democrats in Congress did. You know, the exact same thing that was sedition when some Republicans did it in 2020.

        • Ohh man, gross NO WAY.
          I still bemoan my loss of the
          2018 Hillary SwimSuit Ltd Edition calendar I had. August, her in a thong , mmmhmmm

  4. Enuf enuf…you’re an idiot. Why would the anti-GOP D.C. cops cover for them? If Q a none shows up tomorrow to crown DJT pres I’ll give you a shoutout. Your sugar dud deserves a refund😏

    • There’s “news” the three percenters militia are going to carry out a plot in DC to storm the Capitol Building to reinstate Trump.

      Someone’s really blowing smoke on this one.

  5. I love to read this blog, and I consider Dan Zimmerman to be a highly knowledgeable analyst and reporter. I wish there was a way that these excellent blogs could reach the mainstream American population and not just the readership of all us gun aficionados.

    • I’m in favor of wider distribution only if these comments are included in their original form.

  6. And FBI Director Wray refused to state the cause of death of the USCP officer. So far there’s only one death attributable to the action (not an insurrection)… the unarmed woman shot by police. Three others died of natural causes and two USCP chickenshits killed themselves. I wonder why.

  7. You mean all those bad asses on Facefuk were lying when they posted their pictures of themselves allegedly displaying firearms at the Capitol on Jan 6?… I am shocked!!!

  8. Well, no guns were found because this was a uniquely American phenomenon known as an “unarmed noninsurrection.” It’s punishable by death, or 20 minutes of watching CNN, whichever comes first. Then to add insult to injury, the dead person votes Democrat for at least ten election cycles.

    One could complain about it to the Supreme Court, but they’re out of business until Roberts watches CNN for 20 minutes.

    • Ralph,

      Well said.

      And for readers who do not comprehend sarcasm, I will spell it out for them.

      An insurrection has the obvious purpose of actually OVERTHROWING the existing government. And that includes a strategy, resources, command-and-control, personnel, and a plan of action following the overthrow. None of that existed on January 6th, 2021. I repeat: NONE OF THAT EXISTED. Therefore, what happened on January 6th was not, I repeat, WAS NOT AN INSURRECTION.

      • what happened on January 6th was not, I repeat, WAS NOT AN INSURRECTION.

        Yeah it was a NONsurrection…..

        • Why weren’t you at 1/6 Freedom Day? Too yellow is my guess.

          Or maybe just SMARTER? I have nothing to prove to YOU or anyone else… So go fuck yourself and thank whatever God YOU pray to that you will most likely never have the opportunity to make the mistake of saying something THAT stupid to my face…. What did those people prove? Put their faces on camera, charged with Fed crimes (Mr Buffalo horns is STILL being held in SOLITARY confinement) losing whatever rights they DID have? All that was accomplished was to reinforce braindead Bidens narrative that we are all a danger to America… Good job Moron…

        • There’s a little blue pill for that.

          Fortunately I have a hot little lady that calls herself Viagra and a 1200 pound vibrator (new HD Tri-Glide), sooooo I really don’t need a pill, but good news is that there is more for the those who really need it..

      • Must be TRUTH, we all know Chucky only speaks the Party Line aka Truth over Facts… “Creepy Uncle Joe” said so…

    • No guns were found because they were “ghost guns” after they do the dirty deed(all by them selves), they ghost and find their way into a drug dealer’s pocket.
      That is how they got their name, duh!

  9. I’m sure this story will lead the evening news tonight, and all major print publications will issue immediate retractions and corrections to previous stories which incorrectly characterized this unarmed mostly peaceful riot as an armed insurrection.

  10. I am amazed how concerned all of our Congress critters are, even the conservative ones, when the breach involved less than the normal number of tourists in the Capital building during cherry blossom season. Could they feel guilty about something?

    BTW: I understand that people have been prosecuted for accidentally bringing a spent cartridge into the District so it is highly unlikely even a well concealed handgun would have made it to the Capitol that day in the era of metal detectors everywhere.

  11. And the police officer who died was not hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. In fact he was not hit at all. He died of a heart attack. Or some other medical emergency. And I still don’t know the name of the government agent, who shot and killed a 14 year air force female vet who was unarmed. And who was being calmly escorted through the capitol building, by the capitol police.

    But it seems that many of the Libertarians, Liberals and the Left, are so concerned about “Trumps Secret Police”, who might arrest people who throw fire bombs. At a US court house.

    We are moving toward a “great divorce”.

      • It’s not a coincidence at all that your comments are on the same timeline as your other name…

        You are not fooling anyone, miner.

    • Democrats know they can say whatever they want in order to push any narrative they want with zero repercussions. They know the media will always play along with any narrative, and won’t call them on their lies. Famous drama queen AOC got caught in a lie so insane that even democrats should never again take her seriously. Nancy was saying that people should support HR-1 because she’s against dark money and foreign interference. She knows the media won’t tell viewers that all of the dark money was on Biden, and no one’s allowed to even discuss the China-Biden connection. What a joke. We have tyrants in charge because the media quit doing their job.

    • Libertarians and any freedom loving Americans should be very scared of “Trumps Secret Police”, who are now “Biden’s Secret Police”. These federal LEOs were made by the so-called “Patriot Act”, under GW Bush and were expanded by Obama. They need to be disbanded, LE should be at the local level. The Feds have jurisdiction over Interstate Commerce and the military. We do not need nor want Federal Law Enforcement(with orders from DC) over us.
      Libertarians are liberal about personal freedoms only, we are very conservative about fiscal matters.

      • now they’re scared shitless about March 4th…let’s see what, if anything, happens……

        • Nothing will happen.. It’s just more of Pelosi’s Wag the Dog bullshit, guess a full weeks work is just TOO stressful for her these days… At any rate after they pass that shitty HR1, handing all control over National elections to the House, they are outta there for another well deserved long weekend…

  12. Thank goodness the rebels were defeated and the coup was stopped, Hershey’s might have lost another sugar plantation.

    • And we can’t have that. Another plantation goes down and how’s Karen going to eat her feelings and gain another 10lbs!?

      • AoCs chocolate? What about Nancy’s ice cream and rum?!? We’ll all be screwed if she got sober. Assuming she gets past the pink elephants that is.

        • Pretty sure those DTs would be lethal.

          Then again maybe she has some sort of Faustian bargain to live to 200.

        • Not a religious person, but I’m 98.3% convinced that the most prominent and powerful denizens of our august capitol complex are literally in league with Satan. Evil exists, and those people are seamlessly attached to its life-giving, soul-eating tentacles.

        • “… I’m 98.3% convinced that the most prominent and powerful denizens of our august capitol complex are literally in league with Satan.”

          Nah. There’s an old proverb that covers this. Amor laudis homines trahit. Love of praise moves (or drags) men.

  13. Those people were peacefully protesting against a racist United States that opresses and ever growing catalog of manufactured victims.

    It’s-ist and-phobic for that very opressive, racist government to be investigating and harassing these warriors of social justice.

    I say go to where these government oppressors live, work, eat, pump their gas and make them unconfortable, get in their faces and tell them they aren’t welcome here or anywhere. Well, I paraphrase another great mostly peaceful non-inciting warrior of social justice.

  14. What people here should remember that ALL liberals and their minions are liars.

    They lie about everything, and they lie all the time. They are disgusting caricatures of human beings. Their intelligence quotient, their ability to reason, and their capacity for empathy are totally absent in their cranial cavities.

    They are all predators, cruel and inhumane. They gleefully kill their own children, then sell their dead children’s body parts for cash.

    There is ONLY one way to rid ourselves of this evil…..

  15. Remember when that fool Haz skipped out on 1/6 Freedom Day because his parents had a case of the Covid sniffles? That guy is an even bigger coward than that 💩 Gun Lovin’ Goof. Durrrrrr, EnD Of WaTcH!

  16. “has been portrayed in the media as a violent terrorist attack”

    You forgot the part about it being a white supremacist attack. Were the “terrorists” planning on forcing Congress to repeal the Thirteenth Amendment? What was the “white supremacist” angle exactly? Has anyone bothered to explain that part? What happened to the guy marching around with the Confederate flag? I heard he was from Delaware.

    • they had no homicidal intent…what violence did occur was just part of an attempt to gain entry…some forced their way in….others just walked in unopposed…their somewhat vague goal was to prevent the certification vote..which they only succeeded in delaying…after milling about for awhile, most just calmly left…

      • Do you wipe your nasty a ss with your mouth? probably a good thing there’s a mask mandate because the s*it flying out of your disgusting pie hole needs a diaper to restrain it…

        • You just cursed and threw around a vile comment and you think frank speak is the one that needs restraining? Willing to bet you are the type of person who has a dashcam, does aggressive shit, then uploads it on YT complaining about other drivers – with a face diaper hanging from your rear view mirror.

          *drops mic

  17. Stop calling it a riot. That’s what they do. It was a beautiful, mostly peaceful demonstration.

    • Certainly more peaceful than ANTIFA and BLM mostly peaceful protests that were given room to destroy.

  18. “Armed insurrection” had no arms.

    Plot to “take hostages” and “execute lawmakers” didn’t exist, the guy with the zip ties picked them up off a table so the cops couldn’t use them.

    Police officer “beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by pro-Trump mob” wasn’t beaten, there was no fire extinguisher, he actually went back to the station and texted family that he was fine.

    The sole violent death and sole shot fired was a cop executing an unarmed woman.

    Yet this is still reported as an “armed insurrection” that almost overthrew the government. Literally every line item of the narrative has collapsed.

  19. “So this was a peaceful demonstration by law abiding folk?”

    I wrote “mostly peaceful”, as in the riots last year that resulted in actual deaths.

    Besides, some of you people are so easy to trigger that is almost isn’t fun anymore. Leftists and liberals have no sense of humor, nor any ability to recognize mockery and ridicule for fun.

    • you were picked on in school, weren’t you?…. sad when people act like you…..

      • speak for yourself… oh wait, you are…

        Hey, you are right, ridicule is fun.

        *calls family over to watch

    • I’M NOT EASY to TRiGger, u CcKsukn son of pos fCKer btch!! , I bet u EAt peaNut butter with a spooN.

      • I bet you eat dead guys uncooked and right off the ground!

        [Seriously thought, if possums can build neutrino bombs AND cook, the human race is fucked.]

  20. Amazing, the small percentage of people that went into the Capital should be charged. And all Trump supporters hope they are. But also said was that between May-June of 2020 BLM assaulted over 700 police Officers, torched business’s, patrol cars and 21 people killed throughout 309 cities. Yet WHY is the FBI NOT going after them? Not to mention a city taken over by Antifa. BLM does over 2 billion dollars of damage across the US and get basically a Free ride. Kamala Harris actually joins up with a group to have them released from jail. Yes, she is BLM and should be listed as a Terrorist which BLM clearly is.
    A video shows 200 BLM charging into a Walmart and Looting along with hundreds of other videos of BLM committing all kinds of Terrorism. They even torched Washington DC last May. Yet this is all OK to the Liberals. Sorry, this is why our Country is more divided than every and getting worse. YES, BIDEN and BLM are becoming the enemy of the US.


  22. “I was more interested, or perhaps distracted, by the fact that she appeared to believe that her actions were, for lack of a better term, entirely normal behavior.”

    What was that old lyric….oh yeah.

    “Paranoia strikes deep.
    Into your heart it will creep.
    It starts when you’re always afraid.
    Step outta line, the man come an’ take you away”.

  23. There’s a good reason that so few guns were found on Jan 6. Only 13 people were arrested on that day. Of those, three were for firearm offenses:

    Over 310 have been arrested in the days and weeks following. Some for firearms offenses committed on Jan 6.

    The claim that guns were not present is just as big a lie as claiming that guns are the cause of crime. Where people are, guns are. Just as where people are, all the other things that people carry with them or wear on their persons are to be found.

    Firearms in the USA are what they should be, commonplace and ubiquitous.

  24. Police made almost no arrests on Jan 6, we wouldn’t expect them to find any weapons since they weren’t checking. We can be reasonably sure however that some portion of the Jan 6 crowd was armed with firearms and we are certain that some portion was armed with other weapons. This article serves no purpose.

  25. The most concerning issue with this debate is the reporting of it by the left wing press. A search of ‘weapons found at capital riot’ will get you many many stories that have such twisted ‘facts’ and flat out false claims it is shocking. Do not believe anything they report. They lie. They are propagandists pushing socialism by lying to America.

  26. Oh it wasn’t that bad because they didn’t have firearms
    The Dems will use Amy method to control your gun and your ability to defend yourselves from the hordes of the black people and BLM who are walking down the street. President Trump won’t be investigated so don’t worry. That won’t happen and it’s not needed. It’s already been litigated. They need to stop worrying about President Trump. Pick the low hanging fruit. Let’s hear from John Sullivan tried to get in the BLM Utah Chapter. Call Alex Scott the President of the Utah Chapter of BLM. He’s been disavowing Sullivan. Put Scott under oath and have him avow or disavow Sullivan. Put all the other toons up there. Let’s interview Guy Reffitt . He had a rifle and a handgun. Let’s interview Chris Alberts. He was arrested with a loaded handgun. Lonnie Coffman had a trailer of rifles, ammunition and Molotov Cocktails. Then there was Cleveland Meredith who had a Glock, a telescopic rifle, 2,500 rounds of ammunition and at least 320 “ armor piercing “ rounds.
    Capitol Riot Weapons Include Bear Spray, Fire Extinguishers And Baseball Bats An NPR review of federal charges against people involved in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot shows they were armed with a wide variety of weapons, contradicting a false claim that rioters were not armed. Yes, Capitol Rioters Were Armed.

    • No they weren’t. Armed in the “insurrection” sense , like overthrowing the US government and the most powerful military on earth, means armed with firepower.

      Like let’s say , the US Marines or the Army (you know, armed soldiers) or the National Guard, all armed with all kinds of firepower. To overthrow the most powerful country on Earth, you will need more than a fire extinguisher and a couple bats. These people did not have that. You freaking moron.

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