Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc. (Ting Shen/Pool via AP)
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“This didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me,” [Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson] said in an interview on WISN-AM with conservative talk radio show host Jay Weber after condemning the events at the U.S. Capitol that day.

“I mean ‘armed,’ when you hear ‘armed,’ don’t you think of firearms? Here’s the questions I would have liked to ask. How many firearms were confiscated? How many shots were fired? I’m only aware of one, and I’ll defend that law enforcement officer for taking that shot. It was a tragedy, OK? But I think there was only one.”

— Molly Beck in ‘This didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me,’ Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says of Capitol attack

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    • I think when somewhere in the neighborhood of a million potentially unhappy citizens showed up to peacefully try to set Congress straight intimidated them. They like to be in charge and on January 6 they were uneasy because they were not so subtlety reminded they are not.

  1. So, 2 cops killed themselves, a third had an aneurysm or something, one person was shot, and 3 people died of unspecified medical emergencies.
    Sounds like the riot or *insert Liberal buzzword here* had 1 casualty. Too many, surely, but let’s be honest and call it ONE.

    • “…but let’s be honest and call it ONE.”

      But they won’t be honest because they have a narrative to push. They (media/tech/dems) pretended that a cop was killed by protestors bashing him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Noted propaganda pusher NYT pretended that this was verified news. Then they kept SLOWLY walking it back by editing their original story. Nancy and company USED him as a political symbol.

      The irony of the casualty you mentioned, is that it is the EXACT thing the left wing cabal spent 2020 “protesting” about (no one really believed that except the useful idiots). How about that police brutality now? *Crickets*

    • Truth!!!!! I don’t agree with what happened but it was in no way an armed insurrection. Too many people died that day, but too many people die every day.

  2. You don’t need arms for an armed insurrection.
    Just some selfies and sitting in one of the chosen peoples chairs is enough.
    Worse than Pearl Harbor!
    This generations 9/11!!

    • You didn’t see the video?

      That insurrectionist took a crap on Pelosi’s chair. It was biological warfare!

  3. “…and I’ll defend that law enforcement officer for taking that shot.”

    If deadly force is an acceptable way to handle an unarmed woman, then why not just open fire on the unruly crowd like enuf wanted them to do?

    • Not acceptable and there was no reason to shoot her. Not a serious threat in my mind, but I’m not a scared rabbit either.

      • Maybe I missed something, but where is her family or loved ones forcing this topic, where are the activist lawyers to champion her victim status?

    • But buffalo boy had some arms. He looked like he worked out…oh wait😏😏😏😏 I’ve been yelling about this unarmed clusterfluck since Jan. 6th. Keep powder dry patriots😕

  4. OMG, hell yes it was an armed insurrection – I have seen videos that prove that the lawbreakers had an average of 2.0 arms each !!! Also, further examination of the videos would seem to show that they also had an average of 2.0 LEGS !!! When are we going to discuss that ?

  5. It wasn’t anything other than chitshow. Good enough reason for the Congressional Clowns to strip Rights from the Citizens.

  6. Less property damage and fewer deaths than the fiery but mostly peaceful protests.

    Our elected leaders are acting like the French aristocracy circa 1750. I doubt any of them have ever read Tocqueville, and all they care about is self enrichment. We’re no longer a Christian country and they’ve destroyed the middle class over the last 30 years. I’m sure they fail to appreciate how they’re setting the country up for massive upheaval.

  7. Meanwhile in Myanmar truly “unarmed” protesters are waiting to be slaughtered,tortured and imprisoned. Versus many MILLIONS of Americans who are heavily armed. You do the math…

  8. Shooting a unarmed person is unacceptable. They could have easily detained her but instead some trigger happy barney fife decided to end her life. When a real armed insurrection takes place these cowardly politicians will surely hide in fear and beg their God of choice for help. The best thing to do is to stay clear of events “traps” like this one. Unarmed protesting isn’t going to solve anything. True change will only be brought when the government fears the People once again, and we all know what that involves.

  9. Don’t worry all you deplorables…democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control is coming to the rescue. The Rat Party has already trashed thousands of jobs on the behalf of global warming, global cooling climate change yada yada Rat Sht. Obviously The Rat Party is feeling emboldened and cracking their slave master whips.
    The Rat Party stops Border Wall Construction that prevents illegal aliens from entering the US and constructs a wall around the Nation’s Capitol all to protect them from the very people the Rat Party screwed over. And worse RINOs like mitch mcconnell, romney et al are there right along with the Rat Party.

    All of of it because of stupid voters who stand for nothing and fall for anything and those who rigged the election in the dark of night. Include those like mitch mcconnell who is just as happy if not more happy riding in style in the back of the democRat Party bus. To clean up the Rat’s nest we must start by shoveling out the RINO dung.

  10. OK, so this is going to sound heavily sarcastic but it’s not; The fringy part of the academic Left has pushed an idea that you see enacted with Antifa and which is at play here.

    It doesn’t matter that they didn’t have “arms”. They were a violent mob bent on destruction because holding the wrong thoughts “is violence”.

    Because these thoughts are violence and any physical violence that’s brought out against the people thinking the wrong thoughts is “self defense”. So, when for example, a bunch of Antifas try to “brick” a guy a few years back and he shoots them, he, the shooter, is in the wrong. They didn’t “attack him”, he “attacked them” with his violently fascistic thinking. They had to defend themselves from that guy.

    This is also why they feel they can say anything they like while shutting down free speech for anyone else. People who disagree with these particular strains of Leftism are bad, violent and dangerous. Such people are, as stated, bad and bad people deserve punishment. They’re also violent, so if “self defense” also “punished” the bad people then it’s a twofer.

    No, I’m not kidding, a growing cross section of the Left thinks this way. If you don’t agree with them then that disagreement is “violence towards them” and they feel they can “defend themselves against your aggression”.

    The thinking is childlike but, really, the whole dichotomy of “bad vs good” and “bad people should be punished” is actually a fairly common way for people to emote their way through things regardless of their political leanings. It’s why Rule of Law is so important. It’s also exactly why the Left hates the Rule of Law.


    Best wishes for the millions without power in Texas. When this is over you need to change your backup systems, make clear to businesses that you don’t want them to follow the immediate incentive structures for “green” nonsense etc.

    But first you’re going to need to resist. Fedzilla is going to get involved in this FOR SURE and people like AOC are going to want “unfreezable windmills” or somesuch horseshit.

    • Great news for Texans! There are plenty of green jobs trying to get those wind thingys to work in the cold. You’re welcome!

      • Yes, indeed. And it isn’t just a fringe-left thing anymore. College campuses are stuffed to the gills with people who think like that, and all the leftist cognoscenti are hopping on board.

        I saw firsthand how the SJW/critical cultural theory infection progressed from the proto-SJWs in humanities grad programs 20 years ago to a cancer that dominates academia and is poisoning an entire society. (Can’t even tell you how freeing it was to escape the higher-ed sphere a year ago; it’s like a weight was lifted off my chest.)

        I’d give this iteration of the disease about 5 years (10 if we’re lucky) before it goes mainstream and people who wield financial power and have government guns at their disposal begin violently and systematically de-violencing the rest of us.

        • My best pen pal is an academic ex pat living and teaching in Korea. He believes that 90 percent of professors are commies (i.e. progfessors), and that if he were to return to the US, he thinks it highly unlikely that he would be able to find employment due to his decidedly right wing/conservative views.

        • Back when I was at Uni in the late 80s/early 90s, I remember seeing the work of a social sciences class which looked like something done by primary schoolers (up to year 6 for us Aussies) or junior high. But the theme of all these submissions was “The bosses are exploiting the workers by making profits”. One of the submitters asked me did I feel enlightened? I said “do you know the managers are often just employees too?” Then added “Too much Marx and not enough Keynes”. That one went right over their head.

        • back in the day we used to have professors like that…we’d nod in agreement, get our grades…and laugh like hell as we walked out the door…not sure that is happening anymore…

    • “This is also why they feel they can say anything they like while shutting down free speech for anyone else. People who disagree with these particular strains of Leftism are bad, violent and dangerous. Such people are, as stated, bad and bad people deserve punishment.”

      The only way that stops is when bad things happen to them, internet-publicly.

      The seed that needs to be planted in their twisted brain is, “Gee, maybe that needs to be something I shouldn’t do, because the people I love may have bad things happen to them.” (Like being awake all night when protesters outside their window at home won’t let them sleep.)

      It’s all about love, and perhaps Leftist scum need a dose of some ‘tough love’… 🙂

  11. I agree that this was not a “Insurrection”. It was a protest that turned into a riot, That’s all. The powers that be are delusional. What’s the saying: Those that don’t learn from the past are bound to repeat it? Just wait until Biden and Harris attempt to start gun confiscation. I really hope it does not happen, but it probably will because there are many Americans that know that standing up against tyranny is never won without bloodshed. After the first 30 all out gun fights and about 400 or more heavily armed patriots going to the capitol and dragging out senators and ending thier term in the street as well as any media present, will end the current communist regime. This is hypothetical, but I can actually think it can happen due to the coming $5.00 a gallon gas, Failed schools, jobs destroyed, economy destroyed, fake news and increased police state. When has a Dem politician every really helped anyone? Look at any large metro area controlled by the Dems. Result is political corruption, failing schools, poverty, high taxes and lack of basic infrastucture. Please don’t beleive me and research it yourself.

    • Yes, it was a bunch of people who got caught up in the moment and went with the mob rule groupthink, one thing led to the next. I don’t doubt there were a few people who got it all started and may well have been from antifa or some other organized group, that went there thinking they might try to break into the Capitol, but most were just raising hell. This was no insurrection.
      Another thing: when all these BLM riots were breaking out and the blacks were burning their cities and looting like crazy, the left was all “we need to address the reasons WHY they’re looting” and “Looting is the voice of the unheard” and similar happy shit making excuses for the lowlife behavior. After Jan. 6, nobody was saying “how did these people get so frustrated,” or “we need to understand these people,” it was just “these are horrible, stupid people destroying democracy,” and “Orange Man Told Them To,” and they were all “terrorists”, OMG. As I’ve said all along, it’s not about Trump, it’s about THEM!
      For these people on the left, every single person who votes Republican is a racist bigot who deserves to die or go to jail. There’s no middle ground.
      I’m at the point where I don’t believe a damn thing they say. The breathless reporting on the news is all lies, I don’t even trust the weather.

      Now is the time to lay low, bide time, keep my close ones close, work, prepare.

  12. Step 1:

    We need national reciprocity. Currently even if we wanted to do an armed protest, with laws in place if the protest turns out non-violent and peaceful, we all go to jail.
    In turn, if they decided to bring arms, then violence is the only direction because in order to keep from being jailed on firearms charges you must fully win the protest.

    Having the legal ability to show up armed can be used to display a force and could very well hold off the “nuclear option”.

  13. Would’ve been nice, and even courageous had Johnson actually muttered these words in front of the entire Senate, and be placed on the official record.

    His supporting the shooting of an unarmed person by Capital Cops is something his constituents need to hear as well. I doubt many would agree with that.

  14. ‘Member when they displayed the body of a dead cop as though he was a sacred martyr to democracy, then it turned out he actually wasn’t beaten to death, he left the riot completely fine and texted family that he was fine before dying of an unrelated stroke back at the station?

    We’re now down to the ONLY violent death that day being an unarmed woman executed by a cop who got off without consequences.

  15. If, according to the USA Today article, that was an “armed insurrection,” then what pray tell do they call Portland and Seattle??

  16. I have to agree with the good Senator. The Capitol Incursion resembled a “Tailgate Party Gone Wrong,” rather than an armed Insurrection by any definition of the word. In comparison to the violent riots over the summer we all watched in Technicolor.
    It’s simply because when Conan the Fraudarian shows up in his Buffalo Horn Chapeau, it loses any semblance of being an organized effort. It looks more like Fraternity Hazing when that Nutcase shows up.
    Several “experts” have linked “Conan” to the extreme Right Wing, but his defense is that “it’s not his fault, Trump made him do it,” which is a far Left Libturd strategy we’ve come to know so well. Blame someone else for your phuckery, rather than take responsibility for your actions.

  17. It was quite the siege wasn’t it. Catapulting dead cows over castle walls. ” We had the revolution won until the cops arrived and ask us to leave, then we went home peacefully, but with a disgruntled attitude none the less.” Viva la inserterection.

  18. The four R’s:

    1. Rejection
    2. Revolution
    3. Retribution
    4. Restoration

    We are barely into #1 right now…

    It will get a LOT worse before it gets better.
    Hope you’re ready, because they:
    WANT ALL OF US DEAD. Make no mistake about this.

    And remember: Talk is cheap….
    Cranial reorganizations via high speed wireless lead delivery systems will be required.


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