US Capitol protest riot
(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
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Last week’s takeover of the U.S. Capitol, which was accomplished without any known discharge of firearms by the occupiers, has now triggered a rapidly escalating campaign to punish the Second Amendment community. The widening crackdowns and denunciations have moved at an alarming speed as the countdown to the Biden/Harris Inauguration continues.

In the latest developments, the Associated Press has confirmed that Michigan has now banned the open carry of firearms in the statehouse in Lansing. The new regulation was announced by the Michigan Capitol Commission, which had previously resisted calls to issue a gun ban after armed demonstrators, angry about Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Covid-19 restrictions, surrounded the statehouse there.

That action followed a report from ABC News about a leaked FBI Bulletin purporting to warn of plans by armed citizens to converge on all 50 state capitols on our about January 17th.

Specifically, the FBI alert makes the claim that one militia group is calling for “storming local, state and federal courthouses if Trump is removed from office before Inauguration Day”.

The threat appears to have been triggered by repeated proclamations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional Democrats that they are moving ahead with actions they hope will lead to President Trump being removed from office and stripped of any future eligibility to run again.

The FBI leak also outlines a separate alleged plot underway about “an unidentified group intending to travel to Washington DC on 16 January”.

Summarizing its concern, the FBI bulletin is said to underscore that clashes between armed citizens and police forces across the nation could extend over 4-5 days across the country.

In the days since the U.S. Capitol takeover, social media has been buzzing about myriad “plots” supposedly forming to disrupt the Inauguration.

One of the more widely circulated posters showcases what has been termed “The Million Militia March”, which would feature armed citizens gridlocking the city and possibly attacking those guarding the Capitol so as to make any Inauguration ceremonies impossible.

At the same time, other posters have been circulating on social media declaring other supposed armed gatherings in DC and other state capitols January 17th.

Before it was taken down, some posters at Parler was sharing a call to flood Washington, DC while “carrying our weapons” on January 19th.

Specifically, the FBI has warned that a clash at the statehouse in Columbus, Ohio has been repeatedly mentioned in online chatter hosted by conservative groups.

In Maryland, the governor has his hands full attempting to provide security on two fronts: at his own state capitol and his mutual assistance pledge to Washington, DC officials.

Governor Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of the Old Line State adjacent to the District, has long been a vocal critic of President Trump. He has reported that he’s in regular contact with Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and with the FBI to coordinate regionally.

At a press conference, Hogan stipulated that a minimum of 500 National Guard members would be allocated to secure the Maryland statehouse in Annapolis against reported threats, adding that he is now concerned that number isn’t high enough. Said Hogan:  “I think we are going to be increasing several hundred more guard members.”

With their announcement of heightened security at their statehouse, the Maryland State Police released yet another poster allegedly circulating on Facebook, repeating that January 17th will be the day for an armed march on all 50 state capitols.

A significant number of observers, though, are suspicious as to the origins of these “call out” posters. They note the absence of American flags in a graphical genre that is routinely  saturated with them.

Overall, the number of National Guard call-ups, which was once at 6,000 could approach 15,000 members deployed to Washington in a matter of days. They will be joined by thousands more police, state troopers and federal agents outfitted to repel any possible second attempt at occupying a building that was last overrun by the British in the War of 1812.

Federal officials have approved the plan to take the five-day “national special security event” designation for Washington DC, and expand it to 10 days.

Also, concerns by Democrats that the National Guard may harbor “patriot sympathizers” has now spilled into public view with the release of transcript notes from Colorado Congressman Jason Crow’s discussions with Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy.

In the transcript release, Rep. Crow “raised grave concerns that active duty and reserve military members were involved in the insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. Crow also demanded expedited investigations, as well as a “CID review of troops for the Inauguration to ensure that deployed members are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists”.

If recent days are any guide, the overheated rhetoric linking millions of law-abiding gun owners to American political violence will continue to fall flat.

This past Saturday, officials at the Kentucky statehouse expressed grave concerns that more than 100 armed citizens had converged on their capitol complex in Frankfort.

The Lexington Herald Leader described the group as “heavily armed” militia members who had gathered to rail against the Commonwealth’s U.S. senators and the governor. Democrat Governor Andy Beshear tweeted that intimidation and bullying would not work.

Despite raising alarms, the Lexington armed citizen gathering was reported as “peaceful and with no attempts to by demonstrators to enter the statehouse.” Yet, the campaign to suffocate conservative social media in general — and Second Amendment supporters specifically — rolls on.

In addition to the highly publicized takedown of the Parler social media app, there is also the Big Tech wipeout by Discord of a server called “TheDonald” that hosted Trump-related discussions and reposted content from the now former r/DonaldTrump subreddit. Discord is a free application that recently reported 250 millions users, with 14 million of its members signing on every day.

Discord issued this statement regarding the deplatforming: “We have a zero tolerance policy against hate and violence of any kind on the platform, or the use of Discord to support or organize around violent extremism”.

While there is word that the principals at Parler have found a new hosting service, the digital Pearl Harbor attack this past weekend on conservative social media has many on the pro-Second Amendment side understandably concerned.

However, there is reason to believe that safe harbors will continue to be available for beleaguered gun rights supporters while the disruptions are sorted out. There are many state levels forums with .org and .com platforms that are private property, and are in a better position to fend off leftist digital purges. continues uninterupted, while across the country sites like the POFOA forum is keeping Pennsylvania firearms owners plugged in.

In Maryland,, has been become a lighthouse of sorts for gun owners seeking 2A updates and information. Like CALGUNS, it is an active site that draws members from all 50 states.

In the meantime, the next major public test for Second Amendment supporters to gather in public comes in less a week. On January, 18th, just 48 hours before the Inauguration ceremonies in DC, Richmond, Virginia will host an armed citizen demonstration that, if it has the same level of buy-in as last year, will include tens of thousands of gun rights supporters standing for gun rights.

And then, there’s this: the half-hearted calls from the Biden crowd for unity have now trickled to nothing as the Democrats turn their focus to a nationwide “Be On The Lookout” campaign to round up “the insurrectionists”

Multiple “wanted posters” have now popped up at bus stops all across Washington, DC and in the Maryland suburbs urging folks to call the FBI if they recognize any of the people pictured.

The effort to stain any identifiable participant at the January 6th rally and march — tens of thousands of whom never tried to enter the Capitol — and march has now escalated to putting people on the national “no fly list.”  That effort moved with such speed that some visitors to DC found they were barred from flying home from DC less than 24 hours after the protest.

Every effort is now being made by foes of gun rights to tar all gun owners as violent insurrectionists, the better to push the incoming Biden administration’s ambitious gun control agenda.

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    • I declare the democRat Party to be held monetarily liable for their legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and all the rest of their despicable race based atrocities. You own it so stfu and PAY UP democRat Party.

      • And not to exclude anyone…mitch mcconnell is a ratbassturd. On purpose that lowlife attached the Taxpayer Stimulas Checks to mountains of pork when it should have been a stand alone bill. After months of people in need waiting for help they were finally thrown scraps left over from the pork. Instead of the POTUS getting credit for his idea for $2,000.00 Stimulas Checks mitch mcconnell ran out the clock on purpose only to hand the POTUS idea for $2000.00 checks to joe biden and of course biden went down to GA and used it to reel in voters.
        30% of Republicans did not show up to vote because they rightfully felt their vote would not matter. Those hearing of biden’s $2000.00 promise tripped over each other to vote democRat..Thank you bitch mcconnell.

        • Individuals that think they need free shit money from the government, why haven’t you taken another job? Every business I pass or enter has signs “HIRING”. Everyone should read Spencer Johnson, MD book “Who Moved My Cheese”, and then figure out your own life plan rather than waiting on government to steal from someone who has their life together to put you on The Free Shit Express, Yeah, government is going to send $600 or $2000 or whatever amount to me. Government has zero money, except for what they steal from productive citizens, borrow from mainly China, or print to fuel inflation. So, eventually I’ll have to repay the amount plus two to three times what I get because of the free shit Government Plantation Dwellers that never pay taxes. I’m tired of “totin’ your free shit note” First American revolution over taxation without representation. Second Americn revolution over taxation by representation and a plethora of tyrannical acts.

        • Debbie, I sure hope you are wrong on that, because I won’t sleep for a week thinking that these weak spinless people would stay home and let these Demonrats have our country.

    • It appears that only government forces (FBI etc) are aware of this maniacal plot and state governors are “calling out the guard”. I see this as an attempt to initiate martial law, which is exactly what the democrats want. If the dems make enough threats to the peace loving public they (public) will ask, beg for protection from us gun owners. Oh, by the way, let’s make some new laws in the first hundred days.

  1. My advice, stay away. “They’re” wanting bad things to happen, let’s not give it to them.,,,”Oh what a bummer, we was all ready to taze, gas and kill, and nobody showed up.”

    • If nobody shows up I have no doubt the glowing feds on scene will just turn on themselves to complete the illusion.

    • Possum is right: “Stay away. They’re wanting things bad to happen, lets not give it to them.” Example: A protest or picket downtown or wherever instigated by Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA. Were I to see a vicious mob like this I would place at least three or four city blocks between them and myself, thus
      avoiding them completely! It comes down to time, place, and manner. Were I to own a Colt AR-15 rifle, which I don’t, I would leave it at home either boxed up and stored on top shelf of closet, or stashed beneath the bed. And with ammo stored separately. Under no circumstances would I take it out to display or brandish in public! This is the mistake a troubled 17 year old youth made in Kenosha, Wisconsin and ended up shooting If I recall correctly, three people, killing two. That was totally avoidable, preventable, and simply didn’t need to be. Though some may differ I have always been an advocate of the .38 caliber revolver as a “self defense/house
      protection/concealed carry” handgun. If a .357 Magnum, the only safe, sane, and sensible way to load revolver, especially inside the house, is to download it with .38 Special ammo. Reason: to lesson over-penetration, muzzle blast, and the ear splitting crack of the .357 which could disorient the defender and lead to possible hearing loss. A .38 Special of course would be plenty loud inside a dwelling or building, but not nearly as bad as the .357 Magnum. A shotgun historically makes a fine house gun. Yet…if trouble comes looking for you, such as a burglar, prowler, night stalker or whoever, and you’re rudely awaken at 2:00 A.M. or by the sound of breaking glass and forced entry at this same ungodly hour, then by all means be ready and prepared to arm yourself and take defensive action. Again…it’s best to leave your firearm concealed and out of sight and not display or brandish it in public: the context again is time, place, and manner.

      • Shut up FUDD.

        We do nothing and you won’t even retain the right to ask permission to conceal.

        Stay home, coward.

        • Well, I do like the 38 special and carry a S&W 340PD w/.38 flat points around the house/farm daily.

          While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman above, I do share many of his views.

          Well enough pleasantries this morning, many of us are busy today putting down an insurrection.

          Ciao, krakens!


    • Your commits for the billion dollar damage and lives lost in cities all over America by leftist mobs are? You commits for all the slander, libel and election fraud that was concocted in the White House by democrats are? Your commits for the men, women and children burned alive in Waco over a gun control photo op scheme that started in the White House are? Your commits about a scheme hatched in the White House to funnel guns to Mexican drug cartels all to ban guns in the US and resulted in the death of a US officer and innocent kids attending a party in Mexico are?

      Either answer or stfu.

    • why do you defend people that will gladly send your son or daughter off to war, but will give you absolutely nothing in return?

      • You may want to re-read the constitution, there is no right to storm the capital, much less interfere with a constitutionally mandated joint session of Congress deliberating our presidential election.

        You know, I predict the balance of power in the federal prison system population will be changing soon.

        I’m seeing an influx of several hundred right wing extremists and white supremists, sentenced to hard time, into the Supermax facilities in the near future.

        • Oh miner.
          Your party has shredded the constitution and made a mockery of the rule of law at every turn. You’ve brazenly lied, cheated, and stolen power. All that matters now is force. Period. You can’t argue about what is or isn’t right anymore. That conversation is over. If and when the U.S. devolves into a bastardized hybrid of the troubles in Ireland, the Balkans, and an oppressive socialist state, I hope you remember that it is literally your fault.


        • “You can’t argue about what is or isn’t right anymore.“

          There it is, hidden in your verbose comment.

          You and your ilk know that you are in the wrong, so of course you want to say we are beyond right and wrong, it serves your purpose.

          Just like Rudy, the “truth isn’t the truth” with you people.

          Just like Benedict Donald, “don’t believe what you’re seeing”.

          Sadly, the truth is not in you.

        • Thanks for ignoring the substance of my comment.
          You and your ilk have shat upon everything America stands for.
          You and your ilk have corrupted every institution that America has.
          You and your ilk are talking openly about cleansing America of Trump supporters.
          YOU literally just openly hoped for “white supremacists” and “right wing extremists” to be sent to supermax for the crime of objecting to looming tyranny.
          You and your ilk are compiling lists of people to be punished for the crime of supporting Trump.
          You and your ilk have been caught on camera talking about concentration camps for conservatives.
          You and your ilk have ignored the rulebook at every turn, and now you have the audacity to insist that it apply to those you consider your enemy? Get bent. You have no leg to stand on.

          You can’t point to the Constitution, because you and those like you have rendered it meaningless.
          You can’t point to justice and equality under the law, because you’ve done away with that.
          You and your ilk have flushed the entirety of the social contract down the toilet.
          The worst part is, that you and those like you see no problem with double standards and willfully ignore the fact that all of our current crises are due to your actions. All conservatives wanted was to be left alone. That was it. But no. Anyone thinking, acting, or voting differently from the approved dogma of the church of the Democratic Social Communists of America is unacceptable. So to hell with the Constitution, the rule of law, the social contract and human decency. Consequences be damned.

          Well, there are consequences. You’re not gonna like them. You and the other Marxists like you are ripping this country in two. Best case scenario is that you accept a peaceful dissolution of the US. Worst case is that the country balkanizes and devolves into a blood bath. THE FAULT WILL LIE WITH YOU AND THOSE PAYING YOU.

          Montana Actual most likely meant to refer to the Declaration of Independence. You should go give that a read. The idea was that if Government becomes tyranny it becomes necessary to remove it and replace it with one that will Govern fairly, in the interests of it’s people, respecting the rights of the individual. A lot of people died to make that happen, and in the end the only thing that mattered was force.

          And Miner, again, I hope someday you and those like you realize exactly how much of where we are is your fault. To be fair, that is implying a level of introspection and detached analysis that you’re likely incapable of.

        • Miner, you will be just as oppressed as everyone else under communism that they will ram down our throats.

    • You’ve never read, “The Federalist Papers,” have you, moron? Do you think patriots (aka rebels) were polite to redcoats during the American Revolution? Another fucking idiot that thinks the 2A is about hunting and shooting a musket.

  3. Catch the evening news. Our Commander in Chief is about to come through for God-fearing, patriotic Americans in a way that will make us all proud. If everything I’ve been reading the last couple days is true, Joe and Kamala will need a jail furlough to attend the inauguration, Nancy is staring at four walls as I write this and the Supreme Court is going to need a couple new appointees. The list is huge. May the truth be revealed!

    • When Trump made the 1/6 invitation, he said they had the evidence and caught it on tape. He has yet to present anything.

    • Most of what you read in the news isn’t true, no matter what side it comes from. Trump has no magic bullet here.

      As much as I love the idea of the Thief in Chief the the communist whore, and their totalitarian cabal watching Trump’s second inauguration on TV in a prison rec room, the cheating isn’t likely to ever be conclusively proven — and it surely isn’t going to be instantly and magically proven to everyone this week.

      Trump is on his way out, and it’s time to transition to staying organized and figuring out how to get through the next four years.

      • They’ve had the last 4 years to get the election fraud working properly, making sure it checked and balanced against all but the most forensic examination.

        The last 160 years were practising for the events after the big win to keep the Democrats in power forever. Some people need to be dissuaded from voting because they might vote incorrectly.

    • “Nancy is staring at four walls as I write this and the Supreme Court is going to need a couple new appointees.“

      So now you’re telegraphing your plans for the members of the United States Supreme Court?

      Go ahead and try, the only empty chairs will be at your dinner table.

  4. And no Organization will drop a penny to stop it. There has to be a systematic wave of action every week for the next four years to secure gun rights, a huge expenditure of money and influence, This has to include of the gun companies. They HAVE to Participate and use their position as suppliers to LEO’s and Feds to leverage that to protect the 2nd. There is a barrage of attacks against the 2nd and no loud defenders of it. The Democrats will roll out huge waves of laws and rules to stifle, strange and control the populance without resistance. The Supreme court isn’t on citizens sides as they refuse to address the issues for years for political points. Watch and see. A stand has to be made.

    • Every week for the next four years?

      How about one day and then however long the war lasts.

      One and done.

    • “There has to be a systematic wave of POLITICAL action every week for the next four years to secure gun rights, a huge expenditure of money and influence”

      There you go, a little bit of editing brings this statement right on point.

      In America, this is how it’s done.

  5. Do not get played. The credulous clowns on our side have already done enough damage. The left has spent decades creating the infrastructure that allows them to riot without repercussion. We do not have that luxury.

    Until we are on parity with the left, discretion is the word of the day. Anyone acting a fool at 2A events, from here on out, needs an educational beat down. Besides, there’s a good chance they’re antifa or a fed.

    • “Anyone acting a fool at 2A events, from here on out, needs an educational beat down.”

      Correct, this should have been done years ago.

      This stupid shit all started with the tea party, idiots bringing guns to political rallies in a ham-handed attempt to intimidate their political opponents.

      Well, the cosplay Tacticool wannabe operators, parading around in their military drag, have brought us to this and POTG need to publicly repudiate the crazy insurrectionists now before the connection between guns and treason is set in stone.

  6. The FBI isn’t a neutral law enforcement agency anymore, it’s an armed, partisan democrat organization now. Literally every supposedly apolitical government alphabet agency has been corrupted by political bias.

    Don’t expect any help from local law enforcement either. Their leadership is solidly Democrat and the rank and file have families to feed, so they’ll do what they’re told. Just look at how willingly rank and file cops have been enforcing the arbitrary, capricious, and un Constitutional COVID restrictions.

    • “arbitrary, capricious, and un Constitutional COVID restrictions“

      You are so right, real patriots should never ever wear a facemask! It’s all part of the UN plan for world domination!

      Remember, only criminals hide their identity behind a face mask, and there’s no reason whatsoever to worry about Covid because it’s a hoax.

      Like Rush said, Covid is just the ordinary flu, folks!

      And the great Donald Trump said that the cases were down to almost 0 back in April so there’s no way anyone is dying of Covid now, those 4400 American deaths yesterday are fake news.

      • Face,mask removes the individuality transforming an individual into a faceless minion………like the buzz cut and fatigues at military induction…… the China Commie suits and caps so everyone looks alike. All part of the desensitization and melding into the collective……..follow orders; don’t be an individual with own thoughts and actions. Of couse, all government driven requirements are “for our own safety.”
        “Those that fear more for their safety than their freedoms, deserve neither , and will surely lose both.” – an old white guy of late 1790s vintage.

        • Friend, you speak the Truth!

          Those facemasks inhibit free citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights, the very right of free speech is at risk because of draconian mask mandates by unelected tyrants.

          Burn those masks, go out and live like free Americans!

          Pack the pews at your local church, elbow to elbow at the bar with your pals, rallies for freedom in the streets with thousands of people shouting their defiance!

          Good night and good luck.

    • The crucifixion and the inquisition were brought to you by the Judeo Christian religious establishment.

      And don’t forget those wacky witch trials, nothing like being burned alive or hung by the neck just because you know which herbs to use to stop the bleeding.

      Good people do good things and bad people do bad things, but to get good people to do bad things, you need religion.

  7. I notice that most of these posters do not contain any information as to the group sponsoring the poster (or the alleged gathering), a fact suspicious in and of itself. The one that does,, does not appear to exist.

  8. If the weather is overcast or there’s precipitation, the anti gunners say it’s cause for more gun control. Sunny weather is also a reason for gun control. Stub your toe: gun control. Maniac with knife, truck, or fire: gun control. Police shoot unarmed person: gun control for public, not police.

  9. These are either glowfag feds, ANTIFA, or Democunt politicians that made these posters. The BIGGEST giveaway ever is the communist look-alike poster with the red background and yellow stars that says the following:
    “When democracy is destroyed…”
    DEMOCRACY?!!?? These fucking idiots can’t even get it right! Our founding fathers fought for and established a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!

    • Yep. It’s Democrats and the Left that yammer about democracy (while their politicians do everything they can to make sure the democratic process never gets in their way), not the Right.

      That’s a very nice poster, but if it was legit, it’d have an American flag on it somewhere and talk about defending the republic and/or the constitution, not “democracy.”

      • “That’s a very nice poster, but if it was legit, it’d have an American flag on it somewhere and talk about defending the republic and/or the constitution, not “democracy.”

        A setup by infiltrators??? Maybe. Forgetting or refusing to use an American flag is a dead give away.

      • Matthew 26:52

        Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

        • You realize that verse is talking about the ways of sin and not an actual sword, right?? Rhetorical question, you obviously are ignorant to that fact. The Bible is very symbolic and if you take many of the verses to a literal sense, you misunderstand the meaning entirely. Wouldn’t this “interpretation” of yours contradict God commanding David to fetch a slingshot and stone from the river to kill Goliath? By George! Slingshots use lethal projectiles!! We need another law to protect us! These slingshots should be banned!!! Help, government! Please come and save us!!!

          By the way, get a life and a hobby. Move out of your mommies basement, neckbeardling.

        • You are claiming that Jesus was using this is a metaphor for sin?

          Are you not familiar with scripture? Do you not know that one of the disciples, moments before, had just cut the ear off of one of the high priest’s servants?

          And you’re claiming that Jesus was just speaking symbolically?

          You are the deceiver, the words of the Bible mean what they say:

          “Then the men stepped forward, seized Jesus and arrested him. 51 With that, one of Jesus’ companions reached for his sword,(BA) drew it out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.(BB)

          52 “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.(BC) 53 Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?(BD) 54 But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled(BE) that say it must happen in this way?”

          You must think the 10 Commandments are symbolic as well, that’s why you don’t mind at all Donald Trump breaking the commandment against committing adultery (three times) or breaking the commandment against coveting thy neighbors wife or bearing false witness.

          Do you think the dozen mason jars filled with homemade napalm was symbolic?

          Traitor and deceiver.

          • “ I had always heard that no one knows the Bible like Satan, now I know the truth of that proverb.

            Go ahead, stand and preach about your righteousness in following scripture, Jesus spoke about that as well.

            “Behold, they are like a white painted sepulcher, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within.””

            Aww! Minor getting all ass-pained and making more strawman arguments when he realizes that his argument is challenged. Typical Dumbocrat. By the way, Minor, plenty of us Gun owners are NOT supporters of Trump. I hate both sides. I am merely a constitutionalist and strive to protect it. Look, I know that you’re a soccer nanny, statist Karen that screeches and screams at the thought of people choosing to exercise their right to self defense, but please be an adult and agree to disagree. It’s ok if you’re a pacifist. I respect your decision to be a pacifist, but don’t come around here telling others that they can’t defend themselves against an opposing lethal force.

        • I’ll see your Matthew 22:56 with Luke 22:36
          New International Version
          36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”
          And, raise you ……..The RIGHT, the MANDATE to keep and bear arms comes directly from SCRIPTURE, the very same SCRIPTURE this nation is founded upon. Luke 22:36, Psalm 82:4, Nehemiah 4:17, Luke 11:21 ALL speak to being armed.

        • “directly from SCRIPTURE, the very same SCRIPTURE this nation is founded upon. Luke 22:36, Psalm 82:4, Nehemiah 4:17, Luke 11:21“

          I had always heard that no one knows the Bible like Satan, now I know the truth of that proverb.

          Go ahead, stand and preach about your righteousness in following scripture, Jesus spoke about that as well.

          “Behold, they are like a white painted sepulcher, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within.”

    • So says the prospective Special People’s Commissar. Imbued with the power of Social(ist) Justice. Righting historic wrongs no matter how old they may be. Purging the nation of double-plus ungood traitors.

  10. Why do 2/3rds of those posters look, stylistically, like they were printed up for a Leftist rally?

    And why do they not contain the usual patriotic language?

    Yeah, when a “gun rights” rally is using posters that look like stylized hipster “Soviet” type propaganda I’m gonna stay the fuck away from that.

  11. The founding father knew it, liberty is more important than a life. The put everything on the line, their freedom, their family and their life. Some things are more important then life. The communists are now in power. How will patriots respond?

  12. They use to say “if you don’t like gay pride parades then stay home”. I agree. If you don’t like open carry then stay home.
    It’s your birthright to open carry in peace. The government should never have a monopoly on the open carry of guns.

    • Nothing at all wrong with an OC protest but I wouldn’t go to one of these.

      The only thing those posters are missing is a “power fist” logo holding a rifle or something. There’s something decidedly off about those graphics, the style and the tenor.

  13. In the ‘fine people on both sides’ department,

    The inbred cousin fucker pimping for Camp Auschwitz has been apprehended, turns out he’s a multiple DUI nut job.

    Over 1 million people died in Auschwitz, including Jews, Gypsies, Negroes, gays, etc.

    And here’s the best comment regarding his apprehension, the voices of history will condemn these insurrectionists for all eternity.

    “When I was a little girl, I asked my Grandma – Why do you watch all the Holocaust documentaries again and again, every year?
    “Maybe I’ll see someone from my family”, she said. “They all died in Camp Auschwitz.”
    Thinking of you Safta.”

  14. The “real” capitol rioters were PROVEN already to be DNC/soros “hired “antifa” terrorists that would push the “illusion” they were “Trump supporters” One individual made a U-Tube video CONFESSING , he was one (of MANY) that were HIRED and PAID to do so.
    BTW there was a video posted, of buses showing up with an “police” escort” filled with antifa terrorists that “dressed up” as Trump supporters, and were “waved on” through he barriers to mingle in, and when the got to the Capital, the MAGA hats(that were turned backwards to “identify” themselves to their fellow terrorists ) came off, the black clothing was exposed, and the destruction began.

  15. What ever happened to “We the People “??? That was no riot and besides that “We the people “ own that because it was a white thing and not a black thing it’s a riot….. WTF had that been a black thing it would have been labeled a peaceful protest unbelievable….there is a great distance before or between lies and truth it’s your country do something about it .

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