Capitol Breach Riot siege
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The effort to turn the storming of the Capitol building into a gun control issue continues apace. The fact that no guns were found or used among the rioters who entered the Capitol is completely beside the point, as the forces of gun control see it. Any political or violent action with which the left disagrees is justification for a crackdown on law-abiding Americans’ gun rights. Period.

When firearms are present at a protest, it heightens fear in responders and can lead to rash decisions. The fear of guns begets more guns, leading to a Wild West-esque standoff on the House floor, as Capitol Police openly pointed guns at intruders, and eventually shooting and killing one protestor. Other members of the police force have been criticized for retreating or simply standing by. But would they have been more confident in deescalating had they been sure that protestors were unarmed?

Without the fear of the presence of guns, tenants of nearby buildings would likely not have had to be warned to evacuate. Commentators have compared the atmosphere in the government building with that of a school in lockdown with a shooter on the loose, with fearful politicians cowering on the floor and texting emotional messages to loved ones. “They would not have felt that way if they didn’t believe that these people had guns,” Brown says.

Gun laws are relatively tight in the nation’s capital. Open carry is forbidden; concealed carry is only allowed with a permit from D.C., and not from any other state. Guns must be registered, and there’s an assault weapons ban in place. The Capitol itself is a gun-free zone. (Which is why, earlier this week, D.C.’s chief of police said he planned to inform Lauren Boebert, an incoming Colorado congresswoman who claimed she would be bringing her Glock to work, that she would face penalties if she did so.)

— Talib Visram in The Capitol insurrection could not have happened without guns

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  1. It’s their Reichstag moment.
    Gotta move fast to consolidate as much power as possible.
    As evidenced by last nights tech purge.
    Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter are the new Krupp, BASF, Volkswagon and IBM.

    • Yup.

      If you’re looking at the past 72 hours and you don’t notice coordinated efforts on multiple fronts you might be an idiot. And those fronts are not just domestic either. Iraq requested an Interpol warrant for Trump, lulz. Not Bush or Obama, Trump. You can’t make this shit up.

      Terms like “criminal conspiracy” are probably going to start getting thrown around in regards to free speech at this point. But it won’t matter because they already control the mechanisms to disseminate speech.

      • Margaret Thatcher had a warrant out for her arrest. It’s why she never left the United Kingdom after leaving the Prime Minister position in the UK.

        As far as the president being deplatformed. According to the Libertarians elected leaders of the United States don’t have to have the ability to communicate with the voters.

        • The UK wasn’t going to give Thatcher up. That was never on the table.

          The incoming administration will consider it. Doing so is very much on the table because of the message it sends.

          They say that when you play with fire you get burned but what they’re not telling you is that at a certain point playing with fire has gone so far that you might as well start using it intentionally for destructive purposes because that’s the only possible way to get away with your previous fuckups.

          The latter is where the Dems are headed right now and they’re being surprisingly clear and open about it.

        • to Unrepentant Libertarian
          We have discussed at Great length over many years now the deplatforming of gun channels like Hickok45. We have discussed the banks refusing to process the customer purchases from gun businesses. Such as shooting schools and mom and pop gun businesses, who no longer could get credit card services, that they use to get. Every single time libertarian gun owners publicly said on TTAG that there is nothing wrong with a private business refusing to deal with a gun related customer.

          Libertarians had no problem supporting Alex Jones being deplatformed. Many of them said they didn’t like him anyway. Libertarian’s said this was not censorship. They said only the government can censor you. You hero Ron Paul now uses the word, “censorship”, when his own channel was given a strike.

          It seems its different when his ox was gored.

          So I believe you sir are the one that has missed the memo. Or are you going to tell me that private companies should be required by law, to do business with everyone???

          And not be allowed to discriminate for any reason. That would be the position of the United States Postal Service. The same Postal Service that will deliver your pornography, your sex toys, and all your private personal letters. Without edits. And they deliver guns and ammo. What is also interesting is that Libertarians have long called for the postal service to be done away with. And those same Libertarians totally support replacing it with private companies that discriminate and edit private mail. Which Libertarians support.

          Now I could ask you if you believe that the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to Christian bakers. But that is not a gun related question.

      • They need to do away with 2a rights. Just read a few of miner49er’s comments about the DC incident. He’s nearly swooning describing lethal injections for those arrested.

        He will gladly load you, your kids and any of your loved ones on cattle cars. If we are to have any chance of restoring freedom to this country we will need to be armed.

        • I don’t concern myself with the psychological shortcomings of an internet troll who has, to date, never once said anything useful in this comment section.

        • I am personally opposed to the death penalty, genocide is not in my lexicon.

          But I do appreciate the irony of right wing domestic terrorists being in jeopardy of a death penalty advocated for by right wing activists and politicians.

          And wouldn’t it be something if the first criminals charged under trumps executive order, decreeing 10 years in prison for those who desecrate federal monuments and buildings, ended up being Trump supporters.

        • What certain members of the Left believe or don’t believe isn’t something I concern myself with either.

          You’ll never get the right answers if you keep asking the wrong questions. I’ve been trying to impress this on people here for a number of years.

        • Until every Libertarian, Liberal, or Leftist, demands and works to disarm or defund the police. Their complaints about the government death penalty mean nothing.

          The government (police) kills the innocent and the guilty, all the time.

    • Bullshit. Bunch of seditious crackpots stormed the US Capitol, killed a police officer, crushed a woman to death, busted doors and windows and fought with police. All over Trump’s fucking lies that yuou idiots have absorbed into your feeble, fantasy poisoned brains.

      There should have been a hell of a lot more gunfire and stacked bodies of the traitors to our Republic on the Capitol steps.

      Fucking traitors!

      • Even if I grant everything you’ve said here as gospel it still has absolutely nothing to do with the OP.

      • The only traitors are calling the people who stormed the capital building terrorists. The British would have LOVED loyalists like you.

    • It isn’t just individuals being deplatformed. Parler is being kicked out of the Google and (soon) Apple stores. It used to be just businesses they didn’t like, such as the Gunbroker app. Now, it’s because they didn’t like the ideas that the users of that business have. WordPress could decide that TTAG is a problem, and Poof. It’s trending to the ironic that non-conformist thought will rely on hosting outside of the country.

      • “Parler is being kicked out of the Google and (soon) Apple stores.”

        It’s beyond concerning that Apple has decided to remove an app from a device I own and paid for. Apple isn’t my mommy or my daddy and the content on the device is my own. What’s next? Are they going to wipe out my photo or Kindle library because some nameless, faceless “moderator” doesn’t approve of my content?

        The fascist Libs have figured out that when they don’t have support in the Legislature to pass the laws they want, they can do an end run around the Bill of Rights by using businesses that provide essential services to get their way.

        An earlier commenter said that this is the Lib’s “Reichstag moment” and that’s exactly what it feels like to me. Just wait till that corrupt b*stard Biden takes office. Ya ain’t seen nothin yet.

        • Re-read the EULA. Apple own the device and all data contained. By agreeing to the EULA and paying for the device, you are granted permission to use the device within Apple’s constraints. If they wish they can, and will, brick your device if they merely suspect you have done something naughty.

        • “The fascist Libs have figured out that when they don’t have support in the Legislature to pass the laws they want, they can do an end run around the Bill of Rights by using businesses that provide essential services to get their way.”

          There’s no arguing the internet is an “essential service” like a utility. It’s time to explore using that option to force compliance…

        • ” Apple has decided to remove an app from a device I own and paid for ”

          Wait, wait, wait… I’m a little confused here.

          I don’t own a “smart phone” — never have, never will. I have a old piece of crap that does nothing but make phone calls. I like it that way.

          So, what I don’t understand — are you saying that, even though you purchased the phone, Apple can reach in to it and change the stuff you put on it???? That’s got to be in the top 10 most sinister things I’ve ever heard. Can they look at anything you have on your phone without you knowing about it??? Just how much control do they have over something you bought and paid for?

          I think it’s time for us to consider smashing the interweb. This shit has gone too far.

        • In short, the answer is a resounding YES.

          You purchased a device (although you may be ‘leasing’ it, or it may have come as a part of a service contract). You did not purchase the operating system, which, in effect, you are ‘leasing’ under the terms and conditions set forth in the EULA which you, of course, didn’t read before you agreed to abide by it. What you didn’t read explains how you have absolutely no rights to anything installed in your otherwise empty, useless device through the use of the operating system provided to you under the EULA’s restrictions, which are heavily weighted in favor of the provider.

          Think of having a land-line telephone and a cord that goes nowhere UNLESS your telephone utility agrees to connect it to the rest of the world, subject to all of the utility’s rules and regulations and restrictions. Or of owning a television set that has no useful function unless it’s connected to a cable network that you ‘rent’, and which can be shut off at any time on the whim of the provider, or its content changed, or channels it doesn’t like turned off. Sure, you own the TV, but you don’t own what comes into it–except, of course, those ‘public’ channels that the Government approves for your consumption. You can always watch recordings, if you wish; Those you own. If they were recorded legally.

          Welcome to the Brave New World.

        • Farmers have been dealing with that for years. They bought farm equipment but the licensing agreements that you are forced to accept to use it mean that the manufacture has total control over the software and electronics and use of any non manufacture part can mean the equipment will refuse to run.
          Thank the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for that.
          Its why those who pay way to much for BMW’s and are not tech oriented get screwed when they replace the battery. Own a Kindle and buy books? Did you know that at anytime they can and have gone in and removed books you purchased. And its fine since you accepted this.

          “All content included in or made available through any Amazon Service, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations is the property of Amazon or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.”

          Apple and Google and most other manufactures have similar language in their user agreements.
          Other than the NRA part we are slowly heading to a future like the book Jennifer Government.

    • yeah,..they certainly don’t seem to be wasting much time….gotta’ believe the statement “I can’t believe this is actually happening” is going to come in to common usage very soon…

    • Don’t blame me. I wasn’t there.
      Those that voted for change may not like what they get. I’m very glad I’m 87 years old and won’t have long to be oppressed when congress decides that we no longer need two party elections. After all, they know what is best for everyone. Don’t they?

  2. The Left thinks they have complete power to do whatever they want. They are drunk with the power they wield and fail to understand that the people are the ultimate check on their power.

    Can I get an Amen or Awoman?

    • You can get an “Ah… no”.

      The people are the ultimate check on power? LOL! That’s cute. Up there with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

      A bunch of fat, lazy, scared kittens who would rather starve and beg for table scraps from DC than just… go back to work. That’s who’s gonna “check tha powa”? Yeah, no. They’re gonna complain about their $2000 check not showing up.

      • “A bunch of fat, lazy, scared kittens who would rather starve and beg for table scraps from DC than just… go back to work.”

        A serious question then –

        What are you planning on doing, smile at the JBT that knocks on your front door and hand them over? Gee, whiz, they win, it’s time to love literal fascism?

        What’s your personal ‘line in the sand’?

        At what point do you say “This ends, right *here*”?

    • Between a doof who thinks everything is a call to armed insurgency and a troll, just wow…

      • A troll?

        How trite. Maybe one day you’ll figure out just a bit of why you’re in the situation you’re in and start to smarten up.

        Or not. Whatever. I’m basically past caring what you people don’t do, because that’s the operative word in describing most of ya’ll: “don’t”.

        Homie’s not wrong, and he’s not just talking about the Left here:

  3. Nothing new…The lowlife democRat Party tripped over each other to use 911 to ban guns. These democRat Party sleazebags and their RINO cohorts need to be very polite when they have 75,000,000 very angry people looking hard at them.

  4. As Rahm Emanuel famously stated “never let a good crisis to go to waste”. Even though guns were used by the protestors it’s always gun owners fault. This is just the start of a concerted effort to pass new gun control restrictions.

    • Fuck Rahm and fuck you too. There is no politician of any party that has not either said or thought that stupid line. All of you partisan shitbags are the same, you would kill off our Republic to embrace whatever authoritarian madman floats your boat.

      • Hey fake Donald J Trump you are correct in one thing. Rahm Emanuel was I believe quoting Winston Churchill when had uttered that phrase. However I was not making a partisan attack as you so eloquently stated.

        I’m willing to work with all second amendment supporters no matter which political party they may believe in to prevent further erosion of the rights enshrined in all of the bill of rights. Particularly the second amendment.

      • “authoritarian madman”? Just because he works to get what he wants? I would say the authoritarian madmen/women are the governors of the states and the mayors of big cities that closed all small business down due to Covid 19. Trump stopped flights in from China and was vilified for it, but these governors and mayors are not?

  5. There’ll be a new reason every week now! And the same people dumb enough to vote democrat will be sittin there nodding their heads sayin “yeah, let’s do it”!

  6. Why is everybody so glum today?

    Q&Anon hasn’t come to rescue y’all yet?

    I thought you had the perfect plan, he and Trump were going to roll up all the pedophile Satan worshipers in our government, what happened?

    Did your insurrection attempt fail, just couldn’t get to those authentic electoral ballots and destroy them?

    Did your attempts to disrupt our constitutionally mandated electoral deliberations in the joint session of Congress fall flat?

    Well, cheer up! President Biden’s department of justice will be moving forward, vigorously investigating and prosecuting the planners and perpetrators of your failed coup even as we speak.

    It’s not like they don’t know where to start:

    • Yes, and you will be crying in your beer in less than 2 years when the filibuster rule is not abolished, and all of your ultra left grandiose ideas get shelved. It is really telling when many democrat senators are ask directly about doing away with the filibuster rule, and they always dodge the question with “I am studying it.” Manchin has already said that he will not vote to do away with the rule, because he knows that the filibuster rule being abolished will open the floodgates to all sorts or crazy far left policies. Manchin is the only Democrat in any high role in West Virginia, and barely won re-election. Your side will be dispirited, and as a result, as usually happens in off year elections, the party not in power gains seats in the House, and the Republicans take the House. Evryone knows that dementia Joe is one termer, lame duck, at best. He was talking about the WW II Dresden raid last night, and had ZERO command of numbers, getting constantly getting confused – even with a teleprompter. Joe is obviously displaying the classic symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

      • Sorry…..if you think that joe manchin’s moral courage will save the filibuster and put a check on the democrats……I think you need to think about that again…….they will tell old joe…if you do not vote to end the filibuster, we will strip you of your committees….we will take away DNC money for your campaign, we will take away all the pork from your district, we will primary you with an opponent who has the full backing of the democrat party, the democrat party media and all of your indiscretions from kindergarten to today will be put out to the public by the democrat party controlled press……so joe…how are you going to vote on ending the filibuster and packing the court?

        • I’m not a Joe Manchin supporter, but a constituent, who has never voted for him and would not consider it. But:

          No one will primary Joe Manchin in West Virginia. The DNC couldn’t find anyone who would consider trying. We know about his indiscretions and they have already been ignored. Also, he doesn’t need DNC money to be re-elected. The only way to unseat him might be with a Republican opponent. That is even unlikely as Attorney General Morrissey was probably the best shot.

          A footnote to the community: West Virginia Attorney General Morrissey is probably one of the most 2A friendly in the country, generally a good guy, and did not have to give up his post to run against Joe Manchin so he is still in office.

        • 2A guy, try to remember that to do most of what you claim, they would need Manchin’s vote. IOW, don’t be an idiot. If they did manage it, he could become a Republican in about 5 minutes, giving Mitch McConnell back the leadership role and thoroughly fucking all the Dem’s plans.

        • Morrissey is no prize, he and his wife have made millions pimping for the pharmaceutical industry, even as West Virginia and other rural states are ravaged by the opioid epidemic:

          “Prior to becoming attorney general, Patrick Morrisey lobbied for the Healthcare Distribution Management Association, a group that represents drug wholesalers, while working for the law firm King & Spalding, the Gazette-Mail has reported. Among the association’s members is Cardinal Health, which had been sued over the opioid issue by his predecessor as attorney general.

          Cardinal Health has paid nearly $100 million in settlements to state and federal governments due to suits targeting its role in shipping prescription medications that later were abused, Columbus Business First reported earlier this year.

          Denise Henry Morrisey is a partner with the Washington lobbying firm Capitol Counsel. Under federal law, all lobbyists and lobbying firms have to disclose which clients have retained them and how much they were paid. So we looked her up in the online database.

          The most recent disclosure forms, from 2017, show that she was a named lobbyist for several major pharmaceutical clients that retained Capitol Counsel. (The payments listed are for 2017 and were made to the firm, not necessarily to Morrisey in particular. The Gazette-Mail, citing U.S. Justice Department records, has reported that she holds a 15 percent stake in the firm.)

          • Biotechnology Industry Organization: $240,000

          • Genentech: $240,000

          • Sanofi US Services Inc.: $240,000

          • Healthcare Leadership Council (whose membership includes many pharmaceutical company CEOs): $120,000

          • Merck & Co.: $90,000

          • Novartis Corp.: Amount not reported

          She also represented additional clients in the health care field in 2017, but they are not pharmaceutical companies per se. They include the American Academy of Dermatology; American Academy of Ophthalmology; American College of Cardiology Foundation; Coalition to Protect Access to Care; Health Care Service Corp.; Hologic; Varian Medical Systems; Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; Physician Hospitals of America and Physicians Advocacy Institute.

          One company not on that list of current clients is Cardinal Health. However, Denise Henry Morrisey was listed as a lobbyist for Cardinal on Capitol Counsel’s forms between 1999 and mid 2016.”

    • Miner49er, do you own a gunm? If you do voting Democrat is not a free pass, the same restrictions will apply to any and all gunm owners, yourself included.

      • Yes, owed some guns.

        I’m just not convinced that a democratic administration will be such a great threat to my gun rights.

        In my experience over the past two administrations, the Democrats have expanded my gun rights to millions of acres of federal lands and the Republicans have a restricted gun rights, by banning bump stocks and moving against pistol braces.

        • ” I’m just not convinced that a democratic administration will be such a great threat to my gun rights ”

          Well, that explains why you’ve got shit for brains — you’re head is stuck too far up your ass.

        • Upsadaisy, why don’t you address the content of my remark rather than spouting your literal shit for a comment.

        • True, Obama didn’t restrict the 2a much. But Bidens registration and assault weapons ban makes me think we’ve got another Bill Clinton.

        • We will see what Biden/Harris does.

          But it is up to us to hold their feet to the fire, to help them understand that most Democrats don’t want increased gun control.

          Call, write, text… But for Pete’s sake, leave your friggin tin soldier cosplay gear at home.

          Wear a nice polo shirt, some nice dress slacks or what the heck, coat and tie.

          But persuade, don’t bully.

          You friggin tacticool inbred cousin-fuckers wearing your military drag will do more harm than good, parading around the statehouse like it’s a drag show.

  7. Draconian Gun Laws were a major part of the DNC platform and a big promise made by the Harris-Biden campaign.

    Packing the court?
    The Gang (bigmouth AOC in particular) bragged about it pre-election, Joe gave us the answer when he said he didn’t want to give us the answer because he didn’t want it to become a campaign liability for him (which is more than answer enough).

  8. Politicians are insulated from the lives that their pesants live. They have never been in fear because they are a protected class. They have never been in a bad neighborhood after dark. They will take our guns and then they can act with impunity and good-bye American rights.

    • well,..the politicos looked pretty fearful the other day…hiding under their desks and such…

  9. The Left looks for any excuse to disarm the public, because they are scared to death of an armed populace. The only victim of “gun violence” in the DC riot was Ashli Babbit. SAY. HER. NAME.

    • As much as it makes me groan to say this, after reviewing video evidence, I cannot fully fault the Agent who shot her. The video I reviewed showed her attempting to enter through a broken and barricaded doorway, which would have then placed her into an inner hallway within the Capitol. Security yelled at her to stop, she didn’t, and the Agent acted to defend the Capitol, as was his duty.

      Again, it hurts to say that, as I wish it were different. But the entire group who busted their way inside were wrong. It was a mixture of identified Antifa, BLM, and Trump supporters.

      Rally in support of Trump? YES
      March to the Capitol? YES
      Stand on the steps, wave flags, and chant “back the Blue”? YES
      Break down barriers to get inside? NO

      This was not a “water the Tree of Liberty” situation. Those invaders served only to interrupt the Electoral process and give all the Dems and RINOs the excuse they needed to proceed with fraudulently seating Biden.

      • Haz, none of that changes the fact that if she had been a black man with an extensive criminal record, instead of a white woman with a military background, then in hundreds of cities in the US there would have been riots, looting, and burning until the cop who shot her was dismissed and tried for murder.

        • 100% Larry. I disagree with Hazs’ take on this. The DC Capitol Police plainlclothes guy who killed her was hiding where he couldn’t be seen by her when he took the shot. I heard no commands or warnings given on his part. He apparently was one of the guys assigned to Schumers’ detail. The videos show a few people on the shooters side way down the hallway but none close at all to the barricaded doors. He also put the tactical team members behind her at risk. Projectiles run parallel to hard surfaces they hit, this is why in Police training they told us to stay off of walls. *I have a peace officers license in my state but I am currently not active at this time*

          I do not consider this a good use of force. Particularly since there were plenty of other officers including a small tactical team right there. Over the summer there were riots and and cities half burned to the ground over far, far less than this. I predict there will be calls for her to be posthumously dishonorably discharged for terrorism or whatever uniform code BS. Disgusting situation. The whole storming of the Capitol was something to see and I completely understand why people are so angry. The way it happened was haphazard, spontaneous and basically ended up with a couple hundred people just wondering around on self guided tours. I do believe there were some provocateurs present that gave it a push. This was most definitely not any kind of real attempt to overthrow the Government. However, I believe we are entering the troubled times, this stuff just gets worse going forward.

        • “The way it happened was haphazard, spontaneous…”

          Certainly seemed that way from what I’ve actually seen of it. But hey, narrative is narrative, eh?

          “However, I believe we are entering the troubled times, this stuff just gets worse going forward.”

          It’s interesting to watch a variety of events over the 10-11 months and particularly the last few days. The really interesting part to me is to see the reaction of people to it. The Left’s reaction is boringly predictable.

          The reaction of the rest however is rather odd to me. Akin to watching a raiding party cut the telegraph wires into an isolated town in 1870 and figuring “Whatever, I’m sure there’s nothing amiss here. Those are nice people over there who are just here to help us. I’m absolutely positive that nothing bad could possibly come of this development!” as they watch.

        • Perhaps you should review the video more carefully.

          The door they are violently assaulting has glass panels that they smash out with flag poles, creating a hole large enough for her to move through.

          For the entire time they assault the door the rioters can clearly see through the glass panels they are smashing that there is an officer 6 feet away on the other side of the door pointing a gun directly at them and yes, there are repeated shouts by security personnel on both sides of the door for them to stop their assault.

          And let’s take your assumption, let’s assume in the house chamber is Donald Trump.

          Should the officer stand down and let the hostile mob just smash their way through the door and gain access to the house chamber and the president?

        • Miner, I’ll put it like this; in my state had this been my OIS, I would have most likely been fired or “given the opportunity to resign” at the absolute bare most optimistic minimum. Under my State’s penal code and criminal code of procedure this would not have been a good use of force. Maybe you would like to give us your further opinion based on your extensive law enforcement experience.

        • Yes or No?

          “Should the officer stand down and let the hostile mob just smash their way through the door and gain access to the house chamber and the president?“

          I know what the Secret Service and the Federal Protective Service would say, but what would you say?

        • what’s your point? That blacks defend their members from being murdered by the state by whites don’t? That’s triffle. If government is ALWAYS right then why storm the capitol? Then why complain about government taking your guns? Military background is just murdering brown skinned people for the state so not honorable and a criminal background is just railroading. You know it so why lie? Isn’t the running joke on here that I’m innocent but they have to dirty up my name to incriminate and discredit me? Your government is racist every part of it.

          How come I have to pay Jew lawyers to restore my gun rights after a polish Jew came into my house throwing watermelons on the ground in a racist manner leading to me charged with 8 counts of domestic violence of which she was not my girlfriend even though I told my lawyer Orlando Tadique she wasn’t he still did nothing to prevent me being mischarged with domestic violence instead of simple assault after accidently smacking the shit out of her. So how come before I can pay $240 to have a petition to have my rights restored for a case going back 2006 I have to pay $20,000 in fines for 8 counts of misdemeanor domestic violence with each count carrying a maximum of $5,000. Why when I go to have my day in court they use red tape to obstruct the process? Doesn’t matter. You don’t care because you only believe in freedom for white protestant men. With your attitude why should blacks respect law, government, the flag, national anthem, or constitution? They haven’t had any rights, constitutional or otherwise for 400 years.

          The law only exists to criminalize everything while only persecuting Blacks. The military only exists to engage in genocide of nonwhite races. It’s not ethical. Its criminal. Constantly defending a government that is 100% racist AND corrupt that even whites are protesting puts you in an awkward situation. Yeah the government is evil but you are going to coon for them since they are racist so fuck it sacrifice your own so that they can continue purging blacks all while you use sanctioned hate speech that fraudulently defends the government and promotes their lies and legal lynching of blacks.

          You are like the white version of slave mentality. Even though they hurt you you still defend them like they are your slave master.

          There is NO political process in this country just the illusion of it. Playing to the illusion does not effect societal change. The only thing that causes societal change is telling the FULL TRUTH and exposing the lies and deceit. Picking and choosing only convenient parts only leads to failure.

        • Yes or No?

          “Should the officer stand down and let the hostile mob just smash their way through the door and gain access to the house chamber and the president?“

          I know what the Secret Service and the Federal Protective Service would say, but what would you say?

          Your inability to answer this question honestly is an indication of why President Trump lost.

        • Joe Malone- Swim back to that cesspool continent of yours so you can starve or be hacked to death by your own. Even violent animals like you that beat on women know you have it better here than anywhere in the world. Time to cut this cancer from us.

      • Haz,

        It is not often that I disagree with you. Looking at the totality of the events, protesters were already inside of the Capitol. I know this because she was around the back of the Capitol, standing with us. The front doors had been opened long before and protestors were already inside. I videoed the rush at the front, then walked around to the back. The crowd in the back did not seem to know about what had happened up front. Almost an hour passed before the crowd out back ran up the steps. Ashleigh jumped from the concrete planters about 75 yards from the back steps and joined the crowd.

        Given that the intrusion into the Capitol had already occurred, and that Ashleigh was late to the game, and that Capitol police were not using their weapons against any other protesters, shooting her seems too inconsistent with the events of the day.

        I absolutely get your point. Just thought to offer additional info.

        As for my posse, we stayed back; did not think it a good idea to even climb the steps.

    • if you seen the video…you know that was akin to cold-blooded murder…whoever did it should be charged…was it a panic reaction?….or a willful act?….

  10. If one is a supporter/voter of the Communist party USA,the entire us Constitution is set to be repealed/replaced,it’s not just the 2 nd. .

  11. In glad that more people will see just how different Trump supporters are treated. Shot dead as they entered the Capitol building.

    Verses when Democrats, antifa, and black lives matter, forced their way into, the Capitol building on the Senate side. During the Kavanaugh hearings. And no one was arrested. No one was shot. In fact everybody went home.

    We have a two-tiered justice system in the United States, for 70 million Trump voters. I wonder how well that’s going to workout? Because they have more guns than liberals do.

  12. This isn’t the 1930s……we know what happened then, we have 75 million Trump supporters plus those idiots who didn’t vote for Trump but still hate the democrats, that is not a fringe, that is not a minority of victims………..we have a chance if we stay brave and work to save the country….

    • that populist movement isn’t going to go away…it remains simmering just below the surface awaiting another champion…consider Trump Wallace…now where’s Robert the Bruce?….

  13. Hey…….you people who voted for joe biden because you didn’t like Trump’s tweets……Do you understand now why we thought you were dumb? Do you understand why voting for biden because you didn’t like Trump’s tweets was insane? We told you…….you told us ” We don’t like the way Trump acts…..” Do you like how the democrats and their big tech and chinese allies are acting now? Do you?

    • By voting Democrat to vote against Trump, you have given Creepy Joe the idea he has a mandate to do what he promised and what he wants. All the Democrats see are the numbers and they think they have approval to do what they said on the campaign trail.

  14. When the Left not only apologizes but actually commits resources to help rebuild the billions of dollars of damages done to businesses all last year as “a few bad eggs” looted and burned multiple cities, then the right might consider apologizing for “a few bad eggs” entering the capitol and whatever minor damage was done there.

    The Left is far more freaked out by the fact that the peasants have shown they can enter the halls of power to hold them accountable than anything else. This is why there is a massive over-reaction. They are suffering sanitary indiscretions about the now-real possibility of being dragged from their offices.

  15. Dan, it’s false that no guns were found among rioters who entered the Capitol.

    I took note of this because Alberts was carrying the same EDC gun I own (popular Taurus G2C).

    And I’m pretty sure he was only one of many.

    According to the DOJ, a Maryland man, Christopher Alberts, is among those charged. Alberts is accused of taking a loaded handgun into the Capitol, specifically, a Taurus G2C, 9mm handgun and 9mm caliber ammunition. Prosecutors said he appeared in district court and was released pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for Jan. 28.

    • Was he the one with the baton and half dozen flex cuffs, who had planned on detaining legislators and holding them hostage?

      You know, the right wing narrative ‘this was just a protest that went a little too far’ will be a tough sell.

      • Not to 75+ million people, and growing.

        I generally remain on the sidelines when you comment, allowing others to jump in instead (TTAG newbies get riled up because they think you’re a real thing, while veterans just laugh at you). I will admit, you do serve a purpose here. When Vlad left, there was a void, which you’ve now filled, though you’re nowhere near as effective as Vlad. The comments section needs a little spice to get more clicks, and Dan/TTAG benefits because your verbal diarrhea results in more comments.

        Even a fool plays his part.

        Carry on.

        • I hear your vague complaints.

          But really, is there a specific statement you take issue with?

          Or is it just the fact that I’m willing to provide actual sources for my assertions?

          I assure you, I am for real, I think, therefore I am.

          And I think you are real, but I could be wrong.

          By the way, I hope your parents do better, Covid is a terrible disease. I’ve lost two friends so far and many more survived but may have lasting health issues.

      • I’d like to see some data on these people’s history before I blame “Trump supporters”, let’s see their history.

        • Well, the guy with the Molotov cocktails and the M4gery is a 70 year old white guy from rural Alabama.

          A perfect match for the typical BLM supporter.

          “A 70-year-old Trump supporter toting an assault rifle and 11 Molotov cocktails that amounted to “homemade napalm’’ was among those arrested over Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, authorities said Friday.

          Lonnie Coffman of Falkville, Ala., had the “ready to go’’ explosive devices in his red GMC pickup truck in the area along with an M4 carbine assault rifle and two handguns, Justice Department officials said.

          Coffman used gasoline and styrofoam to fashion the devices, Assistant US Attorney Ken Kohl told reporters.“

          The classic formula involves Palmolive but I guess Styrofoam works too.

          Remember what they used to say in Vietnam…

          “Napalm… it sticks to kids!”

        • “Well, the guy with the Molotov cocktails and the M4gery is a 70 year old white guy from rural Alabama.

          A perfect match for the typical BLM supporter.”

          At least when race is concerned.

          The typical BLM supporter-rioter is white, not black. Thousands of hours of video tape backs that up… 🙂

    • “Prosecutors said he appeared in district court and was released“

      So he was part of a violent smash and enter insurrection on the United States Capitol with 5 dead, carrying a semi automatic handgun and multiple magazines, attempted to flee the police officers and he’s released?

      You know, that guy Jacob Blake did not have a gun, was walking away from the police officer and was shot seven times in the back. And prosecutors have declined to bring charges against the police officer.

      Wow, there seems to be some sort of a disparity in the judicial process for these two individuals, I wonder what the difference is…

        • “one didn’t… “

          He carried a loaded firearm into the United States Capitol in defiance of the law, he entered the capital illegally even after being instructed to leave, defying the law, he attempted to escape the police when they stopped him, trying to hide the fact that he was illegally armed in a restricted area.

          Well I guess you’re right, he did not defy the police…

          Just like Jacob Blake, he tried to walk away from the police, but he wasn’t shot in the back like Jacob Blake.

    • looks as though a few did…but the vast majority did not…but they can’t help imagining if they all did…and had actual sinister intent…probably makes them wake-up in a cold sweat just thinking about it….

  16. I think there should be a law against carrying a taser stuffed down the front of one’s pants.

    Too soon?

  17. Did not see any Patriots carrying guns, but, I am sure they were there. So much chatter about Antifa and BLM arriving in force Jan 6, likely some Patriots decided to carry. My posse opted for mace, goggles, tactical gloves, and flag poles.

    The mainstream news, and trolls on this site make it seem like the first shots of 1776, but, there were between 1 and 2 million of us. If that crowd had behaved like BLM and Antifa, DC would still be in flames. The video of Patriots trying to stop property damage and stop antagonizing the police will never be aired by the mainstream media.

    The Truth is the only guns used were against us. Now, Patriots are being branded as traitors, and traitors are in control of the government, the mainstream news, and the largest social media platforms.

    Self-protection is critical.

    • Yes, I saw how effective those flagpoles were for gaining entry into restricted areas.

      And the confederate flag parading through the halls of the United States Capitol was quite a sight, even Robert E.Lee could not accomplish that after four years of war.

      Were you one of the individuals who tore down the flag of the United States of America and replaced it with a trump flag?

      I wonder if this individual is a member of the same antifa terror cell as Ashli Babbit.

      “The officers also found, in the cab of the truck, a handgun and an M4 carbine rifle, which is a lighter version of a military assault rifle, and loaded magazines, the court records state. They arrested Lonnie Coffman of Alabama when he returned for the truck later that day, and he faces charges related to those weapons.“

        • It is my understanding this is a public forum, where ideas and experiences are discussed.

          I can understand the attractiveness of stating ones viewpoint and then demanding no one voice an opinion contrary to their position.

          I’ve always felt that in America, most of all, the free and open debate of ideas and experiences is the very life blood of freedom and to demand that no one respond to a publicly voiced opinion is less than honorable.

          I’m not sure when the philosophy changed, but for me it has always been and will always be, ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’.

        • You could have attended, Haz. It’s just you know you can do more from behind your keyboard in the safety of your den.

        • @Seriously, though, you’re a coward,

          I doubt you know anything about Haz. You seem to be the one who is all brave and blustery behind the anonymity of your screen name.

        • @Seriously,

          My elderly parents contracted COVID at Christmastime. My father is worsening and currently in the hospital with decreasing blood oxygen levels. I’m helping to watch over my mother and provide support while she’s alone at home.

          Some of us were not able to travel to D.C. for such reasons, so I’m appreciative of those who did on all our behalf.

      • had the same thought when viewing that confederate flag…a banner that means different things to different people…

        • It means different things to different people?

          The confederate flag means one thing, the battle flag of the rebellion against the United States of America by those who wanted to continue the institution of slavery.

          By your logic, it would be just fine for me to fly the Nazi flag in celebration of my German heritage.

    • “My posse opted for mace, goggles, tactical gloves, and flag poles.”

      About as good as gets for the peaceful protester.

      Outstanding! 🙂

      • gas masks are relatively cheap…surprised more don’t opt for them…and in an age where face masks are common…getting yourself photographed without one when you’re someplace you’re not supposed to be seems the height of stupidity….

  18. Hey, just listen to hidin’ Biden and his old boss, Yo-mama. Law enforcement would have treated BLM vastly different, had they demonstrated on Capitol Hill. And if you don’t agree, I guess you ain’t black enough. You see, Portland knows how to handle protests. Wake up Washington!

    Just let BLM turn it into the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Then the D.C. Mayor will let them carry whatever they want, give them barricades and porta-potties. All paid for by the people.

    Why, there’s plenty of seats in the Houses. They’ll never be censored by Facebook’s Mark Zuckmybird or Twitter’s Jerk Dorsey or Apple’s Tin Co*k. They can all take selfies in Winter Wonderland. It’ll be a Love Fest. C’mon man!

      • Don’t count on it. If enough badthinkers join, they’ll fall in line and censor you — or else they’ll get deplatformed like Parler.

        The next step for Parler, if it doesn’t censor its community sufficiently, is for the Masters of the Universe to deny them access to server space. If Parler doesn’t grovel and toe the leftist line after that, and somehow finds a rogue entity to host them, the company’s owners and executives will find themselves personally blacklisted by major banks and unable to use personal credit cards.

        I’m not predicting the future, by the way — this has already happened to Gab. I’ve been on Gab’s platform since 2016 and watched it all happen.

        The folks behind Gab refused to quit, and have built their own server infrastructure and are making money solely on premium services that some portion of their 3 million+ members purchase by check and crypto.

        If you want a place that doesn’t censor and can’t be pressured into it, Gab is the ONLY option that exists right now.

        • Sounds like they can team up with Gab for hosting.

          It will be mighty ironic if free speech is forced offshore…

        • And…I called it. Amazon is turning off Parler’s servers.

          Parler probably has a lot more money than Gab; they certainly have more users, and haven’t been banned by major credit companies yet. Maybe they’ll take a page from Andrew Torba’s book and get their own stuff running. Heck, maybe they could even strike a deal together (but I doubt it).

    • “Law enforcement would have treated BLM vastly different”

      Of course racist Biden is injecting race into a conversation that has nothing to do with race. This is part one of his plan for unity.

      As far as law enforcement treating them differently…an unarmed woman was shot dead by law enforcement. People were arrested. I witnessed law enforcement standing back and standing by last year while BLM destroyed cities and monuments.

    • I don’t think everybody here understands those claims from Biden quite correctly. Do we all understand that the President-elect is calling the *CAPITOL POLICE* racist?

    • the truth is these sorts of crowds…regardless of their size…and even when they’re armed…tend to be rather polite..even docile…would appear the capitol police were caught somewhat off-guard….

  19. In DC only the criminals are allowed to have guns….criminals ignore the gun laws so they are not impacted!

  20. “Law enforcement officials told ABC News that investigators will use cellphone data to identify individual users whose phones sent out signals from inside the Capitol.

    ABC News national security analyst and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Mick Mulroy, a retired CIA officer and U.S. Marine, said he expects the FBI will be conducting a full counterintelligence sweep on all those who participated in the assault, especially those who were apprehended, to determine possible foreign intelligence ties.

    “It is possible, if not likely, that foreign intelligence service, including the Russians, would clandestinely fund groups like the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers as part of a covert influence campaign to pit Americans against one another,” Mulroy said. “It is also possible that they would exploit an opportunity to go into the facilities and offices in the Senate or House that contain sensitive information.”

    Department of Justice officials told reporters that their goal is to identify people and, in certain cases, arrest them with “placeholder charges” as they investigate how they came to the Capitol and how much planning was involved in the attack. Kohl said it would be too early at this point to discuss any evidence of a foreign operation.“

    • Better for the establishment to blame Russia for dividing the public rather than blame domestic parties who have an interest in keeping us rabble distracted from their corruption.

    • RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia. Really? Again? Still? After four solid years?

    • the bulk of those people were there to object to…and possibly impede certification…much of what happened appeared to be an impulsive act borne out of frustration…but in a crowd that size there are always going to be some who want to exploit the situation for whatever reason…

      • “and possibly impede certification… “

        Those who attempt to impede the constitutionally mandated process of the United States government are the enemy of the American people.

        Using threats or intimidation to impede the lawful process of government is the very definition of terrorism.

  21. Let’s be 100% honest about this, if they set up tents to pass out free coffee and donuts and MAGA apparel, that would be more than enough reason for the mayor to expect Statehood and the Left to push for more gun control. They are like an old Black & White TV, they just don’t have a Brightness knob.

    • I can tell by her appearance that the DC Mayor is a dunce, but does she not even realize that the “bill” she wants to put on Biden’s desk in the first 100 days is also known as a “Constitutional Amendment”? Good luck with that.

  22. “With freerful politicians cowering on the floor” , I was a little depressed but that just made my day.

    • I have a feeling that congress is about to discover the usefulness of a wall, or a barrier if you will. It’ll be good enough for them, but not for our country’s borders. Notice I didn’t say democrats. Reagan said giving amnesty would fix our immigration problem. Back then, they estimated it would be 1.5 million people. It ended up being 3 million. They’ve been telling us for the past 20 years that we have an estimated 10 million here illegally. It’s funny how that number never goes up. Yale and MIT studied it over two years ago and estimated it to be over 22 million. It will fix nothing, just like when Reagan did it. They’re lying to us, and both sides are working for big business, not you.

      Shouldn’t they be building a bridge into Congress so that people can be heard? I guess they were just FOS with that bridge talk.

      • Isn’t it interesting, say what you will about the BLM protests, but we haven’t needed a wall around the capitol until the Trump supporters smashed their way into a joint session of Congress.

    • While I found it amusing that these lawmakers that happily send armies to war were scared of people armed with flagpoles… it bodes particularly poorly for a republic when this happens. In fact, it’s the last stages of one.

    • …..did seem to gain their attention…sometimes they need to be reminded they don’t own the building…and the landlord just paid them a visit….

  23. An Alabama man allegedly parked a pickup truck packed with 11 homemade bombs, an assault rifle and a handgun two blocks from the US Capitol building on Wednesday for hours before authorities ever noticed, according to federal prosecutors.

    • several explosive devices found…some in the building…others scattered around town…but none detonated…what are we to make of that?…….

  24. At least nine Marylanders were arrested in the riots at the U.S. Capitol, including a 33-year-old man facing charges for allegedly carrying a pistol and high-capacity magazine onto Capitol grounds.

    • OMG!! OMG!! Say it ain’t so! Not a HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE!! What shall we do, what shall we do? I probably have a hundred, no one ever noticed. Who cares? Did anyone notice a gun was actually FIRED, resulting in the death of a veteran who was unarmed? Cop needs prison.

      • when you consider he was the only one who fired…and the plethora of weapons on display from all the others…it may have been an accidental discharge in the heat of the moment…maybe the guy had a glock?….

  25. The Dems don’t seem to realize how precarious their hold is. One Senator missing, for whatever reason, and they lose their power. You won’t see any Biden appointments from current Senators. If a Dem Senator from a state with a Republican Governor dies or is killed, a Republican replacement will flip the Senate back to GOP. They lost a filibuster-proof majority when Kennedy died and Brown replaced him. This time, they’d lose the majority, and Mitch starts setting the agenda again. Even in a Dem state, a Dem replacement takes time, and Dems lose control until that replacement happens. Feinstein is the oldest at 87, but the average age is over 67. Almost a quarter are over 70.

  26. You really believe someone had a machine gun in his truck (‘M4 carbine rifle, which is a lighter version of a military assault rifle’)? I guess it’s possible, but it’s more likely a misidentification of an AR-15 style carbine. The misidentification could be because of ignorance, or it could be a purposeful attempt at confusing the public. In the 90s, Josh Sugarman, of the anti-gun Violence Policy Center, pushed for the use of the term “assault weapon” because the general public would confuse them with the military issued weapons. Either way, it seems like your news source, like your other sources, is dubious and has a loose connection with the truth.

    • Full auto or semi, it makes no difference.

      Armed insurrectionists attempted a violent overthrow of our government, attacking the United States Capitol while both houses of Congress were in a joint session deliberating our presidential election under the rules of the United States Constitution.

      These initial charges are just placeholders, as the investigation continues there will be additional charges.

      It was very thoughtful of the Trump supporters to erect the gallows nearby, President Biden’s justice department may find this useful later this year.

      “As alleged in the Complaint, on January 6, U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) officers responded to reports of possible explosive devices in the area around the United States Capitol. In the course of conducting a protective sweep of the area, officers observed the handle of what appeared to be a firearm on the front right passenger seat of a red pickup truck with Alabama tags. A law enforcement database check of the vehicle registration revealed that the vehicle was registered to Lonnie L. Coffman with a home address in Falkville, Alabama. USCP Bomb Squad members subsequently searched the vehicle and secured one black handgun, one M4 Carbine assault rifle along with rifle magazines loaded with ammunition, and components for the construction of eleven “Molotov Cocktails” in the form of mason jars filled with ignitable substances, rags, and lighters.

      Later that evening, Coffman was stopped in the vicinity of his truck when he attempted to return to his vehicle. Coffman was subsequently searched and found to have on his person a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun, a 22-caliber derringer style handgun, and two sets of vehicle keys that matched the truck. When asked, Coffman told officers that the mason jars contained melted Styrofoam and gasoline. ATF advised that the combination of melted Styrofoam and gasoline is an explosive mixture that has the effect of napalm because, when detonated, the substance causes the flammable liquid to better stick to objects that it hits.

      Coffman is charged with one count of unlawful possession of a destructive device, which carries a maximum prison term of up to 10 years, and one count of carrying a pistol without a license under D.C. law, which carries a maximum prison term of up to 5 years.“

      • Opossum, the only thing sticky was the home made napalm in the Mason jars Mr. Coffman’s was getting ready to throw into the crowd.

        What if our friend president lifesaver or a member of his family had been the recipient of Mr. Coffman’s improvised incendiary device?

        Insurrections are all fun and games, until somebody gets burned to death.

        • You’re a real piece of shit, ‘miner’.

          Possum here is recovering from 3rd degree burns suffered over the holidays.

          I hope the same happens to you… 🙂

        • These are real issues, this is no bullshit.

          I like opossum, and I’m very sorry for his accident and injuries.

          But that doesn’t stop the fact did a 70 year old white Trump supporter from rural Alabama had a dozen incendiary bombs that he drove all the way to Washington DC for the Trump rally at the US capital.

          I get that the Trump supporters on this forum would rather not acknowledge that fact, and pretend that this was a peaceful protest but that’s not reality.

          These are serious times and we need to speak the truth plainly and without worrying about the consequence of too much reality.

        • “we need to speak the truth plainly and without worrying about the consequence of too much reality.”

          That’s pretty rich coming from you.

          I’m perfectly happy to accept that reality, and in fact, I’ll raise you one on the reality front: you and people like you *made* that happen. You’ve have backed millions of decent Americans into a corner, where they’re being hounded and humiliated for having perfectly normal beliefs — and these people have their pride.

          You’re going to see a lot more where that came from in the next few years, and it’s entirely predictable. And preventable, but among the people who could maybe prevent it, I don’t see anyone with either the brains or the guts to get off their high horse and try.

          I hope you’re looking forward to finding out that *both* sides in this little fracas are capable of burning other people’s shit down. Reality sucks.

        • “You’ve have backed millions of decent Americans into a corner, where they’re being hounded and humiliated for having perfectly normal beliefs — and these people have their pride.”

          Pride goeth before a fall.

          It is very difficult to admit one is wrong.

          But the process was followed, and Trump and his allies had their day in court, 60 lawsuits and did not prevail.

          Local, state, state superior Court, federal District, federal appeals, and United States Supreme Court all weighed their complaint in the balance and found their claims to have no merit or standing.

          The Constitution sets forth the Judiciary branch as a mechanism for citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances, with the Supreme Court being the ultimate arbiter under the constitution.

          A violent insurrection, attacking the United States Capitol while the Congress is a joint session deliberating our presidential election under the rules of the constitution, is not the next legal remedy for an aggrieved party.

          It is an unlawful and seditious attack upon the legitimate government of the United States of America, and has exposed the naked lust for power of Trump and his followers.

      • Want to disclose his bona fides as a “Trump supporter”? Because I doubt it.
        And we all know about “peaceful protests” which were definitely *not*, been going on for years, and assholes such as yourself continuously denied (and deny) that the billions of dollars in damages were the result of anything but peaceful protests. Lying then and now is not acceptable, even for such a godly figure as yourself.

  27. I’ve heard and seen some videos that make it look like these nuts were- in some limited way- let in to wreck havoc. Certainly some of my more conspiracy-minded friends think that way- that this was basically a setup. I dunno, maybe. Doesn’t matter. If it was a setup, it was fallen for hook, line, and sinker.

    Useful idiots or rampaging seditionists, take your pick. This has turned everyone but complete Trump cultists so far against the perceived ‘right wing’ that there’s no going back anytime soon. As for what Apple et al are doing- surely you didn’t think they would continue to feed with the hand that is bitten? After all, private companies are effectively people (thanks to court rulings constructed to allow them to corrupt legislators under the guise of ‘free speech’) and have all the rights of free association that comes with that.

    The only hope for gun rights is to divorce it from the right wing and make it more universal. The higher crime gets, the more that might happen, at least on some level.

    • yet,..oddly enough…Trump’s popularity…at least among his supporters …seems to have risen…

      • No one has yet demonstrated that Trump supporters had much to do with the riot. I suspect the same players who have been rioting near continuously for more than a year are responsible, but of course no one has paid attention to them, since they are so peaceful. Mayor of Portland is learning, others will as well, Biden last of all because he is a demented moron.

  28. Mao’s 1966 Culture Revolution has come to the USA.
    The parallels are uncanny.

  29. “…The only hope for gun rights is to divorce it from the right wing and make it more universal….”

    A idea worth pursuing but without the media, or social platforms changing their ‘guns icky and racist’ messages I don’t see it going far. If some small inroads could be made…maybe.

  30. In the wake of what has happened this week……To all, If you haven’t seen this before and if you have, it’s well worth your time to view it again.

    Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez, Medal Of Honor Recipient, “Message To America”.

    • the truth of what that guy said hits home every time you take a walk down into that dark trench that is the Vietnam memorial…one of the most moving experiences one can have when visiting DC….simple in design..but eloquent in the words it speaks to us….

  31. I said it before on TTAG. I wanted rioters shot dead. I don’t care what color they are. But it seems when they are white, some waving a rainbow flag, they don’t get shot. But now it seems white people who wave a Trump flag do in fact get shot.

    Well now we have learned an important lesson. The fuse has been lit, and now we will soon see the reason why the Second Amendment was written. It has nothing to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with Three Gun. And the Bump Stock, was never meant to be a “range toy”. As many people called it.

    The echo or binary trigger is not a “range toy” either.

  32. No actions should be taken against the protesters, NO arrests were taken when the members of B.L.M. members were trespassing, Burning Businesses, Destroying, vandalism stores, interfering with everyday working people’s commuters, back and forfeit to their Jobs and shopping sprees, costing billions of Dollars worth of Destruction, not just a Few Hundred Dollars like the Trump Supporters did, and on top of that, why wasn’t Hillary Clinton and her Murder associates Arrested and executed for their crimes, why wasn’t the Democrats arrested For Falsify the Elections, why was violet criminal Freeed from jail, these ungrateful acts are the cause of the violence and uproars, the good people of America, is getting tried of the evil scrumbags ripping this nation apart and Destroying the things that makes America the Greatest Country in the World.

    • NO arrests made during the BLM protests this summer?

      Are you just ignorant or are you lying to support your narrative?

      “Just 52 people were arrested in Washington D.C. Wednesday after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol and interrupted Congress certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win.
      As officials investigate further, the number is paltry when compared to the arrests made in D.C. during protests for racial justice last summer after George Floyd was killed in police custody, with hundreds of people being arrested for unrest-related offenses over the course of a few days.”

      “Between May 30 and June 2 2020, the height of the racial justice protests, 427 “unrest-related” arrests were made in D.C., including 24 juveniles, the police department says.
      On June 1 alone, more than five times the number of people were arrested than on the day the Capitol was stormed, with 289 people booked.
      The day before also saw a high number of arrests — 90 — nearly double the number seen on Wednesday.

      14,000. That’s the estimated number of arrests made across 49 U.S. cities during anti-racism protests last summer, according to the Washington Post.”

      Forbes › roberthart › 2021/01/07Web resultsFigures Show Stark Difference Between Arrests At D.C. Black Lives …

      Lying is not an act of patriotism.

  33. We the people of America, must fight fire with fire and put a end to the lefties agenda to take away our rights too remain a free nation under God, WE must Stand up for God, stand with God, and DO His Will not the EVIL wills of what the grovnment and the Followers of Satan are turning this nation into, A Nation of corruption, a nation without ANY Types of Freedom, A Nation controlled only By them (THE anti Christ )None Believers people who denies God’s commandments, It’s all written, and America’s Leaders ARE in the process of replacing All of God’s commandments with their own, WITH THAT Said, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION Must by any means necessary ReMove The Devils From Our Grovnments, Streets, ECT. OUR Father in Heaven wants all His Children To Take Out The Trash.that means Biden, and all who Believe in the unjustified AGenda the Democrats have for Destroying this Great Country and what it Stands For. Glory To God AMEN

  34. It’s an Excuse to control the populance. any way possible for the Gun grabbers to have their way and screw the American people. To limit our right and to control people. Unfortunetly the Republicans can’t plan out well and can’t see the future. Their failure will cause 4 years of hardship on the American People. THERE ARE NO Organizations that Will spend the millions and start planning and working against the democrats. They have Failed and will continue unless there are more people and money to make noise and start working against them NOW.

  35. The “attack” and gun control share one common characteristic. Both amount to dangerous baloney, nothing more, nothing less.

  36. I have more to fear when politicians are on the loose, than any bad gun with a gun. A bad guy with a gun can be decisively stopped by a good guy with a gun. Politicians not as much….yet.

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