Police with guns drawn watch as protesters try to break into the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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UPDATE: One person is reported to have been shot inside the capitol.


Tens of thousands gathered at the Capitol in Washington today for a pro-Trump rally. As the rally went on, the crowd turned violent and overran Capitol police and barricades to force entry to the building.

Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, at the Capitol in Washington. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Both the House and Senate were shut down and Members were moved to safe locations.

Now a local ABC affiliate reports that shots have been fired inside the Capitol building.

The Capitol building has been locked down, halting the vote to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

A chaplain prayed as police guarded the doors to the chamber and lawmakers tried to gather information about what was happening.

An announcement was played inside the Capitol as lawmakers were meeting and expected to vote to affirm Biden’s victory. Due to an “external security threat,” no one could enter or exit the Capitol complex, the recording said.

Both chambers abruptly went into recess. The District of Columbia’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser, issued a curfew for 6 p.m.

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        • certainly seems she did nothing to deserve being shot…once again it’s likely some cop just panicked…..

        • Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. The Capital Police were a lot more patient than I would have been. A single, unarmed woman would not qualify as a threat. The mob, of which she was a part, automatically qualified as a deadly threat that justified a deadly response.

        • For the record, there is slow motion video of her on Tweeter, being shot. One of the doors to the House Chamber was askew and ajar, and she was apprently trying to climb OVER the door. You can see her, with her head about 7 or 8 feet off the floor, climbing up the door. A shot is fired, and she falls to the floor. It really looks stupid, I mean, I can’t imagine climbing OVER the door, unless maybe there is a transom above the door. But, stupid as it sounds, the slow motion shows her apparently climbing the wall and/or the door, trying to gain entry to the House Chamber.

        • If they were BLM they would have all been shot the moment they breached the first fence (read: bike racks) on the steps you fckn moron lol

          Goddamn boy you dumb as hell.

        • Mostly peaceful unarmed protestor murdered!
          Where’s my TV?

          sorry, spelling error

      • What’s your point? Rioting is rioting and should be condemned. Socialists think they can get political change through rioting.

        This is pointless.

        I don’t think either side cares about free and fair elections.

        • My point is that people are pissed about the voter fraud. The voters and pols of the two parties are very different. Only one party worked overtime in the past year to loosen election securities.

          “Socialists think they can get political change through rioting.”
          And you think there aren’t any Antifa types over there pretending to be MAGA supporters? What have we learned about those violent rioters in the past year?

          “I don’t think either side cares about free and fair elections.”

          Then you haven’t been paying attention.

        • Biatec,

          So, in response to Democrats submitting 10s of thousands of counterfeit ballots and stealing the office of President of the United States — and Republicans refusing to rectify that egregious crime — the only thing that We the People should do is quietly and politely gather in the National Mall and wave flags?

          When local Democrat politicians gang-rape your daughter/mother/wife and the justice system and the media sweep it under the run, would you do nothing more than quietly and politely gather at the steps of City Hall and wave flags?

        • “My point is that people are pissed about the voter fraud” Does not just riots.

          Your point is just the lesser of two evils argument. It’s stupid.

        • I think you misunderstood me Biatec. I never personally advocated for violent protests. Hang around some more and read my comments. I NEVER advocate for it.

        • No you just make little comments saying how one mob is slightly better. Lol reread your comment.

        • @uncommon_sense Oh yeah storm government building like antifa thugs take goofy pictures and act like children. Thats how you fix a stolen election.

          I want change. I don’t think this is anything but rioting. Ooh maybe you can have a Trump style version of chaz.

          I accidentally posted twice sorry.

        • Again, you misunderstand me Biatec. My original comment was intended to be lighthearted by acquiescing to the socialist comment. I’m not happy with the size of government and the amount they spend either. Every comment doesn’t have to be 100% serious. Geez man lighten up.

        • “Oh yeah storm government building like antifa thugs”

          Now repeat that and think about it. I bet at least some of those were false flag actors. The same goes for the violent protestors outside the building.

        • No, rioting is justified as a last resort. Violence IS the answer when that is all that is left to you. I will agree rioting is not effective or constructive, but sometimes justified. The officials in our nation (in all 3 branches) are actively subverting the Constitution and breaking the law for self-enrichment and empowerment. Who else do we have to appeal to? The Law enforcement establishment is utterly corrupt. The courts complicit. Legislative bodies are illegitimate or impotent. I don’t relish it, but it’s time for violence from WE THE PEOPLE. It will get out of hand and innocents will be hurt. The fabric of our society will never recover, but the alternative is servitude and tyranny. Pick your poison.

        • I have not been able to lighten up about politics for a while now. It’s why I have not been posting much.

          I actually am sorry if it was a joke. I can not get away from it at all. Every aspect of life is political right now too.
          I have had people make lesser of two evils arguments to justify just about anything at this point so I am not used to it being a joke at all.

        • Socialists think they can get political change through rioting.

          It has been proven multiple times over the past year that rioting by ANTIFA and BLM has resulted in them getting funding (tens of M$) by corporations and favorable results from the government.

          On the contrary, rioting DEFINATELY seems to wrok.

          What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • It was a joke. That’s okay. We should be joking more often. It’s less stressful that way. 😉

        • @Biatec,

          “When the People are afraid of their government, there is tyranny. When the government is afraid of the People, there is liberty.”

          “The tree of liberty must, from time to time, be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”

          These are convenient to say, and punt around an online message board, until the need arises, eh? Does anyone mean them, or do we now all stand around and say it’s wrong to remind our Leaders of the People who sent them to the Capitol?

        • This nation was founded by men who smuggled guns and drugs, evaded taxes, rioted, and shot cops.

          Gather to your fainting couches before you get the vapors.

        • frustration over the results(?) of an election is exactly why this happened today…that whole issue needs to investigated more thoroughly rather than telling us to just shut up and accept it…

        • Funny thing – there was no riot, or anything that could be called a riot, until the window glass was broken out, to gain entry to the capitol. Then doors were opened to allow protesters inside.

          There is speculation that the individuals involved in breaking that glass, and opening the doors, were Antifa. Kind of a false-flag operation, engineered to bring antagonists face-to-face.

          I haven’t yet bought into that theory, but it’s growing more and more convincing. Those bright boy anarchists at 4-chan apparently used facial recognition to identify three Antifa actors inside the capitol.

          Food for thought, at the least.

        • What voter fraud? I keep on hearing about tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, a virtual firehose of evidence, but when asked to provide any, I get nothing. In two months of litigation by Trump and his allies, they have produced nothing that holds water. In fact, many of those filings were the most embarrassingly incompetent legal documents I’ve ever seen, and that’s including that SovCit who filed a “Notice of F*ck This Court and Everything It Stands For”, and that guy who tried to sue “The Jews”.

        • What’s your point? Rioting is rioting and should be condemned. Socialists think they can get political change through rioting.

          This is pointless.

          I don’t think either side cares about free and fair elections.

          You’re confused. You see, the left set a precedent that rioting is peaceful protesting and is acceptable. And I would suggest you play by the same rules.

      • And one of those groups actually busted their way into the government building, attacked people and were shot for doing so. I heard at least two were shot and one is dead. The rumor is a woman was shot in the neck and died. The military is gong to clean house. So far the tree was watered with “patriots.”

        • Not to me. It was sickening then. Now it is standardized. This was indeed, a “mostly peaceful” protest. And I would suggest we all play by the same rules the left are playing.

      • When white people protest..they call it a riot!!!!!
        When black people riot they call it a protest???????

      • That’s what I’m thinking, CW2.0

        No turning back.

        Did they not think stealing an election wouldn’t have consequences? 75 million voted for Trump.

      • A friend of mine who was their as a non violent citizen journalist observer said her last words were thought to be ” I can’t breathe!”

      • Reports are that a 16 year old girl was shot in the neck and has died. She was unarmed. The shot was fired by police through a window that had been broken. Buddy of mine is a USCP officer on scene now.

        • Glass was broken at a door they were trying to breach, not window. Someone shouted “he’s got a gun” before shot was fired. May have been the cops were aiming for someone else.

        • LMAO you’re so full of shit, the woman that died was a 14 year veteran of the USAF. Get wrekt you liar.

          Also – she got what she deserved. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, like a .40 slug to the neck. 🙂

    • We have finally achieved parity on stupid. Today’s events will have a significant impact on 2A rights.

      Thanks idiots.

      • China and Russia are absolutely loving this. Look for both to exploit our ongoing national psychosis as we turn our attention inward, and away from them. Couldn’t have worked out better if they planned it (maybe they did).

        • maybe now the Iranians will leave us alone…they’re probably too balled-up with laughter at this point…

  1. Well, you happy now!? You’ve been pokin the bear for over four years now with impunity. We tried to tell you, be careful what you wish for. And by “you” we all know who I’m talkin about!

  2. Sorry I disagree. This is the American Way. When the rule of law has broken down, When the court system, politicians and the law enforcement ignore and white wash a fraudulent election. This is what happens,

    • Hear- Hear!

      Let’s hope this is only an opening salvo and not just a one-time tantrum.

      It will be ugly, painful and destructive. But the alternative is unthinkable.

      • This is not rioting. This is taking the capital back. Over words? How about liberty. A republic if you can keep it, and apparently you’d rather lose it. Nothing short of violent action will allow you to retain your freedoms. Pick a side, or one will be chosen for you.

        • And look at you, tough guy. Bravely leading the charge from in front of your computer monitor!

        • Probably more than you’ve ever done.

          Funny how easy it is to make assumptions from… behind your computer monitor…

        • “200% of the eligible voters…hmmm?”

          More vague rumors. This is why your cases are thrown out of court with barely concealed laughter from the bench.

          Where is the situation you speak of, what state, what county?

          What is your source for this claim, why didn’t you provide a link?

        • Frank and Monty, you continue to spout your bullshit and lies.

          But you admit this was no peaceful protest, this was an attack upon the government of the United States of America as they carried out their constitutional duty debating our presidential election.

          “This is not rioting. This is taking the capital back.“

          By your naked attack upon Congress and the vice president you have made your true position clear, you’re nothing but bigots and racists who want to destroy America and replace it with your twisted dictatorship under the New York City ConMan.

          You paraded through the United States Capitol waving the confederate flag of traitors who fought to preserve slavery.

          You tore the United States flag down from the capital, and replaced it with the Trump flag.
          So much for your reverence for old glory.

          Let’s see how that turns out for you…

      • No proof?? Have you been under a rock for the past two months?
        Every time the proof is presented, the powers that be say they see nothing.
        This is what happens as a result.

        • Yeah that’s because after all of the “CLAIMS” (not proof) have been presented, they are shot down specifically because a tremendous lack of evidence (aka there is no proof).

    • That’s why Trump pushed for red flag laws and had setup a FBI operation to gather intel on people like this.

      • 585 million guns and billions of rounds of ammo at this point no one is taking guns from Americans.

        The numbers are against it

        It’s always been a Marxists fantasy.

        • the left will use this to further erode your civil liberties…something that will only inflame the situation further…is this outburst the end…or is it just the beginning?…

  3. It’s just peaceful protest…

    Oppressed peoples just letting there repressed anger out…

    Hmmmm, now I get these quotes…

  4. I bet all the criminals in government whose draconian behavior resulted in this aren’t smart enough to learn anything from it. That Chinese hit man in a Mini Cooper parked at the end of the street doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

  5. Lulz. Wait until it gets dark.

    You let certain groups do whatever-the-fuck they wanted for months why would rules suddenly apply again?

    You allowed a huge number of people to be trolled and feel abused. You allowed millions of people to see their grievances dismissed out of hand and therefore those people came to the conclusion that the system itself is corrupt. You dithered on doing anything about millions of people being forced from their livelihoods while you were seen as having propped up your buddies in big business.

    The optics of literally everything you’ve done for almost 10 months are abysmal and you wonder why you get a uncivil reaction?

    It’s *almost like* everyone in Congress is a certified moron.

    • These are the cooler heads that allowed the radical left to have their way all summer in the big cities.

      As Popeye said, I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stand no more.

      I don’t condone it, but we have to be able to have checks and balances in our voting system. The more the politicians don’t want to do it, the more important it is. There are many no Trumpers in both parties. I think they are beholden to multinational corporations, who are working with the CCP.

    • BLM and Antifa didn’t go as far as Trump fans did. Remember when they were standing outside the wall Trump had built to prevent a breach and how he sent out every LEO and used the military to intimidate with a helicopter?

      • Who gives a fuck? I sure don’t.

        Rule of Law died last year. This is what you get when you allow that. Embrace the suck.

      • Chief Dumbass, do YOU remember flatbeds filled with flat screens being carted off from burning businesses, “pigs in a blanket, fey ’em like bacon”, “autonomous zones”, vandalized statues and monuments, WTF are you even mumbling about?

      • It’s also interesting how some of the people who actually did storm the Capitol today have already been outed as being present and active at Antifa/BLM riots earlier this year. Outed complete with photographic evidence.

        I mean, unless of course they look identical and have the exact same sets of a dozen tats…

        • “some of the people who actually did storm the Capitol today have already been outed as being present and active at Antifa/BLM riots earlier this year.“

          Oh yes, I’m sure all will be quite interested in what source or citation you can provide to underpin your assertion, thanks!

        • “It’s also interesting how some of the people who actually did storm the Capitol today have already been outed as being present and active at Antifa/BLM riots earlier this year. Outed complete with photographic evidence.”

          Links, please?

        • You haven’t seen the pics of the viking guy at both rallies? I’m not saying every person is an ANTIFA. There probably are a few false flag agitators. There are probably people who don’t care about the causes and just want to cause mayhem. Why else are white people, like Rosenbaum, at BLM rallies dropping the N-word?

        • Try watching CNN.

          They interviewed one of them who filmed that lady getting shot. He’s even got a sheet out of Utah for his actions earlier this year.

          They’re not exactly hiding this shit.

        • Oh, the rioters are all antifa?

          So Ashli Babbit is a deep cover antifa thug, who knew…

          Just like trump, it’s already started, “I don’t know any of those people, it’s just a coffee girl, I never even met her”.

          Either way, she’s dead and no one will be charged with a crime because she was attacking in naked rebellion against our government.

        • Cool strawman there, brah.

          I particularly like the way the arms are stitched. The scallop stitching on the shoulders is impressive to say the least. Did you do that? Whoever did is showing some real talent.

    • unlike those on the left…those on the right are slow to act…but when they finally do the impact may be far more meaningful…you can only push people so far….

      • When he calls out the regulars that will be the real start.

        A year ago I would have said this was impossible. But thanks to the brown shirts in antifa and their supporters like miner49er and cheif censor it looks as though it will go all the way.

        What a fucking mess.

        • 49er and chief censor appear to be sock puppets.

          Interchangeable if you follow the writing patterns.

        • Not hardly, I’m an old white hillbilly Sippin shine up the holler.

          But I’m glad to call the chief a fellow American, no doubt about that. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it regardless of whatever bullying and intimidation you try

        • Claiming another bigoted stereotype there, miner? Except for the white part I don’t believe a word of it.

        • “old white hillbilly Sippin shine up the holler.”
          No way that’s true, Crisco. Nobody in the holler would put up with your commie feminine Karen BLM ways. No freakin’ way. The only way you live in any sort of rural environment is if a) this online persona is completely fake and you act normal in public or b) you never talk to anyone, ever.
          You’re more of a Pride Parade type of individual.

      • “There are reports now of IEDs being found near the Capitol.”

        Right outside RNC headquarters…

    • I was thinking something similar. They’re going to make the point that “right wingers” are dangerous, no more “weapons of war,” online ammo sales, and get that register going. Or at least go public with the existing registry.
      If you’re white and you believe in America, are you a White Nationalist?

    • So far, it appears government goons shot an unarmed protester, far as I can tell. Maybe disarm government employees?

    • You bet, especially after the violent Insurrection at the United States Capitol by rabid Trump supporters whipped into a frenzy with his propaganda.

      Remember George bush’s patriot act, he and the Republicans guaranteed it would save us from terrorism.

      After today, I think the federal government has found some domestic terrorists that are prime candidates for some patriot act love.

  6. It appears that actions have consequences, surprised how many are surprised that when an animal is pushed into a corner it is not going to go quietly.

  7. What Libertarians liberals and leftists don’t understand is that conservatives can be pushed only so far. And then you may not be happy with the results. Because once something is started it’s very very difficult to get it stopped. Thank God for the founding fathers that gave us the Second Amendment. Because now many people who don’t know what the Second Amendment is for. Are going to find out really fast.

    This is the American way. For those that have never read American history. It is all there. God bless the leaders and participants of the Athens Revolt in Tennessee. And God bless the members of the Deacons for Defense and Justice.

    • Libertarians are the true conservatives. They want freedom for all society and fiscal responsibility.
      They are against repressive laws on the people. Yes, there are some people in the Libertarian party that don’t follow what the party stands for, but that is true of all political parties.

      • Republican voters gave up on the Republican party when they voted for Donald Trump. I don’t know about the Libertarians. Other than they seem to be more concerned with enabling drug use, through government welfare, butt sex and supporting open borders.

        As far as supporting personal responsibility and limited government???
        I don’t think so.

        All you have to look at who runs the states. And where the lockdowns have been the worst and where the lockdowns have been the least intrusive.

        I don’t think there should have been any lockdowns at all. This should have been a personal responsibility issue, dealing with this Chinese flu.

        The Libertarians Liberals and the Leftists were telling conservatives to not go to Easter church services. But strip clubs were wide open. And so was Walmart. But not your mom and pop family business. Forced to close by the government.

        • Here in my neck of the woods I’m surprised the funeral homes have managed to stay in business because they’ve had practically NO customers in spite of “the world’s worst” pandemic. NOBODY here knows a dead person.

        • Everyone should be responsible for managing the risk. I said that from day one on this forum. The lock downs and forced business closures were actually insane. My daughter has Covid. It doesn’t start with a fever like we’ve heard. She had mild congestion and a cough. It gradually progressed, so she was tested after a few days of symptoms. This started right before Christmas so we were in close proximity inside the house for days. She’s finally feeling better now, but still tired. No symptoms for me so far, so hopefully I’m good.

        • Trump’s twitter account has been shut down…as well, apparently…those of many others…

      • Last few elections, Libertarians have supported gun control. Which makes them hypocritical fools, and not worth my time.


    • The US doesn’t have a “Democracy” you dolt, so it can’t be in danger.

      Crying foul over getting caught stealing an election is really bold.

      Everyone knows this election was a sham. EVERYONE.

    • Democrats are under threat… by the ones who understand that our government is a constitutional republic.

      You assholes should have never been allowed back in the union after your secession. Now we will remove you for good.

  9. @uncommon_sense Oh yeah storm government building like antifa thugs take goofy pictures and act like children. Thats how you fix a stolen election.

    I want change. I don’t think this is anything but rioting. Ooh maybe you can have a Trump style version of chaz.

    • Voting has failed.
      Upholding the constitution has failed.
      The left incites violence for an entire year, and has zero repercussions.

      What did you expect? Patriots to ask nicely?

      Time to refresh that tree of liberty. Freedom is violent.

      • wonder if those who rigged the election…assuming that actually happened….anticipated this sort of response?…..

        • Of course they did. It aids their intention on painting us as the bad guys. Instantly the media referred to a peaceful protest as a mob, and a riot. They have everyone from guests who were on oprah decades ago to retired government idiots calling in speaking about how tragic the event was, and how wrong it was. There was ZERO coverage of what was actually taking place, unlike during ANTIFA and BLM RIOTS where you could find livestreams all over the place – like twitter and youtube. The tyrants shot an unarmed woman, and not a single business was looted and the capital is still standing, yet they are dangerous and Trump should be removed from office for inciting such violence. What a fucking joke.

          Of course it was all planned. It’s been planned since the plandemic. This is the end game, and not the avengers version where we get to go back in time. The revolution has already passed us by, because we are peaceful and unwilling to combat such forces as police and military. We literally did the right thing and took the fucking senate, only to give it up within hours. The only thing they did wrong here, was show up unarmed and backdown. It was basically Virginia v2.0.

          Look how quickly these politicians cried on social media about having to be escorted out wearing gas masks… how soon they forget local business owners fighting for their livelihoods and to keep rioters out of their stores. How soon they forget ANTIFA/BLM violently protesting every criminal killed by a tyrant or the accosting of officials on election night. That was all acceptable, because it involved their opposition and did not affect them. This did, so it’s unacceptable.

          Time to stop playing nice. They seek to punish us. It doesn’t matter what we do. The only way they will learn is through violence and the collapse of the as we know it FAILED system.

  10. Now perhaps the voters will force the members of Congress in both houses, to finally start reading these several thousand page bills, that they vote on but have never read.

    I wonder how many Democrats in Congress are now wishing they had a firearm. Just like this new Republican female newly elected congresswoman from Colorado?

  11. Biden immediately called for the mob violence to end. Where was he this past summer? That didn’t affect him, so he didn’t care. He then called on Trump to denounce it. Trump had already tweeted for peaceful protests. That’s his fastest way of communicating with his followers. Biden wanted him to “go on television.” What an idiot.

  12. Well, what was good for Portland can go for the capitol. I say both were wrong, but if you are gonna let them burn other cities down, I guess DC needs a taste of what the rest of the country has been suffering through.

    • chickens coming home to roost?…if the property rights of others don’t matter why should they be any different?….

  13. There was some chatter from Antifa about disguising as patriots a few weeks ago. Let’s not be so sure these are ours

  14. Don’t worry, just tell them you’re a filthy Commie or a fucking Black Supremacist, then you can do whatever you like!

    I’m all for it, they called down the Thunder and now they should reap the whirlwind.

  15. Just heard biden say Despicable and Law and Order did he just learn those words or does it just apply to Conservatives?
    Should have worn BLM and ANTIFA rags and they would have let them have a seat in the chamber.

  16. Precident has been set. Mostly peaceful protesting the new norm. Besides, if any city deserves to burn it’s DC.

  17. The election was not stolen. If it was, why did down-ticket Republicans make substantial gains?

    Oh, I guess the folks that rigged the presidential election weren’t skilled enough to pull THAT off, huh?

    The idea that antifa infiltrated the riot to make Trump cultists look bad is baseless fantasy.

    That’s like when Syria said it was rebels using poison gas to make the government look bad. Convenient, difficult to falsify BS propaganda.

    Get your heads out of your fabulist asses.

    • There are hundreds of thousands of Biden votes that don’t have any other down ticket votes on the ballot. Faking ballots is time consuming.
      It’s all over the Internet.

    • That might be one of the dumbest things I’ve read recently. You possess a complete misunderstanding of everything you said.

    • The person wearing the coonskin Viking hat, face paint, and no shirt is not of the Right, Republican Party, or a President trump supporter. Standing at the dais for pictures. Watched the live feed from Cspan alt cams.

      There appears to be a group of Anarchist at work, some do have on red stocking hats.

      I don’t for one second believe Trump supporters breached the building, but we’ll get blamed for it.

      • That is Angry Viking AKA Dylan Stevens, and guess who he supports and it aint Binden.
        The one filmed sitting on one of the offices is Tim Gionet, and he too is definitely not ANTIFA.

        • If you can ID them then the police should have already arrested them I hope.

          I’m not using the “No True Scotsman” thing, but they sure as heck don’t look like the usual President Trump supporters.

        • Manse,
          Because they know it’s not about Trump. These are militia, excuse me… “patriot groups”… for all you sensitive mfers. It’s not about Trump or Biden to these groups. It’s about the bigger picture. A willingness to stand against both sides to fight for freedom and liberty.

          I have been urging people here to organize locally for a long time now, and I was not talking about finding an activist group. I mean organize and prepare for war.

        • @Montana

          Ok, what was the point of going into the Capital? Was there an OPORD that said “Bust windows, go in, take selfies? Oh yeah and dress in nonsense clothes that promote credibility.

          These actions accomplished one thing and that has provided an excuse for massive blowback against gun owners and the Right. Yes, they’ll come after gun owners first because in their minds the true danger to their power rests with POTG.

          My point is that if it’s time for Militia then it’s time to flip the switch.

          In-depth leadership and strategic goals that lead to an specific outcome. Thousands of details that go into success. Or as I was taught, “Shaping the Battlefield”

          When you strike at the king (ruling power) you had better not miss.

        • I totally agree man we’re on the same page. And it’s where I think they went wrong here.

          They should have showed up armed, and not back down.

      • some of them did look like fans at a football game…not being able to attend may have prompted them to come here instead?….

      • “The person wearing the coonskin Viking hat, face paint, and no shirt is not of the Right, Republican Party, or a President trump supporter.”

        You just spew this stuff out of your ass like it’s the word of God, when actually you’re just full of shit.

        Sorry Trump fans, y’all earned every bit of this and it will cost you dearly.

      • Manse here is another.
        Probably a soon to be former Republican house of members for West Virginia.
        Dude filmed himself entering the house and forgot that deleting it and declaring on his page that he only did legal stuff does not make it so. Here is his nice clean page. https://www.facebook.com/DerrickEvansTheActivist
        And here is the post he was so proud of before he got to thinking about it.
        Since he is a Republican Politician expect him to be one of the stars of the soon to be coming trials.

        Why did so many people not seem to care that they were being filmed, both by media and their fellow
        members of the mod? That stuff posted on social media and filmed on media is there for posterity. I can understand being caught up in the moment but this will lead to no good.
        I guess most of these folks do not know how to be a gray man.

    • You’re right, ASSHAT, it wasn’t stolen, it was fucking bought and paid for !! This shit here is advance interest on your investment, so intercourse you and your equestrian transport!!

      • Bought by the CCP. They’ve been boasting for weeks how they bought the President through his son’s Foundation. A charitible Foundation that will have an even worse expenses to charity ratio than the Clinton Foundation.

    • merkureal,

      The election was not stolen. If it was, why did down-ticket Republicans make substantial gains?

      I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you have incomplete information. No one is claiming that Democrats stole all elections in all locations. Rather, a LARGE group of people are claiming that Democrats defrauded the election process in five swing states and more specifically in just one (or at most two) key locations — and quite possibly even just one or two key precincts in those swing states.

      And where the Democrats allegedly defrauded the election process in those states, it looks like their only intent was to ensure that Biden won the Presidential election — meaning that the fraudsters did not bother to fill in the votes for down-ballot candidates.

      The reports of that activity appear to be credible.

      • “Claiming”?


        Who, which?

        Credible? Wild-eyed rumors completely within your bubble, that’s all.

        • One could just as easily argue the neglect and dismissal of such claims and evidences is equally a problem within your bubble.

        • Merkureal,

          Your willful ignorance is not flattering. Read the lawsuit that the Texas State Attorney General filed in the United States Supreme Court about 2020 election violations/fraud. That lawsuit spells out exceedingly simple and clear violations/fraud which are quickly and easily verified as a matter of public record.

    • Same people who stole the 2016 election, but were too stupid to realize that it’s the EC vote that counts, not the popular vote. Makes perfect sense that they’d blow it this time as well.🙄


      • There have no evidentiary hearings because the plaintiffs have shown zero evidence. Read the opinions of the judges. Just because they say the election was stolen means squat if there is no evidence. There is the possibility that some of the plaintiff’s lawyers will be facing criminal charges for their pointless suits. What about phone call? It hasn’t been refuted. In fact one one of the lawyers was told to resign her law firm partnership.

        • Be afraid very afraid,

          There have [been] no evidentiary hearings because the plaintiffs have shown zero evidence.

          First of all, your statement is problematic: the entire point of evidentiary hearings is to present evidence. If no evidentiary hearings have occurred, of course the plaintiffs have not yet presented evidence in court.

          Second of all, what would be the point of filing utterly and completely baseless lawsuits with zero evidence of wrongdoing? There is no profit motive in such a course of action and it is guaranteed to accomplish nothing.

          Third of all, your statement is at odds with the lawsuit which the Texas State Attorney General filed with the United States Supreme Court where he listed plenty of evidence of election fraud. Either the Texas State Attorney General lied about fake evidence in his filing and committed perjury or he actually provided truthful evidence. Since many of the assertions in the Texas State Attorney General’s filing are readily available in the public record, I am going with option that he provided truthful evidence.

          There is a far simpler explanation for the courts categorically dismissing everything: the courts do not want any part of the 2020 election.

        • Many of the courts in the five dozen lawsuits by Trump and his allies that have been kicked to the curb, have examined the evidence and found it to have no merit.

          As an example, here’s the details on the case in Nevada where the judge indeed considered the evidence and found it less than credible.

          “President Donald Trump’s legal effort to overturn presidential results in Nevada has fallen short after a Carson City District Court judge rejected his team’s request to award the state’s six electoral votes to the incumbent.
          Judge James Russell ruled Friday against the Trump campaign’s unprecedented request to either block certification of the state’s presidential election results or award the state’s electoral votes to Trump, saying in a written order that the campaign’s claims of voter fraud to the level needed to bring the state’s presidential results into question fell far short of the evidentiary standard needed to contest the results of the presidential election.
          In his 35-page order, Russell wrote that he found the evidence offered by the Trump campaign to have “little to no value,” and failed to provide under any standard of proof that the campaign’s long list of alleged fraud and vote irregularities could be backed up under any evidentiary standard.

          “Contestants did not prove under any standard of proof that any illegal votes were cast and counted, or legal votes were not counted at all, for any other improper or illegal reason, nor in an amount equal to or greater than 33,596, or otherwise in an amount sufficient to raise reasonable doubt as to the outcome of the election,” Russell wrote in the order. “Reasonable doubt is one based on reason, not mere possibility.”

          The Constitution sets up the Judiciary branch to provide the citizens a process to petition the government for a redress of grievances, this has happened in more than 60 cases before local, state, federal district, federal appeals and United States Supreme Court.

          Every single court dismissed the lawsuits as lacking in either standing, procedure or evidence.

          Y’all had your day in court.

          Now it appears you Trump supporters are moving forward with a violent Insurrection attempt, attacking the United States Capitol during a joint session of both houses of Congress.

          Your attempts to disrupt the constitutional process of the United States government will come to naught, and you will stand before the bar of justice and reap the whirlwind for your sedition.

        • Miner49er,

          Every single court dismissed the lawsuits as lacking in either standing, procedure or evidence.

          Since the topic here is evidence of election fraud, citing court cases where the courts dismissed cases because of standing or procedure says nothing about evidence of fraud. The only court cases of relevance in this regard (evidence) are court cases where courts concluded that evidence was not great enough to change something. And to that, I can tell you flat out that judges have flagrantly rejected clear and compelling evidence in cases throughout modern history to achieve a desired (rather than legal/just) outcome.

          With respect to the case in Nevada, I have no knowledge of that case so I have no opinion whether or not the judge in that case acted honorably. I did read almost the entire filing of Texas Attorney General and went through the added trouble of verifying some of his claims in the filing that are a simple matter of public record. In that regard, his claim appears to be truthful and accurate — clearly showing that a few states conducted their elections and/or ballot counting in violation of state laws and constitutions. And these were not violations or fraud regarding an insignificant number of votes — these violations involved anywhere from 10s of thousands to millions of votes in each of those few states.

          The 2020 general election stinks to high Heaven in those five states.

          And since your brought up the topic of sedition, what would you call state government entities conducting their elections in violation of their own state laws and state constitutions — not to mention the locations where people brought in thousands of counterfeit votes and/or fed the same ballot into counting machines hundreds of time?

        • “Many of the courts in the five dozen lawsuits by Trump and his allies that have been kicked to the curb, have examined the evidence and found it to have no merit.”

          You lied again, and I caught you. The proof –

          They were dismissed for LACK OF STANDING, not lack of merit…

        • You guys are like an SNL skit, only better!

          “THE COURT: In your petition, which is right before me — and I read it several times — you don’t claim that any electors or the Board of the County were guilty of fraud, correct? That’s correct?
          GOLDSTEIN: Your Honor, accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step. And it is rare that I call somebody a liar, and I am not calling the Board of the [Democratic National Committee] or anybody else involved in this a liar. Everybody is coming to this with good faith. The DNC is coming with good faith. We’re all just trying to get an election done. We think these were a mistake, but we think they are a fatal mistake, and these ballots ought not be counted.
          THE COURT: I understand. I am asking you a specific question, and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?
          GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present, no.
          THE COURT: Are you claiming that there is any undue or improper influence upon the elector with respect to these 592 ballots?
          GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present, no.
          The Trump campaign also sought to temporarily stop counting some ballots in Detroit. It cited a GOP poll watcher who had said she had been told by an unidentified person that late mail ballots were being predated to before Election Day, so they would be considered valid.
          The judge repeatedly asserted this was hearsay, but Trump campaign lawyer Thor Hearne sought to argue that it wasn’t — despite it having been someone who said they heard about something they weren’t personally involved in. He pointed to a vague note the poll watcher produced — which said “entered receive date as 11/2/20 on 11/4/20” — as evidence:
          STEPHENS: So I want to make sure I understand you. The affiant is not the person who had knowledge of this. Is that correct?
          HEARNE: The affiant had direct firsthand knowledge of the communication with the elections inspector and the document they provided them.
          STEPHENS: Okay, which is generally known as hearsay, right?
          HEARNE: I would not think that’s hearsay, Your Honor. That’s firsthand personal knowledge by the affiant of what she physically observed. And we included an exhibit which is a physical copy of the note that she was provided.
          The two later returned to the point, after Stephens reviewed the note, and Stephens echoed Judge Diamond’s exasperation:

          STEPHENS: I’m still trying to understand why this isn’t hearsay.
          HEARNE: Well, it’s, it, I –
          STEPHENS: I absolutely understand what the affiant says she heard someone say to her. But the truth of the matter … that you’re going for was that there was an illegal act occurring. Because other than that I don’t know what its relevancy is.
          HEARNE: Right. I would say, Your Honor, in terms of the hearsay point, this is a firsthand factual statement made by Ms. Connarn, and she has made that statement based on her own firsthand physical evidence and knowledge —
          STEPHENS: “I heard somebody else say something.” Tell me why that’s not hearsay. Come on, now.
          HEARNE: Well it’s a firsthand statement of her physical –
          STEPHENS: It’s an out-of-court statement offered where the truth of the matter is asserted, right?
          In a later written decision, Stephens slammed the argument as “inadmissible hearsay within hearsay.” And after the campaign appealed, a Michigan appeals court rebuked it Monday for not including required documentation.
          “I regret to inform you that your submission is defective,” the court wrote said, outlining the missing attachments.“

        • “I regret to inform you that your submission is defective”

          And that about sums up trumps reelection chances, the judge put it perfectly.

      • This.

        He is just the one in the seat.

        This is about liberty. This is about saving our constitutional republic.

        • much will depend on the conduct of the incoming administration…they have the potential to make things better…or worse…much worse….

        • What they ran on is a direct threat to everything America stands for. If you expect anything less than the actual dictatorship that the left accused us of for 4 years, then you deserve what comes to you.

      • I’m thinking that classical military indoctrination involves dehumanizing the opposition to make killing them easier on the conscience.

        That is, if you even have a conscience.

        • Dehumanizing Communists and treasonous scum is hardly a chore. Nancy Antoinette almost ate her cake yesterday…I wonder how many congressional aids it took to clean her up and change her adult diaper?!?

  19. So, seems how a unarmed woman was shot by Capitol police…what time do we loot the Rolex shop? Oh yeah, she was a WHITE Trump supporter and riots are reserved for BLACK deviants and criminals…I forgot how that works for a second.
    The Founding Fathers would have approved of citizens storming the House…they wouldn’t have given up as easy though. We should seriously just split the county up and let the DumbocRATS keep the states they’ve already ruined…

  20. There is a crackdown coming the likes of which you haven’t seen in your lifetime. The Patriot Act will be turned on citizens of this country. The Bill of Rights will be suspended, and anyone on the right will be subject to prosecution, with extreme prejudice. In an earlier comment on another article I said people wouldn’t do anything.

    I was wrong.

    Many people will push back against the coming tyranny and the violence will escalate; this is just the beginning.

    • Venezuala represents everything the democrats ran on in this election. The American Revolution v2.0 needs to happen now. Calling them “rioters” for storming the capital which no longer represents it’s people or does it’s fucking job is a petty attempt at ignoring all that your side did in 2020. This is the response. Suck it up buttercup.

      • Before the election you were pissed with Antifa behaving that way, they stopped once Biden won. Now Trump fans are doing it and for you it’s totally righteous. When Antifa or BLM shows up you will say they are totally wrong.

        I saw in Oregon the Trump fans started fighting with people and the cops. They created an unlawful gathering that cops had to use force to disperse. BLM and Antifa were standing with the cops to defend property and themselves from the Trump fans. Trump fans even said the BLM guys were carrying guns and the cops were standing (literally and figuratively) with them.

        In other rioting from Trump fans in Oregon, at least 3 Trump fans pulled out their guns and fired. One person was shot. It was totally unlawful use of a firearm in all the cases, there was no true threat of grievous bodily harm or death. It was the Trump fans who were using poles to hit people in the head before pulling out handguns.

        • They stopped when Biden won? So that “weres my money” and pig head was who’s idea? Guess who claimed it… Idiots can’t even spell Where’s.

          The only thing that stopped was my reading of your comments.

          Fuck off and die, commie.

      • Be careful the “chief jerkoff” might serve your anonymous account with a libel lawsuit……
        These are not idle threats…… 😨

    • generally true…only got into scuffles when their progress was impeded…how many cops were injured or went to the hospital?…vastly different than last summer at the white house when they were targeted…

  21. AND when all this kerfuffle started I was running around Indiana looking for guns n ammo. Cabelas had a Winchester White box 556 150rd pack for $75-but I’m well stocked on 556/223! But I put a Savage 320 pump on layaway at PointBlank in Merrillville,IN.I may go back tomorrow & pay it off…can’t have too much firepower😏 I wasn’t kidding when I wrote Civil War II in 5 4 3 2 1..7)7

    • I say go get it. There’s a small window left before the 20th.

      After Creepy Joe and his idiot minions take power all bets are off.

  22. I can’t understand how people blindly believe all this nonsense. So there’s “shots fired” and a photo op of congressional stooges being evacuated while random cameramen follow FBI swat through their clearing operation….

    “The revolution won’t be televised….”

  23. Classic False Flag operation. These were fascists and communists dressed in MAGA attire. The news bought it. Even Faux news bought it. As soon as DC POLICE has them rounded up in police vans they will change cloths as the van drives a block and lets out a load of tourists.




    • I guess that video of Trump supporters smashing doors then getting shot was totally fake too. That woman was shot in the neck and killed is actually still alive and back in Portland.

      • “I guess that video of Trump supporters smashing doors then getting shot was totally fake too.”

        Antifa Brown Shirts impersonating Trump supporters.

        But you knew that, already… 😉

      • Let’s be serious for a second. What did we learn from watching the rioting and looting videos last year? You were actually the first person that I saw pointing this out. We saw Antifa light the spark so to speak and get the ball rolling for the crowd. Some would show up and get the vandalism started, then leave. It looks like they were there yesterday to do the same thing. Sometimes a crowd just needs a nudge in the right direction.

        • Yes, that is true. However, the crowd marched to the capital after they attended Trump’s speech where he said to march to the capital. If anything, there could have been FBI agents there to make things worse. I highly doubt Antifa would sit at a rally for Trump, in Trump gear, then march to the capital with Trump fans and smash their way in without using fire at any point.

          Republicans are known for following the law and respecting LEOs. I’m sure those hundreds of Trump looking fans were actually Trump fans. I saw them attacking cops and spraying them with bear spray. I saw them chasing a black cop around the capital. I saw them smashing in the windows and doors as cops stood there watching until the woman was shot in the neck.

          Let’s say Antifa did show up and were able to fool the government and the Trump fans, that would make them extremely intelligent beyond belief. I thought Antifa were a bunch of spoiled soy white kids, whom are dumb enough to believe in communism and can’t even win a fight against a mall cop.

          We already knew this was going to happen days or weeks ago because Trump fans planned it out and made it known. They have been shouting for revolution and civil war. They wanted to stop the count. So they did, for at least a few hours.

        • Are you trying to say there is a Trump/Q&Anon branch of antifa?

          Nope, just crazy conservative Trump supporters, attempting to overthrow the duly constituted governing process of the United States of America by violent Insurrection.

          “The mob of Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday included conspiracy theorists linked to QAnon and the Proud Boys — two right-wing extremist factions that President Donald Trump repeatedly refused to condemn during his election campaign last year.

          The insurrection at the heart of America’s democracy, egged on by Trump’s rhetoric, represented a stunning show of force for the fringe movements and their adherents. Four people were left dead during the mayhem, according to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, including one woman shot by a U.S. Capitol Police officer and three other people who had medical emergencies.
          One of the most recognizable figures in the videos and photos of the chaos on Capitol Hill was a man in his 30s with a painted face, fur hat and a helmet with horns.

          The protester, Jake Angeli — known by followers as the QAnon Shaman — quickly became a symbol of the bizarre and frightening spectacle as photos circulated of him roaming the Capitol halls holding an American flag affixed to a spear in one hand and a bullhorn in the other, and even standing shirtless atop the Senate dais.
          Jake Angeli and others confront US Capitol police outside the Senate chamber on January 6.

          Angeli, who lives in Arizona, couldn’t be reached for comment, but his cousin, Adam Angeli, confirmed that the man in the horns was his relative in a brief call with CNN Wednesday. Adam Angeli said he thought his cousin might be between jobs and that “he’s a patriot, he’s a very big United States of America type of a person.”

          Jake Angeli’s Facebook page is filled with posts evoking the conspiracy theories of QAnon, whose adherents believe in a ludicrous theory that there is a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who have infiltrated the highest reaches of American government and are being opposed by President Trump.
          Some of Angeli’s Facebook posts have a violent edge, such as a meme declaring “we shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us.” One photo on Angeli’s Facebook page depicts him adorned in the fur and horns, taking aim towards the camera with a rifle.“

    • This wasn’t the White House. It was the US Capitol (Congress). It wasn’t DC Police (local) guarding it. It was US Capitol Police (Federal).

  24. In 2016 when the democrats lost the election, it was because they deserved to lose more (neither party being any good). In 2020, the GOP and Trump deserved to lose because of their utter insanity.

    The country has put up with the Trump cult long enough. If you feel the need to have your blood spilled on the ‘tree of liberty’ for a egomaniacal con-man that wants to be dictator, feel free.

    • True colors finally shine you fucking bootlicking tyrant.

      Bet you would have said the same about the British.

      Fuck you. Always knew you were a piece of shit. And now I also know you are retarded.

        • I find it ruefully amusing that the stupider among you now equate “fudd” to something that has nothing to do with guns but rather anyone who isn’t in your little cult of Trump-sucking.

          Your glorious leader that instituted more gun control in one term than Obama did in two.

    • ” If you feel the need to have your blood spilled on the ‘tree of liberty’ …”

      Most of it will be Antifa Brown Shirt… 🙂

      • I’m sure the pro-Marius forces thought the same, centuries ago. Somehow there’s always plenty of blood to spill and it’s rarely one side.

  25. So it’s officially un-American of American citizens to want to enter the nation’s capitol building. Got it.

    Maybe that had something to do with the reason why some of them decided the only way they’d be heard is to smash their way in?

    • Americans may freely enter the United States Capital almost any day of the week, they even have tours with very knowledgeable guides.

      This was a violent mob, whipped into a frenzy by their NYC puppet master, attacking the United States Capitol while both houses of Congress were in session debating our presidential election under the rules of the constitution.

      Hundreds of Trump supporters Smashed the glass out of doors and forced them open in order to gain entry injuring police officers and congressional staff as they force their way into the building. They trash statuary hall on their way into the congressional offices, violating the sanctity of the Crypt of the United States capital by defacing sacred artifacts.
      People were killed and injured, both civilians and law-enforcement as well as congressional staffers.

      This was a direct attack on our government, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the British in 1812.

        • Your answer is just vague bullshit.

          You have zero evidence connecting Joe Biden to China in any criminal enterprise, you’re just an empty bag of hot air

        • Miner, the Chinese have been boasting for weeks about how Biden is in their pocket. He has already bent the knee.

        • Me getting desperate? You are disconnected from reality.

          Us Libtards now own the house, the Senate and the presidency, I’m feeling better already.

          And with this violent attack on the United States Capitol, both sides of the aisle will be more than happy to crack down on Trump’s domestic terrorists who smashed their way into the capital during a joint session of Congress.


      • Maybe our government deserves it.

        Too bad the people who attacked it were so stupid and ineffective. The frustration is legitimate, and the anger is justified. Unfortunately, all they’ve done is drive the backstabbers who pretend to represent them into one big, united us-against-the-rabble coalition with people who want to subjugate all of us.

        Thanks to them — and to Trump, who is either too stupid to know when he’s lost or too egotistically stubborn to admit that raging against a fraudulent fait accompli won’t change it — we’re probably screwed worse than we were when Democrats and Republicans were merely different sides of the same corrupt coin.

        When I say we, I do mean ALL of us, including you, Miner49er.

        Life gets worse for everyone as this technocratic totalitarian parade marches on, except for a select few on the inside — and unless you’re Jeff Bezos or someone of that ilk in disguise, you’re damn well not on the inside, no matter what you think.

        • China won’t be happy until they control the world’s resources and we have little to no manufacturing here. Even some of the food that originates here is sent outside of the country to be prepared, packaged, and sent back. It’s ridiculous. All the politicians care about is getting reelected and making bank. Joe is intentionally downplaying the China threat. Wall Street, the entertainment industry, parts of the sports industry, and higher education are all firmly within the pocket of China. Chinese spies within the U.S. are being downplayed. That isn’t a theory. We have proof.

      • After they get passed the military and machine guns. Which is why they dressed up like Trump fans, grabbed US and Don’t Tread On Me flags and shaved receding hairlines to fool everyone. Antifa is highly intelligent, they fooled every LEO, but they didn’t fool every Trump fan.

  26. I voted for Trump twice. Was glad to the first time; held my nose the second time. His brand is toxic after today. The GOP leadership is going to turn on him like they have ever done to one of their own. It has already started.

  27. This has all happened before, the brown -shirts have stormed the party headquarters in an attempt to seize control of the government by force.

    “The Stennes Revolt was a revolt within the Nazi Party in 1930-1931 led by Walter Stennes (1895–1983), the Berlin commandant of the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Nazi’s “brownshirt” storm troops. The revolt arose from internal tensions and conflicts within the Nazi Party of Germany, particularly between the party organization headquartered in Munich and Adolf Hitler on the one hand, and the SA and its leadership on the other hand.“

    • WE had our Krystal Night in Portland and Kenosha. Where minority owned businesses were burned and looted by your brown shirt buddies.

      But not to worry. You’re getting what you wanted. A destroyed America.

      • Clearly, the evidence shows that America is under attack by brown shirt Trump supporters, who just this afternoon violently attacked the United States Capitol while both houses of Congress were in session, debating our presidential election under the rules of the constitution.

        You whine when angry people burn a store or two or flip over a car or break windows in some shopping district, but when conservative Trump supporters attack the very seat of our government you cheer them on.

        Sedition is thy name.


        • Miner (and LC), you’re right as usual–except there’s nothing “conservative” about rabidly violent and anti-democratic Trump cultists.

        • expect that narrative to get a strong push from the left…but those people who acted-up today are just the tip of the iceberg….best to acknowledge that…

        • Trump supporters are brown shirts. Yup oh how clever and you even took the time to list fake news CNN as your backup. During Barrack Obama’s term we heard NOTHING negative about Barry and Michael. During Trumps term 24/7/365 constant lies from media. If your going to compare Trump to Hitler make sure to note all the anti-semitic activities he has done. Go out and find it or shut up.

        • “You whine when angry people burn a store or two or flip over a car or break windows in some shopping district.”

          Nice turns of phrase: “a store or two” … “break windows in some shopping district.”

          Over the summer, rioters didn’t “burn a store or two.” They burned neighborhoods, looted many stores, broke thousands of windows, fomented violence, killed innocent people, amplified tensions and hostility all across the country, established “autonomous zones” crammed with filth and degeneracy, repeatedly assaulted law enforcement, attacked and vandalized courthouses, and did all of this with the tacit – sometimes explicit – approval of lawmakers at all levels of government.

          It was horrible, and it was wrong.

          Today, rioters of about the same caliber of intellect and strategic foresight did many of these same things (though not all of them) in the halls of congress, pursuing their own goals.

          This was also horrible and wrong.

          Horrible and wrong, Miner. Both groups. All incidents. Horrible and wrong. But here’s the really bad part: on an internet forum, a double standard is just an unconvincing rhetorical flourish. Out there – where people are starting to get awfully comfortable with killing one another – double standards are making one side believe it has the moral right to dictate conditions to anyone they want and making the other believe there might genuinely be no recourse but to fight back with bullets instead of words.

          We disagree on a lot, you and I, but maybe we can agree that cooling things off and turning this back into a country of laws (not men) would be better than the alternative?

        • I’m pro sedition. Also pro insurrection. and pro secession.

          Pro all of them! And that’s not a bad thing either 😉

      • There is only so much utter stupidity that the country can put up with at one time. At this point even the republican party, every official and the vice president has realized that trump is off a cliff. Or, more likely, they realized that a long time ago but only now know charging off with him won’t save them.

        • “even the republican party”
          Keep in mind that neither party has a history of being great. The establishment uniparty has always hated Trump. When W’s brother lost, he took his ball and went home. He’s essentially been working for the democrats ever since. A few republicans pretended to be Trump’s ally for awhile only because it helped them politically. Lindsey Graham is a good example of someone who is nothing more than a performer.

  28. What happened today was shameful and disgusting and will damage conservatism for decades. Who could have guessed that their would be consequences for us electing an amoral narcissist to fight dirty and mean against our sworn enemies, the democrats [fellow Americans with views different than ours]. Turns out, the party of law and order has a lot of gullible fools willing to be unlawful and sow disorder, because they believed the lies of a man who breathes lies. The man lost because he completely lacks values and character, to where any decent person would be disgusted by him. Not because of some vast conspiracy. Now, the Dems will be merciless, regarding every Trump legacy, and with gun control. All because people thought they could elect a pig and not get dirty.

    • This is what happens when people “hold their nose and vote”.

      You get what you vote for, so choose wisely.

      No one should be surprised.

    • So what is to be said about what happened all year during 2020? How has it “damaged” progressiveness? How has it “hurt” the democrats?

      Wake the fuck up and smell the gunpowder. You are being manipulated.

    • Trump is the only president who got off his ass and worked. Vaccine in one year with a corrupt and lazy Democrat in charge? Not freaking likely. But most people cant wrap there quarter pounder brain around that. Media hates him, College University Indoctrination Centers hate him. Corrupt Judges and Republicans hate him. Celebrities hate him, China hates him. And that’s why we like him and cant stand people like you. Sooner or later Democrats and Republicans would of made the USA one big California *hit hole anyway. Trump just prolonged the inevitable.

      • Oh god where do I begin with this moron…hm. Okay, just to prove the correlation between your IQ and your beliefs you’ve stated:

        1) It’s ‘you’re’ a snowflake, not ‘your a snowflake.’ You dumb as hell boy.

        2) Trump is the only president who got off his ass and worked. – I’m sorry the public education system failed you so miserably, but Trump has been a largely ineffectual president in comparison to the greatest leaders we’ve had in the past.

        3) Vaccine in one year with a corrupt and lazy Democrat in charge? Not freaking likely. – Extremely likely, actually, given how shit the rest of Trump’s response was. Americans died that didn’t have to because of it.

        4) But most people cant wrap there quarter pounder brain around that. – Again, it’s ‘their,’ not ‘there,’ which is referring to a location and not a possessive. Holy shit you’re dumb.

        5) Media hates him, College University Indoctrination Centers hate him. Corrupt Judges and Republicans hate him. Celebrities hate him, China hates him. And that’s why we like him and cant stand people like you. – So your entire ethos behind liking him is…everyone else hates him. Do you also like Hitler? Stalin? Lenin? I’d say a ton of people hated those guys too, so if that’s your criteria (which given you likely are double digits on the IQ scale, it probably is), then you’re (see how I used the correct form of the word?) really, really goddamn stupid and probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote or drive motor vehicles.

        6) Sooner or later Democrats and Republicans would of made the USA one big California *hit hole anyway. Trump just prolonged the inevitable. – First of all, it’s ‘would have,’ not ‘would of’ you mouth breather, and secondly, Trump hastened the split and demise of a true and trusted democratic process that has worked for over a century. Fuck the Cheeto, good riddance, and to leave off, ‘you lost, get over it.’

      • Why do we need a vaccine when the (soon to be former) idiot in chief thought we could just use UV light in the body to fight the virus?

        • Do you even read the articles you post the links to? You could not be further from choosing a good analogy then your ham handed attempt to justify trumps idiocy.

          Let’s take afirst link

          “LLLT (diode laser, 660 nm, 30 mW, and 3 J/cm2) for 15 days and euthanized for morphologic and functional analysis of the lungs. Our results showed that LLLT significantly reduced the number of inflammatory cells and the proinflammatory cytokine secretion“

          That is an orange light, at a power of .03 Watts.

          That could not be more different from a UV source used for disinfection, much shorter wave lengths and more tissue damage as well as power levels from 100 to 500 W.

          Your attempt at ‘sciencing’ fails as poorly as your attempts at understanding the constitution and the jurisprudence process.

        • You bet pesticides can definitely affect the endocrine system of humans in some terrible ways.

          “A commonly used pesticide known as atrazine can turn male frogs into females that are successfully able to reproduce, a new study finds.”

          And that is why us crazy liberals have been trying to ban pesticides like this for decades, but we’ve been opposed by big business corporate interests that Trump sucks up to for a campaign contributions.

          Yet you cheer when Trump rolls back what he calls ‘job killing’ EPA regulations that protect human health.

          And I bet you just love yourself some of that ground water polluting fracking, as long as it doesn’t pollute your drinking water profit is good, right?

          The irony was delicious, when the CEO of Exxon in Texas complained about the fracking site near his home, the conservative hypocrisy is just so tasty!

    • most of the conservative protests have been peaceful affairs…LE was obviously caught by surprise when this one suddenly wasn’t….

    • I’ve seen a bunch of videos from different angles. She was shot by what looks like a trigger-happy capitol police suit. Looks like it shocked the hell out of all the other cops there who were calmly approaching the door.

      Lady was doing stupid things in stupid places but she didn’t need to be shot.

      • If she had only stopped her forced entry and complied with the LEO’s instructions she would still be alive.

        Just like George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Philandro Castile, etc.

  29. Media reporting that “Protesters stormed the build”. STORMED, really? Sorry, they will know it when patriots storm the Capitol building. I suspect it will not be that mundane.

  30. Some points.

    – there are tens of millions of Trump supporters. The odds that all of them were morally better than Antifa and the Crips was less than the odds of me knocking up Taylor Allison Swift before her last egg expires.
    – ABC News called this a peaceful demonstration that merely intensified. That is bullshit.
    – Some people will quote Martin Luther King, Jr. , saying that “a riot is the language of the unheard”, to excuse this. It is a misuse, and MLK Jr. was not excusing rioting.

  31. The media certainly hoping for more blood and violence. Biden appears he would like heads on poles. How low does those hot female aids go to get their positions? The guys they’re fckin are lame, but money and prestige I guess. Mean vicious White House Stormers certainly dispersed without much resistance. So the world sees the “We ain’t going to take it’s!” bow when the Stormtroopers show up. China smiles.

  32. Incidentally, having seen the full video from the outside, it’s clear the police fucked up in the shooting. It didn’t have to happen, it shouldn’t have happened. It’s not Ruby Ridge levels of bad, but it’s Tamir Rice levels of bad. By that I mean that I’m sure the cop on the inside felt like his life was in danger… but it wasn’t. And with better planning and communication, they would have known there was no danger there. There was a swat team on the other side of the door. It didn’t have to end like that.

    But- these things have a way of getting out of control. I would say the same if antifa decided to try and break in to a government building and got shot.

    • “it’s Tamir Rice levels of bad.“

      OK, 12-year-old boy sitting quietly on a swingset, nothing in his hands. Shot dead in under two seconds after arrival time of uniform units.

      35 year old, screaming woman, member of mob assaulting US capital, climbing through broken window against the repeatedly shouted orders of police to disperse, shot.

      • Miner where was the swingset?
        Watch the video.
        Unless they call Gazebo’s swingsets where you come from I’d say that was a Gazebo and the kid pulled a replica gun from his waist area. And was shot instantly. So should the officer have held his fire until he determined the gun was not real. Remember this was a fairly accurate replica and the orange band had been removed. If you were armed and someone in front of you pulled out a weapon and was swinging it up towards you would you just stand there? I take that back you might actually do just that. Me on the other hand would have shot him.


        • “the kid pulled a replica gun from his waist area”

          I’m sorry, that’s bullshit:

          “The officers reported that upon their arrival, they both continuously yelled “show me your hands” through the open patrol car window. Loehmann further stated that instead of showing his hands, it appeared as if Rice was trying to draw: “I knew it was a gun and I knew it was coming out.”[11][12][13] The officer shot twice, hitting Rice once in the torso.[4][14] According to Judge Ronald B. Adrine, “…On the video the zone car containing Patrol Officers Loehmann and Garmback is still in the process of stopping when Rice is shot.”[13] Rice died the following day.”

      • So you’re for shooting mostly peaceful trespassers now? That’s good to know. I guess we should have called in the Capitol Police to save the burning cities from the protestors last year.

        • A trespassing protester is one thing, but a violent assault on the seat of our government while Congress is in a joint session deliberating our presidential election is outright sedition.

          And this is much more than simple trespassing, Trump signed an executive order making an attack on federal monuments and buildings punishable by 10 years in the federal pen.

          And I predict this is one Trump executive order that the Biden department of justice will be all too happy to execute, quite literally.

        • Well yes, any individual or group in this case, that commits an act of violent Insurrection in an attempt to disrupt United States government process under the constitution is deserving of the full legal consequence available.

          Are you suggesting that trumps executive order should not be enforced against these individuals? Why not, they are clearly rampaging through Statuary Hall and the Crypt of the United States Capitol, why wouldn’t they be deserving of the full weight of trumps executive order?

          We watched on live video the violent execution of a criminal conspiracy, intended to disrupt government process as part of President trumps coup attempt. These Trump supporters were bused in with a plan of action, there will be investigations and indictments by President Biden’s department of justice.

        • So you do believe that government employees and property are more important than private businesses and private property. Nancy Pelosi’s office deserves to be defended to the death, but my business can be looted and burned while everyone just stands by and watches, and Kamala Harris tells me that it’s very important and it is going to continue. I doubt Kamala thinks it’s important for people to storm the Capitol Building. She’s okay with the mayhem as long as it isn’t in her backyard. As a matter of fact, she promoted it last year. That’s how they all are. It sounds like you’re right there with them.

  33. People keep saying trite stuff like “This isn’t American.”

    It isn’t “American” to turn a blind eye toward obvious election fraud. There is security video showing vote counters waiting until Republican observers are gone then pulling personal suitcases out from under tables, extracting ballots and running them through counting machines. Not one of those people have been arrested. Not one of our ruling class has said a word about the video. They repeat trite stuff like “Voter fraud is rare” which is a truism and utterly pointless when there is video evidence that it actually occurred.

    When elected officials aren’t even going to bother to investigate clear evidence of actual crimes, when they’re not going to arrest the offenders and, in time-honored law enforcement tradition, squeeze them for information about who provided them instructions, material support and cover, they become part of the problem.

    Election officials should be tripping all over themselves to put forward evidence that their election was legitimate – openly displaying their error logs, signature verification evidence, evidence that only the number of official ballots sent out, were returned, evidence that the chain of custody was observed and so on. Not one has done that. Instead we keep getting “oh, we found another card” and “Hey, look, thousands more ballots were found in a back room” and “gee golly, postmarks may have been added after the fact but we’re gonna count these all the same.”

    This doesn’t even address the double-standard where Antifa thugs have been breaking dozens of laws, assaulting and terrorizing people for the better part of a year without any consequences. The left should have been condemning that but couldn’t be bothered – – right up until it started hurting their polling numbers when the word went out and it suddenly stopped.

    This doesn’t even count the Democrat who went to the baseball field and shot up the Republican team there, gravely injuring Steve Scalise. The left should have been condemning that act of political violence directed against Republicans but of course they didn’t. It was glossed over and forgotten under the left’s mantra of “Anything you do to conservatives is acceptable.”

    Protesting tyrannical actions and injustice is 100% American. And let us not forget: that protest yesterday was definitely “mostly peaceful” under the left’s own definitions. The left’s own platitudes about “a few bad eggs” spoiling the otherwise peaceful protest addressing really important civic failures must be accepted here as well.

    • That video HAS been addressed, in detail (including just last week by GA’s election official, responsive to Trump’s call). If you missed it, you might want to add some different news sources.

    • Not unless those egging everyone on to Civil War 2 are actually committed to fighting themselves, rather than just ranting over the keyboard in hopes of getting enough dupes to attack while they stay safe at home.

      • This is just political theater to divert attention until the next scheduled fleecing.

        Btw. I’m not losing sleep cause a bunch of knuckleheads (probably paid) pushed and shoved with the goon squad and broke some windows at the capital.

        These political stooges are gonna do whatever they want and bang their little gabble decreeing this and that.

        It will be a whole different story when they try to enforce any of their nonsense physically on a mass scale.

        You don’t have to be a keyboard warrior to know they don’t have the manpower, funds or strategy in place to do much.

        So wake me up when the blue helmets get here to force us all into COVID camps and go pounce on another comment with your snide anonymous superiority…..

        • They don’t need to use manpower, man…

          They use information. Censorship. Re-education. Hence, the “reset”. It won’t happen like you are thinking. Nobody is coming to your door. The only thing that will stop it though, is going to their door.

  34. The only thing better than white privilege is Trump supporters’ white privilege:

    “The stunning display of insurrection was the first time the US Capitol had been overrun since the British attacked and burned the building in August of 1814, during the War of 1812, according to Samuel Holliday, director of scholarship and operations with the US Capitol Historical Society.
    The shocking scene was met with less police force than many of the Black Lives Matter protests that rolled across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s killing at the hands of Minneapolis police officers last year. While federal police attacked peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square outside the White House over the summer, clearing the way for Trump to take a photo in front of a nearby church at the time, protesters on Wednesday were able to overrun Capitol police and infiltrate the country’s legislative chambers.“

    • Insurrection? By leftist-media standards this was easily “mostly peaceful protest”.

      You should cite when quoting, by the way.

      • When Dem’s occupied the Wisconsin capitol for a month the media fawned all over their display.
        When Dem’s built anarchist shanty towns in NYC, Portland, Oakland, Boulder, Philly, Austin, etc… the media and like-minded politicians praised them and made sure to attack the police when the they finally moved to clear them out.

        After all the occupy bullshit, CHOAD Zones, “notmypresident”, “resist”, “Russian agent”, “go to their homes and make them uncomfortable” bullshit over the past years I can’t believe the brazen about face when they get exactly what they’ve been asking for.

        A nation split 50/50 and on each side a not insignificant number of people honestly believe their lives would be better without the other side each being egged on by AOC’s and their respective media faces we’re months from Rwanda. Good news is being shot is likely less painful than being hacked to death with a rusty machete or necklaced.

        PS: apparently it’s okay to use the word “thug” again. A mere few months ago it was the new n-word but now it’s okay.

  35. @MINER49ER
    What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preseve the spirit of resistance. Let Them Take Arms.

    Thomas Jefferson 1787

  36. Have the democrats made that young lady that was gunned down by Capitol Police into a martyr yet? Are they calling for the defunding of the Capitol Police?

    • This was a direct attack on the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress, an attack intended to disrupt the election process under the United States Constitution.

      The insurrectionists’ intent was to disrupt the process by destroying the authentic electoral vote certificates and preventing the orderly transition of power under the United States Constitution.

      18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy:
      If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
      18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection
      Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

      Review the video, did the violent Trump supporters smash their way into United States Capitol in order to use “force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States“.

      • I just see a mostly peaceful protest.

        But if you think otherwise, remember that “Riots are the voices of the unheard.” – MLK

        • “ANTIFA is an idea”
          -Joe Biden

          Plenty more where that came from. They call the right terrorists instantly, but refuse to “condemn” the lefts actions over the course of an entire year.

          BTW, Miner is a troll. Ignore the troll. He only comes here to use ad hominin attacks. He literally utilizes the entire pyramid of the definition.

  37. The shot heard around the world. Literally millions of people around the world saw that white veteran woman get shot dead by her government/police. What did patriots do after seeing her cough up blood as she thought she was fine? Well, she was from California, so…

    Maybe she shouldn’t have behaved like Breonna Taylor she wouldn’t have been shot dead? If you lie down with dogs, you get bullets.

  38. And every one of those Trump supporters who broke and entered into the United States Capitol in an attempt to violently interrupt a joint session of Congress, convening under the rules of the United States Constitution, are now subject to one of trumps own executive orders.

    Each and everyone of those Trump supporters has now qualified for a free 10 year stay as a guest of our federal government, where they will meet new and interesting people who will teach them exciting and unusual expressions of interpersonal relationships.


    Of course, the instigators and ringleaders will qualify for multiple conspiracy and sedition charges.

  39. That appears to be a black male law enforcement officer shooting a white female protester.

    Some will imbue meaning to that.

    • Because the latest action film was released in 2019… lol. Zero good movies all year in 2020. Theaters shut down so they wait.

  40. I don’t recall seeing constant requests by the FBI (“banner ads”) asking for information to help identify protestors on national news media broadcasts during the rioting last year. It has been nonstop today.

    Is it just me?

    • The feds have said they are going to go after the Trump rioters. So don’t be surprised when a bunch of Republicans get red flagged soon.

    • He turned on you real quick to save his own ass. He tells you to march on the capitol and stop the steal, then he has you shot and arrested.

      Orders from the top.

    • It would not be unreasonable to expect such investigations after yesterday’s events.

      It would be disturbingly odd to not have had similar investigations after the numerous nationwide events during 2020.

      There is ample digital evidence from all of these events- are they all being investigated with equal fervor?

      One would hope so- but I honestly don’t know if that is the case.

      And if not… why not?

  41. The only thing that happened here is that the over-the-top idiots who will believe anything literally went over the top. We should not rejoice. This is going to make things even more difficult for responsible gun owners.

    For those of you advocating armed rebellion, think about how effective our lightly armed adversaries have been against armored personnel carriers, attack helicopters, and Reaper drones. Sure, you can conduct a low level insurgency that will last for decades, but you will live like cornered rats, afraid to show yourselves in daylight.

    Myself, I prefer representative democracy, no matter how messy it gets. Our institutions are not perfect, but working within them beats an indefinite existence in a war zone.

    • We don’t have a representative democracy anymore, not at the national level. After this election, it’s painfully obvious.

      As for that nonsense about tanks and helicopters and drones being invincible if turned against us, I used to believe it, too. But that was before I really thought it through. (Hint: it’s not really about tanks and helicopters at all.)

      • The US government represents the interests of the vast majority of Americans. And thanks to the recent Supreme Court nominations, it also will continue to represent the interests of a minority of Americans who enjoy shooting sports.

        You may not think the US government represents your personal interests, but that’s not what it is designed to do.

    • The person smashing windows covered his face. This white guy, Antifa/BLM, was wearing a hoodie sweat jacket. Everyone around him (conservatives) had their faces uncovered. It’s not the first time Trump rallies have been infiltrated by agent provocateur’s. And the Trump supporters did try to stop him from breaking government property.

  42. Another person has died because of Trump and his supporters. The fifth is a LEO who was attacked in the head with a fire extinguisher by Trump revolutionaries. In other words, it looks like a Republican murdered a cop for Trump.

    • Police are saying the report is wrong.

      Apparently I shouldn’t listen to right wing online media to tell the truth. Grifter is going to grift. Drama makes them money. Didn’t think they would state such a thing. There is no such thing as journalists in America. These people are fake news.

      • Reports are all over the place. It appears the cop did die but they don’t know why yet. They believe a Trump fan hit him in the head causing a brain injury that killed him. They are treating the death as a homicide done by Trump fans.

  43. Conservatives have guns. Lots of them. Leftists don’t.
    In fact because the left has passed so many gun control laws, they now can’t get, guns and ammo that they now, to late, demand to have.

    At one gun a month and limits on ammo purchases, the Liberals will never catch up to conservative gun owners.

    Having said that. I still support shooting trespassers. Who ever they are. But the way Trump supporters who trespass are treated, COMPARED, to Antifa or BLM, is being demonstrated to all conservatives who are watching this unfold.

    So a few dead Trump supporters are going got teach the rest of them that the founders, had very good reasons for giving us the 2A.

    Don’t worry Libertarians. You can be like your hero. Joe Rogan. Who never voted. Didn’t care who got elected. But he did like the democrat’s who ran California. Until he didn’t like how it hurt his wallet. So he ran, like many of you, ran to the “bible belt”. Where taxes are low, and gun ownership is very high. Libertarians can always live off the dead bodies of the right wingers who fought and died for liberty. As the Libertarian atheist’s demand crosses and monuments be torn down.

    The fuse has now been lit. How long it will burn, I don’t know? But it will explode. It would be best if we just went our separate ways peacefully. Like Czechoslovakia. That nation broke apart. No civil war. They just went their separate ways.

  44. The Constitution sets up the Judiciary branch to provide the citizens a process to petition the government for a redress of grievances, this has happened in more than 60 cases before local, state, federal district, federal appeals and United States Supreme Court.

    Every single court dismissed the lawsuits as lacking in either standing, procedure or evidence.

    Y’all had your day in court.

    Now it appears you Trump supporters are moving forward with a violent Insurrection attempt, attacking the United States Capitol during a joint session of both houses of Congress.

    Your attempts to disrupt the constitutional process of the United States government will come to naught, and you will stand before the bar of justice and reap the whirlwind for your sedition.


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